Justified s03e12 Episode Script


Previously on Justified Mags Bennett may have a sizeable amount of money socked away.
You gonna ask do I have it? Was just gonna ask if you knew where she kept it.
Where's my money, man? We're gonna need someone with particular skills.
His initials are "Boyd Crowder.
" I want to show you something.
Dickie Bennett's gonna pay for that.
How long have you been taking those? Maybe it is time you leave Kentucky.
I got nowhere else to go.
You deliver Quarles, show me you can get things done.
Price I gave those other assholes was $100,000 dead, $200,000 if Sammy gets a chance to talk to him about putting a gun in his face.
Thank you, Mr.
I'll be in touch.
Well, I hear my guest here is worth some money.
Would you say you'd be willing just to kill him to eliminate any chance of his wriggling free? I think we can handle him.
Well, it turns out I need a place to unload the spoils of my earlier endeavors.
There's a whorehouse, but they also deal to the johns.
It's called Audrey's.
- Hi! - Think we're about to have us some fun.
What's the price they put on my head? Check me out.
I'm gangsta and shit.
That gun's so little.
It's like a lady's pistol.
What do you reckon, a .
25? Looks like a little 9 mil.
32-caliber ACP.
32's good.
Close range, anyway.
Hollow points.
They get inside you, and they bounce around till there's nothing left but paste.
Don't suppose I could have that back.
Or maybe my pants.
I'm afraid I can't help you out there.
We're supposed to keep you company till the boss comes back.
Said to keep you comfortable.
Comfortable? Is this part of being comfortable? No, but that bottle next to you is.
There's a whole lot in here.
Enough to get us all comfortable.
What do you say, ladies? Let's do this.
- How much? -$200,000 alive, half of that for a dead man.
And he is alive.
I got him chained like a junkyard dog at Cat and Minerva's trailer.
Got Jimmy standing guard.
Cat and Minerva's trailer? I'm sorry.
I probably should've checked with the proprietress.
How do we deliver him? Frankfort heavy with connections to Detroit, headed down south as we speak.
Two hundred large to get rid of that pain in our balls.
That's a nice play, Boyd.
Well, we still got to do a 50/50 split with this fella named Duffy, but it does kill two birds.
I'm proud of you, son.
Why, Arlo, thank you.
That means a lot coming from you.
And what does it mean coming from me? Well, now, baby, I think you know.
Y'all open? Well, Errol.
Did you come all the way down here for a drink? Not exactly, sir.
Not as such.
Well, what can we do for you? I come bearing a man seeking audience if you'll have him.
Well, we take all kinds.
Bring him in.
Oh, shit.
- Hey, hey! Hey! - Wait, wait, wait.
Hold up, now.
- Stand up.
Stand up! - Boyd, man Man, he can't breathe in there.
You need to breathe, Dickie Bennett? You want to breathe? - Money! - Money? Tell you something, son.
There ain't enough money in this whole goddamn world.
You understand me? You understand that? Look, Boyd.
That boy's mama died.
She died holding close to $3.
2 million in cash, now.
The only way you got a prayer in ever laying hands on that money is between us two right here.
He knew what he was walking into when he came in here.
I'm curious to hear what ever possessed him.
Boyd, you don't finish this pile of donkey shit, I'll do it myself.
We'll hear him out, and then we'll decide.
Ava, this boy killed Helen.
Just because you suddenly got Jesus in your heart, all forgivin'.
I hadn't forgot, and he ain't forgiven.
Nor has he hobbled out of here alive yet.
Now, you and he, you say you got some money.
Now would be a good time to start talking about where it is.
Sheriff Napier.
I can still call you that, right? I see you're still wearing the uniform.
I won the election.
The office is in contention.
Wouldn't be here if you didn't need something.
What the hell you want? - Looking for Robert Quarles.
- Never heard of him.
He's from Detroit.
He financed your re-election campaign.
You know, if you know so much, how come you can't find him yourself? - You're the Marshal.
Isn't that what you do? - Yeah, it is, and this is how we do it.
You got any idea what it's like running local law enforcement in this county? - Some, I'd expect.
- No, you don't.
At the end of the day, you truck off to Lexington or wherever the hell you go, put it all in your rearview mirror.
I go home right up to that holler.
And let me tell you, son.
This shit follows me home like a three-legged dog.
You been doing this long enough.
You should know to pick better partners.
So now you gonna start in on me, too.
Dragging in my financiers, starting all that forensic-accounting bullshit.
That's FBI and Treasury.
Marshals don't give a shit who paid who.
Then why the hell are you here? I told you.
I'm looking for Robert Quarles.
I'm trying to send you home with one less problem on your mind.
Now, do you know where he is or not? Last I heard, he was hanging out at a joint called Audrey's, looking to sell off some pills.
Thank you.
Deputy, you get a chance to put some bullets in that towheaded son of a bitch, sure be nice if he knew one came from me.
Suck it down, Catty! Own that shit, girl! Too much for the lady to handle.
I can handle anything you dish out, blondie.
You ever see Platoon? The movie with the old people where they go to outer space? That's Cocoon.
Platoon's the Come here.
Come over here.
Come here.
Put your mouth on this.
Don't be scared.
Step right up.
Put 'em around there.
Boom! You chipped my tooth, asshole! I'm sorry.
This'll make it feel much better.
I promise.
Trust me.
Trust me.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
Bye bye! Where in the hell did he get a shotgun? We didn't bring any shells.
- No shit.
- Who's next on the shotgun train? I got my ticket right here.
Next stop, Highland Park.
- Party's over, assholes - Over? It just started.
Just point yourself in any direction and dive right in, son.
We got paying customers inside waiting on mouths to get in there and blow 'em.
Do you have to be such a dick? I mean, can't you just leave one of them here for me? You need me to remind you how you come to have that chain there? Well, maybe I'll gnaw it off like a coyote, and come back, and find you, and shoot you in your face.
There's enough Oxy in here you'd probably never feel it.
And then I wouldn't have to babysit your crazy ass anymore.
Five minutes.
All right, five minutes.
Y'all got five minutes to finish your smoke.
Then you got to get inside and start smoking something else.
Crazy bitches.
Five minutes.
Any noise out of that filthy whore mouth of yours, and I will rip her head off with this chain.
Do you understand? Jimmy, get in here.
I think he's having some kind of seizure.
Come on! Look, I'm just telling you what I know.
You're saying after all this time, Limehouse is keeping that money in a safety deposit box at a bank? Well, he got to keep it somewhere, doesn't he? It's the 21 st century.
We hadn't been burying money under churches for a long time now.
Why now? Mr.
Limehouse moves the money around all the time.
Kind of a shell game.
I heard him say he gonna move things around again tomorrow.
- Which bank? - Gallatin.
Down near Benham.
- You know it? - I have some familiarity with it.
- Meaning you robbed it.
- Got no qualms about robbing it again.
Well, then we need to go in and We ain't got any kind of crew to go after a bank job.
I say we do both of them.
Have done with it.
Worth $3.
2 million seeing us bleed on your floor? It is to me.
Errol, just give us a moment, please.
Take all the time you need.
Ava, I need you to take Arlo down and reconnoiter the bank.
Try to get access to that safe deposit box.
See what we're dealing with.
- Why do I got to go? - Because this ain't your first rodeo.
And I need your eyes the way I need her eyes.
What are you gonna do? Well, I'm gonna try to put my hands on some Emulex in case you call and say that this dog will hunt.
- All right.
- In the meantime, I'm gonna deliver that baby to Detroit.
Sounds good.
Let's go, Arlo.
Hey, are you sure you're all right with this? $3.
2 million.
I might find a way to get right.
You know what the two saddest words in the English language are? "What party?" That's kind of how I feel right now.
You all right, ma'am? You okay? I know you.
You work with Boyd, don't you? You gonna have to get some bolt cutters.
That pasty sack of shit took the key.
- Quarles? - Yeah.
- He didn't say where he was headed, did he? - What do you think? - Are you gonna get us out of these or what? - Why? From where I'm standing, it doesn't look so bad.
He coming back? The boxes we have for rent are right through here.
- Miss Reutter? - Thank you.
As you can see, we have a variety of sizes, -priced accordingly, of course.
- Of course.
But we like to think we have something to suit everyone's needs.
Well, it certainly would appear so.
Is there anything else you'd like to see today? No.
I think I have seen everything I need to.
Thank you very much.
Have you had lunch? 'Cause I was gonna step around the corner to the luncheonette.
They got a pretty good club sandwich.
Club sandwich is my favorite, but - Nice car.
- New state issue, unmarked.
Wouldn't outrun a dairy cow.
Well, at least it's new.
- So what's going on? - Well, we got a few things.
One is your old pal Dickie was up at Boyd's bar, had Limehouse's right-hand man in tow.
Good a place as any for him to die, I guess.
Why are we here? Well, Ava left out of there not long after.
She's been in the bank about 15 minutes.
Has your daddy along with.
- Window? - Shit.
He's over there casing the place about as subtle as a marching band.
- Call the FBI? - I did.
I wouldn't hold your breath.
They mentioned something about how this podunk chicken shack wasn't worth their rush.
So Dickie's with Limehouse's guy up at Boyd's, and these two are down here poking around.
Make for some strange bedfellows, don't you think? I think if I've ever seen a clutch of fools fixin' to rob a place, I'm looking at it right now.
I told you just to kill him.
And I told you if I'm next to see him, I will.
Have you got any idea the position you put me in? I told a man in Detroit that I would bring him Robert Quarles.
- Now, does the name Theo Tonin ring a bell? - No.
No? Let me tell you about Theo Tonin.
The man carries an ear in his pocket.
He carries a human ear in his pocket.
And when he wants to talk to somebody, he wants to get their attention, he reaches into his pocket, takes out the ear, and he speaks directly into it.
What does he say? The point is, Mr.
Crowder, when he asks me, and he will, where Robert Quarles is, does Theo Tonin sound like the kind of man to whom you'd like to say, "I'm sorry, but he escaped from a disease-ridden whore factory "up in inbred Holler"? I'm gonna let that one go.
Now here's the thing, Mr.
What we have before us, contrary to appearances, is an amazing opportunity.
Now, later on tonight, I'm gonna walk into a bank, I'm gonna open a little box, and I'm gonna walk outwith $3.
2 million, of which I'm willing to give you a cut.
Now, what I'd like to do is create a diversion.
Say, blow up a car a few miles away.
And while the world is going in one direction, well, I just walk in the other direction.
And what if when that car blows up, there's a man inside? And say that man had brilliant blue eyes? - And a big, stupid baby head? - That's the same.
Now, right out there in that truck, I got a box full of Emulex with a cell phone detonator.
Now, when Mr.
Quarles comes to see you, as I know he will, being that you are the only friend he has left in this world, you call me, and I'll come and set that charge for you.
Problem solved.
I believe I know how to blow up a car.
Last time we spoke, thought I made it fairly clear the terms of our arrangement.
Hand to God, I took the steps in the direction that you indicated.
However, my enemies derailed my plans.
And you figured you could just come walking back up in here empty-handed.
Well, I figured there must be a way that a man of my particular skill set could be of service to your organization.
And what exactly would that be, your particular skill set? I think you know.
You are offering your loyal services.
And there just might be a way I can use them if you understand there will be no derailing.
Either you follow this plan till the end of the line, or you add me to your list of enemies, which, I assure you, is not a place you want to find yourself.
Do we understand each other? We understand.
Tonight Boyd Crowder is gonna rob that bank in Gallatin.
The way he always does.
Blow up something on one end of town, and while all eyes are there, he's gonna hit the bank.
Now, when you hear the big boom, you put your game face on, mister.
And when Boyd comes out that bank, you hit him hard, and you get that money.
Any questions so far? Where's Gallatin? One guard, and that amount of money, it's gonna be in one of the big boxes.
Hey, hey! So I ain't allowed to take part in a conversation about how to steal my $3 million? - Shut your hole, Dick.
- You want to just tell me that? As I was saying, that amount of money's gonna have to be in one of those big boxes.
They're all along this wall, bottom row.
Well, I think I've heard everything I need to hear.
Me, too.
I'm shit with explosives.
How about I drive? Actually, Arlo, you're gonna sit this one out.
- What? - So are you, baby.
Wait a minute.
There ain't no reason to keep me at a distance.
- I can pull - They already got you on a security camera.
Now, I need you to take Arlo back to the house, sit by the phone in case anything goes sideways.
You gonna bench me while Dickie Bennett sits out there eating all our pretzels? - Hell no! - Arlo.
Listen, I'm not saying you're a lion in winter, but your roar ain't what it used to be.
Now, we gonna take care of Dickie Bennett when the time is right.
Goddamn, Boyd! Out of respect for your age and the place you hold in my heart, I'm not telling you.
I'm asking you.
Now, go with Ava.
Let me do what I got to do.
- Come on, Arlo.
- I ain't helpless.
I'm strong as a goddamn bull.
Raylan, you know that.
- Arlo.
- You know I ain't helpless.
I can take any bank in this county.
- No one's saying you're helpless, Arlo.
- All by myself.
- Come on.
- I don't need you, Boyd.
Robert! Where are you? Where are you? I'm in Harlan, looking for you.
Because, Wynn, we've been presented with an opportunity to not only survive but prosper.
Now, I need you to meet me outside the Gallatin bank on Main.
Let's go.
Marshal Givens.
Escort's a nice touch.
It's like visiting the Wizard of Oz.
Yeah, I never seen it.
All them flying monkeys? Well, you should stick with it.
At the end, they pull the curtain back, turns out the guy's kind of a pussy.
How you been, Ellstin? I was wondering when you was gonna make your way up here.
I had to stop off at the bank first.
You know the Gallatin down the road? You know they give out toasters still if you open an account there? Yeah, you get yourself one of them toasters? No.
Did you? Surprised to hear you keep your money there, seeing as that everyone knows that place has been robbed so many times.
So you're saying it's not a secure institution? No.
In fact, I hear that Boyd Crowder's gonna rob the bank again this very day.
- Actually, I heard the same thing.
- Did you? You know what else I heard? There's a fella name of Robert Quarles that's gonna rob Boyd Crowder soon as Boyd come out that bank.
Is that right? They say there's about $3 million down there.
That's funny how that money bring together all them wayward personalities.
But they gonna be right there.
All in the same place for you to do whatever you want to do with them.
Hell, I'd just let them kill each other if I was you, but I'm not.
Well, looks like Christmas is coming early to law enforcement.
Just trying to do my part as a good citizen.
And clear out the competition.
The competition? Marshal, do I look like a big criminal warlord to you? I'm just trying to do what I've always tried to do.
- Which is? - Get people to leave us the hell alone.
- Amen? - Amen.
Well, I've always said it's good to have goals.
But until I deliver that money into the Marshals Service, there ain't no way you're ever gonna be left alone.
- You just wait and let them hit that bank.
- No.
I know it ain't there.
Don't try to tell me it is.
It may once have been, but not now.
No way you'd risk it.
Now, you tell me you got Boyd and Quarles all wrapped up in a pretty little bow.
I'm gonna make a call to everyone who gives a shit.
In the meantime, I am telling you not a day passes federal boots aren't on the ground in Nobles Holler, churning up every acre and then going over it again, world without end, until I get what I want.
Now, is that clear? Cousin Johnny, pour us a shot of that Elmer T! Well? We gonna do it? Well, boys, I believe it's game on.
Right there's a little bit of good news right there.
You understand the less I hear from you, the better.
- How we gonna do this? - Well, that's a great question, cousin Johnny, 'cause I will not be the only one going through that door.
- Hey, I'll do it.
I will do it.
- You're not invited.
The person I want to hear from is Errol.
Unless, of course, you want to give me that box number right now.
Well, like I said before, Mr.
Crowder, you don't get the number until you're in the vault.
You understand? Well, I guess it don't matter, 'cause you're gonna be in there with me, right? Well, just hold up.
Okay? I can't believe what I'm hearing.
I can't be hearing this right.
Am I not invited somehow to this whole shindig wherein upon we're stealing my money? Do I need to remind you gentlemen whose money is this again? - Errol, help me out.
- It's your mama's money, Dickie.
It's my mama's money.
Therefore it is my money.
It's my birthright, okay? So what I think we're looking at here is something along the lines of a 70/30 kind of split in my favor.
Only because it is my money.
Okay? So why don't we just cool out, draw us up a little contract, something? Don't need to be fancy or anything.
We can put it on a napkin if that's what you want.
Is that okay with you, Boyd? You know, my daddy, he always told me, "Son, just 'cause you're paranoid, "that don't mean that somebody ain't out to get you.
" Now, which one of you two assholes is trying to set me up? Salt or pepper? Set Yeah, I didn't think it was you, Dickie.
There ain't any money in that safe deposit box, is there, Errol? There ain't any of Mags' money at all.
Well, I knew it when you came through the front door, see? Why would you step up against Limehouse? 'Cause even with all that money, you ain't got nowhere else to go.
So I'm gonna ask you one more time, son.
What are you and Limehouse trying to walk me into? To prison, Mr.
They're cutting you out.
They're gonna run with Dickie Bennett instead of you.
I got no other play! Boyd's crew now.
This is the way it works.
Boyd's a liar and a coward.
The man who killed me sipping ginger tea in his bar, and here you sit, head hung like a piebald mule.
You bite your tongue, Helen! He put you in here to rot while he takes what he likes and leaves you the wishbone.
Goddamn it, Helen.
I said shut your mouth! Arlo! Did you take your meds today? I don't need them, Ava.
I'm gonna get them anyway.
You need to take care of business, Arlo.
Arlo, get the phone! What's he doing? Arlo? You've reached Ava Crowder.
You know what Not Arlo's house phone or Ava's cell.
And you lost Quarles, which leaves us with this shit right here.
Quarles is taken care of.
But this ain't like Ava.
Hey, BOW- You think maybe you'd want to just let me know more or less when you plan on killing me? I mean, I think I have maybe a right to know that much at least.
If Limehouse wanted me bound for jail, I'm sure he had a word with law enforcement and I'm guessing part of what he told them was that you and Errol are still here.
Am I right, Errol? So you rest easy, Dickie Bennett.
You ain't gonna die this night.
I'll be back.
Don't let these two out of your sight.
You boys aren't dicking around, are you? - Just like you, we like to be prepared.
- Any word? Yeah, my man at the bar says that Crowder just drove away.
- You really think this is gonna go down? - I hope so.
'Cause if I'm missing my boy's T-ball game for nothing, I'm gonna be pissed.
Waiting, waiting! A little more waiting.
Yeah, the waiting wouldn't be so hard if we had some decent food or something to wait with.
- Johnny? - Have a pretzel.
Where you going, Errol? Now, I can't abide you pulling that pistol on me, Dickie.
- Now, I warn you - Easy, easy.
Now, don't you go warning me.
I don't think I can handle you warning me.
What do you think you're gonna do to back up your big warning there, Errol? Got something up your sleeve? I see! Yeah! You got the silent treatment up your sleeve.
That's your answer for everything, isn't it, Errol? Dickie, put that gun down first, and then we'll talk.
All right.
Let's talk.
Let's talk.
Now, you and Limehouse, you're hiding my money.
- Where? - I told you.
We done had that conversation.
- I told you.
I don't know.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you told me.
I remember what you told me, Errol.
I remember what you said.
"Dickie, it's okay.
Your money is right over here.
"Oh, no, no.
It ain't over here.
It's over there.
" So now I'm back to hearing, "Hey, ain't no money after all.
Ain't that a shame?" I'm gonna have to call me some bullshit on that, Errol.
I know my money ain't just gone and I believe you know where it is, and I believe you're gonna tell me where it is.
On your mark, get set Thank you.
Dickie and Limehouse's man Errol just left the bar.
Where are they going? I got no damn idea, but I'm gonna find out and let you know.
What can I do for you? You still looking for that money? Ava! 'Boyd! 'Ava! - Hey! Hey! Hey! Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Just get me out of here! What happened? - Where's Arlo? - He's out of his mind.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Boyd, listen.
Dickie got the drop on me.
And he and Errol, they lit out.
When I was coming to, I heard him say something about the money.
It's there.
It's with some girl, Loretta, up in Lexington.
That is a comfort.
"Reasonably so.
" We've been driving around damn near an hour.
You haven't even been close to sure, and now you're sure? Reasonably so.
Turn it off.
Let's get out.
Here we go.
Come on.
Up and out.
Up and out.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
If you would, please, sir.
There you go.
If you would, please, sir.
- What you want me to do? - Put the key right in there.
There you go.
Come on.
Right in there.
If you would, please, sir, one last time.
There you go.
- I can't get - Stretch right out.
Watch your fingers.
Here we go.
- What the - There we go.
Watch your fingers.
Fingers and toes.
- What the - Yeah.
Good man.
- How you doing, Dickie? - Raylan.
Well, well, well, here we are.
Yeah, and you're here because I know.
You must be here to help hand out my money.
I got a trash bag in the car.
I'm here to haul your ass back to prison just like I promised the judge I would.
But to be honest, I didn't think it would happen so quickly.
I mean, when was that? A week ago Wednesday? And what is it you actually think that you'd throw me back into prison for? 'Cause I believe what you're looking at is I'm just What am I doing? I'm coming to pay respects to my baby adopted sister.
- Is she around? - With a loaded weapon? - Loretta! - That's 42 months right there.
That's keeping her safe right there as far as I can tell.
Keeping her safe? Well, then Why'd you break in? That door was way, way unlocked, and we both know this.
- That - That's another 20 months.
Is that what that is? Not to mention the fella you got out there in your trunk, kidnapped.
That's about 60 months.
You're racking up quite a stay.
The thing about the fella in the Fella who may or may not be in the trunk, 'cause he pretty much put himself in there of his own doing.
And if I happen to have a firearm upon me, it may have something to do with the fact that there are one or two people in this world -who want to do me harm.
- You know what your trouble is? You keep thinking you're tough.
So you're going back to prison to be reminded you ain't.
You're just stupid.
You're just a stupid, craven, hillbilly piece of shit.
Hell, maybe getting tossed around like a pool toy in the federal pen is just the remedy you need.
I'm not going back, Raylan.
- You are.
- No.
No, no.
Let's try to look on the bright side, huh? At least you got your health.
Dickie, what choice do I have? I appreciate the call.
How'd Limehouse know that they were gonna come after me? He had eyes on you ever since Errol led Dickie off.
Figured it was just a matter of time.
So what are you gonna do? You understand this money we're looking for has been used in criminal enterprises.
Ain't any way to untangle who it was rightfully taken from or any way to get it back to those people if we ever did figure it out.
If we recover it, we'd just put it in a locker down in our basement until we can figure out what the hell to do with it, but it's still my job to recover it.
And if I wanted to, I could throw your ass in detention and make you spill.
Make you miss school, pull you out of that foster family, the whole deal.
- Is that what you're gonna do? - What do you think? I think you should do what you got to do.
You won't hear me complaining either way.
Limehouse and I came to an agreement.
His side was alerting me to Dickie coming for you.
My side I'm gonna respect Mags' decision.
Well, I'm gonna respect your decision then.
But I'll tell you something.
I drive by your place and see a brand new Lexus in your driveway or hear about Van Halen playing your goddamn birthday party, I will drop down on you like a piano, throw your ass in hock, and take every bit of that money with me.
Do you understand? Marshal, I strike you in any way as a Van Halen fan? Get out of here.
Try staying out of trouble for once, huh? No, I'm good.
The idea is to be better.
My favorite Wynn-Wynn situation.
Are you smoking OxyContin in my motor coach? I most certainly am.
Do that in your own vehicle.
- My car's not that comfortable.
- Robert.
Limehouse told you where to wait.
Go wait there.
Is Daddy getting mad? For once in your life, do what has been asked of you.
- Hello.
- Where are you, Mr.
Quarles? Where you told me to be waiting out for the big boom and a shitload of sirens.
Well, I'm afraid you can wait all night.
Crowder is not gonna hit that bank.
Why is that? Well, you can ask him when you see him.
Am I going to be seeing him soon? You know, I didn't tell you because you did not need to know, but that money he intended on stealing from that bank belongs to me.
Now, the fact that he is no longer going for it does not mean he can avoid paying for his intent.
Now, you told me you're a man of special skills.
And how can I be of service? I want you to show Boyd Crowder them skills.
- I'm sorry? - You heard me, Mr.
Okay, what's in it for me? Your debt will be forgiven.
And where is he? - He's at that little old bar.
- Okay.
Did you get that? - The gist.
- Yeah.
You take your car, and I'll take mine.
Now? No.
Let's let him kill Crowder or at least try.
Hey, Tom.
Anything? Nothing blew up, and no bank got robbed.
Where are you? - Five out.
Why? - Well, my man outside Crowder's bar said someone who looked just like Quarles just pulled into the parking lot.
Not too many folks look like Robert Quarles.
I'll meet you up there.
What the hell is he doing here? I thought you said it was taken care of.
It was supposed to be.
Goddamn it.
What's he doing now? Well, it looks like he's snorting shit up his nose.
Shit, Shit, shit! Mr.
Quarles? I hate to ruin your party, but what in the hell you doing here? Coming out slowly.
My hands are in the air.
And as you can see, I am unarmed.
Well, as you can see, I'm not.
Drop your weapon, or I will shoot.
Drop it now.
Tom? Officer down! Call for help! Officer down, dispatch.
We need immediate Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Quarles did it.
Quarles shot him.
Drop it.
Drop it.