Justified s04e02 Episode Script

Where's Waldo?

Previously on "Justified" What's that? It's a driver's license.
First name -- Waldo.
Last name -- Truth.
Just put that bag back in the wall and forget about it.
I didn't say it was in the wall.
That your son the marshal came to see you? Why? Because I heard about a bag like that once before.
Aah! Aah! Well, what brings you to Harlan county? Boyd Crowder.
I need a little outside help, someone I can trust.
This is a job interview now? It's a job.
Oh, my God.
Is this real? It's from a church.
Got some religious screed on the other side.
Now, I see a lot of new faces here today.
How about you? Yes, you.
We're getting good at that.
Getting? You ever hear the expression "A woman needs a reason.
All a man needs is a place"? I would argue that everyone needs a place.
I might argue that you're missing the point.
No, I -- I think I understand.
Oh, I'm afraid I have to stop you right there, cowboy -- not that I don't appreciate the thought.
Where are you going? Well, I know it's not as pressing as catching a fugitive, but a bar without booze is a sad place.
I'll do it.
You want to handle the bar deliveries? How hard could it be, huh? Hmm.
I know you weren't trying to be insulting, so I'm just gonna let that one slide.
I want you to stay right there -- just like that.
Whatever it is, go ahead and bring it on in.
I'll sign for it.
Oh, I ain't got a delivery.
In that case, sorry, buddy.
We are closed.
Oh, that's cool.
I'm just gonna get myself a beer.
That's funny.
I thought I just said -- You work here? Actually, no.
But you're taking deliveries.
Just trying to do a favor for a friend.
That must be one hell of a friend.
She is.
I get it.
Is that the blonde or the brunette? Is that why you're here? Man, maybe I'm just here for a beer.
Don't be embarrassed.
That's why most guys come here.
Who are you, man? I'm Raylan.
I'm the guy telling you it's time to go.
Oh, you think you could make me? Really? I'm probably gonna walk out that door, but, if I don't, do you think you could make me? I don't know, and I'd rather not find out.
Okay, man.
It's cool.
I'm just messing with you.
Oh, okay.
Why would I order two more cases of that shit? I got three I can't move as it is.
Gone on.
Get it out of here.
Hey, tell Shelly to call me when she gets in.
What happened to you last night? It's bad enough you're shooting the customers.
Then you no-show? Sorry.
I wasn't feeling well.
You're not leaving me with a lot of options here, Ellen May.
I lied, Ava.
I was feeling fine.
Actually, I -- I never felt better in my whole life.
I wrote this down so I-- so I wouldn't forget.
"My soul finds rest in God alone.
My salvation comes from him.
" That's from palms, number 62.
You mean psalms.
You found God? That's what this is? I need to save my soul, Ava, before it's too late.
I saved your soul.
Remember? Not God or Jesus Christ-- me and my shotgun.
I know.
Uh, that's why I'm here.
I was just gonna leave, but I wanted to come and return the favor.
Excuse me? See, Billy says it's never too late to live a righteous life.
"Billy says," huh? Uh-huh.
He says that we control our destiny, and God will forgive us if we just -- if we just change our ways.
You're a whore, Ellen May.
And if that ain't enough, you and me -- we killed a man.
We dumped his body down a mine shaft without ceremony.
There ain't no salvation for people like us.
Johnny, stay.
We're just about done.
Come here.
You will be back at work tonight, or you won't ever set foot in this place again.
We clear? Yeah? Yeah.
Pappy van winkle.
Holy shit.
What's the occasion? Well, from what I understand, you're about to have a birthday.
Actually, I turned 56 last Thursday.
Well, there you go.
Happy belated birthday.
You didn't know that, huh? Have a seat.
I appreciate the gesture.
It's nothing.
How's Leslie? Oh, she's good.
Talking about buying an airstream now.
Could be fun.
Oh, yeah.
Lots of time together in a close space-- that'd be good for the marriage.
How's life in bowling green? More arrests than any office our size, under budget every year, almost no incidences.
Of course you don't have any incidences.
'Cause all your fugitives are pussies.
A fugitive is a fugitive.
I bet I got marshals that are more trouble than your fugitives.
Come on, Art.
No, you came here about the job, right? You need to hear about this.
I got a young kid here -- decorated sniper in Iraq war, army ranger, I don't know how many kills he had, always looking to kill somebody else, probably got PTSD, probably an alcoholic.
Not a matter of if that powder keg is gonna blow but when.
I got a lady marshal here -- brought in two of the top 15 fugitives to this office, but she's always trying to prove herself.
I thought she was gonna be the one that would take this office over after I got ready to retire, but now she's left her husband.
So, it's gonna be fun to monitor her emotional state over the next year -- see if she can keep it together.
Then I got a local boy -- born in Harlan county, been investigated so many times internal affairs has got him on speed dial.
Father's in prison for murdering two people, including a state trooper, and his daddy killed somebody else last night in prison, and I get to be the one to tell him about it.
Unless you'd like to stick around and do it.
I mean, the key to it's just to talk about it like you're talking about the weather.
Don't get all emotional and shit.
That's a $200 bottle of bourbon, Art.
I intend to enjoy every drop of it, Patrick.
Thanks for stopping by.
On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come When? Last night.
Right after lockdown.
He's been questioned? Apparently, he didn't have much to say.
Who did he kill, again? Sam Porter -- Dixie mafia thug, served eight years of a 10-year stint for attempted murder, trustee with the prison.
I know this dude.
You do? He was in the room last night when I showed Arlo the bag.
What bag? The bag I showed him last night.
Raylan, on a scale from one to a shit load, how much do you need to tell me right now? So, Arlo didn't say anything about the I.
or the bag? Just got him to admit he knew it was hidden in the wall.
Why would your father do that? Why would he hide a Panamanian diplomatic bag in the wall or murder someone for just laying eyes on it? Either.
You could ask him.
I get the feeling he ain't gonna say much.
Well, then, maybe we need to ask him.
Waldo Truth.
It could be a coincidence.
One dealer gets turned, I might by that.
But a dealer and a hooker? No, that feels like we got a target on our backs.
Did Ellen May say how she came to be acquainted with our new friend, preacher Billy? No.
But whatever he said to her, she is mighty convinced.
Why don't we take a drive over there and see what this kid's got to say? This church is a nuisance and nothing more.
I can go alone if you want.
What I want is for you to find out why our sales have dropped off.
Like I asked you to do, Johnny.
This church is the reason.
People in Harlan county still party on Friday and Saturday night and get saved on Sunday morning.
Now, is there anything else you want to discuss, or are you good? Johnny? I'm good.
Little rough on him.
Nuisance or worse, it's not a bad idea going down there to see what this church is all about.
I don't like churches, Ava.
Close that door.
Extortion, evading arrest, assault with deadly weapon, grand theft auto, extortion count two, D&D, B&E, DMZ -- DMZ?! Making sure you're still paying attention.
All that just for one family? No, that's actually all just Jud Truth, Waldo's oldest, but the rest of them are all similarly decorated.
Grandson Milo is 13.
He spent three months in juvie last year for pissing on a cop.
Are you sure you want to go with us, Art? He's got a point, boss.
I mean, hell, their dog's in the pound.
You know the best barbecue I ever had was in Versailles? That's where Waldo is.
I don't want to miss out on that brisket.
Why don't you tell us why you're going? Hmm? Of all the fugitives that have come across our desk of late, why you got to go on this one? Because for 30 years, this office dropped the ball on apprehending a federal fugitive that was collecting a draw check.
And I, personally, want to be the one to cross that off the books.
Is that what it is? That's what it is.
And also that mystery-bag thing's giving me a little bit of a marshal stiffy.
That's a nice image.
Any other questions or concerns here? Are you driving? No.
Boss doesn't drive, unless he wants to, and I don't want to.
But we are gonna stop for lunch before we get to the Truths' in case you shoot one of them.
Then we won't get to go after.
Oh, we watch them for a few hours every day.
Allow their parents to go to job interviews, run a few errands, take a few minutes alone, if that's what they need.
Oh, that's so nice of you.
Yeah, well, we, ourselves, believe that what we're doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean will be less because of that missing drop.
I'm Cassie.
Oh, umI'm Ellen May.
I remember you from last night.
Is there something we can do for you? I was hoping -- is Billy around? Mm, I'm afraid he's busy.
Maybe there's something I can do.
Ah, no.
I think I just -- I just really need to talk to Billy.
Well, you can always try back later.
I thought I heard your voice.
It's nice to see you again.
I don't mean to be a bother.
Oh, nonsense.
No, I needed the break.
Well, I'll leave you two alone.
Ellen May.
Surprised to see you here again so soon.
So, what is it I can do for you? Um well, I just -- I just wanted to sayhow much I appreciate your taking an interest in me.
Um but I don't -- I don't think I can be a part of your church.
If -- if I may ask, what has turned you so quickly away from us? Um sit.
Oh, well, I know how you said that, uhthat God loves everybody.
Yes, he does.
And that Jesus forgives us our sins ifwe just embrace him into our hearts.
Oh, I did some terrible things, Billy.
Oh, Ellen May -- No, I meanlike unspeakable, awful things.
Things that -- things that nobody could ever forgive.
It's not true.
None among us are without sin.
The severity of your transgressions pales in comparison to your commitment to salvation -- the good you do going forward.
"For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but so that the world, through him, might be saved.
" That's real pretty.
But I thought that -- that some people just can't be saved, no matter what.
Who planted that seed in your mind? Is it those for whom you have compromised yourself? They done -- they done good things for me, too.
They are trying to shame you, Ellen May.
Shame you into believing you are less than the beautiful, special creature that you are, and they do so out of their own fear and greed.
Come here.
Now, listen to me.
Do you want to be a part of this? More than -- more than anything in the world.
Then it will be so.
And we will shame those who attempt to poison your mind with guilt and sadness, and you will know what true peace and happiness can be.
Let's do this! Yeah! Yeah! Let's do this! Goddamn, man.
Quit that shit.
Well, stop trying to stand up, I'll stop hitting you.
Oh, shit.
He keeps trying to stand up.
Uh, any reason why he shouldn't? On my last tour, so, they transfer me from Iraq to Bagram air base in Afghanistan.
Much prettier than I expected.
Really? Oh, man.
They got poppy fields, got snow-capped mountains in the wintertime.
It's beautiful.
Hey, that's an awful nice story, but what -- It is rude to interrupt people, Danny.
Don't you think? Don't do that again.
Where was I? Uh, snow-capped mountains.
D-d-doesn't really matter.
Besides all that, mostly the same shit, you know? A lot of guys, a few years in, looking for ways to cope, but what they can find in Afghanistan that they did not find in Iraq -- heroin.
Really? After awhile, I can spot a doper from a hundred yards away just by the hitch in his step.
So, when I spot Danny here lurking around Audry's place, I take a chance.
I shake him down.
You were right.
Church ain't your only problem.
You selling heroin in my backyard, son.
When my people hear about this, you two is gonna wish you was dead.
Well, maybe I got a death wish, but I'd like to talk to your people.
You got a phone number? Hey.
Frankfort? Boyd! You got to come see this.
Yes, we'll gather at the river the beautiful, the beautiful river gather with the saints at the river that flows by the throne of God Now, that's a pretty nameplate.
Well, I always feel that this office and me have been a pretty good fit.
Why, you nervous, Shelby? 'Cause we're way past the point of guilty by association.
Why don't you have a seat? Did you have any luck looking into that church? Do you happen to recall a phone conversation we had a few months back? I believe we had a couple of phone conversations a few months back.
The one where I expressed my opinion that we were square.
Well, now, Shelby, I thought we were a circle.
I can't be part of your business anymore, Boyd.
I will turn my head as far as I can without breaking my neck, but this can't continue.
Well, Shelby, don't think of this as a nefarious interaction so much as a concerned citizen reaching out to his sheriff in an attempt to protect the good people of Harlan county.
Now, I believe we might have a cult in our midst.
If I give you this, we're done.
No slips of the mind, no "one more favor" -- done.
Whatever you say, Shelby.
Billy and his sister been in five cities in three years, each one more desperate and beaten-down than the last.
They set up shop, recruit locals, preach their gospel, and then, after a few months, they move along.
No trouble with the law as far as I could find.
So Billy and his sister move into a town in its time of need, chip away at the criminal element's enterprise till they got no choice but to pay them off.
Harlan is far from thriving, and folks pouring what little they got into drugs and whores ain't gonna get it back on track.
This church might just be trying to help.
Well, you see it your way.
I see it mine.
Thought it was supposed to be $500 if I won, plus a cut of the action.
You're new around here.
Folks bet less on fights between fighters they don't know.
Just be glad you didn't lose.
How do I know you ain't shorting me? You don't.
But you came to me looking for action, not the other way around.
What, I got to fight again? You don't got to worry about that.
Rufus don't fight.
Well, what about that other thing? How soon can your boys get what I want? Well, you got the money? You get the cash.
I'll make the call.
Until then, get your white-trash ass off my property.
Rufus, clean this shit up.
Hey! I said, "Hey!" You cost us money.
Sorry about that.
I don't think you are.
You're right.
I'm not.
So, how's about you make it up to us-- pay us back out of your winnings? Well, that ain't gonna happen.
But I tell you what I'll do.
I'll give you a free piece of advice.
Next timebet on me.
Don't fix to wait that long.
Y'all really want to do this? You ain't that tough.
Besides, there's two of us.
I thought you said there were two of you.
Well, what about your money? Keep it! Too late for that.
Please, don't! I'm sorry! What are you doing? Tapping out? There ain't no referee.
Can't breathe.
I know you can't breathe, dumbass.
I got you in a choke hold.
You know what we used to do to boys back home when they get tough? We raccoon them.
You know what that is? Now, tomorrow, when you wake up, you're gonna have a couple of nice shiners to show all your boys.
What? Is someone here? You were snoring.
So, no one's here.
You were snoring real loud.
What time is it? Why? You got somewhere you need to be? I got a 6:00 Pilates class I was hoping to make.
Well, this is the job, Raylan.
Long as somebody might come up and take a draw check out of that mailbox, we wait.
I think he was joking, boss.
Really? Was he? 'Cause I couldn't tell.
I'm sorry.
What are we talking about? Where were you yesterday? Why? Did something happen? No.
So, what's the problem? You're keeping addict hours.
You come in late, you leave early, you're haggard -- it's like the baby's already been born.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Tim? I'd rather not take sides.
Thank you.
Well, would you rather do morning prisoner transport for the next six months? You do seem a little tired.
No shit.
The question is, why? The smart money in the office pool is on exotic dancing.
What's your money on, Art? No.
Mine's on nothing, 'cause I know that you know that it's against marshal service policy for you to do anything on the side, exotic or otherwise.
You know what we should have done? We should have brought a bottle of pappy van winkle.
You got a bottle of pappy? No, but Art does.
Patrick Massett brought one by to him.
Don't change the subject.
What did he want? He didn't want anything.
He read the announcement.
He wants Art's job.
It's why Art's probably with us now, in fact.
I'm just saying, we can talk about it if you'd like.
Hmm? That's the grandson, Milo.
No, no, no.
Don't get too close.
You'll spook him.
Let's just follow him in the car.
He made us.
You see him? I got him.
He's up there on the right.
Help! We've got some pervies! Perverts! Perverts! Help! I'm being chased by perverts! All right, now, you perverts can go ahead and stop right there.
We ain't perverts.
We need you to put those guns down.
Marshals, my ass.
These perverts was following me.
You got any proof that you're federals? You put the weapons down, we'll show you some badges.
Badges? Shit, I seen one badge, I've seen a hundred of them.
You must be Jud.
That's right.
You're the one stole the ambulance, ran it across the county, and then tried to jump Benedict creek? You heard about that, huh? Yeah, I heard about that.
You know what happened when they tried arresting me, then.
If you did, you'd know you'd better get your sorry government asses out of here.
We ain't here for you, Jud.
You got 10 seconds.
This doesn't have to go wrong, son.
Well, that's on you.
Five seconds.
Hey, he's stealing your bit.
Any of you so much as flinch, we're gonna put you down.
You're gonna die right in front of your kin.
That what you want? Don't matter to me.
Y'all all right with it? Yep.
Never thought I'd live this long.
What is going on out here?! These perverts was chasing me.
They don't look like perverts.
Well, maybe that one.
They say they's federals.
We're U.
marshals, ma'am.
That's fancy.
You best go on ahead and state your business.
Just looking for Waldo Truth.
My husband? He ain't here.
If you want to leave a means to get in touch, when he stumbles home, I'll holler.
But, just so you understand, till we meet Waldo, we're gonna put a stop to those disability checks.
Hell you are.
Bullshit! Y'all ain't gonna take our draw.
Lower those goddamn guns! You want to start shooting with my grandbabies right here? I'm sorry about them.
Nelly, get inside and start calling around for Waldo, would you? Sure, mama.
You ain't gonna take our draw.
I met Waldo at the drive-in.
I was there with my first husband, Kyle Lee.
Kyle went off to pee, and Waldo slid right into the car.
Started chatting me up.
I shut him down, showed him my ring, told him, "This snatch is off limits.
" You know what he said? I can only imagine.
He said, "I got a goldfish.
" Pardon? That was my response, too, marshal.
"The hell did you just say?" So, Waldo says, "I have a goldfish.
" So I say, "What the hell does your goldfish have to do with me being married?" So he says, "Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought we were talking about shit that don't matter.
" The most romantic thing a man ever said to me.
I'll bet it was.
Are y'all sure you won't have a drink? That's not allowed, but thanks for the offer.
So, what do y'all want to talk to Waldo about? He done something bad? Young fella, you do understand that we are federal officers, right? So, he did do something bad.
I think he's referring to the pot.
Oh, I got the glaucoma -- real bad.
It is difficult to see your children suffer.
Know what I found to be the secret to raising kids is? Do tell.
Hello? You got to -- Waldo, come on in.
Truth, just stop right there.
Well, look at this.
Got the whole family together.
That warms my soul.
It really does.
We just have a few questions.
Uh, now, you'll understand if I greet my wife first.
He's all right.
You look real nice, mother.
Thank you.
All right, then, gentlemen.
I'm Waldo Truth.
What is it I can do for you? Just have a seat right here and let me see some I.
, please.
Uh, certainly.
Let's see.
I got my, uh, official state card here.
It's, uh, not a very good picture of me.
And I got my social security card here, too.
You're the same Waldo Truth convicted of armed robbery back in 1971, served 11 years? We all make mistakes, but I paid for mine.
I lived it nice and clean ever since.
Does this look familiar? - Uh - That was found inside a Panamanian diplomatic pouch that we believe was carrying some illicit material.
I'm afraid you lost me now.
Do you know Arlo Givens? Arlo who? That's the man who had the bag with the I.
in it.
You know, I'm sorry.
I just can't help you.
But you are, in fact, Waldo Truth? Oh, yeah.
I'm Waldo Truth.
Well, then, you're under arrest.
What for? Y'all just stay right where you are.
Parole violation back in '82.
Yeah, the records were misplaced, but you're a wanted fugitive, Waldo.
No, no, no, no.
Hold on.
Hold on.
You never let me finish my story from earlier.
I ain't Waldo Truth.
Goddamn you, Harold! My real name is Harold Shawn, Jr.
I'm gonna cut your balls off.
Harold, shut up! You never told me that Waldo was wanted! Look, I only came to know mother here and the family 15 years or so ago.
I agreed to help keep the draw going and pretend I'm Waldo.
Where is Waldo? Shit.
You ain't gonna take our draw.
You gave him a gun? We agreed it was time.
Truth, tell the boy to put down the gun.
Milo, honey.
You can't shoot a federal.
Put that gun down right now.
Oh, I'll put it down, soon as these shit-heads get -- get off me, pervert! You stay right there, on your ass.
All right.
Here's the deal, people.
We are gonna haul your asses in for harboring a fugitive, threatening a federal officer, possession and distribution of narcotics, mail fraud, identity theft, and some other shit that I'm sure we're gonna find here.
So, congrats.
A draw check is now the least of your goddamn concerns, and I think I'll start with you, ma'am.
I don't know where Waldo is.
Is that right? I hadn't seen him in almost not since that man came and took him away.
What man? What do you mean, "took him away"? He -- he said he had some job for him, he was some kind of pilot, and that Waldo wasn't coming back.
And you were okay with that? Of course I was.
Waldo was an asshole.
I thought he was romantic.
Sure, until I said, "I do.
" After that, he'd beat on me like it was his job.
We got in a fight so bad one time I stabbed him in the cheek.
You stabbed him in the face? No, honey.
Not that cheek.
You sold our daddy out? Waldo being gone was the answer to our prayers -- all of ours.
What was his name? The pilot that took Waldo? I don't know.
Jew -- something like that.
Jew? Was it Drew? Drew Thompson? Yeah, that's it.
How did you figure that? Yeah.
How did you figure that? We're done here.
- We are? - Yep.
Ma'am, you have a lovely family, and, uh, we wish the best of luck to all of you.
We will be taking the guns, though.
Let's go.
I hereby baptize you in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy ghost, this water washing away all guilt from sin and cleansing your heart.
Now, emerge -- reborn a child of God.
Boyd Do not be alarmed.
Boyd Crowder.
I had, in fact, prayed that you and your friends might find your way into this tent.
Speak of the devil, and he will appear.
"And these signs shall follow them that believe.
In my name, they shall cast out devils.
" Are you gonna cast me out, preacher? Is that why you're here? On the contrary, Boyd.
I'd much rather bring you in.
Let all here witness, that even the most prodigious sinners can become beacons of faith.
Are you prepared to come forth and be saved? Well, what makes you think we need saving, preacher? Everyone here knows of you.
I have been told personally how you exploit people for your own gain, and, as we know from Isaiah, "'There is no peace,' saieth the lord, 'unto the wicked.
'" Wicked? Well, I would never be so bold as to pass judgment against a man I do not know.
But the hubris of making assumptions about a people and a place to which you are a foreigner strikes me as a grave sin, indeed.
All souls here and those in the other towns I have served would testify to my integrity.
Would they to yours? You know, I once stood where you are now.
Preaching to wayward souls, asking for their faith, and, in return, offering them eternal salvation.
But, in the end, their faith was not rewarded.
And mine was shattered.
Is that why you are now pursuing this materialistic path? Oh, we all got to eat, Billy.
You got your collection plate, and I got mine.
Every man here gives only as he is willing and able.
They stop giving to you in West Virginia? Or Tennessee before that? Is that why you move on the way you do? It is the lord who determines my path.
In fact, he came to me in a dream.
Gave onto me a prophetic vision of Harlan and its suffering.
Well, you know what the apostle John had to say about prophets.
"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether or not they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.
" I look at you.
I think about you moving from state to state, asking all these people for their hard-earned money, and offering them empty promises of salvation in return, and, I wonder, if when John wasn't talking about false prophets, he wasn't talking about you.
Crowder's skepticism is wise and hard-earned.
My struggle will never be as great as yours, for I sleep in the lord's warm embrace and will never know true cold or hunger.
So, from this moment on, no member of this congregation shall give even one cent to this church for the man who hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed, and the man who giveth his bread to the poor shall never want.
So, let all here bear witness, as I ask none of you to ever sacrifice the bread from your table in the name of this church ever again.
Praise be to God.
Praise be to God.
Lord almighty, praise be to God.
That didn't go so well.
Actually, Colton, I think we got exactly what we came here for.
That was my second year.
Drew Thompson pancaking into that driveway -- about the most exciting thing to happen in southeastern Kentucky since - Electricity? - Oh, they have that down there, now? That was the day cocaine came to Harlan county.
Oh, look.
's office sent this over about an hour ago.
Guess what it says.
The body in the driveway had a scar on its ass? You gonna make another "marshal stiffy" comment? I might.
Waldo Truth died in that driveway.
Where the hell is Drew Thompson? Well, I don't know.
But I'll bet your daddy does.
Now, everybody in that church was smiling ear to ear except for his sister.
Turn around! Now, Billy may answer to a higher power, but his sister's pulling all the strings.
Now, we find out what it is she wants, and these flood waters will recede.
What about Ellen May? Well, Ava, I'm afraid she might have been swept away by this storm for good.
I -- I know you liked her, baby, but, believe me, there's plenty other girls out there -- It ain't that, Boyd.
What if, in her need to unburden her soul, she decides to divulge certain details about the murder of a pimp? Wynn Duffy.
Why, Duffy's people, meet my people.
My people, meet Wynn Duffy's people.
Slow night? Uh, we, uh, closed for remodeling.
I hope he's not your interior decorator.
No, actually.
He's the reason why you're here.
Now I'm confused.
Well, we caught this young man selling Dixie mafia heroin out back.
Uhwhat makes you so sure he's one of mine? Well, his driver's license said Frankfort, for one.
Well, I didn't go to law school, but I believe that's what the attorneys call "circumstantial evidence.
" Which is why I sent my boys up to Frankfort to buy some of your heroin.
Now, thesewe got off Danny, here.
Andthese we bought at the corner of third and Jefferson.
I believe that's in your zip code, is it not? Now, I didn't go to law school, either, but I believe that's what they would call "a smoking gun.
" Mr.
Crowder, I have many men in my employ.
If one of them strayed, I can only apologize and say, "It will not happen again.
" Well, you got me all wrong, Wynn.
I don't want an apology! I want to be your partner.
I would like to be your distributor of heroin in Harlan county.
Now, I figure we split it right down the middle.
You and me, we could both make out pretty well.
But even if I were looking for a partner -- which I'm not, by the way -- it would have to be someone I could trust.
Well, you can trust me.
But I don't even trust the way you just now said I could trust you.
Well, I was hoping not to have to go down this road, but if you want Danny to leave this room alive, I'd ask you to reconsider my offer.
Any dealer silly enough to poach your territory is not welcome in my crew.
Boys, if you would.
I'm sorry about the mess.
Uhwe'll clean it up.
Let's look at this as a first step in the trust direction.
Well, that's mighty Christian of you.
If there's nothing else, I'm gonna leave now.
Um, no.
Oh, you know what? Since we're beingso chummy.
You wouldn't have any idea why Arlo Givens murdered that Dixie mafia soldier in Tramble, would you? Well, if Arlo Givens killed somebody in prison, this is the first I'm hearing about it, sincerely.
All right.
Well, it seems to me that maybe you and Arlo ought to have a chat.
Well, I'll have my secretary make an appointment, and I'll get back to you.
Good luck with the remodel.
MyThat is quite a story.
It doesn't bore you, hearing about my day? Your days are more interesting than most.
What? I just didn't think you were that kind of girl.
I could be any number of kind of girls, depending on what the situation called for.
So, what's next? I was just thinking we could lock that door and have some fun on this here bar.
Did you? 'Cause I actually meant what was next with the case.
I knew that.
Well? I guess we just keep digging and see what turns up.
'Cause you're the guy in the white hat.
'Cause that's what I get paid to do.
So what happens if you find this guy who was ruthless enough to fake his own death and smart enough that nobody even realized it? It's hard to say.
But there could be some gunplay involved.
Can I tell you something? What's that? In the right light, you could be considered attractive.
Thank you.
I wouldn't kick you out of bed for eating crackers.
Why else would I be there? Hmm? Oh, I hope I'm not interrupting.
Buddy, we are definitely closed.
Oh, that's all right.
I just need to have a quick word with my wife.