Justified s04e03 Episode Script

Truth and Consequences

Previously on "Justified" Drew Thompson pancaking into that driveway that was the day cocaine came to Harlan county.
Where the hell is Drew Thompson? What I want is for you to find out why our sales have dropped off.
This church is the reason.
Why are you here, newcomers? You all come to watch the hillbilly with the snakes? Or did you come to be saved?! "Do not believe every" "spirit, but test the spirits!" Everybody in that church was smiling ear to ear except for his sister.
Now, we find out what it is she wants, and these floodwaters will recede.
You're new around here.
Folks bet less on fights between fighters they don't know.
What, I got to fight again? In the right light, you could be considered attractive.
I just need to have a quick word with my wife.
How come you don't keep the snakes in here to sleep? Billy's room's warmer.
Oh, that's your brother's room, huh The one you're sneaking out of in the dead of the night? I sing hymns over him until his brain's quiet enough to let him rest.
So that's all you were doing in there just tucking in your brother him and all his serpents? Way you riled him up, I'm surprised he got to sleep at all.
I came in here earlier tonight thinking that your brother was running his own show, thinking he was the man I needed to talk to if I was gonna have any peace.
But it turns out that he's a true believer.
But you Why, you're the brains.
What's that? What's it look like? Like the 30 pieces of silver the high priest caiaphas gave to Judas iscariot.
Well, think of it as a donation from a concerned parishioner who'd like to see your brother shift focus away from me and mine.
I'm afraid you've misjudged me, Mr.
I would never tell my brother how to spread the good word.
How about where to spread it? Now, that's a different conversation.
It's a more expensive one.
It's good to know we both speak the same tongues.
The thing is I don't get shaken down.
Don't think of it as a shakedown.
Billy deserves a pulpit that can't be folded up and put in the back of a truck.
You want us gone, you're gonna have to build us a place to go.
Well, then, ma'am, I apologize for simply wasting your time.
I know why you keep misjudging us.
Do tell.
Unlike the rest of these sorry souls around here We're not afraid of you.
Well, in that case, ma'am, I think we've misjudged each other.
You awake? I am now.
Since when do you sleep in your clothes? Couldn't figure out a way to keep a gun in my undershorts.
Since when do you sleep with a gun? Since I found out the woman I've been seeing has a husband I couldn't knock down with a hammer.
He's not my husband anymore.
I ain't asking.
I'm telling you.
I divorced him when he got put away this last time.
I had him pegged as a con.
That, or maybe a fighter.
Actually, he's both.
I mean, fighting's his real calling.
We just never made much money at it.
How did he make his money? The old-fashioned way.
He stole it? We stole it.
That's your deep, dark secret, huh? If it's not, I'd hate to think of what else I'd be hiding.
What was the deal? You guys picking pockets, robbing liquor stores? I'd get next to a guy, find out what he had worth taking, and Randall would take it.
Always figured the simpler we kept it, the less chance it'd go wrong.
But it did go wrong, huh? Yeah.
And no.
I mean, the scam itself was fine.
The problem came when Randall decided he didn't like the idea these guys had been putting their hands on me, and Ended up beating one half to death.
Which is why he went to prison and you didn't.
Well I know I feel better, knowing all this.
You one of those guys who loses interest in a woman once he realizes she can't wear white to her wedding? I'd like to think not.
I was hoping if I came clean, you'd understand I reformed.
Maybe even see your way clear to forgiving me my trespasses.
Yeah? I guess it just depends.
On what? How bad were you? I was pretty bad.
Still am sometimes.
I guess the only question I'm still asking is if Randall beat the shit out of some guy for rubbing on you, how's he gonna react when he finds out what we've been doing? I'll tell you what I just told Randall.
I don't owe him shit.
So, do you think that you could forget about him just long enough that we could get back to what we were doing when he interrupted us? I can give it a shot.
Carrot didn't work.
Means it's time for the stick.
Aah! Aah! Shit! Oww! Aah! Jimmy! Oh, shit.
They're everywhere.
Shit! Jimmy, get out of there! Jimmy.
Jimmy! Stop firing! Aah! Aah! Jimmy, get up! On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come Boyd! Did you send that preacher packing? What the hell happened? I think a snake bit him.
Thank you.
Call Johnny.
Tell him to get ahold of that doc he uses from physical therapy.
Johnny's not answering.
I tried him before I decided to come here.
Well, go find a doctor.
Tell him to get ahold of some antivenom and bring his ass here! Where am I supposed to find a doctor? The free clinic in Evarts.
Go! Hold on, son.
You're lucky to be alive.
Where the hell is Johnny? Jesus.
I hope that ain't necessary.
She said I took her by surprise, showing up the way I did, and where am I staying? We got things to discuss.
I know, Randall.
I was standing right next to her when she called you.
Turns out she just needed to know where to send her big, bad deputy marshal.
You living out of this locker? Showering here, sleeping in your car, something like that? Well, I was gonna try to sleep on the couch in Emanuel's office, but it turns out he's doing that himself.
Thinks sleeping in the gym will turn him into cus d'amato.
You know who that is? Where'd you do your bit Glades? This last one Okaloosa, mostly.
That's near pensacola? Nicer than glades from the outside, but the tiers were shit.
I used to work out of the Miami office.
Didn't get up north much.
Yeah, I grew up down near glades west of belle glade, out near immolakee.
Prefer it up north, though.
Better class of people, by and large.
You, uh, move up north once you started fighting? You ever do any? Boxing? Cage fighting.
Not lately.
Nowadays, you want to compete with these guys, even as a puncher, you got to be able to know how to do that Brazilian stuff, maybe a little chop suey.
I came at it way too late to develop any real technique.
That's why you're getting your stake together, get into fighter management.
Get Lindsey to run the old scam, rip off some fella does backyard fights, name of hoppus or kopas? I guess she told you a lot, huh? She told me a little bit.
It was late.
We were in my bedroom.
So we didn't talk as much as we should've.
I paid my debt.
Hers, too, when you think about it.
You paid part of your debt.
Not my fault the state can't afford to keep us.
We got to reserve space for the guys that pose a genuine danger to society.
You read my jacket? Know the part about your jacket that surprised me? Conditions of your release prohibit you from leaving the state of Florida.
And yet, here you are.
Gonna tell my p.
On me.
That's not so big and bad after all.
I tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna give you till about Well, let's say 6:00.
Get your shit out of that locker and get your ass back on the road to Florida, or I'm gonna send you back.
Up to you if it's in cuffs or a box.
You read what I did to the last old boy tried to make time with my wife? Skimmed it.
Something about a coma.
No, I marked him.
Now, anytime anybody sees that little greaser gimp around, hears the punch-drunk way that he talks, what they're seeing and hearing is me.
What I made him.
So how about at 6:00 this P.
, I put a little limp in that Gary Cooper walk, write my name all over that pretty face of yours? How's that sound? Sounds like we got a date.
Oh, come! I'll come back.
No, Raylan.
Join us.
It can wait.
Raylan! Join us.
Rachel here was just about to explain to me why she didn't call for backup while she was affecting the arrest of a violent fugitive.
And I figure since that's your area of expertise, you could weigh in.
Like it says, by the time I made him, he was already standing over me.
There was no way to call without him seeing.
You with us so far? It's all very but Drew Thompson, Tim told me, come in She's after this Andre devoe Apparently goes to this diner whenever he wants to visit his mama.
But she didn't actually make him until he was close enough to touch.
Yesterday, I went there looking for him.
I went back this morning 'cause I liked the French toast.
And then, to make matters worse, she went to the ladies' room.
I was trying to get some distance so I could call it in.
You should at least approve of that.
I'm supposed to approve of you trapping yourself in a confined space with one door and no windows.
How many times has Wyatt earp here put himself in positions like that and worse, and how many reprimands have you written him? Oh, he's a lost cause.
I still have some hope for you.
What a good example you've set.
Drew Thompson? Thompson's widow.
Remarried six months after Drew hit the side I mean, didn't hit the sidewalk.
I knew what you meant.
That's why it took some doing to find her.
Thought at first she might be in the wind with him you know, just playing the grieving widow until the cops and the news people moved on to another story, and then fold up the tent and change her name.
That's actually a decent plan.
Thank you for saying so.
She still married? Divorced.
Why don't you and Tim ride down to Masterson station, see how she reacts to you un-breaking the news of Drew's demise? All righty.
Oh, and, Raylan? Yes.
At the time of his death, Drew Thompson was wanted in a sealed federal witness warrant.
What'd he witness? Well, I don't know.
That's what "sealed" means.
Admit it you're getting a little bit of a marshal stiffy yourself.
If you get it unsealed.
Hoping for some movement on that later today.
If my stiffy lasts much longer, I'm gonna have to consult my physician.
What's your opinion? On your stiffy? I don't have one.
No on what's going on with Rachel.
If I had one, I sure as hell wouldn't tell the boss.
crowder, I feel like I made it clear last time we were together.
I'm not looking for a partner.
You made it clear that you weren't looking for a partner you can't trust.
I can trust you? Do you have any idea what Boyd would do to me if he knew I was here? Unless he sent you.
He didn't.
Well, comforting as that is, I keep remembering our mutual pal devil, who assured myself and Mr.
Quarles that he could count on your support in his move against your cousin, and I keep thinking, if that had worked out for him, we probably would've heard something by now.
Duffy? Yeah.
I can walk with this cane, but it hurts.
It's so much easier just to roll around in my damn chair.
Boyd put me in that chair.
I always heard it was his daddy's shotgun that did that.
I was the heir apparent.
Boyd has never been nothing but a Thorn in his daddy's fat ass.
So, now, how is it that he's the one that's gonna get everything? Boys.
Would you excuse us? Mr.
crowder, as strange as this sounds I want to believe you.
So, what if I were to give him to you, serve him up? - When you say him, you mean - Boyd.
And when you say "serve him up," What if I were to help you kill him? Um, I could I could take him to an E.
, say I found him on the side of the road.
You're wasting time.
Do it.
Do you want a belt, son? All right.
Open your mouth.
That's it.
I got to admit, I was hoping she'd be out here when we pulled up, tell us that the spirits told her that we were coming.
Have you been drug tested lately? You didn't even open the file, did you? I have a lot on my mind.
You hide it well.
This woman has got Plus, the LPD's investigating a series of recent burglaries at the homes of several of her clients.
What does that mean, "clients"? Don't tell me why you're here.
Ma'am? The reason might be different than what you think, and I don't want you to confuse my reading.
Well, actually, ma'am, I'm deputy marshal Didn't I just say not to tell me? Yes.
Please, come in.
She's a psychic.
Uh, a certified spiritualist.
Certified by who? Y'all familiar with psychometry Extra-sensory perception through physical contact? I saw a movie once where walken shakes Martin sheen's hand, sees him start world war III.
You're a skeptic.
You get that a lot? I used to ask myself all the time if these feelings I got were real.
And you know what I finally realized? People don't come see me because they want to make a connection with someone from the other side.
They come to me for solace, and that's what I give them.
And they give you their life savings? That's why you're here Because some ambitious prosecutor has decided yet again to charge me with theft by deception.
Actually, ma'am, marshals don't investigate theft of any kind.
We chase fugitives, one of whom has led us here.
You don't see him somewhere around us? Not so clearly.
Surprising, considering you used to be married to him.
Oh, if you're looking for Bradley, then you should get ahold of that little whore that works in his office.
Shouldn't be hard to find her number Just go in any men's room.
It'll be scrawled on the wall.
Bradley's your husband? Ex-husband.
We ain't looking for him.
I don't understand.
We're looking for your other husband.
Former husband.
Drew's dead.
Well, you may be more qualified to know that.
All we know for certain is his body didn't hit that street in corbin.
He may be dead some other way.
Have you been in touch with Drew in the last 30 years? Would you happen to have any photos of him? No.
Packed them all away.
They got lost in one of the moves.
Any reason to believe he could be alive? If he is, some bad people are looking for him.
First place they may come is here.
I see so much death around you.
Both of you.
Ma'am, we don't have time for this.
You're doing something later today, something you know you shouldn't.
But you're gonna do it anyway.
He does something stupid every day.
Can you be a little more specific? You're meeting someone, someone bad.
I meet bad people for a living.
This is personal.
Some weightlifter? Fighter? How'd you do that? What? I'm meeting Lindsey's ex-husband later.
Lindsey has an ex-husband? Apparently.
Where you meeting him? His gym.
What gym? That boxing gym over on the east side.
Showtime's at 6:00 P.
Are we all finished here? What? He circled twice before he pulled in.
Now he's just sitting there with the motor off.
Who's sitting where? Eve, you know that man? I've never seen him before.
You got a room in this house without windows? Half-bath.
Go there.
It'll be all right.
Let's think hard about the next few seconds.
You want to live through them, you need to keep your hands out to the side and do everything slow.
You're marshals service, right? Hell of a guess.
I'm FBI.
I'm gonna reach into the side of my coat for my creds.
Hear that, Tim? He's gonna reach in his coat.
Don't shoot him unless it seems appropriate.
If I've seen one badge, I've seen a thousand.
You don't mind if we call the FBI, make sure you didn't get that out of a cereal box? Knock yourselves out.
That what brought you out here, change in an autopsy? Opposed to what I just happened to pick this morning to re-interview the widow of a 30-year-dead fugitive? Ms.
munro! Any chance while you're here, you'd tell us what Drew Thompson was a material witness to? Ms.
munro, false alarm.
I would if I knew.
No, you wouldn't.
No, I guess maybe I wouldn't.
I thought you told her to lock herself in.
Way to go, assholes.
It's bullshit, art.
Just admit it.
You guys are hopeless without me.
She stayed put for 30 years.
We're supposed to assume she's gonna choose today to go for the door? A good investigator assumes nothing but observes everything.
See, art wouldn't let a little thing like an armed man coming towards the house distract him.
Well, maybe with a third set of eyes, you could've kept an eye on the armed man and the suburban grandmother.
She ain't a grandmother.
Yeah, I know, but it sounds funnier.
Younger than you.
Well, plus, she's got powers.
Some kind of a gift.
He wants to talk to you.
Really? Yeah.
This is mullen.
I don't think your boss likes us very much.
Barkley? Aw.
You're just saying that because he tried to get the AUSA to prosecute Givens for bribery and conspiracy.
Really, I'm saying that 'cause he hung up on me without saying goodbye.
It was rude.
Guess the fact that your boys couldn't hold onto that suburban housewife that's not so good.
They were doing fine until you showed up.
What's that mean? Means we were handling it.
Well, now we're handling it.
Hold on.
You said the only reason you were here is 'cause you had to follow up when we changed the autopsy.
That's right.
But now I'm here so I'll take it from here.
Oh, I see.
So we do all the work, and then you guys just swoop in when it gets interesting.
How many guys you got out looking for her? We're only interested in Thompson.
She said she didn't know where he was, right? Yeah.
She also said there were no windows in the half-bath.
Just because she's running doesn't mean she's running to him.
What if she's not running? Meaning what? Well, why leave the car? Same reason she left her phone Because she knew we'd track her? Maybe.
Like I said we'll take it from here.
The best thing you fellas can do Stay out of my way.
I'm telling you.
Something ain't right.
Yeah? Any problems? Not so far.
She say anything? I ain't even there yet.
Look, you know what happens if we miss with Thompson, right? Yeah.
You die badly.
Not alone.
Your family, too? Don't talk about my family.
Well, tell you what.
I'm-a make sure they go real fast, all right? Unfortunately, I can't promise you the same thing.
Call me as soon as you find anything.
Alone at last.
Hmm? Shh.
If I take this off and you scream, I'm-a cut your tongue out.
You believe me? Where's Drew? I don't know.
Where's Drew? I swear, until an hour ago, I thought he was dead.
I swear.
I swear.
Now, I'm-a give you one more chance, and then I'm gonna piss on that sock before I put it back.
How do I know you won't just kill me after you find him? You don't worry about how long you gonna live.
You worry about how slow you gonna die.
Where is he? What the hell's this? Never mind that.
Where the hell have you been? Wasn't aware I was supposed to keep you apprised of my comings and goings.
crowder? Yeah.
I'd I'd still like to get him to a hospital.
I-I thought you said he was doing okay.
Well, under the circumstances, he's doing remarkably.
Even if half his bites were dry, the The amount of time it took for him to get treatment.
He should've been dead hours ago.
The fella who uses this locker Randall? Mm-hmm.
Everybody knows Randall.
I'm sure they do.
But where is he? Right after you left the last time, he packed up all his shit.
He carried it out to his car.
Ain't seen him since.
Was he scared when he was leaving? How do you mean? I'm just kidding.
Thanks, man.
Yeah, it looks like bullshit.
Well, I'll check it out anyway, let you know if anything pans out.
Should've known.
Should've known what? That you were bullshitting when you said you didn't get anything from the widow.
Just trying to keep from sharing the glory? He in there? Who? Thompson.
He in there? Drew Thompson? I doubt it.
What are you doing here? Same thing you're doing Looking for Thompson.
Because you got a tip? I'm standing here, right? From who? I'm here on personal business.
Only people who knew I'd be here is my partner and Eve munro.
Are you following me? I just told you I was sure you were holding out on me, right? And that's gonna hold when we pull your phone records, see who you've been speaking to? Only way to help yourself now is to tell us where your partners are before they kill her.
You know how many times I've been on your side of this conversation? Then you know I'm shooting you straight.
No, no.
Don't do that.
You'll notice the subject's weapon is not in a position to threaten the officer.
You know what they do to ex-lawmen in prison.
Then you get yourself some protection.
You don't know these people.
I will if you tell me who they are.
Where's Eve munro? Tell my wife I'm sorry.
You raise that weapon any further, I'm gonna shoot you in the leg.
How about if I swing my weapon in your direction? You still gonna risk a leg shot then? Maybe.
You gonna risk looking your wife in the eye while you get arraigned in a hospital bed? Where's Eve munro? Hillview motel.
I bet you think you're pretty funny, huh? Pretty smart? Give me a bullshit address, make me look like an asshole, huh? See, I don't give a shit what you do or what you don't know anymore.
I'm-a hurt you just to make myself feel good about this whole thing, mm-hmm? You can promise me things.
You can beg for mercy.
Oh, yeah.
I'm-a like that.
But it ain't gonna make a difference.
There ain't a damn thing you can do to change or stop what's about to happen to you.
You might as well just lay back and try to enjoy yourself.
marshals! Hands where I can see them! Get them up! Right now! Gentlemen, can we have a few moments, please? Ma'am, I am chief deputy art mullen.
Uh, the man who was holding you was a Detroit hard case named Mason goines, and he worked for a man named Theo Tonin.
Can I assume you know who that is? Might ring a bell.
Well, I'm not really all that concerned about whether or not you know his name.
I'm really interested in how he knows you.
- Uh, as I told your officers earlier - Deputies.
- As I told your deputies earlier - Before you ran out the back? I was abducted.
From the bathroom? Ms.
munro, this is how this is gonna go.
Soon as the medics say you're okay, we're gonna send you home.
As long as we feel like you're cooperating, we're gonna leave somebody there to protect you.
And if you don't feel I'm cooperating? Then we'll wish you good luck, and we'll be on our way.
One night, after Johnny Carson, I go and find Drew in the yard and he's burning all our photos.
I ask him, "what the hell?" And he tells me that the next day or the day after, someone will be coming by to say that he was dead and that As far as I was concerned, he would be.
So that's it? He just said that he was gonna be gone, and Never explained anything.
You didn't ask him any questions.
Of course I asked him questions.
All he'd say was not knowing was gonna keep me safe.
Well, that sounds like bullshit.
I mean, he obviously witnessed something big enough that made him want to fake his own death and leave his whole life behind, and you don't know shit about it? Well, what if I tell you something now that I didn't tell the investigators 30 years ago? It could be something you just forgot.
Or maybe it's something you just picked up today, when this, uh, goines fella was smashing you in the face.
There you go.
Drew saw Theo Tonin.
Murder a government informant.
We've got to assume Barnes told Theo everything we know.
He's gonna send an army after Drew.
Getting a little stiff? A little bit.
munro, I'm gonna take you home.
I'm gonna station two men out your front door, two men out your back door, and two inside.
I think that'll do the job.
Can I just ask one last question? How did you know where to send him? What? What do you mean? I just said a boxing gym over on the east side.
There are three over there.
How'd you know which one? I told you.
I have a gift.
Praise God in Jesus' name! Amen! Amen! Praise God.
Church, I have a story to tell this evening.
Now, I was taught that the reason we handle serpents is because by protecting us from their poison He reveals his glory.
Amen! But, church, last night, a devil entered this place.
And it was through these very serpents that the lord cast him out! It was through these very serpents That he sheltered me.
Amen! Praise Jesus.
Praise Jesus! Church It seems only fitting that just now, as I spoke of devils, Boyd crowder appeared in our midst, for it was Boyd crowder whose assassins the lord turned away last night.
I'd be more inclined to call Blasphemy.
Dark angels sent here to remind you that all men are human.
Well, you know, Mr.
crowder, I'd hoped that the bribe you offered my sister last night that she rejected would've been sufficient.
But it appears the lord sees fit to remind us of the persistence of evil.
Oh, this ain't a bribe, Billy.
It's a gift.
Well, as you well know, Mr.
Crowder, this church no longer accepts donations.
Well, this gift ain't to the church.
It's to the congregation.
And it ain't money.
It's knowledge.
Now, this here, in this box, is a genuine canebrake rattler pulled this very day from a rock crevice alongside the cumberland river, which is how I know your sister hadn't had a chance to milk it like she has all these other snakes.
Once again, Mr.
crowder, I am amazed at the ease with which lies drip from your forked tongue.
Well, if I'm lying, you won't mind taking ahold of this bad boy.
crowder, these serpents are not props to us.
We take them up only when the lord moves us, and then it's only in pursuit of his glory.
Well, how you think that's gonna play with the flock, Billy, huh? How say you, flock? Now, there are those men who choose to stay in the dark.
But there are some men who choose to come out into the light.
And those men should be transparent.
All right, Mr.
I will indulge your sideshow.
"For it is not with words that I" preach, but with a demonstration "of the spirit's power.
" You gonna have to tell him.
This is your last chance.
No, it's not possible.
Oh, sure it is.
You just jam the fangs right down on the funnel, and you press right behind the eyes.
No, I I would've known.
Billy, come here.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You weren't there when daddy died.
You didn't have to listen to him scream as the poison ate out his insides.
Well, I think we've seen all we needed to see.
You set that box down, Mr.
crowder! Billy! You may have started this game, but you do not get to say when it is over.
You know what, son? I once stood where you're standing now, mistaking my own hubris for God's touch.
That ain't religion, son.
That's called self-glorification.
Best you leave this one alone.
Put it down.
Billy Billy, don't.
Don't do it, son.
You ain't got nothing to be ashamed of.
I will not heed the warning of an idolater.
Billy, don't! Let go of me.
Please, Billy, no.
God, no.
Come on.
Oh, yes.
Oh, there it is.
Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! The righteous man knows his only true protection comes from the lord! Billy! Billy! Billy!! Billy! Billy Stay with me.
Please, stay with me.
Somebody please call an ambulance! Somebody call an ambulance now! Billy, no.
Please don't leave me.
You remember what Michael Jordan said about weakness? I remember when he dunked on the tallest fella I ever saw.
His name was like "micron" or something.
There you go.
What's the chances you name your boy "minute" and he ends up nearly 8 feet tall? I left Joe.
Sorry to hear that.
Seemed like a decent guy.
He is.
Is this where I'm supposed to ask if you want to talk about it? Mnh-mnh.
Thank God.
I thought you were gonna want to talk about it.
So, did you find him? Find who? Tim said you went there looking for your girl's ex-husband.
I saw him there this morning.
Told him he'd best not be there when I get back.
You mean you told him to meet you behind the bleachers after school? Pretty much.
What? Eh, I would've bet money he would be there.
Seemed like he couldn't wait.
Lindsey ain't here tonight? Last I saw her, she was headed up to wait for you.
That was a couple hours ago.
Guess she got tired of waiting.