Justified s04e04 Episode Script

The Bird Has Flown

Previously on "Justified.
" I'm gonna need you to get out.
If I wanted to do wrong by you, there are things I could say.
What about Ellen May? What if in her need to unburden her soul she decides to divulge certain details about the murder of a pimp? Praise Jesus! Billy! Somebody call an ambulance now! Somebody please call an ambulance.
Randall decided he didn't like the idea these guys had been puttin' their hands on me.
Ended up beating one half to death.
Fighter management.
Get Lindsey to run the old scam.
Rip off some fella' does backyard fights name of Hoppus? You get the cash, I'll make the call.
How about six o'clock this pm I put a little limp in that Gary Cooper walk? Write my name all over that pretty face of yours.
How's that sound? - How much you got? - Ten.
Good for you.
Lindsey ain't here tonight? Well, last I saw her she was headed up to wait for you.
Guess she got tired of waiting.
I'm thinking you should have seen this coming.
Too easy, duckin' me like that.
Six pm, don't be late.
So it's Randall then, came back and took your money? Meaning what? Everybody knows? All about your secret money? - Please.
- Great.
How much we talkin'? It was a goodly sum.
You gonna call it in? And say what? I don't know if Lindsey's part of it or he come back, whacked her over the head, and took her off like a caveman.
She keep stuff here? Like? Clothes, makeup for whenever she stays over? Like a overnight kit Little clutch, toothbrush.
And is it still here? No.
Don't mean she ain't in trouble.
Doesn't look like she's planning on sleeping over much, either.
How much you know about this girl? She's the bartender.
Seems to know her way around a shotgun.
Got a little wild streak in her.
And what do you aim to do when you find her, exactly? What? I just kind of thought she liked me, is all.
Any idea where they might've gone with all this money? Some, maybe.
Well, then Let's find out.
Uh, Rufus, come on in with us.
Asombroso Reserva Tequila, right here.
Some rarified shit $1,100 a bottle.
- Missy? - I'm good.
Randall? I'll take a Mountain dew.
Ho! An aristocrat.
We are fresh out.
Got the place feng shui'd like three weeks ago.
Hippie babe over towards Berea The type you just want to shave down and domesticate.
Says it'll keep all the undesirable energy out there with the animals.
Y'all gonna sit or what? You just let folks tear your house up this way? Well, you looking for work, I can always use someone to clean up the place.
Or, you know, other things.
Hey, man, you're talking to my wife.
No disrespect.
I'm just laying out the welcome mat, is all.
Pull me away from a couple honeys saying you got business can't wait.
That thing we talked about Said you got a wrecking crew just waiting on a sugar daddy to set them up? Song remains the same, amigo.
Well, we managed to lay hands on that money a little ahead of schedule.
So, what say we do the deed right here, right now? You hear that, Rufus? Homey's gonna be a fight manager for real! You got the cash? Linds? Thank you.
It's all there.
You won't mind.
I'm thorough.
Thing is, we kind of need to accelerate the timeline here.
Oh, yeah? Who'd you steal it from? You ain't gotta worry about that.
All's you gotta do is deliver what you promised.
Now, now, now, everything right now, right this minute! There it is.
The minuteman.
That's what we ought to call you, like your new stage name.
How about it, sugar? He the minuteman back home, too? The in-and-out quick like a bunny? Boom, boom, boom.
Now, you better be a fast draw back there, Cinderella.
I get ahold of that little-girl pistol, they be pulling it out of your ass with forceps.
Randall, you in my home, man.
Why don't you sit down and act civil? What? Oh, I got your attention now? Good.
'Cause I'm about to kick you and your homeboy's ass both, take my money elsewhere.
So hows about you drop the shitty attitude, make whatever calls you need to make, and put me where I need to be? Good lord.
All you boys like you got dicks the size of redwoods.
- Lady, maybe you just better - There's $20,000 in that envelope.
The question on the table is, how long do you think it's gonna take finding it a home? I can put a call in.
My boys might be able to meet up in the morning, take care of particulars.
Morning when? Well, seeing as I hadn't made a call yet, I can't really say, so why don't we assume something like the "first thing"? How about that, honey? First thing sounds all right.
Couple of hours, I'm sure we can come up with something to do to entertain ourselves.
All tense and shit About to go off.
All right, then.
Let's make that phone call.
See, baby? I told you this thing is meant to be.
You and me stick together, there ain't a thing in this world that's gonna stop us.
On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come Well, I don't know what everybody's so down in the mouth about.
We are back in business.
That boy would've listened to reason, he'd still be up there preaching.
I'll have a drink to that.
Well, shit.
Look what the cat drug in.
Ellen May.
You look oddly out of place in a house of iniquity.
Is Ava here? Not at the moment.
You want to talk to me about something, Ellen May? I didn't know where else to go.
Well, Ellen May, you always had a home here.
You chose to relinquish that Not us.
You scared, Ellen May? I just keep seeing his face, all puffed up.
I don't understand why he had to die that way, is all.
Arguing with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead.
Billy made a choice, Ellen May.
While I will not deny my culpability in his end, the tempter bears as much guilt as the tempted.
But when it's all said and done, it was a choice he made that led to where we are now.
Ellen May.
What are you doing here? Looking to win her spot back.
But that decision's gotta come from the lady of the house.
You want to come back and work for me? I can work, Ava.
I can, uh, I can start at the bottom and take the ones nobody else wants.
- Yeah? - Uh-huh.
How do you think your God's gonna feel about that? I don't know.
I just want to come home.
Can I can I come.
Can I come home, please? Give us a minute.
The hell is all this, you think? Well, I believe it's as simple as it looks she ain't got noplace else to go.
Unless you see some other motive.
I don't know.
She's up there with all those Bible-thumpers bearing witness to her trespasses.
Well, that's in line with the sin they come across All their travels, Ava.
Except Delroy.
Girl looked me in the face, talking about she knows things.
I never should've left a witness, what we done.
Now either I gotta worry about this thing or I gotta I gotta do the other thing.
I got no idea what's in her head.
I'm sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop, wondering what she's already - told, what she's gearing up to tell - Hey.
Let's take it one step at a time.
Now, before we go too far down this road, let me find out if she's said anything.
How are you gonna do that? If she uttered a word about Delroy in that camp, it would've filtered through to sister Cassie.
You know where she is? Colt? Take one of these new fish and go find that preacher's sister.
Too late to call in a Hazmat team? Uh, yeah.
I'm gonna leave this area to you.
Thank you.
What's the score, fellas? Ain't any score.
You just, like, run around and kill each other.
Sir? Sorry.
Can I ask you I'm looking for a guy Randall Kusik.
Anybody? You got a picture? Not on me.
When cops are looking for someone they usually bring a picture.
He's a fighter, big guy.
Man, you gotta be more specific all them fighter fools look the same.
Big hands and cauliflower ears and shit.
Fighter, huh? Slim Pickins come the cold light of morning.
I'll bet.
You know Joe Hoppus, name on the deed of this place? I ought to owes me for the fight.
So he's here? Likely got some poor girl bent over a sofa somewhere.
But I wouldn't count on getting much out of him.
Why not? Doesn't favor blacks, hates cops.
What makes you think I'm a cop? I'm not looking to make friends.
I just have a couple questions about one of his fighters.
Yeah? Which fighter? Randall Kusik.
You know him? Boyfriend or partner? Neither one, as such.
Did I come in the middle of something? You'd like that, wouldn't you? She says Hoppus is here, but he might try and duck us.
Is that about right? - Well, miss? - Gina.
Anything you can do to smooth the waters, we'd greatly appreciate it.
I put you about180, maybe 185.
Am I right? Give or take.
Say we wrestle for it.
We do what, now? We wrestle.
I pin you, you tap out, whatever I'll take you both on back.
You tap well, you can leave your hat on.
The thing is, Gina I'm breaking your balls, cowboy.
I don't come out of the corner for free.
Come on, honey.
I'll take you back.
Might as well come, too, I guess.
What the hell?! God damn it, Rufus! Nice socks, Joey.
Gold tips? All three of you, get the hell out of here now! It's all right, Joe.
You mind if I call you Joe? I just got a couple questions, so if you want to let your friends collect themselves They invited.
You ain't.
Bitches, chill.
Who in the hell are you, now? I'm a deputy U.
Marshal, here looking for a fighter who was on your card the other night.
That's the one.
He's here a few hours ago, him and his old lady both.
Blond girl, not bad-looking.
Gone now, though.
Any idea where they went? I, uh Y'all got a warrant or something? What do we need a warrant for? Just asking a question.
Well, suppose I ain't inclined to help? What then? State police and locals spend the day seizing and interviewing everybody was here.
And then, me being marshal service, there's also, uh, asset forfeiture.
Now the, uh, parties won't be quite the same, but I could use the space.
I'll get my lawyer on the Aah! Or since I'm only looking for Randall and I don't got eyes for you one way or the other, we could go about this different.
I'm listening.
You mentioned a woman he was with? Called her Lindsey, some such.
Plan was, that pretty little blonde was gonna do her thing get you all spun up and then have Randall come in and twist you on a spit till they got all the money from you they could carry.
So, they done this before, then? Anyways, I'm the one who'll put a stop to all that, making it preferable for them to go in another direction.
So I figure, since I ain't asking much, maybe my participation earns me a simple "they went thataway.
" You two, go on.
I'm gonna talk to the marshal.
Come on.
I'll tell you what any fool that didn't see that grifter Barbie coming a mile off deserves getting his ass fleeced.
I don't know the game much Outside once I saw Sugar Ray Leonard put Roberto Durán down with a bolo punch when I was a kid.
That was something.
But I hear Randall wants to get into fighter management.
You got any kind of line on what that looks like? So, saying these fighters Randall's looking to manage are what chickens? Gamecocks.
Said he wanted to manage fighters.
- I figured he meant, you know - How much money did you say it was, again? I didn't.
So how do you know that fool in there hadn't got it Sending us off on a wild-goose chase? I don't.
But I don't see him going anywhere.
And if he's straight, I got less than two hours to get clear out to Versailles, find this chicken guy, keep whatever deal they got from Taking flight.
Saying you got.
What about me? Oh, I thought you might want to stay and talk to your new friend.
Oh, so now you're funny.
Two hours before I have to be at the office.
You want to see some cockfighting? You gonna tell me how much money it was or not? I did.
It's a goodly sum.
Did you mean the Fuji or the Kodak? Well, which one did you say is better for Greens? The Fuji my opinion.
I'll go with your opinion.
Hey, man.
You got beer in a bottle? Yeah back of the store, chief.
My sister keeps saying I ought to switch to digital, but then I got to get a computer and all.
Oh, I hear that.
Now, did you want the 400 or the 200? I don't really understand the numbers.
Oh, it's the ASA.
The higher the number, the darker you can shoot.
Oh, lord.
Um can I see both? You sure know a lot about this stuff.
I'd be so lost.
Well, I'm kind of a shutterbug myself.
Really? Yeah, it's just a hobby.
You know, uh, art stuff, mostly Landscapes and figure Mm-hmm.
Tasteful boudoir shots and such.
Okay, then.
I don't know which one to pick.
- Can I see that one over there? - The 800? Yeah, that one over there.
"Boudoir," he says.
Like I'm gonna freak out if he calls them "titty pictures.
" Look at you, all high on yourself.
Now, you can't tell me you hadn't missed this, girl.
Well All I've ever wanted to do is manage fighters.
This is it.
This is it.
What I got planned That little stack we took off your marshal friend.
That's gonna look like chicken feed.
Them little whitehackles are killers.
We set them up with some Ronnie Callaway gaffs, they will tear any other breed to tatters.
Boone says they're like the Bruce Lee of fighting chickens.
What? Start talking about Bruce Lee Get me feeling a little something.
Thinking maybe I ought to pull you over this seat We celebrate something proper.
What? You kind of liked it, though, didn't you? Liked what? Talking "titty pictures," "ASA.
" Don't start.
We got a little bubbly No harm done.
Let's keep our eyes on the prize here, okay, baby? Okay.
It ain't gonna take but a minute.
Randall, no! Hush, now.
You buckle up for safety.
Miss Cassie.
Thank you for coming in.
Not like I had much choice.
Oh, I apologize for that.
I've had deputies out trying to find you since I heard what befell your brother.
Why is that, sheriff? I don't aim to frighten you, but I think you ought to know Boyd Crowder's got people of his own out after finding you.
He hadn't done enough already? Something else he's he's looking to steal away? I imagine he's interested in what you know things could hurt him, his criminal enterprises.
Kind of like how he killed my brother? That's public knowledge, sheriff.
Well, your brother's death.
While tragic and untimely was not, on the face of it, actionable as a crime.
So, what, then? Boyd crowder is unfettered by conscience Absent any moral compass that you and me might reckon by.
Thinks he has reason to, he will kill you quick as look at you twice.
What is it he thinks I know? Well, oftentimes, along the path to salvation, folks testify things they seen, things they maybe done.
If anyone ever said anything Boyd thinks you could use against him, he will not leave that end untied.
He is right to be scared.
I do know things.
Well anything I can pick him up for Start a case? Yeah whoremongering drug pusher.
Trying to bribe me to move my church elsewhere.
And that's after he sent thugs out to scare us.
Well, the question is, is there anything else Anything I don't know? If that ain't enough, sheriff, then there's nothing.
He'll have his reckoning someday.
Just like you will, just like I will.
And that's enough for you? The wrathful judgment of almighty God? Sheriff, that ought to be enough for anybody.
Ned! I wish you all the best, ma'am.
May God be with you.
Did you get all that? Well played, shelby.
And you're satisfied now? It'll do.
Though I must say, it gives me pause, hearing you run my character down in such wanton Hello? I believe he hung up on me.
You feel better? I do.
But? Boyd, I mean I got an investment in the girl.
I shed blood keeping her safe.
But even loyal, she's wild.
Firing off shots at her clients and huffing down oxy God knows what else.
Not to mention, she's been off sobbing in the corner the whole night she's been back.
Well, there might be another way, yet.
I'm listening.
You remember my cousin Lonnie? Over in Alabama? Yeah, he got but the one leg.
He came that time to Sunday dinner at Bo's? He got drunk flipped his old Plymouth right in front of the house.
I remember.
Well, he sobered up after that Found Jesus.
Runs a little no-tell motel.
Kind with the free HBO but no ice.
Has a little lay congregation out back.
Ellen May wants to be done whoring, he might give her a chance at honest work.
Cleaning rooms and whatnot.
If she doesn't like what he's preaching, there's plenty of other churches in boiling Springs.
Whorehouses, too.
You think he'll take her in All her crazy bullshit? Well, I think he might welcome the challenge.
Damn it.
What the hell? Randall, what did I just say? Damn it, Randall! Stop! Just keep it running.
Hey, what are you do Hey, it's me.
Listen, I just God damn it, Randall.
Who's that? Who you calling? Calling 911.
You did what? So that boy inside doesn't die waiting for help, idiot.
Now, if it's all out of your system, then can we go before they get here? God damn it! That's my big boy, right there Nimrod, like in the old testament.
You fight him? Ahh, no, not anymore.
He has health problems.
Looking at me like he wants to peck my eyeballs out.
He's a sweetheart.
Unless you push him too far.
Lose his temper, though, watch out.
He'll cut you like a prison bitch.
Little chicken toenails do all that damage? Toenails, hell.
You see these gaffs here? Keep them sharp as a diamond.
They get them buried up in one another up in the pen, we got to reach in and pull the birds apart again.
You be careful, though.
You get caught here here or here it's "lights out," sister.
No lullaby.
Good night.
gaines, you keep putting that little blade close to my face, I'm gonna take it away from you and see who's singing who a lullaby.
Lady don't blink.
She's all right.
Two more questions, then about Randall Kusik.
Never met the man.
I try to insulate myself from direct contact with the end buyer.
So, uh, Boone brothers collect payment from Randall.
They pay you.
You assemble the, uh, whatever? Kentucky gold deluxe fight package everything you need to dominate the royal sport of cockfighting in an easy-to-transport premium motor rig.
Blades come in the package? Gaffs, miss.
Oh! Jesus! Rachel.
She called me.
She called you? I didn't recognize her number at first, so I sent it to voicemail.
Reverse lookup now Not her cell.
Well, what'd she say? I don't know why he come in on me like that.
All I'd done was show his lady what kind of film to buy.
You saw him before this? It's on the video there Two of them come in here before.
If I didn't know better, I'd swear that blond girl set me up to take a beating.
I know what you mean.
Guess I should have known it was too good to be true.
I don't meet many people with a common interest.
I just thought I don't know.
Either one of them mention where they were headed any point in all this? Said she wanted to shoot pictures of horses at some farm across the way.
I told her to use the fuji stock.
It gets better Greens.
She happen to say which farm? What am I supposed to do in Alabama?! Boyd's got kin there.
Decent people, and that's what you're after.
You can work his motel till you get back on your feet and figure out what's next when you're ready.
But I don't want to go.
Ava, please, don't send me away.
I will I will work harder here.
Ellen May, you don't want to be here.
You've been looking for a way out as long as I've known you.
I'm saying, darlin', this is your way out.
Ava this is my home.
I grew up here.
I always thought that maybe Maybe I'd meet the right boy, get a little house.
I ain't much for babies, but Honey.
You're getting the chance I never got you get to start over.
But I don't I don't want to start over.
There's $1,000 in this envelope.
Take it.
Make something out of yourself worth being proud of.
Tell it all to Whoopi Goldberg one day on "The View," right? Your rise from humble beginnings.
It just feels like I'm I'm being sent off, and I-I don't know why.
Well, look at it for what it is You're free.
Next time, you give a blow job because you want to.
If you even want to.
No more being afraid or getting kicked around.
It ain't never gonna be that way around here for you.
Colt's gonna give you a ride to the bus station when you get yourself together.
Tamahill farms is just up route 62 in case we get separated.
But it's time to go to work.
I can call in sick.
You ain't gonna call in sick.
Come this far.
Far enough.
Next bit, I don't know.
But one marshal out over, it's enough.
Give art a stroke, us both in the wind.
Got a little present for you.
Maybe even up the odds a little bit.
Counting on you knowing how to use that.
I'll do my level best.
You ready to roll? Well, hell.
Don't look at me like that.
Well, what the hell, Lindsey? He's a marshal, Randall.
It's what they do.
Well, let's go.
That's close enough.
Come alone, from the looks of it.
That's something.
I did.
Just you and your shotgun.
I, for the record, am unarmed.
There ain't any record, Randall.
Not today.
Feel like I missed a step along the way somewhere.
How's that song go? "Look for the rainbow in every storm"? I'll have to download that.
How'd you find us? She didn't tell you about her little phone call? You said you dialed 911.
She must've dialed wrong, 'cause my phone rang.
That was quite a number you did on poor Alvin.
He didn't even sleep with my wife.
Think how you're gonna look.
That your thing, Randall? Your weak spot? You want her spinning up the boys, keep 'em pixilated, like longfellow deeds, but you just can't stand the thought that she might enjoy it, too.
Got to take something back Feel like a man.
You're forgetting the part where she gets off on it me batting cleanup.
Or did you fail to notice who she's here with? No.
I wondered about that.
Wondering why did you call me? Hoping I'd ride up, rescue you from all this tell me how he put you up to it? Or just 'cause it'd be fun watching us tear one another up? Hurts, don't it? They're beanbag rounds.
Not my thing, ordinarily.
An associate of mine thought nonlethal force might come in handy.
I figure, "what the hell?" "I'll give it a shot.
" You know, girl walks out on me, usually I can count on, like, a letter or something.
I was never much of a hand at it.
Prefer a clean break, like ripping off a band-aid? Suppose you're gonna ask me why.
Doesn't matter.
Well, you oughta know I never meant to You know what? Let's not do that.
So, what now? What now is, where's my money? That hurts, don't it? More than any pussy-ass beanbag gun.
Just take that.
You're going to a dark place, marshal.
I want my face to be the last thing you see.
Ugh! Whoo! Whoo! Come on! You always talk this much when you fight? Oh, honey, this ain't a fight It's an execution.
Ugh! Hey! Lindsey Ugh! That's my girl! Whoo! Shit! Here, baby.
Give me this thing.
Ugh! Hey.
You want your money, it's all right in that van up there.
What? I knew you liked me.
Jesus, man.
How many times did she shoot me? Couple more times than she shot me.
Where did she go? I don't know.
Took your car, looks like.
Aren't you gonna chase her down or something? Nah, I don't think so.
Well, what are you gonna do? Put a call in to the state police, have them drive over, escort you down to face warrants you got out of Duvall county, Florida.
You're just gonna leave me here? You got a better idea? Well, suppose they're a long time coming.
You wait.
"Money's in the van," she says.
Oh, them chickens.
You got to understand, man.
I've been holding that dream in my head so long, I might kind of lost sight of the thing.
Randall, I know you're shackled, and it ain't half fair, but you say one more word about chickens, I'm gonna shoot you again.
End of the day, when it's all done She's still kind of worth it, though, isn't she? Tell the trooper I said, "sorry for the mess.
" There's money in fighting chickens, Raylan.
You think about it.
Ugh! Oh, you We're low on Stoli and Cuervo, so maybe you could stretch it out make it last till I can make a call? - You all set, then? - I am.
All right, well I know why you're sending me away, Ava.
- I been thinking about it - Ellen May You got to know, I would never say nothing about what we God damn it! Ellen May, what the hell is wrong with you? I'm just I'm just saying, if that's the reason Killing Delroy I can keep my mouth shut.
You'll see.
I'm just say I'm just trying to say that I won't, I won't I know you won't say anything, Ellen May.
I know it.
It's all right.
You better go now.
Colt's waiting.
Goodbye, I guess.
Goodbye, Ellen May.
Ohh Beanbag rounds were a nice touch.
What are you gonna do about the chickens? I'm driving around looking for a barbecue joint to drop them off at.
Don't even joke.
However it went down, they're all yours now.
Don't worry.
Sure by now they've been fed, watered, watching cartoons.
What about the money? Figure maybe the universe's way of saying I wasn't meant to have it in the first place.
What about Lindsey? What about her? You let her go? Kind of the same answer as the money.
What are you gonna do now? Hey.
You sure? All right.
All right.
Who was that? That was Ava.
What'd she say? She said that if you're ready to come back to work I mean really work then there's a place for you at Audry's.
I-I-I can work! I can work! I will! You'll see! Okay.
We'll see.
She say why? No, she did not.
I bet it's 'cause of what I told her.
Feels good.
Going home.
It'll be quick, Ava.
She'll never know.
She won't be afraid.
One minute, she's here, and the next, she's gone.
Just like that.
I got to take a piss.
You pump, I'll pay.
Put in $10.
Just a minute! Oh, shit.
Oh, shit! Shit! Shit! Hey! Did you see a girl? Oh, come on.
Shit! Oh, Ellen May.