Justified s04e05 Episode Script


Previously on "Justified" Arlo didn't say anything about the I.
or the bag.
Just got him to admit he knew it was hidden in the wall.
- Why would your father do that? - You could ask him.
But I get the feeling he ain't gonna say much.
Drew Thompson was wanted in a sealed federal witness warrant.
What'd he witness? Well, I don't know.
That's what "sealed" means.
Drew saw Theo Tonin murder a Government informant.
We've got to assume Barnes told Theo everything we know.
He's gonna send an army after Drew.
- I'm not looking for a partner.
- I was the heir apparent.
Boyd has never been nothing but a thorn in his Daddy's fat ass.
What if I were to help you kill him? Shit.
Look what the cat drug in.
Ellen May.
What are you doing here? It'll be quick, Ava.
One minute, she's here, and the next, she's gone.
I got to take a piss.
- You pump, I'll pay.
- Okay.
Oh, shit.
Shit! Shit! Shit! Oh, Ellen May.
4x05 - "Kin" - Hey.
- Hey.
I noticed you, uh, have some security cameras outside.
I guess.
Well, I was here with a young lady, and I went to take a leak.
I went back to the truck, and she was gone.
So I'd like to look at that video and see where she went.
Oh, I-I'm not allowed to let anybody back there.
- Come on, man.
- No.
No exceptions.
You don't need to do that.
Come on.
Get your hand out from under there.
No, sir.
I don't think so.
I want to show you something.
- Hey, I got a gun here.
- Hey, hey, relax.
I'm military police.
All right? I shouldn't even be telling you this.
But that girl, she ran out before her hitch was up, and I am just trying to get her back to Fort Knox.
Can you help me out? Yeah, yeah, okay.
Girl, where'd you go to? Is there another camera? Mm, just the one works.
Hold up.
You're here! Yeah, I've been here Oh, well, I don't know.
You weren't here for the last two, so Brought you some coffee.
Might be a little cold.
- Decaf? - Uh You look fantastic.
Thank you.
I feel good.
- Yeah, you look great.
- Thank you.
Now that I'm not throwing up all the time, I even managed to pick up some work doing freelance depositions and stuff.
You don't have to do that.
I've been making extra money doing some side jobs.
Art's okay with you doing side jobs now? I'll tell you what Art's done.
He's put me in charge of what could be the biggest case in our office's history.
You gonna tell me the particulars? Well, can't really talk about that.
But I'm serious it could be a real game-changer.
- What? - The baby's kicking.
You want to feel it? - Yeah.
Here? - No, down here.
- Does that hurt? - Mnh-mnh.
Hey, little one.
You got to lose the tail.
Come out and read about your Daddy in the paper.
Yeah? What section? The job is still the job, you know.
Well, this baby lost its tail a little while ago, just so you know.
Well, I'm a little behind on my homework.
But the point is, I'm gonna be here for you and the baby.
That's really great.
You know, when you didn't respond to my text telling you that the appointment had changed, I thought you just weren't gonna show up again.
- When did you change it? - Oh.
You didn't get my text.
So, if you didn't get my text, you're not you're not early.
You are about a half-hour late.
I got to call the office.
- Hey, Raylan? - Yeah? You're not staying for the appointment, are you? This is Raylan.
How quickly can you be here? For what? - Rachel.
Come on.
- Just get here now.
On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul god get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come.
Files over here.
They can go right over in here.
Thank you.
- Vasquez.
- Agent Barkley.
What in the hell is going on? Why do you have all my case files? Well, it's simple, really.
We petitioned D.
to turn the Drew Thompson case over to us.
- On what grounds? - Your guy as much as admitted he worked for the Detroit outfit just before he blew his brains out.
We were onto Agent Barnes.
I had opened up an investigation on him.
The suicide taints the case.
Look, Barkley, it's done.
The Marshals are running it.
turn over my life work so the Marshals Looks like we've got them all spun up.
They want this so bad, they can taste it.
But if you were to be incapacitated for some reason, they might use it as a pretext to nullify the deal.
So it would be in your best interest to tell me the name, as well.
I hope you understand this isn't just some fugitive hunt, Chief.
This is a major criminal investigation that has been going on for decades! We'll appreciate any help you can provide.
Well, it's all in the case files.
Anything you need from me, get a subpoena.
My guess is, you're the one who's behind all this, huh? What the hell are you talking about? I'm talking about payback from when I was coming after you.
- And I still think you're dirty.
- Kiss my ass.
- Agent Barkley.
- What? A receipt for your files.
- What the hell is going on? - Well, not much.
Barkley's pissed off we took his case away from him.
Not with him with him.
- You want to tell him, or should I? - You're not gonna like this.
Vasquez, here, brought your Dad in to make a deal with him.
What's he want free cable? He's gonna hand over Drew Thompson.
And in return, we're gonna let him walk.
If Drew Thompson is alive and your Daddy insists that he is then his testimony could bring down Theo Tonin.
Yeah, and if we got a shot at Theo Tonin, we got to take it, right? It makes sense.
Fact that he killed a cop it's upsetting and all, but yeah, I get it.
Well, we don't have a lot of time to to wait and see if Barnes is the only bad apple, so we got to get to Drew Thompson before Detroit does.
How much time I got? What do you mean, how much time you got? To find Drew Thompson and make sure my Daddy dies in prison.
Well, once we have a deal, we still need written approval from Washington, so maybe 24 hours.
Where you goin'? Well, I figured I'd go back to where it started Harlan county.
Any cats? Do you see any cats? No.
We're clear.
Welcome to Kentucky, Mr.
That's not Mr.
- What's up, man? Hey! - Oh, come on! What is that? Get that! - Nick Augustine.
- Wynn Duffy.
You can stay.
Your guys got to wait outside.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you again.
Yeah, he tell you we grew up together in the projects? No.
- Yeah, long time ago.
- Long time.
Yeah, he went to law school.
I went to work for the Tonins.
Found myself in a little situation.
- Yeah, he walks into a setup.
- I hear "FBI.
Nobody move.
" Yeah, so the genius, he takes off running.
I run out the building.
I go into another building.
I'm looking for somewhere to hide.
I find the bathroom.
I'm hiding on the toilet, and I hear footsteps.
Bam! I come in.
I say, "hey, man, get off of the shitter.
It's just me.
" I've never been so relieved in my life.
And I've been protecting you ever since.
Even so, Drew Thompson's alive.
How'd you miss that, buddy? No, Nicky, Nicky, you got to know, uh, everybody missed that.
I mean D.
, state police, local police all missed it.
Point is, Theo is he upset? Theo's talking to the ear.
You tell me.
Uh, bottom line I don't think any of this is gonna pan out.
I mean, the old man, Arlo Givens, is crazy.
Okay, but if it does pan out, you got it handled? It's handled.
I mean, we get a name, I am the first one in that door, and bam it's done.
I'll just say he reached for a weapon.
Problem solved.
- Theo wants him alive.
- No, no, Nicky, no.
- That's not the way it works.
- Oh.
How's it work? Once he is in custody, that's it.
I-I mean, it's not like I could be checking him out like a book at the library.
Drew Thompson shot Theo in the eye and left him for dead on a runway in Panama.
He stole $2 million worth of cocaine from the outfit.
Losing that cocaine put Theo in a jam with some very nasty people.
But you know what really hurt? Getting shot in the eye.
He wants him alive.
I don't mean to intrude, but I know the Crowders.
I know Arlo Givens.
If there's anything I can do As a matter of fact, Wynn, that's what Theo wanted me to Hey, hey, hey, wait wait a minute.
- I-I can handle this.
- Jerry, are you sure? I'm sure.
Just gonna be expensive.
All right.
How expensive? Jerry, really? Is that really the price? Or are you just thinking about taking off with the money? Jesus, Nicky.
What the hell kind of a question is that? Uh, fair.
I mean, I've always been protecting you.
- I mean, we're friends.
- We are But I heard the FBI doesn't even have the case anymore.
- The Marshals are running it.
- Where you hear that? Oh.
Do you really think that you're the only guy Theo's got left in the FBI? Mr.
Tonin would like you to find Drew Thompson.
Not a problem.
- Can I help you? - Yeah, I'm Colton Rhodes.
- I work for Boyd Crowder.
- I know.
One of your deputies picked up a girl last night Name's Ellen May.
She works for Ava Crowder.
Let me check the blotter.
I've got a drunk-and-disorderly and, um kid on meth tried to stick up a hardware store.
- That's it.
- No.
One of your boys took her.
- You sure about that? - Yeah, I'm sure about that.
He picked her up at the reliable gas station.
No, I got nothing on that.
All right, look, man, I just thought you might appreciate me giving you the heads-up.
That's all.
You know, he's got me out there looking for her.
Well, if I find anything out, should I call you at the bar? Or Audry's? Well, not unless you want Boyd knowing how bad your guys screwed this up.
- I'll call you.
- Whatever you say.
Line me up! We open yet? Just about.
Well, if there ain't a line around the block, don't.
We got a visitor coming by.
A man from Frankfort gonna be here in five.
- Wynn Duffy? - The same.
What the hell's he want? Well, I know what I want him to want.
Bu th Dixie mafia just shows up like that out of the blue maybe he's not coming here to talk.
Well, in that eventuality, make sure that sawed-off behind the bar is close at hand.
- You got my back, cousin Johnny.
- Always.
Wynn Duffy! Come on in.
This a holiday? Well, not the man I was looking for, but it'll do.
I want you to have a seat.
Where the hell you been all night? Sorry.
I had my phone off.
I had to sleep.
- I feel like I'm catching something.
- Well, I'll ask about your cold once you tell me how it went with Ellen May.
- It's done.
- Where'd you do it? In the woods about a half-mile off the main.
- What time? - A little before midnight.
Where'd you put the body? In the slurry, like you told me to.
- What were her last words? - "I'm cold.
" Next time I reach out to you, I don't care if it's a smiley face.
You text me back.
Now, stand over by that bar and look mean.
Well, I believe you know everybody here.
I should hope we're old friends by now.
Cousin Johnny, pour these two gentlemen a drink.
What a good idea.
But first, we need to talk.
Well, follow me.
- Please have a seat.
- Thank you, sir.
And here I thought we'd begun to establish a basis of trust.
Well, Mr.
Duffy, we are not trustworthy men.
There's no reason we can't work together to build a brighter future.
Remember glasnost? Well, perestroika happened at the same time.
Now, you know what I want.
Question is, what do you want? Well, what precipitated the change in your weather vane? I need you to help me find someone.
- Yeah, I got her.
- Good.
Yeah, she tried to run off and didn't get too far with that boot on.
Yeah, lucky you stabbed her last time, then.
- Thinking ahead.
- Hey, hey, Raylan, come here.
When I caught up with her, you know what that little girl did? She offered to give me a blowjob.
Can you believe that? You didn't take her up on it? No! What what Raylan, I'm just saying - You're just saying.
- Yeah, exactly.
- How's the foot? - What do you think? Hurts.
Had my braces tightened, and my mouth hurts, too.
Well, neither one of us gonna ask you to use it much.
Just tell me the truth.
You and your boyfriend went into Arlo's.
You put one hole in the wall.
Who told you the bag would be there? Your dad.
You don't know Arlo.
Arlo don't know you.
- You better tell him, girl.
- I do, and he'll kick my ass.
Delicate little flower like you who'd do such a thing? - All right.
- Josiah sent us.
- Josiah? - It's her stepdaddy.
It's the one they strip metal for.
He lives just up the road.
- He there now? - I guarantee it.
Josiah got a last name? - Cairn.
- Josiah Cairn is your stepdaddy? I know him.
Say no more.
And yeah, he might kick your ass.
Well, wait what am I supposed to do? Wait here with her till I get back.
And both of you, keep your clothes on.
Wha Josiah Cairn.
Who the hell are you? Oh, come on, man.
I haven't forgotten you.
- Made an impression, did I? - You could say that.
That bullshit you tried pulling after the mine explosion in '85 taking money from the widows to try to prove it was the mine's fault, then taking money from the mine to try to cover it up.
Surprised to hear you're still in the game.
- You're Arlo's boy Marshal.
- You knew that soon as you saw me just like you know why I'm here.
Take your hands out of your pockets.
I ain't got a clue.
I'm retired.
Is that right? It was the young people drove me out.
No values no more.
- Huh.
- Now I just sit out in the sun, warm my belly like an old dog.
See you even got a collar.
And most of my teeth, you come close enough.
But you can check with the troopers.
I ain't left this property in months.
Oh, no need to.
Send your little girl and her boyfriend out to do your dirty work.
Now, where'd you get that idea? She said Arlo asked you to go in the house and pull - that bag out of the wall.
- Bag? I don't have time for this shit, Josiah.
Ain't got time for what shit? How about you and me go for a drive? You can't do this! Sure I can long as I got gas.
No! I mean, this ain't legal! Well, neither is impeding a federal investigation.
- God damn it! Slow down! - Soon as we get past your tether line or you tell me something worth hearing.
All right, fine.
I'll tell you where he's at.
- Who's that? - Jim Thompson.
That's why you're here, ain't it? I'm listening.
Just let me catch my breath.
All right, fine, asshole! He's with the hill people! - Bullshit.
- No! It ain't! Now, look Drew threw this fella out of a plane to fake his own death.
I know that part.
Yeah, but when Drew jumped out, he busted both of his legs.
Now, he got word to Bo and Arlo, and they made a deal.
They got the cocaine, and he got a place to hide out and get doctored.
I don't know.
It sounds iffy.
No! It ain't! Look, the man was on the run.
Where else could they take him? Now, them hill people patched him up, but he never did heal right.
He's still up there with them, as one of their own.
- The hills, huh? - Yeah.
If ol' Drew's still alive, that's where you'll find him.
If I come down that mountain without him, you're gonna be my first stop.
and I just want my stuff.
- Oh, your keepsakes? - Yeah.
Oh, they're in the back of my car, where you left them.
You can go, by the way.
- Are you sure you want to do this? - Where Josiah says he is.
- Uh, yeah, unless - Unless what? - Unless they ate him.
- What? - Raylan, you know they do that.
- That's an old wives' tale, Bob.
Well, look, a-at least take my go bag.
If it's all the same to you I'll just take this.
Well - Good luck.
- See ya, Bob.
Not likely.
No, sir.
Nice knowing you, Raylan.
Appreciate you coming down.
Last chance to change your mind.
I'm wearing my walking shoes.
Well, these people don't take to outsiders.
I reckon this is about as far as you should go.
I knew I should have brought my book.
Is it the one with the monsters and magic wands? No, it's a native american princess who controls invisible forest animals.
- Ain't you too old for those? - I don't know.
I was probably too young to be blowing the head off Taliban.
- Guess it all evens out.
- If I ain't back by nightfall, call in some of those ranger friends of yours.
They sound cooler than they are.
How about the 101st Airborne? Death from above.
There ya go.
Or maybe I'll just call Art.
- What do you want? - Johnny wants you.
Well, tell him you can't find me.
Come on, Ava.
Don't make a liar out of my girl.
Jesus, Teri.
You could have told me he was right behind you.
I'll meet you back in your trailer in five.
You always that rough on her? Johnny, I don't mind you playing "easy rider" with one of my girls, but don't tell me how to run the place.
You packing up Ellen May's things? - Waste of time now, ain't it? - Uh, other girls don't know.
I got to make a show about what I promised.
Put all the stuff in a damn box and send it to Alabama.
Boyd tell you he's working for Duffy some secret mission? - He tell you anything about that? - I got no idea.
Man tries to blow him up, and now he's got Boyd running around doing his errands.
You afraid Boyd can't handle himself? No, I am afraid that Duffy's gonna come in here and get us all keeping secrets get us all pinned up against each other.
Look, if Boyd wanted you to know, I think he would have told you.
That's right, Ava.
You're right.
I'm just forgetting my place.
My name is Raylan Givens.
I come alone and with peaceful intent.
Get up.
Hello, Raylan.
I don't suppose you've been up to see Josiah Cairn recently? That guy's an asshole.
Did he tell you he's just an old dog sitting on a porch now? He scratched himself.
Said kids today have no values.
You know, he sends his stepdaughter out to steal copper wire so she can pay for her own braces.
Well, I'll be.
Still, I can see him sending you up to an early end, you being who you are, but I thought he - and I were better friends than that.
- Why's that? You got that "honor amongst dumbass thieves" thing? "Dumbass"? Coming from the man sitting tied up next to me? So, uh Arlo takes the fall for you, and this is how you repay him, huh? Go out, look for Drew, try to screw up his deal? Whole world's a tree, Raylan.
I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut.
Maybe you're just a puppet working for the Frankfort boys.
Is that what you are now a puppet? You want to start a fight, Raylan? than happy to accommodate.
But right now, I think we got more pressing concerns.
Nice boots.
Where'd you serve? Hey, uh hey, fellas? You guys are out there, right? I got a photograph here I think is gonna sort this whole thing out.
Got to wait for Cope.
- Who's Cope? - Cope gonna decide how you die.
Shut up, Daniel! It's a picture of my Mama as a little girl.
And the girl standing next to her is one of yours.
Cousin Mary, my mama called her.
If you like, I can poke my head in there with my rifle, let you jump me.
I'll stick it through the door if you like.
- I ain't stupid.
- No, I'm not saying you are Look, I-it's Daniel, right? Daniel, come over here.
I don't like your plan, Raylan! You were gonna jump me.
How about you jump me now? Well, it don't seem quite fair my hands tied a-a-and you with that rifle.
About as fair as it's gonna get.
Oh! No! Cope! Cope!! You better drop that rifle, boy! Stop! Stop it! Hey! Hey! You better drop that rifle, boy! Hey! Hey! - No, sir.
- I'm sorry, Cope.
It's all right, boy.
I'm here now.
All right, listen.
I don't want to kill you.
And you don't want to be dead.
We're just looking for Drew Thompson.
That ain't what Josiah told me when he called.
He called? Ain't the darkest Africa.
We got a phone.
Well, you know Josiah, then you ought to know whatever comes out of his mouth is half-truth at best.
I do some trading with the man.
Barely know him.
Still better than I know you.
Sir, I'm a Deputy U.
Josiah said you'd say that, too.
Daniel, how about you just hum your tune now, boy? What a fellowship what a joy divine leaning on the everlasting arms Rock fell on Daniel when he was a boy.
Now, I love him in spite but I would never give him a working gun.
It's got no firing pin.
For the record, wasn't Daniel who let us loose.
That other one let us out, keen on knocking us around.
He tried to trick us.
This one here tried to tell us he's related to Mary.
It wasn't a trick.
Hold up! Stop! - You claiming kinship now, are ya? - Yes, sir.
I am.
Mary's your kin? My guess is, you know her pap's name? Uh Old Caleb White.
God rest his soul.
- You see, I had a photograph - Maybe you know the unusual circumstances to Mary's uncle Lidon's demise.
Everybody what's kin knows that story.
- Can't say I do.
- Ever hear of Sanderson B? I've heard of Sanderson B.
I know him.
We played pee-wee football together.
There are mines up here been abandoned since 'fore I was born.
Sanderson B shaft is one of them.
That's gonna be your final resting place.
Well, hold on, now! We can talk about this.
Now, keep in mind, there's another Marshal at the bottom of this mountain.
Yeah, he long-hair or the short-hair? What are you talking about? We'll take care of him if he come up here.
Not that U.
currency has any value up here, but if you'd be inclined to take it, I'd be more than happy to provide it You can stop talking now! Poking around for Drew.
He'd have killed you his own self.
- You saying he's here? - Not here.
Hereabouts? Harlan county? Raylan Givens? - Daniel, did you fetch her? - Brought this to me.
I see Frances in you.
You're Mary? - Josiah said we best kill both of 'em.
- Not my cousin's boy.
- What about that one? - You can have him.
Well, now, hold on a second! Raylan? Raylan! Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, Mary! Me being Marshal service, sworn to uphold the law and all, I get to the bottom of this mountain, I'll be compelled to report what happened up here.
If you kill him, it could be bad for you.
So, we're back to killing both of 'em? I say most expedient path would be to let 'em both go.
Man you're looking for ain't here.
Was a time I thought he'd stay him near-helpless, me nursing him back to health.
I woke up one day he's gone.
The way Cope said it, sounded like he didn't go far.
- Oh, said that, did he? - A fella with that much cocaine could parlay it into a lot of money make him a very powerful man.
Your daddies took all that cocaine for themselves.
'Course they did.
That's another reason we're so proud of them.
I don't know why Josiah told you Drew's still up here.
Only time I seen him since he left was near 10 years ago at the Bluegrass festival, rubbing shoulders with the mayor, judge executive all them rich Clover hill folks.
Didn't seem to notice me.
Or didn't care to.
You're looking for Drew Thompson you're on the wrong hill.
I never knew you had hills in your blood, Raylan.
I do.
I'd whistle the theme song to "deliverance" if I thought you had a better sense of humor.
My mama was never embarrassed by it, but Arlo didn't like her talking about it.
Came in handy, though, didn't it? For our daddies 30 years ago, for us today.
Now here we are both in pursuit of a man our daddies went to great pains to hide.
Well I guess this is where we say "may the best man win.
" Should we shake on it? What are you talking about, no sense of humor? This is funny.
I know I'm laughing.
I've come to a conclusion.
I don't like you, Raylan.
Never liked you much neither, Boyd.
Well, it's a lot like here, if you think about it.
Bunch of clans led by guys with beards, running around shooting at each other all the time.
Except here, they're not speaking Pashto.
They might as well be, though sometimes.
Let me ask you you being with the Marshal service and all, you're really good at, like, finding people, right? - I hope so.
- All right.
Where do you start? Let's say someone just ups and disappears poof and they don't want to be found.
You're interested, the Marshal service hires a lot of former military.
An M.
would be a prime candidate.
If you got a phone number or an address, I can send you some information.
Nah, I don't think so.
Tim! Get to Vasquez.
Tell him to put a hold on that Arlo deal.
We got a line on Drew.
He's here in Harlan.
You telling me, in a matter of hours, you narrowed down this guy's location from anywhere in the world to one county? Well, it wasn't as easy as it sounds.
You waiting for Boyd? He's up the trail about a mile or so.
You got a saw? You're gonna need a saw.
What I found out today, I expect I have your man Drew within the week.
That's impressive work, Mr.
Not as impressive as what I'm about to ask for.
- Is that right? - The new price for Drew is, I get half the heroin business in the state of Kentucky.
Really? And I thought $20,000 was generous.
And I thought you were serious about finding a man who's evaded the FBI for the better part of 30 years.
Oh, Mr.
Crowder, you are tenacious.
I hate that in a person.
You have a deal.
Well, it's a pleasure doing business with you, Wynn! Yeah.
Well, hey, what the hell? I thought we had a deal.
Crowder, I can promise him a rocket ship and a goddamn unicorn.
The point is, once he brings me Drew, he and I are done and you're free to kill him.
- Evening.
- Where's Ellen May? You all right, son? You want to come in, have a bite to eat? No, I just want the girl! Well, I talked to all of my Deputies, and it wasn't one of them.
Yeah, bullshit.
Someone's lying.
I saw a Sheriff's car on the security tape.
That's right.
One of my deputies was there last night, and he saw a girl who fits Ellen May's description get waved over to an 18-wheeler.
Said she seemed to recognize the man driving.
- Said she climbed right in.
- Which way did they go? That, I don't know.
He thinks it had Tennessee plates.
Lot of good that'll do with a long-haul trucker.
Shit! I could check the weigh stations maybe get lucky.
No, don't do anything yet.
I will tell you if I need you.
And don't bother Boyd with this.
If you find something, talk to me.
I'll handle it.
- Are we clear? - I understand.
You believe me now? Boyd and Ava intended that man to kill you.
The way Boyd had me press that preacher's sister, I figure you must know something that could hurt him real bad.
But y-you you invited him in here.
W-what if he did come in and see me? I'd have shot him.
I ain't gonna let anybody hurt you, Ellen May.
But I got a job to do and I can't do it alone.
If you're willing maybe you can help me bring down Boyd Crowder.
I was disappointed to hear about this deal Arlo's poised to make to give him his freedom.
Disappointed? I don't understand.
Well, disappointed I didn't hear it from you.
- I'm I am Arlo Givens' attorney.
- On my dime.
Colleague of mine some time ago had a man come into his office, lay down money in front of him, get him to break confidentiality.
Soon as he did, 10 federal agents busted in and carted him off.
Well, miss Gable, that is very good to hear.
What is? That the only thing you're concerned about Ah.
is getting caught.
Now, that's for getting Arlo that deal.
And that is for shutting that deal down.
Josiah! It's Raylan Givens.
Back for another chat.
I've already been shot at through a door once today, thank you.
Best not make it twice.
How the hell did you do that? Well, my goodness.