Justified s04e06 Episode Script

Foot Chase

Previously on "Justified" I got a surprise for you.
Arnold's a furry.
He gonna press charges? He's the Judge Executive.
What's he gonna do? Ellen May.
What are you doing here? Girl looked me in the face, talking about she knows things.
I never should've left a witness, what we done.
It'll be quick, Ava.
I saw a sheriff's car on the security tape.
One of my deputies was there last night.
Which way did they go? That, I don't know.
Boyd and Ava intended that man to kill you.
You must know something that could hurt him real bad.
You and your boyfriend went into Arlo's.
Who told you the bag would be there? Josiah sent us.
All right, fine.
I'll tell you where he's at.
The hills, huh? If ol' drew's still alive, that's where you'll find him.
Only time I seen him since he left was near 10 years ago at the bluegrass festival, rubbing shoulders with the mayor, Judge Executive all them rich Clover Hill folks.
I expect I have your man drew within the week.
That's impressive work, Mr.
The new price for drew is, I get half the heroin business in the state of Kentucky.
You have a deal.
I thought we had a deal.
Once he brings me drew, he and I are done And you're free to kill him.
Josiah! It's Raylan Givens.
Well, my goodness.
My son's asleep upstairs.
Then we should talk quietly.
Where's your wife, Dale? Uh on vacation.
No, she moved out.
Just going through a rough patch.
Oh, you mean to tell me that all rich people don't live in a constant state of domestic bliss? Well, you got a lot of pretty things in this house, Dale.
What do you do for a living? Banking up Cumberland.
You go to school for that? No, just learn by doing.
Oh, you're a self-made man? I guess.
Well, that's something we have in common.
Well, Dale, if you want to continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor I'm gonna need you to tell me your real name.
I told you.
It's Dale Haywood.
Y-you got my driver's license.
Yeah, the thing is, driver's license, birth certificate, I.
D's they don't mean much these days, technology being what it is.
If you don't believe my I.
, how am I supposed to prove it? Well, that's your problem, Dale Not mine.
O-okay, n-now, I-i swear what you want's in that box, right there.
What is this? What oh, that That there's nothing.
Just And as I watch her kiss Curt, my heart fills with hurt.
My soul fills with sorrow "the size of Kilimanjaro.
" Holy shit.
Why, you a poet, Dale? No, I just dabbled in high school.
Look, there's let me find it for you, j-j-just some proof Wait l-look there.
There's it.
All right? All right? 1982 Kentucky state champion.
Well, I do my math right, that makes you a 20-year-old high school senior.
Well, yeah, I-i-i-i failed 3rd grade.
Well, that explains the poetry.
Well you gonna kill me? No, Dale, I am not.
In fact, I'd like to apologize for ruining your day, but I bet you hadn't gotten as rich as you are without ruining a lot of people's days, so I'm sure you'll be able to forgive my transgression.
Uh, you may want to keep that memory box close at hand.
You never know when somebody else might want to drop by and reminisce.
Treated a guy once got his foot caught in some mining machinery.
But nothing like this.
What do you mean? What kind of machine? You know, one of them things.
It was a messy bit of business.
How long could a guy survive losing blood like that? With a tourniquet, cauterize the wound, maybe through the night, but I wouldn't give much more than that.
Hey, guys, you ready to put a bolo on him and get KSP and locals on it? Waste of time, you ask me.
What is Doing your job? Hell, all we know, the asshole might've done it to himself.
You have reason to believe he'd be that desperate? What do marshals want with a piece of shit like Josiah for, anyway? He owes us money.
You show up here in the middle of the night and find a foot sounds like something special to me.
I think he might have info on a fugitive.
Which fugitive? Jimmy Hoffa.
Is there any particular reason you're treating us like a couple of bleached assholes? Not in particular, no.
What's up, Bart? Well, I hear you're having an interesting morning.
Tim tell you I wasn't coming in? Yes, he did.
Said the game was afoot.
Here we go.
I'm sure you'll keep putting your best foot forward Do what needs to be done.
That why you called Foot puns? Yes, actually.
Yes, it is.
It's the only reason.
Any luck delaying Arlo's deal? No.
Sonya Gable hasn't returned our calls.
Why's that? I suspect she knows that we're trying to delay the deal.
Why the hell would she delay the deal? Well, I don't know, Raylan.
After you finish playing footsie, why don't you go ask her? Aw, shit! Jesus Christ, man.
Watch it.
I got to go.
This here's what we call a crime scene, Wilson.
Thanks for the heads-up.
What is that? My footprint? No, not that That.
Hello, Roz.
On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come Come on.
Are you positive he ain't Drew? Well, Dale's guilty of a few things, I'm sure, living up in Clover Hill, but being Drew Thompson ain't one of them.
Baby, would you please come over here and have a seat? And where the hell is Colt? What's taking him so long? Colton! Just a minute! So, what's next? Well, you and me gonna ride out and have us a conversation with Harvey Jones, get the names of the men up in Clover Hill that fit the profile.
And then what? We're just gonna put a gun to the head of every old man lives in Clover Hill? Well, if that's what I choose to do, Johnny, then that's what we gonna do.
Baby, would you please just stop cleaning? If we want an in to Clover Hill, we could just go to Arnold.
Arnold ain't gonna give us anything that a gun to the head won't give us a whole lot faster.
And if we do find Drew, you really think that Duffy's gonna honor the deal? Well, you have reason to believe that he won't? Well, if it were me, I'd take Drew off your hands and then I'd try to kill you.
Well, then, lucky for me it ain't you.
Now, go find out what's taking him so long.
Give me a minute! You think Johnny's right? I just need to find Drew Thompson, and then I'll worry about Wynn Duffy.
I just want to make sure you don't get hurt, Boyd.
Baby, ain't nothing gonna happen to me.
Hey, do you love me? Then trust me.
Now, this bird in the hand is gonna be worth 10 in the bush.
I said give me a goddamn minute! The hell you burning there? A match.
What are you, the bathroom monitor? Next time, I'll leave you a present.
Well, I done told you not to eat that huevos rancheros for breakfast.
Now, listen to me i need you to head over to Audry's, and any of them Clover Hill types over 50 come in, I want you to give me a call.
You understand? Got it.
Come on, cousin Johnny.
Let's go.
Are you okay? I'm good.
It's the man in the hat.
The hell do you want? Just keep that thing pointed down.
You gonna shoot me if I don't? Be within my rights to.
What are we playing here Cowboys and Indians? I ain't playing anything.
What the hell do you want? Where's your girlfriend at? She ain't my girlfriend anymore.
I don't care if she left you.
I just want to know where she's at.
Just said I don't know.
So? Call her.
You call her.
Take out your phone and call her.
Marshal Givens! I have a word, please? I'm in the middle of something.
You got a phone, don't you? Take it out let your fingers do the walking.
I'm not doing shit.
Now get the hell away from me.
Aah! I see I'm gonna get the same deferential treatment you gave my deputies.
You got a line on Roz? I'm working on it.
Yeah, how's that going for you? I'm dealing with a love-scorned teenager.
You draw this, Benny? Uh-huh.
You want, I'll sell it to you.
You can hang it up over your shitter.
Well, it's not really my taste.
Lacks a little in composition, but you sure got the likeness right.
You coming? Or you want to stick around here and push a kid around some more? Teddy.
This is marshal Givens.
We're looking for Roz.
Yea high, braces, hit puberty about six months ago.
You speak English, Teddy? Good.
You mind if we come inside Make sure she's not here? That nod means yes, you do mind or yes, we may come inside? Okay, look I'm gonna come inside.
All right! I'm here! Christ! Go ahead and let them in.
Don't mind, I'm gonna just hang on to that.
Sorry if we're interrupting something.
I didn't have no goddamn sex with Teddy.
No, I'm sure you and "rapes with a smile" here were just talking.
What, did you come here to stab me in the foot again? Well, at least I ain't gonna chop it off.
I don't even know what you mean.
Hey! Aah! God damn you! He does speak English.
I will cut you assholes! Right.
For now, just scoot your ass over there.
You're gonna be stupid enough to step in blood, least be smart enough to wash it off after.
So I was there! It ain't like I chopped him! You see who did? Roz, we're trying to help him.
Yeah, well, we can find him on our own.
How's that? Teddy here's part Cherokee.
Family came here on the trail of tears.
Is that right? Yeah.
We're gonna find who did this, and when we do, we ain't gonna arrest him, like you will.
Well, it's gonna be tough tracking anyone with Teddy in jail for statutory rape.
Repeating a lie don't make it true.
Now, I've already seen you half-naked, so it won't be tough to convince a jury that we walked in on the two of you making sweet underage love.
There was two of them.
Could you tell what they look like? No, not really on account of Josiah made me hide the second he saw them pull up.
What else? They was in a panel van.
Painted up ugly as shit.
Anything else? I don't know.
There was a lot of screaming.
I couldn't make most of it out.
Even called him by the wrong name.
Remember it? Yeah, I'll never forget it.
'Cause that was the last thing I heard before Josiah started screaming and I saw that they had chopped him.
What was it? "Drew.
" "Drew Thompson.
" Drew Thompson.
Name mean something to you? Ain't nobody in Harlan name doesn't mean something to.
But Drew's dead.
Well, maybe she heard it wrong.
Yeah, and maybe somebody thinks he's still alive.
Maybe that's why you went to see Josiah in the first place.
Shelby, I appreciate your help finding Roz.
I'll see you down the road.
You headed to Boyd Crowder's? Now, why don't we just cut the shit, marshal? Now, you won't talk to me or my deputies 'cause you think I'm in Boyd's pocket.
I think Lynyrd Skynyrd's overrated.
I know you're in Boyd's pocket.
I used Boyd to get into office, but my loyalty's to the law.
You understand if I call bullshit and be on my way.
I'm afraid I won't.
Now, if Drew Thompson is alive and in Harlan, that is a story for the ages.
But the only thing I know for certain is that Josiah Cairn is a parolee gone missing, making it my responsibility to find him.
Now, your Drew Thompson agenda aside, I brought you to Roz.
If you think you got a line on what happened to Josiah, you're gonna share it with me.
You gonna say "please"? I'm so sorry, man.
Meeting went long.
Glad you're still going to meetings.
How's your leg? Well, doc says I need one more surgery.
Pins pinch like hell.
Tramadol helps some, but I got to tell you much as Oxy screwed up my life, it sure knocked out the pain.
You try acupuncture? That needle bullshit? You remember Chewy That CSAR helo pilot pulled us out of Sangin, karaoke badass? Yeah.
Said it helped him with his back.
Maybe help you with your menstrual cramps, then.
Nah, those went away once I got on birth control.
I-I appreciate you coming.
Well, look, I got your message.
I thought maybe you Slipped up again.
Nah, man, I'm good.
Two months now.
So what? But I need your help.
I still have some debts from my user days.
Shit, Mark.
You know I really don't have that much cash No, no, I don't want it.
It's my debt, and I'll pay it.
I was more hoping you might come with me.
It'll only take 15 minutes.
I promise.
All right.
Shit, brother, I owe you one.
It's okay.
I love a good excuse to show off the biceps anyway.
Hold on.
Hey, Boyd Crowder's ride.
Marshal Givens' sidekick.
You here for a check-up? Yeah, I got a Bagram lung.
Didn't know the doctors took appointments this late.
Yeah, it's a courtesy for the after-work crowd.
All right, well, you Look after yourself.
I know those eyes.
That guy's in a world of hurt.
You got a problem? I'm looking for a dealer.
Man, I'm clean.
I'm not trying to get involved in nothing like that.
Jesus Christ, man.
Betcha that dick just got a lot smaller, huh? I can find you a dealer.
You got a picture or something? No picture Just any dealer.
He just has to be from here.
Okay, okay.
What are you looking to score? Heroin.
It's got to be heroin.
Oh, shit.
Hold it.
Come on.
God damn it.
You were saying? You and Johnny get the name? We did narrow them down to 13 men.
Soon as Colton gets back from Audry's, we're gonna go knocking on doors.
Well, I got another idea, if you'd like to hear it.
Well, I'm all ears.
Napier's place.
He has them parties every week, and we can go.
Uh, baby, I don't mean to sound rude, but how do you think we're gonna get into Napier's party? He'd shoot me 'fore I got through the door.
Not if we use Arnold to get us an invite.
'Less his wife wants to hear about his more peculiar tendencies.
Do you know what happens up at these parties? It's a swingers' party, not a whorehouse.
I know I can handle myself.
Baby, all them Clover Hill boys are gonna be there.
You can talk to them real friendly-like, all at once.
Ava, we don't fit in up there.
I'll put on my little red dress, and we'll fit in just fine.
Uh well, Shelby, I believe it's customary to knock before you walk into a room.
Well, you want me to go back out and come back in again? No, I want you to go back out and then go back out.
We're in the middle of something here.
Well, it's gonna have to wait, 'cause I need you to come with me.
Did you not hear what I just said? I ain't asking, Boyd.
Excuse me? Don't worry about that gun.
It ain't loaded.
Well, I didn't figure you'd shoot me in front of her, anyway.
Now, I need you to turn around, put your hands behind your back.
Hold on, Shelby.
You arresting him? That's what it looks like, isn't it? On what charge? He'll find out soon enough.
Son, you are turning a corner that you can't walk back around.
Well, that's like warning a man it's gonna rain when he's already wet.
Now, let's go.
The hell are you doing? Hey.
Maybe I'm looking for you.
Expecting to find me under the bed? You got a smart mouth.
What else can you do with that mouth? I'm a professional.
I do it all.
How about You go get Ellen May And the three of us have a good time? Ellen May? She's gone.
Yeah, I know, but I think you know where she is.
How should I know? I haven't seen her in days! She has been back here! You're lying to me! I ain't lying! Bullshit! Jesus! Hey! You want a freebie, you ain't got to wreck my shit to get it.
Ohh! Damn it! I don't know where Ellen May is, and your smacking me around ain't gonna change that! Okay, hey.
How about any of the other girls, huh? You think maybe they know where she is? Not that I know of.
Hey, listen, I'm I'm not a bad person.
You believe me, don't you? Okay, good.
Aah! Oh, God! You tell anyone about this I will cut out your tongue.
And then we're gonna see what kind of professional you are.
Aah! You want to tell me what this is about? 'Cause I ain't laughing.
Well he says he was playing checkers with his grandma.
Well, now, that's before I realized you two were acquainted.
Well, we're just getting to know one another.
How long were you up there for? Oh, well, I thought it might take Colton a little while to find a saw, so I decided to eat my way through the tree.
Call your deputies.
Have them check Josiah's foot for teeth marks.
His foot? That's all we found of him.
So far.
Let me get this straight You brought me in here to ask if I cut up Josiah when you know that I spent all night handcuffed to a tree, freezing my goddamn ass off?! Well, maybe not you, but one of your guys.
You know, my mama always told me a man who couldn't keep his word wasn't much of a man at all.
Now, given our history, Shelby, I'm wondering what kind of man that makes you.
The kind whose mama raised him so's he could look in the mirror in the morning and not hate what he saw looking back.
Well, how did that man feel when he was a greeter at a big-box store? Ouch.
That's a shitty job.
Before the academy, I worked cleaning bathrooms in dive bars.
I used to work for a crime-scene cleanup crew.
Think you got me beat.
Well, as much as I'd like to participate in writing your occupational résumés, I've got somewhere I got to be.
Now, you want to take these handcuffs off or do you want me to pick them, like I did the last set? Sit your ass down.
We ain't done yet.
Well, I'm done with you, Shelby.
Now, you don't want to talk about Josiah, maybe there's some other case you don't want to talk about.
Maybe a missing-persons case Whore worked for you.
Sweet girl got wrapped up in that church you had me investigate.
Ellen May yeah.
I haven't seen her lately.
You do something to Ellen May, Boyd? I liked Ellen May.
All right, just so you're clear in your head, Raylan, I did not kill Josiah Cairn.
You're saying he's dead? Boyd, if you know something we don't, say it.
You said the man got his foot cut off? So if he hasn't already met his maker, he's well on his way Joining all his other asshole friends.
That's what assholes do, Raylan.
They get old and die from being assholes.
But while they're alive, they got the right to be alive.
Unless somebody says they don't.
What are the charges? Well, would you look at that.
My lawyer, right on cue.
You're Arlo's lawyer.
Somebody had to provide your daddy with representation.
Because if he's not under arrest, we're leaving right now.
Get those handcuffs off of him.
Why are you stalling the deal? Excuse me? AUSA says they've reached out to you on Arlo's deal, but they haven't heard back.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Come on.
You boys have a nice day.
No hey, hey.
What the hell happened? It's nothing.
Who did this to you? I can still work.
I don't care about that.
What I care about is that eye swelling shut.
It was a customer.
Which customer? Can't say.
No, you can, and you will.
It ain't that big a deal.
Yes, it is.
I got to make sure that this asshole knows that he is not welcome here.
U-um It was Max.
My Tuesday-night regular.
Could I get another blanket? Listen, I know your friends are telling you that you're gonna get paid off for this deal, but I am not who they think I am.
Shut up, old man.
Can't you see I got a pair of scissors in my hand? Well, it's official.
That shit ain't coming out.
Ruined my goddamn van.
What the hell are you doing? What's it look like? Looks like you're getting toenails all over my goddamn garage floor.
Now, cut it out.
You need to calm down, bro.
You cut a man's foot off, ruin my van you want me to calm down? The tether would've brought the cops.
Hey! Y'all need me alive, don't you? Get me some goddamn water.
You're a criminal.
How do you get bloodstains out of upholstery? Oh, shit.
He don't look so good.
'Course I don't look so good.
I'm dying here, asshole.
I thought you said the belt was gonna stop the bleeding! Ow! Just get me to a hospital! Aah! Oh, shit.
It's bleeding bad.
Look, he don't live, we don't get paid.
Ohh! You best hope that don't happen.
Well, I'm not the one who took an ax to the man's leg.
And if I'd have known you'd turned into a bona fide psychopath with all that time in the joint, I wouldn't have asked you to help out.
Well, if I had known you'd turned into a bona fide pussy, I wouldn't have said yes.
You two want to be any louder? I don't think the whole neighborhood heard you.
How is he? Not good.
How far away are your guys? Half-hour at least.
We got to stop the bleeding.
He ain't gonna make it.
I can get some bandages.
Blowtorch will stop it.
We're not using a blowtorch.
Why not? Because I wanted to retire on a beach somewhere and not take an open flame to a man's leg.
Look, m-maybe it's time we start thinking about cutting bait here, you know? I don't get paid, I'm gonna kill you both and take my cut out of you.
You understand me? Yeah.
Now go get the goddamn torch.
April, honey? You home? Is dinner oh, hey, Arnold.
This here's Ava Crowder.
Oh, honey, you didn't say we had company.
Judge Executive.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
Well, Ava and I went to high school together.
Well, not exactly together.
I mean, April's a few years older.
You sure don't look it.
You don't know this, but you're one of the girls inspired me to become a cheerleader.
Oh! Ain't that nice? Ava's up here putting together a memory book for the high school cheer squad.
We've been reliving the good old days.
Oh, yeah! Go wildcats! Go, indeed.
I'm definitely gonna use this one.
Aww little Teddy bear in the wildcat Jersey.
Isn't that cute? That's not you, is it, Arnold? No, it is not.
You know, I would love to look through these lovely pictures of my wife, as well.
Uh, April, honey, do me a favor.
Go grab my reading glasses from upstairs.
Oh, yeah, sure.
I'll be right back.
Thanks, darling.
The hell are you doing here? Now, Arnold, be nice.
No reason to let them bear claws come out.
Tell me what you want.
I want you to get me and Boyd an invite to Napier's party tomorrow night.
'Less you want me to tell your wife about your fondness for wildlife.
Hell, girl.
All you want is an invitation to the party? You could've just asked.
Don't have to threaten me for that.
Well, what about Boyd? Can't imagine that's gonna be easy.
Eh, women are probably gonna like him.
Guys will be giving up their left nuts just to get a shot at you.
I meant Napier.
Oh, I'll handle Napier.
You just consider yourself invited, okay? Both of you.
All right.
What the hell you think that was about? I got a vague notion.
You see the license plate? It was a rental.
I bet if you check the rental agreement, you'll get a Detroit credit card.
He's gonna struggle.
You two need to hold him down.
I'm actually feeling a whole lot better now.
I-i can't be part of this.
Hey, hey, hey! You're gonna do it, or you're next.
Now grab his arms.
No! You grab his legs.
No! No! Just hold his damn leg.
I swear I am not Drew Thompson.
That's not what Arlo Givens said.
Well, Arlo Givens is a lying sack of shit! You two done yet? Aah! Back off! Get away from him right now! Back away! You turn that off right now.
Stop it! Are you kidding me? Jesus! Aah! What the hell was that? You picked a couple winners here, darling.
Which one's your client? The dumb one.
That don't narrow it down.
Hell of a day, huh, Josiah? Call an ambulance.
Says the man who tried to kill me.
Well, I can explain that.
I'm surprised this brush with death has not given you a greater appreciation for living in the moment.
Well, I ain't Drew, if that's what you're wondering about.
I figured as much.
Arlo would never tell Sonya who Drew was without his deal being in place.
Still, you tried to send me to my death, and I'd like you to tell me why.
I figured I'd get rid of you and find Drew myself and get out of that damn tether.
Well, you got out of the tether.
How were you gonna find him? This fella I used to know Former lawman from Harlan.
If Drew was hiding here, he'd know.
What lawman? You ought to know.
He's in jail for trying to have you killed.
Hunter and me were deputies together.
I never did care for him much.
Man tried to have me killed.
How do you think I feel about him? Well, let me know if I can help.
I appreciate that.
When was the last time you shot somebody? Well, it's been a while, actually.
You? Oh, about 20 years.
I was on my way to meet my girlfriend at the Dairy Queen.
I was gonna propose to her.
Kid in a truck cut me off at the light, so I followed him instead.
I got him cornered in a parking lot, yelled at him to get the hell out of his truck.
Unbeknownst to me, he's robbed a liquor store in Lynch.
"He ain't gonna do nothing," I say.
So, the son of a bitch hit the gas, come flying at me.
Truck hits me in the legs.
I go flying in the air.
Got one shot off hit him square in the chest.
Maybe I could use your help.
Well, wasn't always a greeter in a big-box store.
That thing on Ellen May You really got something on her missing? I can't remember.
Having fun with me now.
Well, spent most of my years as a lawman chasing your daddy.
How do I know his tendencies ain't been passed down? Fair enough.
That notwithstanding, you got something on Boyd, my advice Tell someone quick.
After today, he's coming after you sooner than later.
Appreciate the warning, Raylan.
You ever marry that girl? No.
And I put flowers on that kid's grave every week.
Got to be shitting me.
You got balls of steel, showing up like this.
I'm just here to resolve our issue.
Who's he? I'm just a friend.
You want to let us in, or you want to discuss drug deals out here on your porch? Come on, come on.
Get out.
Get out! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Oh, yeah.
Where you going? You know the drill.
Hey! Dude.
Everybody strips comes in here.
Only way I can be sure you ain't wearing a wire.
Oh, and that I'm the only one packing.
Sorry, man.
I-I should've warned you.
You take them off, or we're gonna have a major problem on our hands.
Look, we're not here to score.
We're just here to work out mark's debt.
Debt? That what he told you? Well, last time I saw this piece of shit, he ripped me off.
And a bottle of oxys.
What the hell, man? Hey, hey, all right.
Everybody just calm down.
Okay, last time I was here, I was high and I took some things that weren't mine, but that's why I'm here now to make things right.
Oh, you want to make things right? Well, then you gonna give me double what you stole.
Thing is, I don't have it right now.
Do not say that to me.
I can get part of it to you by next week.
I hate it when people say that, all right? Good thing I never took my pants off, huh? Now, Mark's trying to make things right with you.
You need to let him.
It's just gonna take you a little longer to settle up than you might've hoped.
Well, patience might be a virtue, but waiting sucks.
Well, I agree with that.
But getting your money and living is better than getting shot, don't you think? Now, what do you say we lower our guns at the same time as a show of faith? How about a show of good faith, Mark here gives me a down payment? Everything he's got on him right now.
No chance.
You heard the man.
- I got to pay my rent.
- Hand it over to him.
I will shoot you myself.
Hey, Robbie, get in here.
You got to see this, man.
You Max? Yeah.
Turn that shit off.
The hell are you? Hey, man! Get up.
Teri, the girl you see on Tuesdays? How's that any of your business? Well, as a matter of fact, Teri is literally my business.
She works for me.
So? I pay her.
Even bring her flowers from the store when I got a mind to remember.
You must've had a screw loose, thinking you could toss her around and not hear about it.
Who you think you are, come in here, interrogate me like I'm in Gitmo? Get the hell out of here.
No, son.
Now, see, this is where we tell you what to do, not the other way around.
Get on your knees.
What, he didn't finish sucking you off? Aah! I didn't do nothing! Now, here's how it is You go and hit one of the girls, you hit us.
And we We are gonna hit you back with a vengeance.
I didn't do it, man.
Aah! No, please! I didn't hit nobody! Plea Please no! No more, please All right, all right, all right! Lesson learned! Don't kill him, Colt! Jesus! That's for hitting a girl.
God damn.
Hey, check his pulse.
Check it yourself.
I'm glad you're still here.
Colton and Johnny had to run an errand.
Well, I'm assuming you're in that dress 'cause you want me to go with you up to Arnold's.
Already went.
And we are invited to Napier's house tomorrow night.
Arnold even seemed happy to have us.
Okay, baby.
We'll try it your way.
I'm struggling here, Boyd.
You asked me earlier if I loved you.
You know the answer to that's "yes.
" Now, I didn't lose any sleep over devil.
Certainly not Delroy.
But Ellen May being in the ground It's tearing me apart.
Ava, she could've destroyed us.
I know.
Doesn't keep me from seeing her face every time I close my eyes.
I have and I will do anything for you, Boyd Crowder.
But if we're gonna continue down this road, I got to know where we're headed.
You meet me in that truck in two minutes.
Boyd, I Baby.
My mama she used to bring me up here when I was a little boy.
And I would look out at these lights, pretend that they were stars.
I'd step in my spaceship and just float through the universe.
It wasn't long 'fore somebody run us off.
We weren't really welcome up here.
That your spaceship? It's awful small.
It's for you.
Answer to your question from earlier.
That's a lot of money.
I've been stashing away for the last few months.
I hated to hide it from you.
I've just, uh been waiting for the time to be right.
Right for what? It's a down payment on a house, Ava.
Anywhere you want it.
Maybe it'll even be a place with a view like this.
This is why we're doing the things we're doing.
It's for the future.
Three generations' time, we'll be an old family name.
Won't nobody think twice about their kid and a-a crowder kid playing together after school.
Kids? What are you saying? Look underneath.
I know this ain't - exactly how most people do it Professing their love over a box of cash, but the way I see it, Ava crowder, you and me Well, we ain't like most people.
No, we ain't.
A-Ava The love of my life The apple of my eye Will you marry me? God, yes.
Oh, baby, it's the other hand.