Justified s04e07 Episode Script

Money Trap

Previously on Justified Evening.
Where is Ellen May? One of my deputies saw a girl who fits Ellen May's description get waved over to an 18-wheeler.
Oh! Damn it! I don't know where Ellen May is, and your smacking me around ain't gonna change that! I swear I am not Drew Thompson.
That's not what Arlo Givens said.
Well, Arlo Givens is a lying sack of shit! I don't know why Josiah told you Drew's still up here.
Only time I seen him since he left was near 10 years ago at the bluegrass festival, rubbing shoulders with the Mayor, judge executive All them rich, Clover Hill folks.
How do you think we're gonna get into Napier's party? He'd shoot me 'fore I got through the door.
Not if we use Arnold to get us an invite.
Oh, I'll handle Napier.
You just consider yourself invited.
Both of you.
Jody Adair, charged with double homicide.
He's got an ex-wife in Lexington.
You put eyes on him, I'll make it worth your while.
This could be a little uncomfortable.
Just be cool and go with it.
I get out of these, I'll tear you to pieces small enough to flush.
Look, I ain't here on Marshals' business.
I just want to know about the man in the trunk.
Unconstitutional, man.
I got to piss.
ACLU be happy to take up your case.
Let's go, brother.
Suck my dick, brother.
Nice work, Givens.
Always looking to fill up the piggy bank.
As you like it.
Besides, a good man's hard to find.
I don't know what to say.
You found me so easy.
Your cell still best? If you're in town, just stop by the high-note bar.
Pretty well living there these days.
I hope you're not drinking away your wages.
It would ravage those Hollywood looks.
We good, Sharon? We're good, Raylan.
It's good to see you.
Playing behind the beat, all cool, making the girl do all the flirting.
Shit only flies if you're a pretty boy like Wastwood there.
See, Raylan there, he's got the badge and the drawl and the whole squinty, sexy thing, and there was a time I would have run right to him, done the whole merry-go-round.
Now I see that for what it is, and Him for who he is.
That man's an emotional disaster.
Sharon, you gonna die an old maid.
What is that? Looks like we lost the rear tire.
Be a doll and fix it.
You gonna get all girly on me now? Girly? Honey, I'm gonna cop a squat.
You know I drank all 36 ounces.
Pibb? Lord, how do you drink any ounces? Nectar of the gods.
Yeah, make it snappy.
What's up, man? You need a hand? All good, friend.
I got AAA.
If you want, I can make a call.
They'll be here in 20, 30 minutes.
It's time to move on.
You understand? Yeah.
Some thanks I get for being a good samaritan.
I don't mean no offense.
For your own safety.
All right.
Where is she? You said poke out the tire, which I did when they got food, but you didn't say anything about killing nobody! Tell me where she went.
I'm just a filmmaker.
Kennet! You don't tell me where she went, I'll kill your ass.
Kennet! On this lonely road Trying to make it home Doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy You try to bogard Fall back, I go hard On this lonely road Trying to make it home Doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come Already signed that.
Huh? Dunlop's birthday card.
This is the summary of those 20 boxes they gave us.
It's bullshit.
Oh, that's not just bullshit, Raylan.
That is rare, vintage FBI bullshit.
That's a whole different bouquet.
Drew Thompson is a 30-year-old case.
They expect us to believe that? I tried to call Barkley and chew his ass out about it, but he's been AWOL for a few days.
Hasn't been to work.
Since when does J.
Edgar Barkley miss work? Anyway, we don't need the FBI.
We can dig ourselves through all those Clover hill names that your cousin Mary and the one-legged man gave us.
One-footed Still got most of his leg.
You're doing that thing that makes me believe you don't have high hopes.
That eyebrow thing? Yeah.
'Cause I don't have high hopes.
I mean, what have we got? We got 20 worthless boxes and the Hill woman's riddles and the ravings of a one-footed man.
Tell me we shouldn't lose hope.
We shouldn't lose hope.
Why not? Well, maybe that psychic friend of yours, Eve Munro, she could look through all those DMV photos of everybody that fits Drew's description and maybe hit the jackpot.
Good lord.
You know, instead of just sitting around here I ain't going.
Just hear me out.
I don't want to see Arlo, let alone have that same conversation.
I'm not saying go see your father.
I'm Saying go down to Tramble and talk to that guy who used to be the Harlan sheriff.
One-footed Josiah mentioned him, didn't he? He did.
Well, just go talk to him, and then after that, go talk to your father.
Art He knows who and where Drew is.
He won't It's easy, Raylan.
You just stuff that file, tell him we've got all the evidence that we need, and then you give him a little nudge or a thinly veiled threat, and he'll spook.
He won't.
Well, then you give him a sob story.
You know, tell him you don't want to see him die in prison.
Raylan, go see your father.
Where do we keep the folder for take-out menus? Over by the copy machine.
You working lunch? Go get 'em, tiger! Happy birthday, Nelson.
Thanks, Raylan.
Believe that? He wished me a happy birthday.
Jesus Christ, Nelson.
I'm sorry I forgot your birthday.
It's nice just laying here.
Feel safe.
That boy that beat on you the other day, I gave him a whooping he won't soon forget.
I didn't like doing it.
But it needed doing.
For you.
You ain't just saying that? You are not like the other girls.
You got a light in your eyes.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel that way about you the first time I saw you.
Wasn't two days ago you were all up in my face.
Now you come over and get something-something and you want to romance me, too? Just tell me what you want.
I want to know who put the hurt on you.
It wasn't Max, so who? What do you care? See, now I didn't know it wasn't Max 100%, but right there, you just made me sure of it.
Shit, Johnny.
So, who could it be, hmm? Who do I know and you know Could scare you into shutting up? Damn it, Johnny.
Hmm? Leave it alone.
Was it Colt? Yeah, it was Colt.
I did not say that name.
No, you did not.
You swear on that.
He said he'd cut out my damn tongue.
Now, why would he say something like that, not to mention beat you and scare you half to death? He was tweaking and pissed off, asking about Ellen May.
Ellen May? Where she is or did she call or some shit.
Forget exactly.
He kind of punched me right after.
I meant what I said, Teri.
Deputy Givens Loren Hunkis, Campbell county sheriff's deputy.
How can I help you? You were one of the last incoming calls on the cell phon e of Sharon Edmonds.
Can you tell me what association you had with her.
Had? Fished her van out of Norris lake around 6.
00 this morning.
Two bodies in the vehicle, one of which was Ms.
Decomp suggests they've been dead about six days.
Six days? I hazard a guess it wasn't a car crash? Got one body with defensive wounds.
Appears to have been strangled.
The other, Ms.
Edmonds, had a fatal gunshot wound to the neck.
I think I know the man you're looking for.
Don't take this the wrong way, Jody.
You know I love you and I think you're a genius, but you got to get the hell out.
I can't go anywhere, Kennet.
Look at me.
I'm in pain, brother.
Just let the meds kick in.
You'll be straight.
They kept you well this long.
Then you can go hit up your old lady.
She already messed up my shit.
I got to heal 'fore I can go get with Katrina.
Six days now you've been healing all over my couch.
I think you're good.
Hey, hey.
Pack me a bowl, would you? I helped out like you asked.
I jabbed the tires in that van.
I came to your rescue.
But you add two bodies to the two dope dealers in Knoxville.
That's four killings in under a month.
I'm not cut out for that.
I'm a filmmaker! Let me tell you something so you can stop your bitch-ass complaining.
I don't want to go to see Katrina per se, you dig? I'm gonna go get the goddamn money I got stashed at Katrina's.
Say what? Oh! Do I have your attention now, Steven Spielberg? You left the money part out.
Yes, so you didn't grab it up while I was convalescing.
So, new deal I Sit a few days.
You take me over.
We get the money.
I cut you in 20/80 for your trouble.
How much we talking? Enough you can finally make your big movie.
What's it called? "The last" Hello? Uh, yeah.
Well, I I couldn't say.
Not well.
I I sold her some stuff on craigslist.
Cameras, lenses, stuff like that.
No problem, deputy.
That was the police asking me how I know Sharon Edmonds.
What did you say? What difference does it make, man? They know, Jody! Well, I'm healed.
Let's go.
Always hated that house.
Come on, man.
Let's go.
Look at that.
Can you believe this? She put in an alarm.
All right, let's go around back.
Oh, that's what I'm saying.
Shit! Katrina's sister.
She's white.
Her sorority sister at Butler.
We are lucky.
If she's here, we can get in, no fuss, no muss.
All right, fine.
Let's make it quick, though.
No, no, no, not that man, not him.
You know him? Know him.
I hate him.
Hello, cowboy.
Who are you? Jackie Nevada.
I'm a grad student at UK, just house-sitting for my girlfriend.
Reason I'm here, Miss Nevada, we have, uh, cause to believe that Katrina's ex-husband might be coming here for her and the kids.
He's armed and dangerous and an asshole.
I've met him.
You got three for three.
Katrina took the kids to Dollywood, which, if you know Katrina, you know is hilarious.
She say where she was staying or leave an itinerary? I probably have an e-mail on my phone.
I'm thinking I'm gonna get my money and kill that man.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, it's a good idea, Kennet.
Let's go.
Come on.
We'll get the car later.
House-sitter's inside.
I got time.
I can get her home, but she'll give you all the details on the wife and kids first.
Are you sure it's here? Well, I don't know why it wouldn't be.
It's not showing up anywhere else.
Mystery solved.
We good? Look, if I'm being honest, Ava, I'm just feeling insecure about this whole thing.
You look grand.
Your hair's combed all nice.
Buttons are straight, and you got your pocket watch.
They'll look at me if I use the wrong fork.
I don't think we need to worry about table manners up there.
We just pull them old horndogs off the women, we find their history in Harlan, and we see which one of them could be Drew.
If it comes down to it What's a few hand jobs, give or take? Well, you already looking for an open relationship? We're not married yet, Ava Crowder.
Baby, you give as many hand jobs as you need to tonight.
That's not funny.
Lord, we're going to a rich folk's sex party.
Who would have thought? How did you know Jody was an asshole? You two have history together? A bit.
I was with the people he killed not a week ago.
Did you know them? Him, no.
Her, I slept with once a year or two ago.
That's sweet.
How is that? How you're out here getting revenge.
What I'm doing is making sure you get home safe.
Jackie Nevada Sounds like a name out of a Steve Mcqueen movie.
My stepdad wanted to call me Sierra, but he named me after my mom instead.
She walked out on us before I had a memory of her.
They never married, and Reno wasn't even my dad.
Your stepdad's name is Reno? The man's name is actually Reno Nevada? Some kind of lounge singer? Sometimes we get in games together.
Sounds like you had quite an upbringing.
He did okay.
Best he could without my mom.
I did see pictures of her posing nude in the backyard once Reno left on the dresser.
But you never saw your own mother? Lots of people haven't seen their moms or their dads.
Yet others do as much as they can to avoid them.
You just showed your cards.
I don't play cards.
You're funny.
You're charming.
Jury's out if you're sincere.
You think I'm working you? I don't know.
My track record as of late, don't suppose I could tell.
Boyd and Ava Crowder.
With all the rumors I've heard over the years, I expected some ancient Roman spectacle.
Truth be told, I'm happy I don't have to see most of these people naked.
If this fine flower is what's growing on the dung heaps of Harlan, maybe we ought to relax our admission policy.
What are you drinking, sir? Some of Jimmy Russell's finest.
Well, rare breed or reserve? You know your wild turkey.
Well, us folks down the mountain, we got to wash the taste of dung out of our mouth with something.
Excuse us.
Former sheriff Napier.
We do thank you for the invite.
Well, didn't have much choice in the matter the way Arnold put it.
Well, we all have choices, Mr.
Ours was to come and meet some new people.
You're about as welcome here as a case of the clap.
You can worm your way in here, but that's all you're ever gonna be A goddamn worm.
Well, too bad you weren't the early bird that caught it.
Excuse me, Tillman.
I'd like a chance to greet our guests.
I'm Deborah Jane, your hostess.
I'm Boyd Crowder.
Boyd Crowder, yes, and Ava Crowder, obviously.
Listen, why don't y'all drink your drinks, and I will take this lovely on a little tour? Happy hunting.
Okay? Number-one rule My house, my rules.
Capisce? I don't drink red margaritas.
She a professional? No, she's just had a lot of practice.
See, honey, the swinging and the swapping, it's just the bittiest bit of what we do up here.
I mean, you know that we girls hold all the power, right? As it was and ever shall be.
And I'm not just talking about this.
I'm talking about Harlan.
If weren't for us and these little get-togethers, nothing would ever get done.
But don't you worry, sugar, 'cause you don't have to do anything you don't want to do.
Rule number one up here is, no means no.
I see you didn't go for one of Tillman's frosty-sugar shits.
When it comes to the devil's water, I'm a simple man.
Lee Paxton.
Gerald Johns.
Hello, gentlemen.
I'm Boyd Crowder.
It's a pleasure.
Here I thought I'd never be part of the "in" crowd.
Why don't you come on over and have a little talk with us? Well, I'd love to.
All right.
I moved to Harlan in '86, scabbing for Eastover, which I ain't proud of.
But man's got to eat.
Funeral homes have been in my family for five generations.
But you yourself, are you new here? Oh, no, Mr.
I came back here after my aunt died in 1980.
I know a family moved down into Slop Creek when John F.
became president.
We still call them the new neighbors.
What'd you do before that? I was logging in Cumberland.
It's where I grew up.
I had an uncle that logged there.
I remember.
He used to bring you and your mama to the company cookouts.
Bopping people on the head with your little princess wand.
You still granting wishes? Only on a case-by-case basis.
Excuse me.
Well, how about yourself, Mr.
Johns? I moved here in '91, what you might call a windfall.
Well, you mean it's true what they say about your car dealership? I got the best deals in town? That, and you won it in a hand of poker.
It is.
A bet's a bet.
Oh, now, that is true.
A bet is a bet.
We're glad to see you here, son.
Is that so? Yeah, I'm sure you are, Lee.
Frank, you drunk too much.
You dragged up that lowlander that screwed black pike coal in a deal with Mags Bennett.
You gonna do the same thing to me? I'm afraid the only person I'm gonna be screwing tonight is my fiance And no offense to your wife.
I know the game, and I still ain't playing.
You can all go to hell.
Well, gentlemen, if I am to believe your inebriated friend, a game is afoot? I take it I'm a player? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You've been playing poker all your life, haven't you? Started when you were Sixteen, playing online.
That's close to all your life.
Want a beer? Better not.
I'm gonna have a beer.
You always play for money? What's the point if you don't, right? Suppose at school.
I play every night.
Do you cheat? No.
You mean you don't have to.
You read people.
It's unavoidable.
Check out mannerisms while you're deciding on the odds.
All there is to it.
Maybe instead of a beer, you'd like to play poker and have a chat? I got to do a thing.
Hey, girl.
Jesus Christ! Jody, you can't ring the doorbell? Bell's so loud So loud.
That why you're creeping around like a criminal? For one, I am a criminal.
It's a known fact.
And two, I happen to know you all cozy with the law all of a sudden, so I got to make my entrance idiosyncratic so they don't see me.
Then what do you want, Jody? I want the security code to Katrina's house.
Can you cooperate with me, or are we gonna have to find your joints, cut you apart like a chicken? This is ridiculous.
Ah, just Jodyall right, just Just let me go.
Come on.
Just let go of me.
Okay? Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hey.
We're going with that! Shit.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! Then I press pound? No, it's pound, Don't move a muscle, Jody.
Oh! Ain't this some shit? Shut your mouth.
Drop the knife.
Well, see, now Come on.
I am gonna count to one.
Jackie, no.
Oh! Get down! Shit! Kennet, go, go, go, go! Shit, shit! You need a doctor.
I need to see Raylan bleed like I'm bleeding all up in this heap-of-shit car of yours, then I need my money! Hey, hey, hey, five minutes ago, this heap of shit had a roof! Now it's caved in like a pancake! You broke my car! I broke my hip! When am I gonna get my money, Jody Before you die? I'm not gonna die.
Raylan's gonna die.
This pain shit is on him! I'm gonna kill him just for the relief of it.
How are you gonna do that, shape you're in? I heard him tell his Knoxville piece of pussy where he lives.
I can kill that man easy as I eat a girl scout cookie.
This is so goddamn crazy.
This is drama.
You can use this, make the best movie ever.
You and me, we're gonna make that movie tonight! Feel like we're chasing the hot potato.
Mind if we keep her awhile, save the state gas money? I'd prefer to keep an eye on her myself.
Would you? Anything on the vanity plates? Yeah, it just came in Some shitbag named Kenny Blanks over on race street.
I'm going over in a second.
I was gonna drop her off at a hotel.
Maybe I can tag along.
Good for me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Boyd? Boyd? There you are, sweetheart.
You disappeared on me.
Well, a girl's expected to mingle.
Oh, now, I'm glad to hear you say that.
Hoping we might mingle right now.
Oh, boys, you know, I'm afraid it's past my bedtime.
I need to get home and get some beauty sleep.
Oh, come on, now.
Are you a player or some kind of gawker? And keep in mind, there's only one right answer.
Oh, yeah? Last man handled me like that, I shot dead at the dinner table.
Come on.
Don't you know why you're here? You might as well enjoy yourself.
Son, son, come on.
Ah! Now, I'm gonna keep turning till I hear a pop.
Oh! You might as well enjoy yourself.
Leave him be, Boyd.
He's gonna have to answer to me.
Ugh! Abel, you get your sorry ass down them stairs right now.
Where the hell did you disappear to? Look, I had you on a rope, baby.
It just got a little longer than I intended.
Oh, w-what were you doing Waiting to see how far they were gonna take it? I came when I saw.
Now, I'm sorry if you got nervous.
Okay? Come here.
Come here.
You find out if one of these guys was Drew? Lee maybe, Gerald maybe.
I don't know.
But I do know why they invited us here.
I think they want me to strong-arm Frank Browning.
The mine owner? The same.
Now, they want me to run you home, come back up here, and hear what they got to say.
I don't trust these clover hill people.
That don't mean I can't make a little money off of them while I find out if one of them is Drew Thompson.
Now, where's your rabbit-fur jacket? Let's go.
Oh, god damn it, Jody.
Dragging me into your bullshit.
Oh, I'm such an idiot.
I am so stupid, stupid, stupid! All right, if the cops come They come.
If Jody kills the guy, problem solved.
Oh, my God.
Oh, what am I gonna do? Oh, just kill myself.
I'll get laid, and then I'll kill myself.
Okay, okay, okay.
Kenneth? I'll be out in a sec, all right? My first crime scene.
Enjoy it from right here.
I'm almost done with the script.
It's a lot of laughs.
Why does every cop knock like that? Hands up.
Get against the wall.
Kenny? How long you been a Kenny? Uh, well, since it's sort of my name, my whole life.
I have friends who only call me Kenneth.
Oh! Jody, you know what he calls me? Kennet without the diphthong.
I bet you're wondering if he's here.
He isn't.
I haven't seen him since, an hour ago? Oh, this doesn't sound like any of my business.
So Jody left you a movie he's starring in.
I-if you're Raylan.
He wants me to see it? Don't worry.
It isn't too long.
I worked with him before.
Most of the ones where he's by himself are rather boring, but his X-rated stuff, I think, is better than most.
Jody does porn? Some.
But this one This one you have to watch while you're here.
That's how I see the world.
Going around like this basketball.
Me and you gonna have to meet up again, Raylan.
Can't say when right now.
You're gonna be looking over your shoulder till I make the scene.
Then we gonna take it to the edge.
You think he'll pick a spot and be lying in wait? Might walk up behind me in a street full of people and press his gun to my back.
I think you'd like Jody to find you.
Might be the only way to get her done.
Having to look at all the faces in the crowd wears you out.
I think if I were a guy, I'd be a lot like you.
Become a U.
You're serious? I may be.
I might as well tell you now 'cause I know I will later.
I got a serious crush on you.
Before my heart starts racing and we bang into someone's rear end, I want to make a stop.
Where? High-note bar For a minute.
Stick my head in.
You think Jody might be there.
How'd you guess? Got a look on your face.
I'm right half the time I get the feeling.
Wait here in the car, okay? I won't be five minutes.
This isn't a drill, is it? No.
All right, everybody, let's go Out! Move! I saw your movie.
I know what your intentions are.
I could pull right now and shoot you.
You want to do it right here? Don't bother me none.
Like I told you, we gonna take it to the edge.
Remember how it was the first time? You didn't think I was gonna shoot you? And you didn't.
How about now? I run into this kind of situation on the job.
You've made up your mind to give up, and you're still alive but for how long? You ain't gonna shoot.
Oh, there he is, looking like 10 pounds of shit in a five pound bag.
How about a beer? How about a salute to the Iraqi war hero? You know, I never did thank you for your, uh, generous service to our great nation.
On second thought, how about you blow me and then get me a beer? Come on, man.
I'm just having a little fun.
I know you can handle it.
Or maybe you can't.
Maybe that's why you've been a little sparse as of late.
What is that supposed to mean? Haven't seen you around much? You sure you ain't laying low? I've been sick.
Been in bed.
You, uh, ever get those fever dreams? I hate 'em.
Make me feel like I'm going insane.
I get 'em.
Everyone gets 'em.
You kill a lot of people? What? In Iraq.
Is it any different than killing folk over here? Now, what do you mean by that, Johnny, huh? Is it different than killing white folk? No.
You know Civilians, kids, that sort of thing.
You see their faces in your dreams? I hear a lot of veterans have that problem.
You need to check your fridge, Johnny.
This beer's warm as piss.
You see Ellen May's face? No, I haven't.
No, you wouldn't since, uh She wasn't exactly innocent.
Boyd, do you know about the EPA superfund? They come in after there's a big environmental disaster like, say, a slurry pond breaks its banks.
Pour in a king's ransom of government funds for the cleanup.
Well, let me guess.
You want Frank Browning to bust open one of his ponds so all of you can suck off the federal tit, but he ain't willing to play along.
Told he was sharp.
Frank Browning is indeed a problem.
You seem like a problem solver.
You want me to twist his arm? We'd prefer it If you kill him.
And if I say no? After all we've given you? Come again? How about the whorehouse? Drug running.
You ever think how you have that? 'Cause we let you.
Keeps your cross-eyed brethren down the mountain placated.
You know what that word means "Placated"? Yes, I do.
But I think the word you're looking for is "pacified.
" I think you're missing the point.
Your daddy got the point.
Crowders do what we say.
And to be crystal god damn Clear Kill Frank Browning, or we'll destroy you.
I was not expecting this.
When the Marshals do things, we try to do it right.
I like how you do things.
I know I give you a charge, but you seem almost giddy.
That got anything to do with what's in the bag? My school books? Jackie.
I figured out why Jody came back to Lexington instead of just taking off.
Wasn't 'cause of the kids or Katrina.
It was for the money, and I'm pretty sure it is in that bag.
What are you gonna do about it? It's ill-gotten gains.
If I find it, I got to turn it in.
But If it was never found and it made its way back to Katrina and the kids, that wouldn't be such a bad thing.
What's up, chief? So, were you gonna tell me what happened or just keep it to yourself? I didn't want to wake you.
That's very thoughtful.
Let me guess.
In all this, you still haven't made it to Tramble.
Uh, first thing tomorrow morning.
Where are you? Don't worry We ain't paying for the room.
What, is she sitting right beside you? I hear the shower running.
Probably just gonna sleep on the couch.
That'd be a first for you, wouldn't it? She in love with you yet? Art, this girl ain't the least bit interested in an old fart like me.
He said humbly.
Tell me we're done.
We're done For now.
Go see your fath The hell is that? FBI folder stuffed full of take-out menus.
I was gonna tell you your time was running out.
They gave us everything we needed to short-circuit your deal.
But you cannot tell a lie.
Didn't I teach you anything? Not really.
Look, I know you think you're the toughest man that God ever strung a gut through, and you got your plan.
Long as you stick to it, everything's gonna work out, but just 'cause you got a plan don't mean it's a good one.
Killed a guy last night didn't understand that.
Am I supposed to be impressed? It's just a fact.
My plan, Arlo, was to see that under no circumstances you got a deal.
Well, I'm gonna change that.
I'm gonna cut you a deal right now.
You must be hard up, boy.
Suffice to say, there's something in it for both of us.
Go on.
We know Drew's alive and in Harlan, but it's gonna be a bitch to find him.
We could use your help.
Now we're getting to it.
What you don't realize is, you could use our help.
Theo Tonan knows Drew's alive, too, and guess who he's got on his payroll helping him look for him? Boyd Crowder.
You're bullshitting me.
Son you never had is working against you.
So, maybe I did teach you something after all.
If they find him first, your deal evaporates, but you tell me right now and we get to him, I will make sure you live out your days in a country-club jail.
Let me consider it.
For once in our lives, let's work together, huh? I've considered it.
Eat shit.
So be it.
I'm gonna go see Sheriff Hunter now.
Josiah says he knows Drew.
Maybe he'll take that country-club deal instead of you, huh? See what you did there? I struck a nerve.
Didn't do anything.
As long as I can remember, whenever you got bad news, you had a face like a statue.
Can't help I'm good-looking.
So long, Arlo.
You're gonna die here and, uh, not in the distant future Tomorrow or maybe Sunday after chow.
You threatening me? And I'll tell you something.
I'm gonna be glad when I hear the news.