Justified s04e08 Episode Script


Previously on "Justified" He was tweaking and pissed off, asking about Ellen May.
Ellen May? Where she is or did she call or some shit.
You believe me now? Boyd and Ava intended that man to kill you.
To good taste.
Lee Paxton.
Gerald Johns.
Hello, gentlemen.
I'm Boyd Crowder.
I'm s-saying go down to Tramble and talk to that guy who used to be the Harlan sheriff.
And then after that, go talk to your father.
We know drew's alive and in Harlan, but it's gonna be a bitch to find him.
We could use your help.
You tell me right now, I will make sure you live out your days in a country-club jail.
Eat shit.
Hasn't anybody killed you yet? Try not to sound so disappointed.
You forget you're the reason I'm in here.
Keep telling yourself that.
What is it this time, Raylan? Drew Thompson.
Is there a question in there somewhere? Josiah Cairn says if anybody would know he is, it'd be you.
I know.
Drug runner went splat.
It was in a couple papers.
That's who he was.
I'm asking, do you know who he is? Yeah, that's right.
You're asking me, but you're asking me like you'd ask me if I want fries with that.
I can ask again.
Different tone, if you like.
Hey, word around the campfire, well, Josiah lost a foot recently, and I don't mean to diabetes.
Has that got something to do with this here? We can protect you.
Hey, as we speak, one of your fellow inmates is cutting a deal to get a transfer to club fed Ashland, maybe Yankton.
I hear Yankton's got the best food in the federal system.
Anyway, you give him up first, deal's yours.
Last time we spoke, you said you weren't too happy with your circumstances.
This fellow inmate wouldn't happen to share a last name with you, would he? You think I don't know your daddy's in here? He murdered a trustee.
People gonna notice, even at Tramble.
My God, Raylan.
You want to screw your daddy's deal so bad that you'd give it to me.
I like you better than him.
I tried to kill you.
I still like you better.
Look, drew's done with or without you.
Even if you don't want the transfer, I thought there'd be enough lawman left in you, you wouldn't want to see Arlo win.
Man, you're only a lawman when it suits you, Raylan.
Gives you cover to do things you would have done anyways.
This coming from a guy who sold his badge to a drug cartel.
Why do you care? About you? I don't.
About Thompson.
I'm paid to care.
Come on.
Come on, now.
Tell me the truth.
What's in the bag for you, scarecrow? Come on.
I catch this fella, I can write my own ticket.
You never cared about rank.
Priorities change.
You want the deal Or not? All right, there we go.
Oh, Frank he's an oddball.
He really is.
Now listen.
Your best bet's wait'll he's sawing logs, right? And then you come through right here French doors in the solarium.
That's your recommendation, huh? Yeah, well, for what it's worth.
Broken into a lot of houses, have you? Mm.
I'll be the first to admit that's more your line of work.
Just my two cents is all.
Well, then you won't mind if I, uh, do my own formulating.
No, just as long as you go in between What difference does that make? Well, 5:00, 5:30, that's when Trish usually gets home.
Wouldn't want her to be collateral damage.
Well, Mrs.
Browning the only reason you're concerned with my timing? Why else should I be concerned? Well, Mr.
Jones, it occurs to me that when I kill Frank Browning, if I were to immediately be arrested or even killed myself by some Johnny-on-the-spot Johnny laws, well, you and your friends might see that as two problems solved.
Boyd, we don't look at you as a problem not at all.
I got a boy who mows my lawn, I got a boy that does my shoes at lunch time, and you you're gonna be the boy who takes out my trash, right? Huh? Now, if I were to set you up, I got judges and state troopers owe me favors.
I call them down on you, and you'd be locked up within an hour.
You don't kill Frank Browning by the end of the week, you even try to act smart, that's how we're gonna play it, though, right? What if I were to kill you right now, right here in this room? Well, you'd have to watch my friends destroy everything you love.
Maybe it's worth it.
I don't feel qualified to make that call, but like I said This whole thing is not my line.
Givens, Arlo, here for his trim.
He have a lay-in? Yeah, he should.
Called him down from ad seg this morning.
I don't see nothing in the book.
You sure you got the right time? I guess maybe someone forgot to write it down.
You know how that goes.
He always like this? Good days and bad days.
My grandpa's the same way.
Yeah, you catch him on the right day, you'd never know nothing's wrong.
Catch him Man, you want to give him another one just to make sure? Can't remember the last time I had to sap a guy more than twice.
Jesus, what'd you give him? Just doubled up what he's already on thorazine, chlorazine, some kind of "zine.
" See, this way, the tox screen won't raise any eyebrows.
Ah, smart.
Hey, so we got about five minutes before they notice the cameras are off.
I'm gonna be outside posted up.
Soon at it's over, you knock on that door.
I'm gonna come in hard, pull you off of him, hit the deuces.
You gotta tell this investigator you slipped in behind me when I went to the men's room.
All right? Hey, now You know you're looking at some serious S.
U time here? I mean, supermax, even, you pull the wrong judge.
Be nice to have some privacy for a while.
Nothing personal, Arlo.
I'll do my best to be quick about it.
Aah! Get some! Get some! Get some, yeah! Get some, yeah! Get some! Get some! Aah! Aah! On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come That's it for this one.
You think I'll ever get used to having my mail x-rayed? I sure hope not.
Is that a lot or a little? You were married to him.
How can you not remember what he looks like? You know how much people change in 30 years? Time was, I looked like Ava Gardner.
It's not your bullshit itself that bothers me.
It's that your bullshit makes me think you're holding something back.
I'm doing my best.
Raylan, come here a minute.
Maybe I could remember his voice.
Maybe his aura.
Perhaps if you waved your hand over each photo, one'll give you a vibe.
You still look like Ava Gardner.
Arlo took a shiv to the chest.
They don't think he's gonna make it through the night.
Have Tim finish up with Eve if you want.
No, I was almost done.
You sure? I got it.
I'm sorry.
Is everything okay? Raylan? Hmm? You okay? Yeah.
Something happen? Uh Man who was gonna make a deal to give up Drew took a shiv in the chest.
They don't think he'll make it through the night.
My God.
You have to leave? Not right away.
Seeing me would just upset him.
Can I get you some sweet tea? Oh, uh, no, thank you, ma'am.
You sure? Ask nice, I bet we can get her to put a little Irish in.
Well, I'm fine.
Well, suit yourself.
I'll let you boys get to business.
Have a seat.
Trish is the only reason those bastards sat still for me moving up here way back when.
Didn't matter how many seams that I held leases on.
They always looked at me like I was cropping a share with my daddy.
But they sure did want her at their little key parties.
Only reason I'm telling you this is 'cause I know that you're engaged to a head-turner yourself.
Want to make sure you're coming up here with your eyes wide open.
Well, I appreciate the warning, sir, but your friends' interest in me got nothing to do with my head-Turner.
That's too bad.
Too bad? Well, these boys' only hobbies are screwing and spending.
So if they're not using you for your fiancée, I'd say they've enlisted you to blow a hole in the wall of one of my slurry ponds, cover their land with toxic sludge so the E.
A will come in and shower them with superfund money.
Not that either, sir, I'm sad to say.
They didn't send me up here to release your slurry.
They sent me up here to bury you in it.
They didn't send you here to tell me about it beforehand.
No, sir.
They did not.
I thought I'd give you a chance to beat their price.
You want me to pay you not to kill me? You do much hunting? I used to with my brother Bowman.
I haven't felt the urge since he passed.
You know that old quote about how once you Hunt a man that there's no thrill in hunting anything else? It rings a bell.
I don't know that I agree all the way, but I will allow that there is nothing quite like stalking something that's stalking you back.
Ain't that right, Deke? Never really thought about it.
Browning I'm gonna say this one more time.
My offer still stands.
Well I appreciate that, Boyd.
But, see, I pride myself on being the kind of man that'd rather beat you than buy you.
Now you take your bottom-feeding ass out of here while you're still able.
If you ever come around this house again, you best be prepared for me to get inhospitable.
How'd it go? Fine.
He got a little ornery.
Nothing I can't handle.
Ornery? Well, he's a man used to having the upper hand.
Took him a little while to accept his situation.
But he did? He accepted it? Baby, that's great! I can't wait to see the faces on these assholes when they find out how quick you got done what they couldn't.
Uh, is Johnny around? He was.
He left about 10 minutes ago, didn't say where for.
Why? No reason.
I just need a minute.
And then he wheels out his big gun, his security detail.
This is now a two-man job.
I feel like the seat cushion for two fat people at a football game.
So I don't really know what to do from here.
I know I can't do it alone.
I know I'm gonna need you.
And I know I'm gonna need Johnny.
I'm sorry, am I interrupting something? No, of course not.
You were saying Browning's got backup.
I was saying that I'm between some awful hard rocks.
And you're busy passing notes to cheerleaders during math class.
Can it wait? I don't think so.
Wynn Duffy.
I need a word.
Well, why else would you be here? Go get a drink, Mikey.
Well, why do I all of a sudden feel like I'm sitting in the principal's office? Oh, make that the assistant principal's office.
This thing with the guy getting his foot cut off.
His situation has further alarmed our friend in Detroit.
His situation? The feds have him.
Well, so what? He's not Drew Thompson.
But he could have been.
Theo wants Drew found now.
A week ago, you said you would have him in a week.
Well, things have gotten a little more complicated.
They certainly have.
Theo's got a guy on his way down who has apparently killed more people than malaria.
And it is my understanding, if we don't find drew for him so he can bring his scalp back to Detroit, he's gonna bring ours instead.
Well, that doesn't seem like real sound management style threatening to murder loyal employees.
Do you understand? Theo is ready to scorch the earth down here.
Now, are we gonna have a name to give this guy, or not? I've got two names.
That's as far as I've been able to narrow it.
Well, that's great.
Should we just tell him to flip a coin? I think we should play it safe and tell him to kill both of them.
Look, Frank.
Just 'cause Crowder says they're moving against you, that don't make it so.
They want a war? They want to bury me in my own slurry? I'll choke that damn pond so full of bodies, you'll be able to walk across it without getting your feet wet.
You just need to calm down, all right? No, don't tell me to calm down! Tell me how we're gonna win.
Hell else am I paying you for? You're paying me for my expertise.
You answer the goddamn door.
Help you? Mr.
Browning? What, are you serious? I need to see Mr.
What about? Mr.
That's right.
Frank, how many times I got to tell you not to Look, I Hold still.
I-I-I-I don't know I don't know what you Shh.
Yes? So just to confirm, the man in the photo is not the correct target.
All right.
Hey, look, I realize that mistakes happen, and, I mean, trust me, nobody's gonna miss old Deke here.
- Now, I don't know Shelby's game - I don't know Shelby.
Oh, I'm I-I'm sorry.
I-I shouldn't have been poking around.
Saint Christopher.
Patron Saint of travelers, sailors, pilots, and bachelors.
Is that why you have it? The bachelor part.
Well, actually, it belonged to Abby, my wife.
Same as those clothes.
She ain't dead, is she? Not that I know of.
Wouldn't feel right wearing a dead woman's clothes.
So, which one of you did the leaving? She did.
Packed her bag one day while I was at work, left a note on top of the TV set.
Going on 25 years ago, must be.
My mama did the same thing.
No note, but She did leave dinner for us in the fridge.
How old were you? I don't know Three or so.
Young enough I-I can't remember what she looks like.
People always told me I favored her.
Now that you mention it, you kind of favor Abby some.
It's funny how sometimes wearing different clothes makes you feel like a different person.
But sometimes it just makes you feel like yourself playing dress-up.
Well, must have a been a year after I first joined the sheriff's department before I could put on my uniform without feeling like I was wearing a costume.
Bet you looked awful handsome.
Do you think that, um That I could ever be the kind of woman who belongs in these clothes And walk into church and not have people say, "now, ain't" that sweet? The whore's come to get saved"? I think If you pretend to be something long enough, it's not pretending.
I guess my first step would be to get right with the lord.
'Cause of how you made your living? Oh, not just that.
What else? Something to do with Ava Crowder? Something you saw her do? Something you did together? Yeah, this is Shelby.
God damn.
I just sold you a bundle two days ago, and you're here for another.
You're gonna be dead in a week.
Come on in.
Take your clothes off.
Make yourself at home.
Remember when I bought that last bundle? You asked me to strip then, too.
You remember what I said? Yeah.
Well, this time, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to insist.
Do you remember what I said? Yeah, you said I could either let you in and make myself some cash, or continue disrespecting you and open myself up to a world of shit.
Well, I want you to remember what I got right here.
What can I get you? Same as before? No.
I need a loan.
A loan, huh? Yeah.
I need 20 grand.
Well, how you want it, hundreds or tens, fives? I mean, I could give you singles if the plan is to make it rain at the lobster box.
All right.
How come you're not afraid of blowing your nuts off, huh? Is that 'cause you keep the safety on, or that you keep the chamber empty, or both? Come on.
Please, man.
I ought to make you strip.
You stupid bastard.
I didn't see anything.
I didn't hear anything.
I swear it's the last time I'm gonna use, please.
Open your eyes.
I don't want to see your face.
You already saw my face.
You were watching me when I walked in.
Open your eyes.
I know you.
I've never seen you before.
We met at the V.
You were with that marshal.
Oh, yeah.
What's your name? Mark.
Hey, Mark.
I'm Colt.
Want one? Sure.
We are in the shit, Mark.
I don't know what to do.
Someone's trying to run a game on me, and I don't know who it is exactly, but I know it's not that girl at least not by herself.
Man, that's your business.
Uh, it's your business, too, Mark.
I mean, we're here, right? You have any family, huh? You married, do you have kids, anything? Figured I best get clean first.
That's smart.
I should do that, too.
So here's the deal, Mark.
It's gonna be like I was never here, right? Like this never happened.
Copy that.
All right.
You're not gonna say anything, hmm? Just lie there and wait me out.
Doc says you've been in and out and there's a chance you'd sleep all the time I was here, but we both know you're too mean to go that easy, so come on.
Give me something.
I ain't asking for an apology.
Hell, that'd take too long, and I don't want any fatherly advice.
Figure if you had any worth giving, you wouldn't be circling the drain in a prison infirmary.
Just Give me something.
Who's Drew Thompson? Not for me for your grandkids.
They can grow up with a chief deputy for a daddy, hear stories about their granddaddy who wasn't just a son of a bitch.
All right, Arlo.
This is your last last chance.
Don't go.
Kiss my ass.
You're not ticklish, are you, huh? You're ticklish? Give me that hand.
Nice and tight.
Nice and tight.
Ahh, ooh, yeah.
Oh, shit.
Is that your wife? Ift were my wife, the worst thing she would do is ask to join in.
But my wife, she don't ring the bell.
That makes sense.
Yeah, it does.
Officer, what can I do for you? Mr.
Yes, sir.
Hold still, please.
Excuse me? Just Is is there a problem, officer? Yeah.
All right, then.
So, not half a day after you asked me to look into a list of names, one of the men on that list turns up dead.
Can I assume that's not a coincidence? I try not to assume anything, but I'll allow if it is a coincidence, it's a hell of a one.
Except that now, I got a second stiff who's not on your list and was killed the same way as the first close-range hollow-point, head shot after he hits the ground.
And it would be hell's own shakes of a coincidence if he wasn't killed by the same man.
So I guess the question here is, which one of those coincidences is just a coincidence? What's the list? Drew Thompson's widow or former widow, whatever she is had her go through dmv photos, put aside any guys that could be her dearly departed, plus 30 years.
You never said anything about the widow.
Seeing as that you're only interested in enforcing the law and under no circumstances are you helping Boyd stay ahead of my investigation, I don't see why you'd much care.
Boyd's doing just fine staying ahead of you without any help from me.
What's that mean? Mm, Browning's wife or widow, I guess she is now she said that Boyd came to see him this morning a good three, four hours before you called me with your list.
What about this fella? His widow say anything about Boyd coming? Well, that ain't his widow.
Hey, where you been? You missed all the excitement.
I had some personal business.
Plus, apparently, my cousin has decided to start world war III.
What are you talking about? Well, you missed all the sirens, 'cause Boyd's dropped three bodies in the last few hours.
Boyd hasn't dropped anybody.
What? Are you saying that you killed those men? Why? 'Cause one of them was Drew Thompson.
According to who? Boyd? Only one of them even could have been, and that would've been Browning, but that'd be a hell of a coincidence.
How so? Well, there's been a bunch of men wanting Boyd to kill him over some land deal.
Then it was the other one that Sam guy.
Sam Keener was an old drinking buddy of my Uncle Owen's way back in the day before I was even born.
That would've been 10, 12 years before drew even got here.
So you're telling me that, uh That Boyd just handed me his enemies list? Oh, I'm just telling you what I know.
Crowder, I have some good news and some bad news.
The good news is you're about to get your wish as far as having your cousin shuffled off this mortal coil.
The bad news? That makes you the man who's going to bring me Drew Thompson or die trying.
And remember, you wanted this.
I should've known.
Should've known what? Raylan Givens, if you were coming down here anyway, why have Shelby drag me in again? I didn't have him drag you in the first time.
What's going on? Oh, what's it look like? Did Shelby send you? Well, he's the boss, isn't he? I just saw him not 15 minutes ago.
He didn't mention anything.
Well, maybe he figured it wasn't any of your concern.
Well, except I told him I was coming here.
I'm sorry.
We haven't met.
I'm deputy U.
marshal Raylan Givens.
- All due respect - Okay, just hold up.
Is that an engagement ring? Mm-hmm.
That's a big rock, ain't it? Now, as acrimonious as our relationship has been lately, Raylan, Ava and I discussed it, and you're still gonna be on the guest list.
You know the definition of crazy, right? Keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out different.
Sir? I'm gonna need you to step aside.
Okay, maybe I'm crazy, or I'm just having a hell of a day.
Did you just give me an order? You don't move, I'm gonna shoot you.
Jesus, I hope I got that right.
Well, I don't recognize this number.
Bit there ain't but a few people that'd be calling me from this area code.
My name is Nick Augustine.
I speak for a man named Theo Tonin.
I understand you've been trying to reach us.
You have 30 seconds.
Well, now, that's not very long.
It is, considering the trouble you've given us lately.
Well, if you mean by not dying at the hands of your button man, hopefully you'll understand if I don't apologize.
You gave that same button man two wrong targets.
Well, now, to be fair, Mr.
I'm sorry.
What was your name? Augustine.
20 seconds.
Well, now, to be fair, Mr.
Augustine, I didn't give him those names.
You gave them to Duffy.
Which begs the question, now, why would you want to back a man who got took when you can back the man who took him? Now, how am I doing on time? Go ahead.
Now, it seems to me, Mr.
Augustine, you're desperately in need of a man down here who knows the lay of the land.
A man who will not only bring you Drew Thompson, but who will also continue to make sure that your Kentucky endeavors run smoothly long after this unfortunate series of events have passed.
And you want to be that man? Yes, sir.
I do.
Call me at this number when you have Drew, and we'll discuss your future.
Well, actually, uh, Mr.
Augustine, there is something I'm gonna need from you before that.
We don't do favors, Mr.
Anything we give you now will be a debt we expect you to repay.
Can I assume you understand what that means? Yes, Mr.
I believe I do.
I believe you're in the clear.
That's a load off.
Raylan, I just want you to know I was almost certain you weren't a cop killer.
Any idea where he got that uniform? We figure he stole it from a dry cleaners.
Any idea who he was? No I.
D yet, but five'll get you 10 he's out of Detroit.
Whole lot more where he came from.
Only question is, does Theo have that many more targets? He will when he realizes Drew's still missing.
What about Browning? Could he be Drew? I know he was on Eve's list.
His prints match his army records.
He's been Frank Browning at least since 1972.
And Eve's the widow, right? Mm-hmm.
She really psychic? Opinions abound.
How big is Eve's list? Uh, 26 now that we've crossed off Browning.
That's a lot of people.
Take a lot of manpower to cover that many.
And we don't even know if she just picked out guys that looked the least like Drew.
Well, I thought we were covered in bullshit before.
Well, if you're looking to add to your list, you might start with the other guys Boyd's been seen with lately.
Couple of clover hill swells.
Lee Paxton and, uh, Gerald Johns.
Think one of them could be Drew? I think Boyd thinks so.
Can't figure any other reason he'd be cozying up to them.
Do you mind keeping eyes on them while we try to get our shit together around here? Be my pleasure.
I wouldn't mind putting eyes on the widow.
From what Raylan says, she's something to look at.
Well, she's at the motel with her security detail, so I wouldn't go peeking in the windows if I was you.
Why do the pretty ones always go for the bad boys? I ask myself that every day.
I guess they think they can change us, right, Raylan? I still don't entirely trust him.
You know, maybe we should just go at Boyd directly now that it seems that he and Theo have had a falling out.
Only thing we know for sure is he's Theo's only loose end.
Well, him and your daddy, at least for now.
Arlo's dead.
Got the call an hour ago.
What? You okay? Yeah.
You sure? Art, I'm fine.
Can we get back to the case? Yeah, we can, but you're going home.
What? You're taking the week.
No debate about this, Raylan.
Rachel, Tim, come in my office.
Art, I brought you this case.
Raylan, this is a U.
marshal service case.
I pulled it out of the wall of my goddamn house.
Well, nobody's taking it away from you.
Let us carry the ball for a while.
We'll make sure you're there when we take him down.
Yeah, what do you care if we drive the ball into field-goal range, just as long as you're there to kick it through? Okay.
Do me a favor.
Don't say shit unless you know for sure it helps.
- Raylan - Art, look at my desk.
You see any photos of the man? So what are we talking about? We're just talking about a case, a big case that I'm sure you'd love to retire on.
And who's got a better chance of catching him than me? I'll take a day.
You'll take a few days.
I'll take two days.
Go down to Tramble in the morning, claim the body, I'll be back here the day after.
I'll see you the day after tomorrow.
But if you do one thing that I don't like, I will pull your ass.
See you then.
You hear me? Gentlemen, my apologies for making you wait.
Appears I wasn't clear enough when last we spoke.
You don't call us to meetings.
We call you.
Well, in that case, I appreciate you making the exception.
We felt the job you did on Browning yesterday warranted a one-time magnanimity.
Just don't go thinking it makes you the man that killed Jesse James.
Uh, can I offer you gentlemen something to drink? Boyd, it's 10:30 in the morning.
Well, it seems to me you're the kind of men who don't feel bound and conformed to the conventions of normal social behavior.
Where the hell is Sam? Have you called him here? Well, that would be a real trick, wouldn't it? What does that mean? Well, I don't suppose you gentlemen saw the news this morning.
Someone shot Sam Keener dead.
Police think it might have been the same fella who killed Frank Browning.
You piece of white trash.
I want to personally make sure that you don't live to see Sam put in the ground.
By doing what? Siccing all your staties on me, all them judges you tell how high to jump? Why don't you call them? Really, we got time.
We're sorry.
You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
If you feel you have reached this They didn't pick up? Oh, they ain't never gonna pick up.
See, I had a very powerful man I know put the word out that continued relationships with the three of you would not be in their best interest.
Turns out fear is a powerful motivator, even more powerful than greed.
Sit your white-collar ass down! Now, I know people like you are used to taking from people like me.
But there comes a point when people like me can't take any more taking.
Now, all the things you've done, the way you built your fortunes, it might make you criminals, but it don't make you outlaws.
I am the outlaw.
And this is my world.
And my world has a high cost of living.
How much do you want? A hundred.
Thousand? Each.
Oh, and, uh, I want you to help me get a dairy Queen franchise.
Cousin Johnny.
All right.
You gentlemen like ice cream? I love a peanut Buster parfait.
But dairy Queen? Dairy queens are like California real estate.
Value may dip every now and then, but it always goes back up in the summertime.
Oh! This is it, baby.
This is going legit.
This is how we see to it our grandkids grow up bona fide.
Three generations? Three generations That's right.
Boyd, you think we're gonna be alive to see three generations down the road? What's that supposed to mean? Yesterday, you got trouble from those assholes.
You got trouble from Duffy.
You get Theo Tonin to make one phone call, and all those troubles just magically disappear.
Nothing backs down a bully like a bigger, meaner bully.
But what happens when you get trouble from Theo? Who you gonna call to back him down? Is there anybody bigger than Theo? Just God and Uncle Sam.
Jesus, Boyd.
Baby, baby.
Like I said, it's nothing I can't handle.
Don't lose faith now.
We're so close.
This is our time.
Let's break through that glass ceiling.