Justified s04e09 Episode Script

The Hatchet Tour

- Previously on "Justified" - We know Drew's alive and in Harlan, but it's gonna be a bitch to find him.
We could use your help.
Now we're getting to it.
Theo Tonin knows Drew's alive, too, and guess who he's got on his payroll.
Boyd Crowder.
You might start with the other guys Boyd's been seen with lately Lee Paxton and Gerald Johns.
One of your fellow inmates is cutting a deal to get a transfer to Club Fed.
You give him up first, deal's yours.
This fellow inmate wouldn't happen to share a last name with you, would he? You okay? I'm fine.
Can we get back to the case? I want to know who put the hurt on you? Was it Colt? He was tweaking and pissed off, asking about Ellen May.
Ellen May? Where she is or did she call or some shit.
Hey, Boyd Crowder's ride.
You here for a check-up? Yeah, I got a Bagram lung.
What can I get you? Same as before? No.
I need 20 grand.
I know you.
We met at the V.
You were with that Marshal.
Oh, yeah.
Popped in the chest both of them.
One in his skivvies drug himself clear across the floor to get to his phone.
Rather than call Think you can shed some light on to what this text here is about? "Bagram," it says one word.
It's an air base we flew out of back in the sandbox.
Other than that Must have thought it was pretty important, being his last word.
Dealer Dave, he don't look like much, but he was 3rd Battalion knew everything there is to know about weapon retention hence, the skivvies and the safe area.
Point is, he dealt primarily to veterans.
Are you sure you can't think of any connection, given your service background? I was never anywhere near Fallujah.
And your friend? He was having some troubles, is all I know.
Anything else? Deputy Marshal Gutterson, if you think of anything any window into this mess you'll let us know? Yeah, absolutely.
Thought you were never gonna get here.
You in that big a hurry to transfer to Supermax? Ride on a bus couple hours, see the sun? That's like a carnival cruise.
Yeah, you say so.
It's all there.
All right, sunshine.
You got your tan.
Let's hit the road.
You think maybe I could roll down a window? Eh, we'll see.
Hey, they're leaving without me.
Ah, hell no.
What's this bullshit? Hello, Hunter.
On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come Are you shitting me? You let Raylan take him?! Holy shit.
He said it was a late birthday present.
Arlo Givens' body not even cold on the slab, and you let Raylan drive off into the sunset with his killer! Have you lost your mind?! Where is he? Tell me he's in Leoville, dropping off the prisoner like a good boy.
Not unless they moved it to Harlan, 'cause transponder's got him around Baxter.
God damn it.
God damn it! You want me to go up and get him? I want you to sit your ass down and get used to purging case files until I figure out how to like you again! Do you want me to call him? Yes, call him and articulate to him my extreme displeasure.
And let him know that if anything happens to sheriff Hunter while in his custody, he will no longer be a Marshall and neither will I.
And that is where his nightmare will begin! Do you want me to write that down, or paraphrase? Don't be a smartass! And all the rest of you, I'm gonna spend the rest of my day calling local law enforcement and putting bolos out on assholes.
So if anybody wants to screw anything else up, just wait till tomorrow.
So, what then? "What then," what? This I this is what it's gonna be like you riding up there all quiet like you're Harry Callahan and I'm supposed to be back here shitting myself? Lord, I hope not.
I'm trapped in the car with you.
So then it's, "he tried to" escape, so I had to shoot him down by the side of the road"? Hunter, I am a deputy U.
Marshall, executing a prison transport.
You think I'm stupid want to wind up in your old cell when this is over? You're calling 'cause art's pissed.
You have no idea.
I got some.
How is deputy Dunlop faring? Well, he's looking at a bright future in mall security, thanks to you.
I'll make it up to him.
You got to know better than thinking you can hurt this guy.
I can hurt him a little, can't I? Raylan.
I'm just gonna sort a few things out before I drop the man off safe and sound at Leoville.
Such as? I just want to know who hired him to hit Arlo.
Dixie mafia, maybe.
That's my first thought.
Could be Boyd, but given their history, I don't know how that works.
You know art's got locals out looking for you.
To be expected.
Meaning maybe you could use a little help.
Help how? I could tell art I got your voicemail, buy you a little time to do whatever it is you got in your head.
I could come up to Harlan, poke around the Crowder place.
I appreciate that, Tim, but don't put yourself out.
I mean, you go up that way, it's bound to blow South.
And, besides, I got something I want to check out anyway.
I got to go.
This is our stop.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the hell is this? Oh, this? This is where I start to find out what's what.
Deputy, I'm not sure I understand exactly what it is you're after.
Hunter, you remember back in the day, Arlo got picked up for assault? Something to do with Johnson McClaren's dog? Ow! Johnson McClaren's dog? Ohh, the dog was shitting on your lawn.
Arlo roughed up McClaren over it and I arrested him.
Jesus, God.
All that dog did was bark and shit, like one thing had something to do with the other.
Some kind of collie mix, I think.
I had a Yorkie, growing up.
Now accusations are flying every which way.
The McClarens are gunning up to go after the Givens.
The Givens are calling on the Crowders to go after the Sorensons, who are kin to the McClarens.
It sounds like a complicated time.
Until my mama, Frances.
Remember what she did, Hunter? She called a meeting.
She said it was time we all got together and hash it out.
She had some French blood in her, I believe, and she told us how the term "hashing it out" came from the French word hatchet, meaning to cut through all the bullshit.
And your idea of cutting through the bullshit is you showing up at my motor coach with a prisoner in tow? This prisoner is one Hunter Mosley.
And he may be the only person I know alive Who knows Drew Thompson.
Well, now.
Mosley is being transported to Supermax in the recent wake of putting a shiv in Arlo Givens, such to end his life.
So I figure, Dixie mafia has got a history with Arlo and Drew.
Why not put the two of you together and see what shakes out? I'm sorry.
Are you saying Arlo is dead? You don't seem happy.
I figured, if you ordered the hit, we'd all be drinking wild Turkey by now.
Deputy Marshall, I am truly sorry for your loss, but you have to understand, I had no idea.
Thank you, wynn.
Whatever your other failings, I believe that's true.
Dixie mafia has no skin in the kill-Arlo game.
I mean, if they kill Arlo, how are they gonna find the man they're looking for, which is to say, Drew Thompson? Since you're here already, maybe I could help you take care of this right now.
Could be fun noodling on ideas about what to do with Mr.
It's only been on the market a week.
It's gonna go fast.
Well, you always said you wanted a garden.
That's a garden.
Lord, it's like a storybook.
Storybook is right, right down to the rosebushes and the white picket fence.
Uh, there's a sheet with all the specs, although the house speaks for itself glorious views out of every window.
Fully integrated security system, as you just noticed.
Honey, don't you know opening anything will set it off? Sorry.
What do you think baby a daddy's 14-point buck? Boyd? Ava, what is it? That's the maid's room, there.
And that's the laundry room.
And that's a walk-in closet.
Then I think you go through here.
There's a den.
It leads to the outside.
Um, and there should be a fountain across the yard, in the corner.
How do you know all this? When my mama used to clean this house, the maids used to come through the back, but I remember that little room and playing in the fountain.
I never knew that about your mama.
So she cleaned a lot of houses up here in Clover Hill? Mm-hmm.
They'd smile at her real nice.
But they locked up their jewelry whenever she came over.
So, do you like what you see so far? Mm-hmm.
It's a big place.
I don't know if you got help, but it's a lot of house to clean on your own.
Can we see the outside? Of course.
It sits on over an acre of grass.
Again, a lot of upkeep.
Are you sure I can't show you something a little further down the hill? There are some lovely starter homes down there beautiful views, quaint.
- You and your husband might - Fiancé.
You and your fiancé might want to think about the commute.
What kind of work did you say you do? Uh, we didn't.
I ask because the banks are getting very stringent with applications.
Honey, I didn't know any better, I'd say our realtor is implying we ain't got the means to buy up here.
Oh, no, no, no.
I-I didn't mean anything of the sort.
- I was just pointing out that the banks - Whatever home we buy, we'll buy it outright pay cash obviating the need to get in the gutter with the banks.
Ava, honey.
Hmm? Maybe real-estate agents are like new houses You shouldn't fall in love with the first one.
Now, wait a minute.
Thank you very much.
But we don't need your shit.
You have a nice day.
It's a beautiful house.
I say we buy it.
I'll put your mama's name on a plaque and put it on the front door.
I love calling you fiancé.
As much as I love hearing it.
But you know what? I think you and your mama just got me one step closer to finding Drew Thompson.
What would you have done if Duffy hadn't have stood aside? Duffy knows me.
We have a history.
Point is, he'll send someone for you in prison.
You're gonna die in Leoville, Hunter sooner, not later.
You think, huh? Mm-hmm.
Maybe I'm a little craftier than I look.
Maybe you don't need to be.
What does that mean? It means I offered you a deal.
Well A lot has happened since then.
Nonetheless, the deal stands.
Give me Drew, you can write your own ticket to a better place.
What the hell is the matter with you? You want to die in the street? Oh! Is that it? And you think I'm gonna let that happen? What the hell are you doing? In the words of Arlo Givens, "I'm trying to" knock some goddamn sense into "you.
" What are you so afraid of? You'd rather die here than give me what I'm after.
Shoot me.
Put me in the car.
Take me to Leoville.
Arnold, you know we take care of our longtime customers.
Just to show that we at Audry's got no hard feelings I believe my sufferings earned me many, many free visits.
Now, you sit right here.
I got a surprise for you.
It better not be some dumb whore popping caps at me.
You just count to three and take that thing off.
All right.
One two Three! Surprise.
God damn it.
Are you sure you're in the right place, honey? I'm here looking for Ellen May.
Oh, you're a friend of Ellen May's? Um, more like an acquaintance.
She was a member of my brother's congregation.
Oh, I heard about all that.
You poor thing.
Uh, Ellen May moved on.
She took to Alabama is what I heard.
Heard the word.
Took it to heart.
Said something about, uh, working at a church out there.
I'm sorry.
Did you say Alabama? Mm-hmm.
She didn't leave an address, but if I hear from her, I could try to leave a message.
What is it, sugar? She left word with one of our former parishioners, seeking guidance said she was all tore up about something.
When was this? Uh, yesterday.
Well, that is strange.
She didn't say where she'd be, but I just reckoned it'd be here.
Uh, if you see her, will you be sure and tell her that I'm praying for her? If she needs me, I'll be at the church or Lacey's garage, getting my truck fixed.
Okay, then.
Have a-a wonderful day.
Now, you got your start in the security business.
Am I right? I'm looking for somebody Could have been an employee of yours.
He would have been a new employee.
He worked security for you back in the '80s, up on the hill.
What is it? We got a problem.
Is that you, Shelby? Deputy Givens.
Locals got a bolo on you.
A bit concerned they claim you wandered somewhat afield of your destination.
Just want to make sure Hunter here gets a chance to see the sights before we get to Leoville.
I don't suppose you've come to rescue me.
Well, I've come to make sure you hadn't been took hostage.
Give Hunter's appearance, maybe I ought to be worried the other way.
Injuries sustained in the course of trying to throw himself in front of a tanker truck.
Sooner kill himself than tell me what I want to know.
You know I'm supposed to take you in, convey you to the Marshals service.
The deal is simple One name, he wins.
Seems like a no-brainer to me.
Well, here's what I'd do.
Sweat him another half-hour.
Maybe he takes the deal, maybe he doesn't.
Either way, you've done what you could.
You move on.
Or I drive him around another half-hour, he doesn't want to take the deal, I press a gun against his ear, send him where he wants to go.
And you got no other plan? I got constable Bob sweeney up at Lee Paxton's hunting lodge, looking into possibilities for Drew Thompson.
Could be Gerald, could be Lee.
I figured maybe I'd drag him in front of them, see what shakes out.
Well, Paxton and Gerald are bound to be a bit jumpy, likely gunned up in the wake of their friends being took out.
Leave my car here.
I'll ride with you all.
We'll see what's what.
Hey, Boyd.
What's going on? Preacher Billy's sister, Cassie, came into Audry's, saying Ellen May left word for her.
Left word? I mean left word for her yesterday.
Now, you understand why this has caused us a little concern? That's not possible.
Ellen May is dead and gone and there's no way she's leaving word about anything to anybody.
Then what the hell is going on? Look, she came into town on a grift with her milked snakes, her arms out for cash.
Now, likely as not, she's just angling for another payday.
I got a bad feeling about this, Boyd.
Something ain't right.
She's fishing.
Now, something Ellen may told her.
She isn't sure.
She'll toss in the dynamite, close the door, wait and see what we do.
Now, she said she's either gonna be in town at the garage or at her church.
You think you can handle the church? What do you want me to do? Right now, I just want her found.
Now, I'll go into town.
You call me if you find her.
All right.
She came looking for you.
She ain't gonna be hard to find.
And when we find her, we'll bring her back here and hear what her game is.
Shit! Shit! Shit! So, what do you got? I don't get a "hello"? Hello.
You called me.
What? I saw Ava and some woman I've never seen before, talking about Ellen May, looking all serious.
Come on.
Come on.
What woman? I don't want anything I told you coming back on me, Johnny.
No, you don't need to worry about Ava right now.
You need to worry about me.
Understand? Now, I need you to tell me exactly what you heard.
So, wait.
Who's wynn Duffy? Uh, Dixie mafia such-and-such, tools around in a motor coach.
Don't matter.
And you went there to what end? I figured, if he put the hit on Arlo, maybe I'd suss it out, having Hunter there in front of him.
But he didn't.
I don't believe so, no.
That means Drew put the hit out himself, or maybe Crowders.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You have something to say now? Oh, you think as I'd so much as piss on a Crowder if he's afire you really are chasing your own dick.
Still haven't forgiven the clan for what the one did.
No, Raylan, I haven't forgiven Henry Crowder raping, torturing, and murdering my niece.
Don't mean you wouldn't take their money.
A feud ain't about money.
And it ain't done till it's done.
Me and the Crowders we ain't done.
Tough keeping up a beef from a Supermax cell.
You was the one brought it up.
Arlo kicking up a feud over some dog pooping in your yard.
That's Arlo for you.
Yeah, only you remember it the wrong way.
He's right.
Dog was incidental.
Johnson McClaren verbally assaulted your mother, frances.
Arlo saw fit to shove a pound of dog shit down his dirty mouth Kind of poetic justice.
Assaulted how? He made implications around town as to her proclivities, things he'd like to see her do.
Pushed it too far.
Frances took the high road Called a truce, although she had every right to be affronted.
You bet he was protecting her honor.
Arlo did that? Mm-hmm.
Frances took a path I never could.
I'd put down Henry Crowder again, whatever it took And again and again same way each time.
Once you make a decision, set down the path, you follow it right to the end, at least.
That's the way I always saw it.
Hunter, are you trying to tell us this is all about honor for you? I'm talking about who we are.
'Cause that's why we do what we do.
Well, if Drew don't want to see you die keeping his secret, maybe you'll get lucky and he'll step up.
Otherwise, you got a short, ugly road once the Dixie mafia gets ahold of you in Leoville.
She wasn't at the garage.
Not anywhere in town I could find.
Did you hear from Colt? No.
But we will.
Cassie coming into Audry's? What the hell is going on? The wind ain't done blowing yet.
Colton's checking it out.
How long does it take to get to that church anyway? Baby, you know as well as I do, you can't get any cell service up in that holler.
Colt's checking it out? Isn't that what I just said? You can't trust Colt.
What are you saying? I'm saying the man's a liar.
He never killed Ellen May.
Uh well, uh, cousin Johnny, Ava and I have been trying to put together a puzzle, and it seems like you have some of the missing pieces.
Why don't you start from the beginning? You got to understand, Boyd, I didn't want to accuse him without something solid.
You brought him in here, put him up in that catbird seat over me some clown I never even met before.
And he ain't kin wasn't even in your damn unit over there.
But he was your friend, so I didn't know what I could do.
So when you suspect he's been lying to us, you do absolutely nothing.
I was there for devil.
I have always been there for you.
Sorry, friend, church is closed.
Most of the congregation moved down to green rock holler.
I know you.
You're hurting.
Trying to numb the pain of your sins.
But you feel trapped, don't you by the drugs, by the weight of it all? You come seeking solace? I come looking for Ellen May.
Well, she's not here that much I can guarantee you.
Let me help you.
Don't you want to be free from the devil's grip? Where is she? Where's Ellen May? Oh! Huh? No! Where is she? You playing with me? Don't! Did you send me that text? Where is she? Where the hell is she?! Let her go.
Right now! Let her go! Oh! Deputy U.
Are you all right, miss? This isn't your business.
I'm making it my business.
You remember me, bagram lung? Your cough seems to have cleared up.
My friend Mark from the V.
Got killed at his dealer's place.
I don't remember you being this quiet last we met.
Did you kill my friend? I wouldn't.
You're not drawing on junkies and dealers now.
Miss Cassie? You stay right where you are deputy U.
I know who you are, deputy.
Uh, miss Cassie, I offer my deepest apologies for my associate's behavior.
Now, with your permission, officer, I just want to take my friend with me.
I will make sure that his transgressions are properly punished.
You have my word.
Colt, put the gun away.
Now, all we want is to leave in peace.
Need I remind you that you are an officer of the peace? Thank you.
Boyd, I'm telling you, she knows something.
I'm sure she does.
We'll clear it up soon enough.
My truck.
Let Johnny take it.
You ride with me.
When we get back to the barn, you can tell me what's what.
Constable Bob.
What brings you up here? Mr.
Paxton, I'm here on Marshal business.
I've been tasked with gathering you for a meeting.
So, uh, could you put your gun down, please? Marshals must have fallen on hard times, sending you to do their business.
What, did they run out of chimpanzees on their way down the food chain? Go on home, Bob.
Some bad men headed this way, looking to put a hurt on me and Gerald.
We got this.
Lee, hang on! Just My name's Mr.
Paxton, as far as you're concerned.
You touch my door again, I'm within my rights to shove this barrel right down your fat, little throat.
Look, there's no reason to get nasty, all right? You just go on home, boy.
Play cops and robbers in the mirror, hmm? You go you go play asshole in the mirror, Lee.
How about I shove my foot down your goddamn throat! Hey, are you deaf? I told you to get the hell off my property.
I told you to drop that weapon right now! What the hell is going on out here? Both of you disarm! Well Midget police is here.
Aim low, Lee.
Just you drop your guns! That's an order! What in the hell? God damn it, Bob.
Down! Stop it! You put it down! Go home, you little shit! I'll show you midget police.
Here we go.
I'll cover the back.
Sit tight.
Try not to catch a stray.
Marshals! Everybody stop shooting! Cops and robbers! Bob! Stop it! Everybody calm down! Tell that goddamn nutball to stop! Shut up.
Guns down.
Hands up.
You too, Bob.
Put the goddamn gun down.
Sorry they just kept pressing my buttons! All right.
Just Take a moment.
You got cuffs small enough to fit him? He wasn't the only one shooting, if I'm not mistaken.
We're within our right to protect property.
Save it.
Don't give a shit.
I'm here about Drew Thompson.
Sorry about Arlo.
Should have been clean and easy.
He was a tough old bird, that guy.
You stood up for me.
I told you I'd keep your secret, and I did.
I was trying to tell you on the drive up here.
I know.
I always knew.
So what now Drew? Now I pull the ripcord for real.
I'm grateful for what you've done I truly am.
You take care now.
Wouldn't be hard finding out if Hunter owed either of you something Reason to go after Arlo.
Wait, so that's what it's about? Some hit on your daddy connected him to Hunter mosley.
Jailbird, ex-lawman in the mob's pocket Hey, that ain't how it was.
Hunter got himself in a bind.
Bob, as much as I value your contributions Right, but everything this guy's saying is bullshit, all right? Is that right? Yeah, that is right.
Hunter and Shelby looked after me when I first come here, on account of that kid, Ollie kemp.
I-I put him in a coma.
Did I tell you about that? I did? Well, they did right by me.
A lot of people were looking to put a lot of hurt on me 'cause of what I did to that kid, and those two were just partnered up.
Hunter was barely a recruit Still took care of my juvie probation, still got me the job at the sav-more.
Even when Shelby took the fall for Hunter, I knew I was lucky having those guys looking after me.
Say that again.
Shelby did what? Well, Hunter went after Henry Crowder, Crowder disappeared, and Miami got involved.
There was all these hard eyes on the sheriff's department, but Shelby took the heat you know, just acted the scapegoat.
Did some back-channel deals so that Hunter could continue on in his career.
That's when Shelby got into mine security.
And even then, Shelby put a word in for me at the academy.
Of course, they gypped me on the physical and had me run that goddamn obstacle course in the spring, with the pollen.
I guess we about hashed through all the bullshit now, didn't we, Raylan? Hey, where the hell is my patrol cruiser? Keep an eye on him.
Just keep an eye on him.
A bullet to the head, right? What? How you killed Ellen May you put a bullet right in her brain.
Yeah, and, well, she didn't feel a thing.
What kind of gun did you use? The .
Back of the head.
She's so small and light, it nearly blew it clear off.
Can I see it? You didn't dump it? Hell no, I didn't dump it.
That's my service weapon.
I smuggled that all the way back from kandahar.
Don't worry that slurry chemicals, they're gonna kill all the ballistics.
And I don't want to part with that.
But you did it at the pond.
No, it was the woods on the way up to the slurry.
I told you all of this already.
I like a .
It's a very powerful gun.
You can stop a very big boy with it.
But me, myself, I prefer a 9 mill.
Show me.
What? Point this gun at the back of my head and show me exactly where you pulled the trigger.
Are you serious? Oh, I'm very serious.
It's right there.
Well, why not in the front like this? Because I didn't want to scare her.
Why? Why what? Why are you lying to me, Colt? What's going on here, Boyd? We know you didn't kill Ellen May.
The lying stops right now.
Tell me.
Just tell me.
- I don't know what it - Beating on Teri and asking about Ellen May? Ha ha, that was a big-ass mistake.
Tell me the truth, Colt.
Tell me.
I am so sorry, Boyd.
I messed up.
You have no idea what you've done.
Uh Boyd, I'm so sorry.
I I had her in my car.
And we stopped at the gas station.
And I-I went into the bathroom to check my gun, I came out, and she vanished.
I have been trying everything I can to make this right.
When I thought that the sheriff's department picked her up, I went down to Shelby and I asked for his help, but she vanished.
What did what did you say? She's just gone, Boyd.
No, about Shelby.
What did you just say? I went to him and his deputies.
We looked up the records, but there's nothing on her.
Shelby knew that Ellen May was alive? Yes.
Sheriff Shelby? My sheriff Shelby knew that you were looking for Ellen May? Yes him, his deputies, all of them.
I went to his house! Get him out of my sight.
Hey! Let's go.
I've seen my share of addiction you know all those poor souls who came to see Billy, just looking for salvation.
You had empathy for that man.
You held back.
When I take him down, his eyes will be clear.
Listen you see those men around again, you give me a call, all right? Been a while since someone showed a little kindness.
Got to go.
No, I'm not leaving you! It's just a precaution.
Now, you you know Shelby's been angling to get out from underneath us.
No, Boyd.
I'm gonna see you soon.
I'm just gonna have a conversation with the man and see what it is he knows.
We're in this together.
We are.
But Delroy is on you.
I should have killed her myself.
Well, it may come to that yet.
Shelby? Hello, Boyd.
Not him.
I-I am unarmed.
I'm just a civilian on an evening stroll.
Drew goddamn Thompson.
Why the hell didn't you run? Where am I gonna go run through the woods in prison orange? I couldn't even take a crap without dumping on some Leo out looking for me.
That ain't no kind of life.
Well, that's an evolved perspective.
Since I didn't run, I don't suppose any part of that offer is still available? In the car, on the way up, you were telling Shelby you'd never talk.
Like I said, that's who we are.
There ain't no deal anymore, Hunter.
I'm sorry.
That ship sailed with Drew Thompson.
Hmm, for all it's worth, I'm sorry about your daddy.
Eh, don't be.
We had a nice visit before he passed.
Did you? He told me that he loved me and that he thought I was a good boy, said he was sorry for all the times he was a dick.
He was gonna miss seeing me grow up, but he'd be watching over me every day.
Sounds like Arlo, all right.
What can I say? The man never let me down.
You listen to what your mama taught you and not that old son of a bitch, you may turn out all right.
But I wouldn't count on it.
'Cause I think we both know whose voice it is makes you do what you do.
Let's go find Drew Thompson.