Justified s04e10 Episode Script

Get Drew

Previously on Justified Give me Drew, you can write your own ticket to a better place.
You can't trust Colt.
What are you saying? He never killed Ellen May.
When i thought that the sheriff's department picked her up, i went down to Shelby and i asked for his help, but she vanished.
What did What did you say? She's just gone, Boyd.
No, about Shelby.
What did you just say? I went to him and his deputies.
We looked up the records, but there's nothing on her.
Shelby knew that Ellen May was alive? I guess my first step would be to get right with the Lord.
Something to do with Ava Crowder? Something you saw her do? We're in this together.
We are.
But Delroy is on you.
I should have killed her myself.
Well, it may come to that yet.
So what now Drew? Now i pull the ripcord for real.
Shelby? Hello, Boyd.
Drew goddamn Thompson.
I was looking for Drew, same as you.
The expression on your face while we were cuffing you said otherwise.
Oh, you holding me now based on my facial expression? Oh, and i suppose we let you go, you just forget what you know and think about Shelby, go home, and take a bath.
Well, you wouldn't happen to have any bath salts, would you? I'd get comfy if i were you.
They're gonna put the word out wide, start throwing up roadblocks.
You know what your problem is, Raylan? Man's too smart to get snared that way, but it could buy us some time.
You should've been an outlaw.
Any thoughts as to the women's clothing? This job has too much paperwork for a man like you.
He was married.
Too many rules and regulations.
She left him You should've been on the other side with me and your daddy.
Oh, you'd still be able to shoot people and be an asshole.
Your two favorite activities.
Except you would be a rich asshole.
More like dead or in jail.
Well, i'm doing just fine.
Yeah? How about Arlo? Well, i have been meaning to get by and see your daddy.
That's funny.
I was just thinking You keep running your mouth, i'd like to go ahead and arrange that.
Oh, you gonna arrest me now for talking? Who said shit about arresting you? Uh, excuse me, ma'am.
These two gentlemen are holding me against my will.
Shut up.
RAYLAN: That was fast.
Art didn't want to see you two left alone.
He said that? Where you at? Got nothing.
We got roadblocks and suspicious women's underwear.
Like i said So, if you're Shelby wanting to skip town, what's your next move? We ain't looking for Shelby.
We're looking for Drew Thompson.
So If you shot Theo Tonin and threw Waldo Truth out of an airplane, what's your What? The morning shift will start at 5:30.
You should be safe here until then.
Now, when Henderson comes in, you tell him what you know.
If it's enough for Boyd to want you dead, it'll be enough to get you WitSec.
Why can't ii go with you? That's not one of the options.
Well, that ain't an answer.
You don't want to be part of what i got to do.
What's What's the other option? You get on a bus.
You ride until you reach a coast.
Doesn't matter which one.
You ask around till you can find somebody to help you make a new ID.
And you make a new life for yourself.
Come on.
Now, don't just take it to Tennessee and then stop.
Boyd will find you, and he'll finish what he intended when i found you that night.
Are you sure i i can't just go with you? Look.
I'm sorry it's got to be this way.
I truly am.
But it does.
Good luck to you, Ellen May.
But Oh, balls.
You come with me, we're never coming back.
You understand? Well, where you going? Mexico, to start.
Had a beach town in mind, but Could be swayed to the mountains, if you prefer.
I ain't never seen the ocean before.
Well, now's your chance.
How long is it gonna take to get there? Oh, if we're lucky, should be across the border before sun-up.
How fast is this car? We ain't driving, Ellen May.
I'm gonna fly us.
On this lonely road Trying to make it home Doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy You try to bogard Fall back, i go hard On this lonely road Trying to make it home Doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come Lived here pretty much my whole life, I never seen the airport.
It ain't much of one Couple of hangars and an airstrip.
You fly there a lot? When i first moved here, I avoided it.
Had to keep that part of my life hidden.
But lately, i've had opportunity to renew my skills.
Is that it? Yep.
Where do we go in? Up there at the second gate.
Oh, the one by the light? What? The light there on that building? Go past.
Why? Oh, don't slow down.
Just keep going past.
Roger that.
Passed on.
Lookout said the driver was a woman.
That's seven in the last hour.
There's other airstrips, you know.
Not within 100 miles, there ain't.
Well, some of them mountains, they blew the tops off, they're flat as a dime.
You could land a plane on them.
Doesn't make much sense, does it, since the Sheriff's plane's already here.
UPS was gonna put a distribution center up there, but the roads are too bad.
What? UPS was gonna put a Not you.
The Sheriff's got a plane here? Well, yeah.
Uh, up in hangar 2.
Shelby used to take it up every couple weeks.
We came here, talked to you, went through all the records of everyone who flew in and out of this airport, and you didn't say shit about the Sheriff's plane! You were looking for a criminal.
Why would i mention the Sheriff? Then why ain't he here? Sit down.
Did you warn him? And why would i warn him? You know he's a drug-smuggling murderer, right? I didn't do nothing! I swear! What about that light out there? Is that usually on this time of night? I don't know.
No one's ever usually here this time of night! We got a roadblock at Crestland Pass? Crestland? Mmm-hmm.
There ain't no Crestland on this map.
It ain't on the map.
Give me a radio.
It's warmer in here, you know.
These marshals' coats are surprisingly well-insulated.
One of the perks of the job.
Drier, too.
They're also waterproof.
They also give you special vision? Because if not, i fail to see the odds of catching Drew being any better waiting out there than in here.
Is that what Art told you? "Rachel, stay with Raylan.
Make sure he don't catch cold.
" Listen.
I can deal with your aloofness.
It's annoying, but i let it slide because you get your job done and you're easy on the eyes.
I can even deal with the fact that if you catch Drew Thompson, you might even be my boss.
But if you don't get in the car right now, I swear to God i'm gonna start singing show tunes.
Promise? Don't mess with me right now, Raylan.
Evening, gentlemen.
Thought you were gonna meet us at the airport.
Well, it took longer than i remembered.
How the hell do you come all the way down here every other damn day? I listen to a lot of books on tape and stay zen.
Well, i hope you'll bear that in mind when i tell you what i'm about to tell you.
Are you gonna yell at me? What, over that Hunter Mosley fiasco? No, i'm gonna wait and suspend you after we catch Drew.
No, what i was about to tell you is that the staties let Boyd Crowder go.
When? About 20 minutes ago.
Lawyer showed up with a court order.
Well, i hope they broke his cell phone in half before they let him go.
I think you're the only person who does stuff like that.
If he calls Theo Tonin, we got less time than we thought.
Well, Drew's been in law enforcement.
He knows that when you run is when you get caught.
He might stay put for a while.
Any idea where he might go? He knows we're sitting on his known associates, so He had ladies' underwear.
What? Not like ladies' underwear, likewhore's underwear.
That m He's got Ellen May.
That prostitute of Crowder's? Why he said something to Boyd the other day.
He's got Ellen May.
We find her, we find Drew.
By the way, i have that same pair of panties.
Where you going? I'm gonna tell the staties.
Oh, hell, no.
Hell, no! Get back over here.
First thing we're gonna do is we're gonna acknowledge that this guy's awesome.
What? I mean, he shoots Theo Tonin, fakes his own death in a spectacular fashion, pushes a guy out of an airplane while he's flying it, parachutes into Harlan County with enough coke and cash to jump-start the economy of a small country, and then he has the balls to get a job in law enforcement not once but two times.
He spends a couple of days riding around with you while you're looking for him, and now he's run off with a hooker that's half his age.
That's some bad-ass shit.
It's pretty bad-ass.
Yes, it is.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
You gonna let those guys be the ones, or are we gonna be the ones that take that badass? You're right.
We're on it.
Let's go find a whore.
Oh, well, shit! What if i What if i drive through, pick you up on the other side? No, the car ain't clean.
And Raylan could be up there.
He'd recognize you and put two and two together.
So what do we do? We walk down there and turn ourselves in.
I said i ain't gonna do that.
Ellen May, flying out of here was plan A.
Driving out through the Crestland Pass was plan B.
There ain't no plan C.
I don't care, all right? I ain't gonna rat on Ava.
I don't want to testify, either.
Live that life they're gonna give me, always looking over my shoulder.
And that's if i survive long enough to testify.
But we got no play left.
They're gonna be watching everybody i know, everybody i ever did know.
We got no place left to hide.
I got an idea.
Some good news.
Best i can figure, Shelby's still got Ellen May with him.
But why? What goodis she doing him? Well, it could be we get a call from Shelby, him blackmailing us into protecting him.
If he was gonna do that, he would've already done it.
Which makes it more likely he's using her as conduit to a place to lie low.
Staying with a friend of hers, you mean? Where would Ellen May go if she was in trouble? Does she have any family in Harlan, any friends? Uh, father's in prison.
Her mother ran away when she was little.
Could be dead, far as she knows.
Nicky Cush, maybe? Nicky Cush? The fella who ran Audrey's before Delroy? Uh-huh.
He's the one that brought her on.
They were really close, from what i heard.
Had some kind of twisted father/daughter thing going on.
Well, he'll be the first on my list.
How 'bout you, darling? How you holding up? Food's good.
Oh, i do envy you on that front.
Boyd, i can't just sit here while you're out there scrambling around.
Ellen May is a bullet in a loaded gun.
Now, it's best you stay out of those sights and stay safe.
I love you.
I love you, too.
So? So, you need to figure out whose bed we got to drag Jimmy out of.
I'm gonna need all hands on deck.
I mean, what's the plan? The plan is for you to find Jimmy and wake his ass up.
So, you understand the situation you've put me in? I'm gonna need you tonight, Colt.
I need you to be that M.
I knew back in Kuwait.
Do you still think you can be that man? Boyd, i'm gonna make this right.
Jimmy'll be up front in five.
Come on.
Stay here and wait for my call.
What What's the name of the place where we're going? It's called Huatulco.
You ever been there before? Oh, it's the most beautiful place i've ever seen.
I like Mexican food.
Me, too.
Hey, they got religion in Mexico, like churches and stuff? Sure.
It's mostly Catholic.
Anything like what Billy's church was? Well, it's a branch of Christianity, if that's what you mean.
Bet they give the sermons in Spanish, though, huh? Yeah.
But you'll learn.
Thank you, Shelby.
For what, making you a fugitive? No.
For coming back for me.
For looking out for me.
Not that many people ever cared enough to look out for me before.
Look, i know we're on the run and all, but I ain't never felt so free.
Duffy? Hmm? It's Crowder.
Which one? Never mind.
It doesn't matter.
I trust you have earth-shattering news, Mr.
We found Drew Thompson.
That shattering enough? And by "found," you mean I mean it turns out he's the goddamn county sheriff.
That man Shelby? Doesn't he work for you? Under our noses the whole time.
So, where is he? No idea.
Marshals and the state troopers say they got a dragnet going.
Boyd's out looking, too.
So i figured you'd send some guys down here.
Send them where? You just said you don't know where he is.
So send them down here to look for him.
My people know Harlan County about as well as they know Juneau, Alaska.
How are they supposed to find Shelby before the marshals or Boyd? You want them to go door to door or post fliers like he's a lost cat? So you're saying you got nobody in Harlan? Au contraire, Mr.
I do have a man in Harlan You.
So i got to find him on my own? It's called subcontracting, and it's how business is done in the 21st century.
Now, find Shelby before anyone else does, or you can say goodbye to that dream you have of displacing your cousin.
Do you understand? Yeah.
I expect hourly updates.
I don't believe we've met.
Limehouse, my name is Ellen May, and we come here for protection.
Protection? Yeah, i got people trying to kill me.
Now, how exactly you think this works, girl? Oh.
My friend Trixie, she used to always come up Trixie had information for me.
You got information for me? And what, your office ain't safe enough? Not right now, no.
Listen, i know we had our differences in the past.
Yeah, like you shooting down my cousin's boy in front that liquor store? But Ellen May ain't done nothing to you.
And she can earn her keep.
Yeah, well, uh i ain't in the whore business.
'Course not.
You're just a banker cuts meat all day and wants to be left alone.
Now, you think that little, old star on your chest and that gun in your holster allows you to say whatever the hell you want up in my holler, but you a damn fool, Shelby.
You can ignore them both.
And i know you're not gonna extend any comfort to me, regardless of the offer, but i know you need money.
Is that right? What are you doing? What those marshals took, what you had hidden in them pigs I figure you must owe some of your depositors a shit load, plus interest.
Well, you making a whole lot of assumptions.
You can't just leave me here.
You keep Ellen May safe and maybe get her out of town in a couple of weeks, I got $15,000 for you.
Two weeks.
And you get her out of town.
Don't push your luck.
Now, Boyd won't come up here.
You'll be safe.
Why can't you stay, too? I ain't welcome here.
But i'll be all right.
Oh, come on.
Don't be silly.
I need money, remember? $15,000's all i got.
Yeah, well, from what i hear, you worth plenty Drew.
Don't No! Well, i i never thought of Ellen May to be one to start any trouble, you know? 'Cause she never had a thought of her own, you know? I mean, you just kind of put her in the right direction and push.
But, uh, why'd you say she left, again? I'm sure you remember I did not.
But, uh, well, it's real important you find her, huh? We both know i wouldn't be here otherwise, Nicky.
Well, you know, it's been a long time, Boyd.
I mean, it ain't like we're, uh, friends on the Facebook or nothing, you know? I mean, uh, shit.
Well, you wouldn't find me on one of them websites anyway, you know? I mean, did you know that Colt!the NSA's got all kinds of things Oh, whoa.
No! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on, boys! Look, look, look.
I want to help you.
I really do.
I do.
But look, can i confide in you, Boyd? All right, look, Delroy didn't leave me with much.
He took the whole business from me.
I need some cash, is what i'm saying.
Come on, now.
This ain't necessary, Boyd.
You got another battery? Unh-unh! Boyd.
You think he's trying to say something, Colt? I think he might be! I'm all ears, Mr.
Cush! Limehouse! Limehouse! Whenever she'd get in trouble, sheshe'd threaten to go to Limehouse! I know they're here.
Were you even gonna tell me? Well, i didn't know I was obliged to keep you apprised of comings and goings in my holler.
I told you this woman means me harm.
You or Boyd? Me.
Well, you'd have said that either way.
Do you want to see her? See, Ava? I been hiding this whole time! And i ain't said nothing! I i know why you did what you needed to do and why you thought you needed to do it.
But even then, i still I still didn't say nothing about Uh, about nothing.
Did Shelby drop you off? Shelby ain't left.
Go on, girl.
But Wait.
Go on, now.
Now, it didn't look to me like she mean you no harm at all.
How much for the both of them? $150,000.
For both of them? Each.
Well, tell him we'll do it.
Baby, that's gonna clean us out.
Baby, just tell him.
I'll see you soon.
$500,000? You want your man, that's what it's gonna cost.
Oh, that's all, huh? That and a rather large piece of the heroin trade.
I don't think Theo's gonna go for that.
I'm about to give you Drew goddamn Thompson on a silver platter.
You bet your mama's wedding ring he'll go for it.
Why don't we leave my mother out of this? And why don't you call me when you got him? We good? There's no substitution for a winning personality.
I'm so tired of hearing that goddamn girl's name.
Teri, sweetie I'm prettier than her.
I'm blond, and i can do shit they ain't even thought up names for.
Would you just stop, please, for a minute, and think? Now, maybe maybe you know something you just don't know you know.
What's that supposed to mean? It means to think about Ellen May, okay, and the people that she would talk about.
Maybe she has an aunt or or someone somewhere that she could count on.
If she had somebody she could count on, I guess she wouldn't be sucking hillbilly dicks for money, would she? Oh, shit.
Johnny? I thought i asked you to stay at the bar.
Oh, well, uh, i am, uh, working on a lead on Shelby.
Why, no need, Cousin.
Both he and our lost sheep have been found.
You found them? Well, how about this for irony? Seems they made a wrong turn, fell into Ava's lap.
They're at Noble's? Limehouse is gonna sell them to us.
It's gonna cost me everything i got.
But we deliver Shelby to Theo Tonin, I have it on good authority he will make it worth our while.
Shit, Boyd.
Limehouse? You can't trust him.
I don't have a choice, Cousin.
But if we get this right, we will be kings.
Well, all right.
I'm on my way.
What's up, Johnny? I don't believe we've had the pleasure.
I'm Deputy U.
Marshal Givens.
This is Brooks.
I think i seen you up here before.
As much as i don't consider myself the type, I have become a frequenter of this particular whorehouse.
Hey, Teri, you step out? Actually, it's ladies of your establishment we're looking to speak to.
Figure maybe they could help us find someone? Oh, my God.
Not Ellen May again.
So we're not the only ones, then? You're asking questions about Ellen May? Maybe you're asking the wrong questions.
Oh, i'm sorry, Johnny.
What questions should we be asking? Honey, you can go.
Well, maybe what you should be asking is where does Boyd keep all his money? You bust his ass for tax evasion.
Saying you're gonna tell us? Sure.
Why the hell not? Boyd doesn't give a damn about nothing.
Never did.
When we was kids, he'd build half a tree house, and then he'd run off and go build a go-kart.
And then he'd forget them both and spend the whole rest of the summer stealing candy and trading it for cigarettes.
I'll take your word for it.
I just dug coal with the man.
And he gets back from the war, and he finds Jesus.
And he receives his ordination through the mail from one of them bible colleges down in South Carolina or some shit, making us all learn the ways of white supremacy, as it was laid down by the Lord almighty.
Then he goes on and on and on about white flight and all that shit.
You know what that is? Mmm-hmm.
People moving out of town? White people moving to the suburbs.
'Cause they want to cut grass and have barbecues? Shit, no.
'Cause they want to get away from black people like you and all the greasers and the Asiatics and all the goddamn Mexicans running around infecting the place.
But, you know, these are Boyd's words.
What's your point? You know what he's doing now, Raylan? He's buying a house in the goddamn suburbs! Up there on Clover Hill, because the man is in love.
You sound like he stole your girlfriend.
Ha! No.
He stole Raylan's girlfriend.
He stole my job.
Oh, but i did get this as a consolation prize for believing all of his bullshit.
Thing is, Johnny, you didn't get cut in half from Bo's shotgun 'cause of Boyd.
You got shot 'cause that's the shit that happens when you choose to live a life as a small-time asshole.
Second, i'm guessing if Boyd's getting close to Drew makes him a made man, then you'll be spending the rest of your days playing second fiddle.
Your problem is we don't give a shit about Boyd.
That's not why we're here.
The man we're after Drew Thompson.
Now, you can help us with that, maybe we can do you a favor in the process.
Crowder! How about we dispense with the bullshit, get this thing done? See, now, i thought you'd come up here with a little more gratitude, considering all the stuff I done for you.
I got three different types of people in my life My friends, our friends, and her friends.
You know which one you fall into? Well, i could guess.
You ain't done shit for me.
You done it for her.
Now, you want what i got in this briefcase or you want to waste some more of my time? And i believe i'll take what i came for, be on my way.
You ever been on a plane, Mr.
Crowder? Why? You plan on taking flying lessons with my money? I've been having this dream.
I dream that i'm flying this plane.
I mean one of them great, big, old suckers A jumbo jet.
And all the passengers is folks from Noble's Holler.
Damn near everybody i know and care about's on this thing.
I'm at the controls when all of a sudden, something goes terribly wrong.
Lights is flashing, buzzers sounding.
And we start going down.
And i'm fighting to keep it level, and it ain't no use.
And i always wake up just before impact, sweating.
While i believe i understand your subtle metaphor, what i don't understand is why you feel the need to tell me.
Well I'm telling you so you understand Why i'm about to do what i'm about to do.
Ellstin, we had a deal.
We did.
And now i'm changing it.
Hell, that ain't enough money to purchase no two lives.
It'll get you one.
And which 'un is up to you.
Well, uh You mind if i take a moment to confer with my lady? Ellen May.
Ava, we can always make more money.
But if she turns on us She ain't gonna say anything.
You don't know that! She hasn't so far.
Ava, she's a wild animal, and if she gets cornered, there's no telling what she'll do.
Shelby's our future.
We can't pass this up.
There ain't no future for me without you.
It's Ellen May.
Then do this for me, for us.
No, no.
No, no.
Girl, be quiet.
No, no, no, no! Please.
Take me! He ain't done anything wrong! He didn't do anything to you! Limehouse wouldn't do no different than we would.
No, you don't know that! Listen! You're gonna be safe No! Get off.
Come on, girl.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's my time.
It's my time.
The boys will take y'all back down the hill to your car.
When you get another 300 grand together, you, uh Give me a call.
We'll talk about getting your little ho back.
Oh, thank you.
Come on.
I jumped with too much cocaine.
Came in hot, broke my legs.
Never would've stayed in Harlan if i had landed right.
Well Whole world would've been mine to explore.
Well, i'd say you had yourself a pretty good run, considering.
Well, thanks to your daddy and Arlo May they rest in peace.
Are you saying Arlo Givens is dead? Shivved in prison.
Figured you'd have heard by now.
No, we had not.
Poetic, i suppose, as you'll soon be joining them in the afterlife.
I'm sure the three of you will have a lot to talk about.
That cocaine i brought to Harlan That made your people, Boyd.
Pulled them out of trailers, put them in houses.
Put food on your table, presents under your tree.
That's why your daddy protected me all those years, no matter what befell him.
But i wonder, after all he went through, what he'd think about you handing me over to be tortured and killed? Well, under the circumstances, I think he'd understand just fine.
I think maybe you didn't know your daddy.
Listen, Drew, Shelby, whatever the hell your name is I appreciate the play you're trying to make.
But men like us Sooner or later, we got to reap what we sow.
And this is your 6x6 plot of land.
Well, amigo, this is where we part ways.
Now, if it's any solace during this difficult moment, know that your sacrifice will be providing for the next generation of the Crowder family.
Colt! You ready to make your penance? Don't forget my money.
You're not worried.
I wasn't, till you started up.
Letting this ride on the word of Johnny Crowder You were there.
He made a very compelling argument.
Or we just got played like a bunch of first-class chumps.
Drop's in one of the fields down off Gentry Road.
Where the hell is Gentry Road? That way.
Turn right.
How much time do we have? Didn't say.
How are we supposed to know which field? Apparently, all we got to do is look up.
She was at my house, you know The whore cowering underneath kitchen table while you were prowling around the entryway.
All i could do to keep from laughing my ass off, watching you hoot and holler.
You were a military policeman, right? That's nice police work.
Pretty sure her goddamn sweater was draped over the chair right by where you were standing.
Is that who you are? Hit a defenseless old man about to punch his ticket? Well, i told you to shh.
You junkie pussy.
You got no balls.
Don't push me.
You're gonna die at Boyd's hand once he uses you up.
Oh, what are you gonna do with that Wave it around, try and look tough? Go ahead.
Try me.
Keep talking.
You haven't got the stones.
You couldn't hurt anybody, except maybe a weak, broken-down whore.
You ain't man enough to pull that trigger.
But go on.
Do it.
Do it! Nice try.
I appreciate your effort.
You are gonna wish that i shot you.
What do think they're gonna do to you once they get ahold of you, huh? Hmm? Cut you up in pieces? Waterboard you? And cut out that eye? You heard about that, huh? I've seen men in the service die slow.
It is a horrible way to go.
Boyd will still get his money.
I think your ride is here.
Happy trails.
Go! Go, go, go.
Boyd's guy Colt ran up the road there into the woods.
Handcuff keys are on the fence post over there.
Tim? Rachel, back him up.
You okay? Yeah.
Thanks for coming out.
Anything for Drew Thompson.
Sorry i didn't mention it sooner.
Oh, what fun would that have been? I guess this is where i'm supposed to surrender.
You can tell us everything now or let it be a big surprise later.
You get me out of here, i'll give you whatever you want.
Where's your girlfriend? She's at Limehouse's place.
She's gonna need your help.
Yeah, we'll get right on that.
That was Colt.
The marshals got to Drew before Nicky could.
How is that possible? What do we do? We make a case to Theo.
Or? Or we run.
That was Nicky Augustine.
The marshals have Drew Thompson.
He wants us down in Harlan.
We gonna go? Do you have a passport? You need a passport to get into Harlan? No, you need a passport to get into Canada.
Are you serious? Would you prefer Mexico? I'd prefer not running away like a little bitch.
You can stay.
I don't know how i'll survive without you, but i'll try to get by.
Is it just me, or they look empty-handed? Well, this could be a real big thing for you, Raylan.
Bump you up a couple of grades, get your choice of assignment.
Could be a whole new life for you.
Your kid, too.
Still gonna suspend me for Hunter Mosley? Oh, you bet your ass.
But still Enjoy this.
This? We're standing in a field.
We haven't done shit.
He got to his car before we could get to him.
So what's next? Theo Tonin knows we got Drew.
He's not gonna be too happy about that.
Meaning we just got to figure out how to get out of Harlan alive.