Justified s04e11 Episode Script


Previously on "Justified" Drew Thompson shot Theo in the eye and left him for dead on a runway in Panama.
Tonin would like you to find Drew Thompson.
Not a problem.
We found Drew Thompson.
Turns out he's the goddamn county sheriff.
Find shelby before anyone else does, or you can say goodbye to that dream you have of displacing your cousin.
$500,000? I'm about to give you Drew goddamn Thompson on a silver platter.
You want your man, that's what it's gonna cost.
I think your ride is here.
The Marshals got to Drew before Nicky could.
What do we do? We make a case to Theo.
Or? Or we run.
So what's next? Theo Tonin knows we got Drew.
He's not gonna be too happy about that.
We just got to figure out how to get out of Harlan alive.
Wouldn't happen to have a rocket launcher, would you? Sadly, no.
I got Lexington air ops, chief.
All right.
Tim, if that thing gets any closer, shoot it.
Mullen here.
Where the hell are you? Look at you, Mr.
You're a well-dressed man.
You got a sense of style.
You got your shirt buttoned all the way up to the top.
I got to ask.
Where'd you get all those teeth? Courtesy of the American taxpayer while serving our great nation in Desert Storm.
Man, I love the way you talk using 40 words where 4 will do.
I'm curious.
What would you say if I was about to put 40 bullets through that beautiful vest of yours? "What're you waiting for?" Oh, you're cool, huh? I tried to keep it to four words.
You'll allow the contraction as one.
You know who also didn't deliver? Wynn Duffy.
But as you can see, he's not here.
He had the sense to run and hide.
But you stuck around.
That's a bold move.
Well, I wagered that you'd see that success is in our mutual best interest.
You believe in God? I do not.
But this is Bible country, right? You know the story of Abraham and Isaac? I do.
See, a lot of people are troubled by the fact that God asked Abraham to do such a thing.
But truth be told, God of the old testament kind of a dick.
To me, the real question is Abraham.
You know, why would he be willing to entertain the idea of killing his son? Well, conventional wisdom is he was demonstrating his own faith.
I think that's wrong.
I think Abraham thought about killing his own son and was willing to kill his own son because God told him to do it.
And when the most powerful being in the universe tells you to do something You do it.
And what has your God told you to do, Mr.
Augustine? Kill Drew Thompson.
I see.
Well, if you want Drew Thompson, you'll need Raylan Givens.
And if you want Raylan Givens, you'll need me.
And if you want me I'm still gonna need $500,000.
You're so glad you didn't ask for $2 million.
How long was it in the wall? We moved here when I was 15.
The house that cocaine built.
So you kept Waldo's I.
D in a bag, huh? Like a trophy prove you're badass, pulled off the feat of the century? No, it was more practical than that.
I couldn't leave it in the plane, couldn't throw it out.
Someone would have found it.
So you put it in a bag and then gave that bag to Arlo? He said he'd burn it.
Smell that? That's irony.
Our guys are with LPD air ops, fueling the helicopter.
It'll be wheels up in 15 minutes, another 30 minutes in flight time.
We can't sit here for another hour.
The better part of an hour.
We don't know how many men Tonin's sent.
You want the battle of bloody porch? The what? "The wild bunch.
" Art, we got to move, and we got to move soon.
KSP's not ready.
Got six units headed inbound.
They'll meet us over the pass.
Once we get to the highway, we can have those units leapfrog, shut down the on-ramps.
Go 80, 85, should make it to Lexington in two hours.
They're holed up at Raylan's daddy's home.
Option one you can hit them there.
But it's in a defensible position, on a hill, good sight lines.
And you'd need at least a dozen men, heavy weapons, and be okay losing half of them.
Who is he, and why is he talking? Meet colt.
We served together in Desert Storm.
Picker, how many men you got coming? We got Rigo and three others.
They should be here soon.
Well, it won't be soon enough.
Now, your man in the air said he saw a tow truck, which means the Marshals can push cars out of the way if needed, which means Raylan Givens intends on driving Drew out.
They're fueling up a police helicopter in Lexington.
This is the biggest case in Raylan's career.
He will not wait on an airlift.
He will drive.
Now, he'll want to avoid towns and civilians, which means he will take the pass.
Now, your option two really, your only option is to hit them right there.
We send all our men there? Just one man my man, Colt.
Not alone.
I could use a shooter, a good one.
Colt? Mort.
Mort, Colt.
Here we go.
At least I ain't gonna die today.
On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come What the hell?! What are you doing? It's not right.
What's not right? One abandoned car beside the road is no big deal, but two so close together? That's weird.
That's Kentucky.
How about a third? What are you thinking IEDs? I'm not thinking confetti cannons.
Are you sure about this? For all I know, I'm just having a full-blown PTSD episode.
You get those a lot? Only when I'm handling firearms in public.
What are we doing, guys? Pull up behind us, and stay off the goddamn radio.
Lexington ground crew.
Air ops just took off.
We got 30 minutes.
What do you say, Drew? Want to play some checkers, watch reruns on TV? Well, I wouldn't mind changing out of this.
Take a shower, maybe.
Look good for the press? I want to look good when I go.
We all know this is it for me.
You ain't gonna shower.
You ain't gonna change.
You ain't gonna die.
We're good at what we do.
Well, then I guess maybe I'd just like to enjoy the view for a while.
We have a view? How many years you live here? I kept my head down growing up, or else nose in a book.
You? A reader? Hardy boys, Stephen king, whatever.
There's no frigate like a book.
Did you know we met in Vietnam? Mnh-mnh.
Saigon, in front of a whorehouse on Tu Do street.
He was holding a Louis L'Amour book in his hand.
Don't sound like him.
I thought, "who the hell" stands in front of a whorehouse "reading a book?" I started to bust his chops.
Turned out some boonie rat in his unit had slipped him LSD.
He was trying to find the guy's name in the book so he could castrate the bastard.
That sounds like him.
Oh, I talked him down.
Took a few hours, but, hell, I'd already been laid.
We hit it off.
He told me to look him up if I ever got in a jam.
That's what's on your mind in what you see as the last moments of your life? You asked me, son.
Now you don't want to talk about it.
Don't even want a quiet moment where you might even think about your daddy.
Is that it? Is that why I can't enjoy the view? If I thought you were doing anything other than trying to figure a way out, I'd give you some peace.
I'm done running, Raylan.
A leopard don't change its spots, Drew.
What's up, Art? Raylan, we've stopped down.
Tim's feeling a setup.
You think you've been blown? It could be.
I think you should peel off right now, go to the alt.
Will do.
Contact air ops.
We got to move.
Let's go.
Come on.
I have the cowboy in the follow car.
Marshal driving the S.
Looks like a statey in the truck.
No sign of Drew? Too much tint.
They could have him in a trunk.
Give them a minute, see if they move.
Well, what do we do? We go back? Not if the car behind us is filled with high explosives.
And you think it is? I think so.
How could they pull this off? Boyd has an Iraq and Afghan veteran in his crew.
Colton rhodes.
P, drummed out for drugs.
And you have his number? Our paths have crossed.
Hello, Bagram.
Well, hello, Deputy Dawg.
Am I right in saying that you were in the sandbox before Afghanistan? I am a double winner.
Is that why you called, to ask me that? Oh, why? You busy? I am in the middle of something.
All right, I'll make it quick.
I'm writing a book set in Iraq.
There's a chapter where a convoy of military police is transporting a criminal, and lieutenant Dan he's our main guy he gets a bad feeling.
"Forrest Gump.
" Huh? There's a lieutenant Dan in "Forrest Gump.
" Oh, shit.
You're right.
I'll change it.
Lieutenant Colt.
I would like a young Gérard Depardieu to play me in the movie.
I'm honored.
Well, you should be.
He's a big guy, real badass Or he was.
He's kind of losing his grip.
When we meet him, he's lost someone.
He started using dope that he confiscated.
Yeah, but then we find out that he's kicked again.
And anyone who thinks he's in any way diminished is in for a big surprise.
Yeah, but he's the kind of character might say he's kicked, but we all know he's just one broken shoelace away from saying "screw it" and picking up again.
How about you have him go into a bar and pick a fight with some rangers, and he sends a couple of them to the hospital? It's not a fantasy.
Anyway, he gets a bad feeling when they pass an abandoned vehicle, sees a second and a third, so he's thinking IEDs triggered by cell.
You ever come across anything like that? Me, personally? No.
But I did hear about this one convoy, couple of Frankensteins and a gun truck on highway 10.
So, the spotter, he calls a halt between the first two cars Thinking the Hajis will blow the second if it moves forward, and the first if it tries to go back.
Well, how'd they get out of it? Yeah, they didn't.
Because they were too afraid to move They just sat there in their vehicles Pissing and shitting in their helmets, too afraid to toss it out the windows on account of possible snipers.
Then they ran out of food.
They started eating each other till there was only one left, and he blew his brains out.
Do you want to know the sad part? Oh, there's a sad part? Yeah.
Because they were so afraid to move, they never found out whether or not the cars had explosives.
So basically, they all died from being pussies.
They don't want to move? We'll make them move.
Shoot the back windows and sides, but do not shoot the drivers or the tires.
Got it? And now? Well, the good news is I'm not flashing back.
But now they're gonna try to make us move.
So what do we do? Move.
Holy shit.
They circled the wagons.
You're sure? Well, all right, then.
It's a decoy.
You can't catch a break, can you? Well, I got the convoy right.
It's just that the man you're looking for ain't in it.
So now we're still looking for him.
So, what's your solution? Just let me think.
When did that helicopter get up in Lexington? Awesome.
Yolo, go to the old man's house.
He won't be there.
That's a comment, not a solution.
Well, if I didn't think I was in deep shit before, I do now.
We ain't in deep shit because my Alma mater's a flawed redoubt.
We're in deep shit because of you.
Derelict high school wouldn't have been my move.
The fact is, all of this, trail of dead included, is 'cause you wouldn't turn yourself in.
You want to keep arguing with this fool or figure out where the hell we're gonna post up? Hey, I ain't arguing with him.
Now he's funny.
Irony's not lost on me that a high school is my last stop before prison, as they are about the same.
That's why I dropped out and joined the army.
You went from high school to Vietnam? Out of the frying pan, into the fire? Except I wasn't humping through the bush, sidestepping land mines.
I was flying an o-1 bird dog, having a grand, old time on the high wire.
My goodness.
You've led the life of 10 men.
It's a wonder you keep straight what's real and what's horse shit.
You going at me like this 'cause I had you fooled, Raylan? No.
I am getting tired of the folksy reminiscing, though.
Well, I was right under your nose riding around for two days.
So, you'll be the big hero who got Drew Thompson, but you will be the butt of a couple of jokes, too.
I got my man.
That's no joke.
Mm, because you're such a great Marshal? That's debatable, seeing as how you got us pared down to three people against a goddamn apache raid.
Playing the part of a lawman don't mean you know shit about shit.
I know desperate moves when I see them.
Is that how you want us to see you Drew, the underdog? If you're implying that what I did to get free of the Detroit mob What you did to Waldo truth.
Was anything more than desperation, you're wrong.
What did you do to Waldo? I mean how? Knock him over the head, dump him out the plane? Hold a gun on him, make the man jump? Or did you give him a smile and a thumbs-up as he stepped out, knowing you'd rigged his chute and he was going to his death? I took no pleasure in what I did.
Hate to think of it, even to this day.
Plus, the world's a much better place without him.
That how you Justified it? Frankly, yes.
That's your thing, it seems.
You do what you got to do to get what you want.
Question I have is, listening to all this damn back-and-forth, what do you want? I want a shower and a change of clothes.
But that ship has sailed.
Hey, Bob.
What can I do for you? Hey, Raylan.
I'm at Arlo's.
A motion detector went off.
Yeah, no, it's all right.
We were just there.
Hey, where are you? What's going on? You wouldn't by chance happen to be at Evarts high school, would you? What? Well, they're having trouble with wire thieves, so they asked me to put in some motion detectors, and I got a text.
Bob, you need to get away from Arlo's.
Hey, is this one of yours? Is what one of mine? Truck come tearing ass up the driveway.
Bob, hide.
Look, I understand you're growing impatient, Mr.
But we want the same thing.
I-I-I just need a little more time.
Helicopter's landing at the old man's house.
That would be true if Raylan Givens was there, but Raylan Givens is not there.
And you know this how? We dug coal together.
They dug coal together.
Why don't you call yolo? Where are you? He's at the house.
No sign of Givens or Drew.
What? He's got a guy there who's in some kind of a uniform.
What are you, a crossing guard? I'm a town constable, duly elected by the people of Harlan county.
He says he's a constable.
Yeah, I-I don't know what that is, either.
Well, I just checked his cellphone, and it said he called Raylan Givens five minutes ago.
Wait a second.
All right.
If the helicopter's not landing there, where is it going to land? There's a thousand places.
For anybody else, but not for Raylan Givens.
Are you sure that car's gonna go boom? I am.
Hold up, chief.
That Marshal down there was a sniper in the rangers.
You take the shot that you now do not have, and give away our position, he's gonna put holes in both of us.
Cousin Johnny, Ava? What is the coolest, most awesomest thing ever happened to us in high school? Holy shit, you're right.
The astronaut.
The astronaut.
And what was he flying? Helicopter.
A helicopter.
Augustine, this astronaut came to see us in high school.
He landed a helicopter right on the baseball diamond.
A deputy U.
Marshal is gonna gun up and hole out in a school? It's in the town of Evarts.
It's empty.
It has been so ever since they consolidated.
Now, if you will let me take your man, here - what's your name? - Picker.
If you will let me take Picker, I will bring you Drew Thompson back, dead or alive.
Take him.
Hey, yolo.
See if uniform boy knows anything about them being in a high school, okay? Good.
They call me "yolo.
" You know what that means? Yolo.
Uh "You only you only live once.
" That's true.
You only live once.
And you know when I say it? When shit is about to get real.
And guess what.
Sh-shit's about to get real.
Ohh! Aah! Aah! Come on.
Tell me where he is.
Is he in the school, huh? Oh, man.
I don't know.
I don't know who you're talking about, all right? Drew.
I'm talking about Drew.
All right, uh what, the Drew? The the the The doctor on TV? Ohh! Aah! Son of a bitch! Tell me where he is!! Tell me where Drew is! I won't say! I won't say.
I won't say.
Come on.
Come on.
He's He's, uh Come on.
Tell me where he is.
Like Nancy Drew? Ohh! Okay Aah! Aah! Okay! Okay! I won't tell you.
I won't tell you.
I swear to God.
I'm about to I'm about to really hurt you, okay? I'm really about to hurt you I know! If you do not tell me where he is.
He's Where is Drew? He's he's Drew-Bacca? Drew-Bacca.
Where is he?! Aah! Drew-LA-LA? Come on.
Just tell me where he is, huh? Come on! Tell me where Drew is.
He's Tell me, Bob! Tell me where he is! Come on! Drew Drew Drew mama.
Drew mama.
You're a funny guy.
You know that? You got some balls on you.
You know what? I really like you.
And because of that, I'm gonna let you have a break.
Oh, God.
Have a break, okay? Take a breather.
Get my breath.
Yeah, catch your breath.
There you go.
Okay? You catch your breath.
Shit, you're wearing me out.
You doing okay? No! No.
I didn't think so.
Do they have Drew at the school? Drew ohh! Drew Drew-sitania? Drew-sitania.
I-I don't even know what that means.
Oh, shit.
I think I broke him.
Come on, little guy.
Get up.
Aah! Bob.
It's all right.
Well, did he say anything? You tell him we're at the school? No.
Well, I just saw their helo fly off in your direction.
You need to get the hell out of there.
Got it.
Listen to me.
We got to move.
You able to walk? Yeah.
Why don't you carry me? How about you carry me? Okay.
"Drew-Bacca," huh? Yeah, it just came right out.
It's 5:30.
You can tell what time it is in Harlan without looking at your watch.
That's the 5:30 coal train.
the helo gets here.
Well, then, by 6:00, I'll either be in the air or In heaven, if that's the direction I'm headed, which I doubt.
You'll be in the air.
We're good! We have a problem.
My God.
What happened? What happened is Bob's a tough son of a bitch.
Get up.
It's too soon to be ours.
And that's the problem.
We don't know how many they have or what they might do.
They could crash a car through the front doors, send men through the windows.
We could spread out, put one of us at each corner, but there's four corners, only three of us.
You could have four.
I want you to know I can be the man I became, not just the man I was.
What are you thinking? Thinking we get up to the roof, take cover, pick off any dare approach.
You best with a rifle or a shotgun? Whatever you care to part with.
See, Rachel? There it is.
That's his angle.
Listen, shelby, Drew, whoever you are.
There's something you need to understand.
You are a criminal.
You understand? You're on that side.
Rachel, Bob, and I, we're on this side.
Now, I like arguing with you, but I ain't handing you a goddamn gun.
What about Art and Tim? They're still stopped.
Tim, we need to go back up Raylan.
Are you sure that thing's gonna blow? I am.
We need to get on it.
That's what I'm doing.
Molotov cocktail, huh? I haven't seen one of those since that guns n' roses concert in 1989.
What the hell we gonna do now? Now I'm gonna go have a word.
A word? Try to convince them they can't win.
You got your gun? I I got yeah.
Take Yoda's.
You got 12 in the clip, one in the throat.
I'm a law-enforcement professional.
I'm familiar.
Bob, don't shoot unless you have to.
What constitutes "have to"? You see you're gonna die if you don't, pull the trigger.
Stay frosty.
Stay frosty.
Is that you, Boyd? For the record, that makes me two for two.
For the record, it doesn't matter.
Who's your friend? His name's Picker.
I didn't ask to think if he played guitar.
You Givens? Mm-hmm.
You know why we're here, right? Yeah.
Boyd, what was the name of that astronaut? You know, I don't recall.
He was a big deal.
Went up to the moon.
He swung the golf club, Raylan.
He drove the car.
Raylan, I was the one enamored with space flight.
I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one.
He drove the car.
I'll bet a dollar.
Well, I don't have it on me now, Raylan, but Oh, for Christ's sake.
Raylan, you know I like a good conversation as much as But, uh, being as matters are pressing? Why don't you just hand over Drew Thompson to these Well, I won't say nice, but People, and save you and me a whole lot of trouble? Your buddy's right.
I don't give a rat's ass about you.
Just Thompson.
Well, first off, I ain't handing over anyone, or, generally speaking, doing anything either of you say.
And secondly, and perhaps more important, you two come any further, you're gonna have a bad afternoon.
Now we're having fun.
Raylan, just listen to reason.
It's just the two of you? Why don't you come back when you got a few more guys.
Meantime, I'll be upstairs.
You want to continue this conversation, I won't be too tough to find.
He wants butch and Sundance, he'll get it.
He's usually a little more fair-minded.
Not today.
As long as you're inviting people, make it a party.
It's okay.
It's me, Bob.
Wh-what happened? They're calling for backup.
- Then? Then they're coming in.
But you you got it handled, right? I figure I bought us maybe five minutes.
All right, well, then, I-I-I ought to say this.
Four cars, and not one goddamn cigarette lighter that isn't being used to charge a goddamn cellphone, and none of you smoke.
Nobody smokes? This is Kentucky, not Sausalito.
What's wrong with you people? Well, damn! I thought you were gonna throw it! God damn! Well? I think if there had been explosives, it would have been bigger than tha Holy shit.
Let's go! Let's go.
Holy shit.
What? I was wrong.
Drew's there.
Where? Look between the s.
And the Marshal's car.
I don't see anything.
He's right there! It's not him.
Oh, for Christ's sake! Give me that.
Oh, you're right.
That's not him.
Can I get you anything, Mr.
Augustine? I'm gonna have a smoke.
I haven't indulged in I don't know when.
But circumstances being what they are, I figure what the hell? Hmm.
All the bad habits I tried to quit, smoking was the hardest, as you can see.
Did you know that for every will age 14 years? I read that on the Internet.
If nobody minds, I would like to have a drink with this.
One hand full makes the other one feel so lonely.
Why are you talking? Huh? Oh, you don't like that question? Let me ask you another.
How many dicks you got to suck to get to the top of the food chain around here? It's got to be a ton of dicks.
It's got to be, like, morning, noon, and night.
Like, ever since you were 14.
It's got to be like, the alarm goes off, "I'm sucking dick.
" "Where's another dick I can" "suck?" Dick, dick, dick.
Go to bed, suck a dick.
Dicks, dicks, dicks.
It's got to be a ton.
I mean, a small-time, blond girl like you, looking for a better life? Plenty of girls like you, but what sets you apart? Extraordinary vacuuming skills.
It's got to be, right? Is that why they let you run the whorehouse? Because you train the girls in your off hours? Just like, "okay", "girls.
" I'm a businesswoman, Mr.
In that you attach yourself to whatever guy gets you what you want? Please just answer my question.
How many tweaker dick heads did you have to suck off before you got to this wonderful place in your life? You know what? I feel like a Brandy.
Kind of drink I imagine you folks up north enjoy.
Hell, I might acquire a taste for it.
You know, your Boyd, there, he's got a real heart of a champion.
He is willing to do whatever it takes to get what it is that he wants.
But what about you? What are you willing to do? What are you willing to take? All right.
Or give? You really love Boyd, don't you? That ring he got you, where'd he get it from one of those claw machines at Denny's? He must be good at that machine, 'cause it's hard to get something, you know.
It's always lifting up, then it drops.
Come on.
Show me your tits.
I want to see them.
- I want to see what got you to the top - All right, enough, God damn it! Oh, really, Johnny? Oh, we're gonna put on a show? Just stop talking.
You're you're serious? I thought you were Playing a Oops.
What's going on? Ava, d-don't listen to a word this man says.
Oh, me and my mouth.
Somebody say something! What'd you do? This is heartbreaking.
Don't tell her, Johnny.
He went to Duffy! He made his play, a while ago.
'Cause guys don't have to really suck dicks to get what they want.
They just need to betray someone.
Is what you're saying is that you want a blowjob? I always want a blowjob.
That Maybe I hitched myself to the wrong man? Clearly.
That you're the one to take me to the promised land.
Time will tell.
Ava, don't.
What are you gonna do, Johnny? Gonna finish what you started? You gonna shoot me? Try to understand.
Oh, you Don't explain.
Just shoot! What? Can't you? Ava I-I love you.
Oh, that's sweet.
I see what you like about her.
Okay, pal.
Open it.
Raylan Givens, are you in there? The principal's office, huh? I thought the metaphor was apt.
Well, they got a chair in there with my name on it? You think they would, as many times as I walked in that room.
You're welcome to come in and look for it.
Go on.
Well, I think what he means by "come on in" is he will shoot whoever walks through that door.
I know.
Go on.
Raylan, old friend? I don't know if you can tell from in there, but, uh We got a whole lot of men on the other side of this door, like you asked.
I don't think you understand, Raylan.
It's all on the line.
Meaning they want you to come through first? You got 10 seconds.
Raylan? Any last words? Raylan! Something ain't right.
This ain't like him.
- 54 32.
- Wait a second.
Thompson's not in there.
- I'm telling you.
- One! Hold your fire.
He is right.
Drew's not here.
Hasn't been here for some time.
You want to come in, take a look I don't mind.
You just do it real slow.
Real, real slow.
Who's he? Uh, he's the man who killed yoo-hoo.
Him? People underestimate Bob at their peril.
What next? Well, now, you ask again where Drew went, and then you threaten to kill us if we don't tell.
Just keep in mind Bob looks the way he does 'cause he wouldn't talk.
Him setting the bar so high, I figure I got to hold out myself, so I guess you kill us.
Fine by me.
You don't hear that? I believe those are friends of mine.
So you can try to kill us.
But then they're gonna show up and kill you.
Everybody loses, or You could be on your way And just promise me that we'll get together and do this again someday.
Where the hell are you going? Well, you heard him.
Drew ain't here, and they ain't gonna talk.
And you want to stay and kill the Marshals, that's on you.
But that ain't what I signed up for.
Well, what if we just kill you? Because, Mr.
Picker, your God has much bigger problems than me.
You promise me, too, Boyd.
You can count on it, Raylan! We're clear.
They skedaddled fast.
Smart enough to know they'd lost.
Well, I thought I'd had a fun day.
Quick question where's Drew? You want to tell them, Bob? It was your idea.
Well, you You think you'd need a car or a helicopter to get out of Harlan, but there's another way.