Justified s05e02 Episode Script

The Kids Aren't All Right

Previously on "Justified" Ow! I had to kill three deliverymen, I got no dope, and my ear's damn near been shot off.
We're going to Detroit.
Where's our dope? One more shipment.
That's it.
When? Two days.
Maybe three.
I want you to swear you'll leave my family be.
Or? Or you'll die here in this limo.
I'm afraid I'm fresh out of ideas.
Florida's tapped out for us Crowes.
Let me ask you something.
Do you have a cousin Dewey in Kentucky? I don't know shit about no dead coast guard.
What about your kin? Them Florida Crowes are bad news.
I take it you're here because my good friend Judge Bishop has Ava's case.
How much? $300,000.
It won't happen.
You killed him.
I didn't mean to do nothing wrong! But you did.
Yeah, but I didn't mean to.
But you did! Didn't he? Yep.
And you know what bring me down? You got all these damn crackers in this crew, and it's the nigga that had to go and screw shit up! What are we looking at? He say they shorted him.
You believe him? What is this shit right here? Is this where my missing drugs ended up? It ain't like that, H.
I just messed up is all.
So you ain't crooked.
You're just a moron.
Or may maybe it was my fault.
Was I unclear in my instructions? You said pick up pick up the dope in Lexington, I I pay them two kids, and then bring the dope back.
Sounds pretty simple to me.
Can o' corn.
Look, they didn't give me all of the dope.
And you didn't weigh it out? It looked good! "It looked good.
" Geez.
I I'll go down there myself.
I'll take care of it.
Condition you're in? I'm gonna send them two.
What about me? Don't worry brothers will take care of you.
Let's go.
So, we seal team 6 it.
What? Seal team.
Tightest shit wins.
What are the doctors sayin'? They had to put him in a coma for the swelling to go down.
Maybe he wake up.
Maybe not.
Maybe he be a vegetable.
Maybe not.
Were you there when it happened? It was Crowder, wasn't it? Skinny guy about medium height? Dark hair he wears it up all crazy.
Smile that nearly blinds you.
You know, Boyd Crowder.
Yeah, that's him.
You are a very lucky girl.
You just crossed paths with the most dangerous man in Kentucky, and you lived to tell the tale.
Are you afraid of him? Afraid? No.
I am not afraid of Boyd Crowder.
In fact, I would bet that Boyd Crowder is afraid of me.
Look, you have nothing to worry about as long as you keep me close, okay? This is horse shit.
The only thing I'm guilty of is being rich.
And now, thanks to Obama, I got a target on my back.
Doesn't matter to us if you're guilty, but you're under arrest.
You and your property are seized till the court makes its determination.
Yeah, well, till that happens, I want these cuffs off and you people out of my house.
Actually, according to this piece of paper, it's our house now.
You got any idea what that thing is worth? What, like 100 bucks? That's a third-model Colt Dragoon used by Confederate General William Mahone.
So more than $100? Probably more than your annual salary.
Though I have a car stereo probably costs more than you make, so that ain't sayin' much.
That's a lot of money for a gun that probably doesn't shoot.
The hell it doesn't.
I've got a negro down in Alabama makes them load special for me.
This doesn't bother you at all? I make sure he don't keep the guns loaded in the house.
Your girlfriend's a very tolerant woman.
Gloria ain't my girlfriend.
She's the maid.
She takes care of my more personal needs.
So who's this? That's Manuela.
She keeps the house.
She also sautés up a mean iguana, if you're ever in the mood.
Is very tender.
Rest of the house is clean.
You should see this place.
We got a bowling alley in the basement.
All this for doing Detroit's dirty laundry.
You know what? When this ugliness blows over, you ought to come on over and do my laundry, and I'll tell you all about it.
We done with him? Givens.
When this is over, I'm gonna own every cheap-suit-wearing, no-class, shit-kickin' one of you.
Lieutenant, I'm gonna have to ask you to slow down.
Well, I'm kind of in the middle of something.
Well, I could swing by now if All right.
See you shortly.
Where are you going? Lexington P.
Lieutenant just accused me of being responsible for his kid's dope problem.
Are you being funny? 'Cause I can't tell anymore.
Shouldn't take more than an hour.
You realize we came in your car, right? You were right This sounds fantastic.
That's my goddamn car! Jesus Christ.
He's dead? It was an accident.
An accident? You accidentally killed him? What I mean to say is I didn't intend to kill him.
We needed him alive, Boyd.
We needed him to recant his testimony.
I'm aware of that, baby.
Don't worry I still have everything under control.
How? How is this under control? You got an incorruptible judge and now a witness whose sworn statement is set in stone.
This trial takes place in 10 days.
What, you want to rely on this asshole to get me off? Now, ain't nobody talkin' to you.
Put those headphones back on.
Baby, now, this case ain't ever gonna see the inside of a courtroom.
Now, I am sorry.
But I am doing everything that I can for you.
And I would appreciate it if you would keep that in mind.
I am sorry.
You're right.
It just sucks in here, Boyd.
Long, humiliating days.
I know.
Well, I've been here, too, remember? You are the only person in the world I got lookin' out for me.
I always have and I always will.
Don't lose faith in me now.
So what did you tell her? That I have the situation under control.
But you don't.
Do you get paid to tell me shit I already know? Now, did you hear from the Canadians regarding the shipment? Just that we're still on track for delivery in two days.
Well, for $900,000, I want more than an ETA.
Well, if you boys are looking for a drink, you've come to the wrong bar.
Oh, we're not thirsty, Boyd.
Well, we don't sell doughnuts.
So why don't you take your fat asses out of here? What, she supposed to mean something to me? Oh, you don't know her? No.
I don't.
But if I wasn't already engaged, I wouldn't mind making her acquaintance.
Bad news.
See, she was there last night when you tried to kill her husband.
Excuse me.
Go ahead, hon.
Is that the guy? Because I've been waiting a long goddamn time for this.
What did you say? It's not the guy.
It's not him.
Is this a joke, Mara? Or maybe this is just a language-barrier thing, but what does skinny, medium height, with dark, spiky hair and big shiny teeth mean where you're from? Because here in America, it means that piece of shit right there.
I know what I said.
Look, you check again.
And you make goddamn good and sure.
Is this the man who assaulted your husband? Like I said, it's not him.
Well, if there's nothing else.
I'm sorry about your husband, ma'am.
Thank you.
So my wife catches him smoking it in our basement with some kind of vaporizer.
Right in my own damn house.
That your son there in the lobby? Hell no.
That's the boyfriend.
I wasn't aware she had one.
You expect me to believe that? Look, I don't know what she told you, but we're actually not that close.
She said you were practically her stepfather.
I'm a father myself.
Not hers, mind you.
But I understand what you're going through.
Hey, stop with the bullshit and put it in your book, all right? I went out and I found this girl.
I was prepared to rain legal shit down upon her until she started talking marshal, marshal.
You are here as a courtesy.
If you don't go in there and set her straight, I will, and neither you nor her will want that.
I remember my first time in the cell.
Me and Mike graves got caught smashing mailboxes with a baseball bat out of the window of his '64 Impala.
This ain't my first time in a cell.
Mike's dad had him out within an hour.
I spent the night.
Your dad sounds like a real asshole.
Can't say I was surprised, knowing your history the way I do, to hear you been slingin' weed.
But I was surprised to hear you'd been selling it to a cop's kid.
Well, if you'd met the kid, you'd know I can't ruin a future someone doesn't have.
If that ain't bad enough, you come in here and paint the walls with my name.
Look, Raylan, I know I screwed up.
I know.
I'm sorry that I brought you into this.
But you get me out of here, I swear I won't ask for your help again.
Next time, lead with that.
It's bullshit, but at least it's an attempt.
Raylan? Where you going? Well, I'm gonna let you ride the rap, young lady, same as everyone.
If you need anything, just ask for officer stick-up-his-ass.
He'd be happy to help you.
You shittin' me, Raylan?! Hey.
Hey, man.
Hey, pig, I'm talkin' to you.
Pig is slang for cop.
I ain't a cop, but there's plenty of them here if that's what you want.
Well, yeah, but where's Loretta? She ain't comin'.
Yeah, but she said that She was wrong.
You ain't gonna get her out? What's your name? Derrick Waters.
Let me tell you something, Derrick.
You sell weed to a cop's kid, you end up in a cell.
You want to end up in a cell, too, or you want to get out of my face? You know, Loretta said you were cool, but you're a total dick.
All right.
Well, have a good one.
I see you've met the boyfriend.
I've dated a few world-class douchebags in my time, but that little shit-stain is in a league of his own.
I swear.
You ever have that feeling like you just walked away from your car and you're not sure if you locked it or not? It's amazing I even remember to put on underwear before I leave the house.
You're confused.
A little.
I'm Alison.
I know.
I saw your picture in the paper.
How'd I look? Taller.
Uh, sorry, are you, uh, a lawyer or ? I'm Loretta's social worker.
I guess I was dealing with someone else before.
Kind of heavyset? Regina.
She wasn't your type.
Probably best for everyone, then.
Where's Loretta? Still in her cell.
You law guys you only know one way to do things.
You think just leaving her in there all alone will scare her straight, but what it really does it makes her feel like no one gives a shit about her.
Boyfriend seems to care.
Was that a joke? An attempt.
All he cares about is slingin' Molly at rich kids' parties.
Oh, so he's an entrepreneur, then.
He can't even pee over his own shoes.
Which is why I was gonna go talk to him, see if I can convince him he ain't Loretta's type.
Then I'd like to call you, let you know how it went.
You got a card or something? Card? I thought finding people's what marshals do.
Now, Boyd's always done right by you, hasn't he? And all he expects in return is his money every week.
Look, you know I want to do right by Boyd.
But the money is in the office, and Dewey's in there.
So get him out.
How should I do that? Tell him one of the whores is on fire.
What do I care? Why are you in such a big hurry? Can't you wait just a little bit? And do what? Well, it is a whorehouse.
Look, when Dewey leaves, I'll go in the office and I'll get you Boyd's cut.
I can't wait around here all day just 'cause you ain't got no balls.
What's going on there? Nothin'.
Nothin'? Well, I could have swore I heard Carl here tell my manager he don't got no balls.
Well, Carl's upset with me 'cause I let you fire Chrissy.
That's right.
She was definitely my favorite girl.
Chrissy was fat.
Yeah, 'cause that's what I like.
More cushion for the pushin'.
Well, see, this here's Dewey Crowe's whorehouse, and Dewey Crowe's whorehouse ain't gonna have no fatties runnin' around.
You know, Carl ain't the only one, boss.
I've had other clients ask after her.
About the big one? I mean, think on account of she's a bit on the heavy side, so she's been forced to develop her skill set in other ways.
I'll tell you what you let me hire her back, I'll keep her out in the trailer.
You won't even know she's here.
Yeah, I guess this is what it means being the boss.
Got to give the customers what they want.
Hire that big bitch back.
Oh, hey, uh, and any more problems arise, I'll be in the office.
That's all I could think of.
Just call me when you got the cash.
Look, we gave him all the stuff.
I don't know what you're talkin' about.
Don't talk that shit to me, man.
I'll bust your head wide open lyin' to me like that.
How's everybody doing? Now, I know the kid, but I don't believe we've met.
Are you guys friends of Derrick's? What's your names? You boys speak English? A little.
You understand this? You a cop? Marshals service.
Oh, well, we considered law enforcement.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
But what we really wanted, though, was military, but then, you know, you got to be on base all day and shit.
But a lawman, though a lawman get to have his nights to himself.
So what held you back? High-school diploma? Nah.
You know, if you shoot someone, you got to have a reason.
Then you got to go fill out a whole lot of paperwork.
Not for you, huh? No, we don't do that shit.
But what you want with this guy, huh? He piss you off? What you do? You sleep with his daughter? He screwed your daughter? My daughter's in diapers.
That must be awfully upsetting, then, huh? Let's go.
Nice job, asshole.
Anything else? Yeah.
You're breaking up with Loretta.
And do it like a gentleman, huh? Make her feel like she's too good for you.
Tell her that being with someone like you is just gonna hold her back.
We talkin' about the same Loretta here? Take it easy, Derrick.
Raylan Givens.
Took all of our office's considerable resources, we let a fugitive escape, but I did manage to get your number.
Well, I just had a chat with our mutual friend, and I thought you might want to get together and discuss it.
Can't smoke that in here, ma'am.
They said I could.
You might want to try the stairwell at the end of the hallway.
Forrest, dial 118, please.
Well, I think we need to talk, don't you? That was your friend.
Well, that depends on your definition of a friend.
He's a nice enough fella.
But I wouldn't ask to borrow his corduroy jacket.
Is that one of them electronic cigarettes? You want to try? No.
I think if I'm gonna smoke, I'll do it the old-fashioned way.
You know, I fancy myself a gifted student in human behavior, but you Well, I can't quite pin down.
Now, it's obvious he didn't die.
Why don't you take it from there? Once I realized that Lee was still alive, I had to try and save him.
Well, I respect that.
I mean, the man is your husband, after all.
I blame myself for not confirming his demise, but I was in a state.
And where I get confused is why you decided not to give me up.
Lee will never again be the man that I married.
So I'm in a tough spot.
And I decided that the best person to help me is you.
Well I would much rather help you than hurt you.
So start talkin'.
I thought America would be wonderful But then I ended up here in Harlan, with an older man, preparing dead bodies.
So, you see, I just want to go home now.
You want that money.
$300,000 and I'm gone.
Well, what if I just finish what I started? Then you can get all of Mr.
Paxton's money.
I signed a contract that I must be married for 10 years or I get nothing.
And there's no way they would let him live that long.
Well, as much as I would like to accommodate you, I can't produce that kind of cash at the moment.
You're a very resourceful man.
You'll figure it out.
And as long as I get my money soon, everything will be fine.
Excuse me! If I could have your attention, please, for a minute! I know you're all expecting Mr.
Crowder, but since he seems to be indisposed, I'm gonna speak on his behalf.
Now, I know there have been concerns among you, our valued distributors, regarding the inconsistent nature of our product's delivery.
But I am here to tell you that everything is fine, all is well, and that the new shipment will be here very soon.
When? I'm sorry.
To whom am I speaking? I believe I just made that clear.
Uh, you made it clear it'd be soon.
I need to know because I need more.
No, you don't.
In fact, you need less.
You should count yourself grateful you got what you got.
Now, if there are no further questions We're out on the street risking our necks for you, man.
Just to get a tiny little piece of your pie.
Is that right? Yeah! Am I right? Am I right? Yeah! All right.
And you're gonna stand up there in that cute little suit of yours and you're gonna refuse to shoot us straight? Now, if you can't give us a specific time, at least you could tell us if you're having a problem with your distributor.
A question worthy of the White House press corps.
I always knew you had it in you, Cyrus.
Now, how many people in this room have a cellphone? That's an amazing invention makes your life better every single day, but sometimes your service drops out.
Now, you don't care about broken satellites.
You don't want to know the how.
You want to know the why can't I make my goddamn phone call? Now, rest assured, Mr.
Duffy and I have fixed the signal and your service will be restored.
I need to know when, Boyd.
Day after tomorrow.
Now, I want you all to know how much we appreciate your patience and your loyalty, Cyrus, and because talk is cheap and liquor is not, drink are on the house.
Sorry I'm late.
Interrupting something? Oh, no.
We can pick this up later.
Just want to let you know we're all set with the Monroe case.
He's locked up.
House is secured.
Rachel told me.
She also told me that you drove off in Monroe's car taking it to storage, I assume? That's right.
So, is it in storage now? Basically.
You know, if you really wanted to piss this guy off, why not just move in? No, I bet he never thought of that.
Uh, hate to give up my suite above the bar, but if it helps, I'll take the hit.
We've done it before with high-end properties.
Stationed a guy there, see if anything pops up.
You okay with it? Am I liable for any damages that he causes if I say yes? No.
Then yes.
You're in.
Everything all right? Yeah.
Oh, but while I have you We received an interesting phone call while you were in Florida.
Creditors? Sammy Tonin.
Sammy Tonin called here? Called here, asked for you, not 24 hours before he turned up dead.
And I'm just hearing about this now? Well, I had to make sure it wasn't a prank call, verify the number.
Wasn't hard to do after he turned up dead.
What'd he want? I was about to ask you that question.
Maybe he knew the end was near, was lookin' to make a deal.
Yeah, I thought about that.
There you go.
But if he was wantin' to make a deal, he already knew all those people in Detroit.
Why would he call you? Remember a few months back, FBI was sniffing around, Sammy and I had a face-to-face at the stables at Keeneland? Vaguely.
Said if he was ever lookin' to make a deal, shoot me a call.
Is that Loretta? Yeah.
We good? Yeah.
Give her my best.
What the hell did you do? Listen, I know it feels like there'll never be another boy, but trust me, you have so many in your future.
Raylan, what are you talking about? Derrick breaking up with you.
Derrick didn't break up with me.
Why not? He's missing, Raylan.
Since when? Since last night when he said you were all up in his business.
Business? That's what we're calling it now? You want to find him, you best tell me what's going on.
How far down you bury this shit? I'm almost there.
I know it.
I'm hungry.
I'm starting to lose faith in you, D.
I swear.
I was out here with her two days ago.
I buried it myself.
What? It's not here.
That's what.
It's here.
Give me the shovel.
No, no.
It's here.
It's here.
Let me see that.
No! Just a little deeper.
You kill him, I ain't diggin'.
The shit ain't buried here.
The bitch moved it on him.
You know what? You a dumbass.
You know that? It never occurred to you, huh? That's a smart move not to trust your pussy ass.
It stings, don't it? Listen, man, may not be much consolation for you, but you was gonna be in this hole either way.
No, no, no.
Hey, look who it is, frick and frack.
You gonna make me do the paperwork? You all right? No.
That nigga hit me with a shovel.
You don't want to arrest us.
Arresting us ain't no good.
Why's that? 'Cause hot rod's just gonna keep goin' after them kids.
Hot Rod Dunham from Memphis? Shit, Derrick, how'd you get messed up with him? Guess.
God damn it, Loretta.
You know, I thought you and I were gonna be able to have a little bit of fun.
But not only do you embarrass me, but I've got to hear from my deputies that Boyd Crowder came to visit you at the hospital.
I don't know what you're Not another word, baby girl.
You know what people around here see when they look at you? They see a sexy woman that cashed in her self-respect for a rich husband.
Basically they see a whore.
And when I arrest you for trying to kill your husband, there ain't a jury in the great state of Kentucky that won't convict your ass.
Now, I want you to go home, and I want you to think long and hard about the night that Lee was attacked.
Then I want you to come into the station, and we're gonna do this the right way.
You got that? Oh, yeah.
Now, you drive safe now, honey.
You know, if you was smart, you'd be gone before they showed up.
Apparently I ain't that smart.
"Apparently"? Yeah, where you messed up was when you called your girl.
You know, the chick you called in the car.
The date you broke off when you was, uh, comin' out here.
He means Alison.
I know who he means.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Alison.
What's the deal with that? You know, what you should have told her was not that you weren't gonna come to dinner tonight, but that you ain't ever comin' to dinner again.
My general rule is, you keep talkin', I put you in the trunk.
You're a lousy conversationalist.
Last chance.
Oh, look at this motley crew.
I don't suppose your boys are unarmed.
You know, I get a call from a Givens at this late hour, I get nervous.
"A Givens," huh? I guess that means you knew Arlo.
Oh, I knew him well.
We did plenty of business over the years.
Good for you.
Now, you want to hear the deal, or you want to talk about my family? Oh, i is that what we're doin' here? Dealing? First off, whatever transpired between you and those kids gets squashed.
No vendetta, no debt.
You tell me it's over, and it stays that way.
Would you prefer that I respond point by point or should I wait till the end? You can wait till the end.
Second, no one in your organization steps foot in Kentucky again.
You keep to Memphis, and you leave me and mine out of it.
Anything else? No, that's it.
You see, the problem is, I entered into business with these kids, and they pulled a slick one on me.
I can't let that slide, and furthermore, I shouldn't have to.
You get in the weed business with teenagers and it's their fault when things go wrong? You the type of fellow that walks under a flock of birds and is surprised when he ends up with shit on his face? Just 'cause I knew your daddy, don't think I won't have you killed right now.
See, Arlo knew when to walk away.
Did you learn nothin' from him? Oh, I learned a bit.
When I was a boy, Arlo had this scam stealin' mining equipment, shipping it South, tradin' it for cocaine.
A couple company men got wind of who was rippin' them off, and they went after Arlo and his crew.
They shot up a couple spots, including our house.
They killed Casper Johns wasn't with the crew, was just living with us at the time and then this other fella that Arlo had been runnin' with since high school.
You get what I'm sayin'? Even before I went to Glynco and trained to be a dead shot, I seen people kill one another, and I learned to be ready in case they came after me to do me harm.
In other words, I'll kill four of you before you even clear your weapons and I'll take my chances with the other two, and you see this star? That's gonna make it legal.
Now, do we have an understandin' here? All right, Derrick, this is your stop.
You serious? You want me to take the bus? Unless you'd rather walk.
Derrick, I got a loaded gun.
Get out of my car.
All right.
Whatever, man.
Come on, Loretta.
Loretta, let's go.
Your call.
Well, thanks for the ride.
You lied to him, didn't you? Moved the money and didn't tell him.
I'm not a total moron.
Even though you knew it might get him killed.
It didn't.
Your performance at the marshals office.
Moved to tears 'cause he was missin' was just so I'd take care of your problem for you.
You played me.
I didn't play you, Raylan.
You are who you are.
You were gonna go lookin' for Derrick the moment I told you he was missin'.
Loretta, in the future, do me a favor take it easy on the rest of us, huh? All right.
Hey! Hey! Now, y'all pay close attention, and I'll show you how this shit is done.
You ready, crackpot? Yeah? All right.
Now, don't go easy on me, now.
Ready hey! No, no, no.
Back here.
Set go! Go.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Here it comes.
Like a little jackrabbit.
Ow, man! Ohhhh! Shit! Damn, Cyrus! How many times you pump that thing? Oh, don't be such a pussy.
Shit didn't even break the skin.
Let me see it.
Let me see it.
Tony B, pay the man.
Bye-bye, crackpot.
Hey, watch where you're goin'! You ain't got nothin' better to do than shoot at runnin' junkies.
Not until you showed up I didn't.
What's up, candy? I don't know.
You tell me.
I'm afraid I'm a little dry right now.
Oh, well, in that case, then, so am I.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hold up.
Hold up.
Come here.
Stay here.
I might have heard something about some shit comin' in.
Give you the inside scoop and a free taste you stick around a while.
I'm listening.
First, you got what I like? It'll be just like your dick's in a popcorn machine.
Shit comes in tonight.
Be on the street first thing tomorrow mornin'.
Well, you sure do know how to make a girl happy.
And now you're gonna return the favor.
I got to tell you right now, there ain't a man on planet earth ridin' high as Dewey Crowe.
Hey, Dewey.
Unless Hitler has risen from the grave and is in my whorehouse, go away right now, Messer! You know I wouldn't bother you if it weren't real important.
But I do need you for a minute.
I told him, you know, he couldn't just go on and take stuff for free, but he said he's your kin.
There he is.
Big time! Darryl.
You got yourself a nice setup in here.
Yeah, boy.
It's good to see you, cousin Dewey.
Real good to see you, family.
Oh, hey, ed, thanks for gettin' back to me so quick.
You must not have anything to do up there.
Well, anything for Art Mullen in the twilight of his great career.
You do lay it on thick, Ed.
How can I help? Um, I was just wonderin' if your office had anything to do with the fallout from the Sammy Tonin fiasco.
No, that's been mainly the FBI and D.
on the front lines.
We come in if they need extra firepower or a seizure team.
Why? I was hopin' you guys might have some information about Sammy's whereabouts the night Nicky augustine got killed.
The shooting on the tarmac? That's right.
The one in Lexington? Yeah.
Guess I can do a little poking around, see what I can find.
Well, I'd appreciate it.
All right.
You got it.
All right.
So, you think she'll be okay? Until she screws up again.
Well, maybe she won't.
She's the daughter of a murdered pot farmer.
She is who she is.
Ain't gonna change.
Well, at least you're not feeding me bullshit to get laid.
I was just about to get to that.
I hate to break it to you, but this is not gonna end up with us wakin' up together.
You're just gonna use me and go home, huh? When I was 17, I had this job, and I was sellin' military equipment at trade shows, and they didn't care I was underage.
And they would brief me on sarin gas mask, and then I would go and I would shake my ass and charm these four-star generals into buying half a million units.
Sounds pretty good.
It was shit.
But I did make good money, and I got to travel, which was a nice perk, you know, being from Penhook, Virginia.
Anyway, I met a few military boys.
And the military guys turned you off from men in the service.
Oh, lord, no.
Those boys, they were fit and polite and sweet as pie.
No, it wasn't till I got this job and started dating cops that I got turned off from all y'all.
Maybe I'm different.
You are different.
You're livin' in a criminal's house, drivin' his car, drinkin' his wine.
I have my own place.
Above a college bar.
And then there's the kid in Florida.
She's fine with her mother.
Yeah, but shouldn't you and her be tryin' to make it work? We did.
That's how we ended up with the kid.
Should I keep going? There's some red flags, I admit.
Doesn't mean I'm not capable of change.
Just give me a target to shoot for.
I'll hit it.
Like what? Gettin' me in that hot tub? That's not what I was thinkin'.
No? Then what is? You like to bowl? Mara.
Pull over.
What the hell happened? Shit.
They hit our shipment.
Who the hell could have done all this? Clean it up.
The cars, the bodies all of it.