Justified s05e01 Episode Script

A Murder of Crowes

Isn't it true that my client was drugged and abducted from Tramble prison against his will and better judgment? What better judgment? Yes or no, deputy? Yes.
And isn't it true that my client was later drugged again and made to believe that his kidneys had been removed? You might want to note for the record he thought he had four kidneys.
Your honor, would you please direct the witness? Yes.
And isn't it true that on the occasion of your first meeting, you broke Mr.
Crowe's nose? Objection.
No basis in evidence.
I'm simply asking deputy Givens to corroborate his own report, your honor.
Was that in the report? You grabbed his hair and slammed his face into a steering wheel, and a few days later, you hit him in the nose with the butt of a shotgun didn't you? I don't remember putting that in the report.
Deputy, perhaps you should just stipulate to having assaulted my client on not less than a dozen occasions.
Objection! Counsel, approach the bench.
Keyhoe, you getting anywhere near a point? Your honor, I've got a long list of federal inmates that are prepared to testify to their abuse at the hands of this man.
Your honor, that's bullshit.
There's a $20,000 settlement on the table, Ms.
Vasquez, this goes beyond the abuses perpetuated against my client.
I'm laying the foundation for a class-action lawsuit against the United States marshal service and the federal bureau of prisons.
Hmm? Just Your honor.
Two hundred.
Two fifty.
Little bit higher.
Three hundred.
Step back.
Crowe, a settlement offer of $20,000 has already been made.
The U.
attorney has modified it to three hundred.
Do you accept that offer? No, I do not! After what I've been through My kidneys and everything You telling me all I get is $300? $300,000, you nitwit.
I'll take that as a yes.
Next case.
All right, they got you down for obstruction, evidence tampering, and desecration of a corpse, which will get tossed before we even get into court, unless you were actually having sex with dead Delroy, which I doubt.
Now, most lawyers will tell you to plea it out anyway, but I don't plea bargain ever, and that's why they call me the wildman.
Counselor, may I interrupt? Did you bring your headphones like I asked? Yeah, but My fiancée and I need to have a conversation without being recorded.
What exactly are we talking about? Well, rest assured it will not be about you.
So, put 'em on, plug 'em in, and crank it to 10.
What's going on? Baby, I'm ready for whatever selection they make.
McAllister's easy Whores.
Reynolds is a little more difficult, but he's an alcoholic with money woes.
Now, judge Bishop He's the wild card.
He's as honest as they come.
I might have to threaten his family, but the point is I'm gonna do whatever I got to do to get you out of here.
How are you, Boyd? Sitting in your house in the country, I feel like I'm in my own jail.
But I know that this will be back on your finger soon enough.
Time's up! It's just the truck.
Where are your lead and follow cars? We got separated back at one of the turns.
That the money? It is.
But you don't get it until I see the shipment.
I don't know how many of these rodeos you been to, friend.
That's not how it works.
Well, that's how it's gonna work tonight friend.
How 'bout you toss that briefcase over here? Ross? When I shoot him, get that briefcase out of his dead hands.
No, this ain't my first rodeo.
Carl! I got you, Boyd! Now, you ain't got any dope in that truck, do you, son? You got to understand.
Detroit's in free fall.
We never got the dope.
So, what? You figured you drive South anyway, rip off the simple people? Well, we ain't that simple.
Now, you got a man inside that truck? What's his name? Donny.
Donny? Now, you must've heard what just happened to your friends.
I'd imagine you want to avoid a similar fate.
Now, why don't you slide that door open four inches and ease whatever weapons you have out butt first.
Ow! God damn it! Aah! Aah! Boyd, he got your ear.
I know.
I'm the one who got shot! It's Crowder.
I didn't take you for a tennis fan, Mr.
Crowder, but the only reason I can see you calling at this hour is to discuss Azarenka's last match.
I had to kill three deliverymen, I got no dope, and my ear's damn near been shot off.
Pack a bag.
We're going to Detroit.
On this lonely road Trying to make it home Doing it by my lonesome Pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy You try to bogard Fall back, I go hard On this lonely road Trying to make it home Doing it by my lonesome Pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come You're late.
We have a shipment coming in Port of Miami.
Can I get, uh, one of those? Why don't we just get this done with? The money.
How short is this? Not a lot.
Fifty's half.
Half's a lot.
What'd you do this time? What kind of q-question's that? Well, if you were a cook, I'd say, "what's cooking?" But since you're a s-s-screw-up, I'm asking about that.
You best not make fun of me.
Where's the rest of the money? That's all we got from the c-candy company.
Yeah? Which candy company is that, Dilly? The one that b-bought the sugar.
He insisted we stop at the Apalachee casino.
Indian casinos are rigged against t-the white man.
That's a fact.
Then why'd you go? Can't win if you don't p-play, choo choo.
I had an arrangement with the Machado family not this moron.
So, if I'm gonna be dealing with the Crowes, I want to deal with the other brother.
No! N-no! You can't do that.
W-w-why is that? The only reason I went to the A-Apalachee is 'cause I already lost a bundle of the family's money on the d-dogs, and I had to make it up.
Darryl like as not to beat my ass, he finds out.
Gator boy is gonna get us all arrested.
Come on.
Nobody gonna touch you.
You're a c-cop.
I'm a c-c-coast guard, you Now, what'd you do that for? T-tired of him making fun of me! He alive? Not anymore.
Salí de Cuba por esta mierda! I have good news for you.
What'd I do now? Simon Lee off-duty Florida coast guard officer under investigation by the feds as missing and presumed dead.
If that's the good news, I don't want to hear the bad.
Suspect is a Cuban national, violent career criminal by the name of Elvis Manuel Machado.
Must be a story there.
Fugitive task force is looking for Mr.
Machado, and - among his known associates - Dillon Crowe, A.
A Dilly.
I believe you know him.
Figured he'd be dead by now.
That's why I told the task force that you'd be assisting them.
Art? Yeah, you get to Dilly to get to Machado.
Think of it like a family trip.
The Crowes are a terrible family.
I'm not talking 'bout their family.
I'm talking 'bout your family.
You got a kid down there.
Yeah, of course.
Well, there you go.
Quality time is very important when they're little.
Look, Art.
I'd love to see my child, but before we go spending taxpayer money on the ticket, I'd like to remind you we've got a perfectly good Crowe right here in Kentucky.
Yes, we're all familiar with Mr.
Dewey Crowe, but why would he help you? He owes me a favor.
Figure he owes you about 300,000 favors.
I'll go see Dewey, get to the bottom of this.
Be back before you know it.
You leave today! Well hey, Raylan.
Can I get you a blowjob or something? Just some water.
I didn't mean me, of course.
Uh, guess what.
I got out of prison.
Did you? Yeah.
Got out of prison.
Rode Dickie Bennett's shirttails out of Tramble, on account of the scandal? How'd you know? It's protocol to tell me when a known felon who's tried to kill me a couple times has been released in case they get it in their head to try again.
Well, it sounds like a good policy.
I'm here for the owner.
Boyd? He don't own the place no more.
I'm looking for the new owner.
Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo! - Wade, I told you - Don't blame Wade.
God damn it.
Now, is that any way to greet your old courtroom buddy Raylan? Out of the pool, please, ladies.
Hey, hey! You work for him or me? I say they're staying.
Now, this is my place.
You don't do as I say, I'm gonna haul 'em in for impeding a federal investigation.
If I start arresting girls, how's that for business, Dewey? You and Wade the only two pussies in this whorehouse? It's okay, Dewey.
We'll be inside.
Federal investigation, my ass.
You just here to get some payback.
You, too out of the pool.
You just pissed 'cause I got one over on you in court.
Well, go ahead! Hit me.
I'll probably get another $20,000, $30,000 for that.
I'm here about a dead coast guard officer.
The suspect's tight with your cousins.
Jesus Christ! That's what you got me out here freezing my balls off for? I want you to tell me where a Florida task force can find him.
Save me the trip.
Yeah, how 'bout this? I don't say shit until I get my robe.
Stay put.
I'll get it for you.
This Boyd's idea, you buying this place? I-I told him I want to put my money to work.
Yeah? He offered to sell you Audry's? I don't remember whose idea it was.
How 'bout this gun in your pocket? Whose idea was that? I never seen that.
That ain't even loaded.
I believe that says "Dewey.
" It's a common name.
You're a convicted felon.
You know that, don't you? As such, you're not allowed the God-given, American right of carrying a concealed weapon Loaded or unloaded.
Now, am I gonna have to arrest you or are you gonna tell me what I need to know? Yeah, I'll tell you what I know.
I know you owe me an apology.
Dewey, I believe the $300,000 was the apology.
No, I ain't talking 'bout the government.
I'm talking 'bout you, Raylan Givens.
I'm sorry.
Now, you come here to my place What? I said I'm sorry, Dewey.
You ain't gonna bust my nose again? I'm gonna shoot your balls off and feed 'em to the squirrels, you don't tell me what you know.
I don't know shit about no dead coast guard.
What about your kin? I don't know about that, either, and I don't want to know.
Them Florida Crowes are bad news.
I told you I don't know shit! Okay.
I believe you.
God damn it! Get a bucket or something! Raylan.
Look at you.
This is Gregg Sutter.
Gregg's gonna be your chauffeur.
Chauffeur or babysitter? Heard a lot about you.
Nothing good, I trust.
All interesting.
Got any baby pictures? Not on me.
What do you think? James or Wade? Boy or girl? Girl.
I'd go with Wade.
Elvis Manuel Machado.
He's a family enforcer.
Machados are Cuban nationals, known drug-smugglers.
Cocaine or weed? Sugar.
Yeah, embargoed sugar from Cuba.
Once it's here, they sell it below market to low-rent candy companies.
You know, like the dollar-store knock-offs of Mike and Ikes.
Got most of the task force of South Florida looking for him right now.
And a handful running down an associate Dilly Crowe or one of his brothers.
Darryl Crowe Jr.
just got parole.
He reported twice and then absconded from his last known address.
That's where I come in.
That's where you come in.
I'm pretty sure Dilly's the dimmest of the lot, and that's saying something.
The only time I met him was out near Bell Glade by Clewiston.
They were poaching gators as a sideline.
That was the day I picked up Darryl Jr.
, and hauled him off to Starke.
I just figured they'd all be locked up or dead by now.
You flinched! Did not! You flinched, you little pussy.
Hey! Darryl! What, Dilly? I'm busy.
A-a-about this, uh, payoff for next week's shipment.
You ain't got to worry about that.
I told the island beaner take care of that.
Yeah, well well, w-we did that, but, uh What you mean "we"? I told him he's not supposed to come with me, but you know your brother.
He won't listen to me.
Danny, that dog shits in the house 'cause of the racket, I'm gonna make y'all two eat it! A-a-anyway, D-Darryl.
So, we go over there with the d-d-d With the money.
Yeah, all of it.
And he says, "I'm out.
" Excuse me.
Yeah, I told him that he was the key to the entire sugar o-operation, and he says to me, "well, I don't give a shit," so I-I shot him.
You killed him? Technically, I did.
Danny! If I move, I lose.
Danny, get! This like that mess you caused at Loxahatchee, ain't it, Dilly? Come on, Darryl.
Where's the body? They find the body, they're gonna find your bullets in him.
No, no, no.
We got the body.
Where at? In the boat.
He tried to blow the whistle on us, Darryl.
I mean, he was gonna t-turn us in.
Darryl, he was gonna bring down the family.
Shut up.
You're dumb.
Dumb ass! Huh.
This gonna turn federal.
This this gonna turn into a federal situation, and when it does, you two are dealing with it, 'cause I'll bury you and Desi Arnaz 'fore I let you ruin this family! You understand me? Now go on, take that body to the Haitian, and pay him to make it disappear.
You understand me, Dilly? Dilly, say "I understand" 'fore I smack the shit out you.
I understand.
You're a dumb, simple, stupid ass! All right, coming down! Well, I guess texting would take too long.
You not been paying attention? They intercepting everything Satellites and drones and shit.
You ever been to Detroit? I have.
I don't believe Mr.
Crowder's ever been outside Kentucky.
Well, I have been to Iraq.
It's a lot like Detroit, except you have better music.
What happened to your ear? Ceiling fan.
Back at you! Duffy, you up along with this cracker but your other dudes stay here.
Through that door.
Hey, hold up.
Hold up.
Take these.
How far? Till you run out of stairs.
Oh, shit.
I know that guy.
No, no, no, no.
We closed.
Not why we're here.
Fish and wildlife? U.
marshals after fugitives, not alligators.
Looking for a Cuban goes by the name of Elvis Manuel Machado.
Don't know no Elvises.
You sure? He's real close with your friends Darryl Jr.
, Dilly, and all them other Crowes.
You don't remember me, do you? What? I give you that tour one time? Close.
It was here we met.
I came by with a search warrant, looking for Darryl.
I told you he was in that trailer.
Opened the door, Bit me on the leg.
Took 10 stitches and a tetanus shot.
I had tickets to Tom Petty with ZZ Top up in Tampa.
Never made it, though, 'cause I had to come back here, find Darryl hiding out in the shitter.
Darryl not here.
We're not after Darryl.
Just hoping he and his brother can help us find Elvis.
Nothing happened to you, though, did it? You're still here, hanging out, pretending to be Tonton Macoute.
You know what that means Tonton Macoute? Mnh-mnh.
"Uncle gunnysack.
" He puts bad children in his sack, and then he eats 'em for breakfast.
It's just a fairy tale to scare the little ones, is all.
Still poaching gators for the Crowes, huh? No poaching.
We guides now even got state tags.
Take you on trip way up to the Everglades, you want hunt gator.
Maybe you like it so much You never come back.
I tried to skip this trip, take care of this in Kentucky with Darryl's cousin Dewey.
He came into a boatload of money.
You hear about that? No, but all this conversation's making me hungry.
You hungry? I could eat.
Gonna go to that Coopertown restaurant on Tamiami trail.
You know it? It's no good.
That'll give you about an hour to get a hold of Darryl and the boys and see if you can get them to help us out.
If you cannot, we're gonna come back here with your friends from fish and wildlife.
See how many gator carcasses you got in that shack.
Ça va? Yeah, I'm gonna get you the money I owe you.
Who was looking for me? Yo.
Come here.
Gas is here! Turn around.
Turn around, man.
We were frisked downstairs.
Well, you're upstairs now.
What happened to your ear? There's a fella downstairs looks a lot like you.
Why don't you ask him? Yeah, that was last week.
Must've been quite a party.
Sorry 'bout the hike.
On account of his dispute with the Canadians, Sammy needed 14 floors between him and the street.
It's not the hike you should be apologizing for, Mr.
It's the fact that this trip was even necessary.
Yeah, well, those guys who tried to jack you acted on their own.
You'd think in a city with 17% unemployment, we could get better help.
But Is that the money? It is, but I'm not gonna give it to you.
My mama always said, "you want clear water, go to the head of the stream.
" I think what Mr.
Crowder is saying is we'd like to speak to Mr.
Not a problem.
Sammy! Yo, Sammy! That was last week.
Sammy, we got company here! Come on! The guys from Kentucky are here.
Who is it? Who are you? Mr.
Tonin, my name is Wynn Duffy.
This is my associate Mr.
What are you doing here?! Why would anyone walk up 14 flights of stairs? To buy the dope we've been promised.
I-I-I was supposed Canadian.
The money's in the briefcase, okay? What? Don't you want it? Yeah, I want it.
Well, go get it.
Ah! Ah.
Yeah, it's me.
Sammy's dead.
Yeah, I put Doug out of his misery, too.
Oh, yeah, and I had to shoot the chainsaw guy.
Shit happens.
Yeah, they still are.
See you shortly.
I'm gonna need that briefcase now.
Aah! Shit, man! This doesn't concern me! So what should you do? You were saying? I'm sorry.
Would you say that again? Sammy owes the Canadians almost a million dollars.
When I heard you were coming, I cut a deal with the Canadians.
- I give them the money - Our money.
And I kill Sammy, and in exchange, they wouldn't kill me.
Well, it sounds like we need to have a conversation with the canucks.
Now pick up my goddamn money.
Went to Oklahoma state.
Joined the marshals.
Met my wife, Julie.
Been married 24 years.
Got two boys walking this earth.
Good guys.
One's a teacher.
The other's finishing his second novel in New York.
I said, "what's it about?" He said, uh, "the subtext is exposure of artistic pretension.
" Then there's our little girl, Kate.
She's a senior now.
Wants to be a marshal.
I better get busy.
How long you been married? I'm divorced.
Yeah, I figured.
Well, I think this Darryl Crowe Jr.
's a no-show.
You serious about going back and busting that Haitian for poaching? That's what I told him I was gonna do.
Well, how 'bout we don't do that? You go see your ex-wife and little girl.
Sounds like a good idea.
You know this woman? No, but I'd like to.
You must be Raylan Givens.
I am.
I've been retained to represent Darryl Crowe Jr.
Darryl got your message.
He wants you to know that he's willing to help you, but he needs your help in exchange.
Help with what? His parole.
He wants to end it early.
We're marshals.
We can't end anybody's parole.
Well, you can tell a judge that Darryl aided you in the apprehension of a federal fugitive.
That coupled with his exemplary record as prisoner is evidence of his full rehabilitation.
You really believe that? Yes.
I do.
Then you don't know Darryl.
I know him pretty well.
What are you, his girlfriend? Sister.
Where's Darryl now? Before we go any further, I'd like you to sign a memo.
Long time, Raylan.
Your sister says you've rehabilitated yourself.
I owe that to you.
If you hadn't brought me in, I never could've taken all them classes on the government's dime.
I ain't got no weapon.
That'd be a violation of my parole.
You won't be offended, I don't take your word for it, huh? You study anything on the sugar-import business? Nope.
We ain't get to that class.
Maybe something about customs enforcement or maritime law? I see where you're going, but that's more Elvis Machado's line.
We got the idea he might be working for you now.
Hear he spends a lot of time with Dilly.
Yeah, well, I told Dilly, "people gonna judge you by the company you keep.
" But young Dilly got himself a terrible stubborn streak.
How 'bout this? You start playing games, we'll violate your parole on account of you absconded from your most recent address without notifying your P.
He's willing to cooperate.
On his terms.
I'm just asking for some leeway in putting together a plan, is all.
Y'all have him by tonight.
Or tomorrow, you go back to Starke.
Wasn't no good? No.
See, I told you we should've gone to Timmy's.
Hey, do you guys have Tim Hortons in Kentucky? Oh, here we go.
It's a doughnut shop.
It's a Canadian doughnut shop.
You forgot to mention Well, they might have them down here.
Look, I like doughnuts as much as the next fella, but we've had a very long Tim Horton was a hockey player.
He played 20 years in the NHL.
He won four Stanley cups with the leafs.
Now all he's remembered for is doughnuts.
Yeah, well, that, and dying in a police chase on the QEW.
W-what happened to your ear? I was shot while being robbed by one of the men who was supposed to bring us our dope, which is the reason I'm sitting here eating a shitty doughnut, talking to you with this briefcase in my hand.
Now can we get down to business? That briefcase was to keep us from killing Mr.
Well, the thing is Half the money in this briefcase belongs to me, and Mr.
Picker ain't my problem.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
If you want to keep things simple, we could add you and Mr.
eyebrows here to the list.
Oh, and here I thought all Canadians were supposed to be nice.
Wrong Canadians.
What he's trying to say is we're through doing business with you people.
The idea behind organized crime is that it's supposed to be organized.
When people start using chainsaws, that's a sign.
And it is not a good sign.
Where's our dope? All right.
One more shipment.
That's it.
When? We'll call you.
Two days.
Maybe three.
The briefcase.
You can go now, Mr.
You sure about that? You just lost your Canadian pipeline.
You want to stay in the game? You have to look to Mexico.
Well, I think we worked together long enough, don't you? You know people in Mexico, Mr.
Picker? I know lots of people in Mexico.
Well, w-what you want me to do? He's a goddamn liability.
This wasn't Dilly's fault.
I know.
It's yours.
It was yours, dipshit.
Putting him in position to screw up? Man, we wouldn't even be here, you hadn't stopped handling the payoffs.
I have a job, Darryl.
Do you remember that? I am a paralegal in Miami.
You ain't shit.
You're a secretary getting old men coffee.
Well, this secretary's helping get your ass out of parole.
That's right.
What you think they're talking about? How should I know? You want to find out? Get closer.
So you fancy now, right? Huh? I been taking care of this family 14 years.
I know.
Darryl, I kn Shit! Dilly, I told you to stay with the goddamn Cuban.
Where is he? I'm here.
Look here, man.
I'm gonna say this in a language that's real simple that I think you can understand.
You out.
What's that supposed to mean? We ain't got no more sugar business, so your services ain't no longer required.
No more sugar biz 'cause you people screwed it up.
Now you want me gone? See, you understand.
You want me gone pay me.
Pay you?! Shit.
Pay you? $20,000.
Ain't nobody paying you.
Pay him, Darryl.
- I ain't paying this - Pay the man.
Think of it as severance.
Listen to your sister, Darryl.
All right, my sister gonna take you to your motel.
Lay low.
Gonna be there by Wendy, take your car.
Why can't I take my truck? 'Cause you can't take your truck.
They gonna be looking for your truck.
Now I'm gonna pat you down.
Hey, man.
I ain't putting an armed man in a car with my sister.
What? You don't trust me? Hell no, I don't trust you.
Trust nobody who speaks English as a second language.
You ain't got no gun? Got rid of it.
Threw it in the saw grass after we shot the China.
When? When you weren't looking.
All right, go on.
Yeah, they just left.
Slight change of plans, though.
She's taking him to the Vista Verde Motel in Miami Room 23.
Yeah, Elvis will be there waiting for me.
All right.
They get Elvis, it's gonna come back and bite us in the ass.
Yeah, well, knowing Elvis the way I do and knowing Raylan the way I do, you think either one of them's gonna be alive by the end of the day? Well, uh what about me, D-Darryl? Ain't nobody looking for you, Dilly.
I'm sorry.
I guessed right.
About what? About what car we would take.
How would you feel if your daughter wanted to be a marshal? I don't know.
Why? Does it bother you? Well, I know you can't live their lives for 'em.
First time she mentioned she wanted to be a marshal, she was Every night since then, I've snuck into her room after she's fallen asleep, and I whisper in her ear "Business school.
" Well, shit.
You know we can't drive to Cuba.
There's a marina down here.
Crowe, we are at the motel.
Where are you? Well, then, where's Elvis? Headed for Cuba.
Yo! Elvis! Where the hell do you think you're going? That gives you two choices.
You can come back here, and we'll take you in, or swim to Cuba.
That old lady just did it.
Might work out for you.
Third choice.
It all work out? Elvis did not make it to Cuba.
I meant the other part.
I put a call in to the judge this morning.
Deal's a deal.
Calls for a celebration.
I'm sorry I can't stay.
She took off this morning.
Back to Miami.
Wendy? Almost like the word "family" don't mean shit to some people no more.
What about Danny and Dilly? What about 'em? How'd they take it? Shit rolls off Danny's back.
Dilly He took it kind of hard.
When my daddy, Darryl senior, died 14 years ago April, he made me promise him on his deathbed I'd keep this family together.
Same like he did.
No money makes it harder.
Your daddy didn't die in his bed.
He got drunk and flipped his airboat.
You told me yourself, the day I took you to prison.
Listen, if you want to take a later flight, I can drop you by West Palm.
I haven't slept or showered in a day.
Maybe next time, huh? I'll decide on the way.
At one point, about 20 years ago, I got transferred to Kansas City.
I didn't want to uproot the kids in the middle of the school year, so my wife and kids stayed in Houston.
I'd just fly in on the weekends to see 'em.
Took me a few visits to realize the hardest thing wasn't living apart.
The hardest thing was looking at those little pigs' faces on Sunday night and saying goodbye.
Sometimes, if work kept me in Kansas City for the weekend, I didn't fight it.
What am I gonna do, mon ami? The same as your family did with the phosphate miners and the Machado's family Cuban sugar.
You'll find something and make it yours.
That's all well and good, but I'm afraid I'm fresh out of ideas.
I'm afraid Florida's tapped out for the Crowes.
Let me ask you something.
Do you have a cousin Dewey in Kentucky? It's Geist.
Hello? Really? So that's it, then? Everything okay? No.
Everything is not okay.
I told Ava that I would take care of this, that if judge Bishop got the case, I would threaten his family.
All right, then.
Sounds like a plan.
Bishop doesn't have a family.
Well, for one thing, she's a genius.
No doubt.
No, I'm kind of serious.
I saw her take her Booty off, and she was just staring at her hand, like really thinking about it.
Can you believe you made something so cute? I'm starting to see it.
You got to admit, the first couple of hours, she was kind of funny-looking.
Well, yeah, we all look pretty funny at that point.
Not you.
I bet you were gorgeous from the jump.
I better get her back to bed.
You thinking about coming down to Miami to visit us anytime soon? Soon as I can.
Well, no pressure, 'cause we're fine.
I know you are.
It'd just be really nice for you to spend some time with her.
I promise.
Good night, ladies.
Good night, Raylan.
Say good night to daddy.
I'm sorry to disturb you this late at night, but I need to have a word with Mr.
Is he here? And who may I say is asking? Boyd Crowder.
You need a casket, Mr.
Crowder? Won't we all eventually? That's an excelsior.
Top of the line, fit for a king.
Mara, honey, you remember me telling you all about Boyd Crowder.
Crowder, this is my wife, Mara.
Well, my compliments.
That's all for now, sugar.
Excuse me? In case you're wondering what she sees in me.
Though lately I think her affections are growing.
Well, judging by her accent, I take it she's not from West Virginia.
After I buried dear Barbara Who, by the way, is very comfortable inside one of those excelsiors I was lonely.
Mara and I found each other online.
She was a doctor in Latvia.
Now she's helping prepare the bodies for burial.
She is well-read, of good cheer, and if I have any choice in how I shuffle off this mortal coil, I pray it's while I'm banging her from behind.
Well, being in love with a woman, you must understand how much I want to be reunited with mine.
I take it you're here because my good friend judge Bishop has Ava's case.
You couldn't buy him, so now you're trying to buy me.
How much? $300,000.
I don't have it on me now, but I can get it to you in a week's time.
So, we are finally here at last, hmm? It feels almost gratifying.
I beg your pardon.
You, here, on your knees.
Metaphorically speaking.
Like I said, it's almost gratifying.
But I need to see you beg.
Please, Mr.
I don't need your money, Mr.
I got my own.
Did you really think that I would let a lowlife piece of shit turn the tables on me? That's not how it's done in our world.
Now, as a man who's also in love, I would make you a one-time offer.
I will call sheriff Mooney.
I will get judge Bishop to witness.
And you will make a sworn statement saying that it was you who murdered poor Mr.
Delroy and forced Ava to move the remains.
Now, if you can do that, I'll make the case against her disappear right away.
This is just as I figured.
It won't happen.
Because we both know you don't love your white-trash fiancée that much.
I think he bumped his head.
You killed him.
Is that your medical opinion? Now, normally, I'm not a violent man.
But my back's against the wall.
Now, this situation here's pretty simple.
We could have a double homicide, or I could pay you what I was gonna pay him and you can buy a big house for all your relatives in Latvia.
How much were you gonna pay him? $100,000.
I'll tell them it was a burglar.
Well, what if I said I don't believe you? Whatever I say doesn't matter.
You have two choices.
Either you kill me or you leave now.
It's okay, baby.
I'll take care of you.