Justified s04e13 Episode Script


- Previously on "Justified" - It's a down payment on a house, Ava Anywhere you want it.
You and me We killed a man.
We dumped his body down a mine shaft without ceremony.
I sunk a man was shot right in front of me down a splinter shaft off Black Lick Road.
You think telling this girl what you done, that cleans your slate? You kill her, you got to kill me, too.
You willing to have two murders on your head? You got no idea what I'm willing to do.
I understand, Ava, why you needed to do it the way that you did it.
There's still one more move we can make.
And we get rid of Delroy's body once and for all.
This is my world.
And my world has a high cost of living.
How much do you want? - A hundred.
- Thousand? Each.
What has your God told you to do, Mr.
Augustine? Kill Drew Thompson.
Well, if you want Drew Thompson, you'll need Raylan Givens.
And if you want Raylan Givens, you'll need me.
Raylan, old friend? Hold your fire.
Drew's not here.
You want to come in, take a look Boyd, want to send a message to you and the boys you're working for from Detroit.
You lost.
Give up.
Go home.
Was that the marshal in the hat? - It was.
- What was his name? Raylan Givens.
We got to go.
Nice work.
And you're suspended.
So, Drew Thompson and Ellen may taken care of, huh? Drew's on his way to the safe house.
We're gonna put Ellen may up in a little no-tell motel till we figure out what to do with her.
Well, good.
And what's this? Paperwork's all done.
All is right with the world.
You're sure? I'm sure.
There's not just one more thing you need to do before I suspend you? No, I think I'm good.
That was supposed to be withering sarcasm.
Because I'm thorough? Because I like to see things through? I think maybe it's because you'd rather face a gun thug than, say, go to a birthing class.
Well I'm gonna start testing that theory right now.
Got a call from winona Something about two rocking chairs, and we already had one.
How many rocking chairs does a woman need? Apparently, I'm about to find out.
Well, consider yourself suspended.
Much obliged.
That guy you shot you good? He called it.
Well, if you need someone to talk to you got Rachel.
I got Rachel.
No pink.
I beg your pardon? Baby's nursery you want to stay away from pink.
I'll keep that in mind.
I could have told him that.
That's everything on the list.
You check the light on your helmet? Yeah.
Good to go.
How deep we gonna have to get? Well, it doglegs left about 150 Gotta figure that's where we'll find him.
What you afraid of falling? I'd be more scared of it falling in on you.
Shit, Boyd.
When's the last time this thing was mined? I'd put it this way My daddy's granddaddy was the last person on the payroll to walk out of that mine.
Can I have a word? You got this? Yeah.
You always said moving a body was a real good way of getting caught.
Well, that's why it's only an option when you have no other option.
It's a bird in hand, Ava.
Jimmy? Jimmy, we gotta go.
Lock and load.
What do you got? Located 10-7, in advanced decomp.
Gonna need a coroner's bag, a shovel, and, uh A lot of rope.
Boyd? Stay here.
What's going on? I think you know what's going on, Boyd.
KSP passed us a tip about a body in a mine shaft.
Well, there's always rumors about that sort of thing.
This ain't a rumor.
Well, looks like I picked the wrong day for a picnic.
What do we do? Gayle! Winona! You guys left the, uh You must be Raylan.
Let's talk about how to keep this from being the worst day of your life.
On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come You know this thing has night vision? Makes sense I mean I mean, how else you gonna watch the kid sleep? When are you supposed to sleep? You're sure this is all he had? 'Course I'm sure.
It's not like the first time I frisked a guy.
One gun in his belt? No no holster? No backup piece? No badge, either.
- I've been suspended.
- For doing what? My job, mostly.
No wonder the Chinese are kicking our ass.
They expect you to stay up all night glued to this thing, watch the kid's chest go up and down? I guess they assume you'll do anything to keep your kid safe.
Girl's got some balls on her, Raylan Threatening us without threatening us.
You know what she said earlier? If we're gone before you arrive, we might live through the day.
Well that's why I love her.
I'm glad to hear you say that, 'cause the thing we need you to do for us requires a little acting.
Sounds like you won't need to search too hard for your, uh, motivation.
Well, good.
Have you seen "the friends of Eddie Coyle"? The stickup crew in that movie, the guys that Mitchum buys the Moe Greene and one of the fellas from "Rockford Files.
" Remember how they'd bust into a bank manager's house, leave one man there while the bank manager drives the rest of the crew to his branch, lets them into the vault? Guy hits the alarm, his family dies.
Tries to signal someone, they die.
Everything goes smooth, guy gets his family back.
They drive off and count their money.
You guys saying we're gonna go rob a bank? Shelby Parlow.
We're gonna rob Shelby? Hey.
How's he gonna get us into the safe house if it looks like he's just been worked over? I'm just supposed to stand here while he runs his mouth? Just hit him in the gut next time or the balls.
We're not gonna rob anybody.
You're gonna take us to where you're Ohh.
Get whoever's guarding him to open the door.
Then we're gonna go in and do what needs doing.
Cobb will stay here with Ms.
Anything goes wrong, he kills her.
Maybe tears the baby out, kills it separate.
How'd he blow it with you, anyway? Oh, you'll understand if I'm not really in a sharing place right now.
Oh, man.
Don't tell me he stepped out on you.
I'm not gonna tell you anything.
I'm afraid you're wasting your time.
I can't help you.
All you boys can do now is make things worse for yourselves.
If I were you, I'd drop my gun, lay down on my tummy, and put my hands behind my head.
You would, huh? I would if I were you.
If I were him, I'd just work on reading that little book without having to move my lips.
Ah! J think it through, now.
Huh? Even if you get me, it won't solve your problem.
You think this beard makes me Santa? I'm an elf.
You don't get me to Shelby, all of you Her, the baby You're all on Nicky's list, marked for life.
Huh? All right.
I don't want to go someplace and start over.
But there's nothing left to do but run.
Baby, you ain't goin' anywhere without me.
I'm not saying I want to.
Truth be told, Ava, the world being what it is today I don't know where we would go that they wouldn't find us.
Well, it could be I have one more card to play.
Boyd, they got Delroy's body.
They think they got Delroy's body.
Well, there's no I.
D's on any of them.
We'll have to wait for prints.
They ain't my problem anymore.
It's this guy who sent them I'm concerned about This Nicky fella.
Nicky Augustine.
Oh, good.
You're familiar? More than I'd like to be.
You want to tell me where I could find him? Deputy, I'm just here to make sure the t's get dotted and nothing happens to our case against Theo Tonin.
- Theo Tonin? - Mm-hmm.
We ain't talkin' about him.
This has got nothing to do with him.
We know.
What do we know? Theo Tonin flew to Tunisia a couple days ago.
Topless beaches and no extradition.
Fun for him.
Sounds like he's taking an early retirement.
You say that like it's supposed to make me feel better.
Well, it is.
Sammy's his next-in-line, and apparently, he and Nicky aren't real fond of each other.
It's all very shakespearean.
You're saying Sammy is gonna set this right? Well, either he will or maybe some of your fellow federal-law-enforcement officials.
Sammy's a punk.
Sammy's scared of his own shadow 'cause his shadow could kick his ass.
Yeah, Raylan, but he's not this, and he's not going to accept Nicky as his number 2.
Nicky will eat him alive.
You don't even know Nicky.
I know what he is.
And I know what it means once you're on his list.
You know so much Tell me I'm wrong.
Thank you.
You can go now.
Get a pencil.
Do whatever lawyers do.
I got it.
David, just give us a second here.
Art, don't try to tell me I can't work this case because I've been suspended.
Well, you have been suspended.
Look around.
But that's not why you can't work this case.
They're wheeling bodies out of my kid's goddamn nursery.
That's why.
And when Nicky makes good on his threat to kill winona and the baby, that's gonna be on you.
Raylan, I can't imagine what you're going through.
I really can't.
And I feel for you.
But just so we're clear If you go after Nicky Don't bother coming back.
Everything okay? No.
What's wrong? The baby? No, the baby's fine.
I'm fine.
But everything is not okay.
Can you give us a sec? He said we're on "the list.
" That was bullshit.
How do you know? He was just trying to scare you.
Oh, well, it worked.
Listen to me.
Everything you are gonna be fine.
I promise.
I am having a hard enough time dealing with this, Raylan, without you coming in here and lying to me.
We're gonna take you to a hotel.
Do I get a protection detail or Witsec? Protection detail.
'Cause if it was Witsec, then, you know, we wouldn't have to change the baby's name, seeing that she doesn't have one yet.
Just a protection team.
Maybe one of them can be my birthing coach.
If you need something from inside, we should get it now.
I want someone to take you right away.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna find the guy responsible for this, and I'm gonna take care of it.
Why, thank you very much for coming out on what I'm sure is a very busy day and life.
Well, what am I doing here, Boyd? I don't work for you anymore.
No, but you work for him.
And he works for me.
Now, Jimmy, lock that front door.
You trying to scare me again, Mr.
Crowder? I think you're already scared of me, Mr.
Paxton As you very well should be.
Now, I would invite you to take a seat, but I don't think this meeting's gonna take very long.
Now, law enforcement uses your funeral home as a morgue sometimes, am I correct? Funeral directors often provide storage for law enforcement out of a sense of civic responsibility.
Or payback for them being in your back pocket.
Well, there's a body in your morgue right now, Mr.
State police pulled it out of a mine shaft this morning.
Now, Mooney, don't you lie to me.
Have the police put a name to that body yet? State police said it was Delroy Baker, some fella that used to run audry's before he went missing and you took over.
Let's dispense with the ambiguity, shall we? Medical examiner's coming down from Lexington in the morning to identify the body and the cause of death.
Well, Mr.
Paxton I need you to help me make that body in your morgue not Delroy.
May I ask why? No.
You may not.
Simple answer to your question is to steal it Get another body to replace it.
- But if you are suggesting.
- Oh, I am not suggesting.
Do you have any idea where to get a second body? Well, you're the undertaker.
You tell me.
Why would I do all this to help you? To consider your debt to me paid in full, Mr.
Man, I don't like this.
- What, you scared? - Ain't you? Only thing I'm scared of is not getting this done in time.
Keep digging.
Well, they didn't even have the decency to put him 6 feet down.
All right.
We gotta get him up out of here.
Aah! Oh! Shit, Boyd! Sh Hey! Shh! Shh! Shh! Don't you know what we're doing is illegal? Now shh.
Stay calm.
Get me out of this, Boyd.
Keep God! Oh! Shh.
Hand me that flashlight.
It's a cardboard box.
That's what happens, you die indigent.
What do we do now? Well, we take a few moments to contemplate the mortal remains of Henry Willis and to thank him for being more useful in death than he ever was in life.
You knew this guy? Ironically, I did.
He started drinking at 10, got hooked on oxy by the time he was 15.
That is all she wrote.
But we all end up where he is sooner or later.
All right, hold that.
We're never gonna get him out of here in one piece.
Best we wrap him, take him to go.
Go get that plastic out of the truck.
Give me that flashlight.
Ava! How'd it go? Almost as planned.
The body's in the van? Look over your right shoulder.
Jesus, Boyd! Well, I couldn't leave him on the street, parked in the van.
Now, just pretend he's that Uncle shows up drunk at Thanksgiving, sits in a chair watching football all afternoon.
You never even notice he's there.
How long we gotta keep it here? Just until Jimmy gets back with that funeral truck.
Speaking of which, Jimmy Yeah? Best you head on over to Paxton's.
He said he's gonna leave the key on the front tire.
Got it.
Baby, you sure this is gonna work? Well, uh, we're gonna wait for Jimmy to get back with that truck, then we're gonna load up this body, take it over to the funeral home, and we're gonna make the swap.
Now, medical examiners are coming out first thing in the morning, and they expect to find Delroy Baker filled with buckshot, but what they gonna find is Henry Willis filled with oxy.
And Ellen may's story falls apart.
Then we're gonna take Delroy and we're gonna sink him in that slurry pond.
Well, unless you want to stuff him and mount him over the bar.
Now, I sure could use a drink of whiskey, get that graveyard taste out of my mouth.
Boyd! Funny.
I honestly thought you'd have enough sense to run.
Run from what? What I'm still wondering Did he find winona himself, or did you give her up? We're closed, Raylan.
Ava, why don't you go behind the bar and pretend like you're cleaning up? It's all right.
I don't think we're staying.
Unless your friend Nicky Augustine's stupid enough to be here, too.
Just 'cause I know a fella, Raylan, don't make him my friend.
You're gonna want a jacket.
Maybe you're not looking around, but we got a lot going on at the moment.
You seem to have the impression I'm asking.
That's my fault.
You are coming with me, Boyd.
The only question is, are you taking me to Nicky or am I taking you to jail? Taking me to jail for what? You really want me to give you a list of all the things I could hang on you? Probably skip half of it and still be here all night.
Well, fine, Raylan.
Take me to jail.
Oh, you're hesitating 'cause you take me and you blow your only shot at getting Nicky Augustine.
Well, I take it I'm your admission ticket? The hesitation was 'cause I just realized, I should probably take her, too save me from making another trip, two birds, one stone and all.
Take her where, Raylan? You know, that Ellen may Dumb as a box of rocks, but she's such a sweet girl, and you get her talking, she's just too lazy to shut up.
It's fascinating all the lives people have led.
- That's bullshit.
- Which part? You ain't got nothin' on Ava.
You sure? You gonna come into my house No badge no backup And threaten to take my woman away from me? I figure it's worth a shot.
You think that's the best way to get me to help you? No.
And I'm sorry, Boyd.
And now that that's done, you gonna take me to Nicky or not? I'm gonna take you to Nicky, Raylan.
But not because I believe you've got anything on either of us.
Of course.
You're gonna take me because you're my buddy.
I need to say goodbye to my woman.
You can do it from right there.
Ava, darlin', I sure am sorry I'm gonna miss that dinner.
It's not gonna be the same without you.
I'll talk to you afterwards.
Let's go.
Light switch is to the left.
Damn it.
Little help! Not my job.
- You ever seen an autopsy? - No.
Doesn't leave much to the imagination, I can tell you that.
Want to know what this does? I want to put this down.
Where do they have Delroy? Icebox.
Which one's Delroy? The one that looks like beef jerky.
That would be him.
Mooney, can you get us a body bag, please? Yes, ma'am.
And, Jimmy, can you cut this plastic off? Yep.
It's a pretty good match.
Yeah, let's just get this over with.
So, out of nowhere, Crowder calls and says he's bringing the marshal, and you just drop everything to play "high noon.
" You want to explain to me how this makes any sense? All the shit I've heard about this guy, there's no way I'm saying no to a face-to-face.
Plus, maybe he wants to cut a deal.
I doubt that.
Well, we'll know shortly.
You're not even a little worried he's trying to set us up, maybe even bust me for that shit at the high school? I might be worried if Crowder wasn't bringing him here.
What? You trust Crowder? I trust him not to hand us up to the feds, yeah.
You know, Sammy's already pissed we went after the ex-wife.
He wants us to come home now and kiss his new ring.
You think it's smart to keep him waiting? Sammy is a rat-faced bitch boy.
He's Theo Tonin's rat-faced bitch boy.
We wouldn't even be having this conversation if you'd popped the marshal in the first place.
But instead you let him back you down.
He didn't back me down.
The cops pulled up.
Well, all I know is, if I'd have been there, he'd never walked out.
And that would have been pointless, Nicky.
It would have just drawn heat, as usual.
You think too much.
Pay the check.
I'll be in the car.
Well, this might be a silly question, Raylan, but do you have a plan? Mm-hmm.
Sit across from Nicky, tell him the game's the game, but you don't go after a man's family.
Well, just so you're aware, whatever Nicky knows about winona did not come from me.
Now that you mention it, though, I'm not sure you're one to talk about going straight at a man 'stead of what he loves.
You love her, huh Ava? You have to ask? Love her like how Like how you loved the lord and your lovely white skin or how you loved Arlo? I know he meant a lot to you.
You know You can know a fella your whole life and not really know him at all.
You know what I think, Raylan? I think you're just jealous that I've got to open a present that will never be under your Christmas tree.
I think you love anything lets you put your head on the pillow at night believin' you ain't the bad guy.
So, you face off with Nicky, and he says, "I have no" idea what you're talking about.
Never even knew you had a "family.
" Then what? You tell him anything he says can be used against him? Nothing gonna be used against him.
This ends tonight.
Well, maybe you get him to pull, count it down like you did that old gun thug in Miami.
- Figure if it ain't broke - Well, what if he won't pull? They always pull.
Well, what if he won't? Well, I guess you'll just murder him where he sits.
You know what I'm wondering? Is, what do you tell yourself at night when you lay your head down that allows you to wake up in the morning pretending that you're not the bad guy? What are we doing? Jimmy, this is where you get out.
Ava, Boyd don't want me to just leave you out here.
It's okay.
I'll take care of Boyd.
- He told me I shouldn't - Boyd ain't here.
Get out.
Yes, ma'am.
Well, you might as well give me my gun back.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
Not me I'm worried about.
I'm just offering to even up your odds a little bit.
I count four to one.
That hardly seems fair.
Which way do you mean? Thanks for the ride.
Good luck, cowboy.
You guys ever figure out who was right about the astronaut? We agreed to disagree.
I need to check you for a wire.
Won't find one.
Still need to check.
Long as you understand Anything else you find, I plan to keep.
Nicky doesn't care you're armed.
Figures I won't try anything with all this firepower you got here? Either that or he doesn't give a shit.
You okay with your wagon hitched to a guy that doesn't give a shit? Higher up the Mountain, worse the footing gets.
Plane crashes, first class always hits the hardest.
I learned one thing a long time ago Doesn't pay to be the lead dog.
You know the best way to survive a plane crash? How's that? Don't be in it.
All right? So just keep your panties on, sit tight, let me take care of it.
Marshal's here.
Where you headed? Oh, why? You need a lift? Where'd you think you were headed? That sounded kind of ominous.
Getting right to the point, huh? Sooner we get to it, sooner we get through it.
No point delaying the unpleasantness.
Oh, a-are we headed for unpleasantness? The deal I'm gonna offer you, I ain't optimistic you'll take it.
Well, you know, negative thinking yields negative results.
Well it's been a day.
Well, at least give me the chance to surprise you.
No point in going into a relationship assuming people are just gonna disappoint you.
You're right.
I want you to turn yourself in, confess to murder, racketeering, obstruction whatever other horrible things you done.
Is that all? I want you to swear you'll leave my family be.
- Or? - Or you'll die here in this limo.
Well, you had it right not to be optimistic.
I'm afraid that's the best I can do.
You carrying a piece? - Glock 26.
- Yeah? Is that the same one you used to take out my guys this morning? No.
I pulled a Beretta off the big fella.
What are you carrying? Oh, I don't have a gun.
Maybe you should get one.
Why? So you can have a reason? You already gave me a reason.
Take one look at you, I know you're not the kind of guy who'd just execute me.
It's not who you are.
Then you come in here with your bullshit cop threats, knowing that if your bluff gets called, you can always hide behind your badge.
I don't have a badge.
All I got is my word.
So if I say I'm gonna kill your family, I'm gonna kill your family.
'Cause these animals out here, they think they can get over on me, they'll tear me to pieces.
You want to know where I'm headed? I'm headed to Detroit to kill Theo's pasty little pussy of a son.
But I'll be back for your family.
You had a chance to save them this morning, but instead, you took out three of my guys.
So the only chance they have now is if you use that Glock on me to end this.
If you're not gonna do it, get the hell out of my car.
Well now we know each other.
Cop threats.
You're still in the limo.
Look, we're just waiting for the plane.
We'll be back in Detroit before breakfast, and I'll take care of it when I get back there.
Thanks for coming.
Thank you for reaching out.
You talked to him? What'd he say? He said he's gonna murder my wife and child.
Yeah, no, I heard.
I feel terrible about that.
But I meant, what'd he say about me? He said you're a pussy, and he's gonna kill you.
I guess his guys ain't gonna give you too much trouble.
You want to survive in this business, you have your money on the horse that's out front.
What about you? You gonna give me trouble? About doing what I have to do? If Nicky had chosen to turn himself in, I'd have taken him in.
But he decided to go another way.
So if you saw a crime committed against him, you wouldn't, as a lawman, feel the obligation to intervene? I'm suspended.
Ava? Ava! Boyd.
Where the hell is Ava? She wouldn't let me go with her.
I tried, Boyd.
I didn't know what to do.
I tried to stay with her, Boyd! I swear to God, Boyd, I tried! She told me to come back! Jesus.
Oh, shit.
Boyd? I thought Boyd was with you.
Mooney? I could use a little help.
What you got there, Ava? Is that a body? You sure you want to make this play? Why don't you turn around and put your hands behind your head? Or maybe it's not your play.
Maybe it was Paxton's.
How 'bout you just keep quiet? We were just driving by and we saw the lights.
Wasn't me you was after, though, was it? It was Boyd.
You'll do.
That's it.
This body was stolen from your funeral home last night? Mm-hmm.
I'd know that face anywhere.
Mooney? Just sorry you weren't here a few hours ago, Boyd.
Lock up this piece of shit.
- No need for that.
- What? He's assaulted an officer, resisted arrest, interfering with police business.
Oh, simmer down, Mooney.
He's upset.
I don't think he's gonna be any more trouble.
How 'bout it, Mr.
Crowder? Are you gonna be any more trouble? Let this white trash piece of shit go.
I'm gonna get a lawyer the best one that money can buy And I'm gonna have you out of here in 24 hours.
We both know that's not gonna happen.
You got more to say? She'll have visiting hours.
Now get out of here! This everything? That's everything I need.
You know you and the baby are safe, right? I know.
That's why I love you.
I'm so sorry about all of it.
Yeah, well Least nobody died.
Call me when you land.
Say "hey" to your mother for me.
I will.
Where's the master of the house? Another glass? Did you hear the news out of Detroit? Little Sammy is the new head of the outfit.
And I'm their man east of the Mississippi.
What you felt the need to come all the way down here to tell me that? All the strife, all the bloodshed All the turmoil kings fall, princes rise up.
And here we still are.
The survivors.
The arrangement we discussed before? I'd like you to handle my heroin distribution in Kentucky.
Nod if you're interested.
We're both gonna be very wealthy men.
I'll be in touch.
What's up, Art? Just wondering if you've heard the big news.
What news? Looks like Sammy Tonin is gonna hold on to the crown after all.
Where's that leave Nicky Augustine? Found dead in the back of a stretch limo.
Can't give you all the details now, but all the signs point to a mob execution.
Live by the sword, die by the sword, right? I suppose you're gonna say "I told you so.
" Oh, well, I like to think I'm a bigger person than that, but I did tell you so.
Well, I appreciate the call, Art.
Just thought you might want to know.
I will sleep well tonight.
All right.
See you in 30 days.