Justified s05e04 Episode Script

Over the Mountain

- Previously on Justified - He said he would pay me if-- if I found out when the drugs were coming in, so I found out.
Boyd: She got a cellphone on her? - [ Sniffles ] Boyd: - Hello, Cousin Johnny.
Yeah, well, Mr.
Crowder ain't going to court.
What? You're just gonna let him skate? - No.
I want you to kill him.
Boyd: - Now, the money I offered Paxton-- how about that ends up under your mattress? - In exchange for what? Boyd: - Telling him you did as he asked, put a bullet in the back of my head.
Raylan: Rode Dickie Bennett's shirttails out of Tramble, on - account of the scandal? - How'd you know? Raylan: It's protocol to tell me when a known felon who's tried to kill me a couple times has been released.
Dewey: Why did you do that to Messer? - I've been skimming, Dewey.
Dewey: - You son of a bitch! Boyd put me up to it.
He didn't give me no choice.
Dewey: - You're gonna kill him? Darryl: - No, Dewey.
You are.
Dewey: It's right down here.
[ Sighs ] How come you keep your money all the way up here? Dewey: I got money squirreled all over, lest some fool happen across the whole chunk at once and clean me out.
- Well, I guess that's smart.
Dewey: - Hell yeah, it's smart.
All we got to do is dig it up, pack our shit, and we're out of here.
Put my cousin and all them assholes in our rearview.
You bring the shovel? Jesus Christ, Messer.
That's all we got to dig with? You said bring a shovel.
This is my shovel.
Dewey: Well, are you a midget? - 'Cause that is a midget shovel.
- It's from my Boy Scouts for camping.
I got it when I was a Webelo.
Dewey: What the hell is a Webelo? It's kind of a Boy Scout.
They run me off, but I kept my - shovel.
Dewey: - Go on, then.
- Hell, you're right on the spot.
- Right here? Dewey: - Yep.
- You ain't gonna help? Dewey: Well, I didn't bring my shovel 'cause you said you had one.
It's not my fault it's some - Webelo piece of shit.
- All right, well, I guess I ought to be thankful.
I thought I was a dead man back there for sure.
But here I am making a clean - start.
Dewey: - Oh, shit.
- You all right? Dewey: - Just dig, Messer.
Keep digging.
Damn it.
So is-- is all the money buried here? Or are we gonna have to dig somewheres else? [ Grunting ] Dewey.
[ Gunshot ] [ Grunts ] [ Both grunting ] Dewey: Son of a bitch.
[ Panting ] Messer? Wade? Wade?! Where are you, man? This ain't funny.
on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come Art: Raylan? Raylan: Sorry.
Parts of what you said are just confusing to me.
Which parts? Raylan: The part where we're running a confidential informant in Harlan County.
The part where that CI is Wade Messer informing on Boyd Crowder.
But kind of mostly the part where you felt like you couldn't tell me about it.
Both: We're telling you about it now.
Raylan: How did you ever believe Messer would be a reliable CI? - He is a reliable CI.
Raylan: - Oh, yeah? He gave us a heroin stamp house affiliated to Crowder just last week.
Raylan: Oh.
How did that go? Did you come away with any product? Not this time.
Picked off a couple boys from his crew, though.
Raylan: Yeah.
You got some baby laxative, a couple hundred baggies, and two knuckleheads who don't know shit about Boyd or anything else, how is this not on the front page? Art: Well, the good news is you don't have to worry about the big picture about Wade Messer or even Boyd Crowder.
All you have to worry about's finding Wade Messer.
Raylan: You know the man set me up to be killed? Art: So I recall.
Raylan: He's a drug addict and a board-certified imbecile.
Art: Shouldn't be too hard to find him, then.
Messer had a phone we provided him with.
Was supposed to call us on it last night, and he failed to do so.
Art: Phone GPS put him at a certain location in Harlan County.
Hasn't moved.
Audry's, no E.
Familiar with the place? Raylan: I'm acquainted, yes.
Art: And I know Messer took a swipe at you.
That's why I'm sending Tim along.
Keep you from bumbling into some shit that I have to clean up later.
Dewey: [ Panting ] Come on.
_ Oh, shit.
I'm lost.
Help! Hey! Johnny: You're looking thin, cousin.
Boyd: Well, I have had more time on the elliptical now that I don't have to spend it wondering how and when you're gonna stab me in the back.
Johnny: Where's Teri? Boyd: Well, uh, she should be dropped off right now.
Johnny: Ava I sure do hate seeing you here like this.
Doesn't seem right.
Ava: Don't feel bad, Johnny.
I would have had Boyd string you up till I got out just to watch him skin you like a rabbit.
Johnny: I guess that's why we're all meeting here where ain't any one of us can pull on the other.
Boyd: Well, I figured a parley behind the confines of metal detectors might keep everybody's mind on what's important.
Johnny: And what is so important that you saw fit to lure me out here to the county jail on such a beautiful day? Boyd: Oh, you really got to ask? After you hit a delivery intended for me.
Johnny: I don't know what delivery you're talking about, cousin.
Boyd: Well, specifics ain't that important.
What's important is the question of reparations and restitution.
Johnny: Let us start with how you are gonna make reparations for me taking a belly full of buckshot on account of you finding Jesus for a minute.
Boyd: Cousin Johnny, your resentments do harbor some grain of truth, but they are far removed in the history of wrongdoings that you've perpetrated over-- Johnny: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Shit.
I just about forgot how much I hate the sound of your voice-- using every word in the Webster's without ever saying a damn thing.
Boyd: You want me to get to the point? Johnny: Yeah, 25 words or less.
You tell me why I should give a shit.
Boyd: How about one word-- money.
Johnny: Meaning what? You need some? Boyd: Oh, well, everybody needs money, Cousin Johnny.
I'm saying there's a lot to be made if we can set aside our - differences for a minute.
Johnny: - [ Chuckles ] - You've got to be kidding me.
Boyd: - I'm not.
I'm serious as the Pope, Johnny.
Now, we wouldn't be the first dysfunctional family to ever make a profit.
Ava: - Hmm.
Johnny: - Well, now, see, the thing is, Boyd I did not come here to see you.
I came here to see Ava.
And now that I have, as far as I'm concerned, this meeting is done.
You should have done right by me, cousin.
I was a believer for a while.
When you come to your senses, sweetheart you drop me a line.
I'll come for you.
Boyd: Guard.
You on him? He's cut south.
Ain't heading to Lexington.
Boyd: Stay on him.
Give him plenty of lead.
He pulls off, you pass him up and wait somewhere he can't see you.
- I know how to tail a mark, Boyd.
Boyd: - Well, you ain't never tailed a Crowder before.
Raylan: Let's just keep those hands where we can see them.
Kendal: You got a warrant? Raylan: - How do you know we're even cops? Kendal: - 'Cause I ain't stupid.
- What you got behind the bar there? Kendal: - Sawed off .
Raylan: Good choice.
Now, my partner's gonna come back there and secure that weapon.
You're gonna back up and let him do so.
Are we all clear on what's gonna happen next? Tim: .
410, huh? [ Bottle clinks ] You know, we might have shot you.
Kendal: You'd shoot a kid holding a baseball bat? Wouldn't look too good.
What are y'all doing? Tim: - Whatever we want.
Raylan: - Doesn't Wade Messer - usually run the bar? Kendal: - What do you want with - him? Raylan: - Just to talk.
- What did you say your name was? Kendal: - I didn't.
- It's Kendal.
Raylan: - Kendal Crowe? Huh.
I guess I missed you when I was down in your neck.
What brings you up from Florida, Kendal Crowe? Kendal: What business is that of yours? Raylan: You got your brother's charm.
- He around? Kendal: - You see him around? Raylan: What about your cousin Dewey? Kendal: You best get your eyes checked, you have to ask.
Tim: That's his number.
History shows only calls made to one number in Lexington-- likely Vasquez.
Raylan: Well, Messer ain't the brightest bulb in the makeup mirror, but he'd know better than to use a government phone - around Boyd.
- So he's got another phone.
Raylan: Tell your brother I said hey.
Dewey: [ Panting ] God, I ain't prayed in a while.
[ Sniffles ] It's just-- I Listen, I ain't fixing to die out here in the woods like some animal.
You hear me? That's bullshit.
Jesus, if you help me find him, once I kill him, I swear, I'll straighten up.
I'll go to church, Sunday school, whatever you want.
But, God damn it, I got to get this thing done, you understand? I ain't ever asked you for shit! Least you could do is-- Well, hallelujah.
Tim: That the tree Messer strung you up on, let Dickie Bennett work you with a fungo bat? Raylan: Think Dickie did the stringing.
- Messer was more of an accessory.
Tim: - What say we go in, poke - around? Raylan: - He ain't here.
Tim: Or he's dead in the back room, just inches away from the - phone could have saved his life.
Raylan: - That is one - possibility.
Tim: - You don't seem all that - excited about finding our guy.
Raylan: - Well, he did set me up to die.
Maybe my investment into his - well-being is a little shaky.
Tim: - I want to check the - door.
Raylan: - So check the door.
[ Dog barking ] Tim: Dog, dog, dog! - Holy shit.
Raylan: - Did it get you? Tim: No, but I think something just came between me - and my Calvins.
Danny: - Hey! Hey! Who the hell are you pointing your guns at my dog? Tim: US Marshals.
Could you please restrain this - animal? Danny: - What can I do you for? Raylan: Chain it up before we have to paint the yard with it.
Danny: [ Whistles ] Chelsea! [ Barking stops ] Come here, baby.
That's right.
My little chocolate lover.
[ Chuckles ] Y'all well can come down now.
Raylan: Danny, right? Danny Crowe.
Danny: - Same.
Raylan: - You're the one that had that big old mastiff just about took my leg off in - Clewiston.
Danny: - Yeah.
That was Mitzi.
She's one special animal.
Kissing cousin to this one right here.
Ain't that right, baby? - Yeah.
Raylan: - Chelsea's got a big set of balls on her.
[ Dog barking ] Danny: Hey, buddy, do yourself a favor-- don't talk - about my dog again.
Tim: - How is it you come to be living in Wade Messer's house, Danny Crowe? Danny: Well, I'm his roommate now that I landed.
Raylan: - That's a sitcom I'd pay to see.
Danny: - Well, he ain't here now.
You boys are more than welcome to take a look around.
I ain't got nothing to hide.
I'm sure little Chelsea here would love to show you around.
Ain't that right, girl? That's right.
Pleasure's all mine.
Dewey: [ Panting ] - [ Groans ] Dewey: - Son of a bitch.
[ Strained ] Help me.
Dewey: Don't look at me, man.
I'm sorry, man.
- Don't look at me.
- Help me.
You okay, mister? You lost? You look pretty bad.
Dewey: Yeah, I'm lost.
Don't come any closer.
- Why not? Dewey: - Well, I-I got bit by something.
I might be contagious.
I think maybe you got sunstroke, mister.
Dewey: Just-- just-- just stay there.
- Okay? - Oh, my lord.
- What has happened to you? Dewey: - Y-y-y'all just-- y-y'all just stay there, okay? I mean it.
I-I know you're confused, honey, but it's gonna be all right.
We're here to help you.
Vince, clear a spot on the back for him.
Dewey: All right, all right, all right! I'll come to you.
I'll come to you, all right? Just-- just let let me-- I-I'm gonna walk down.
Just-- I'll come to you, okay? Okay.
Of course, honey.
Y-you just come on down to us.
- Just-- easy does it.
- You stuck, mister? Dewey: No, I'm good.
I got it.
[ Wheezing ] - Help.
Dewey: - Oh, God! Oh, God, my head! It hurts! We got to get him out of here.
Dewey: - I think I'm gonna faint.
- We've got to get him out of here pronto.
He's losing it.
Darryl: Now, l-let me get this all straight.
We got US Marshals banging on doors all over town, plus Dewey and the dipshit we sent him to kill are both MIA.
Is that about right, or am I leaving something out? Danny: Well, we are out of wild turkey.
Darryl: Y'all understand how that's bad, right? Kendal: What are federals after some needledick hillbilly - over, anyway? Darryl: - They ain't.
They after me.
This is the same marshal that put me in Starke.
He got a bone to pick.
- So here he is.
Danny: - Well, you know what I - say.
Darryl: - Yeah, Danny, I know what you want to do.
You want to kill him, right? You want to execute a government official because what? He insulted your dumbass dog, Chicklet.
Danny: - Her name is Chelsea.
Jean Baptiste: - If we kill - him now, it means we go again.
Darryl: - Right.
Jean Baptiste: But this time, they follow us forever.
Danny: God damn it.
I told you that I should have - killed Messer.
Darryl: - And I told you it's Dewey's turn.
I got my reasons, so let's not - waste time and go over it again.
Jean Baptiste: - So what you - want to do? Darryl: - I want to find my cousin Dewey and make sure he took care of business.
And if he didn't, I'm gonna take care of business, which may mean taking care of Dewey.
Everybody understand the gravity - of what I'm talking about here? Jean Baptiste: - Mm-hmm.
Darryl: Yes? All right, Kendal, go on and - take care of the bar.
Danny: - Bitch.
Kendal: We are out of wild turkey.
Darryl: Yeah, I heard as much, and I'm gonna file that under "Least of our goddamn problems.
" You coming? - Something funny, darling? Ava: - No.
- Mm.
Where we off to this fine afternoon? Ava: - Dining hall.
Been eating all right since you processed? A lot of white girls have trouble keeping food down.
Get too skinny in here.
It's unbecoming.
Ava: [ Chuckles ] What is it we're talking about - here exactly? - We're just having a conversation, is all.
I'm Albert, by the way.
Ava: Well, Albert, I'm not feeling much more like conversating.
Maybe I'm just a little peckish.
Yeah, some girls get peckish.
Maybe take to squirreling away foodstuffs in their cells, huh? Help mitigate those hunger pains in the night.
Ava: Oh, so you're here to toss the cell? Well, go on.
Do what you got to do.
- [ Chuckles ] Ava: - [ Chuckles ] What were you smirking at when I come in? Ava: - Nothing.
- Girl, you "Nothing" me again, I will smash your face into that toilet till there ain't nothing left to recognize.
Now answer my question.
Ava: I was thinking, "Aren't you a little short for a - Stormtrooper?" - You're a pretty girl, huh? Like maybe-- maybe not like you once was, but pretty enough.
I give you a compliment.
Don't that get me a "Thank you," - at least? Ava: - Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now disrobe and bend over.
Ava: - What? - You heard me.
Ava: - Bullshit.
- Good.
Tell me how I'm gonna regret this, huh? I love it.
Now you disrobe and bend over or - I'm just gonna have to make you.
Ava: - Get off of me! - Officer Fekus? - I-I said, "Stop resisting.
" - We good? - I said, "Stop resisting.
" - There a problem in here? Ava: - I tripped.
- I grabbed his arm.
My bad.
- Need to be careful in here, lady.
This ain't a cotillion.
Let's get you to the dining hall.
Boyd: - He still headed west? - He'll hit Nashville before too long.
I'm gonna need gas soon.
Boyd: Well, then, so will be.
Now, he stops, you stop somewhere close and use that can I put in the back.
Just don't let him out of your sight.
Raylan Givens.
Well, I'm afraid you caught us with our closed sign up.
Now, I'd offer to re-open, but you've yet to spend a dollar in - my bar.
Raylan: - Allow me a minute to collect my wits such to reply.
I'm overcome trying to factor how many weapons you're armed with.
Boyd: Well, not armed as such.
Just transporting goods from point A to point B-- IE, this legally procured hunting implement out to the - shed for safekeeping.
Raylan: - You know - Deputy Gutterson.
Boyd: - Well, I believe we have a friend in common.
Or should I say "Had"? Tim: Oh, I'm not sure I'd call him a friend.
Boyd: Well, I'm not sure he would, either.
Raylan: Felon carrying a firearm.
Could violate you, put the wheels in motion for charges.
Suppose there'd be some satisfaction, but, at the moment, we have a more pressing concern.
I understand Wade Messer worked principally for you.
Boyd: Well, your use of the past tense gives me some sense - of foreboding.
Raylan: - Last day or so, the man's wandered some off the radar.
Boyd: And what leads you to surmise he has any continued - affiliation with me? Raylan: - Well, I know he was informing our office on your activities, and I know you know that because you've been feeding him bullshit.
Boy, Raylan Givens, I have no idea what it is you're - implying.
Tim: - You fed Messer bullshit so he'd feed the same bullshit to the AUSA, and they could go - on thinking he's a viable CI.
Raylan: - While no doubt using him to strip every dime you could out of Audry's.
Tim: And now that their confidential informant's gone - missing Raylan: - Horrible thought, but just suppose the man turns up dead somewhere.
Absent any clear leads otherwise, it makes you look - very shiny as a suspect.
Tim: - Really kind of the only - suspect.
Boyd: - And suppose he just - went fishing.
Raylan: - You think that's what - happened? Boyd: - Well, I don't know because he didn't invite me on his fishing trip.
- Did you try calling him? Tim: - We would, but we found - his phone at Audry's.
Raylan: - Smart criminal might consider giving his crew a burner phone, one only the boss knows the number to, thereby minimizing exposure.
Boyd: Raylan Givens, are you flattering me? Raylan: Give us the number to his burner, and let's see if he's got it with him on his fishing trip.
Boyd: [ Sighs ] Well, now that I have fully cooperated with law enforcement, am I free to go? Raylan: Tim, you mind sticking around, keeping Boyd - company a minute? Tim: - Well, I was hoping.
Raylan: - Give me my pen.
Boyd: - Where you going? Raylan: Find out whether what you gave us is bullshit.
I just texted you a number for GPS.
- Yep.
- [ Telephone ringing ] Art: - Mullen.
- Art, it's Ed.
Listen, you still interested in what went down the night - Nicky Augustine was murdered? Art: - Yeah.
- You got a little tidbit for me? - Oh, I've got more than a - tidbit.
Art: - Really? - Well, what do you know? - I think it's best if you come - up to Detroit tonight.
Art: - All right.
Let me see if I can get up there tonight.
All right.
Darryl: Nothing? Danny: - No.
Darryl: - Well, then, we keep looking.
Meantime, let's get something behind the bar with a little bit more pop, so next time baby brother has something to defend himself with other than his - dick? Danny: - How about a little - sawed-off shorty? Darryl: - Yeah, that'd do her.
Danny: - Yeah.
Darryl: - Dewey.
Hey, man, where you at? Hey-- what? Oh, sh-- are you goddamn crying? Okay, just sit tight, son.
Yeah, I'm coming to get you.
I'm gonna get this all straightened out.
Raylan: The owner hadn't seen him, and he called the night lady-- she hadn't either.
You sure this is where GPS pings to? It's pretty deserted.
No, I think I'll, uh You know what? Never mind.
- I think I might have found him.
Dewey: - Well, see, it's all 'cause Messer brought this little Webelo shovel.
Darryl: A what? Dewey: A Webelo shovel.
- It's like a-- Darryl: - D-Dewey, stop, man.
I can't even take it.
You have any idea at all where he's at now? Huh? Dewey: Yeah, well, we come down this ATV trail next to this little, like, bed-and-breakfast.
Now, he ain't gonna be far 'cause he was just about dead when I come up on him.
You believe me.
Right, Darryl? I mean, the man was-- was dead.
- I don't know how-- Darryl: - How what? How a dead man got up and walked off into the woods? I'm having a little trouble with that one, cousin.
Dewey: - So what happens now? Darryl: - Go up there.
We're gonna find him.
And if need be, you're gonna - finish the job.
Dewey: - What happens if-- if - we don't find him? Darryl: - Ooh.
Well, that's a whole other situation, then, ain't it? Holy shit.
[ Police radio chatter ] Looks like your problem got took care of on its own.
Lucky for you, cousin.
Lucky for you, boy.
Boyd: You want to challenge? Did you find everything you were - looking for out there, Raylan? Raylan: - If everything includes Wade Messer with a couple of bullet holes in him, I - supposed I did.
Boyd: - He's dead? Raylan: Little B&B on Route 3 up in the woods some beyond.
Looks like he took a couple pops, then wandered around like a chicken with its head cut off through the woods.
Boyd: Well, I'm genuinely sorry to hear that.
Raylan: - Mm-hmm.
Boyd: - Well, I'll be on my - way.
Raylan: - Where is it you're in - such a hurry to get to, Boyd? Boyd: - My life, Raylan, which, no offense, the less you're a part of, the better.
What, you're still thinking you're gonna pin this on me? Raylan: I don't know.
Tim, what do you think? Tim: History of violence, in a hurry somewhere with a gun, the victim was a CI against him-- I say we let him go.
Boyd: Hold on a second.
I'm the one who volunteered the very information that led you to the man's body.
Now, I am no legal scholar, but I believe I satisfied the writ of habeas corpus of my own volition.
Raylan: Boyd, if we thought that you did it, you'd be in a holding cell already, and a happier thought I can - scarcely conjure.
Boyd: - Well, if the Crowes have alighted on the wire as your friend here says, they are your problem, Raylan.
Not me.
- Got another one of them? - Never took you for a smoker, Crane.
- Been that kind of day, I guess.
- It's always that kind of day at this place.
Enough to make me want to take a bath in hand sanitizer.
That inmate from before-- little blond piece of ass.
Can't tell which way she swings, though.
- Matter of time.
- Yeah, here's the thing.
She's protected, you stupid shit.
You can't see that? Maybe this eyeball ain't any use to you anymore.
- No, please.
- Never again.
Understand? Say it.
N-never again.
Never again.
You really do have a nice smile.
You know that? [ Door opens and closes ] Dewey: How long are you aiming to keep me locked up like this? Till your dumb ass sobers up and starts acting - right.
Dewey: - You can't keep me in here, Darryl.
This is false imprisonment or - some shit.
Darryl: - So, what, you gonna - call the law on me? Dewey: - Well, supposing I did, you son of a bitch, what then? Huh? All that shit you made me do, dragging Messer into the woods to kill him-- why'd you make me do that, huh? - Why?! Darryl: - Hey! Hey! You about done with your little hissy fit? Huh? Can we talk? Dewey: Why did you make me do that? Darryl: I'll tell you why.
So I know you a damn Crowe.
- You're one of us.
Dewey: - I ain't one of you.
Darryl: You ain't? Huh? So go on and run away like a full-blown bitch.
Go ahead.
But I'll tell you what-- you get out in the world and take to running your mouth about your kin and all the bad shit we done, just remember which one of us pulled that trigger on Messer.
Yeah, big man.
That was all you, boy.
All you.
Or you can take the plunge, stay with family, be a part of what the Crowes are building here, reap the benefits of that good loyalty.
Dewey: Sounds like you're selling me tires.
Darryl: Nah, I'm selling you a life, Dewey Crowe.
You just got to make a choice.
Boyd: Well, that explains why my cousin's got his swagger - back.
Balls to carry out a hit that size.
- Who is it? Boyd: You ever heard of Rodney "Hot Rod" Dunham? - Shit.
Boyd: - "Shit" is right.
But you know what they say-- the bigger they are, the harder - they fall.
- So what? - We doing this now? Boyd: - Mm.
Not tonight.
You gonna cut down a tree that size, you need to make sure you bring a very big saw.
But soon.
Real goddamn soon.
Great, great, great.
All that checks out.
[ Mumbling ] Hey.
Got a slug from the body-- .
Wandered all over the mountain, dogs tracked where it could have went down, but it had already been cleaned up.
All they found was the head of - some sort of camp shovel.
Raylan: - It was the Crowes.
I don't know which one, but my money's either on Danny or the - Haitian.
- Well, KSP brought them in one and all for questioning, and their stories hold up.
Raylan: Plenty of time to get the narrative straight with me - poking around all the day of.
- Yeah, you know, my office likes things simple, and simple is CI informs on a crime boss, turns up dead, said CI is likely to have been killed by said crime boss.
What? That's funny? Raylan: What's funny is you calling Boyd Crowder a crime - boss.
- You know what's funny to me? Raylan: - Huh? - Your continuing insistence - that he's not.
Raylan: - Hey, I wish it was Boyd.
I'd put the cuffs on him myself.
But you want justice for Wade Messer, start with the - Crowes.
- Interesting.
The same Crowes that you had occasion to visit down in - Hendry County, Florida? Raylan: - Where I was sent.
And lo these few weeks later, here they are in Kentucky.
What? Did y'all carpool up together? Nice work tracking Messer, though.
You're right.
Art probably should have told - you he was our CI.
Raylan: - Probably.
Where is Art? Detroit PD picked him up on a missing license plate.
He popped with NCIC.
It turns out he's a reasonable-sized fish-- some Canadian drug thing.
Art: - What's his angle? - Oh, he'd sell his own dick in a gift box for a ride back across the river to the Queen's whatever.
Figured you'd want to hear what - he's offering.
Art: - Thanks.
Good luck.
[ Door opens ] You the Kentucky guy? [ Door closes ] Art: I'm the Kentucky guy.
Oh, The Bluegrass State.
- Never been.
Art: - Not sure you're gonna get the chance, looking at your jacket.
Well, it's my loss, I'm sure.
So what do you want to know? Art: I want to know what happened on the tarmac outside of Lexington the night Nicky Augustine was killed.
Look, like I told the last guy, it's all hearsay.
Art: - I don't care.
- Well, in my dealings with the late, great psycho shithead Sammy Tonin, he told me a couple times that he had a Kentucky lawman in his pocket or a lawman in Kentucky-- one of the two-- and that he was there the night he took out Nicky Augustine.
Art: - Continue.
- That's all.
Art: - That's all? - Mm-hmm.
Art: Well, it's up to Chief Kirkland, but I don't think that's gonna get you back up north to your free - healthcare.
- Okay, look, if you want the full story, you have to talk to Picker.
He was Sammy's right-hand man until-- well, until he killed - him.
Art: - Picker? Yeah, I don't know if that's a first name, last name, or nom - de guerre.
Art: - Is he still around here? Your lucky day.
I think out of fear of what evil henchmen Theo Tonin might still have hanging around, he's laying low in your neck of the woods with a man named Wynn Duffy.
Intercom's all screwed up.
I didn't hear a thing.
Art: [ Chuckles ] So you gonna send him back - across the river? - Well, might as well.
We got too many damn Canadians in this country.
- Justin Bieber, Celine Dion Art: - Steve Nash.
Take care, Art.
Alison: [ Breathing heavily ] You good? Raylan: - I'm good.
Alison: - Oh.
Raylan: - That was just, uh-- - Think maybe I was working - some stuff out on you, there.
Raylan: - I'm not complaining.
Alison: You staying? Raylan: - You want me to stay? Alison: - Do whatever you want.
- You should go.
Raylan: - Okay.
- You mean now? Alison: - If you're going.
Raylan: Did I miss a part of the conversation? Where I said something off-color? Alison: I'm doing a thing, aren't I? Raylan: - Maybe.
Alison: - [ Sighs ] There's this kid-- he's eight.
Mom's run off years ago, so dad's taken to chaining him up in the garage.
He's got this bucket to do his business in.
Sometimes he's not checked on for days, so I pull him out of there.
He's barely speaking English.
He's blinking in the sunlight like something living in a cave, - which I suppose he was.
Raylan: - This is today? Alison: Got the law and all.
Kid hadn't eaten in God knows when.
He was like this other species, like something pitiful.
Anyway, I'm walking back to the car, and daddy comes at me with a tire iron saying there's no way I'm gonna break up his family, saying that boy's all he's got.
He would've beat me to death if the police wasn't there All 'cause this boy he had chained to a radiator-- worse than you treat your worst - enemy-- family.
Raylan: - Hey, come here.
Alison: - You staying? Raylan: - Yeah, I'm staying.
Christ, this smells, don't it? You ought to be used to it by now.
What is this? What's this skin? Oh, it's, uh, some kind of racial thing.
- You think he's gonna turn up? - Nah.
He's gone.
My guess is he's gonna wind up being the subject of some kind of myth or folklore.
You know-- "What the hell ever happened to Boyd Crowder?" That'll be that.
Mooney, I think you can guarantee come next election, you will no longer be "Acting" Sheriff.
- Thank you, sir.
- That'll be all.
Mara, honey, when's dinner gonna be ready? I sure did miss your cooking in the hospital.
Just a few more minutes.
Oh, Lee, now that Boyd's dead, you still want to proceed with the case against Ava Crowder? Hell yes, I want to pursue it.
That trash deserves every second she gets inside.
She already killed her own husband and walked on that.
- Good riddance.
- Okay.
Raylan: Party's over, revelers.
Leave your drinks where they are.
- Get the hell out.
- Us, too? Raylan: Everybody.
Everybody except you.
Looks like you lost some of that Everglades tan since you landed.
Darryl: Come up in here to cause trouble? Huh? Swinging around that big, old federal dick of yours, huh? Is that what you come to do? Or you come to find out about our day manager who's gone missing? 'Cause we done talked to the state's bacon about that already.
Raylan: All your stories in lock step.
- Guess you've had some practice.
Darryl: - Oh, yeah, we had a - whole lot of practice.
Raylan: - I still can't figure out why you killed him.
Whether it was 'cause he was skimming or just in your way.
Maybe it was 'cause you knew he was a CI.
That's a possibility.
Darryl: Unless he was informing on us, and I don't see how he could be, considering we ain't got nothing to inform on.
Them reasons don't mean nothing to us.
Raylan: True.
Irrespective why you killed Messer, here's the deal.
You got to leave this place.
You and your people back to Florida, wherever have you, I don't care, but you can't stay here.
- You understand? Darryl: - [ Chuckles ] [ Spits ] Marshal, you know good and well ain't nobody going nowhere.
Matter of fact, we came up here to lay down roots.
'Sides, if you had good enough reason to run us out of here, you'd have done it already.
- Ain't that right? Raylan: - Just remember, so when later you're regretting the decision you made, remember - I gave you the chance.
Darryl: - I'll tie a string - around my finger, all right? Raylan: - Yeah, I'll just be collecting what I came for and be on my way.
Darryl: Yeah, what you came for? Raylan: Kendal Crowe.
You're coming with me.
Darryl: Whoa, whoa.
Is that supposed to be funny? Raylan: Not so much funny ha-ha as funny odd.
Meaning when I was in here the other day, I found it odd that you had a minor behind the bar in a house of ill repute.
Darryl: Kendal? [ Chuckles ] Man, that boy done seen shit you and I can't imagine.
Raylan: Well, yet here I am with a mandate to remove the minor Kendal Crowe into state's custody.
Darryl: Man, don't nobody care about that bullshit.
Raylan: It's for the safety and wellbeing of the child.
You understand.
Time to go.
Get what you need.
Toothbrush would be good, but CPS will provide anything else, - within bounds.
Darryl: - Kendal, you stay right there.
He'll leave out of here over my - dead, white body.
Raylan: - Well, I may just be able to arrange that.
Tell your brother he takes any step further out of my line of sight, that'll be the last step - he ever takes.
Darryl: - Talking like that means you don't know my brother Danny.
Danny: - [ Chuckles ] Raylan: - You sure this is how you want it to go down, Darryl? Not for me to say, but I would encourage you to consider what happens after what happens next.
Darryl: I considered it, and I don't give a shit.
You ain't taking my baby brother.
This is your last chance to walk up out of here alive.
Raylan: - It's decided, then.
Kendal: - I'll go.
Darryl: Kendal, you ain't going no-- Kendal: No, Darryl, I'll go.
You know what to do.
Ain't up to me, but I say we go.
Boyd: - This is it? Carl: - Three from the night you and Jimmy almost got hit.
Rest from the night they hit the shipment.