Justified s05e08 Episode Script

Whistle Past the Graveyard

Previously on Justified Hey, Uncle Jack? It's Kendal.
You cared so much about Kendal, he'd be back in Miami with you right now.
Just like how you're down in Florida with your little girl right now, you mean? Help me get Darryl.
You really think I'd betray my family? Sorry you wasted your time coming all the way up from Harlan just to give me shit.
Oh, I didn't come up here to talk to you, Alison.
I I came to talk to your boss.
Two weeks, huh? - Yeah.
- I could use two weeks off.
I got some vacation time.
I'm gonna go down to Florida, see my kid.
Going on your own dime this time? No, Chief.
I won it on a radio contest.
That's why you ought to rely on the heavenly mother.
I'm not interested in religion, Penny.
You interested in staying alive? You saying you can get heroin? That's what I'm saying.
The hardest part ain't getting the drugs.
It's getting them inside.
- What do you want to do? - I'm gonna book a one-way ticket to Mexico and bring back my 25 kilos of heroin.
Don't do it! What the hell are you doing? He pulled on me! Good luck getting that shit out of Mexico.
Tell Mr.
Yoon we have a problem.
I hope they're talking about breakfast.
I'm starving.
He's bitching about having to bury us.
Alberto While your demeanor is cause for some relief, I take it there's more to the story.
You keep your lives.
You forfeit the shipment and the cash.
The business relationship is over.
Hey, come on, man.
That is some bullshit.
You agreed not to spill blood, yet there are four bodies.
Well, I don't see any bodies.
I don't see any bodies 'cause my boys picked them up and hauled them back across the border, Alberto.
There will be no headlines in your local paper.
Now, I know I'm not in a position to negotiate, but when I make a new friend, I generally like to keep them.
So, will you please call Mr.
Yoon one more time? That's gonna look awful bad, we get pulled over with a load of dead dudes in the truck.
You ain't got to worry, cousin Dewey.
We'll hide them underneath all that heroin.
The bodies disappear, all is well.
Muchas gracias, mi amigo.
Boys, you heard him.
Let's go! So, we get 'em in the truck, but without hot rod's connection, how in the Goddamn hell we supposed to get four bodies across the fence? Jimmy, do I have to have an answer for everything? Well, it ain't like we ain't smuggled shit before.
But through Texas? Who? Flores? He hates my ass.
- He's over that shit.
- He ain't over it.
Over what? What, you kill his dog or something? Oh, his sister's definitely a dog.
We didn't kill her.
Except make her a little bowlegged for a day or two.
It ain't happening, man.
We ain't calling him.
She took a lot of dick for a little lady.
The answer's no.
Only thing that Flores loves more than his ugly sister, is green gringo cash.
He got that shrimp boat down in Matamoros.
Come on.
What else are we gonna do? Think about it.
Could be worth a shot.
Well, then I suggest you take it 'cause I don't care if it's up your ass or on your back You're responsible for getting my dope across that border.
Now, you shot 'em, so you put 'em in the back of the truck.
Let's go, y'all.
Hey, little boy.
Want a lollipop? I don't like candy.
Aw, what kid don't like candy? You know, I lost a puppy near here.
Real cute, just like you.
Want to help me find him? Don't like dogs.
Get in.
You're such an asshole, Uncle Jack.
You got big.
You've gotten old.
What do you say, grab your sister? Get some breakfast? Hmm? You'd be surprised.
All that's sprung up in the north country every one of them, bona fide American boomtown.
You mark my words.
Five ten years tops, fracking is gonna wean us off the Iraqi oil tit, keep the jobs and the money right here in the good old U.
of A.
So you're sayin' you're in the shale oil hydraulic fracturing business? No.
Well, see, what I do, I was moving around a bit, put down in Williston, set up a regular game of hold 'em.
You know how it is with those roughnecks.
They get their 1st and 15th.
Starts burning a hole in their pocket.
It's been good for me.
That's why I'm down here.
I wanted to take a few days off.
Can I get another cocoa? It costs for refills.
Are you serious? What is it, a buck? Go on, man.
It's on me.
So, how is it that you actually got prettier? - Oh, please, Jack.
- What? You are just gonna blow his hopes all out of whack, and I'm gonna have to stop it again.
You just always do this.
You make me out to be the villain.
No, I don't.
That's not true, is it? Why are you really here? You need money? No, I don't need I'm not here for money.
The boy called me.
A few times.
Well, he probably just thought it was best you visit while his brothers are gone.
How is Danny? He still wants to cut off your dick.
So, is that really what this is a visit? Is that so inconceivable? Huh? Hey, you know what I was thinking? Come this weekend, how about I take you both to cedar point? - Where's that? - Ohio.
They got rolly-coasters there.
One's called the millennium force.
- Dude, it's a face-melter.
- Let's do it.
Actually, you know what? I have a better idea.
We'll go on your holiday break, take a whole week.
Do a whole rolly-coaster tour.
Look, let's finish up and get you back to school before you miss an entire day.
Excuse me.
So, you like it here? I hate it here.
Shit! - Finally! - God almighty.
Stop freaking out.
I'm not freaking out.
You've left me like 800 messages.
Would you put your uncle Jack on the phone right now? Okay.
Yello? You listen to me.
You need to turn that car around.
Wen, babe, we'll call you from Ohio.
You asshole.
Turn around and get back here right now.
Who were you talking to? I'm sorry.
What? On the phone, all agitated.
Who with? I don't work here.
I'm more of a silent partner.
If you're looking for some action, the girls don't get in till later.
It's early still.
Who was on the phone? You keep asking me that like it's somehow your business.
I apologize.
That was rude of me.
My name's Michael.
I'm looking for a man named Jack Anderson.
Heard he might be found here.
I mean, Tina's got a regular by the name of Jack Macy, I think, but I don't know any Jack Anderson.
He a local? He's from North Dakota.
Why? Well, the guys around here don't always volunteer their name, but sometimes where they're from.
I don't really remember anybody from North Dakota, though.
Anyway Can I get you a drink? I'm not here to drink.
You a cop? Do I look like a cop? I'd have believed you if you said you were.
What you got back there? Oh.
Somebody asleep on the job.
Well, good help's hard to find.
Think I changed my mind.
I'll have that drink.
Rum and coke.
You got it.
I'll get it for you when I come back.
Said I'd pay you back for those drinks the other night, so I bought you something.
Lingerie? - Really? - A bathing suit.
A nice one least, I think.
Well, you know I don't have a pool or a lake house or a membership at the "Y.
" Funny story.
I recently won some money in a radio contest.
What? Caller Number 7.
That's the craziest thing.
And plus, I've been thinking about what you asked me.
I kind of forget.
Short-term memory is a casualty of my habit.
On vacation.
I was thinking, uh, take my winnings and go down to Florida and see my baby girl, check in with the ex.
And I bought you that bikini thinking you might want to come with.
You want me to parade around in front of your ex-wife? What, show off my body, make her jealous? No.
I didn't suppose you two would even meet.
But I thought, hell, you're suspended.
Flights are cheap.
We could blow the two grand on a nice motel.
Really? Yeah.
You could hang out at the spa while I spend a little quality time and then we can meet up later and have a meal or two.
Still, taking a girl with you to visit your semi-estranged family It's a weird scenario.
I didn't say it wasn't.
But I'm trying.
So, what do you say? Will you come with me to Florida? Hmm.
All right.
Well, pack a bag.
You should grab that.
It's obviously something.
- Givens.
- Hi.
It's Wendy Crowe.
I need your help.
That's putting the shoe on the other foot.
Kendal's been abducted.
Well, then, you do need help, but not mine.
Call the police.
Okay, not abducted abducted, but he's gone with his Uncle Jack.
I thought our relationship was adversarial.
Now you're reaching out? I'm on vacation.
There's someone after Jack, and I fear for Kendal's safety.
Dial 911.
You wanted something on my brothers.
I'm gonna give you something, okay? They're in Mexico.
- And? - And you'll get the rest later.
You know that t-shirt "I think you've mistaken me for someone who " I'll call your girlfriend's boss, get her off her suspension.
Eh, she's on paid leave.
- She's fine with it.
- Who is it? Wendy Crowe.
Kendal's run off with an uncle.
She wants him back, and she's worried there's this bad man that's after the uncle.
Where are you? I know what you thinking.
Well, I'll wager you a crisp ben franklin you do not.
You wondering, "Can I trust these dusty-ass Crowe boys?" I owe you $100.
You keep that money, Boyd.
Time we get to Harlan with all them drugs, you'll realize you can make so much more with us than without.
Well, Darryl Jr.
, needing you and trusting you are two altogether different things.
I hope one day you stop thinking of us as partners, but family.
You sure about that? Yeah, man.
I don't want all this mistrust to go and poison the well.
Well, I'll bear that in mind.
And you bear in mind that I just executed the last blood relative that I had.
Hey! Hey! Shit.
Hey! - Hey! - What is y'all doing? Hey! Hey! Get out! Get out! Do you know we got 25 kilos of heroin in the back of this truck? It's hot, man.
It's Goddamn hot.
I can't take much more riding back there with them corpses.
The dude I was on, I could feel his insides letting go.
Couple more hours like that, it's gonna be seven bodies.
You better sleep with your eyes open! What's wrong with you, man? We gonna have to get another car.
Well, can I request we get one with A/C? Hello? Yeah.
Well, can't be.
I know for a fact that card expires 2015.
Well, it's not my fault it didn't clear.
Ho Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What did you just say? Well, what did he look like? - Is that Wendy? - No.
I was at a motel last couple nights.
Manager just called and says I charged a bunch of stuff, but I didn't charge that stuff.
So I didn't pay for it.
But I was in there.
I was thinking I've rode all that shit at Cedar Point.
What we should do is go hit six flags Texas.
You know, I'm not a kid anymore, okay? Tell me the truth.
Are you in trouble? All right.
I was at a bar back in Williston with a buddy of mine and his sister.
She heads into the can.
And a few minutes later, we start hearing this screaming.
So I charge in there.
And I see her about to get raped.
I had this pool cue in my hand, and I I just went off.
I put the dude in the hospital.
And I just got out of dodge.
That was my buddy calling, saying the dude's out of his coma.
He's gunning for me.
That's the truth.
Think maybe you should go home.
I bet you can handle him.
Either way, I think you should go.
Where? Hold on tight.
Ready? One, two, three.
Help! Guard! We need medical help! She's hurt.
Any news? They were here.
Now they're gone.
Got a general heading based on Kendal's cell pinging the towers, but not much more since we spoke.
What about this Michael person? I can't pin him down based on your story.
Could be an old friend, could be Jack's banging his wife.
I don't know.
He seemed to mean business.
You shot his car full of buckshot.
You think I provoked him? Well, I don't know, do I? Oh, see, this is that attitude you have had right from the very beginning, this antagonism.
I approached you, attempted to bargain.
After considerable unpleasantness.
Anyway, I'm here now - To help.
- You've got your reasons.
You are obsessed with my family, after all.
Oh, no.
I think of them like cancer, and I'm just a doctor working on a cure.
I am deeply offended by that.
You ain't offended.
You're conflicted about helping me.
All I want is to get Kendal back home safely.
And yet, you were the one who took him out of a good, Christian foster home, threw him back to those wolves.
Time is wasting.
Can we go? All right, come here.
Can you squeeze your fingers down in there? These things are a jiff to get started.
We're stealing a car now? That wasn't clear? How much trouble are you in? Well, he's a very angry man, and he knows my car.
- You're lying.
- No.
I'm not.
Yes, you are.
You lie about everything, and you always have.
Name one lie.
You're my dad and Wendy's my mom.
How long have you known? A long time.
- Wendy told you.
- No, I figured it out, okay? Now cut the shit.
What did you really do? 'Cause I don't think you're some hero that stopped a rape.
I followed the workers, the money North Dakota, Montana.
I was running poker games.
And I had an idea that I was gonna buy in to this fracking operation.
Coming through.
Come on.
I was gonna buy into this fracking operation in Mexico.
So I started skimming from my regular game Heavy-duty player in particular.
It was a good hustle till the guy found out.
It's mostly his money in the bag.
- How much? - About $35,000.
Trouble is, he wants it back bad.
So, you were trucking down to Mexico gonna lay low and start your own thing.
And you got my call, and you came back for me? That's exactly right.
Why didn't you tell me that from the start? Wh What a pussy.
Crowder, Ava? Says the shoulder's dislocated? Yes.
Have a seat.
Happened before.
The coach just yanked it out and pushed it back in.
Hurt like hell.
Unless this was back before the civil war, your coach was a fool.
Lay down.
There you go.
Wasn't quite that far back.
Going on 20 years now.
All right.
All right.
Now it should feel better.
All right, sit up.
It does.
It feels better.
It'll be sore again later.
I can give you some Aspirin.
I was told that you might have a way to bring in some more powerful pain-killers.
Don't lay on that side.
And don't lift anything more than five pounds.
I said, I was told You can't get more powerful pain meds, all right? If you dislocated your own shoulder just for that, you're an idiot.
Get your Aspirin from the dispensary.
This mess.
You don't see how trouble follows your family? The men, mostly.
What are they up to in Mexico? Kendal's not my brother.
See? Now, that doesn't get me anywhere.
He's my son.
Jack is his father.
Just thought you should understand.
- Good Lord.
Why? - I don't know.
I was 22 when I met him.
I was studying for my LSATs.
He was a real hustler and an asshole piece of shit, but I found him intoxicating, for some unknown reason.
So I got pregnant, and, of course, the thought of being a dad scared him shitless.
So As much as it might benefit you to unburden yourself, I'd like to get back to Darryl and what criminal activity he might be engaged in.
Not until you get Kendal back.
It's Jack.
Where are you? W can we put aside the bad blood? - Can we do that? - All right.
'Cause I need your help.
All right.
I'm listening.
We got to be smart about this.
We got to scare up one of your brothers.
Darryl, Dilly, Danny whoever.
I messed up bad.
Really, really bad.
He's got Kendal.
Sometimes shooting out a man's tires ain't enough.
Maybe he had a second car stashed somewhere or a second driver keeping tabs on the situation.
Or maybe he's just a bad dude who's good at hunting people down.
I just don't get it.
He found them before you did.
But isn't that what marshals are supposed to do? Again, Wendy, I don't know how the man beat me to the punch, and I don't give a shit.
The important thing is not how we arrived at this sad state of affairs.
It's how we get Kendal back safe so you can live up to your side of the deal.
It's coming.
Not here about that.
You go to church as a girl? I did.
But it didn't take, huh? Not for me, neither.
But what me and my girls got going on here ain't about no good book or the holy ghost feeling.
It's about prayer.
Pretty much every girl in here is in here because of a man.
You any different? Hmm.
Pretty girl like you, growing up in Harlan.
You're in good shape still.
Probably a cheerleader back in school.
Probably went out with the quarterback, got married, had it good for a minute.
Things got ugly, and you got divorced.
How am I doing? Well, he wasn't a quarterback.
He was a running back.
We didn't get divorced.
I shot him.
Good for you, sister.
Who do you pray to? God.
As I see her.
For guidance.
No man to come save us, not even our release.
Not even to find a way to get drugs in.
Ain't none of that our mother God's responsibility.
That shit's on you.
Tell me Kendal's all right.
Come to the far end of the lot, and I'll give you the dough.
I don't feel comfortable being the Goddamn bait.
You're only the bait if we're looking to catch what's-his-name, which I'm not.
What? Why are you even here? What the hell? This is the bad guy in all this.
That's how you see it, huh? I'm telling you he's a heavy dude.
He's definitely wanted for something.
Why you took the money and ran.
You're such an unbelievable chicken shit.
Even I stood up to him.
With a pump gun.
All I had was this Which, incidentally, is just gonna piss him off.
Because now what? 'Cause he's expecting $35,000.
All I have is $20,000 in here.
I bought that Chevelle, which I hated to leave.
Yeah, but leaving your son that, you were fine with.
I get it.
I panicked and ran.
Don't you think I feel shitty about it? Jesus, Wendy.
Let's not get bogged down in the past.
- Focus on the plan.
- I feel shitty about it all.
I should have never come got him.
I should have just blasted down south.
- Don't you dare blame Kendal for this, Jack.
- What'd I just say? This whole thing is your own Goddamn But I'm not the one that makes him want to leave his own family and escape.
- They're a bunch of psychos.
- When you knocked me up, you ran then, too, didn't you? Story of your life.
I do not want to hear another word of this story.
What's gonna happen is, when he comes, you tell him all you got is the $20,000.
He'll take it, even if I have to persuade him.
We'll take Kendal.
And that's it? He just goes? Yeah, Jack.
You too.
I want you to find a hole somewhere, crawl in it, and stay there forever.
Hey, how about a little respect? You know what your deal is? You're born to lose.
Lose well for once.
You might earn some respect.
So, uh, do we need to call for a backup? I can handle one guy.
Yeah, but what about Kendal? He'll be fine.
And if not, what do you care? You're clearly not legit.
What kind of trouble can you get in? I care to a point.
You balling Wendy? You owe her a favor? Your ex-wife and I have an agreement.
What she's gonna tell me when this is over, that's what I care about.
He's got a problem with Darryl and Danny, too.
So, he's not a total asshole? Oh, shit.
Not unless you have to.
But if you have to, you make every shot count.
Well, I'm sorry, but that's all the Spanish I know.
Jimmy? Better I speak English, no? Well, it would help.
- What are you carrying? - Uh Bibles.
We're missionaries, here to spread the word to the far-flung citizenry.
Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior? You do realize that this country is 80% catholic, right, gringo? Well, we're here for the other 20%.
You think that people look at you and you move them into conversion? Well, I I do admit we are a little rough around the edges.
We have all done some time, but Have been saved by his personal light.
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
That's romans.
It's in the Bible.
You know, it's a dangerous road to be traveling at night.
You know what happens around here, missionaries? Uh, we're just trying to make Reynosa, hop across the border by sunrise.
Ah, yes, yes.
But, uh, who will protect you lambs in your journey, huh? Who but us? And, unfortunately, uh, protection does not come free, my friend.
I'm sorry.
Are you attempting to extort servants of the Lord? Let me tell you something, gringo.
White people come to this country for two reasons.
One is for margaritas.
The other one is for drogas.
How much? Ah.
Now, that's better, ah? Now it's all out in the open, right? Ah, let's call it, uh 1,000.
Pesos? No problemo, mi amigo.
Oh, hell no! Darryl.
No problem, amigo.
And, uh, we will also take the truck.
- Man, we ain't giving up the - Hey! How we gonna give up the truck? The truck ain't for sale.
Let me tell you something, my friend.
In Mexico, everything's for sale everything.
This is some bullshit, man.
You gentlemen have a pleasant night, safe trip.
Enjoy Mexico.
Can't clean up your own mess? Got to bring your girlfriend and his big brother? Let's not escalate the situation.
Well, I think that ship sailed when ginger over here shot my car to shit.
Mistakes were made.
My experience best to accept and move on.
- I'm prepared to act in kind.
- That right? You'll never hear the word "kidnapping" from me.
I just want the boy home safe.
Kendal, get out of the car.
Take the money, Michael.
You think that's what I want? A couple of thousand dollars? I want to break this asshole in two.
Not gonna happen.
Punishment ought to fit the crime.
Shit, Jack.
What'd you do? He put my son in a coma.
- The rapist? - What? Well, he said he put a rapist in a coma, but I didn't believe him.
He was ripping off my son, his partner in staking a weekly craps game.
Shut up.
Come on, man.
My son found out he was skimming every week.
Instead of sitting down, owning up, face-to-face, he hit him in the head with a brick and ran like a pussy.
New deal You're both under arrest, since you're a fugitive You're a dick.
Let KSP send you back to North Dakota, work it out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Get off! Stay down.
You too.
Man, Jack.
All right, I'll let him know.
So, I've been thinking, you know, this whole ordeal Well, you and I have always had a really shitty relationship.
I've been a bad person.
A bad mother.
There I said it.
I know you probably already suspected it, but I thought it was probably time you heard it from me.
So there you go.
- Pretty messed up, huh? - Compared to what? Good point.
Anyway on the bright side You only got half a dose of the Crowe-family DNA.
Yeah, 'cause dad's such a prize.
I actually thought he was, once upon a time.
Crazy, right? Anyway How you want it to go now? I don't care Sis.
This the one you talking about? Just need to check on your shoulder, see how it's doing.
You a fool coming to me like that.
You don't speak about this shit in the infirmary with other people around.
You got it? I will help you.
Two conditions.
You don't let Judith know I'm the way in on this shit.
And your man outside You got a man outside? Yes.
He gonna have to do something for me.
- What's that? - Not saying.
Can you count on him? Okay, then.
That's what it's gonna take.
- You in or you out? - I'm in.
Shoulder looks good.
Stay out of trouble.
How you doing? Who gives a shit? Think you'll survive three more years? No.
I bet you will.
You know, turn 18, can get the hell out of this mess.
Join the navy, make a life for yourself.
Shit, strap on a backpack and bum around France.
It's not very likely.
It gets better, Kendal.
Man, I ain't gay.
Same principle applies.
Keep your head down, think about the road ahead.
You'll make it through okay.
What the hell you know about it? More than you'd guess.
I mean, I didn't grow up with a whole family full of trouble Just one.
But he was the asshole king of them all.
Kept my head down, boy.
And you grew up and become a cop.
Big victory there.
A lot of my friends grew up with the same insanity in the home.
Got caught up in it.
Said, "Hell with tomorrow," and that was that.
Very few of them living today.
Trying to scare me straight? Just like a cop.
What the hell? It's some money I won in a contest.
It's not like it's mine, even, really.
Man, you some kind of pervert or something? I don't want nothing from you, Kendal.
Save it.
For the future.
Rather buy an ATV or a gun.
So, uh, I guess this is where I'm supposed to be grateful.
Or, if that's uncomfortable for you, you can just tell me about your brothers' activities.
I don't really know what my brothers are up to in Mexico.
You got to be kidding me.
Mexico was kind of all I had.
I I needed to keep stringing you along.
You this Lady, you are something.
Can't you even tell me where they are in Mexico? No.
But isn't that what you marshals do find people? I'd be in Florida about now.
What? Nothing.
Never mind.
I got the kid.
That's the important thing.
Thanks again, Marshal.
That was your first "thank you.
" It's coming.
How? Not saying.
You gave me your story, but I still don't know you.
Who's to say I tell you how, you don't just go and cut me out? You don't trust me.
I don't understand you, either.
Your whole God story it don't add up.
I'll admit I'm disappointed.
Where'd you learn all that Spanish? Cramming all the dope in this shit heap, leaving them bodies in the back of the truck? That's a two-bird/one-stone stroke of Goddamn genius.
I'd love to see their face when they open the truck.
Smell probably killed them.
I'll bet they're scouring the countryside for the likes of us, make us into heroes of legend and lore, like Butch and Sundance.
And their four redneck friends.
Hey, man.
To success, all right? Well, we ain't succeeded yet.
Come on, Boyd.
The way we played them greedy-ass federales? You and me is working together, ain't no mountain high enough.
Easy, Tammi Terrell.
- Your man was supposed to be here by now.
- He's coming, man.
Everything last-minute like this takes a little time, man.
Come on, man.
Let's go.
Got to trust me, man.
There it is.
Look at that.
Mmm! And there he is.
Hey! Shit.
Hey, y'all wait right here.
Where you go, I go.
Who are your friends? Question is, where's your boat? No.
The question is, where's my money? I got 50 bricks in the trunk of the car.
You take one for your troubles.
That'll more than cover it.
- Okay.
We take the car, too.
- All right.
Take the truck.
Drive into Matamoros, cross the bridge into Brownsville.
I'll see you in Galveston.
That's awfully forgiving of you.
Yeah, how's that? Well, I heard the story.
Hey, Boyd, man.
Now, these two boys double-teamed my sister, I don't think I could let the water go under that bridge.
Why you got to bring that story up? I mean, look.
I I told him the story of your sister, man.
I wasn't saying it in a bragging way.
It just came out, man.
It's a long time ago.
We good, though, right? We good? If I went after every white boy got with my sister, I'd have blisters on my gun hand.
There it is.
We good, man.
Yeah, we good.
I'll see you in Galveston.
Yo! Let's go, man! Let's go home! Hey, Boyd.
You got any money? I was gonna get a bottle for the road.
Hey, ponytail just said something to the other one about Darryl calling his boss on Martes.
You don't even have to tell me what that means.
Darryl had this planned the whole time.
Yes, Sir.
Y'all want to go home? What do you want to do? You heard the man.
Let's go home! Shotgun! You find Kendal? I did.
- Safe and sound.
- That's a relief.
You gonna invite me in or keep me out in the hallway all night? Sure.
Come on.
- Something the matter? - No.
Want me to open a bottle of wine for you? Mmm Nah.
Well, I'm gonna get a beer.
All right.
I'm sorry about all this, by the way.
You understand why I hesitated to get involved.
Oh, don't don't apologize, please.
Miss Crowe's gonna keep her word, nullify your suspension.
You may have your boss watching your every move for a while, but you'll be back at work.
Good, 'cause I cannot waste another day stuck in this place.
- About Florida - Yeah.
I'm good.
I'm ready.
We might want to scale back the extravagance a bit.
I, uh, gave away the contest money to charity well, Kendal, on a whim.
Really? That's unexpected.
You're telling me.
Us going wasn't tied to that money, though.
I mean, we can go tomorrow morning.
But now I'm due back at work.
Well, I can always enter another contest, if you don't mind waiting.
That way, we can plan it out, do it up right.
Go, say, end of next month.
We're not going to Florida, Raylan.
You seem very sure about that.
Yeah, unfortunately.
So Yeah.
I'm breaking it off.
How about that.