Justified s05e07 Episode Script

Raw Deal

Previously on "Justified" Just got transferred from the Harlan lockup.
I'm Gretchen Swift.
Ohh! You know, there's a rumor going around that a federal lawman was instrumental in the - death of Nicky Augustine.
- No shit.
It wasn't Barkley.
And I can tell you that for a - fact.
Couldn't wait to see me again, huh? Let Ms.
Brander do her job.
Talking to me is her job.
Who else's wellness is she here to check on? How long have you been going with that marshal? I have an eye for that sort of thing.
Girl give you my message? Boyd's got another shipment coming in.
He's striking up a connection with the Mexicans.
Well, shit.
- I come in peace.
- What you want? I've got a job that needs doing.
What's the job? Hey, where y'all going? - Nowhere.
- Gonna make some money.
You in charge while we gone.
- You up to it, right, little man? - 'Course he's up to it.
He's a man now, ain't he? Look after Chelsea while I'm - gone.
- You all right? Seem a little off the last few days.
No, I'm good.
I'll take care of everything.
All right.
Let me know.
- Five minutes left.
- I know.
See, I know my guy ain't coming.
In the beginning, they visit all the time.
Then there's work emergencies, sick relatives.
Last week, my guy had a "flat tire.
" That's why you ought to rely on the heavenly mother.
She doesn't ever forget about you, leave you waiting.
I'm not interested in religion, Penny.
You interested in staying alive? Ain't nobody here, man.
- Shh! Keep it down.
- Hey, don't be shushing at me, man.
Is you crazy? Talk as loud as you want.
Johnny ain't here.
He's probably crossing the border as we speak.
- What do you want to do? - I'm gonna do what I was always gonna do.
I'm gonna book a one-way ticket to Mexico and bring back my So what about them? On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come Hey, Raylan.
Heading to the cafeteria.
You want something? I'm good.
You sure? They make these tasty little breakfast sandwiches.
Stick with coffee, thanks.
Suit yourself.
Which one of you do I talk to about my money? Like reward money? Deputy Givens handles walk-ins.
What's that? As per the chief.
Excuse me, sir? Can you just hold up a sec? Sorry.
I thought you knew.
Art's got you handling walk-ins now.
That's why you're coming in so early.
I really thought he told you.
It's all right.
I'm good.
Have a seat, mister, uh Salmeron.
Larry Salmeron.
So Reward money.
Backgammon money.
Backgammon money.
Nearly $250,000 you people took from me.
Backgammon money.
Have you heard of falafel, marshal? Never cared much for it.
Always found it kind of like a cut-rate hush puppy.
Falafel is a backgammon player.
They have written about the man in magazines, and you could see for yourself if reading is something you enjoy.
Now, I believe I rival Mr.
Falafel in my online backgammon winnings winnings which you and your colleagues took when you shut down my website of choice.
Can't say I recall having seized a website recently.
You people arrested Charles Monroe, did you not? Seized his assets Hold up.
Monroe? How's Charles Monroe connect to this? He's the one that owned the site.
Am I making sense to you yet, marshal? Are you connecting the dots? What's the website? K-y-backgammon.
Kentucky owned and operated.
And Monroe had a local I.
- Genius working for - Well There you are.
Yes, as I said, you've seized the site and taken my money.
No, see There's two l's in "Marshall.
" Someone's screwing with you, Larry.
Pretty sure if we took the site, we'd spell our name right.
Well Impersonating a federal agency is a crime.
Probably an FBI thing.
Tell you what or you could just leave.
So you just let him walk out? Should have chased him down, I guess.
Maybe winged him in the leg, give us a blood trail to track him by.
Money in that site belongs to the marshals service.
Been nice if you could have brought him in for a word.
Considering I found out I was covering walk-ins from Nelson while in the middle of a walk-in, I think I comported myself admirably.
Tim, did you not tell Raylan he was on walk-ins? Raylan, you're on walk-ins.
Per the chief.
So, Monroe has this genius, T.
, who apparently lacks the wherewithal to run a spell-check, operating the site for him.
, T.
, AC/DC.
What we think is, he cleaned out the cash, puts up a fake marshal site, and rides off into the nerd sunset.
So my walk-in wasn't entirely full of shit.
I'll run him down, see if I can get more details.
You already rubbed him the wrong way once.
Better you go after this T.
Guy and get his story.
You sure you can trust me with that? I mean, what happens if there's another walk-in? Well, given your track record so far, I can't imagine we'll fare too much worse.
Does this mean it's me and the backgammon dude? I'm just saying I'm more of a cribbage guy, is all.
Get it done.
Yes, ma'am.
You gonna pay attention? Feel like I'm playing against myself here.
Don't need to.
I'm playing a girl.
Shit! Might as well be playing a Shithead.
Careful! That's a pro series! It's worth more than you are! What the hell? Oh, new client.
Get the door.
Don't you got enough going on already? Well, they said it's an emergency, and they're paying through the nose.
Now get the damn door.
Hey, there.
In? Damn it, Candace.
C-come on in.
You Kemp? Yeah.
She do the website making with you? No, I do the programming.
She makes the sandwiches.
Now, what can I help you with? Denial of service attack? Denial of what? I-I you better speak to Larry.
I don't speak nerd.
Are you the Mr.
Fleming that ran K-Y-Backgammon for Charles Monroe? Looky here he's going for a taser.
Can you believe that? I will aim to use words of one syllable, the word "syllable" not withstanding.
You shut down that site, and you took my money.
I want my money.
Federal government did that, man.
But they didn't.
Now, my friend here specializes in making people pay their debts.
I learned that the hard way three years ago.
So, my advice is pay up now before, as you and your cohorts might say, "shit gets hairy up in here.
" Like I said, the feds took it.
"Thug life," huh? Now, this Will probably take that arm clean off.
He he took it.
He took the money.
God damn it, Candace.
She's the smart one.
Money's all just ones and zeroes right now, okay? Look, it ain't like I just got it laying around here.
Now, you guys do what you want, but you start beating on us, you ain't never gonna see a dollar of that cash.
All right.
But the thing is, I've been recording this conversation on my phone and will now be calling the police, who will hear your confession.
They will get me my $250,000 while you get anally raped in prison.
$250,000? You only gonna pay me $5,000? A deal is a deal, Mr.
Remember, I've got you on tape threatening that girl a minute ago.
Aah! Quarter mil, huh? We're asking your forgiveness that, in our misery, we have desecrated ourselves with booze or drugs or violence or men, looking for something that was right here all the time.
O heavenly mother, our mama, you hear us when we say it - Amen! - Amen! Amen.
- You got any cigarettes? - If I had any, I'd be smoking 'em.
I'm Ava.
I know who you are.
Penny's been trying to witness since you got here.
You wouldn't give her the time Never really had any use for religion.
'Course not.
Girl with your looks gets along just fine out there without - giving any thought to her soul.
- But I ain't out there - anymore.
- No.
Missy, you are not.
I've been listening to you talk.
There's a lot of sense in it.
You think I don't know why you're all of a sudden batting your eyes at me? You want protection, sanctuary.
Keep these bitches from stomping you and cutting you and worse.
So what if I do? At least you're honest.
What I preach in here, what I say in my prayers, I mean.
You don't really seem to me like you're ready to hear about that I am willing to no, no, no, that's okay.
I get it.
But this ain't the '70s, when the moonies and Jesus freaks got a pass.
The reason we don't get jacked with is We're the ones bringing in the drugs.
Now, I don't hold with 'em, and don't none of us use 'em, but we do provide.
That's why they leave us alone.
You up for that? What do I have to do? Got some coming in today.
- Penny'll show you.
- I got to think it's dangerous.
Only reason you offering me the job.
It's got its downside.
Like I said, Penny'll show you the ropes.
Or you can go back to staring at a door, waiting on a man to save you.
Somebody get me a cigarette.
You get anything on Hot Rod's bank account? Nah, the old-timer's still claiming we already got it all.
Yeah, well, he's lying out his ass, no doubt.
I'll be back tomorrow, and we'll get him talking.
Look, man, you already know if there's something to get, we gonna get it.
I don't have no problem pulling a few teeth.
So, how's Mexico? All the señoritas and tacos and shit? It's dirty.
Hey, what's up, man? You got something you need to tell Crowder? - I'm driving.
- Jay? What you mean you driving? You get me carsick.
Jay, I got to go.
- Where's Mr.
Crowder? - Well, I'm - Mr.
Crowder a different Mr.
- Boyd sent you? - Actually, I'm here to outbid Boyd.
I have something I'd like to discuss with Mr.
Yoon personally.
You think you can arrange that? - You have the cash on you? - First I see Mr.
Yoon, and then you see the cash.
All right.
Get in.
Just you.
The price of admission.
- Ms.
Crowe? - Hi.
Did you need to see me? Let me ask you something.
What kind of moves work best on Raylan? - Excuse me? - I was just wondering What kind of things get his motor Going, you know? Are you joking right now? 'Cause if you're not, I-I got to say, you sound like you just stepped out of a bad country song, "I've got to come take my man.
" Funny thing, though.
Those are the songs that just get stuck in your head "ear worms," I think is what they call them.
Okay, so you're serious, then? Well, let me tell you I don't foresee you learning anything more intimate about Raylan than you already have.
Sorry you wasted your time coming all the way up from - Harlan just to give me shit.
- Oh, I didn't come up here to talk to you, Alison.
I-I came to talk to your boss.
Apologies for the precautions.
yoon loves this place, does everything he can to keep its location a secret.
No apologies necessary, Alberto.
After all, a man's home is his castle.
We'll return your firearm once we have conducted our - business.
- And here I thought we were all friends.
That's what we thought.
He'll be with you shortly.
Well, look at you.
Even vultures can fly South for - the winter.
- How was Memphis? Well, I'm afraid we weren't there long enough to - enjoy it.
- You want to tell me just how it was Hot Rod tipped you off? Some questions don't get answered till the afterlife.
Good news is, you'll find out - soon enough.
How much money you got in that bag, Boyd? $700,000? $800,000? I am not the one in trouble here.
In all my years of doing business, this is a first.
And I don't mean that in a good way.
Uh, Mr.
Yoon, uh, I want to apologize for this unfortunate set of circumstances.
Now, if you will give me five minutes alone with this piece of shit, I will eliminate this bump in our road and get us back on easy street.
Your cousin here claims he has vast resources at his disposal to the tune of - almost $40,000 a kilo.
- Why, cousin Johnny, I don't see a briefcase anywhere.
You got $1 million shoved up your ass? He says he can have it here - with a simple phone call.
- Mr.
Yoon, if I hear a deal is too good to be true, more often than not, it's too - good to be true.
- It's not just the heroin, Boyd.
No, I'm spending my money on - something else.
- Oh, yeah? What, is he gonna give you a reach-around? I'm buying your life.
Yoon, we had a deal.
Now, I understand your Mexican cartels have a reputation, but let me tell you something so do the rednecks in Kentucky.
Well, I'm willing to take that risk.
But until that briefcase arrives, I won't be taking any.
Now, if his money is good, I'm going with him.
If he can't deliver, then I'll take yours.
How long is this liable to take? The money's in Bitcoins.
I was moving it around online, you know? Covering the trail.
That is not an answer, dot-com.
Six hours, maybe eight, before I can turn it into cash.
Why? 'Cause there's something looks like a cop just pulled up outside.
You any ideas? Maybe your pal's call got through.
Maybe you ought to go.
All right, thanks for the tip.
Come on.
Get up.
Get up! Now, you get rid of that cop, and you call me when you got the money.
I'm gonna give you eight hours before I start blowing pieces off this girl.
That's being generous.
Go on.
How y'all doing? Just said, "how you doing?" I know you? I'm deputy U.
marshal Raylan Givens.
- Well, I'm Dr.
Richard Kimble.
So, you're all doing okay, then? Yeah.
We're we're just running a little late, so if you don't - mind - Have a good one.
Yeah, you, too.
Keep doing the lord's work.
Fleming? - Yeah? - Deputy U.
marshal Raylan Givens.
I want to ask you a few questions.
Yeah, I'm real busy.
You didn't ask about what.
How about I just come down to your office tomorrow? How about I come in now we talk about it? What, are you just gonna come in like that? Mm-hmm.
Okay, dude, whatever.
Seem a bit jumpy.
Got anything to do with that asshole I just ran into downstairs? Work emergency.
About to become a civil-rights emergency, you just coming in here uninvited.
You want to do a body-cavity search while you're at it? I want to ask you about the website you ran for Charles Monroe.
But now I'm thinking maybe you ought to come with me.
Hey! Holy shit! Wow.
Well, shit.
Wait a minute.
How many legs this guy have, - again? - Just the one.
Plus the prosthetic he took with.
When he jumped out the window, thus escaping the scene He was surprisingly fleet.
Tim: Huh.
What about the guy from the stairs? - What about him? - You think he was - involved? - Sure.
Why not? Between the one-legged evaporating computer nerd and the walk-in this morning, you're on fire today.
How is it art's not in here giving me shit on this? Hard for me to fathom his passing the opportunity.
Shutdown notice isn't on the site anymore.
Fleming replaced it with a link to his blog a big, bold post about how he just made this marshal his bitch.
- I'll find him.
- No.
Tim and I'll go after Hopalong.
You see if you can run down the - asshole from the stairwell.
- Guy threw his leg out the window, jumped out, and then slid down a light pole, and then gave me the bird.
Come on.
I love this guy.
- Let me catch him.
- Not this time, - Is this "per the chief"? - What do you think? Catch up with your boy, we'll give you a call before we - bust down the door.
- Sure, I'll be right here on the edge of my seat.
Hey, uh uh Chris, right? - Yeah.
- Is there any way to put a reply on T.
's blog? God, no.
Technology to reply to a post is decades away.
Hello, Alison.
Suspended? Why? Wendy Crowe? Thought they'd be gone by now.
So, you really got all that money? - You best believe it.
- Well, I guess old hot rod must be in quite a state.
He's seen better days.
That's it? That's all you got to say? Not gonna use that silver tongue of yours, try and talk your way - out of this? - A wise man once said, "what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun.
" Life we chose only ends one way.
I been at peace with that for a very long time now.
Well, just so long as you know, I'm the man bringing you that peace.
Well, I remember when you used to bring me a six-pack of beer.
Things weren't always this ugly - between us, Johnny.
- I guess we remember Well, what about Jenna Wright? Huh? I remember you crushing on her pretty hard in high school, and I went out of my way to set that up.
Yeah, you did.
- And then you slept with her.
- Huh.
Well, it wasn't my fault you could only get to first base.
You only gave me two weeks.
Well, like I said, it wasn't my fault you could only - get to first base.
- Well, then, I will be sure to wait two weeks before I play ball with your beautiful - fiancée.
- Well, I guess there's something to be said for keeping it in the family.
Guess we are going with you.
He is yours to do with as you please, as long as he is not killed on this side of the - border.
- I understand.
I cannot stress that last part enough.
Dead Americans in Mexico creates a problem for us.
I'm sorry things did not work - out.
- Not as sorry as I am.
Woman looked up every court case my name appeared in, mapping out a "pattern of misconduct.
" And then she pulled out some chickenshit pot arrest from five years back got overturned.
Then there's you.
- Me? - It doesn't look good, you and me, especially after you went down there and punched - Danny Crowe in the face.
- That was Rachel.
- That was not me.
- Well, then you should call my boss and let her know.
I'm sure that'll make all the - difference.
- Two weeks, huh? - Yeah.
- I could use two weeks - off.
- That's funny.
Gives me plenty of time to make it up to you.
Excuse me.
Would you close us out? Sure.
Thank you.
I'm seeing some friends.
- Want to try and cheer me up.
- How about I just come over with a bottle of blanton's and cheer you up the old-fashioned way? What? She said she was gonna alienate your affection by - working her feminine wiles.
- I'd like to see her - try.
Meaning she doesn't have a hope in hell or you would like - to see her try? - Not my type.
Criminal family, tramp stamp I thought that - was exactly your type.
- Tramp stamp? Uh, Mr.
Givens, I'm sorry, - but your card was declined.
- Oh, that's odd.
Uh, the message on the screen said to destroy it.
I'm a deputy U.
I can promise you it ain't stolen.
I'm afraid I'm still gonna have to destroy it.
Yet you brought it back to the table anyway? And I still need payment for the drinks.
Thank you.
- I'll pay you back.
- Mm-hmm.
So You should probably get that.
It might be the credit-card company or Someone with a tramp stamp you never noticed.
You having trouble with your card at the Midnight Star saloon, - deputy dipshit? - How's it going, T.
? How's life as a fugitive? I just hope you're on a date.
How's it feel look like a chump twice in one day? How'd you get my number? Man, I've been phone phreaking since I was 14.
I don't know what that is, but I'm guessing it means you weren't getting laid much.
I just drained every one of your bank accounts, asshole.
Now, you want that money back, you stop screwing up my life.
It ain't like you're ever gonna catch me, anyway.
Are you kidding? We got a special squad for chasing guys like you.
Deputies all missing limbs make it fair.
Yeah, you're giving up already, though, huh? At that bar, having a beer.
Ooh, several beers.
You an alcoholic, deputy? I told you I was gonna get you tomorrow.
I'll make it tonight if you'd like.
- Well, come and get me.
- Phone call you received was made over the Internet, and apparently the guy's using Wi-Fi - from the hotel he's at.
- Kind of stupid of - him, ain't it? - The guy's got skill enough to empty your bank account at will.
He wasn't stupid, he'd be Steve jobs, right? Anyway, Chris traced it back to his room.
- Am I done? - Fugitive task force is - on its way.
- Tell them not to do shit until I get there.
Told T.
I was gonna get him tonight.
It's gonna be me coming through that door.
- Hey, Wendy.
- Hey, what's up? I need to talk to you about something.
Look, I know I just got back, but it turns out I have to make a u-turn, head back up to Lexington, and fast.
- Is it important? - No.
All right.
We'll talk later.
Get your damn hands off that bottle.
There wasn't nobody here.
What am I 'posed to do? Man, go get a hand job or something.
I'll get you in a minute.
- Yeah? - Hey, Uncle Jack? It's Kendal.
And don't say, "Kendal who?" That joke ain't been funny since I was 6.
- How are you, kiddo? - I'm good I guess.
I was wondering where you were living now.
Anywhere near Kentucky? This is Ava.
She's gonna be taking over for me, starting next week.
Wow! Milam met you yet? What am I, dog shit? No, Penny.
No, you're just you know, - meeting someone new.
- It's a pleasure to meet you, Rhyner.
And so professional.
Hey, Rhynes.
You didn't have to do that.
Yeah, I know.
You're, uh you're - Ava Crowder, right? - Yep.
Yeah, I been seeing you around.
Looking forward to working with you.
All right, Penny, guess this is that farewell lap.
You can go ahead and take the stuff to Judith.
I'll be right behind you.
- He doesn't take long.
- Hey.
This is every time? Don't worry.
He's a nice guy.
It's real big, but you'll get used to it.
All right.
Here you go, Ava.
You sure you can't, uh, stay for a little bit? Yeah.
I got to run.
All right, then.
Too bad you had to make the trip out to I never been on a sailboat.
Uh, motorboats, uh, rowboats, sure, no problem.
But I figured, "hey, how hard could it be?" How about you? You you like the ocean? No, I think it's lame.
'Cause you've never been.
I was born in Virginia beach.
Maybe we ought to swing by there and see your parents.
You can introduce them to your new boyfriend.
He got all his parts.
Speak of the devil.
marshals! Got to do me like that for, man? Where's Fleming? How the hell should I know? He made a call from this room.
- Well, he ain't here.
- Shit.
He's the only reason I came.
- Yeah, I heard you the first time.
- Okay.
You ever notice Chris is kind of a dick? All right.
Well, he says T.
Fleming hacked the phone system, made it look like the call came from here.
- He could be anywhere.
- Told me he was "phone phreaking" since he was Sounds like a real winner.
He do that to your arm, or are you gonna tell me the big, ugly guy there did it? Don't hear me complaining.
You ain't tired of getting knocked around? Shit, no.
I give as good as I get.
But I will tell you where he is.
See, time to time, I do coding for T.
, proof his html.
I'm pretty good.
This guy Kemp comes in with a shitty attitude, T.
Tells him I make the sandwiches.
That's when I decided he was an asshole.
God damn it.
Grandma, I told you! Surprised you picked a basement to hide out in.
Got no window to jump out of.
That bitch.
Well, if you're talking about grandma, she's actually kind of a hard-ass.
Told us she hadn't seen you in - weeks.
- It was Candace that gave you up.
Let's go.
Up you go.
No, no, no.
We're gonna hold on to that.
This could be used as a weapon.
I can't believe she gave me up.
I did send y'all to her rescue.
Said you disrespected her computer skills.
What skills? She's a shitty coder.
How'd you lose your leg? Cancer when I was 14.
How much time you think I'm - looking at here? - I don't sentence you.
I just take you to jail.
Man, I should have just run off with that money as soon as I had it.
You already went on a shopping spree, judging by your - place.
What, you mean all the tvs and shit? - Uh-huh.
No, I won all that stuff, man.
"Price is right"? I'm caller number seven.
What? You know, radio stations that give shit away, and they're like, "caller number seven wins a TV" or "caller nine gets a car.
" Well, I'm always caller number seven.
The "phone phreaking" thing, huh? Hey, you know, I'm gonna get you all your money back.
I'm gonna fix all your credit cards as soon as they let me get - to a computer.
- You think I'm gonna put a good word in for you, you get me back what's already mine? Well, I don't know.
Hey, what if I teach you how to be caller number seven? Money's in the evidence locker, and they're looking at that guy Kemp for the murder.
Art wanted me to tell you uh, that thing with Darryl Crowe's parole isn't gonna happen.
The sister complained to the judge down in Florida.
Judge reiterated that Darryl's legally free to move as he pleases.
Don't feel like you have to knock or anything.
You want me to go back out and knock? No, you're here now.
Did you get your guy? You know I got my guy.
Well, good.
I guess we're done, then.
- Art - What? Is this the way it's gonna be now? Now until you retire, I'm gonna be on shit duty, getting my orders "per the chief," instead of hearing them from you? - What if it is? - Then I don't know what I'm doing here.
I don't need this shit.
Put me on walk-ins? Come on, Art.
Raylan, if you don't like the way I'm running things, - you can always quit.
- Bullshit.
- I ain't gonna quit.
- Well You're gonna get back to treating me like a deputy.
Or transfer me.
I'll call Dan tomorrow, see if - he's got a spot for you.
- Oh, I didn't mean Florida.
I meant anywhere anywhere that gets me out of this bullshit.
- Sooner the better.
- Okay.
Well, I got one or two things preceding that on my shit-to-do list, so you'll forgive me if I don't process this right now, while you're standing here in my office, uninvited.
I got some vacation time.
Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna go down to Florida, see my kid.
When I get back One or the other.
Going to see your kid, huh? - Mm-hmm.
- Going on your own dime - this time? - No, chief.
I won it on a radio contest.
Plumber got caught with drugs on his way out.
"Shit" is right.
Keep it to yourself.
Once word gets out, girls find the heroin's dried up, might get ugly.
What if I can keep it from drying up? That change the equation at all? You saying you can get - heroin? - That's what I'm saying.
Look here.
Girl bit me, took out a chunk.
I knocked four of her teeth out after that.
Got this one from an Aryan.
Toothbrush shiv.
Not your friend Gretchen before her time.
Quarter inch deeper, and I'd be dead.
I'm too old to live this life again, and you sure as hell - ain't cut out for it.
- I got a few scars of my own.
You say you can get the dope You better be right.
Just remember, the hardest part ain't getting the drugs.
It's getting them inside.
And maybe it's a coincidence Rhyner gets busted the day I introduce the two of you.
I hope to God almighty you didn't risk all our lives to keep from having to screw a guard.
You really can get the dope I might have a way to get it in.
Aren't you tired of cleaning up Darryl's messes? - Well, we're family.
- I've been thinking family loyalty probably don't go so far with you Crowes.
That right? That's why you think I drove all the way up here from Miami, left my life, to go get back my little brother after you snatched him up? You cared so much about Kendal, he'd be back in - Miami with you right now.
- Just like how you're down in Florida with your little girl right now, you mean? Know I've got a kid, huh? Yeah.
I've looked into you.
And I've looked into you, too.
You've been registered at some third-tier law school since the early part of this century, never quite able to complete.
I'm assuming that's 'cause Darryl keeps dragging you back - into his shit.
- Wow.
I have to admit I find your blatant abuse of government privilege incredibly sexy.
Help me get Darryl.
He's in jail, means he's not in Miami, messing up your life.
You can finally finish law school.
You really think I'd betray my - family, huh? - Sometimes it's best to cut the anchor loose, save yourself.
Hell, Darryl knows that better than anyone why he killed - Dilly.
- He what, now? Well, what'd Darryl tell you? He's living in a nice home at some farm somewhere? - Anyway - What, so that's your - offer, huh? - That's my offer.
Now, is that your final offer, or would you like - to keep negotiating? 'Cause I've got a table and two chairs up in my room booze, too, if you need it.
You don't have to decide right away.
Take a week or two.
Think about it.
Oh, and could you get the tab? Having trouble with my card.
Here we go! Hey, big "D.
" You boys want to do the honors? I can show my cousin what he lost.
Get 'em! Get back! Get down! Go! Get down! Don't look at me! Get your head down! Don't you look at me! Get down! Get down! Don't look up! God damn.
You was in on this the whole - time.
- Well, it turns out some people still give a shit about what kind of person they do - business with.
- Why didn't you just - kill me? - Because we wanted to make sure we had your money, and like the man said, no bodies - drop in Mexico.
Now, the rest of you are welcome to go back to our original agreement.
You get this product back in the U.
You go back to working for Hot Rod.
How does that sound right about now? I think we're good with that.
I'm guessing that don't apply to me.
No, cousin, it does not.
You know, what you could never understand is that some men lead and some men follow, and when you can't lead and you refuse to follow, you die alone in the desert just not this desert.
Now put this piece of shit in the back of that truck.
- Don't do it! - No! No! No! No! No! What the hell are you doing?! - He pulled on me! - Why did you do that?! I didn't have a choice! Good luck getting that shit out of Mexico.
Boyd, I didn't have a choice.
Don't you say another goddamn word.
Tell Mr.
Yoon we have a problem.