Justified s05e06 Episode Script

Kill the Messenger

- Previously on "Justified" - What's he doing here? I'm checking on the - child's welfare.
How you doing, Kendal? - This family needs to - stay together.
- To wit, you need to find a fit place for that boy to lay his head.
- A - Man that just talks is no man.
That's not the way you should be talking to me, homie.
Oh, my God.
You killed him.
- Ain't gonna tell nobody? - I won't say a word.
You turn over my cousin Johnny and you agree right now to help me smuggle heroin across the border from Mexico.
You know what kind of deep shit you'd be in If you did this? - Oh, my God.
- Bye-bye, honey.
She shanked the guard! You know, there's a rumor going around that a federal lawman was instrumental in the death of Nicky Augustine.
Picker said he was there on the tarmac, watched the whole thing go down.
Want to guess who he said it - was? Special agent Barkley.
- It wasn't Barkley.
And I can tell you that for a fact.
On this lonely road Trying to make it home Doing it by my lonesome Pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul God get at your boy You try to bogard Fall back, I go hard On this lonely road Trying to make it home Doing it by my lonesome Pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come [ Train whistle blows in Oh! Damn, son, you always were a size! Whoo! I'll never forget the day you stepped off that bus at Elkton, gills out to here.
I said, "now, that right there is a fish we can turn into a shark!" Yeah, reminding me that I owe you.
Well, I don't think you would need reminding.
Now, how long you gonna make me stand here before you offer me a drink? You know I know you were the - one that taught me how to jail.
- Everything! Helped free myself from mongrelization.
Actually, from what I hear, you could use a little refresher on that your own self.
Yeah? How's that? You really start a church that lets in coloreds? Well, I believe I also taught you never let politics stand in the way of business.
What kind of business you and I got? Well, you had a sister, as I recall, up in pine point.
Actually, all three of my sisters done a stretch up in there.
But one of them is still in.
You know, an attitude like her's, it's gonna be awhile before she takes a walk in a yard without a fence.
Now, actually, I got a call from Gretchen this very morning.
Said a girl with the last name Crowder got busted in there for some set-to in Harlan lockup.
I guess that ain't no coincidence.
Why, no, it is not.
Gunnar Swift, I don't remember you being this sly.
Well, you're the one that taught me brawn's not enough.
Neanderthals were so strong, their muscles would bend their bones.
You see a neanderthal walking around with a cellphone? Who's the girl? As far as I recall, you don't have a sister.
Well, for simplicity's sake, let's just call her my wife.
And you want Gretchen to see that's she's looked after, huh? Mm.
For how long? As long as it takes.
Well, Gretchen's gonna need a little money for her commissary.
Well, this should keep her in tuna and kool-aid for a little while.
- Are you Kendal's social worker? - We're not supposed to enter the house if there's a dog on the loose.
Danny, come get your animal! Most times, they bark so they ain't got to bite.
- Yeah.
It's just, uh - Chelsea! It's more a liability thing than, uh, anything.
When there's a dog living in the home, technically, we're required Dog don't live in the - home.
Dog lives outside.
- Yeah, don't mind Chelsea.
He just gets excited when he smells something he likes.
- Are Kendal and Wendy here? - No, they ain't here.
They at the store.
We didn't expect you till later.
Yeah, the drive was - faster than I thought.
- All right.
Well, come on in.
Don't be a jitterbug.
Danny gonna put the dog outside.
Go on.
Put the dog outside, man! Let that dog shit.
I'll get acquainted with you later.
Little help here! Hey! Anybody! Oh, hi! Wanted to have some hors d'oeuvres out for you show you this is a nice, hospitable, Christian home.
- Oh, I know.
I'm sor I'm early.
- Oh.
Couldn't wait to see me again, huh? That's enough, Romeo.
Head on up to your room.
Do your homework.
Let Ms.
Brander do her job.
Talking to me is her job.
I mean, who else's wellness is - she here to check on? - Well, actually, she's not allowed to speak to you directly unless she has a warrant or some sort of exigent circumstance.
- Isn't that right? - Actually, it's a little more complicated than that.
- Go on up to your room.
- When you done, I'll - come up there we throw some bones.
- So, uh - Dominoes.
- Darryl give you the tour? What's the verdict? This place fit for human - habitation? - What happened in Miami? Oh.
Well, I decided my place there's too small.
- A teenage boy takes up some space.
- This place has a lot of that.
- Mm-hmm.
- Do you happen to have - the rental agreement for the home? - Yeah, of course.
- I'll go get that for you.
- Um Say, how long have you been going with that marshal? What makes you think Oh, stop.
I have an eye for that sort of thing.
Of course, if you ask me, I think he's about the most judgmental asshole I ever hope to meet, but I will allow he's easy to look at.
Of course, you put those things together, you probably got the perfect recipe for a man just about guaranteed to break your heart.
I have an eye for that sort of thing, too.
There you go.
I made an extra copy for you, special.
Thank you.
Oh, that's good, Chelsea.
Oh, it's good, Chelsea.
Leaving so soon, Ms.
Alison? Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Play with Chelsea? Want to pull on the rope? Yeah, yeah! Come on! Yeah! Yeah.
Don't you run.
Yeah? Chelsea will chase you if you run.
Huh? Don't you run.
Whoo! - Anything else? - I hear Theo's refusing to talk at all.
Wouldn't even tell the doctors his blood type.
- Of course not.
He's got integrity.
- Plus, problem with being top of the food chain is you can't dime out the guys above you.
I mean, we already got Bin Laden.
Okay, are we seriously not gonna - talk about it? - Talk about what, your Bin Laden joke? - Not your best.
- Raylan's eye.
What, did you slip in Art's shower? Remember? 'Cause that's how Art hurt his hand.
That bullet-counting thing.
- What, the inventory? - I'll do it.
Thank you, Raylan.
- I appreciate that.
- I'll help.
You said they wanted it asap, - right? - Yep.
We ought to come up with a good excuse.
People see us going into storage - together, might get some funny ideas.
- Why wouldn't we just - tell them the truth? - That we volunteered for inventory? Okay, yeah.
We need an excuse.
Before you say anything What the hell happened to your - face? - You first.
, where you at, man? Getting a little concerned.
Call me back, man.
Maybe he shacked up with - one of them hookers.
- Yeah.
- Want to check the trailers? - Mm.
- You sure you ain't heard from him? - Not a word.
Nothing, huh? It ain't like him to go M.
Yeah, well, a lot of hillbillies around here.
You know? - Maybe he's swinging from a tree.
- Oh, bullshit, man.
Ain't none of them up to task.
Don't suppose you got any ideas where Baptiste is, huh? No.
Hold up.
You sure there ain't something you ain't telling me? 'Cause if there is, you best spill.
- Darryl, I mean - But I asked you.
You ain't have nothing to say.
Well, I didn't want to cause any trouble.
About what? Well, I'll tell you.
Look, Baptiste he was he was talking a lot of shit about you.
- Saying what? - You know, that you know you he didn't he didn't have enough money and that you couldn't provide.
Provide? And I told him.
That's exactly what I told him.
I said, "listen, here, darkness.
Okay? You ever talk about my brother like that again, I'll cut you.
Yeah, and then he said, you know, he should have stayed in Florida, and I said, "well, get your dumb ass back to Florida.
" And he said, "maybe I would.
" - Just like that.
- You heard him talking shit like that? - Yeah.
Just like Danny said.
- Now, if he had a problem, why his bitch ass didn't come and say something to me? Oh, he's he's a pussy, you know.
He probably didn't want to be talked out of it.
Come on, you dumb bitch! - Go one and deal with that, man! - Hey! Stop that woman! Hey! Come here! I didn't do nothing.
Hey! She gonna be all right? She'll be fine.
Why didn't she call the cops? Guessing 'cause she was worried they'd give her a field test.
Booze? Pot? Wow, she just keeps getting better.
- How come you pushed basement? - That's where you count bullets.
- Please.
I'm going with you.
- Where am I going? You're going down to Harlan to kick Danny Crowe's ass.
You can drive.
How long you have it? Not long enough.
Why are you getting rid of it? Hitting the road.
I need some traveling money.
All right! I'll take it.
Let's load her up! - Wait.
The hell's that? - Oh, that there's the minor cosmetic damage.
I put it on the sign.
Cosmetic? This thing is blown to shit! It ain't no pool! It's junk! - $800, my ass.
- How much you want to give me, then? Give you 20 bucks, take it straight to the scrap yard.
How far am I supposed to get on 20 bucks? I paid $1,000 for this thing! Yeah, well, when you did, it held water! This here pool was my dream.
I ain't selling it for no 20 bucks! Then I ain't wasting no more time.
- Oh, shit! - In fact, I ain't gonna sell it at all! I ain't giving up on my dream! I ain't giving up on my dream! Danny! What the hell happened? What's it matter? Guys around here think buying a drink buys them a license to - talk shit.
Now, which one's his? - It's that one there, I believe.
Oh, God.
This whole place is ass-backwards, Dewey.
You know that? How you doing, sweetheart? Yeah, God damn it, I was having a good hair day.
Can I ask you something, Danny? If I get Darryl the money I paid Boyd for Audry's, do you really think he'd leave Kentucky? Well, you produce that type of cash, we'd all like to cut this shit hole loose.
- Hey.
- Go to sleep, Ginger.
I see your wheels turning there, cousin.
Huh? Need I remind you, we leaned pretty hard on Crowder - ourselves and he didn't budge.
- I know.
So, what's your idea? We grab him, put a gun to his head, tell him to hand over the money or he's a dead man.
You're a goddamn genius.
You know that? When do I get to see Boyd? First things first.
I'm having you released into gen pop.
Boyd lined someone up to watch - your back.
- Why does my back need watching? You're young.
You're pretty.
You shived a guard.
- So the officers - I didn't do that.
You know that, right? Look, I know that you and Boyd paid me to stick headphones in my ears, but I assure you, I - am a good lawyer.
- You got a line on the officer? He went to ground.
Nobody knows where.
Might have relatives out of - state.
We're looking into that.
- The way he was, he must of tried to screw others before me.
We're looking into that, too.
You looking into security cameras showing that I didn't do it? All the ones in that area were turned off.
Boyd send a message at least? He did.
Can you help me? We're closed! Well, I must say, you're about the last person I'd expect to walk in here.
Where's Boyd? Why? You want to apologize? For what? Sending your idiot cousin over here to try and shake us down.
- I didn't send him.
- Did you really think you - could muscle Boyd Crowder? - All I think is, you don't know the things I done.
You hear what happened to messer? I ain't messer.
Easy up there, partner.
Look right here.
How you doing? Why don't you just tell us where the big boss man is? Don't suppose you're Darryl Jr.
, huh? 'Cause I heard he was a big son - of a bitch.
- I'm plenty big enough for you.
- Think so? - Yeah.
- You get that out of a cereal box? - I told you.
You got no idea what I'm capable of.
Now tell us where Boyd is.
You're about to step off a mighty high ledge, Dewey.
- Oh, don't you worry, 'cause I'll catch him.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Well, who's gonna catch you? What the hell are we supposed to do now? Plan "B.
" What the hell is - plan "B"? - We see how much Boyd's gonna pay for his guy.
Berto, my man.
Been a long time.
Yes, it has.
Wynn Duffy, Boyd Crowder, this is Alberto Ruiz.
And you must be Mr.
And how do you know that? - Oh, the one wonton among the tortillas? - I would have said "kimchi in the salsa.
" That was good.
See, the Aenikkaeng were slaves from Korea brought over to Mexico to - work in plantations.
- I know.
- I've read a lot of books about slavery.
- He's a history buff.
And some people think that I would be offended if you point out the incongruity.
Well, I assume you want it pointed out.
And why would I want that? Because it suggests you're very good at what you do.
I think Mr.
Picker told you we require - payment up front.
- He did.
But we were hoping to come to a different understanding.
The hell is this, Boyd? - I gave these guys my word - We've had some bad experiences lately with the pay-up-front business model.
Well, fortunately, the people I represent rely on me precisely because they know I'm not like - them.
I dislike beheadings, gentleman.
- So do we.
It's bad for business.
And the fact is, the money in that bag would only buy you insurance against my employers feeling taken advantage of if anything should go wrong in our transaction, so I'm willing to proceed without it.
I do want to make sure you understand that my employers would never let anything jeopardize their reputation as men not to be crossed.
And if, at any point, their reputation needs to be re-established It won't be me they send.
Well, I assume we have a deal.
Crowder! You're moving.
Pack your shit.
You wanted out of ad seg? Welcome to gen pop.
Ow! Yeah, pop, pop.
I'm Ava.
You're on top.
You bring drugs in here, leave your used Maxis lying around, you and I will have a problem.
Keep your area clean, keep yourself clean in every way, and we should get along famously.
Questions? - No.
I'm Nikki, by the way.
- Hi, Nikki.
- So, where's Crowder's guy now? - He's in a trunk.
Alive? Uh-huh.
Was when he went in.
- We're gonna ransom him back.
- Oh, for God's sake.
Don't you know you can't talk shit like - that around me? - Where's Darryl? - Oh, Jesus.
- How could they know - already? - Oh, damn it.
- Hell you think you're doing?! - What? I ain't going away for 20 years.
I got nothing to lose.
I'm gonna take my shot.
No, no, no, no.
We don't know yet why they're here.
They can't open the trunk without a reason, same like they can't come in the house without a reason.
Right? So we're not gonna give them a reason.
You got it? Now, you two stay here.
Stay out of sight.
I'll go handle the marshal.
She's like nails on a chalkboard.
Marshal! Surprised to see you here.
Guess I could say the same, since I was lead to believe you just about swore you're taking the boy to Miami.
- So, to what do I owe the pleasure? - Where's Danny? Oh! I haven't seen him since this morning? Why? Well, Kendal's social worker she left here last night.
He followed her, ran her off the road.
Now, I'm willing to concede there's a chance he did it on his own.
How about being willing to concede he didn't do it at all? Oh, I guess he's just someone else who decided to bark like a dog.
I'm sorry.
I don't think we've met.
My name is Wendy.
- Deputy marshal Brooks.
- So, why would Danny bark Well, your brother's a world-class dumb-ass no of fence so I hesitate trying to analyze what goes on in his head.
But if I had to guess, I'd say it was his way of trying to call me out.
Well, as I said, he's not here, but I'm happy to give him the message.
Not here, huh? That's a lot of cars for just you.
You got no cause to enter our house.
Not your house.
In fact, I know the fellow who owns this place.
You know what I mean.
Alison saw the - rental agreement.
- Yeah, she told me.
Deputy, unless you show me a warrant, you best not step through that door.
You'd be surprised where all a marshal can go without a warrant.
If you're allowed to violate the fourth amendment, I would be very surprised.
If I suspect the man who owns this house is chained up the basement or, worse given your family cooking in a pot, I can go just about anywhere.
You want to talk to Mike? Is that gonna assuage your dark imaginings? - Sure.
Bring him out.
- He's not here.
He's at his store.
What's up? You got good timing.
Just last night, it was raining like an old cow pissing on a flat rock.
I'm penny.
You're Ava, right? Word is, you almost killed a guard.
Yeah, well, I didn't really do that.
Can I give you a piece of free advice? - Sure.
- Next time someone asks, don't - say you didn't do it.
- So what am I supposed to say? "He wasn't the first.
He won't be the last.
" Don't say anything.
Half these bitches are snitches.
And you don't want anyone getting it in her mind to test you.
Look, the best way to get by around here is to be left alone.
Yeah, well, I'm not sure that's up to me.
Hey, penny.
How you doing? Be better once you introduce me to this little piece of white fish.
Ava's no fish.
She just got transferred from the Harlan lockup.
Oh, I guess that means you the one that shived that hack, huh? What happened he tried to get fresh? Guess it's hard to blame him.
I do like that good hair.
Shit, patrice.
You got issues.
- That's just white-girl hair.
- Look, I don't want any trouble.
Oh, no trouble.
Nichelle here just gets kind of militant when it comes to some things.
Me, I say we all the same color where it matters.
Thank you.
Excuse us.
Ava, I'll see you around.
I'm Gretchen Swift.
Boyd paid my brother, Gunnar, to see you looked after.
Well, I aah! Ohh! - Your man is a race traitor.
- Let go of me! Race traitors are the only thing I hate more than these black bitches.
You really do got nice hair.
No! Let go of me! You best stop moving, princess.
You keep thrashing around, we might slice something that won't grow back.
Let go of me! Stop! Stop! Boy leaves my bar unattended, I'm inclined to dock his pay.
Check in the back.
Carl? - Carl? - Geist.
Getting to be it makes me nervous to see your name pop up on my cellphone.
You know who did it? Carl ain't here.
Boyd? Ava got jumped.
I thought Gunnar's sister is looking after her? Gunnar's sister is the one who did it.
Jimmy, I'm gonna need you to run an errand.
Thank you, young man.
Nice day, now.
You too.
- Shouldn't you be in school? - It's a holiday.
- What holiday is that? - I don't know.
Some mopey, cultural bullshit - Greek new year's, Chinese easter.
- Guess it's better - than the last place I found you working.
- Getting paid to look at half-naked girls all day? Yeah, I was miserable.
We're looking for - Mike.
- Who the hell is Mike? Fellow who owns this store, owns the house you're living in.
You talking about Mr.
Dorn or Thorn or whatever? - Wendy didn't call to warn you? - She said y'all was - looking for Danny.
- Well, now we're looking for Mike.
- Where is he? - Um, shit, I don't know.
- I guess he went out or something.
- What do you intend to - do with that saw? - Oh, you know.
Saw things.
Like, saw an old man's body apart before you put it into a hole? No.
Got yourself a dark, twisted mind, don't you, Raylan? - You ought to come with me.
- Keep an eye on the kid.
You hear any shots, Kendal, you know what to do.
Hey, man.
Someone's here to see you.
Hey, Raylan! What brings you down here? I went by your house.
There's a family living there.
Uh, yeah.
New tenants.
- Is there a problem? - Curious what they're doing there.
Man, we just exchanging hard-earned American dollars for a place to stay.
Be quiet.
Mike? Well, the nicest girl showed up at my door redhead.
Had her little brother with her the one working out at the counter.
Claimed she had no money and living out of a car.
Couldn't call myself a Christian if I didn't try to help.
What about this one and his brother, Danny, and that dog? They living in the car, too? Well, they just kind of showed up.
I want you to tell them you can't rent to them anymore.
Oh, hold up, man! You can't do that! Be quiet, and I ain't gonna tell you again.
Tell them, uh, they can't live in your house.
- Cabin, too? - What cabin? My hunting cabin.
That was part of the deal.
Gunnar is, uh, holed up with about a half-dozen of his Hitler-humpers.
Seems like they're just waiting for us - to circle back around.
You know I'll follow you anywhere, Boyd.
But it seems to me like it won't pay to go straight at them when they're casting a shadow this much bigger than ours.
I'm gonna try one more time to raise Carl.
Hey, stop embarrassing yourself, chopping that wood like that.
Carl, where in the hell you been, man? We got trouble.
Well, wouldn't you like to know.
- Carl.
Carl! - What? No! No, I'm not Carl! What the shit.
God damn this thing! I think he said something about shoes.
[ Ringing Hello.
Yes, so I was saying No, I can't hear you.
Boyd? Is that you? Now, I'm gonna give you 30 minutes to be where you should have been 30 minutes ago.
Boyd?! Damn, this reception is for shit! Danny! Oh, shit.
You didn't tell me we was expecting guests.
I would have cleaned up.
Shut your mouth.
Your girl give you my message? Thing is, it's just not a good - time, though.
- Well, let's make it a good time.
Chelsea, sic 'em! Sic 'em, Chelsea! Just so you know, it comes to it, first one that takes a bullet - is this dog.
- Chelsea! Quiet! Besides, beef for kidnapping it got to be better than dying up here in this cabin.
Now, who said anything about kidnapping? Excuse me? Suppose he never kidnapped me, huh? - Suppose I'm, uh, here of my volition.
- Being that you're beat-up and tied to a chair? Well, Danny and I here, we never did settle on a safe word, - did we? - Yeah.
We share some things in common.
I don't believe we've met.
I'm Carl.
And you're Raylan, right? We have a - friend in common.
- Boyd Crowder.
Little embarrassing, you happening upon us in such a state.
But, seeing as how there's no criminally unbecoming activity currently going on, let's say Danny here cuts me loose and we all just go - on our way, huh? - Meaning, you go loose, then you go back to Boyd, and the two of you settle up with Danny at your leisure.
Something like that? Well, I'm not a fortune teller, so who can tell what the - future holds? - Well, look at that.
I think we may have come up with - a peaceful resolution.
- Yeah, we have.
Real peaceful.
Hell, no! That's bullshit! I ain't going nowhere! Darryl, you know I've been on board with this whole "trying to start" You ain't trying to do nothing! You're trying to go back to - Miami, right? - We have got to face the facts! The house is gone.
Danny's probably on his way to jail as we speak.
Let's just cut our losses now and go before that marshal grabs Kendal again.
Kentucky is over for us, Darryl.
The only one doesn't seem to know that is you.
- I mean, why do you think Jean Baptiste - Man, forget him! - All right, he's soft! - No, he could see the writing on the wall.
Wendy, I ain't going nowhere! You hear me?! I've been busting my ass trying to keep this - family together.
- What, and I haven't been?! If it wasn't for me, Kendal would be in a foster home right now.
- Shit, Danny.
Marshals did that to you? How do you guys know about the marshals? He told me.
Yeah, I went to get help, but I got lost in the woods.
- They got Crowder's guy, also? - Oh, yeah.
I-I-I-it's all right.
Carl said that he ain't gonna press charges.
He said we were up there doing some sex thing.
And it was, uh it was consens con it was, uh, c-consexual.
Man, that's good for the law, but what you think Crowder's gonna do, huh? You almost started a war, man.
You a problem, man! You know that? Yeah, why you have to run that lady off the road?! Oh, here we go.
You gonna blame it on me?! Is that it?! You gonna blame it on me?! - Hey! Stop it! - Family and disfunction go together like peanut butter and chocolate.
I come in peace.
Him, not so much.
- What you want? - I just figured it's time we had a chat try to - de-escalate.
- Well, it don't matter no more, Boyd.
- They're leaving.
- Well, I hate to hear that, because I was thinking we might be the answer to each other's prayers.
Is that right? You gonna give me that money I talked to you about? Oh, no.
But, because I believe in capitalism, I'll give you an opportunity to earn some.
I've got a job that needs doing.
Don't trust him, cousin Darryl.
He's gonna screw you over like he did to me.
Shut up, Dewey, and sit - down.
As I was saying - What's the job? I warned you Gretchen had a bad attitude.
Now, you know race treason is a - serious crime, Boyd.
Needed paying for.
- Well, then, I guess I'm here for my refund.
You always had a pair of balls on you, Boyd.
But walking in here, all alone? Hell, you couldn't take me one-on-one.
You gonna take on one-on-six? One lesson you could never understand is "why make an enemy when you can make a friend?" Now, I want you to meet my new - friend, Darryl Crowe, Jr.
- Oh, yeah! Nail him! Come on, Darryl! Get him good! Get him, Darryl! Come on, boy! Get him, boy! Yeah, get him good! - Come on, Darryl! - That's good.
Now, Gunnar, I know it's gonna be real unpleasant for you to talk for a little while.
But you need to let your sister know that if anything else happens to my woman if she cuts her leg shaving I'm gonna take it out on you a hundredfold.
Now, Carl, get my goddamn money.
- Nikki.
What the hell? - I need your razor.
- What razor? - The one you have in your mattress.
You going after Gretchen? That's crazy.
I just need it for a second.
I'll give you commissary for a - week.
A month.
- Fine.
You get caught with this, you're on your own.
Dunham! You're a hard man to get a hold of.
Sorry about that.
Been a little busy down here lately.
Oh, is that all? I was starting to worry you'd rethought some of the bullet points of our deal.
No, it ain't nothing like that.
I got my boys scooping up your cousin as we speak.
Well, in that case, no apologies necessary.
You thought about how you want to deliver him? I figured we bring him down with us when we meet you in nuevo laredo.
You can have your time with him there and bury him in the desert before we cross back over.
Well, I look forward to hanging up my piñata.
Now, Rodney, it's important that our business down there goes nice and smooth.
The people we're dealing with don't strike me as the type that go in for drama.
You remember that day in the Bennett's barn you and me was buying weed from Dickie? Be just that smooth.
Well, that's good to hear.
I'll see you the day after tomorrow in Mexico.
Don't forget to pack your sunscreen.
- So, what did he say? - He said it would go as smooth as the last time we did - business together.
That's good, right? - Last time we did business together, I robbed him.
You wanted to kick Danny Crowe's ass, though, right? Well, there's a certain satisfaction seeing you pop - him in the nose.
- Feeling cheated it wasn't you? - You mean, you feel cheated? - Me? Mm-hmm.
- I'm glad it went how it went.
- Is that a fact? - What are you - implying? - You wanted me to come off the leash so you could call me to heel.
That's why you came along, right? Report back to the boss that the chronic-problem deputy was kept in check by the office kiss-ass? - You might see it that way - Mm.
- If you were a son of a bitch.
The other way you could see it is that, after all we've been through, the trust we've built, I came with you in case you opened up a crack and wanted to talk about how bad you could have messed up that art has a swole fist and you got a black eye.
You're not a kiss-ass.
I'm sorry I said that.
You know I think the world of you, and I trust you with my life.
But, Rachel, I ain't saying a goddamn thing - about me and art.
- 'Cause if you did, it would drive the whole office into a shit storm of biblical proportion.
Isn't that right? I asked you not to go down there and stir the pot.
If anything, I just sniffed the pot.
Got a sense of what's cooking.
To tell you the truth, I didn't have to kick Danny Crowe's ass on your behalf.
Those animals are gonna rip each other apart soon enough.
Well, steer clear if that's the case.
- You wanted to.
It bugs you that you didn't.
- Kick his ass? - Would have had a certain satisfaction.
- Is that who you are, - Raylan? An old-time American hero? - Just guy that does a job.
Tough job, fist-fighting bad guys all day long.
I got this from my chief.
Long story, gist of which is I'm no hero.
- Well, then, who are you? - What? Who are you, really? The guy whose chief punches him in the eye? That runs off to defend the honor of a lady? A guy that has a lady and the ex and the baby daughter all stashed out of state? I guess so.
- What's your point? - You are a hero, Raylan.
I met enough I.
S to know.
I can tell you're a man that would run into a burning building without blinking an eye.
Thing is, I I think you're the one setting the fire.
Well, you just can't get enough of us, can you? Well, my mama was a redhead.
Let's just say I have an affinity.
You interested in growing that stack? Why, you gonna offer to help us invest it or something? I got another job I need done.
Now, I understand that you are a - lawyer.
- Man, she ain't no lawyer.
Well, whatever you are, I'm gonna cue the part of the conversation you don't want to hear so that you can go on pretending you don't know what your family does for a living.
Man, you something else, Boyd.
I assume this next job ain't gonna be as fun as whupping on a - bunch of skinheads, am I right? - Well, that depends on your definition of "fun," Darryl Crowe, Jr.
I want you to help me kill my cousin Johnny.