Justified s05e10 Episode Script


Previously on Justified Hey, where y'all going? We're gonna make some money.
Look after Chelsea while I'm gone.
You know what kind of deep shit you'd be in if you did this.
And this.
Oh, my God.
Reason we don't get jacked with in here is we're the ones bringing in the drugs.
That's why they leave us alone.
You really can get the dope, I might have a way to get it in.
- We had a deal.
- The deal's still good.
Just one more condition.
You want your shit, you got to kill Judith.
That heroin is still a thousand miles away from being in my possession.
It would be a terrible shame if my brother Danny accidentally made a wrong turn with one of them trucks.
I didn't know Hot Rod was a legitimate businessman.
He ain't.
It's just a way to move the dope.
Oh, but the dope in the tow car gives him deniability.
It's an old trick, but it still works.
DEA, show me your hands.
I see you got your gun out.
Damn it, Chelsea.
Hurry up and take a shit.
I ain't got all night.
Hey, don't you dare.
No, Chelsea! No, Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! I'm gonna be down today, so y'all need to be ready.
The grand design is coming together for real, Mina.
Ow! Shit! See, I was just biding my time, waiting for the opportunity to strike.
Like a predator drone.
That whole stretch in Mexico, forsaken in the desert like I was, I knew that that was my only shot.
Holy shit.
Hey! No, I'm all right.
In fact, I'm better than all right.
I got business taken care of.
It's gonna be golden times for Dewey Crowe.
What you mean he's gone? I mean he took the Chevette.
I been calling, I been texting.
He's not answering me.
Well, go after him.
He can't be far.
He ain't got no money.
That's right, thanks to you.
Well, what is it you me to do about this, Wendy? I want you to help me find Kendal! Why are you acting like this ain't a big thing? Because I have other damn shit to deal with, Wendy! Such as? Such as Danny ain't back yet, and he has a big-ass shipment of something I need.
God damn, man.
Where the hell you been? - Darryl.
- What? We, uh we got a serious situation.
This truck mean something to you? Uh, little roadside set-to last night, put a DEA agent in the hospital with a broken pelvis on account of getting clipped by a tow truck.
Well, the DEA's BOLO came through about the same time I got flagged down by a couple of campers.
Said they saw some fool out here trying to unhitch a car.
Said he didn't look right.
He had it up on a hill to do it.
And there's a big divot in the ground over here where the car hit.
Doesn't look like you're dealing with any kind of Einstein here.
No, I suppose not.
Whatcha thinking? Just trying to imagine what my Einstein's gonna do with a carload of Mexican brown.
Ava Crowder.
Got a visitor.
I think I finally got a line on the fella that put you in this mess.
Now, he ain't been easy to find, but I think I finally got that possum treed.
Now, listen to me.
Once he recants and he's gonna recant.
All this will be over.
All this time, waiting on you to come up with a plan to cut me loose, thinking somehow you'd be able to pull it off Well, and that's what I'm doing, baby.
- That's what I'm in the process of doing.
- Let me finish.
I realize now it ain't hardly right to ask.
You done everything you could do to bring about an end to this, but there ain't no end to bring about.
And the longer I keep wishing there was, the more intolerable my situation.
What are you saying, Ava? There's things I got to do in here in order to survive.
And the less you got to do with them, the better.
Boyd, I'm saying goodbye.
Ah - I don't want you coming back.
- Ava.
Do you know what I've done for you? Do you have any idea what I have had to do for you? I do.
There's not a day goes by I don't think about it.
Well, I don't think you do, or else you wouldn't be having this conversation - Boyd - With me - Boyd - Right now.
I love you.
I always will, okay? Ava.
Look at me.
- Ava.
- Guard? Look at me.
Ava, look at me.
Ava! All right.
Uh, I'll see you in a little bit.
I'm gonna need you to take a ride with me, Jimmy.
And what is it we aiming to do when we get wherever it is you plan on taking us? Listen, son.
I know recent times this has been a hard road.
But you didn't sign up with me 'cause you thought it was gonna be easy.
Hey, yo, Boyd! We're in the back.
Hey, yo! Please tell me you have some good news.
Look, man, I came to tell you face-to-face, man.
Look, we got a situation.
- A situation? - Yeah.
I don't want to hear about another one of your goddamn situations.
Dewey Crowe, you just about qualify as the most sought-after man in Harlan county.
Where in the hell are you, son? I'll tell you where I'm at, Boyd.
I'm sitting high on that fabled catbird seat.
How you like that? I don't care where you sit, as long as it's close to my dining-room table 'cause I'm getting awful hungry.
Listen up, Boyd.
I got your shit.
I got it all.
Well, I I mean, I got half of it.
But it's the whole half.
Anyways, right now it's mine.
I could light out to Canada or Wyoming or some shit, and you'd never see it again.
Well, you could, but I wouldn't advise it.
And what's your copilot have to say about that? Oh, Danny? No, I I ditched his ass outside Parkersville.
Parkersville? Parkersville? Look, this conversation is just you and me.
Hold on, Dewey.
I'm gonna put you on speakerphone.
Go ahead.
This is how it's gonna be you all are gonna bring me $250,000 in cash, which is what I'm owed for the whorehouse.
Darryl can have Audrey's.
I don't care.
I just want my money and get the hell out of here.
Well, I guess I only have two questions Where and when? When is today, before dark.
I want to get out of here by sunset.
Well, that's an awful lot of money on such short notice.
Well, I know it's a lot of money, but guess what I don't give a shit.
Find a way.
And where.
Well, I'm gonna tell you when you call me back saying you got my money.
Not so funny now, am I, Boyd? You hear me laughing, son? Well, I'll be waiting on your call.
Thank you.
He done went rogue, man.
That's what I came to tell you, man.
Hey, don't be looking at me like that, man.
I told you we got a problem.
You know what? That's where you're wrong, Darryl.
We ain't got a problem.
Based on this phone call, you got a problem.
Let's get out of here.
Well, I guess we'll just have to wait, then, won't we? So let me guess.
He says it'll be a few more hours.
So with this phone call, wherein we just learned that Boyd Crowder has lost half our shipment, he seems like less of a partner and more like a problem.
Could be argued that it's the Florida crew that's the problem.
And who brought in the Florida crew? Yeah.
The fact is, he's a liability, whatever his local attributes.
Those local attributes are, at present, our entire business model.
Even so, we still have Yoon and his crew to factor in.
All the more reason for additional boots on the ground.
You know, Duffy, I really do not understand this fascination you hold for Boyd Crowder.
What is it? His hair? Hmm? Because at some point in the not-so-distant future, you have to ask yourself a question.
Who am I gonna work with? Him, who most certainly's gonna get you killed Or me, who most certainly is gonna get you rich.
Man, this looks pretty damn good, huh? Yeah, real good.
It's all our profits from the whorehouse plus a couple extra hundred from individual whores.
Hey, just don't let cousin Dewey get a chance to count it.
Oh, I'll make sure of that.
I'm trusting you on that, brother.
- Hey, you heard from Kendal yet? - No.
I keep trying him, and he's not getting back to me.
That little pecker better get his ass up here soon 'cause he was last one to have eyes on Chelsea, and I can't find her anywhere.
Cool out, man.
All right? You need to make yourself scarce, anyway.
I don't want that Crowder shithead coming up in here seeing you getting all spun up talking greasy, so go on.
All right.
I got to take a shit.
All right.
You texting him? I don't know what else to do.
Do you have a better idea? Don't believe I've ever seen it so dead in here.
Looks like you got some kind of reverse incentive keeping folks away.
Well, can't every day be black Friday.
Bound to have ebbs and flows.
Today, we had an ebb.
And to think, people say the business model's idiot-proof.
Speaking of which, where's Dewey? He ain't here.
That's a handsome attache.
What is that? Alligator? This right here is pleather.
Had me fooled.
What's in it? My used condoms.
You know, we got to wash them out for reuse.
This here's a green whorehouse.
Yeah? Let's crack it open, make sure they're in compliance.
No, no, no.
As my sister here will tell you, if you want to see what's inside, you're gonna have to go on out and get yourself a warrant.
Ain't that right, sister? Oh! Oh.
It's a ringer.
Look at that.
Between that and the pleather, someone's gonna be in a world of disappointment getting this case.
What the hell, man? What the hell is, today is "not gonna tolerate any of your bullshit" day.
- You want to test me? - No.
Hey, there ain't no cause for that, marshal.
Now, you're just putting a couple of innocents in jeopardy, acting out like this.
I swear, I can't recall the last innocent I came across with a briefcase full of fake cash.
All right, let's say you were gonna arrest us right now.
So that we might enjoy our rights as citizens of a democracy, under what charges would you detain us? Possession of news print? I ain't arresting you.
I'm just confiscating what cash there is into marshal's custody until you can prove whence it came.
You want it, it'll be at the Lexington courthouse.
Probably cost you more in gas than what's in there.
Now, my earlier question Where's Dewey? Man, ain't nobody seen him, man.
Well, you won't mind if I look around, in case someone here has.
I don't want to see any cars leaving while I'm here.
You two get comfortable.
Well, shit.
But I'm partial to the pink.
You remember me? Sure.
Officer Buzz-kill.
Ruined our pool day.
We, uh, packing for a trip? We was just, um, moving trailers.
Any chance Dewey Crowe's gonna be in that new trailer? We ain't seen Dewey.
Y'all actually seem to care for the man.
I get that, sort of a lost-puppy quality.
He ain't done any harm.
He's fair, and don't raise his hands to us.
Well, I'm telling you right now, I think he's in deeper waters than he's prepared to swim.
He can handle it, whatever it is.
That's a lot of confidence for a man who wears shorts with combat boots.
Anyway, I recently came into a shitload of money.
Now, I'd be willing to part with just a taste of it, but Number's on speed dial.
What the hell? Hey, baby girls.
Well, they're worried about you, Dewey.
Is that Raylan? Got ideas you might be involved with something well above your pay grade.
It ain't us, Dewey.
This peckerwood stole my phone.
Not stole.
Like rented.
Fairly cheap, as it happens.
- You think you're funny? - I think I'm on the phone.
I'm gonna ask you to back up and keep your mouth shut until I'm off.
And then we'll settle whatever grievances you feel like you have suffered.
You son of a bitch.
So you know, Dewey, whatever you thought the Crowes were gonna hand you to get their heroin back, unless it was like $62.
50, you were about to get handed a ringer.
I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Just put Mina on.
You name's mud as far as Boyd Crowder and the Dixie mafia's concerned.
So I ask you, given these facts, who in all God's earthly pastures is your only friend at this point? Damn, Raylan, you're right.
I hadn't thought about that.
My dream isn't gonna die so easy after all.
Hello? I don't think he took from that what I intended.
I give up.
What the hell are you doing? Had to get out of there.
I like it that way.
Yeah? Wasn't my choice.
I know.
Penny told me.
She was in the yard when it happened.
So you broke it off with him? - Your man who was gonna save you.
- I did.
Good for you, sister.
All you can count on is the holy mother, your sisters and yourself.
And you know I got you.
Hold this.
I got to piss.
Ava, dorm room hacks are about to do a bed check.
You in here, Judith? Go on.
I'll be out.
We got to go.
Like now.
All right.
Here you go.
I smell it.
What? Pot.
You got any more? You're 14.
I was 12 the first time.
Doesn't bother me.
Well, it bothers me.
How'd you get here? I've been driving since I was 11.
First year I could reach the pedals.
How'd you know where I live? They got this thing called Google.
Kendal, you can't up and leave every time you have a disagreement with your family.
Danny's gonna have my ass.
Why is that? I seen him do things when he ain't even mad, much less when he is.
Things like what? If I was to ask you to come away with me, we could run off somewhere.
I can do things, you know.
I can bartend.
Besides, you're not so happy to be here yourself.
Look, what you're talking about, that's a fantasy.
And nothing wrong with that, but I belong here.
And where you belong is back in Harlan with your kin.
That's reality.
Just forget it.
- Hello? - It's open.
Come in.
What the hell? I'm sorry, Kendal.
That's where you disappeared to? Go blow a jay and drop a dime on me? Hey, big man.
What happened? You get lost on your way to the save-a-lot? Go on.
Well, would you look at this holy shit of a situation here.
Oh, Dickie.
What's with this? Hell on wheels.
You know, they were in there trying to tell me, "Hey, there's a Mr.
Parker Stevenson here to see you," and I'm like, "Hey, look at me.
" "Do I look like a guy who knows a Parker damn Stevenson?" Nope.
And lo and behold, here you are, brother Parker.
- Yeah.
- Hey, how you doing? Well, that's the that's the name on the ID, anyway.
Aw, damn, Dickie.
Damn, Dewey.
Wheels or no, you are a sight for sore eyes.
Well tell me, how can I help you? Wynn Duffy, call me up out of the blue What did you think? That I just couldn't stay away? When it comes to your motives, Katherine, I have long since abandoned speculating.
How did you know I didn't come here to put an ice pick in your neck? Worth it to see you again.
And also, I could use some help.
Damn straight you could.
I keep up on current events.
I know your situation.
You got yourself caught between a Detroit rock and shitkicker hard place, trafficking in weight like you said you never would.
What happened, Wynn? Did you finally just get greedy? I don't know what happened.
That's why I called.
You always had a way of cultivating clarity.
So what do you need? An assessment.
The rock or the shitkicker.
And Let's say for the sake of discussion, I've missed you.
I would need to meet them both, preferably at the same time.
Be nice to do this where the guns aren't likely to come out.
And, Wynn Yes? If I come in on this assessment - Yes - It'll be 50k in advance.
As I said, I've missed you, Katherine.
I don't know.
Okay, go ahead.
Come on.
Ones on Sherman Pass and Conner are up, too.
Can put another on Old Eyman trail, but DEA's pulling a lot of resources for their dragnet.
Cell pinged the triangle between Black Mountain and Putney.
Only way he's getting out is over us, and I don't see Dewey owning a jet pack.
Unless he's holed up somewhere waiting us out.
You have a collect call from Raylan Givens, don't hang up! It's Dickie Bennett! an inmate at the Tramble Federal Penitentiary.
Will you accept the charges? What became of us, Raylan? Seems like we each ended up where we belong.
How did it ever come to To this? I mean, another lifetime, you and me, we We could have been thick as thieves, you know? Well, in this one, you strung me upside down and treated me like a pinata and then came after a 14-year-old girl.
I have had time, and time and more damn time in here to mull over my mistakes, and I'll have you know I am coming 'round to admitting I probably made my share along the way.
Good for you.
Self-improvement is a wonderful thing.
Now, you called me claiming to know where Dewey Crowe is.
What Hey, ho, ho, ho.
Why don't you just slow down, there, Mr.
Insensitivity? Can you not see I'm about to betray my one true friend in the world, here? How about this? How about you start, Raylan? How about just telling me what's coming to me? How about Jack and shit? Raylan, Raylan.
You know, I can see the penny still hasn't quite dropped.
You always were a little slow, so I'm gonna tell you one more time.
I am in possession of the wherewithal to tell you right where Dewey Crowe is gonna be in the next 45 minutes, so I'd advise you to just rethink this whole smartass strategy you got here if you want this present wrapped up under your tree.
What is it you'd like, Dickie? I would like transfer to long-term hospital care.
Someplace way out of state, Raylan.
Way away from all these bad memories.
Please, Raylan.
And would you like that transfer by helicopter or are you okay with just a van? Yeah.
Laugh it up, Raylan.
But from what Dewey told me, this is a target worth hitting, Raylan, so, you know, I'm gonna need you to hook me up with some serious rehabilitation, Raylan, for this lame-ass leg that you, Raylan, you played no small part in afflicting, Raylan.
- Dickie.
- This right here.
You ain't getting any transfer to a country club.
And your legs are the way they are 'cause you're an asshole who don't know when to quit.
Just just hold up, Raylan.
But, if you tell me what you have and it leads to an arrest, maybe we can talk about greater protections and freedoms within your stay here.
All right, Raylan.
All right.
You win.
You want to find Dewey, here's what you do.
First of all, go to the Gas 'N Go or whatever and get yourself a map of Kentucky.
Follow Route 9 southbound with your finger.
Follow it way, way down until you're pointing right at Your asshole.
And then what you're gonna do is you're gonna take your hand, and just just go ahead and cram it right up inside.
You got to make sure, Raylan, that you do it in a way so that the rest of you just keeps on following your hand right up your ass, right up inside all that shit you're so full of, Raylan.
And then what you're gonna do, is you're just gonna wink out of existence forever.
Proud of that one, aren't you? It'll do.
Like you say.
So Dewey came to you looking for a home for his purloined heroin.
I'm just gonna assume you sent him to one of your old Bennett dealers.
But I don't have to find him there, do I? I think Boyd and Darryl would've put the word out, so the first thing that dude's gonna do is call one of them.
So all I got to do is go back and wait for them to come home with it.
So all that's left for me to do here is say thank you for your help, unwitting as it may have been.
Good to see you, Dickie.
Especially in here.
Can you hear this, Raylan, or you need me to turn it up? Oh, damn, son.
How much you think all that's worth? This kind of weight? Damn.
It's more than I got here.
Dickie said you'd be good to go.
Yeah, well, Dickie ain't been around for a while.
- Oh, man! - Deal like this I got to call in the money cavalry.
Well, call them in, man.
I ain't got forever to do this thing.
All right.
Wait here.
It's not true that you should never drink alone.
These are the happiest glasses you'll ever drain.
Well, I ain't drinking alone anymore, now, am I? Can I tell you a secret? Mmm.
I wish you would.
I would love for a man to just come up to me and say, "You are the prettiest woman here," "and I just want to make love.
" Wait, no, "Bang you until the cops break us up.
" Well, let's just see how that sounds coming from me.
- Should we get out of here? - Yeah, let's go.
Let's do it.
Come on.
Follow me.
- Chelsea! - Say it again, Cyrus.
I didn't get the street name.
Okay, got it.
Let's say 20 minutes.
Chelsea, come on, girl! Hey, cut that out, man.
You're gonna freak her out more than she already is.
She's just never spent a day on her own out there.
Well, I'm sure she's fine.
She's just shacked up with some big, old black mastiff taking it real good like the bitch she is.
Chelsea's not like that.
Well, lighten up, baby brother.
Look, we got eyes on cousin Dewey.
Trying to pawn off our brown bricks to one of Boyd's dealers.
- Where the hell you been, man? - Where's Chelsea? How the hell should I know? It's your goddamn job to know where she is.
Well, I did my job.
It's not my fault her dumb ass ain't got enough sense not to run off.
Listen, if anything happened to her, I'm gonna take it out on your hide.
Hey, get away from him.
Chelsea's dead, asshole.
She ran off last night chasing after some animal, got hit by a car up on Copper Road.
And you you left her up there all alone? Why do you think I ran? Didn't want you going all crazy and shit.
I'm gonna kill you, you I am gonna bury you in the back! I will kill you, you little shit! Oh, yeah? Just like you did Jean Baptiste? You said he was in Florida.
Darryl, he was talking a lot of shit, so I shot him, okay? - I was gonna tell you.
- But you didn't, huh? You go to Dewey, get our brown bricks.
When that's done, get a wreath and some lilies, we'll give Chelsea a proper burial.
You, go up there and get her body.
Show a little goddamn respect.
Then you're gonna dig the hole to bury her in.
You make sure he don't run off.
We got enough goddamn problems.
When that's all done, we gonna have a big, old family conference.
You hear me? Hey, you got to let me go up and see her.
No, God damn it! I ain't gonna let this sit.
- That little bastard! - Danny! Listen to me! Get your mind right! We'll deal with Kendal later.
You hear me? Yeah, I hear you.
Hey, Danny, one more thing.
That's for lying about JB.
Now get up.
What was with you in the bathroom earlier? I saw you standing there all spaced out.
I got a lot on my mind, is all.
I saw the shiv.
Don't worry, I ain't gonna tell.
I want you to kill her.
Sticker you got is good for slashing a throat, but that's if if you get through the muscle.
This is a stabber.
Quicker, quieter, no muss, no fuss.
Rowena put you up to this? Thinking I wouldn't go through with it? Rowena wants you to do it for me.
Why? Remember that guard, Milam? The one Judith forced me to lay with? Well, he wasn't the only one.
Seeing as none of them seen fit to slip on a rubber, all that action had consequences.
And Judith forced me to get rid of them consequences.
You think you got protection from Judith, but you don't mean shit to her.
You're just another playing piece.
Judith's got an arrangement with the guards.
She prays alone in the chapel.
Chapel cameras are turned off at night.
It's the best time.
Hide this in there.
You son of bitch.
Put down the gun, Dewey.
You got my money? You don't get any money, dickhead.
All you got is me, and I'm pissed.
Now, where is my shit? Kiss my ass.
I still got a gun on you, case you hadn't noticed.
Oh, my goodness.
All right, here's how it's gonna go.
Little dipshit, you toss the bag over to big dipshit.
Big dipshit, you toss me three bricks for my trouble.
And both of y'all, put them goddamn guns away.
Go on, crazy 88, slide it over.
- I thought we had a deal.
- You thought wrong.
I don't know you, Dickie Bennett's a wormy little shitbird I never liked, anyway.
All right.
Now you can go.
You know, shoulda thought through this better, Dewey.
Yeah, you ain't got the head for this.
Why don't you come with me and get what's coming? You realize what you just did to me, asshole? You run your raggedy little ass out that door, and I'll give you a two-minute jump on your buddy here.
I'm gonna tear your ass up, Dewey.
Now, that's about the best offer you're gonna get today, so I would take it.
One, one thousand.
Two, one thousand.
Oh, Chelsea.
Oh, Chelsea.
I'm so sorry, Chelsea.
Sorry for your loss.
I'm having a private moment.
Why don't you show some goddamn respect? No disrespect intended, despite the fact that dog would have been happy to chew my face off and wear it as a Halloween mask.
I had this buddy that ran a puppy mill in Sarasota, and he got popped for a DUI.
He asked me to take care of his puppies.
And I found this This litter of dead puppies.
I guess the mom had died when she was giving birth and couldn't take care of the brood.
But there was one puppy who was barely alive, and it was Chelsea.
And I I raised her up.
Considering the somber occasion, I'm inclined to do you a favor.
How about you just go away and let me grieve in peace? That I can't do.
But, see, you carry that duffel any further up to Audrey's, I'd be obliged to take Wendy and Kendal in as accessories.
And that would suck.
What about Darryl? Him, I don't give a rat's ass, but I'd just as soon eschew the collateral damage.
Now, if you were to own up to the contents of that duffel right here, well, then, you'd be the only Crowe going away on this day of mourning.
Do you see the favor? I do.
And I appreciate it, sir.
But I ain't done mourning yet.
How old was she? Over six.
Why? What is that? About And you're about 30.
What's it matter? You slide your hand any closer to that gun, you're gonna meet Chelsea's fate at a much younger age than she did.
Say we go about it a different way.
Different how? How far apart you reckon we are? Oh, 20 feet, give or take.
All right.
That's about far enough.
Far enough for what? You ain't never heard of the 21-foot rule before? Can't say I have.
Me, I'm good to 50, 75 yards.
Twenty one feet, that's like standing plumb in front of the target.
I guess the question is, how good a shot are you? Are you sure you thought this through, Danny? - Let's just see.
- Well, first, let me explain Ohhh! Oh.
Shit, Danny.
I would have said something.
I swear to God, I didn't see it either.
So you didn't shoot him.
- Well, that's something.
- I was going to, though.
Like an act of God, really.
There's, uh, one more thing.
How's that even possible? We would have rolled up Darryl Jr.
with the fallout, Wendy, too, but we had nothing to hold them on.
Well, it's a good thing you didn't waste everybody's time, then.
Yeah, uh, but they're pretty pissed.
I would imagine so.
I was dating this social worker, Alison Brander.
Kendal went to see her this afternoon.
And now And now you think they might be coming after her.
All right.
I'll take care of it.
- Well, I can, uh - No.
You got your foot deep enough in this shit heap already.
- Alison Brander? - Yeah, that's right.
I mean, since you are apparently my own personal, special problem that I must deal with, I'll handle it myself If that's okay.
You're the boss.
Whoever you are, this is my time.
Never figured you for praying alone.
One hour a week I commune with the goddess without any distractions.
So you do believe? Does it matter? Really? I know why you're here.
Always figured Penny was the one to turn Judas.
It ain't me.
I don't want this.
Washing your hands like Pontius Pilate.
I know it's Rowena.
She harbors ill will.
Now you got a new drug source, won't tell me who.
Don't hardly take a fortune teller to figure out what's coming.
From what I hear, she's got reason.
Every day I pray forgiveness for what I had Penny do.
I needed those drugs in here.
Amazing, the unconscionable things we'll do to survive, huh? Doesn't matter 'cause I ain't gonna do it, anyway.
What changed your mind, girl? See, I don't like the game Rowena's playing at.
Always one more hurdle to leap over.
Changing the rules when she feels like it.
I feel like there's got to be a way we can work together.
Something we can do.
Now, you think that's possible? That sounds like a grand plan, darling.
But how am I supposed to forget you coming at me in prayer with a shiv in your hand? Ahhh! No! No! Get off of me! No! Please.
Whatever you're thinking of doing, you don't have to do it.
What is it you suspect I'm about to do, Albert? What do you want? You know, I spend most of my time in the company of criminals.
Now, one could argue I'm guilty by association, but between me and you, I'm every bit as despicable as they are.
Now, the thing about dealing dope is it offers people a moment of euphoria in an otherwise bleak existence.
You see, Albert, I'm really in the business of selling lies.
What's that got to do with me? You're a person sworn to uphold the law.
And all I'm asking you to do is to tell the truth.
I'll tell you anything you want to know.
I already know what you did, Albert.
But me knowing don't make a bit of difference.
You got to understand that I got a condition.
It's medical, and I'm supposed to be on meds.
Everybody has a condition, son.
Ain't all of them can be medicated.
Now, my condition is I got a woman looking at doing a long stretch for something she didn't do.
So I'm gonna need you to un-ring the bell you struck injuring yourself in the service of damning my woman.
I'm sorry.
But I can't fix this.
I can't.
I can't do it.
How many times did you stab yourself trying to make it look like my woman did it? I didn't I didn't mean to.
- How many times? - Just two.
It was two times.
Two times.
It must've taken some nerve to penetrate yourself not once, but twice.
Did you cry out from the pain? I don't remember.
Well, it don't matter, 'cause, son, you damn sure about to cry out now.
Please, please, please.
I did it because I love her.
You what? I could tell from the second she walked in that we had a connection, that she was special, that she wasn't like those other girls.
I never hurt her.
I would never hurt her.
That's why I hurt myself instead.
I love her, but I don't have the power to make her mine.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I loved her.
Get out of here.
Go on, get out of here before I change my mind.
You do understand now that we need to leave, right, Darryl? You get the finally? Nothing left for us here.
We need to go.
Danny ain't even cold yet, and you're all set to run? Oh, I'm just trying to keep us out of prison.
Well-nigh impossible this far along, but I'm trying.
Why you ain't even crying? You don't give a shit? If I didn't give a shit, I would have cut out a long time ago.
Now, for all of daddy's shortcomings, he knew when to fold up.
Phosphates dried out, he got us out of there.
Land scams ran their course, he got us out.
Whole time he kept the family together.
That's my job now.
Darryl, it's a hard truth, but you ain't ever gonna be fit to stand in his shadow.
That's rich coming from a woman who was so ashamed of her own son, she don't even admit she got one.
Little piece of shit.
Ahhh! - Wendy.
- Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You want to go? Huh? Yeah, yeah.
Huh? Huh? Get up.
You tough, right? Get up! Yeah.
Ahhh! You crying now, right, bitch? Huh? I hate you! Kendal! You need to decide right now whose side you're on.
You a Crowe or not? Yeah.
Say it.
I'm a Crowe.
I love you.
Seminole Indians do this down the glades.
My daddy, your grandpa, did this to me when I was your age.
Blood bond.
Stronger than a gator's hide.
We share blood, we share everything.
Starting right now, clean slate between us.
We ain't got no secrets, do we? You got to say it, Kendal.
No secrets.
You a man now.
And being a man comes with responsibilities.
You ready to be a man? I know you are.