Justified s05e11 Episode Script

The Toll

Previously on "Justified" Shit, Danny.
I swear to god, I didn't see it, either.
That's rich coming from a woman so ashamed of her own son, she don't even admit she got one.
- You need to decide right now.
You a Crowe or not? - Yeah.
I was dating this social worker, Alison Brander.
- Kendal went to see her this afternoon - And now you think they might be - coming after her.
All right, I'll take care of it.
- Well, I can, uh - No.
I'll handle it myself.
- We just learned that Boyd Crowder has lost half our shipment.
You have to ask yourself a question.
Who am I gonna work with? Him, who most certainly's gonna get you killed - or me, who most certainly is gonna get you rich? - You got yourself caught - between a Detroit rock and a shitkicker hard place.
- I could use some help.
- So what do you need? - An assessment.
- The rock or the shitkicker.
- You think you got protection from Judith, but you don't mean shit to her.
5x11 - "The Toll" Ava.
Your elbow.
Somebody gonna tell us what the hell's going on here? Shit, Penny, I know you didn't forget the rules.
No talking during lockdown.
Matter of fact, next one opens her mouth buys a week in the hole.
I want to let you know, my loyalty was always to you, Boyd.
- That little fella give you what you needed? - As it happens, he did not.
Can't help feeling it's a shame, you shelling out money and not getting anything in return.
There's got to be something I can do for you.
Well, I believe you're right.
There are a few things we need to discuss.
I assume neither one of us is too keen on doing this over the phone.
Fair enough.
You want me to bring the coffee? Well, miss Teri, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to bring our evening to a close.
I'm gonna need a clear head in the morning.
- I could help you clear it.
- Oh, darlin'.
- It's not that I don't appreciate the offer truly.
- There's really nothing - that I can give you.
- Well, I wouldn't be opposed to taking - one of those cigarettes.
- Never knew you to be a smoker.
Well, it's been a long time since I was.
But I believe the time has come - to start making some changes.
- So, the marshals service doesn't believe I'm in - danger, but you're moving me anyway? - Yep.
- Can you elaborate on that a little? - Well, could you pick it up a little? - Deal.
- All right, uh, Raylan and I just thought it might be a good idea if you were looked after.
And the service doesn't provide official protection unless there's a specific, credible threat.
But you can call this an abundance of caution.
And you swear Raylan's all right.
He's not lying dead on a slab - somewhere and you're holding back telling me? - Yes, ma'am, I swear.
It's just that things have heated up between him and the Crowe family, and we thought - that since they came at you once to get to him - You two are worried Dan's gonna run me off the road again? - Something like that.
- You think they'd leave me alone if I told them we Broke up? We did, by the way.
Did Raylan tell you that? He might have mentioned something about that.
Uh, ma'am, you know, we're only gonna be gone just a couple of days.
- He, uh, mentioned what happened to his eye.
- Did he, now? Mm-hmm.
Told me you did it.
Didn't tell me why.
Well, is this your way of asking me to tell you why? Oh, I'm just making conversation.
'Course, if you wanted to tell me, - you know, listening is a big part of my job.
- I'll bet you're good at it.
Let me ask you this if I were to admit to hitting him - Mm-hmm.
- could you call it child abuse - and take custody of him for me? - I like you.
- Here.
I'll get that.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
After you.
- Oh, thanks.
Yeah, I don't know.
I mean Hold on.
Hold on.
Um, let's just, uh, age before beauty, okay? Oh, my god! All right.
I need you to call 911.
- Oh, my god.
- You're hit! No, I-it's not me.
It's you.
Oh, god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, god.
On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul god get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come West Palm that's on the water, right? Yes, ma'am.
Beaches nearby, warm sun.
That'll be good for her help with the cabin fever.
Cabin fever, huh? Oh, my god.
First six months.
I guess I didn't think of that.
But makes sense.
Her mother's nearby.
I suppose, uh, the three of them will meet up and take the stroller through Okeeheelee park.
- But you don't know.
- No.
'Cause you're not where you're needed.
- Where I'm needed? - Where you can do the most good.
I'm are we still speaking about Winona? Why was he alone, Raylan? - Chief Deputy no backup? - He was - And why weren't you there? - Now wait A good man is in the hospital, and I'm not saying it should be you, Raylan.
I I just want to know why you weren't where you were supposed to be.
Any available radiologist to MRI.
Delvaughn to pathology.
Delvaughn to pathology.
These back five rows, we're gonna need sealed off, just to - let you know.
- Okay, no problem.
- Leslie Mullen, Dr.
Jay Patel.
- Is he alive? - Mrs.
Mullen, uh - Is my husband alive? Yes.
He's extremely critical.
Um please, Mrs.
Mullen my office will give us some privacy.
- Is he gonna make it? - He lost a lot of blood.
They had to put those antishock compression pants on him keep his pressure from bottoming out.
- He conscious? - He went out in the ambulance.
- Hasn't opened his eyes since.
- I don't suppose he thought to tell the emts who did this to him.
What about Alison? She see anything? - She's pretty shook up.
- She see anything or not? He had her on the floor before she knew there was anything to see.
Let's play this out.
You think it was Darryl Crowe looking for payback? - What's the alternative? - Art did shoot Theo Tonin not so long ago.
Drew Thompson did that, he was still mad enough to drop bodies about it.
Well, the good news is, if we want to question Theo, he ain't hard to find.
How about Darryl? We're looking.
KSP went by Audry's.
Place was shut down.
Well, there you go.
Why's he run, he ain't the shooter? I imagine where he's from, even suspected cop shooters don't tend to get arrested.
Yeah, but how's a man even know he's a suspect? Well, doesn't take a genius to know he'll be top of our list.
Day after a marshal kills his brother, somebody takes a shot at the chief.
- Art's face is all over the news.
- You saying you think - he ran even though it wasn't him that did it? - I'm saying we have to consider it.
All right, I've considered it.
Whatever it is, it's not your call to make.
Ed Kirkland, Detroit chief, he's coming in to head up the investigation, run the office for the time being.
- Makes sense.
He and Art go back.
- He also goes back with the Tonins, which means Theo will probably be his first instinct.
So we follow his lead.
Wallace to the O.
Wallace to the O.
Kirkland's due within the hour.
After that, our options shrink.
- You talking about any particular option? - The one where we catch up with Darryl out in the wild world.
- You'd be on board for that? - It's Art.
- You think that's what he would want? - I think he'd do it for us.
All due respect, Tim, I don't think you know Art as well as I do.
I got to go explain to Mr.
Picker and Mr.
Duffy how we come to lose half that shipment.
- We didn't lose it.
- Well, I'll make sure to tell them that.
And while I'm gone I want you to hide that dope.
- Where? - I don't know.
- And I don't want to know.
It's gonna be my insurance.
- Insurance for what? - For walking out of that hotel room.
- Christ, Boyd, if you're that - worried about walking out, why even walk in? - Because procrastination - has never been a part of my nature.
- Well, at least take us with you.
Shit, Boyd, they want a war? We'll stack 'em up like Cordwood.
- Goddamn right.
- Son, after everything I've asked you to do, I appreciate the sentiment, but this one's on me.
But I need you to promise me that if this don't go my way if this don't go my way that you will take care of Ava by giving that nurse everything she needs.
- 'Course, Boyd.
But you ain't got to do this.
- Just hide the dope.
But when I say "hide it," I want you to hide it so god can't even find it.
Now get out of here.
Go on.
And remember what you promised.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you.
- You didn't.
- You want me to get you something to help you sleep? - EMTs gave me enough lorazepam to kill a rhino.
Didn't even make my eyelids heavy.
Well, they didn't know to account for your tolerance.
How long am I gonna have to stay here? - They didn't walk you through this? - Uh, they might have.
I don't think I'm retaining much at the moment.
Tonight, we don't have enough manpower to protect you anywhere but here.
In the morning, though, deputies will start arriving from other districts.
- We'll detail a few to take you to a hotel.
- And then how long will I be there? Till we find the shooter or establish you weren't the target.
- Did you see him? - He's still in surgery.
- I'm sorry, Raylan.
- You have nothing to be sorry for.
Try to get some sleep.
- How's Ms.
Brander? - She's all right.
She's resting.
- She seems like a fine young woman.
- Sir, I'd like to join the manhunt for Darryl Crowe Jr.
I know him, I know the family, I know the area he's likely holed up.
I think we got enough bodies on that manhunt, plus local P.
I imagine they know the area, as well.
No, deputy, I need you to stay here, be my right hand help me get the lay of the land.
- Right-hand man? - Yeah.
Our first order of business we go at Tonin.
We establish all the ways he could've been in contact with the outside world and talk to anyone he could've used as a go-between.
- Funny.
- Excuse me? Oh, Art had to fly to Macon once, babysit the Georgia middle district while their chief was suspended.
Yeah, Loughlin.
Yeah, he got busted for double dipping.
Art said the top priority for an interim chief is to rein in the office problem child.
Best way he knew to do that was keep the guy where he could see him, tell him he's your right-hand man.
All right, deputy.
Fair enough.
I'll be straight with you.
Yes, I need to keep you close so I can keep an eye on you.
I'm concerned that your participation in this investigation that it may jeopardize a future prosecution.
- What the hell's that supposed to mean? - All right, deputy, we're done.
Allow me to be straight with you, chief.
We lose the guy who did this 'cause you kept me from doing my job, that's gonna be on you.
- Problem? - Theo gave it up.
Gave what up? Says he ordered the hit on Art as payback for bringing him in.
- Signed the affidavit swearing to it.
- Aw, geez.
It gets better.
He's willing to finger the shooter.
My fiancé's wedding ring.
- He's clean.
- You sure? Mikey says he's clean, he's clean.
- Check him again.
- Whatever.
Well, I guess there's no question about who's calling the shots.
- Our social hierarchy is the least of your concerns.
- Well, if you're looking for the beretta I usually keep in the small of my back, I decided to leave it at home.
I figured I might get frisked.
Didn't want to take a chance on it going missing.
I brought that piece back with me from the desert.
- What's this? - My abiding shame.
I didn't know you smoked, Mr.
Well, my recent anxiety has made me question why I ever gave it up.
I see we have a new face in our crowd.
- Have a seat, Boyd.
- Any place in particular? There will be fine.
So, you want to explain how your buddy the marshal came to seize half our shipment? Well, seeing how it wasn't in my possession, I think that's more of a question for Darryl Crowe Jr.
- And where is he? - I can't say.
But if I were him, I'd be running for my life.
You heard somebody shot the - chief marshal last night? - And you think it's Darryl? I don't know.
I wasn't there.
But if I was a betting man Since you are the one who's here at the moment, Boyd, why don't you explain on Darryl's behalf? Mr.
Picker, the only explaining I've ever done in my life was to my Mama when she caught me sneaking in after my curfew.
And you ain't my Mama.
But I'll indulge you with a short answer to your question.
Shit happens, Mr.
- What about the other half? - Sometimes it don't.
- Where is it? - I don't know.
You don't know? What do you mean exactly - by you don't know? - Well, Mr.
Picker, what I mean is if I die in this hotel room, it'll be like you decided to bury the rest of that dope right alongside me.
- Tell me about yourself, Mr.
- She speaks.
- I do.
- Well, I usually like to know a person's - name before I start telling them my life story.
- Hale Katherine Hale.
- As in the wife of "big country" Grady Hale? - Widow.
Wynn Duffy, I am impressed.
I remember seeing a picture of you in the paper when your husband was on trial, and I thought, "now, that is the kind of woman you get on your arm when you become a real gangster.
" Of course, that was some time ago, and you've changed your hair.
- Wynn brought me here just especially to meet you.
- Thinking that any friend - of his ought to be a friend of mine? - No.
He wants to know if I can come up with a reason why he shouldn't kill you.
Other than my winning personality? Well, uh if you don't mind, I'm gonna have a cigarette while I think of an earnest answer to your question.
It's not so much me as the hotel.
- This is a non-smoking suite.
- U.
Marshals! - On the ground right now! Right now! - On the ground.
Right now! - Right now! Get up! - Well, I guess this hotel takes that non-smoking policy pretty serious, Mr.
- You must know this is bullshit.
- All I know is we have to follow it up.
Excuse me.
- Mm-hmm.
- Why would Tonin try - to help us without cutting a deal? - Because he knows we'd never deal with him.
- That's my point.
- Sir.
Deputy Brooks wanted you to see this.
It lists who got caught in - the net when we grabbed picker.
- Katherine Hale? - That's what her driver's license said.
- That name doesn't mean anything to you? - Should it? - Tonin just wants to get us chasing bullshit.
- It's the only entertainment he's got.
- W-where is she now? - Downstairs.
- Downstairs in this building? Yes, sir her, Crowder, Duffy, his bodyguard.
We figure we could at least hold them a couple hours.
- Where's Deputy Brooks? - She's sitting on them.
'Course she is.
Come with me.
I'm gonna go in there.
- Finally someone I can reason with.
- I want a name.
- Me too.
The scrawny guy who is he? - I want a name.
I want an apology.
That rat-faced little prick tweaked my back when I was getting in the car.
It's like he doesn't understand the special relationship - I have with you guys.
- That relationship that's over.
- Really? - Today, we got a different set of problems.
I heard.
My condolences.
- Mm-hmm.
- Still don't know how I fit in.
Well, Theo puts you as the shooter.
- Oh, beautiful.
- He says you were acting on his orders.
Really? Well, the last time you dragged me in here, you thought he was trying to kill me.
Now you believe I'm taking his orders? More than believe.
Got the proof.
Got all we need, matter of fact.
- Congratulations.
You're the prime suspect.
- Show me what the hell you got.
- You'll hear it in court.
- This again? The land of complete bullshit? You guys really should learn - a new tune, you know that? - You're looking at 40 years to life, my buddy.
More if Art dies.
That case, you're gonna regret you left Michigan, as Kentucky - does still favor the death penalty.
- I played ball.
- Yes, you did.
- I played ball, marshal.
- And now you're gonna hang this job on me? - Very simple.
- Come on.
- Goes away you give me a name.
- I'm not a snitch.
- I got an affidavit says you are.
- Why should I help you? - Again? Believe I made that more than clear.
No, I mean, why would I help you besides the fact - that you're an asshole? - There is no other reason.
Darryl Crowe is what I heard.
- Mr.
Been a while.
- Chief.
Funny running into you here.
It's like running into an old teacher at the movies.
- You hear what he said? - You think I need corroboration from - a bent-nosed arm-breaker from Greektown? - Ooh.
That hurt.
Now, I said we had to follow it up, and we did.
Having a little trouble locating - Mr.
Darryl Crowe today.
Can you get a line on him? - I met the man once.
Okay, say you want to meet him again.
Tell him you like the way he fills out his wifebeater.
I don't give a shit.
- Just let us know when and where.
- And what do I get? Prizes to be named later.
That's the prick.
Time stamp from the hotel camera puts him in the lobby three minutes after Art's shot.
Jeff Gordon couldn't make that - drive in less than 10.
- That's what you pulled us out for - to tell us he didn't do it? - That's not why I pulled you out.
- Hold on.
Raylan, you got a call.
- Oh, jesus.
Can it wait? It's Darryl Crowe's sister says he wants to turn himself in.
- Great.
She knows where we are.
- Says he'll only turn himself in to you.
- You can take those off.
You have your gun.
- Yes, you have your gun.
- Well, hello, David.
- Katherine.
- Don't remember asking you to sit.
- Well you didn't ask me to come down here, either.
Standing while you sit would make me feel like - we were back in court.
- Believe you have me confused with the judge.
I remember which one you were smug little hobbit-looking beaner shitbird who told the jury what a no-account savage my late husband was - and that I was worse.
- Well, glad to see the years haven't taken away your silver tongue.
She tell you anything about why she was at Duffy's hotel suite? "Visiting an old family friend.
Is that a crime?" Well, not compared to racketeering, conspiracy, and murder, no.
Well, whatever dark, twisted fantasies you have about me, David, rest assured, now I am - nothing but a little ol' country grandma.
- Don't look like any grandma I ever saw.
'Course, both my Grandmas looked like Edward James Olmos.
So is there anything else? Because my lawyer's on his way.
Um, I guess we could rev up the - old harassment suit.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
No harassment.
- I just wanted to see you for old times' sake.
- You believe it? Most of the people in this office are too new to know who you are.
You're disappointed, aren't you? - That people don't know who you are? - That I'm still alive.
A little bit.
- Jesus christ.
Your face.
- You didn't come alone.
What happened? - Did you come alone? - What do you think? I think you probably got a half dozen guys stacked up behind you at the top of the - staircase, another dozen outside covering the windows.
- Don't forget the snipers.
Where is he? I'm sorry.
I had no choice.
Step back.
Have a seat on the bed.
He had Kendal.
Said if I didn't help arrange his surrender, cops would catch up to him sooner or later.
Kendal was likely to get caught up in the crossfire.
So you arranged the meeting, and then What? He change his mind? - I doubt it.
- Then, again Where is he? He was afraid you'd shoot him on sight.
He said he wasn't even gonna come out - in the open unless he knew exactly where you'd be.
- So you made sure I was here.
I suppose it should be heartwarming, seeing you choose the brother who's given you nothing but pain over the lawman you swore you'd betray him to.
Well, a lot's happened since I made you that promise.
You know, death has a way of bringing a family together.
As I trust you're aware, Darryl's the only brother I got left.
You're gonna lay that at my feet, huh? - Ain't that where it belongs? - All right, Miss Crowe, you did your sisterly duty and you lured me to a place I could be no threat.
Now I want you to tell me where he is.
Hey! My name is Darryl Crowe Jr.
I'm here to turn myself in.
Somebody grab the kid.
Vasquez didn't even want us to go in there and give the kid a soda.
He's terrified.
Darryl's lawyer will say that we tried to talk to the kid without a guardian present, - get him disqualified as a witness.
- How about Darryl himself? - We talking to him? - Kirkland and Vasquez are in there with him.
Guess he must've waived the attorney.
- He's probably waiting for his sister.
- Mm.
Can't be good.
I want to see my brother.
- In a moment, Ms.
First I need - You best not be talking him without representation.
Otherwise, I'm gonna see to Ms.
Crowe! At the moment, I am not interested in your brother.
- At least, not that one.
- I'm not her brother.
I'm her son.
Long story.
Okay, Kendal.
Uh, your brother or your uncle he, uh he said that you had something you wanted to tell us.
I didn't mean to hurt that old man.
It just happened so fast.
- I would've thought you'd gotten the hole for sure.
- Nah.
I just had to go to Montgomery's office for an hour, listening to him tell me how I act out 'cause I'm afraid of realizing my full potential.
- Any idea what ended the lockdown? - Search came up empty, and no one's talking.
Their move now is to wait and see who Judith's girls - target for retaliation.
- Maybe they don't know who did it, either.
Come on, Ava.
Their asses might be dumb, but they ain't no dumbasses.
They'll put this together with their eyes closed.
Your best hope now is that I'm not the only one of Judith's girls who wanted to see her taken out.
Well, guess if this is my last meal, I ought to be grateful - that it's ice cream day.
- Yeah, I've been meaning to ask you - how'd you get two? - I batted my eyelashes.
Best eat up.
- So, how did you get there? Hitch? - Drove.
- Known how since I was 11.
- How about the gun? Where did you get that? Mr.
Vasquez, I want to make sure the record reflects that although my client is making - this statement against the advice of counsel - Mr.
Wagner, we've been over this.
Counsel nonetheless expects the state to take his voluntary cooperation into account - during charging and sentencing phases.
- Noted.
Kendal, please continue.
I asked, uh, where you got the gun.
It was my Uncle Danny's.
Figured he'd want me to have it - now he wasn't gonna be around to protect me.
- Why did you bring it with you? You said you were there only to talk to Ms.
- Why'd you feel necessity to be armed? - Law's been hounding my family for years.
They don't care we ain't done nothing.
Just like they think the world'd be better off without us.
Now they went and put my Uncle Danny down like a dog.
Matter of time before they come to me the same way.
I just wanted to be ready protect my Mom, me.
What happened when you arrived at Ms.
Brander's building? Go up to the door, just like that other time I came to see her.
Only, this time, when I reached out to ring the bell, the door started to open, - like, all on its own.
- Did you recognize Chief Mullen? All I saw was the star on his belt same kind as on the man who killed Danny.
Thought maybe it was the same man there for me, looking to bury me beside my Uncle.
So I put my hand on my gun, just to be ready.
You know, just in case.
But I wasn't gonna do anything.
But the man with the star, he gets surprised seeing me out there goes to draw himself.
I'm not sure which one of us fired first.
'Cause, like I said, it all happened so fast.
All I know is, I didn't want to hurt anybody.
I just didn't want to die leave my Mama all alone.
- I got to say, you got some real balls coming back in here.
- Mr.
Well, if we don't have this conversation today, we're gonna have it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
And all things being equal, Mr.
Picker, - I'd rather just get 'er done.
- I believe you were at the point where you - were explaining why you should live.
- Ah.
And if my memory serves, I was about to have a cigarette.
Now all due respect, Mrs.
Hale I don't believe it's you I owe an explanation to.
And, Mr.
Duffy I apologize for the failures of our business endeavors.
But that being said, there ain't no way in hell I'm gonna beg you for my life.
But you are owed something.
So what say I give you half of my half of the shipment - and we go our separate ways? - We don't need this guy.
I'm real low, Boyd.
Half of half doesn't make me whole.
- I understand.
- Our friends in Mexico are furious about - the bullshit that happened in the desert.
- I need you to be quiet.
- they're this close to sending a goddamn hit squad up here.
- I need you to stop.
I say we put Boyd Crowder's head in a goddamn box! - Mr.
Picker! - Wynn.
You want a cigarette, Mr.
Picker? You seem awful nervous.
- My nerves are fine.
- Well are you sure? 'Cause nicotine can be a powerful relaxant.
Shit'll kill you.
[coughing] That ringing in your ears that's Now, I may not know a lot about a lot of things, but I do know how to blow shit up.
Now, my offer still stands, Mr.
Duffy half of my half.
Lock the door.
- Sir? - Mhm.
Mind shutting that door? - You leaving us already? - Yeah, now that we got a confession on the shooting, director wants me back North.
Got my own office to run.
- Mm.
- I'd appreciate if you'd keep me in the loop - on Art and, you know, his condition.
- 'Course.
Uh, I'll be in touch as soon as - there's something to be in touch about.
- Mm-hmm.
Any idea who they're sending here to take your place? They're not.
As you know, as chiefs, we have to set aside recommendations in the event we ever become incapacitated.
- Mm.
- Director's inclined to agree - with Art's choice for interim chief.
- Which is whom? - He didn't tell you? - Tell me what? Congratulations.
- You got it, Darryl.
- How's that? Well, you wanted this to come down to you and me.
- Now you got it.
- You ain't got no right to talk to me like that.
I'm a grieving man fresh off putting my brother in the ground.
I got another on the way to juvie.
- You mean "nephew.
" - And a sister I need to keep from - losing her damn mind.
- You gonna tell me your sad story? Let me tell you a different one.
Let me tell you the story of how you went to Alison's, planned to - use her to draw me over to show it down.
- "Show it down"? - What? Like cowboys? - You got startled by Art, started blasting without thinking 'cause you're a chickenshit who ain't used to doing his dirty work.
That's sad as in pathetic.
But where it gets real tragic is when you saw on the news who it was you shot and panicked, grabbed Kendal, and somehow convinced him - to throw away his life to save yours.
- Man, you crazy.
- Mm? - Lawyer just said he ain't gonna do more than a few years.
Playing it like you don't know what juvie's liable to do to a boy like Kendal.
- No chance he comes out the same as he went in.
- Good.
He could use some toughening up.
- Sorry to say I let him go pussy.
- Well, I'm just - letting you know how this is gonna go.
- Yeah? How's it gonna go? I'm gonna walk up out of here.
What? You gonna shoot me? I ain't gonna kill you, Darryl.
Doesn't mean I don't want to.
- Well, that's real complicated.
- Your luck.
- You shot the one man makes a difference to me.
- Oh, yeah? Oh, he makes a difference? What? Like my brother made to me? Did it feel like that? 'Scuse me.
Just so I'm clear You're not gonna kill me? - 'Cause I was worried for a minute.
- Oh, be worried.
- Yeah? - 'Cause that web of bullshit you spun around yourself to protect yourself I'm gonna use it to strangle the life out of you and take away everything you got.
Then you're gonna wish I'd have blacked you out - with a bullet to the head.
- Well, this feels like one of those "time will tell" deals which, as a free man, I have plenty of.
Question is how much time you got?