Justified s05e12 Episode Script


- You just missed him.
- He was here? - He was in my hotel suite.
- Why aren't you in your hotel suite? He was murdered there.
It's a mess.
My guy Mikey's cleaning up now.
- Boyd Crowder is dead? - Very dead, indeed.
I did it myself.
- How did you do it? - Two in the chest, one in the brain.
- Was rote but effective.
- Where is Mr.
Picker? Crowder blew him up.
It's a long story.
Anyway Mikey's working double duty.
- I don't believe you.
- Alberto, was it? Alberto, I'm not one to niggle over management styles, but let's say you would let me know you were coming, I could have preserved some proof for you.
A head, say, or a set of teeth.
- We'll take the skin.
- The skin? Mr.
Yoon prefers the skin.
Like the scalp or just everything? You understand that Mr.
Yoon will be satisfied with your skin.
Alberto, fellas I understand Mr.
Yoon is hungry for revenge, if that's not too arch a phrasing, but I'm not the one that he wants.
I'm not the one that made promises in the desert and then broke them.
That was Crowder.
- Now Crowder's dead.
I helped you.
- Maybe you did.
Maybe not.
When Crowder set off that redneck I.
and blew a hole in Mr.
Picker, I killed him.
I'm glad to be rid of him.
- He was nothing but trouble all along.
- Go to the car.
- Get the machete.
- Si.
- Mm.
- But that's the past.
You want help present tense? I can help present tense.
- The other one.
The bird.
- Cuervo.
- The crow.
- Darryl Crowe? - Si.
- I know him.
I don't like him.
You want him? I'll find him.
- Do that.
By sundown tomorrow.
- If not before.
And I assume my success would obviate the need for any skinning or skin-related procedures.
- Not today.
Everybody's got a bug.
- [normal voice] Aw, man, open up, man.
It's Darryl Crowe.
Man, what y'all doing, man? It smells like a pig roast.
- What is it, Darryl? - I came looking for Mr.
- Picker's not here.
- He ain't here? Where he at? - I don't know.
- You ain't got no more ribs left over, huh? Kung-fu shit don't work on me.
Oh, man.
What is y'all doing up in here, man? Huh?! - I don't know.
- All right, don't pass out on me.
I got more questions.
- Where is Boyd Crowder's dope at? - I don't know.
Listen, my experience tells me someone who says, "I don't know," as much as you, - they do know.
Huh? Huh? - I don't know.
- Thanks for turning around.
- Well, you mentioned the name "Alberto.
" I take it you weren't talking about the waiter from your - favorite Mexican restaurant.
- Best stay out of sight.
- They want my skin.
- Must be a new cartel fad to jazz up - the tedium of beheadings.
- Well, I knew those bodies would turn up, but it's just we had been driving for so long, I thought for sure we were - out of Mr.
Yoon's jurisdiction.
- Cheer up, Mr.
I did you a favor.
I told them I executed you.
- Why? - Buy you some time.
Well, I guess I should say thank you, but I take it you had a gun to your head.
So I bought us both time, sue me.
The point is I suggested they - get a hotel while I track down Darryl Crowe.
- You need my help.
- Speed up the process.
- So, let me get this straight.
You take me off the hook.
Then you call me up, and you put me right back on it.
- Figure I do for you and you do for me.
- No, you didn't.
You figured if something were to happen to me, you wouldn't get the dope I promised - you and your lady friend.
- There is that.
Your phone, Mr.
Mikey? What? Mikey, I - Got to call you back.
- God damn, Raylan.
This is the third important business meeting you've interrupted in a row.
You stick a GPS up my ass - while I wasn't looking? - This ain't exactly a stealth bomber.
What happened? Last we heard, you had a swanky hotel suite.
Swanky? Paris is swanky.
Lexington's pig shit.
- That attitude may be why they kicked you out.
- I was not kicked out.
That hotel's owned by old-money dixie mafia.
My suite is being cleaned.
- The microwave exploded.
- Someone put metal in the science oven? - I finally saw that.
- What did you think? - Needs more Jason Statham.
- What doesn't? - Listen, the reason we're here Darryl Crowe Jr.
- And you want our help? We want you, Mr.
Duffy, to know the tags on your vehicle have expired.
- Rig it up! - Hey! Jesus! She'll sit in impound till the registration's squared away, - fees are paid, and blah-de-blah-de-blah.
- And that home-security business, - owes those back taxes? I.
is getting involved.
- See, cases like this, we make Darryl's life and that of everyone around him a goddamn calamity.
We squeeze and we squeeze until one of his road dogs raises a paw, says, "I'll help.
" - Has the presentation ended? - It has.
Well, if so, allow me to state what should be the obvious, Raylan.
Neither I nor Mr.
Duffy have any intention of helping the U.
Marshals service after our borderline unconstitutional arrest hardly more than 24 hours ago.
Well, consider this, Boyd.
We're pulling your file, too.
- What file, J.
Edgar Hoover? - The one that catalogs - your every sin, puts you away till hell and gone.
- All that red meat, - and only now you're gonna hang it on me? - We reserve the cards we play - until we need them, and now we need them.
- Well, Raylan Givens.
Never did I imagine that the cat would trap the mouse with a file.
The grand jury don't give two shits how you been trapped.
Think it over, gentlemen.
Until then, take shelter.
It's cold out there.
You got to be kidding me! Son of a bitch! I should have known it wasn't a check for head lice at 4:00 A.
- I don't appreciate you upsetting my routine.
- You cut your hair.
I done a lot of things.
What do you want? A confederate of Boyd's.
A man by the name of Darryl Crowe Jr.
Being away as I am, I don't know any Darryl Crowe Jr.
- Who's he? - A man at the top of my list.
- What's that got to do with me? - I can't get him directly.
I thought maybe you could help.
- Why would I help? - Christian charity.
And I can offer you a bump in commissary, maybe get you - a nice work detail.
- Hmm.
So, you want me to, um, pressure Boyd to help you get your man.
Unless you can get me clean out of here, we ain't got nothing to talk about.
- That's not an option.
- I figured.
But what I think I hear you saying is you're, uh, open to the idea of helping, so maybe we can work something out.
I'm tired.
Let's stop dancing around it.
I can't help you.
- Sure, you can.
- Boyd and I broke up.
- Patch it up.
- I can't help you.
Even if I could I won't.
Prison's made you hard, Ava.
It's been building up since about the last punch I took from Bowman.
Well, I can be hard, too.
Seeing as how you're in here for shanking a C.
in county, how much of a nudge you think I need to give the screws in here, get 'em to look the other way, as concerns your welfare? Go to hell.
Guard! Did you tell Darryl that it was my boys that hid the dope? Mike? Mike! - Yeah.
- That's all right, Mikey.
I know you fought hard.
- Is something amusing you? - Well, if Darryl wants the dope and everybody wants Darryl, why not just send everybody to the dope? Let the marshals and the Mexicans work out who wants him most.
I'm gonna call Carl, tell him what's coming.
Tell him to make it easy but not too easy.
Now, you call Alberto.
Get him to the old barn in Loyall, - the one by the railroad tracks.
- And then what? I'm gonna do what I do.
Your savior has arrived.
On this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul god get at your boy you try to bogard fall back, I go hard on this lonely road trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come 5x12 - Starvation I mean, we're assuming Crowder's working an angle, right? Better question is, what are we prepared to give him? Well, career shit birds always want the sun, the moon, and the goddamn stars.
Isn't his old lady in the state pen? She is.
Saw her not long ago.
- What's the beef? - Assaulting a corrections officer.
Two of 'em may have broke up, but Boyd claims it's a love for the ages.
There's a chance he asks for clemency.
So we're talking about her release? That's not easy.
But it's not impossible.
If nobody minds, I'll take the first crack at him.
- Give me your phone.
- What, you ain't got one? Give me your phone.
- What do you want? - Well, I don't know if you heard, Raylan, but I'm a single man now.
I'm worn-out.
Ain't nothing left for me here.
I've even toyed with the idea of leaving the bluegrass state.
Don't make me repeat the question.
What I want is a clean slate.
I just want to be left alone.
I want to start my life anew.
And here, I was expecting you to change.
- Did I say something funny? - You are who you are.
I find it amusing.
- No.
- So So you're saying you want us to shelve your file? I guess what I'm saying is you want the man that shot your chief, file or no file, you turn the other cheek.
So, do we have a deal or not? - A funny story.
- Funny short story.
A friend of mine, a refrigerator repairman out in Loyall, was rummaging through an old, broken-down barn.
Come across a Philco, wherein he discovered what he believes to be 5 or 6 kilos of heroin.
I think they call them "bricks.
" Why don't you leave out the parts we'd like to skip? Well, I have it on good authority that Darryl Crowe Jr.
is looking to build a house with those bricks.
In fact, I think he's headed there as we speak.
Now, all y'all got to do is catch the man with his hand in the cookie jar.
We don't want him on felony possession.
We want him on attempted murder.
Why, Raylan Givens, I'm extending my hand to you.
- Why you want to bare your teeth? - Uh sidebar? - Yeah, you all need to talk.
- Real quick.
You ask me, best we get him any way we can.
- Not this way.
- All I've heard is how slippery of a bastard this guy is.
Now we got a chance, you don't want to take it? - It's chicken shit, and you know it.
- It's how they got Al Capone.
- What about the kid? - One thing at a time.
Now, all you got to do is bring me a map, and I will circle the "x" that marks the spot.
You're coming with us.
Come on.
Goddamn blue sky.
Did I ever tell you how sick to death I am of it? I don't know.
It reminds me of Thanks.
Did some backyard fighting.
Took my lumps.
Got hurt bad working the kill floor when I was out in greely.
But, shit fire, I didn't get this knocked around even in the mines, and I was in the huff creek collapse.
- Oh, hell.
- Fellas, normally, I'd be all polite and shit, exchanging pleasantries, grabbing a beer and shit.
But I just ain't got that time.
- Where Boyd's drugs at? - Now, you know if we tell you, - he'll kill us.
- But I'm gonna hurt you first.
- All right! - Go on.
- Ohh! Baby Jesus! - Barn in Loyall.
By the rail yard.
See? That was easy, right? This is the worst job in the world! You feeling any better? - What the hell do you think? - I think some sleep is - what you needed.
- No.
Nothing but bad dreams.
I shouldn't have taken those pills you gave me.
I shouldn't have left him.
You ain't no use if you all nerves.
For sure, ain't no use - to little Kendal.
- I'm still all nerves, so just drop it, all right? - I'm just trying to help, sister.
- Why did I come back here? I should have gotten a room up in Lexington, stayed close.
I just want him to know I'll be right by his side.
You ain't never been by his side.
That's why all this happened, after all.
And I ain't laying blame, just putting words to truth.
I don't want to dwell on it no more, either, girl.
Got to move forward, you know? Dust yourself off.
You all right? Look, while you was dozed, I was lining up a lawyer.
Best I could find, 'cause, you know, that public defender ain't worth shit.
- Great.
- Except them retainers cost so much goddamn money.
You know what I mean? Money we ain't got.
Well, what do we have? I mean, what can we sell? We got to get the best.
Don't worry.
I'm working on it.
I just need you to pick - something up for me.
- What? It's bad, Wendy.
Roll-your-sleeves-up bad.
It must be bad.
You don't even want to touch it.
Yeah, well, you and I both know that bitch-ass marshal be watching my every move.
Got to be smart if I'm gonna be effective.
But if you really want to know, I'll tell you what it is.
You want to know? - No.
- Well, I understand.
- It's in this old barn house.
There's a fridge - No! I mean no.
I won't do it.
Look, I need you to listen to me.
Look, baby girl, I know ain't none of this been easy.
But we came here to settle as a family.
And we can still do it.
I mean, all this shit we done been through ain't got to be for nothing.
What I'm sending you to get is enough for a lawyer and a stake for us and Kendal.
But if you don't get this bag I'm sending you to get Well, we done.
I know you all are hurting.
You're hoping to hear something to make you feel better about Judith being gone.
I don't have what Judith had.
Never believed in the mother of god or any of the heavenly oneness horse shit she preached.
For all her talk of sisters looking out for each other, she hurt you.
See, I believe she was wrong, but the message was right.
Sticking up for each other.
Sticking together.
I will be straight with you always.
None of this shit of turning girls out for drugs.
We say we're gonna look out for each other.
Then that's what we got to do - for real.
Okay? - If she really hit that screw - in county, she's harder than she looks.
- My brother told me the real story.
Guard was psycho.
He did himself.
- Still, she got Judith.
- Judith was old and on her way out.
- Blond bitch just got good timing.
- Yeah, well, she's either lucky or good.
We make a move for the business, we'll find out.
- It's worth the risk, don't you think? - Her man put my brother in intensive.
I think she got it coming.
What do you think you up to?! - Oh, uh, hey, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
- Speak up.
- My ears gone rotten.
- Yeah.
I-I-I'm I'm in a jam.
- Okay.
- See, I-I come back to Harlan to get some things I shouldn't have left behind.
And now I'm I'm gonna gather up them things and leave Kentucky.
Gonna go far away.
Anywhere but here.
- Well, not to Mexico.
I hate Mexico.
- You a little touched, ain't you, child? No, I just I-I-I run out of gas, and, uh, I'd be - obliged if I could borrow some.
- Pitiful thing.
You need something to eat? Well, I wouldn't say no.
It's awful sweet of you to offer.
Honest to god, you remind me of my Mammaw.
Yes, sir, I'll be right back.
Uh, if you're just gonna be a minute, y-you mind if I run in, take a shit? Here you go! Nice and hot! You better run, you son of a bitch! - What the hell is this? - Off the record, I sure would like to kill - that redneck son of a bitch.
- Give him this Darryl's meticulous about - keeping his own hands clean.
- We let it play out.
She'll take him the drugs, and we'll get him then.
- Crowe to the core, huh? - Uh, what are you doing here? All the while working me sticking by 'em one minute, selling 'em out the next, - keeping me off the scent.
- That's not true.
Playing it like you shared the name but not the curse.
I got to admit, I wasn't sure about you, but this move told the truth.
- You got a dark heart, like the rest.
- I-I don't even know anymore.
- Turn around.
- Wait, w-what are you doing? - You can't arrest me.
I - Sure I can.
I should have done it sooner.
I didn't do anything.
I just walked into the building.
What God, look, I was just trying to help Kendal.
Kendal tell you to fetch six keys of heroin? Get in the van.
Save us your bullshit crying.
Take her phone.
Make sure she can't call her brother.
Well, now that that's gone to shit, plan "B.
" - You're gonna wear a wire.
- Oh, no, I'm not.
No, I look good wearing - a lot of things, but a wire ain't one of them.
- You will get him to admit, - on tape, that he did the shooting.
- Well, how the hell am I gonna do that? - You figure it out.
- "Hey, Darryl, you ever shoot somebody, get somebody else to take the fall for it? If so, would you tell me about it at length?" Come on.
I don't talk like that.
Understand this, Boyd you will wear a wire.
You need to understand something, Raylan I'll wear a wire.
- Boyd? - Darryl Crowe Jr.
Well, I heard you wanted to see me so bad you shot my bartender in the leg.
- He just quit, by the way.
- Yeah, my apologies.
Well, I appreciate that, but I'd much rather hear it in person you up for a meet? - Shit, yeah.
- Here's the thing, Darryl.
If you want to meet with me, it's for the last time.
You and whatever's left of your Florida clan agree to make - your fortune in another man's swamp.
- All right.
- That is a silver tongue.
- I know I got a boner.
Never could swallow Judith's moon-goddess hippie bullshit.
Didn't hold no logic for me, but that's why a magic trick works because you believe it works.
It does paint a picture of the true believer's weak mind.
No offense, Penny.
None taken.
I'm gonna pop a squat.
Still something underneath all the mumbo jumbo.
The way women treat each other.
It's like they're fighting over table scraps.
I don't mean just in here.
Back in high school scheming to steal someone else's man, talking behind each other's backs.
Girls grow up nipping and s-scratching and whupping each other's ass.
It's no wonder when a man does it back we think it's normal.
Until we don't.
How most of us ended up in here.
Shit, Penny.
Come on, Ava.
We got to get out of here.
- Just need to be within 100 yards.
- What if the windows are closed? No, this NSA shit is next-level.
- This picks up vibrations off glass.
- So, you really haven't done - enough yet to destroy my family, huh? - I'm done talking to you.
I mean, first you killed Danny.
- Now you're trying to entrap Darryl? - Are you blind or just stupid? He uses y'all for his personal gain, yet y'all stand by him.
He is an asshole, no doubt, but this whole drug-pickup craziness was just his way of trying to raise money for an attorney for Kendal.
If he wants to free Kendal, all he's got to do is tell the truth.
Well, you really buy the bullshit he spews about family.
I suppose that's easier than to admit the part you played in all this.
- Trust me, I know I played a part.
- The part you played is smothering that voice in the back of your mind that knows Kendal's innocent.
You really haven't even considered the obvious, have you? The part I played was bad mother.
I failed Kendal, and now he's got to pay the price for it.
You got to hit back, or they'll see you're weak.
Like the movie says, they put one of ours in the hospital, we - we put one of theirs in the morgue.
- This isn't a movie.
You're right.
They already put her in the morgue.
- Right there.
All right, move.
- Get out of the way.
Wait, wait.
What are you doing? I didn't do nothing.
I didn't do nothing.
- You snitch? - No.
Hell, no.
- This is bad, Ava.
- No shit.
- Uh-oh.
- Hey! Dewey! I'm mad at you girls.
Gave me up to the federals.
But what I've been through today, standing here and seeing you two there so - soft I'm set free of my anger.
- Uh, okay! I ain't gonna lie to you.
Dewey Crowe's future ain't what it once was.
- I'm leaving.
- Again? Yeah.
So I'm here for my necklace and my turtle dog.
The the turtle thing? I think I have it.
Where do I have it? - Wait.
You don't have it? - Well, shit, Dewey, it was creepy.
- I gave away the necklace.
- They was family treasures, god damn it! What the hell is that? - Him? - He's a loyal customer.
- Who the hell are you? - I give you a gift, the anus is on you to take care of it, not just give it away - to any old dick face happens along.
- Anus? Yeah.
You speak english, don't you dick face? Yo, that's the second time you said that.
Ain't gonna be no third.
- Hand over them gator teeth.
- Make me.
What's up? - Give me back my teeth! - No! - They're mine! - Worldstar! So long, girls.
There he is.
I appreciate you coming here, home turf and all.
Well, it's a small concession to make to fire an employee I never should have hired in the first place.
- I take it you agree to my terms.
- Mm.
Hell, yeah.
Well, I can't imagine the decision was too difficult.
Kentucky ain't been - too kind to you and your kin.
- Mm.
You know, you and me got along good, right? Ain't got to end it like this, - all tense and shit.
Now, Mexico? - Huh.
Took care of business.
- Let's have a drink, man, toast our goodbye.
- Well, I only drink with people that I like or I pretend to like, but I will indulge in one of these cigarettes.
- Shit, I didn't even know you smoked.
- Well, there's a lot of things you don't know about me, Darryl Crowe Jr.
- And you never will.
- Ha! Smooth-ass Boyd.
Got that good Elmer's tea for you.
Well, I'd say I'm sorry to hear about your brother, but - Shit.
We got a bogey.
- I wasn't his biggest fan, neither.
Your nephew, on the other hand All right, you sons of bitches! - Hands where I can see them! - Whoa, whoa! Dewey! - Hey! - Now! If you want to make the smartest decision you've ever made in your life, - you will retrace your steps presto subito! - Shut up, Boyd! Darryl, you touch that gun on the table, it'll be the last thing you do.
- Boyd, open the bag.
- Dewey, listen to me.
Leave right now while The bag! Open it! Or you don't think I'll shoot?! I will shoot the way I shot Wade Messer! Yeah, I killed his ass good, man! Two shots! Me! Dewey Crowe! - God damn it, son.
- Shit, Dewey.
- Open it! - What the shit, Dewey? Yeah! That's my heroin! My future! My dream! Come on, Dewey.
We family.
You ain't got to do all this.
- Put the gun in the bag, Darryl.
- Pbht.
- Cousin Dewey, man.
- Cousin, my ass! How you like me now, huh? How you like me now?! Wait.
Arrest me? You ought to thank me.
I was stopping criminals doing crime.
Those two in the room would kill each other 'fore long.
We got you on tape, Dewey, talking heroin, big dreams.
- You heard that? - About Messer, too.
- Messer! I was kidding, man! - That's a good defense.
Go with that.
- Watch your head.
- This it, then, Raylan? No final words, put Dewey Crowe in his place? My advice stop talking about yourself in the third person.
- Makes you sound like a fool.
- - Third person? What, this guy? Man, I don't understand you.
- I appreciate you coming.
- If it's an apology for sending me to hell, I'll take the kindness.
It's been one of the more frustrating days in recent memory.
It's not an apology.
Hard to believe you think it's - me owes you.
- Fair enough.
So, why am I here? - I thought about your proposal.
- And? - I changed my mind.
About Boyd.
- Huh.
Yeah, I'm gonna talk to him.
I'm gonna get him to cooperate.
- But you've got to get me released.
- Okay, but, uh Look, look, I know it's a bigger ask that privileges, but it's the way it's got to be.
- I'm liable to get snuffed in here soon.
- You're too late.
- What? - Boyd already cooperated.
- No.
- He did.
- No.
- You missed your chance.
I'm sorry.
Look you're in that much danger, I'll do what I can, but Wait.
What did Boyd ask for in return? - Nothing.
- No, no.
Boyd didn't cooperate with the law and gain nothing.
What was it? A clean slate.
- What does that mean? - It's Boyd, Ava.
Who the hell knows what it means? I'll do what I can.
The facts are cut and dried.
- There were six kilos of heroin in the bag.
- A bag Mr.
Crowe never touched.
Look, I know my rights, man.
You need to get me some apple juice or something, man.
Root beer or something.
As soon as I review the transcripts in detail, I'm sure they'll confirm that there is nothing incriminating - on any of these recordings.
- Maybe.
Maybe not.
We can still hold your client on - suspicion of criminal conspiracy.
- The only crime is Boyd was supposed to bring me a fresh bag of clothes for my road trip, now all this.
Crowe, please.
You want to detain my client? By all means, please, do that, and I'm sure you'll welcome the harassment suit that I bring against you, Mr.
- Unh.
Get at 'em.
- As to holding Ms.
Crowe You missing all the action.
Where you been off loitering? - I saw an old acquaintance.
- Well, you got your fish in the boat.
I think you're gonna have to put him back in the water.
- I do, he'll likely want to kill you, huh? - Well, I don't know.
You pretty good.
I figure you'll get to him first.
- Why are you still here? - You have my phone.
Just excuse me for one second, please.
Just - Where to? - Upstairs.
Uh, Raylan, you have my phone! Your honor, he feels this is the only option left, the only way to move forward.
- And you agree with him? - No, personally, I don't like the play.
But, yes, I agree, we've exhausted our options.
Well, what are the odds it could work? I'm not as familiar with the parties as - 50/50.
- Jesus Christ on a lunch box.
That's a big bet.
High stakes.
If you're correct, the boy didn't do it - He absolutely did not do it.
- Well, that makes it worse.
Talking about a matter of degrees.
Deputy, you know how I got my nickname? - Your famous reputation.
- Truth is, the tail wagged the dog on that one.
Now, back in the day, I told all the prosecutors to call me the Hammer.
Knew it would put the defense attorneys back on their heels - "Pray, Jesus, don't let me draw the hammer.
" - It worked.
Having the name means I don't have to act on it all the time.
So, no matter what you may have assumed this is not an easy sell.
I don't come to this decision lightly.
But I see no other way to starve Darryl Crowe of his means.
Once you fire this bullet, it don't go back in the barrel.
- Oh, come on, man.
Give me my phone.
- Get out of my way, Boyd.
Hey, I helped you out, Raylan.
- Now, I want to know where we stand on our deal.
- You want to know - where we stand? Let me tell you.
- Tell me.
You said you'd help us get him.
You didn't get him.
So we'll be proceeding to convene a grand jury, bring charges - against you as soon as possible.
- Are you back to that file bullshit? Bullshit? There it is.
Thick with the names of the suffering and the dead, and many felled by your own hands.
A trail of human wreckage you've left rotting in jail cells and cold graves throughout this state.
And why? Because they had the poor judgment to believe your lies and follow your tune.
Well, it's high time that tune reached a shuddering crescendo.
What about the file on Raylan Givens? It must be just as thick.
And I know there's a page in there waiting to be filled out with the details of the role you played in the demise of Nicky Augustine.
Are you implying Raylan was party to the murder of Nicky Augustine? Oh, I'm not implying anything, ma'am.
I'm stating.
Well, that's all done with.
That case was sewn up tight.
Got a sworn affidavit it was an FBI turncoat.
That's right.
It's yesterday's news.
This is today.
My phone.
You got those last six keys? - I do.
- Put them in the ceiling above my desk, then hit the road.
Tell Carl to do the same.
Storm clouds are gathering, son, - and I think this flood is gonna be epic.
- Yeah.
Yeah, Boyd.
I hear that.
Crowe, your son is looking at three years of juvie lockup if he is tried as a minor.
But that is not gonna happen.
Pending approval from the attorney general, which we will have by morning, Kendal will be tried for attempted murder - of a federal officer as an adult.
- What?! That's right.
Which carries a mandatory sentence of 40 years to life.
No! That No! Who did this?! I did.
Previously on "Justified" - You're hit! - I-it's not me.
It's you.
He went out in the ambulance.
Hasn't opened his eyes since.
I don't suppose he thought to tell the EMTs who did this to him.
I got your shit.
You all are gonna bring me $250,000.
I just want my money and get the hell out of here.
You got my money? - You don't got any money, dickhead.
- What say I give you Half of my half of the shipment and we go our separate ways? I say we put Boyd Crowder's head in a goddamn box! - Mr.
Picker! - Aah!