Justified s06e02 Episode Script

Cash Game

Previously on "Justified" Lick the floor! I said now! What do you say, friend? Isn't it time to sell? It is time to sell, but not to you.
You have second thoughts, you'll have no trouble finding me.
If I were to come into a good sum, - would you come away with me? - No.
I don't want to hear this.
How much money you comin' into, Boyd? Looks like a ledger, some deeds.
- Where's all the money?! - We got the wrong box.
No, we got the right box.
I just want back in, Boyd.
I just want you to trust me again.
You think he was a rat for the federals? - I think I couldn't trust him anymore.
- We're talking about the bank job Boyd pulled off this afternoon.
First I heard of it.
- That's gonna be your line? - It's the truth.
The problem is, if you didn't know about it, then you're of no use to us, in which case, you're going back to prison.
6x02 - "Cash Game" Whoa! Whoa.
Ava Easy, girl.
It's just me.
- Jesus Christ, what are you doing?! - Uh, well, I I couldn't sleep and I thought I'd come and finish up those railings, but I I couldn't find any paint.
Dewey was supposed to drop some off.
- You ain't seen him around, have you? - Dewey? No.
And what I mean is, what are you doing here, Boyd? I mean, you can't just show up unannounced.
- Well, do you want me to leave? - That's what I'm saying, yeah.
Where exactly is it that you meant? Excuse me? You said you wanted to leave this place, take me with you.
I was wondering where exactly it was you had in mind.
Honestly I'll go wherever you want to go, Ava As long as it means I get to be with you.
What if I said Iceland? Uh, well, I don't own a coat that big, but if that's where you want to call home, I could probably pick one up.
- That's a good answer, Boyd.
- Well, I'm happy it pleases you.
I guess I'll be on my way.
I don't know, man.
She doesn't look like a nazi.
I ain't saying she's a nazi.
I'm just saying she grew up near Sukey Ridge.
Boyd's skinheads used to train up there what he called his Christian Aggression church.
Well, if she is a nazi, would you still sleep with her? - Should she be walking by now? - Oh, good, so that is your kid.
I was worried that was some random internet baby.
Yeah, I got tired of the cat videos.
Bureau's finishing up.
Sure you don't want to change your position? Listen to me, there are two kinds of folks living up in them Hollers.
- Mm-hmm.
- One, sympathizers with Boyd.
They grew up on welfare, but they still don't trust the government.
They won't talk to census takers, and they think we're gonna - come take their guns away.
- And the other? This is the part where you say, "I told you so.
" - Says all she saw were guns and feet.
- How'd she seem? - Scared to death of Boyd Crowder.
- That's the other kind.
You want to know what I was thinking? - Always.
- You two head down to Harlan, interview the box owners who were robbed.
Find out what was taken and catch Boyd in - possession of stolen goods.
- Okeydokey.
What? I just figured you might want to go at Boyd directly.
I want to keep building a RICO case like we've been doing.
Besides, we don't have to go at him directly we got Ava.
'Cause she was so helpful getting us ahead of the bank robbery.
- She's on our side.
Give her time.
- Yeah.
Is that what I'm supposed to tell the Attorney General? Tell him what you want.
If you'd like, you could tell him that we're working the case, - we'll have something soon.
- That the truth? If you stop asking me questions and let us get on the road All right.
Keep me posted.
- Glorious morning, isn't it? - That what you're selling? If you mean positivity and charm, then perhaps I am.
Don't know what's more slick your mouth or your ride.
You believe in all my days, I've never driven a Mercedes.
Well, uh, take her for a spin? Handsome young man comes to my house, spewing sunshine, offering a ride in his Mercedes feels like maybe I'm chatting with the devil himself.
- What's this about? - I come to offer you an opportunity to depart this burdensome homestead, live the rest of your days free as newborn babes.
Oh I was right you are the devil.
No, ma'am, just a man with a plan.
You know, another fella already came by - Uh, uh, Calhoun something.
- Schreier.
He works for me.
Ah, then you know I already told him this property ain't for sale.
That is affirmative.
You are entrenched, he told me.
I said I will increase my offer 20%.
Turning us down then would be an act of insanity.
My husband's grandparents discovered this plot, built the house themselves.
We have farmed this land best we could.
I taught English at Evarts High School for 26 years to keep us afloat during the lean harvests.
It's a legacy, you see? And one we don't intend to discard.
Well nothing lasts forever.
Except this conversation, it seems.
Oh, you do not want to send me away empty-handed.
What I hear, we wouldn't be the first.
After Calhoun came by, I asked around.
I I know you've been chasing the Givens' property.
I know he turned you down.
We'll have the Givens' property soon enough and yours, too.
How that comes to pass depends entirely on you.
Now, I'm gonna tell you something, and I want you to listen There ain't no version of this story that ends with us selling this house to some peacock.
- What did you call me? - You heard me.
Peacock? I I come here in peace try to change your lives, and you call me a peacock? A goddamn peacock.
"Peacock?" # On this lonely road, trying to make it home # # Doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy # # You try to bogard, fall back, I go hard # # On this lonely road, trying to make it home # # Doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I see them long, hard times to come # You were supposed to find out where Calhoun's keeping his cash and steal it, - not raid his filing cabinet.
- Assuming he has cash at all and you two ain't been wasting my goddamn time.
- He has it.
- Is that what I'm supposed to tell the three pissed-off rednecks who work for me?! The money is there.
You just have to try little harder, Boyd.
You check his office for a secret safe? - 'Course.
- And his home? And his mama's home and the trunk of his blue Cadillac.
If he has $3 million in cash, he hasn't gone near it in the last two weeks.
- I could use a cut while you're at it.
- You know, there is another possibility we should discuss.
Which would be? You asking me if I have millions of dollars - hidden under my sofa? - Put yourself in my shoes, Boyd.
Well, I don't know, Katherine.
They look mighty uncomfortable.
- It's a fair question, Boyd.
- You accusing me? Answer the question, Boyd.
If I had taken that money, I'd be halfway to Mexico by now, wearing a smile and my Ray-Bans, not sitting here taking questions from a woman I hardly know and a man who should've known better Now, you gonna get me that cup of coffee, - or should I get it myself? - You can get it yourself.
Ah, well, so much for Southern hospitality.
This ledger might be something.
Offshore bank accounts, transaction amounts, dates.
This might be his life raft.
You better hope it's worth my cut of $3 million.
- I think it's worth a shot.
- I'll be in touch.
How's Ava doing, Boyd? It must have been quite a shock, her getting out of prison the way she did.
You want to chat about movies or politics or how I take my coffee, I'm happy to oblige, but ain't no way in hell I'm gonna talk to you - about my fiancã©e.
- I just simply asked how she was doing.
Man's had a rough night.
What do you say we let him be? We can't gang up on him, Katherine.
You're as concerned about her release as I am.
I know how to handle the hillbilly.
Have a little faith.
I knew it was only a matter of time - before you walked through my door.
- Calhoun.
Tired of waiting for that old place to sell itself, huh? Well, you have come to the right man.
Calhoun Schreier.
Pleased to meet you.
I guess Raylan told you I'm the best damn realtor this side of the Mason-Dixon.
- No, he didn't mention that.
- God's honest truth.
Nobody moves more property in Harlan County nobody.
And you know why that is? I know what makes people feel safe, the place that helps them go to sleep at night.
Fact is, I put my money where my mouth is.
Not why we're here.
I don't sell Arlo's place in 30 days, - you pay me no commission.
- No shit? Fact is, I already have an interested party.
All right, look, as big a boner as all this real-estate talk is giving me, that's not actually why we're - That's him.
- That's who? The interested party.
You just let me do all the talking, and we'll close the deal right here, right now.
Raylan Givens, home seller, meet Ty Walker, home buyer.
Ah, came to your senses, did you? - Decided to take my offer.
- No, I didn't.
We're here to talk to you about your safe-deposit box, Calhoun.
- Safe-deposit box? - Judging by the blank look on your face, I'm gonna go ahead and say you are not aware that your safe-deposit box at First River Bank was robbed.
I also didn't know that Marshals handled bank robberies.
Oh, sure, we're interested in all sorts of fun crime stuff.
We're just taking inventory of stolen items in case they turn up in the course of our investigation.
Well, I wish I could help, but my box is empty.
Well, did you take something out the day before? Records indicate you accessed the box the day before the robbery.
At which time I took everything out mostly just paperwork, client documents, and such.
- Nothing exciting.
- Well, I am relieved to hear that nothing of value was stolen.
Any notion of a suspect? You have any notion of how an investigation works? Only what I done seen on the TV.
Does it rock your world I told you we don't discuss open cases with every Joe dipshit we meet on the street? Ah you're kind of a dick, huh, guy? Calhoun, you think of anything might ha slipped your mind, give us a call, huh? Let me know about representing your place.
You being square with those boys that your box was empty? - 'Course I was.
- Yeah, you still outside? Those two guys that just left I'm gonna need you to follow them.
That smart? Following the Marshals? Hasn't occurred to you for one second that you might have been the target of that robbery? Well, why would I be the target? Well, I'm sure I don't know, but the boss will want us to find out.
So, we follow the Marshals, who lead us to a suspect, at which point we grab the guy, pull his teeth out till he tells us what we want to know, and then probably kill him.
I'm just kidding, Calhoun.
We'll definitely kill him.
- 9 to 12 months, by the way.
- Hmm? That's when google says babies are supposed to start walking.
- How old's Willa? - 9 months.
You worried she might be, uh, behind the curve? I just don't want to miss it.
- Who's that? - Ava.
She wants to meet.
- Okay.
- We still got to interview the rest of the safe-deposit-box owners.
- Well, it appears we're a car short.
- That ain't our only problem.
- You referring to the guy following us? - Mm-hmm.
Is this anyone you recognize? No, but he's been with us since we left Calhoun's.
All right, what do you want to do? You want to flapjack him, you want to short-bus him, - you want to special-attention him? - Any of those even things? - I'm mostly just making shit up.
- Speed up.
Take this next right.
I told you, they ain't doing nothing but driving.
Oh, shit.
Hold on, hold on.
Hold on a second.
Where they going? Oh! Shit! Get out of the road, cock holster! Well, that ain't polite.
Just about hit me, and now you're gonna sling foul utterances in my direction? You're in the middle of the road.
- I'm driving.
- I can see that.
Where to? I'll call you back.
- It's none of your business, officer.
- U.
- Still none of your business.
- Let me get this straight, son where you're following me to is none of my business? - That's how you see it? - I'm not following you.
Step out of the car.
Stretch your legs a bit.
You comfortable in this car, a man your size? - It's a little tight.
- Yeah.
- So, where's your buddy? - Who's that? You know, the guy you were with.
How do you know I was with a guy if you ain't been following me? I'm not following you.
Are you saying you ain't following me, like you don't know what I'm saying, or are you just repeating this bullshit about, - "you ain't been following me?" - I'm not following you.
Son, are you real smart or real stupid? - Choo-Choo.
- Ex Excuse me, what? Choo-Choo.
You're saying your name is Choo-Choo? Since I was a kid, folks called me Choo-Choo.
Because you like trains? 'Cause when I hit you, it comes hard, it comes fast like a choo-choo train.
You want to try me? Not today, Choo-Choo.
Today, I'm just gonna take your car.
Where are you? Yeah, no.
Forget all that shit.
There's someone I want you to meet.
We should have been doing this the last 14 years.
I wasn't the one who left Kentucky.
It was only a matter of time - whoever flipped on grady flipped on me.
- I know that.
I didn't blame you for going.
I seem to recall asking you to come with me.
My husband had just been arrested.
Made me like you even more way you stuck by him.
Yeah, it looks like you did just fine without me come home the big conquering hero in your Rolls and your $500 boots.
Yeah, well I suppose life's been pretty good to me.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
And there's this, which is lovely, by the way.
Clean body high.
No paranoia.
Nothing but the best that it? Be that way from here on, if you want.
Oh, you gonna take care of me, Avery? You never needed taken care of, Katherine.
- You know I'm a grandmother now.
- I do.
- That make you happy? - Not really.
Laurel's got the nanny raising them some girl from the Philippines.
She speaks Ilonggo to them.
I don't even know what they're saying half the time.
Something else bothering you? I get high, I get very tuned in.
Okay, I'm worried an employee of mine's stealing from me.
- An employee? - Mm-hmm.
You open up a doughnut shot? - The gardener.
- So fire him.
He's in the middle of a big landscaping project, you know? It would be a real chore getting rid of him right now.
Know what I do, keep my people loyal? - Do tell.
- Overpay them.
Christmas bonus, Easter bonus, President's Day bonus, Pappy Van Winkle on their birthday.
- Don't nobody bite this hand.
- Yeah, well, it must be a little harder to turn a profit, I would imagine.
There's plenty to go around, and it's a small price to pay for loyalty.
All right, but what if one of them did betray you? What would you do then? Cut off a finger the way Grady used to? If cutting fingers were enough, Grady would still be alive, wouldn't he? Well, what, then take out an eye? An eye? I don't know.
One-eyed guy can still see, still get a driver's license, even.
Both eyes maybe.
That'd be a good start.
You let him take your vehicle? No, just what's your position? Just hold there.
I'll be by soon.
Everything okay? What's the bank manager's name? - What? - Bank manager.
The manager of your bank, the one that got robbed what's his name? See, the police would have spoken to your bank manager which means he might know something about who's suspected of stealing your safe-deposit box, so - so who's the bank manager? - Um, it's a woman.
Okay? - Do you mind if I get this? - Oh, for f I-If you m I eh I-I won't if you don't want me to.
Just hurry up.
- This is Calhoun.
- You got my text, I presume? Oh, hey.
Good to hear from you.
Seeing as how you really don't want to know the answer to that question, I take it now's not a good time.
Not this moment.
Well, then let me make this quick I was enjoying my morning constitutional, and lo and behold, what do I find lying on the side of the road but a stack of real-estate deeds and a ledger that I believe belong to you.
Now, it seems to me that the reward for the return of such materials should be rather substantial, or else my next phone call's gonna be to your business associates, see what they got to say.
Just hang up.
Hang up, hang up.
Well, I'd love to talk to you further on this, but, uh, perhaps in a few hours? - Your office, 8:00? - That should be fine.
And, Calhoun, when I say substantial, I mean a whole lot of money, or you and me gonna have a problem that ain't easily solved, you dig? Great.
I-I'll see you then.
I-Important client.
- The bank manager, Calhoun.
- Uh Oh, uh, uh, K K uh, K uh uh uh, Judy.
June Gladys.
Uh, J J uh, J-Joyce Kipling! Joyce Kipling.
Hey, boss.
Where you headed? So, I searched it and found these.
Thought they might be from that bank robbery.
You know, it was kind of fun, to be honest.
Felt like I was in a movie.
That what it's like every day for you? How'd you know to look in the shed? Told you, I heard Boyd banging around in there.
- What was he doing? - He was banging around in there.
- Why was he in the shed? - Said that he was looking for paint, that Dewey was supposed to have dropped some off, but hadn't.
You know, I thought this was gonna go more like, "Wow, Ava, thank you so much.
This is wonderful.
" Were they hidden well? These docs, were they difficult to find? I don't know not that hard.
What are you getting at? - You think he set me up? - I never said that, Ava.
Oh, my god, you do think he set me up.
How close are you two these days? Like how? Am I sleeping with him? You think he's got any reason to suspect you? Well, shit, Raylan, I wouldn't have thought so 30 seconds ago.
- You saying that I'm in danger? - I don't know.
If he set them up for me to take and I took them, than what the hell are we gonna do now? Just put them back.
Man "Get me something, Ava.
Risk your life and then put them back.
" I swear this man's gonna drive me insane.
Where the hell you been? Marshal took my car, left me on the side of the road.
That's where the hell I've been.
He took your car? He can't just take your car.
What the hell did you do? Hitched a ride.
What else was I supposed to do? I mean, what did you do that made the Marshal take your car? - You make a friend? - Yeah.
Told you I hitched a ride.
That's the guy that picked me up.
Get this, he was in the sandbox same time as we were.
- Tim.
- Sean.
Good to see you, brother.
W-We call him Seabass on account of this state department chick he nailed in the green zone in '06.
All right.
They just let you boys take what you want, huh? - Yeah, our boss owns this place.
- I mean, I ain't gonna say no.
Can we Can we just back up for one second to the Marshal taking your car? Mmm.
I should have choked his cowboy ass out, left him for dead on the side of the road, but, uh, I figured someone drives by and sees, I'd have to kill them.
You know, and somebody else drives by and sees, and I'd have to kill them.
You know, and another car drives by and sees and I have to kill them.
- You know, and - I mean, 'cause He's cool.
I already told him all this shit anyway.
Oh, yeah, yeah, we had a great talk on the drive over.
He says you guys are with Tigerhawk Security? He did, huh? Yeah, he said Tigerhawk used to have you overseas.
He misses the action over there, but he likes Harlan.
- He likes the hills.
- I do.
I like the hills.
- You like the hills, Seabass? - No, not really.
Kind of just pussy versions of mountains, you know.
Yeah, you know, I was curious what exactly you boys are working on gets a Marshal to steal your car.
Listen, Tim.
I-It's Tim, right? - Right.
- While I appreciate you helping out my buddy, I think you better be on your way.
Come on, man.
I ain't even finished my beer.
Don't be an asshole, Seabass.
See, t-the deal with Choo-Choo here is, he got, uh, - some shrapnel in his head - Yeah.
and now I spend most of my time trying to keep him from doing something stupid.
Better watch what you say in front of other people.
Watch what I say in f Y-You just told him you were gonna kill a Marshal! Keep disrespecting me, you're gonna ride the train.
I'm all aboard, Choo-Choo.
Come on! All right.
As much as I'd love to sit and hang with you guys, I should be getting back to work, but when I see the cowboy, I'll let him know what you said.
- W-Why would you see him? - Just, you know, around in the office and all.
See, I still work for Uncle Sam.
I'm just with the Marshals now.
- Choo-Choo, you got picked up by - Yeah.
Threw me for a loop, too.
I'll let my boy know he dodged a bullet.
You tell him.
- Then could you ask him to bring back my car? - Absolutely.
Are you okay? You seem more intense than usual.
- Can I be honest with you? - Of course you can.
I don't feel well.
This may be my last day on God's great Earth.
Oh, my goodness.
Do you have the cancer? No.
But I'm in trouble.
Well you just go ahead and you get out that money, and then you can tell me all about it.
God damn it, Raylan! We're closed! Didn't you see the sign?! Oh, I must have missed it.
- Oh! I don't believe I've met Mrs.
- Ew.
- Sorry.
- Payed you as you Especially at 6:00 P.
on a weekday.
Deputy U.
Marshal Raylan Givens.
It's okay, ma'am.
You're free to go.
Not you, Calhoun.
You sit your ass right there.
- Only the truth will set you free.
- I can't, Raylan.
I know you lied to me.
I know about the deeds and ledger.
You should just tell him.
He could help you.
Excuse me, what? Do you want me to do it? I would love that.
He has been buying property for a group of guys, which seemed innocent enough until he realized they're bad guys.
Chasing easy money best way to end up over your head.
Yeah, no shit, right? So, he started writing down everything he could remember, like account numbers and amounts, to protect himself.
- You talking about a ledger? - Yes, a blackmail ledger, which now he's being blackmailed for, but if the bad guys find out that it exists, they're gonna kill him.
- What does the blackmailer want? - I don't know Cash they're using to buy up all this property.
And where's it at? I meet Walker, he gives me the cash.
This blackmailer, he got a longwinded, peculiar way of speaking? I thought we agreed you weren't gonna show up here unannounced.
Well, I think we need to talk, don't you? Oh, I believe we do.
After you left this morning, I went back to the shed.
I put everything back the way I like it.
I was just about done when I found that shit you stashed.
- So, you took my shit? - You're damn right I did.
- Why? - Are you kidding? I heard about that bank got robbed! You hid what you stoled on my property, and you wonder why I took it?! - I should have burned it.
- Oh, I know you didn't burn it.
I figured if you went to all the trouble to put it here, risk me getting caught and sent back to prison, oh, it must be awful important to you.
- Where are they now, Ava? - In the truck, on the seat! You take them, and you get them the hell off my property! Fancy seeing you here.
You know, I've never been entirely certain what that phrase is supposed to denote.
Does it mean, "this gathering here must be fancy 'cause your present," or is it simply an expression of surprise at such a random meeting between two friends or acquaintances? Jesus, Boyd, I was just saying hello.
Oh, is that why you're here, Raylan? Say hello to me? Actually, I'm here to see Calhoun.
Oh, you finally selling Arlo's place, huh? On account of I've been transferred.
Off to Florida.
Raylan Givens a father.
What is the world coming to? Try and to raise that baby girl of yours up right? - Better than we were, anyway.
- Well, what say I make you an offer on Arlo's place right this minute, help get you on your way? - You got that kind of cash, Boyd? - Oh, I'm fixing to soon.
How's that? You gonna rob a bank, too? Apparently, First River was hit yesterday.
Calhoun just left me a message, said some of his things were taken - why he's not gonna make it over here.
- Well, that is news to me.
Sounded pretty shook up about it being blackmailed over the return of his things.
I guess he's talking to the cops right now as we speak.
But here I am being rude.
I haven't even asked you what you're doing here.
Oh, well, uh, the funniest thing I stopped off down at the depot this morning to get a cup of coffee, found some items lying on the side of the road I believe belong to our mutual friend.
I took it upon myself to ensure their safe return.
- Mighty Christian of you.
- Well, I don't know about that.
I'm just following my instincts, kind of like a higher power slipping you a word.
I just run with it.
You see, Raylan I've learned to think without arguing with myself.
Well, I slip a Glock in my holster every morning, so when you hand me them items, do it slow or I'll shoot you.
- I think I'll just come back tomorrow.
- Or you can give them to me if you want.
Why not? Save me the trip.
I'd say I'll see you around, but it sounds like you won't be for very long.
Probably not.
- Does it change you? - What's that? Having a child.
They say it changes a man.
- You think that's true? - Guess we'll see, won't we? Hmm.
Hi, Joyce.
Sorry, sorry.
Didn't mean to startle you.
My name's Ty Walker.
I've been retained by one of the people who got their safe-deposit box stolen from your bank.
I see.
Well, you know, I'm kind of tired.
Why don't we talk about this tomorrow at the bank? My client, he's impatient.
It'd mean an awful lot to me if we could just talk right now.
- Let me help you with those.
- Oh, I can get it.
I insist.
So, my client was wondering if the police had said anything to you at all about who they think might have done this robbery.
- The police? - Or perhaps you've heard rumors and innuendo elsewhere? It's a small town.
I'm sure tongues are wagging.
I'm I'm sorry.
W-Who are you again? Ty Walker.
I'm a fully licensed operative.
Tigerhawk Security Services.
Now, you know conversations with the police are not confidential, right? There's no law that says you can't share with me what they shared with you.
- What about eggs? - Eggs? Well, maybe you're hungry.
I get like that on an empty stomach.
I can't formulate a thought in my head.
But you've got bacon here, mushrooms, bell peppers, but you got eggs inside, I can teach you a thing or two about omelettes.
We'll talk after you've eaten, okay? Look, I d I-I don't really know much, all right? Of course not, Joyce.
Not expecting miracles.
Uh, uh, the only thing I know for sure is, when I was talking to them, they asked me a couple questions about a local boy - uh, uh, Boyd Crowder.
- Boyd Crowder? A-Apparently, he's done this type of thing before.
Well, Joyce, that is just ever so helpful.
I thank you kindly.
Rain check on that omelette? Have a lovely evening.
We're closed.
- But I could get you a drink.
- I'm Ava.
Oh, shit.
You're Boyd's girl.
Is he here? In the back.
Let me check, make sure it's okay.
Boyd, your girl's here to see you.
Well, if by "my girl," you mean my fiancã©e, Ava Crowder, she does not need to be announced.
- Sorry, Boyd.
- You go on home.
Lock up behind you.
- Perhaps something to drink? - Sure.
That's the first time you called me that since I got out your fiancã©e.
Well, it's still true, far as I know.
- Ice? - I'll take mine straight.
Reason I came by, Boyd, is I don't like where we left things off earlier.
Well, I think you made yourself perfectly clear.
I didn't.
But now I'm going to.
I don't care that you left that stuff in my shed, Boyd.
You can hide gold bricks from Fort Knox under my bed for all I care.
Either we're together or we're not.
Either I'm a part of what you're doing, or I'm not.
Whatever you got going on, I can handle it.
Well, all right.
Thank you for coming by and making yourself doubly clear.
- Boyd - I'm tired, Ava.
- Boyd - I don't want to talk about it.
What I'm trying to say is, is that I can't help you if you keep me in the dark.
I know you robbed that bank, and I know you didn't get what you wanted just a bunch of land deeds.
But one of those deeds wasn't like the other.
Did you notice that? What do you mean? One of those deeds was to pizza portal.
Restaurant downtown? You remember? - That building used to be - Holy shit.
My baby girl.
Oh, you're a genius! Mnh.
Uh, A-Ava, I'm I'm uh, I'm uh, I-I'm sorry.
I'm I-I-I'm gonna go get us a bottle of the good bourbon, and we gonna drink it to the corners, baby! Whoo! Mm.
This whole thing is becoming much more work that I thought.
Still beats night recon in Fallujah.
You're setting the bar pretty low there, Bass.
You know what I was thinking about today? What's that? The Franklin sandwich at Denver biscuit company.
Why would you say shit like that? You got me drooling all over myself.
All I can say is if I have another slice of pizza, I'm gonna lose my shit.
You see what happens if you call me a peacock? Ah, Choo-Choo.
Here you go.
Well, shit.
We just can't stop running into each other, can we? We ain't running into each other.
I'm the cowboy from earlier.
Yeah, Choo-Choo was saying.
You were under the impression he was following you.
Just like some folks are under the impression you boys are here just to sell pizzas.
Where'd you get all that cash? The question is, why would you turn it down? You're either on the take, or your some kind of John Wayne type.
Nothing going on down here.
You're going around offering large amounts of cash for properties sight unseen.
All day, I've been asking myself why.
- I can't figure it out.
- Well, it's fairly simple, really.
- We believe Harlan has a what, Seabass? - A bright future.
- That's right, bright future.
- All right.
You want to buy my land, I want to see your boss.
You arrange a sit-down, we'll talk.
What makes you think he ain't the HNIC? Well, Choo-Choo, the way it works, whether you're in military, law enforcement, or you sell vacuum cleaners, the boss man don't go door-to-door.
Besides, just look at him.
He works for someone.
My guess is, he don't want to talk about it.
Good night, kitten.
You know, I haven't been in this - building since I was a kid.
- Mmm.
Used to be a bank.