Justified s06e03 Episode Script

Noblesse Oblige

Previously on "Justified" You're going around offering large amounts of cash for properties sight unseen.
Some folks are under the impression you boys are here just to sell pizzas.
You know, I haven't been in this building since I was a kid.
- Mmm.
- Used to be a bank.
I just figured you might want to go at Boyd directly.
I want to keep building a RICO case like we've been doing.
Besides, we don't have to go at him directly we got Ava.
'Cause she was so helpful getting us ahead of the bank robbery.
I found these.
Thought they might be from that bank robbery.
- These docs, were they difficult to find? - You think he set me up? You think he's got any reason to suspect you? I wouldn't have thought so 30 seconds ago.
Just put them back.
You were supposed to find out where Calhoun's keeping his cash and steal it, not raid his filing cabinet.
You check his office for a secret safe? - 'Course.
- And his home? - And his mama's home.
- The money is there.
You just have to try a little harder, Boyd.
I know you robbed that bank, and I know you didn't get what you wanted just a bunch of land deeds.
One of those deeds was to pizza portal.
My baby girl.
Oh, you're a genius! 6x03 - "Noblesse Oblige" "Oh, shit.
You're Boyd's girl.
" Like I come in wearing your varsity letter jacket or something.
Well, maybe you should have.
I don't remember you ever having a letterman jacket.
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
Yeah, I always meant to get me one of those.
- Oh.
- That's the thing about having a drug dealer for a daddy.
I never could make it to practice on time.
Well, I must confess, darlin'.
I thought you would have tapped out of this particular - bacchanal long before now.
- Huh? I didn't still think you had this kind of drinking in you, girl.
You disappointed? Oh, on the contrary.
I ain't disappointed.
- Are you gonna pop on me, darlin'? - Unh-unh.
You need me to hold your hair back? - Huh? - No.
I ain't puked up bourbon since I wore a cheerleader skirt.
- I don't aim to start again now.
- Mmm.
Well, I remember thinking what I wouldn't give to be a stripe on that cheerleader skirt.
A little Early in the morning - to be getting text messages, ain't it? - Oh, are you a little bit jealous? Well, I wouldn't think so.
- But now that you mention it - I'll tell you who it's from if you promise not to get angry.
Well, my experience promises that nights tend to be hollow.
- But I promise to try my best.
- Mm-hmm.
Pearl called in sick from the salon.
- Ah.
- Looks like I got to open.
After drinking whiskey for six hours.
Damn, woman.
You the last person I want cutting my hair.
You might be surprised what I can do on a little bourbon buzz.
Well, I will promise to hold that thought.
- Something funny? - Oh, it's all funny, Raylan.
Funny you sending me texts with the sunrise, funny me having to hide them from my man - like a secret agent.
- Your man, meaning Boyd? Something about you this morning, - hard to put a finger on.
- Well, I'm shitfaced, so there's that.
Ava, it's 7:00 in the morning.
See? I had plenty of time to work up to it.
- You get any sleep at all? - Been doing what I was appointed.
So, you were up all night drinking with Boyd.
All night, Raylan.
You gonna give me a daddy lecture, tell me to keep it 'tween the ditches? I'll tell you what.
I ain't in any kind of mood to hear it.
Hangover's already kicked in.
I got elephants marching around in my skull, and they're only gonna get angrier as the day wears on.
So, how about we get to whatever it is you summoned me here for so I can get back and nurse my affliction.
- What? What is so funny? - Ava, you picked the wrong morning to show up half in the bag.
Good morning, Ms.
Hope we didn't pull you away from anything too pressing.
Ah, shit.
And this is a writ.
It is outlining the terms of your confidential informant arrangement with the U.
Attorney's office where you stipulate that you will obtain and relay relevant information that may lead - to charges against Boyd Crowder.
- I know what all it says.
I haven't forgotten what our arrangement is.
Well, I'm really happy to hear that because up until now, I'm having a really hard time seeing how you're holding up to your side of the bargain.
It's kind of been a dry well, Ms.
You need to give us something makes us lean forward.
- Otherwise, what are we doing? - I told you I am working on it.
- And we heard you.
Our point is - Point is that you can throw a stone into any one of these shit-packed hollers and hit some random hillbilly with more information than you've been able to dredge up so far.
I just need time.
I barely been out a couple of weeks.
How am I supp "Weeks" is the relevant word in that sentence, Ms.
It has been weeks without any useful information from you.
Weeks with crimes that are happening that we know little to nothing about! Vasquez.
She gets the picture.
- Does she? - Look at her.
You don't think you're making an impression? Ms.
Crowder, I understand you're feeling under the weather, and I understand you're feeling a little picked on, but you need to understand if you don't bring us something relevant and tangible within the week, your time as a C.
is done.
You'll be remanded back to prison to serve out your sentence.
Or die trying, right? You come all the way to Harlan to threaten me? Could have made a phone call, save yourself a trip.
- Ava - No, Raylan.
I understand.
You ain't getting your way fast enough to suit you, so you bring these two assholes up here to impress upon me the severity of my situation.
Well, consider myself impressed.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to throw up.
# On this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy # # you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard # # on this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I see them long, hard times to come # That's some big brass balls right there, put the money in a pizza joint.
Smart is what it is.
Pre-fabricated vault on the premises.
Use the delivery service, take the money out the pizzas.
- See, you don't know that.
- Makes sense, though, don't it? and a stuffed crust pie.
Fact is, we don't know how Calhoun's getting the money in and out.
Don't even know it's Calhoun's money.
- Man, who the hell else is it gonna be? - Fact is, we don't know shit.
The more you all talk about it, the more my head hurts.
Did you get me that cheeseburger like I asked? It's on the bar, chief.
Gentlemen, we open for business today? Little Early for a snort, ain't it? Doesn't seem to have stopped you all.
Yeah, well, it's our bar.
- And, uh, who in the hell are you? - My name's Ty Walker.
- And if I've come at a bad time - Mr.
Walker, I'm nursing a hangover as a result of one of the best evenings I've spent in a long time.
As such, I don't have the bandwidth for casual conversation.
Now, a man doesn't walk into a bar the way you just did unless he has something important to discuss.
So, what say we get to it? - You got Buffalo Trace? - Earl? I come with no more lofty an aim than to apprise you of the situation in which you find yourself.
Thank you.
When you robbed that bank the other day, that that was a solid piece of trade craft.
But I don't come to blow your skirts up, what geniuses you all are.
My point is, somewhere along the way, you got the idea you were taking money from that sad sack Calhoun, which, frankly, wouldn't bother me a bit.
But that's not the actual fact.
As it happens, you robbed the man I work for.
And while my employer is fair and patient on the whole, he's no weak sister nor a man to be trifled with.
Say say he functions at a different level - than maybe you're used to.
- I don't know, skippy.
- We're used to a whole lot around here.
- Carl.
I'm just a weather vane, Mr.
I don't make the wind blow.
I'm saying, you find a way to counsel patience, desist coming after what doesn't belong to you, and everybody wins town, county, and state.
Now, that being said, you insist upon the track thus far set upon, there will be consequences.
You done? Damn, son.
You like to talk as much as I do.
- Well, mister what was your name? - Walker.
Walker, well, maybe I did the things you think I did, and maybe I didn't.
Either way, I don't give a shit about you or the fella you work for.
Now, many a man come through that door, ringing a similar bell.
Most of those men are dead now in one way or another.
Well, I certainly got no desire to end up like all those other men.
- As I said - Ah, ah.
You're just a weather vane.
I heard you.
Now, you come here, said what you needed to say, and interrupted my repast in the process.
Now, if I couldn't finish my hamburger in peace, I'm damn sure gonna finish my french fries that way.
Carl? You best get to walking, Mr Walker.
You and your beard.
For your hospitality.
Hope you boys enjoy the rest of your day.
Shit! How in the hell we supposed to get a look inside that pizza place, now he knows all our faces?! You got something you want to say to me? What, about you and a .
Napoleon bullying my C.
and generally getting up in my shit? No, I can't think of a thing.
You need to bear in mind we're up in your shit for a reason.
Well, as long as there's a reason.
Saying, your C.
ain't the only one not delivering on Boyd Crowder.
I thought we were taking our time.
"It's a RICO case, Raylan.
All eyes watching.
Think long game.
" All of that.
I'm the bloodhound, boss.
You're the one holding the leash.
- You have no idea.
- Ain't easy, huh? It's a bitch running that office with you out here - running around all untethered.
- Rachel, you start to missing me, you don't got to take it out on my C.
, mess up my work.
You want to babysit me, fine.
Come out with me, ride the high country.
Don't be acting like I'm some civvy housewife - you're taking for a ride-along, either.
- Take it how you want.
Are you coming to the next thing or am I driving you back? - The next thing being what? - Fella named Luther, runs the explosive cage at obsidian mine shaft.
I was gonna stop by, yank his chain a bit.
- You know him? - We dug coal together.
- And that helps us how? - When we dug coal together, we dug coal with Boyd Crowder.
Yeah, well, check down that main shaft, Bill, and get back to me.
All right.
Raylan! Well, you ain't changed a jot or a tittle since we last.
Well, now, you're a little grayer around the temples.
- Must be keeping away from that 'shine.
- Found it didn't agree with me.
Yeah, Raylan used to drown hisself in 'shine this colored boy'd bring up from Stillwater.
Like to set your balls on fire.
Now, he'd go read a book at lunch time, but when that flintstone whistle end of the day come, he was the first one cracking them mason jars.
Last one drunk, as I recall.
You was a skinny little minny, too.
I never sussed how you managed that.
Poured most of it in the plants when you boys weren't looking.
Well, shit.
I always said you was smart.
Smart enough to get out, anyways.
How lucky I might have something to do with it too, then again, here I am.
That's one thing I ain't ever been.
You don't know what it was like around here.
And it ain't getting any better, either.
I'm sorry to hear it.
Which one is the logbook you keep track of your explosives and det cord? - Let me see.
Uh - Never mind.
This must be it.
- You were saying? - Oh.
Well, you took off, and I married Layla, and shit just went downhill from there.
We kept house as best we could, but it just got to be too much.
And I got to drinking.
And, well, I raised a hand to her one time.
Just one time.
She takes off without so much as a G-F-Y for good measure.
- Left me with a little boy to raise.
- No shit.
I got a daughter, just a tad still, but it changes you.
Yeah, well, boys is a whole other story, uh You mind telling me what you're digging around for there? I assume you didn't come here to talk about old times.
The reason why we're interested in your logbooks Have you had any explosives come up missing last few weeks? Not that I know of, and I'd be the one to know.
You sure? 'Cause I'm looking at your check-in figures for Emuline 33 det cord last month, and the check-out figures for this month You know what? - The figures don't quite add up.
- Well, maybe your math is wrong.
Maybe you forgot to carry a one or something.
Well, I don't claim to be Stephen Hawking, Luther, but fundamental addition and subtraction, - I can speak to some mastery of.
- And right here, there's a signature signing off on the discrepancy, last name Kent.
This you, Luther? Okay.
Now we know where Boyd gets his Emulex.
- What? - It's not like they didn't get along, but Boyd and Luther didn't run together back when.
You've been gone a long time.
Maybe they, you know, rekindled - their romance or whatever.
- Maybe.
There's one way to find out.
Wrap them up, take them home for a sit-down.
That's the second time you've given me the scowly face.
What is the problem? Something ain't right.
The way he's acting.
I don't know.
Say where, now? Okay.
I'll tell him.
You want to guess where your C.
is right now? Oh! Oh! Oh! Uh! I guess I must be the clumsiest girl the good lord ever gave life to.
Y'all have a ladies' room? - Get you another one? - Yeah.
I'll have the same thing.
Can I help you, miss? Oh.
What in the world is that thing? I never seen anything like that before.
You don't spend much time in banks, huh? Well, I don't know.
I've been in banks.
I just never saw a pizza place with a a - What is that? - It's a bank vault.
This place used to be a bank.
Hence it's a vault.
Well, what do they do in there now? Do they cook pizzas in it or something? No, they don't cook pizzas in it.
It's more like a What do you call it? A curiosity.
It is that.
- Hey, what's your name? - Mundo.
Sometimes they call me Choo-Choo.
I never heard that before.
- I like trains.
- Is that right? Choo-Choo.
- What are we doing, bub? - Hi.
I was on my way to the ladies' room and got lost.
I, uh, found myself down here.
I just can't belive you have this whole big thing and you don't have, like, tours or something.
Ladies' is upstairs.
Mundo, will you show our guest the way? Let's get you up where you were going.
All right, then.
- It was nice meeting you, I guess.
- Likewise.
Hey, y-you got a number or in case you want to come take, like, a real actual tour or something? - Oh, I think I can find you.
- All right.
Well, y-you ought to think about doing that sometime.
I will, then.
All right.
Hey, I never did catch your name! It's Ava.
Ava Randolph.
So long, Ava Randolph.
- Man, you gotta zoom it.
- Man, I know that.
You you just kinda spread your fingers.
- Just give it here.
- Darker than shit.
I wish she'd have used the flash.
I guess she was trying to stay all, you know, clandestine.
Yeah, I-I mean, I wish she could have.
You know something? I believe we've got them outnumbered.
Just 'cause there was only two of them don't necessarily mean there's only two of them.
No, look.
Three beds.
Yeah, see? There's a certain technique to photo surveillance.
- There's five of them.
- How you figure? Two more bed rolls against the wall.
Five men, three beds.
You think we're dealing with something untoward? - I think they're sleeping in shifts.
- Shit.
What's that mean? Means we want to get to that vault, even in the middle of the night, we gonna have to step over bodies.
When I signed on to this job, it sounded like easy money.
- Now all of a sudden, it's all World War III.
- You want to quit? 'Cause, Earl, you're welcome to step off this train anywhere along the line.
You'll have to excuse my little brother, Boyd.
Sometimes he ain't got much of a filter between his head and his mouth.
But, uh, push comes to shove, ain't no way he wants out.
- Right? - Right.
Which is fortunate, I figure, seeing how it's already gonna be a trick for us to get to that vault where defenders outnumber attackers five to four.
I can't even imagine what it would be like - if our number fell to three.
- Well, getting to it ain't the half.
Vault's something called an Excelsior 5200.
I saw one like it once in Kuwait.
Had a dent in the door where a tank shell hit it, - couldn't bust through.
- What's that mean? Well, Earl, for starters, it means I'm gonna need you to get me a hell of a lot more Emulex.
Got an address? Okay.
- What? - Well, Luther Kent's got a couple of priors, nothing to connect him to Boyd the team can find.
But - But what? - Three years ago, he got popped for a D.
when he clipped a billboard.
Staties say he was trying to switch seats with the passenger, make it look like he was driving.
The passenger was his son, Tyler Kent.
It's open.
Damn, Tyler.
What are you doing to yourself in here? Dude, I just hit level 29 on this bitch.
The sky is the limit now.
- Hey! Come on, now! - Got to talk business, man.
Need your expert hand up the mine.
No, I can't do it, bro.
I told you.
It's a one-time deal.
ATF's tight with the books and it could get daddy in trouble.
You need to worry less about your daddy and a little more about your debt to me.
Boyd needs more boom the shit load up.
The good news is, you deliver, we gonna take care of you and your daddy.
Man, y'all looking to get shot? Lord, I hope not.
Was one of you gonna shoot us? You better get your asses off the premises.
- Else maybe I'll pop you for trespassers.
- Don't do that, Tyler.
It'll break your daddy's heart any which way this story ends.
Bad enough he's got to cover you stealing his Emulex and for this hilljack asswaffle, no less.
Hey, badge or no badge, you got no right coming here, talking shit.
- Actually, we got all that right and more.
- Yeah? Well, how 'bout you come out from behind that pussy badge and I show you Sit your ass down.
Now we still got a problem, or you want to reconsider your earlier position? You don't know me, but I know your pop since we was younger than you.
Told me he had a son.
I confess, I thought he meant just a tad like my own kid.
I guess I started later in life, but that's on me.
Anyways, he's worried about you, Tyler, and I supposed I am, too.
Find you've been in charge of some shady bookkeeping at the mine, such that the ATF might want to start a whole circus up.
Before I saw you got company, I was gonna take you back to Lexington, have a little chat, see if I could help you get in front of this thing.
Yeah, well I got company.
So, here's what I'm thinking.
Why don't you two finish whatever it is you got cooked up.
And say the second you steer clear of this numb nuts, I want you to give me a call, and we'll have that chat.
Call that number.
- Okay, then.
- Y'all be good, now.
- Hey, you okay? - No, I'm not goddamn okay! Son of a bitch like to crush my nuts into paste.
Well, now you see why I can't help you.
- He's talking ATF, man! - Don't smart me right now, Tyler.
It might make me hurt you.
And you don't like it when I hurt you, do you? - No.
- Good.
'Cause I gots a new plan to get that Emulex.
And the good news in this plan, you ain't got to lie to nobody.
Earl, you back already? Earl? Maybe we should leave the guns here.
To do what, man? How we supposed to do a hold-up with no guns? Well, I just I don't want to see my daddy hurt.
Well, that there's all the more reason.
Gun in his face, less chance he's gonna try to be a hero.
And if you think about it, it's really for his protection.
And, wait, we have to knock him around? You want it to look right, don't you? - Yeah.
- Far as he knows, two guys in masks busted in, touched him up, grabbed the keys to the Emulex shed.
- Okay.
- The cops see bruises on him, goes a long way convincing them he wasn't in on it.
- Yeah.
- Again, it's for his protection.
You know what I wouldn't give to pull a mask on, take a few free pokes at my daddy? Let's go.
Well, I guess we know why they stopped at a five-and-dime.
Halloween come Early.
You think they think if we don't hear their voices, we won't know who's under those masks? Were you boys not listening when I said we followed you here? All right.
Let's start over.
Guns down, hands up.
You first, Mr.
"Pussy badge.
" - What if I say no? - Earl, maybe we ought Shut up, bitch! This don't concern you.
Earl? You really need me to run down all the "or elses"? Actually, I was hoping you'd try grabbing my prick again, see if it goes the same way now I'm paying attention.
I ain't gonna grab it.
I'm just gonna shoot it off.
You understand me, Earl? I'm gonna shoot your dick off.
Since stealing explosives falls under terrorism now, right? - Yeah.
- We got nothing to loose.
We just want to know who the Emulex is for.
Name will do.
Save us a lot of body bags.
- Earl? - How do you think your daddy'd feel about his only boy living the rest of his life as a snitch? I think he'd like to see him live the rest of his life.
Ain't that so, Luther? I don't know.
I always said I'd never see a son of mine die down a mine.
Least here, he could punch out looking up at the stars.
Be kind of like floating away.
You're not really gonna let this happen.
What if I said I took the Emulex, Raylan? Have you seen "Chinatown," Boyd? That's your second warning.
There won't be a third.
See, we need to hear you say it.
- That you understand.
- I understand.
All right, then.
That was smart, sending that smoke show to do your recon.
figure everybody's too busy looking at her to see where she's looking.
Wonder if that'll still work when she's not so easy to look at.
Miss? Apologies for the intrusion.
Uh, can I help you? I hope you won't find me too bold asking to be invited in - for a quick word this fine evening? - I'm sorry.
I don't know you.
- I'm not generally inclined to - Not generally inclined to invited strange men into your house? Well, I'd say it's a good thing you and I are some acquainted.
I'll only need a few minutes of your time, Ms.
Now, can I get anything to drink in there? You know, I grew up in Kentucky, my life entire, yet I never developed a taste for bourbon.
Even the smell turns something in me sour.
Well, if I had known I was having company, I could have had something more to your taste.
Oh, I could have called.
But somehow, I didn't imagine - that'd have quite the same impact.
- Hmm.
Now we know where you're from and your preference in liquor.
You think maybe you could tell me who the hell you are? Ava You mind if I call you Ava? If I do mind, I'll just add it to the list of things I'm holding against you.
Ava, I've known my share of criminals.
It's an ugly part of my past that I hope to remedy by investing more wisely in the future.
Well, you're off to a bang-up start kidnapping me.
Wasn't my choice, I assure you.
- Whose was it, then? His? - It was yours.
Come to reconnoiter my place of business, living some fantasy outlaw life, just you and Boyd against the world.
Sounds like you know a thing or two about it.
I know for a woman to survive in this line of work, she's got to be harder than the men, ready to do the things they won't.
I know women who have that in them.
My question is, are you that kind of woman, Ava? Because if you ain't, then you'll never be more than a token, something that can be threatened or hurt just to keep your man in line.
You know you're looking down the barrel of federal terrorism charges, your little act of noblesse oblige here.
I suppose that's my cross to bear, then.
But why, Luther? I told you.
We're after Boyd.
You mean you're after my boy giving him up.
What kind of life do you think there is around here for the man who flips on Boyd Crowder? D-Did you know Tyler wanted to go to big sandy J.
, study x-ray tech, but I couldn't afford it? Figured this way, at least he can say I give him something.
Luther, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your son is beyond helping.
And that story of yours about putting him up to it, that ain't gonna hold water.
Tyler is going down for this.
The end.
Now, if you want to volunteer to take the fall with him, I'm sure we can free up some space at the Harlan county detention center.
You can hold his hand while he awaits arraignment.
But you think you're gonna climb up on a cross and pay for his sins, you're a fool.
You're a fool.
You understand? You say you got a baby girl of your own? - That's right.
- Well, right now, I reckon she's not much more than a lump that cries and shits - and makes baby noises.
- It's like you've met her.
Yeah, and you're gonna tell me that absent even any personality she might one day cultivate, there ain't one thing in this world you wouldn't do for that gob? That don't stop, son.
And it don't get any easier.
You'll see.
We're done.
Hello, again, Boyd.
Oh, Mr.
Well, now that I'm feeling more myself, I sure do wish I had a second chance to make a first impression.
But I get the distinct feeling you ain't the person I'm here to talk to.
Nice to meet you, sir.
My name is Boyd Crowder.
- We've met.
- Well, in that case, I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage.
My name's Avery Markham.
Guess I can't blame you for not remembering.
Last time I saw you, you were no bigger than minute.
Peacocking around your daddy like you thought you was already a full-grown bad man.
I recognize you now, Mr.
That being said, I still don't recall being bounced on your knee.
Nevertheless, it, uh, seems that I owe you an apology.
Like I said, I can't blame you for not remembering.
No, sir.
The apology that I owe is for my craven attempt to pilfer that which rightfully belongs to you.
As defense, I offer only my ignorance.
Meaning you thought you were stealing from Calhoun? Yes, sir.
I did.
And now you know the prize in question belongs to me.
- That, I do.
- Mm-hmm.
And any, uh, plan that I had for my next attempt should be considered abandoned as foolhardy not to say unworthy.
I hope you'll understand when I say I don't want to see either of you at the portal again.
Next time you want a slice, order in.
Have it here in 30 minutes, or it's free.
And if I see you in my place of business again I'll kill you.
Come to it I guess you ain't all that big now.
Grown but still just playing pretend.
I'm heading back to the office.
You coming or staying? I'm staying.
See how this shakes out.
What about the other one, Boyd's little minion Earl? - You rolling him out, too? - I was gonna let him go.
Send him back to Boyd jumpy, get him all spun up before I swoop back down on my white horse.
That's actually how you see this going down, isn't it? Why not? Worked for Gary Cooper.
Picking up Tyler on the Emulex is the beginning.
But if he doesn't flip and you kicking Earl back to Boyd I guess this is my way of saying - I hope you know what you're doing.
- I do, too.
Mikey, once again.
Talking while I'm in here can lead to unevenness in my facial tone.
It's Crowder.
Tell him I'll call him after my session.
He wants a sit-down tonight.
Wants Mrs.
Hale here, too.
He's coming here? Did he say why? Just said I better tell Mrs.
Hale to get her ass over here his words.
I guess if he's looking to hit us, he wouldn't call ahead.
Unless he wants to "High noon" it.
Have us get Katherine over here so we're all in one place.
He also told me to get him a room for the night.
- A room? - What he said.
What the? So, what should I do? Call Katherine.
Have her get her ass over here.
And then call the front desk, hope to hell they have a vacancy.
And when you search Crowder, make sure you get his cigarettes.
I found the money.
Mighta found it a whole lot sooner you'd been straight with me from the jump.
- You want a drink, Boyd? - I want to know why you didn't tell me - we were robbing Avery Markham.
- Wynn, drink? - I'm rehydrating.
- Okay.
I was worried if I told you, you might not take the job.
Because of Markham's reputation or because he used to be your husband's partner? - He was much more than that.
- Well, that sounds like a story.
It had its moments.
Well, as man with a keen regard for history, I know I'm gonna be more than happy to hear it.
But right now, Katherine, I find myself more concerned with the present.
- Meaning? - What is your relationship with him now? No offense, Boyd, but if I really wanted to set you up, - I'm sure I could find an easier way.
- That ain't what I asked.
I'm sleeping with him.
That's how I knew he was moving back into Kentucky, and that's how I knew to put you on to his realtor.
- Huh.
- Hmm.
Woman, how do you see this playing out in your mind? You think he's not gonna put it together that you were in on ripping him off? Avery Markham's not a man to sit still while someone takes what's his, let them go live the good life somewhere on his dime? So, you're out, right? That's what you're saying? I mean, let's just set aside all this poetic, down-home, hillbilly bullshit.
Bottom line is you're backing down.
Oh, I ain't backing down.
I'm gonna rob him.
And then I'm gonna stick a bullet in your boyfriend's head.
You know what, Boyd? From the moment I met you, I just knew you were the man of my dreams.
You get her to come clean? Clean as she's gonna come.
How you doing, darlin'? Better now.
Just laying here thinking.
Those men coming after us like that.
Ava, that ain't never gonna happen again.
I know.
I don't doubt you, Boyd.
But I do have to wonder, now that it's quiet how much money are we talking about here? And how are you planning on going after it, given their actions? - I thought you said you trusted me.
- I do.
Then how come you need to know the particulars about how I go about my business? I'm scared, Boyd.
You can't see that? - They came into my home.
- And I told you you ain't gonna have to worry about that again, Ava.
What if we just ran? Just lit out? Start over, do I don't know, anything else.
Why not? Ava, I ain't leaving here with nothing.
- You have me.
- Do I? Last night was beautiful.
But if I'm being honest with you, Ava, since you got out, sometimes I feel like I don't know who you are anymore.
Tell you what.
You come on over here, and I'll remind you.