Justified s06e04 Episode Script

The Trash and the Snake

Previously on "Justified" Never saw a pizza place with a a - What is that thing? - It's a bank vault.
There ain't no version of this story that ends with us - selling our home to some peacock.
- You call me a peacock? How's Ava doing, Boyd? It must have been quite a shock, her getting out of prison the way she did.
We can't gang up on him, Katherine.
You're as concerned about her release as I was.
It is outlining the terms of your confidential informant arrangement with the U.
Attorney's office where you stipulate that you will obtain relevant information that may lead to charges against Boyd Crowder.
I was enjoying my morning constitutional, and lo and behold, what do I find but a stack of real-estate deeds and a ledger that I believe belong to you.
Since you got out, sometimes I feel like I don't - know who you are anymore.
- Tell you what.
You come on over here, and I'll remind you.
6x04 - "The Trash and the Snake" - Morning.
- Morning.
- Are you off somewhere? - I am.
Thought about letting you sleep, take full advantage of this king-size.
- Sneaking out just didn't seem right.
- Mm.
When you think you'll be back? Little bit? - You gone all day? - I'll be back this afternoon.
- Good.
- Good? Wait a second.
Ain't that supposed to be bad? No.
I was just thinking take advantage, see about a massage.
I don't know.
Something nice.
Getting used to the good life, huh? - Mm-hmm.
- Well, go on.
I'm just happy I got to hear your voice before I go.
- Be careful.
- Always.
What brings you to Lexington? - Boyd came to meet his masters.
- And he brought you along? Oh, he sprung for the lovebird package.
Ava, if you're trying to tell me you're sleeping with him, Just so we're clear, I ain't asking you to do that.
Are you asking me not to? I understand you got to do what you got to do in a situation like yours.
You think everything is something else.
You don't think it could be real? I'm a person.
- I get lonely, scared.
- Remind me why we're here.
You mean in this stairwell instead of a room, two of us, champagne on ice? Av What's it like, holding someone's fate in your hands? Drinking make you a deep thinker? Oh, I'm straight.
I want to know is it a burden, or is it what gets you out of bed in the morning? What gets me out of bed lately is helping you fulfill your agreement with us so you don't have to go back to prison.
Avery Markham paid us a visit yesterday.
- Sounds vaguely familiar.
- Has a smell of sulphur to him.
Boyd knew him by reputation.
Seemed respectful.
So it wasn't a friendly chat.
He brought along a real psycho case.
- Warned Boyd off any future pursuits.
- Tight hair, bushy beard? So, Boyd thought he was pulling off a small-potatoes heist, and what he was doing was pissing off the big bad wolf.
- This helps, don't it? - Nice to put a face to the shot caller.
So don't say you and me don't have a special relationship.
Did I say that? Boyd must be wetting his pants thinking about all them piles and piles of money.
No wonder you're scared.
I'm so sorry, darling.
I didn't mean to startle you.
- Can I help you? - Where's my manners? I'm Katherine Hale.
They gave me a key 'cause I'm paying for the room.
I did call you, but, um, you didn't pick up.
- I was just out having a smoke.
- Ah.
Anyway, I thought it would be nice if you and I had lunch.
- Okay.
- Great.
I'll order room service to my suite.
Noon? - Sure.
- 423.
- Did you forget your cigarettes? - Excuse me? When you went out.
I just smoke 'em one at a time.
Next time you step out for one, you let me know.
I don't smoke anymore, but I love standing next to people who still do.
Next time.
I don't have too much unofficial case memory, Raylan.
Just give me whatever your addled old brain can muster.
I pulled in a few of Markham's men over the years.
Maybe one or two run-ins with the man himself, but - 14 years ago.
- Why are you so crotchety? Don't act like you ain't thrilled to use your old cop head for a minute, or did you want to get back to the 400th hour of cable news? It obviously hasn't occurred to you that this pain bullshit gets in the way of a lot of clear thinking.
- I apologize.
- Not to mention the fact that Leslie's been waiting on me hand and foot and feeling sorry for me, and that shit gets old.
And I know she's sick of me, and I know she'd rather be doing yoga with her hippie friends, so I had to practically shove her out the door 'cause I'm hungry and I'm sick of eating all of her healthy twigs and cat food shit.
Well, you tell her I said hey, huh? Grady Hale and Markham, his partner, made their mint slinging weed.
Grady Hale being Katherine Hale's husband? Yeah.
And when Grady Hale went to jail, Markham went nobody-knew-where.
- You saying Markham flipped? - Somebody did.
As far as I know, the only person that ever knew the name of the snitch was U.
Attorney Simon Poole, And he forgot that when they blew half his head off with a shotgun on the corner of Limestone and Barr.
Was Markham a rat? Seems like Poole let it slip one time that his snitch was out of the weed business, but you know, maybe when my cable runs out, I'll look into it.
Now, that's how you fry a damn egg.
- Why? - Why what? Any of it.
What's it all mean? Well, you're gonna nail Boyd Crowder and move to Florida what do you care? It's interesting.
Spins this thing a whole another way, hmm? Mm-hmm.
Sheds new light on an ever-spreading circle of greed - and evil and murder and mayhem.
- Oh, okay.
When you stray from the trail, Raylan, that's when you get lost.
I know that, Art.
I do.
- But something's pulling me on.
- Mm-hmm.
Something's pulling you away from nailing Boyd and getting down to Florida.
Your mama asks you to take out the trash, you do as she says, but you see a copperhead on the way out, you don't go back inside, say you didn't do nothing because all she asked was take out the trash.
You take out the trash and the snake.
Didn't your mama ever tell you that there's always another snake? I knew you'd say that.
Raylan, if you declare war on them all, they're just gonna outbreed you and outlast you - and bring you down for good.
- You telling me not to do the job? No.
I'm telling you not to get your ass bit.
# On this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy # # you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard # # on this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I see them long, hard times to come # We can't make sense of your C.
Safe to assume the names herein are landowners? This room ain't bugged.
Won't nobody know we spoke.
These landowners are in the ledger 'cause Avery Markham has designs on buying? - Or has already bought.
- How many? - How many have lines through them? - Many.
A line through a name means? - Cash was offered and accepted.
- What's it mean a name has a line through it and a circle? Means first offer declined, counteroffer accepted.
Red Crowell's name was circled and a line through it.
- How'd you sweeten the deal? - Upped the offer $50,000.
Nothing else? You know there was a fire there a week ago? Sad.
Red lost everything.
Had to move in with his kin down in Nashville.
We stopped by.
Place burned to the concrete footings.
The house was a wreck.
There was wires hanging out everywhere.
Mess, too.
Looked like he was hoarding for the rapture.
Talked to the chief.
He ruled out foul play, though he did note there were more fires in town as of late.
Murphy's law simplest explanation is usually correct.
You mean Occam's razor.
Occam's razor, Thor's hammer, who gives a shit? Like as not, it's folks looking for the insurance.
No, not Red Crowell.
Look, they're big talkers, but that's real estate.
I don't think they're bad men.
And yet you're spooked so much that we got to pull it out of you.
I'm just saying Markham wants land, he doesn't have to work that hard for it.
He goes five miles down the road.
He can buy whatever he wants.
Not if the pot king of Colorado's got his sights set on Harlan.
If he and his coadjutors want to seize an opportunity in the land of the Christmas tree weed, who are we to fetter progress? Don't give a shit about his business agenda.
Though I worry about those who stand in his way.
- That include you? - Look, fellas, I've been helpful, right? Are we wrapping this up? I have a speech to write.
- Twisting my stomach in knots.
- Running for mayor again? No.
I've had a rough day.
I have to eulogize a friend tonight.
- Sorry to hear it.
- Pillar of the community.
She and her husband died in the damn strangest accident.
- What kind of accident? - Furnace took a shit.
Carbon monoxide killed them both in their sleep.
- Who we talking about? - Betty and John-O Hutchins.
Betty Hutchins the English teacher? - Same.
- Hutchins was a name on the list.
Circled and X'd out.
That means more than one offer was made.
Both refused.
You were a cheerleader in high school.
I was.
I always wanted to be a cheerleader.
Football games, I'd sit high up in those stands and watch those girls bouncing in their skirts, see how all the players well, everyone, really, was just mesmerized by them.
It was a lot of work.
We practiced five days a week.
What power those girls had.
Yet so few knew how to use it.
But you did, huh? You got one of those football players to marry you.
I did.
Doesn't mean I had any real power.
Because he beat you senseless? You know a lot about me.
I know you blew a hole through his chest.
Did you invite me to lunch to talk about my past? I invited you to lunch to ask you a question.
I'm not sure I want to hear it.
I was married to Grady for 20 years.
And I loved that man with all my heart.
But there were days weeks months, really.
My question is this when you pulled that trigger, how did it feel? 'Cause I have to think it felt great.
Are are you wondering what's under here? - Should I be? - It is the best part of this lunch.
That's never been my thing.
Well, darling, this is the good stuff.
This is pharmaceutical grade.
And believe me, you are gonna need it for what I've got planned.
None of the barons can deposit in legit F.
-backed banks, marijuana being legal only at the state level.
Hence mercenaries guarding a pizza place full of dough.
Did you see what I did there? Well, a man's wit is never lost on me, Wynn Duffy.
So, you're telling me that Avery Markham really believes that legal weed is coming to the state of Kentucky? Probably sooner than later.
The way the smoke's blowing.
, my guy's a handful, irritating.
His brain's fried from who knows what kind of drugs.
You're gonna want to punch him, but he's very good.
I'm saying have fun with it.
They're here, baby.
- Looky here! Wynn Duffy! - You're looking healthy.
- Been a long time.
- What can I say? I save you for the big jobs, man of your talent.
Oh, yeah.
And my price.
You must be the man with the vault problem.
Now, Mr.
Wiz, I prefer discussing my business in private.
- Bridge is cool.
- I didn't say she wasn't cool.
What's the matter? Rudy likes you.
So, uh, just spitballing on the ride over, we were thinking, uh, emulex? Emulex? Emulex to blow an Excelsior 5200? - That was part of the plan, yeah.
- Are you ser Oh, my god.
Excelsior's old school! It's 16 inches of Youngstown steel, dude.
You need something massive to get through that shit.
- C-4? - No, man, I'm talking, like, C-11, dude.
New military issue, like asymmetrical warfare shit.
That shit only you got, huh, baby? Damn straight only the shit I got! And if they catch you with it, they're taking you to Guantanamo Bay and hooking your nuts up to a car battery.
Oh! Where's my manners? - Would you guys like a negroni? - I don't know what that is.
It's italian.
Tastes like grapefruit.
- I don't want one.
- Missing out.
So, you got it all worked out, huh? - I do.
- Will you mind taking me through the steps? - Trust, brother, trust.
- Well, that's the thing, Wiz I wasn't asking, so Oh, whoa, easy, easy, easy.
No static, bro.
I got us another Excelsior.
It's in a derelict foundry on the outside of town.
It's too big to move, too expensive to dismantle.
Place is empty.
We can get in there and make all the noise we want, Do some test runs.
I could talk about it here all day, or we could go in there and just do it.
- Then why are we still here? - Let's go do the shit! Ahh! God damn! Just the smell of the metal makes me hard.
That the same one as the pizza place? Well, I ain't the manufacturer.
But it looks close enough.
Looks like it's in pretty good shape, too, - for being abandoned.
- Hell, an A-bomb could go off, this baby would still be standing in the rubble.
Well, Wiz, that doesn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence in your ability to get inside this thing.
Dude, I get through time locks, magnetic seals, shit you wouldn't understand even if I drew you a diagram.
This old pile of tungsten, this is just pure brute force.
Drill and kill.
You want to see what I can do? Next time, make it tough.
- One job at a time, Wiz.
- Okay.
Give me your cellphones.
Ava, come over here and meet the classiest jeweler this side of the Mississippi.
Oh, so nice to meet you, Winston.
Beautiful pieces you have here.
I feel like I should've worn my sunglasses, - all the sparkling around.
- Okay, he gets it.
- Oh! Speaking of diamonds, may I? - Of course.
The tennis bracelet.
Oh, I love that.
- There we are.
- Oh, my goodness, what a sight.
Winston, would you do me a favor? Would you let Ava try on something pretty - to just give her a little thrill? - Surely.
Is there anything that strikes your fancy? Oh, the whole store does, one thing prettier than the next.
Well, now, let's see.
- How about these? - That's okay, I feel funny even picking up something that expensive.
Afraid I might drop it or something.
- No, they won't bite.
- Okay.
Oh, my.
I look like a movie star.
- You do.
- Matches your eyes.
Thank you so much.
- Of cour - Shit! I just knew I was gonna drop it.
No problem, ma'am.
Happens all the time.
There we go.
Is there anything else you'd like to see? Uh I think that's enough for me.
Winston, I-I'm gonna pass on the tennis bracelet for now.
Maybe next time.
So good to see you.
- It's always a pleasure.
- All right.
Whoo-whoo! My heart's beating like a jackrabbit! Just run with it, honey.
It's all part of the fun.
That place was covered in cameras.
What if he decides to call the Oh, Winston is not gonna do jack shit.
He's too afraid I still have the juice to have him killed, him or one of his mongoloid sons.
When Grady was at his peak, I had a charge account at that store and a dozen others just like it.
Shit, Winston used to greet me at that door with champagne.
Now he locks it on me.
Screw him.
- When you gonna tell me? - What? The story of Mrs.
Hutchins? Was she the teacher who cared? She watered little Raylan so he could blossom? I hated her.
She hated English.
Nearly turned me off of books.
Only thing she taught me was don't do a job just for money.
Well, now you're doing what you love.
Miss Hutchins American hero.
What do you want to bet that she and Mr.
Hutchins didn't die peacefully in their sleep? Oh, but it's such a nice thought.
It's how I want to go.
I'm kidding.
I want Sigourney Weaver to choke me out with her thighs.
You understand I'm formulating a theory here? You think Markham's "coadjutors" made it look that way? - Mm-hmm.
- Made an offer on the property, got refused.
Good theory, right? Seeing as how Harlan isn't much in the way of farmland, yeah.
Those names in Calhoun's books are probably the primo spots.
Markham gets those, he can plant a shit ton of pot crops, betting Kentucky goes legal.
Which, if it does, good for Kentucky.
But if he's acting like one of them old West black hats forcing homesteaders off their land that ain't gonna stand.
It's just with fire, you could maybe prove arson.
- It's a failed furnace in an old house? - It's a theory.
This is what you get with a teacher's pension, huh? Congratulate me.
What is that? Window's covered in plastic and taped shut.
I bet you a silver dollar they got no next of kin, house goes up for auction, Markham gets it for a song.
Okay, then.
- Maui.
- Maui? Where I grew up the mean streets of Paia.
Surfed the bay every morning before school.
Wynn Duffy on a surfboard that's something I have a hard time picturing.
I'll show you my trophies one day.
A million dollars does afford a man a lot of sex wax.
Although given what we're about to do, I'm surprised you ain't planning to surf somewhere - far, far away from here.
- That your plan? Sequester yourself in some lost corner of the globe? You speak Farsi, do ya? Tunisian? For one thing, they speak Arabic in Tunisia.
Second, my future address has yet to be decided.
Hey, does it swing right or left? I'm assuming you mean the vault door? Well, I ain't talking about your little white peepee.
- Yeah.
Which way? - Let's go right.
- And what year was it? - Why? Because in 1970, Excelsior changed their design.
They started sandwiching out the copper alloy.
They were You know what? Never mind.
It's all good.
The Wiz always has it covered.
I told you assholes to leave your cellphones in the car! Ho, ho! What up, pimps?! To what do I owe these particular splinters in my asshole today? If splinters are all you're getting back there, Dickie, prison has treated you well.
Isn't that just like you? Isn't that just like him? To find hurtful potty-mouth humor in sexual assault.
Maybe I should apologize.
Maybe I should tease you about the wheelchair.
I get conflicting impulses when I see you.
Sure you lovers don't want a conjugal? Candy? Cookies? Chocolate doughnuts in a box? - Don't forget soda pop.
- And soda pop.
I get it.
I get it.
I see you two.
This right here, this is a-a What you call it? A revelation.
This is yeah! This is one of them ecstatic visions I've been having of late.
All right, all right! Here we go-o-o-o.
Mighty spirit.
Dickie Bennett, this is archangel Raylan, here to deliver unto thee a loaded-up commissary in exchange for your cooperation in a federal criminal investigation.
Oh! Message received, but I'm afraid what you ask, it's it's just it's too g-great.
It really is.
I cannot see a way to answer your call.
Search your soul, numbnuts.
Can you not see the lord herself hath damned me with incipient diabetes? - You shitting me? - Negatory.
So barter the sweets.
Get what you want.
There you go.
I don't believe you you're hearing me.
What I'm trying to say is I'll break it down here.
# There just ain't no way # # I'm gonna cooperate with you # Well, we can go the other way.
- Just make life in here unpleasant.
- More unpleasant.
The threats, yes.
Here they come.
Bring it on.
This is my favorite part.
We're upsetting you? You want us to leave? You can just tell us who bought your land.
Records indicate L.
The broker's name turned out to be a fake.
Who was it wanted their identity concealed? Yes, you're absolutely right.
I would be delighted to tell you why I sold it.
- Would you like to? - This ought to be good.
I hope you made a tidy sum for your dumbassedness.
Drove a hard bargain, yeah, yeah.
But I did I managed to I pushed her back.
I did, and I ended up with a tidy sum.
- Her? - Yeah, her.
The guy behind the guy is said to have been, after all that, a she.
You follow that? She was a she? L.
Consolidated? Y-you never met her? That's what I said the last five times.
- I'll give you six.
- You were so hot to start a feud with me that had long since ended, you sold your ancestral land to Loretta McCready? Loretta? Loretta?! That good land has more to it than rich soil.
It has history.
And we know your desire to build on that history, which is in line with our desire.
In short, the future.
Now the other thing I wanted to tell you is to forget our first offer.
We're now prepared to pay you twice that to show you how committed we are to the preservation and prosperity of this land.
Well, I'll need to think about that.
Well, consider that if you invest that money wisely Hell, you can burn through half of it first.
And you'll still never work a day in your life.
I like to drink when I think.
Care to join? - Sure.
- I got this from a dear friend.
- She called it apple pie.
- Not too sweet, I hope.
- Too sweet gives me a headache.
- It's not sweet, but it might still give you a headache.
What's this shit? Good evening to you, too, Loretta.
Can we talk? She's right in the middle of something.
- That doesn't bother us.
- Actually, we're done.
But that don't mean I feel like talking.
Done? No, we're not done.
- Don't be silly.
- Oh, we're done.
I was about to pour you a drink and show you out.
- So you're rejecting our offer? - I am.
Bu We didn't even negotiate.
- "No" means no.
- Hey, I'm not talking to you.
Loretta, do me a favor.
Take a big old step to your right.
You ain't talking to me.
She's done talking to you.
Now, you want to get your ass out, or is there something else you're here to do? Mr.
Avery Markham, I presume.
- You must be Givens.
- Deputy U.
Marshal Givens.
This young woman must be Loretta.
Pleased to meet you, miss.
Though I envisioned it under different circumstances.
Why don't we sit down, have a civilized conversation? We'll be brief.
Well, these bones are gonna take a chair either way.
Well, what have we here? Mmm.
That takes me back.
- This yours? - Yes, sir.
- You mind? - 'Course not.
Go ahead, darling.
Stick your little pinkie in there and have a lick.
Okay, now.
I'll give you this you've done your homework.
Homework, hell.
I'm a corn cracker through and through.
Grew up with my hands in the dirt.
My daddy was a 'bacca farmer out in Cynthiana, - raising up burley.
- Traded one leaf for another.
I spent many days in this neck of the woods.
Knew Miss McCready's daddy and her mama.
Bennetts, too, us being in the same line.
How I knew to check that glass, darlin'.
I knew a Crowder or two, but no one by the name of Givens.
Arlo's wannabe kingpin ass would be heartbroken.
Six generations of Bennetts grew up in Harlan County.
Now all's left is a cripple stuck in lockup.
- Story is that's thanks to you.
- The Bennetts were my problem.
Now you're my problem.
Somebody please tell me what all you're talking about.
The man is making you an offer you can't refuse - sell or he kills you.
- Oh, come on, now.
I may make you an offer you can't refuse.
But that's because I'm offering you more money - than you ever imagined.
- And if I don't want it at any price? Then you'd be a bird so rare as to never before have been sighted.
The negotiation has ended.
I told you you can't have my land.
I'm adding hers to the list.
I don't see how you can do that, legally speaking.
You want to follow that thread, be my guest.
Till then, you can put away your suitcase of money.
Or what? You gonna give me 24 hours to get out of town, Deputy U.
Marshal Raylan Givens? And he said he didn't do his homework.
I'm just saying there's no deal to make here.
First you turn me down.
Now this.
What's next? Third time? You gonna tell me that, by the power vested in you, that there's something else I ain't allowed to do? This is still America last time I checked the flagpole.
What's next is entirely based on the next choice you make.
I think I'll burn one on the way out.
Helps me think.
You gonna haul me in? No, not for weed.
I can assure you of that.
Okay, then.
I'll be seeing you.
Heard this one back in the '90s.
Bill Clinton and Hillary sneak away from the secret service and go for a drive, backwoods Arkansas.
And they come to a gasoline station, and Hillary recognizes the attendant, saying that was her boyfriend before Bill.
And Bill laughs, saying, "imagine where you would be now if you married that guy.
" And Hillary, quick as a minute, says, I would be married to the President of the United States.
That's funny.
That's Grady and me.
He was the face, and I got it done.
Must be frustrating, Grady getting all the glory.
Well taking his partner as my lover made it a little easier.
- Avery Markham.
- Best lover I had ever had.
Still is.
Nevertheless, I know he ratted out Grady and was responsible for all that ensued, down to me pulling vindictive, low-class, little stunts in a jewelry store.
Smart of you, though, sleeping with him.
Can't imagine he'd suspect the man trying to rob him is the woman underneath him.
Not always underneath him.
Yeah, I doubt that his money is gonna feel as good as he does, but I sure cannot wait to get my hands on it.
I mean, a man as much as kills your husband, - you got to do something about it.
- He killed Grady? Well Well, the prison assholes claimed it was suicide, but there was a lot of dixie mafia muscle inside at that time, and those guys know how to fix a murder to look like suicide easy as baking a pie.
Oh, my goodness.
That's my massage.
- I guess you better go.
- Oh.
Thank you for a - a very interesting day.
- Anytime.
It sure was lucky the way that guard of yours, the one who said you stabbed him, how fortunate that he came clean the way he did.
What was his name? Uh Albert Fekus? You ever thought about thanking him? The guy was a crazy piece of shit.
All he did was finally tell the truth.
Yeah, but something made him step up and do the right thing, so you know, if you ever want to get to the bottom of his crisis of conscience, I could find him for you.
- It would be a breeze.
- Mm.
That's so kind of you.
But I'd probably just stab him in the eye.
You really are a firecracker.
Stop acting like a badass older than you are.
Well, stop acting like my daddy.
You're a kid.
Enjoy it.
No need to take over the goddamn world with your ambition.
I don't even know how you're thinking on this scale.
What am I, stupid? Look around.
Five years, not even, it'll be legal across the land.
Oh, don't give me that bullshit.
You're gonna sell dope whether it's legal or not.
But you set your sights this high, you're gonna keep running into folks like him.
I-Is that what your daddy would want? You didn't know him.
Well, I know what all daddies want.
They want their kids to be safe.
So, you're saying walk away from weed? Look.
It's good that you have goals.
But for me, next couple weeks, just put two big guys out front.
Help me sleep at night? Thanks for the heart to heart.
Really changed my mind.
We done? Hmm? Uh, uh No.
Loretta God damn it.
You mean to send three 5's? 'Cause that's the bat signal, Ava.
That's what you send when a grenade's about to go off.
Albert Fekus.
- What? - She asked me about Fekus.
- You need to slow down.
- Ugh! Katherine Hale asked me about Albert Fekus, the guard! - The little shithead! - How the hell did that even come up? Out of literally goddamn nowhere.
She just started asking why he had a "crisis of conscience," and why he changed his testimony.
Okay, at best, she's just testing you.
- I'm telling you, she knows.
- No.
Trust me, she does not know.
Why? Because she didn't put a bullet in my head right then and there? Jesus Christ, I have to get out of here.
- Where are you right now? - I'm still in the hotel.
I want you to go down to the horseshoe diner, wait there.
I'm gonna have someone come meet you.
- Get where? - The horseshoe diner.
Ava? Hey, baby.
- Hey.
- You packing already? Thought I'd get a jump on it.
We're heading home tonight, right? Well, when they say late checkout, I don't think they mean 10:00 at night.
Are you sure you don't want to crawl into this Egyptian cotton, order a pint of ice cream? Come on, now.
They got free cable.
I think I just want to get home, sleep in my o in our own bed.
All right.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Duffy said that Katherine Hale wanted to have lunch with you today.
What did you two talk about? - Mhm.
- Nothing? Why, I didn't think it was possible for two women to get together and talk about nothing.
- She didn't talk about me? - No.
She didn't even bring up how good-looking I am? No.
She ju we just had lunch.
Well, I guess she was just looking forward to enjoying the pleasure of your company.
I can't say that I blame her.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come here.
Sit right here.
Let me see them hands.
Boyd, there's something that I need to talk to you about.
Baby, I know what you're gonna say.
But before you do, I want to tell you something first.
I'm taking you home, and we never have to leave Harlan County again.
- What do you mean? - I got us a whole new endgame.
Reason Markham's got that money he's looking to buy up land to grow pot legally.
Now, a man like him doesn't make that kind of move unless he knows what's coming around the corner.
Now, I-I-I'm talking about judges, baby.
I'm talking about police.
I'm talking about state senators.
Now, I'm already on point to steal his money.
- I'm gonna use it to steal his idea, too.
- Boyd Baby, legal weed in the state of Kentucky.
Ahh we're gonna make a killing.
And we're gonna bring hope and prosperity back to this beautiful county, our home, Harlan County, once again.
What happened to us ending up on a beach? Come on, baby, you know how these legs look in a bathing suit.
We're gonna have it all, Ava, and we're gonna have it right here in Harlan County.
- No running, no hiding.
- I don't know what to say.
You ain't got to say anything.
Now, I'm gonna take a shower.
Then we're gonna hit the road, and I'm gonna have you back in Harlan County 'fore the sun comes up! Whoo!