Justified s06e05 Episode Script


Previously on "Justified" Vault's something called an Excelsior 5200.
- What's that mean? - That I'm gonna need you to get me a hell of a lot more emulex.
Safe to assume the names herein are landowners? This room ain't bugged.
Won't nobody know we spoke.
These landowners are in the ledger 'cause Avery Markham - has designs on buying? - Or has already bought.
The negotiation has ended.
I told you you can't have my land.
I'm adding hers to the list.
Albert Fekus.
The one who said you stabbed him.
How fortunate that he came clean the way he did.
Katherine Hale asked me about Albert Fekus, the guard! - She's just testing you.
- Christ, I have to get out of here! 6x05 - "Sounding" The more I think about it, the better it sounds.
The bluegrass state has some of the most lonely soil in the union.
Weed used to grow so big here, old timers called it "Christmas tree dope.
" Hell, before it all got legalized, our people were growing hemp for the whole country.
You remember those stories? This morning we were fixin' to leave.
- Now you want to be a farmer.
- Not a farmer, an entrepreneur.
Cultivating something near and dear to our hearts as coal once was.
You said Harlan was dying, that we had no future here.
Well, this new enterprise might be just what she needs to make her way off life support.
And all we got to do is get ahead of Avery Markham! Are you sure about this, Boyd? About staying, I mean? 'Cause it seems to me, with that kind of cash, we could be the king and queen wherever we want.
Oh, baby.
Wasn't more than a few days ago you had your heart set on staying in Harlan.
Now you can't wait to leave? That's before I knew your intent to poke the bear and pitch your tent right outside his den.
Which is why I'm gonna need you to make up the guest room.
I want one of the boys to have eyes on you 24/7 - till this thing plays out.
- How long's that gonna last? Less than you fear and more than you hope, most likely.
- What does that mean? - Hold on a second, baby.
Carl? Did you get my message? Listen, listen, you got to make it clear in every way they need to hold off and sell only to me.
All right, h-hold on.
Hold on one second.
Evening, officer.
Quite a party y'all are throwing here.
How you doing tonight, ma'am? I'd be better if I hadn't been sitting in traffic - last half-hour.
- Well, we're trying to keep people safe and sound around here, all right? Imagine my relief.
- Hmm.
- Have you ever been? Long as you're doing all right, - I believe we can get you on your way.
- I'm fine.
All right.
Drive safe.
Well, good luck finding your guest of honor.
Carl, you still there? I got you on speakerphone.
Hold on, hold on one sec How'd she seem? You're asking my opinion, I'd say she seemed on edge.
All right.
Well, you can wrap it up.
Thank you.
What do you think? I think you better get your ass to Lexington and find Albert Fekus before he blows this whole thing up.
You're not doing it right! Stop! Hey.
Any more fighting, and grandma's gonna lock y'all in the closet.
Play nice.
- Hey.
- Hey.
There are, uh children in your room.
Laurel's nanny had an emergency with her immigration papers, so Thomas, Fi, meet my friend, Mr.
Hey, guys.
What you doing? - They seem nice.
- So - Where are we? - Um, my guy's at Fekus' house.
If law enforcement shows up to move or question him, - we have our answer.
- And what if no one shows up? We figure out a way to question him ourselves.
You know, last time I was worried about someone being an informant was when Grady went away.
It took a while, but we will soon settle that as well.
I like Ava.
Be a shame to have to kill her.
Well, ain't this an unexpected surprise.
I thought after that continental nonsense at the hotel, a big home-cooked breakfast would hit the spot.
Grab them biscuits and gravy.
What you got? Unh-unh! - Ha ha! - Sit.
Yes, ma'am.
Here you go.
You're in a much better mood this morning.
You wake up thinkin', "goddamn, it's good to be back in Harlan County"? If you truly believe we can have the life we always dreamed of here in Harlan, - then I am behind you.
- That's my girl.
Will you sit down here and enjoy this beautiful breakfast with me? I can't.
I said I'd be in early at the salon.
Well, it's your choice.
But, baby, ain't no reason for you to be working that hard.
You know I like to keep busy.
Making breakfast has roused the cooking bug.
Yeah, I was thinking maybe tonight I'd do my fried chicken and sweet potatoes.
Ooh! Better than the colonel himself.
Where you going? There's something I want to give you.
Sit down.
Go on, sit down.
Now - I think - Huh.
that this has been sitting in my pocket long enough.
It's time for it to go back where it belongs.
- It still fits.
- Mm.
- I will see you tonight.
- Yes, you will.
- You okay? - No, Raylan, I'm losing my mind! Thinking at any moment Boyd's gonna answer a phone call from Katherine, turn around, and put a bullet in my head! First off, Boyd is so delusional, he'll kill three of his own people before he allows himself to suspect you of anything.
Secondly, Tim and Rachel are up in Lexington dealing with Fekus as we speak.
Jesus Christ, you're shittin' me! So he could have talked, and you all would have no idea.
Let's have this conversation in person.
Where are you now? What if I said I'm done with this, I'm out? What happens? I can meet you at that junkyard in 20 minutes.
I ain't going anywhere.
I ain't doing anything until you tell me what my options are.
Now I've given you stuff.
I walk, what do I get? Based on what you provided thus far, I can't even promise you won't go back to jail.
Bullshit! I need solid intel that leads to an indictment, and then I can work on a witsec proposal.
Witsec? Live some fake life someplace I hate? Oh, my god.
What about cash? You could just let me go, pay me off.
That is just not an option.
Now we will take care of Fekus.
Boyd still thinks you're on the level.
We are fine, Ava.
Now, could we please meet in person? # On this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy # # you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard # # on this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I see them long, hard times to come # - You don't think it's odd? - Of course.
But Fekus stabbed himself to get Ava put away.
So you'll understand that the revelation that he lives with his parents doesn't exactly blow my mind.
Don't speed up.
Don't slow down.
Just drive.
Which one? This maroon piece of shit at nine o'clock.
Yeah, leaves on his car.
Looks like he's been parked there for hours.
How much you want to bet they got someone at the house - just waiting for us? - I'd be willing to put money on that.
- "Aplex"? - Yeah.
I'm pretty sure "aplex" isn't a word, Mikey.
Of course it is.
"I don't like that guy.
He aplexes me.
" Yeah? He's going.
You want me to follow him or not? Yes, I do.
Call me when he lands.
You okay? You look aplexed.
Hey, it's Givens.
I need a location on Ava Crowder's phone.
What's that mean, "just off the side of the road"? How long has it been since it moved? What's around there? Anything? Shit.
No, no, I'm sure it's fine.
I'll take care of it.
Thank you.
Goddamn it, Ava.
Goddamn it! Raylan! What's going on, amigo? It's been a while since you blew up my phone.
Listen, I got a situation maybe brewing here, need a hand.
But it requires zipped lips.
Only comes back to me.
Got it? Hey, hey, my shit is zipped, all right? What's the gig? Ava Crowder's gone missing.
I need you to help me find her.
Ava Ava Randolph? From high school? Yeah, she used to be Ava Randolph.
Raylan, that that girl can make a dog break its chain.
Yes, she is pretty.
I need you to listen.
- Oh - There's a place she's gone before when she needs to disappear.
I want you to go there, watch, tell me if she shows up.
Truth be told, I'm here 'cause I need a car.
And what's the matter with yours? Nothing in particular, except today it doesn't suit my needs.
I look like a used car salesman to you? I prefer to keep the purchase quiet.
You running from Boyd, the law, or both? - What makes you think that - Now if'n you running from Boyd now, a different car might get you some distance.
But the law? Don't matter what you're driving.
You need new papers, a new life.
In fact, running is a mistake.
That's how they find you.
And then they'll no doubt come up here looking for you, bringing headache and hassle, wearin' my black ass out.
I promise you this will be the last time I come up here and ask you for help.
Well, what you gonna do for me, Ava? Please.
That ain't worth the time I just spent listening to this bullshit.
Certainly ain't enough to take on the kind of trouble helping you's gonna bring.
You got to give me something gonna get me excited, girl.
And that little ring certainly ain't gonna do it.
I can get you more money.
- How much more? - A lot.
Enough to solve some serious problems and then some.
- That's desperate talk.
- You know what Boyd's been up to? I did hear tell about a certain downtown bank getting hit.
Couldn't but help think of your man.
- That what we talking about? - I can point you to a large piece of it hidden away.
But you gotta get me a car.
You got access to that kind of cash, why come up here? Truth be told, I don't want anyone after me, especially Boyd.
I just want to disappear.
I just want to be left alone.
You remember Errol, don't you? Tell him where to get this money, and he'll take you to a friend's garage.
I'll point Errol to the money after I get the car.
So long as you ain't playin' me.
That wouldn't be wise.
Did you get it done? Markham and his boys are throwing a lot of money around.
Not easy convincing people to turn it away.
Well, I hope you made it clear no amount of money's gonna matter if they ain't alive to spend it.
They got the message.
Should buy us some time, but we need to get in that vault sooner than later.
- What do you got? - Well, according to the easily suggestible clerk at the Kentucky D.
, there's an adit that dead-ends right here.
Well, that's only, what, 200 yards? - 187 yards, to be exact.
- You're not thinking about Oh, that's exactly what I'm thinking.
- Is that gonna be dangerous? - Exposed chutes, collapses.
Black damp, white damp.
Over 40 years of neglect.
Blanton's one of the most dangerous there is.
- We're gonna need help.
- Bringing on another guy? - You know what black damp is? - Carbon dioxide, no oxygen.
Well, technically, it's carbon dioxide and nitrogen taking out the oxygen.
- How did you know that? - I did a couple summers of room and pillar mining up near Mt.
Well, you're my kind of man.
So it is gonna be dangerous.
Imagine all the air being sucked out of your lungs.
You're choking, like you're drowning, But ain't nary a drop of water in sight.
This someone we can trust? Well, I don't know that trust is an issue.
Last time I saw this man, he said he was gonna fill me full of buckshot.
So now none of the landowners are willing to sell? - That is correct.
- Hillbilly shitheads without two acorns to their name turning down briefcases of cash.
In what world does that make sense? Obviously they're being coerced by someone - Is something else on your mind, Mundo? - Blondie's skimming.
From the register.
Taking money.
All All bartenders skim.
The good ones, anyway.
No, man.
I don't accept that.
- I'll deal with this shit.
- How much, Mundo? - How much is she taking? - It's gotta be like $40 a night.
I saw y'all looking over.
I thought you might need something.
How about skim milk? You got any skim milk? Th-the kitchen might have some He's just kidding.
We're fine, thanks.
You're aware there's a shortage of arable farmland - here in Harlan, correct? - Mm, that's the word.
And each property we fail to acquire potentially costs this operation tens of millions - in future earnings, yes? - Affirmative.
Well, perhaps you could forget about the 40 goddamn dollars the bartender's skimming and focus on the larger problem.
There ain't no problem.
People don't wanna sell, kill 'em.
That worked once because those folks had no kin and their house went back to the county.
Rest of these landowners got relatives ready to inherit their properties, which means we're back at square one.
Stay here.
I'll be back.
Hopefully we'll still have jobs.
Hey, maybe the, uh, bartender is the one interfering with us buying those properties.
- You think? - No! And who do we have to blame for this sudden shift in our fortune? We've made enemies aplenty, but the only two with the sway to pull off this kind of thing are the marshal, Givens, or the criminal, Crowder.
Two very different animals who will require two very different methods of problem-solving.
I'll find out which is our primary, target accordingly.
You should bear in mind that "who?" ain't the only question needs answering here.
Our adversary somehow knows exactly which properties we're chasing, information I had hoped was not easily acquired.
I know just the man to see about that.
Then I suggest you go see him.
And shore up any other leaks your ship may have sprung.
Permission to speak freely, sir? You about to give me an opinion, or a warning, or both? Seems to me I've been perfectly clear about what I expect to transpire down here.
Shouldn't be any more up for discussion.
Very well, sir.
Put that shit away.
What the hell's wrong with you? - Who is it?! - It's Boyd Crowder! Unh, unh! Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh! Hold on.
You remember what I told you last time I seen you? Well, if you mean the notion to shoot me with that shotgun, I most certainly do.
But I have a problem that can only be solved with your wealth of expertise.
Now what say we we let the past fade off in the rearview and start anew? I- I I just Well, come on, Zachariah, I just want to talk to you! - Who in the hell was that again? - That's Ava's uncle.
He and the other Randolphs never did forgive my deceased brother Bowman for how he treated Ava.
Doesn't seem like that bottle's gonna get it done.
No, it does not.
Time to bring in the big guns.
- Shakes you up.
- You don't have to tell me.
Made me aware of the wrongs I committed.
Grateful to have a chance to live and set 'em right.
You're lucky.
Was a time, that shot hadn't killed you, Limehouse would have.
Which way to the money? No, we agreed.
I get the car first.
So you get the car, then you tell me where the money is so I head off to some made-up location while you drive off? Shoot, you didn't really think we'd go for that, did you? - You don't believe me? - Ain't about believing.
It's about making sure Mr.
Limehouse gets his money.
You understand that, I'm sure, baby girl.
Now which way to the money? Givens.
I got 'em, Raylan.
I'm all over it.
Is she in Nobles? No, hey, I followed them out of Nobles.
I leapfrogged ahead of 'em so they wouldn't know I was following them.
Now they're headed through downtown.
All right.
Be careful, Bob.
Don't tip 'em.
Don't worry about me, man.
I was born for this shit.
Yeah, I'm coming, too.
I think you guys got the wrong room.
Looks like the right one to me.
You guys with Cindy? - Cindy? - Yeah.
Is that why you left mom and dad's, sexed up this shitty little motel room? You gonna have yourself the girlfriend experience, Albert? - Who are you guys? - Just need to talk to you, Albert.
- Talk about what? - Ava Crowder.
Uh, Zachariah? Keep your hands where he can see 'em! Ahh! Now, before you raise that shotgun, I want to show you something on my phone.
Now, this here is a wire transfer for $10,000 from my associate's account to yours.
Only thing I need is your banking information.
Uh, uh, now I-I know that the Crowders and Randolphs have had some bad blood.
Although Ava taking Bowman's life should have ameliorated the situation.
I see you brought some reinforcements to our little party.
I ain't got a lot of time, Zachariah.
Now, you see that? Now you say the word, I hit this button.
money's in your account.
We sit down, have us a drink from that bottle, - and you just hear me out.
- Uh what manner of work? Well, Zachariah, the only manner you live for.
- All I did was tell the truth.
- Why the sudden change of heart? Because I couldn't take the idea of Ava being gone forever because of what I did.
So you had what one might call a crisis of conscience.
- What? - A crisis of conscience.
Yeah, right.
What do you think of that, Mikey? I think it's some soft-ass nonsense.
If what you claim is true, shouldn't you be getting ass-raped in the shower right about now? No, Ava decided not to press charges.
That was nice of her.
Why do you think she decided to do that? Look, I don't know, man.
Why don't you ask her, huh? I mean, I lost my job, my pension.
This whole thing laid me real low, all right? Maybe she didn't want to lay me any lower.
So you sent her to hell, and she decided to let you off the hook? Or maybe she was so relieved I did the right thing, She forgave me.
Did you ever think of that, smart guy? Yeah.
But that's just not gonna work for us.
What do you guys want me to say, huh? I mean, I'll I'll just say whatever you want me to say, all right? What is that? That is a good old-fashioned cattle prod.
I used to use, uh, tasers, but then they started equipping the cartridges with these I.
tags, made 'em easily trackable.
But this little baby right here delivers 2 million volts with no record it ever happened.
Last chance, Al.
I don't want to be here anymore.
- Please.
Don't Don't do that.
- How did Ava get out of prison? I told you.
Okay? That's what happened.
No, no Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Tell the truth, all this stops.
God! Mikey's gonna keep going till you come clean.
I told you everything I know! - Damn it! - Tell the truth, this stops now.
Please! Please make it stop! Just make - Goddamn it! - Don't be a hero, Al! I swear to god, I loved her, all right? And I wanted to stop her suffering, I swe Mikey! All right.
You believe him? I think if the sorry little shit knew anything, he would have spilled by now.
- Ahh - Do we need to kill him? I don't think he's gonna say anything.
Are you, Albert? You promise you're not gonna say anything about this incident? - Yeah, I promise.
- All right.
Well, then we're gonna let you be.
And maybe maybe you can still get it up for Cindy.
- Albert, you all right? - No, I'm not all right.
You told me you would stop them if they started hurting me! Well, we thought you could tough it out.
Goddamn cattle prod! Gosh, that hurt! Maybe you should have thought about that before you stabbed yourself and blamed it on Ava.
But they didn't kill you, Albert.
And guess what.
You're completely free now.
No more hiding, no more government supervision.
You've redeemed yourself.
Now do you want us to take you to a hospital, - or are you okay? - I'm okay.
Let's roll.
Bump it.
Took that shit like a man.
Uncle Sam thanks you for your cooperation.
What you gonna do once you get your car? None of your business.
Pull up over there.
What the hell for? We're gonna need a shovel.
The cash is buried.
Didn't occur to you to mention that up at Nobles? We got plenty of shovels up there.
You changed the deal.
I didn't think I'd have to do it myself.
You wanna dig with your hands, fine, but I sure the hell ain't.
I'll just be a minute.
Good, that means it shouldn't take long.
I'm a join you.
Hi, Mike.
Can you show Errol where the shovels are? Hey, hey.
Where do you think you're off to? I need to use the washroom.
We'll get to that after we get to what we came for.
- They inside? - As of a minute ago.
Figured we'd take 'em down once they come out.
- Yeah, uh - You're not gonna say anything? About what? About my car.
I upped my ride game, man.
- It's great.
- Yeah, I had to pawn a bunch of stuff.
Mint in-the-package "Star Wars" figures, my Ak-47 Listen, Bob, I need you to go inside.
Yeah, I know.
That's why you called me.
Let's do this.
No, no, I can't do it with you.
You're on your own here.
- Errol can't know I was ever here.
- Why not? I'm gonna tell you this, Bob, 'cause I trust you.
Ava is my C.
Now if I can't get her calmed down, home, without anybody knowing, not only is that woman in danger, but this whole case falls apart.
What do you want me to do? I want you to go in.
Take him out.
Take Take him "out" out? Outside.
I want you to take him outside so I can go around through the back door, get Ava.
Well, Raylan, um Errol's a big guy.
What if he don't listen to me? Well, you got a badge and a set of balls, don't you? There you go.
Use those.
Hell, yeah, I got a badge.
And I got balls like Death Stars.
Let's do this.
You want me to pee in your car? After we get that cash, I'll be able to get me another one.
Let me grab that for you.
- Thank you, Errol.
- Yeah, don't mention it.
Sir, uh, sir, is that your is that your car outside? - Yeah.
Why? - May I ask your name, sir? You can ask, sure.
Sir, my name is Constable Bob Sweeney, and I'm asking you your name.
Errol Butler.
Errol Butler.
Let me Yep, that's what I thought.
We got a outstanding warrant here for your arrest.
No, man.
You got the wrong guy.
Well, I'm sure if you just step outside with me, We'll clear this right up.
I ain't stepping anywhere except inside my car with my friend, and we going on our way.
All right, sir, we can do this the hard way, or we can do it the easy way.
Oh, yeah? What's the hard way? What, you gonna shoot a man 'cause he's standing in a hardware store? Negatory.
I'm gonna call for backup, And you're gonna go to jail, and then we're gonna continue this conversation with you behind bars.
I don't give a good goddamn if you call the national guard, I ain't going nowhere with you.
In fact, let me see what it is you actually got on me.
- No.
Listen - Come on, let me see it.
- No, no, back get back.
- Let me see this bullshit.
- Sir, I have a taser! - Let me see this bullshit.
- Please step back.
- I ain't taking no step back.
Come on, let me see this, since you're so Oh! Ohh! Bob, that's enough.
When he wakes up, apologize.
Say that it was a big misunderstanding, explain to him how sorry you are, and escort him to his car.
You, I can't wait to hear what's gonna come out of your mouth.
Knowing you Crowders, I don't wanna be doing anything that's gonna land me in prison.
Just your advice, expertise, perhaps a little lending hand's all we need from you, Zachariah, Which is why I appreciate you telling me they filled in that main portal back there.
Yeah, collapsed some 40 years back.
We were so damn hungry for that coal seam, we didn't think the abandoned Blanton Bridge would weaken the tunnels, but we was wrong.
Whew! Yeah.
These old steep-pitch mines they always needed proximity vents.
We used old Rosendale cement.
Comes cheap.
Similar type used in the base of the Statue of Liberty, mind you.
Well, if you ain't the man, that means you the man sitting beside the man, which means get your ass to work.
So that's it, huh? You ain't gonna say nothin' else? I just told you three times everywhere I went, who I talked to.
- What else you want? - I wanna know what was going through your goddamn brain.
I wanna know what you were thinking this morning when you took off.
- I don't know.
I wasn't.
- Did you even plan? Where were you gonna stay tonight and the night after? You got cash? How much? Where'd you get it? You know it's gotta be cash and only cash, right? And what about an I.
? You got a new I.
? Hmm? That's the only way to get off the grid.
No, I don't.
I didn't think.
I didn't plan.
I just ran.
Goddamn it, Raylan! You oughta be thanking me.
I'm the only reason what you did isn't ending with you back in prison, courtesy of the U.
Marshal service, or dead by Boyd's hand or one of them other knuckleheads, and that is the only two ways this little stunt of yours could have ended.
- Can I have my phone back, please? - Your phone? Did you even hear a goddamn word I just said? - Yes.
- I'm trying to keep you alive, and you're running around, trying to burn the both of us and this case.
Are you done, or would you like to yell at me some more? Or can I go back home and cook the dinner I promised Boyd so I don't have any more explaining to do? Honestly, I'd kinda like to yell at you some more.
Slower, for shit's sake! Goddamn! That ain't some old piece of wetwood you're cutting through there.
Them sparks got the fire-damp hoo-doos.
Decomp causes methane.
It's highly combustible.
Combustible? That all you learned from me? Methane is lighter than air.
It's always rising up, just yearnin' for a place to escape, and that gon' be right where them damn sparks are flyin'.
Go on! Goddamn, boy! Ain't you retain nothin'?! You really love this shit, don't you?! Yeah! Like a monk misses his monastery! Get the hell off of there! Jesus Christ! Ohh! - Whoo! - Come here, boy! You all right?! Damn.
- You all right?! - I I can't hear shit.
Now you think these virgins gonna make it through? 'Cause I'm thinkin' not.
You gon' be all right! - Damn it, boy.
- Goddamn.
We're gonna have to let this vent for a few hours.
Now after that '90 collapse over in Joseph's Valley, didn't I hear you swear up and down on your mama's grave that you'd never go in without a good sounding? I did, indeed.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna enjoy seeing you go in the deep.
All those traps and chutes breaking through and all those rotting supports busting up.
Oh, it's gon' be somethin' to see.
Now are you sure you don't wanna check us into a motel? We could watch the TV like we did the other night.
Yeah, well, mighty nice of you to offer, hon, but I still got some paperwork.
- Mm.
- And there's a little extra.
Pretty girl.
Friend of yours? She could be your friend, too.
- If you want her number, just ask.
- Yeah, no, not tonight.
Well, didn't know you were coming by, but now that you're here, - w-w-what would you l - Shh.
Please? Mundo, I was just thinking about that little S.
exercise in Guantánamo.
- You remember that? - Yup.
You know what that is? S.
? Survival, evasion, resistance, and escape.
That's right.
Basically, the role of interrogation and torture in acquiring information useful stuff.
Now the end of our training, we got pretty damn good at it.
Nod your head if you understand me.
Nod your head if you understand me.
There you go.
I remember this one instance an Afghan, a brother of a Taliban leader, who just wouldn't talk.
I mean, this this guy had conviction.
You ever heard of a peroneal strike? Hitting the peroneal nerve over and over, day after day, hour after hour? This young fella held out for over a week.
But he finally talked.
All that unnecessary pain.
Could have been over before it started.
The doctor that treated him said it looked like he was hit by a bus.
- Well, I don't understand what this - No, no, shh, shh.
See, you're the only other person who knew which properties we wanted.
And now it's out there.
Who's doing it and how do they know? Who's doing it and how do they know? Who and how, Calhoun? I honestly don't know.
How about a starter tap? What the hell, man?! Is he alive? Mnh-mnh.
I said a starter tap.
You want him slapped like a little girl, you do it.
All right? You ask me, he gets Amtrak-ed.
You happy? I'm home, safe.
You can go now.
Not till I know you ain't gonna wake up tomorrow mornin' and run again.
I ain't gonna wake up tomorrow mornin' and run again.
Ava, this ain't gonna work if there's no trust.
So now we're gonna have a trustful relationship.
You want me to believe that you're gonna keep me out of danger when here you are, putting me right back in it.
The truth is, this is the safest place you could be, right here, next to Boyd.
Anywhere else, you're in trouble.
The truth is, is that you don't give a shit about me.
You just care that I don't jeopardize your precious case against Boyd.
There are plenty of people to make sure Boyd pays for - the suffering he has caused.
- Then why are you here? - What's in it for you? - Finishing the job, what you and me started together, and that is how we're gonna finish it together.
- Then what? - It's up to you.
- What do you want? - I want cash.
That's a bit much.
Aim for 50.
And I want out of the country.
No witsec deal.
I'll pick the place.
You make it happen.
I can promise you that I will find you a place where you are safe you can be happy, and where you can start over.
Now, isn't that what you want? There's gotta be a place in hell for a man that breaks a promise to a woman.
I ain't worried.
You gonna take care of me? Like you did when you came to my door after Bowman? The answer to my prayers? It's Boyd.
He should be back soon.
You should go.
If you don't mind, I was just thinking I'd stick around for a bit.