Justified s06e06 Episode Script

Alive Day

Previously on "Justified" Pretty girl.
Friend of yours? She could be your friend, too.
You're the only other person who knew which properties we wanted.
Who's doing it, and how do they know? - I honestly don't know.
- How about a starter tap? - We're gonna need help.
- This someone we can trust? I have a problem that can only be solved with your wealth of expertise.
- Who in the hell was that again? - That's Ava's uncle.
Running is a mistake.
That's how they find you.
You need new papers, a new life.
And what about an I.
? You got a new I.
? Hmm? That's the only way to get off the grid.
No, I don't.
I didn't think.
I didn't plan.
I just ran.
- You should go.
- If you don't mind, I was just thinking I'd stick around for a bit.
6x06 - "Going Under" Raylan Givens.
I thought that was your car out front either that or someone's on their way to the airport.
I'm gonna ask you some questions, Boyd.
If I feel you ain't being truthful, we're gonna get in my car, but it won't be to go to the airport.
Well, I'm glad to hear you say that.
Suggests you're here on some kind of marshal business.
Lot of the guys I knew in prison were there 'cause they'd walked in and found their girls with another man in a non-business context.
Baby did you get the Cayenne and the Henry Bain? No point making fried chicken without.
Well, how long has our guest been here without you offering him a drink? Raylan, you want a drink? I want to know about Dewey Crowe.
That boy? What's he done now? A lot of things, I imagine, but the reason I'm asking is 'cause I was supposed to meet up with him, continue a conversation.
I never found Dewey Crowe to be much of a conversationalist.
He has his moments.
Guess it depends on the subject at hand.
This one concerned a little trip I took down to old Mexico.
You know, the last time we spoke, you told me you'd been transferred to Florida.
- Yet you're not gone.
- That's a keen observation.
Makes me think maybe there's something here you're having a hard time letting go of.
I'll allow it's easier for me to let go of things if I feel like they've been left in good hands.
Dewey Crowe? Well, it seems to me, the last time I saw Dewey Crowe, he was heading over to the Pizza Portal, all spun up.
Gonna give a couple fellas over there a piece of his mind.
"Couple fellas" meaning "Avery Markham"? - All I can say I know that man.
- Funny.
He knows you.
He went on and on about how he knows everybody in these hollers Crowders, Bennetts.
Didn't know shit about my family, though.
Well, then, there you go.
This is your chance to see to it he remembers you.
'Cause if I'm looking for Dewey, going at Markham - would be my best bet? - Well, I don't know, Raylan.
But I do know you ain't gonna find him in Ava's kitchen.
Maybe you just want me to do your dirty work.
I can take care of myself.
It's Ava that I'm worried about.
You see, I want to ensure Harlan has a future for us and whoever else we might bring into this old world.
Now, Raylan, there any way I can talk you into staying for supper? Seems Ava has bought enough to feed an army.
Anyone but me just plain tired of the bullshit burdens - of Southern hospitality? - Well, now easy, baby.
Ain't no reason to be rude to an old friend.
If you want to have chicken dinner with your old friend who barged in without benefit of invitation, by the way go ahead, but you're gonna have to fry - it up yourself.
- That's all right.
As I recall, last time we all gathered for Ava's chicken, things ended unpleasantly.
Well, we can promise to keep 'em holstered.
- Where's the fun in that? - Maybe this time, things end different.
I'm sure it would.
See you around, Boyd.
Paden and Comstock are on the vault? They're the night shift.
It's the night.
- Where's Mr.
Markham? - Lexington.
You gonna tell him what happened? How many men you think we've killed? You serious? Between the three of us, you figure we've got a hundred? That sniper guy said he got 255 all by his lonesome.
But, you know, take that with a grain of salt, - since he was a Seal.
- Look, top, he's got next to no blood on him, okay? He didn't shit himself, as far as I can tell, so-so we wrap him in something, and we drive him up a goat trail into some of these shit-thick woods they got around here.
Choo-Choo, go get that rug we saw in the other room.
Say that holds.
What else is gonna bite us? Fingerprints in here don't matter.
He was our realtor.
- Did you call him tonight? - The girl.
- What girl's that? - Calhoun's whore.
- She saw us come in.
- Do you know how to find her? Well, I figure her number's in his phone probably the last one he called.
All right.
See can you set up a date with her.
Then you smash Calhoun's phone, you pick her up, take her someplace private Why can't Choo-Choo do the girl? Because Choo-Choo's gonna be helping me with this heavy-ass son of a bitch.
Something else you want to say, sergeant? Yeah, Choo-Choo ought to clean up after his own mess.
Well, you could've stopped this by letting me deal with the bartender.
Instead, you got to let her skim and get me all boiled up.
Seems to me, sergeant, you need a refresher in "unit cohesion" This ain't the army anymore, top.
Okay? I'm tired of you asking me to carry his dumb ass! I'll do her.
All right? This This here's my screw-up.
It's my duty to set it right.
# On this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy # # you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard # # on this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I see them long, hard times to come # I swear to god, looking at you, alls I can think of is that skinny little girl always used to follow me around, always wanting to check the batteries in my head lamp.
Guess I just wanted to see to it you didn't come to the same end as my daddy.
Your daddy didn't die 'cause the light went out in his lamp.
Light went out in his lamp 'cause he was down there damn near a week before we could get to him.
You know, I would lie in bed at nit, scared to close my eyes, imagining what it must've been like for him down there, - all alone in the dark.
- Eh.
He more than likely died in the collapse.
Probably happened so damn fast, he never knew what hit him.
You don't have to lie to me, Uncle Zachariah.
I'm not a little girl anymore.
Make it a whole lot easier on me if you was.
Tell you the truth, I I always found grown-ups to be mystifying more so myself since I got to be one.
Now, your daddy, he'd have known how to warn you off marrying that no-good son of a bitch.
He wouldn't have got any further than you did.
- Yeah.
- Fact is, nothing in the world was gonna talk me out of Bowman till I realized there was a demon inside him.
- And what about Boyd? - What about him? He ain't got the demon? - Boyd is nothing like Bowman.
- Yeah, he's a Crowder.
Now, that's awful strange talk, seeing as you're here - working for him.
- I got bills to pay, Ava.
You got to buy your own food.
Well, I hate to interrupt what I hope has been a touching reunion.
Baby, Earl's all moved into the guest room.
he knows to stay out of your hair, but he also knows to be ready in case he needs to take you somewhere.
Ain't there something you need to say? Uh, thank you for, very much, the hospitality, Ms.
- You're very welcome.
- Well, Zachariah, what say we get to it? Could you two excuse us for a moment? Seeing you is a tonic.
You sure it's such a hot idea hiring on Zachariah? I mean, I know it's been a while, but, uh I imagine I don't have to remind you how he is.
Baby, I'm fully aware of your Uncle's eccentricities, but I need his expertise.
Don't worry.
He ain't working for me.
He's just working for me.
You ready? You take your truck, I take mine.
Oh, thank god coffee.
Jesus H.
That's not exactly the reaction I was hoping for.
You gonna say anything else? No.
"No," you're not gonna say anything or, "no," you won't marry me? Could you close that box? I can't think with that thing staring at me.
Oh, come on.
It's what people do, isn't it? It's not what we do.
Not well, anyway.
Maybe we could change that.
Look, it's simple I don't want to be married anymore.
I've been married.
So have you multiple times, if I'm not mistaken.
History suggests we're not very good at it.
None of my marriages was to you.
Oh, my god.
You're so full of shit.
I didn't come back here just to get into the weed business, Katherine.
I'm not asking you to make up your mind right now.
All right, Avery.
I will think about it.
That is all I'm gonna promise.
There is one other thing.
Isn't there always? - I want you to come clean.
- "Come clean" about what? - Grady.
- Okay.
You got me.
I cheated on Grady.
'Course, I would've thought you would've known that, seeing's how you were the one I cheated on him with.
I'm not talking about you stepping out on him.
Talking about you snitching him.
I understand why you did it.
Family to think about.
Couldn't have both of you going to prison.
You think that I was the rat? It was why I got out of here.
- Figured I was next.
- You've thought that all these years.
Why the hell would you want to marry me? I've made my peace with it.
Well, that's very generous of you, except for one little thing - I didn't do it.
- Well, either way, far as I'm concerned, the past is the past.
Here on in, as long as you're straight with me, You'll never have cause to worry another day in your life.
Hell of a thing.
They bury him up here next week, we don't find him for a year.
Shit, like as not we never find him.
- How's that? - Bear season.
Started this morning, ends Monday night - or after five females are harvested.
- Other than that, the only people who ever get up here are ATV'ers, but they don't have dogs.
And on top of that run of luck, we go through the guy's pockets, find not only a driver's license but a calling card - from the United States Marshals service.
- Some murders the good lord just wants to see solved.
Anything on the doer? Yeah, so far we got two sets of distinct footprints, most likely male, one set of tire depressions from a late-model car likely a sedan not much wear on the treads.
That's it? Well we know the killer's got to be stronger than shit.
At first, we thought he used a baseball bat You know, laid it right across the Vic's temple.
Look closer, though, you can see the knuckle marks.
- He was punched to death? - Sure as hell was.
Now, the marks suggest a single hit that guy looks like - he got run over by a truck.
- Or a train? Well, like I said, stronger than shit.
Place we're still weak is motive.
Real-estate brokers don't tend to get themselves murdered.
Now, we're thinking maybe this Schreier fella got caught up in something on the federal radar.
You know, maybe that's what got him beat to death.
So, I guess what we're really asking is, um you know how come he had your card on him? He's my realtor.
Deputy U.
Marshal Givens.
And his sidekick.
Suppose it's too much to hope you're here to say you've reconsidered my offer.
- Gonna advise Ms.
McCready to do the same.
- 'Fraid not.
Just a social call, then? "People will say we're in love.
" Actually, we're here to talk to you about a murder.
Would you excuse us a moment, darlin'? And who am I supposed to have killed? Well, we've heard that'd be quite a list.
You don't mind, we'll just focus on the last 24 hours.
- Calhoun Schreier.
- Ha! That's my realtor.
Mine, too, as it happens.
Guess we're both in the market for someone new.
I assure you, deputy, if somebody killed old Calhoun, this is the first time I'm hearing of it.
Say, I don't see my man Choo-Choo.
He ain't dodging me, is he? - He's out.
- Yeah? We go look around back, we're not gonna find him trying to hide behind a coat rack? Choo-Choo don't need to hide from you.
You want to take him on, you best call in an airstrike.
You know where I think you went wrong? You hired a bunch of mercs 'cause they look the shit in jungle fatigues.
Turns out, they know killing, but they don't know crime.
You see Choo-Choo you be in touch.
Silver lining you keep that card on you, cops ever find you buried in a shallow grave, they know to give us a call.
Seems you boys have something to tell me.
- You Choo-Choo? - Yeah.
Wasn't sure if I heard it right over the phone.
- Is that your real name? - It's what they call me.
How come? - Not really sure.
- Okay.
Uh, I was surprised you wanted to meet me here.
Figured it was a lower class of girl that works the street.
Well, I'm not working the street.
I just don't meet new guys at my place.
No, I meant a girl as pretty as you are you know, clean and all No, it's all right.
I know what you meant.
Good thing about people thinking you're dumb is, they tend to give you the benefit of the doubt.
What makes you think people think you're dumb? It's all right.
Before my "alive day," if I'd met a guy that looks and talks the way I do now, I'd have thought the same thing.
You'd be amazed how many guys think that if they talk fast enough, no one'll realize they got nothing to say.
I like the way you take your time.
It's like all you want is for the other person to understand.
You ever wish things wouldn't have to be the way they are? You know, like, if you close your eyes and open them, things would be different? Boyd, you take the lead.
And you spring chickens, you follow me down, and don't go down this damn ladder too fast.
I don't want you stepping on my goddamn hands.
Turn your lights on.
Ain't nothing to be scared of.
You only have to come down far enough to still maintain radio contact on that cable I strung.
If anything happens, you call that rescue number I gave you.
Then you call a lawyer.
'Cause we're gonna need one.
Oh, it's been a while.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, son.
You brought a gun into a mine shaft? What the hell you think's gonna happen? You shoot that thing off down here with some of this firedamp that's been building up in some of these gas pockets for god knows how long, I'll tell you what's gonna happen.
We're gonna go up like the 4th of July.
That's what's gonna happen.
Hell, it'll be so damn loud, they'll probably hear us from West Virginia.
Yeah, well, I always heard an abandoned mine's a likely place to stumble into a rattlesnake nest, so - Carl don't like snakes.
- Well, why don't you ask him - how feels about burning to death? - Give it over.
Come on.
Now look here you come across a rattlesnake or a bear or a chupacabra, you use this and give them what for.
- Pig? - All right.
- We'll see you, Carl.
- Yeah.
So that's who's in my parking spot.
Less-secure woman than myself might worry you were looking over her shoulder.
Hey, it's free coffee.
Plus, the docs gave me the green light to start driving, so I'm celebrating.
If you were celebrating, you'd be at the gun range.
That's exactly where I'm going right after I get your take on something.
- Something about Raylan? - Why, no, as it happens.
Wasn't the hale task force one of the first jobs you worked? First big one, anyway.
Do you happen to have an idea who the U.
Attorney's snitch might've been? Snitch? That case was made on wiretaps.
Whole reason why they couldn't get Katherine was 'cause she never talked on the phone.
Yeah, I know there wasn't ever an official C.
, but Poole always hinted that he had an inside man.
Didn't you tell me you'd never end up being one of those old lawmen who spent his golden years - obsessed with his old cases? - All right, first of all, let's watch it with the "golden years" shit.
Second of all, this is just an old case.
It's not my old case.
It's just an old case.
And third, sometimes a man's just got to find a way to get out of the house.
- Could it have been Markham? - That makes sense.
Turns out he was making time with Katherine still is, as a matter of fact, or is again - that is, if I can trust our C.
- I'll be goddamned.
What do you mean trust your C.
? Is Ava doing something that makes you not trust her? I think she tried to run yesterday.
That or she and Raylan are back sleeping together or both.
- How sure are you of that? - Movement on their phones indicates she ran and he brought her back.
What a dumbass.
- You want some advice? - Figure since you're already here Bring Raylan in and see if you can confirm what your gut is telling you.
- And if you can - If I can, I'll have to pull him.
Which'll mean terminating Ava as a C.
, which means we're starting this case over from scratch.
Is that what you'd do? You'd let it go.
Wouldn't risk the case just to save your own ass.
Either Markham's a hell of an actor or he really didn't know what his boys did to Calhoun.
- Well, he knows now.
- Wonderful things can happen when you sow seeds of distrust in a garden of assholes.
- You just come up with that? - I read it somewhere.
Well, do me a favor and say it again slow so I can write it down.
Tammy Lee's beauty and hair.
It's "Tammy Lee's Beauty Shop" but I guess if Boyd's paranoid enough to call through all my contacts, the name of the salon would be the least of our problems.
- You all right? - I'm fine.
Why are you whispering? Boyd's got me a babysitter.
He says it's in case Markham makes a move.
- You believe that? - I guess I have to.
I believed him when he said he cares about our future.
Yeah, me too.
It's how I knew I could leave.
Zachariah came over this morning.
Boyd's got him working.
I don't know on what, but I'll try and find out.
I guess I gotta go.
I just wanted you to know that I was working.
Ava, just 'cause Boyd thinks he's in love, don't make you Nancy Drew trying to earn your "Junior G-man" badge.
No phone calls if someone's close enough you got to whisper.
- And thank you.
- I live to serve.
- She's back on track, huh? - Yeah.
How'd you manage that? How did I manage that? I wonder.
- What do you think? - Oh, I'm trying not to.
It makes a statement.
It's as big as a goddamn pomegranate.
Did you know size is only one of the four C's of diamond quality you've also got color, clarity can't think of the fourth.
You got something on your mind? - "Size" doesn't start with a "C.
" - Carat-weight, Mikey.
- Wynn! - What's on my mind? Uh, yeah.
Just, uh, you got to hand it to the guy - he's sure done a number on you.
- What does that mean? Cut.
The fourth "C.
" Although it still feels like there's one more.
- Maybe it's five C's.
- Okay, you want to stop screwing around and tell me what is on your mind? - Were you the snitch? - Of course not.
Well, somebody was.
And what better way to get you thinking it can't have been him than to say he thinks it was you? Did you let on that you suspected him? Well, give me a little credit.
- I give you all the credit in the world.
- In that case, please know I know when I'm being patronized.
Avery Markham has been in this game a long time, Watched god knows how many others end up locked up, dead, or both.
And the fact that he hasn't gone down doesn't necessarily mean he's a rat.
It could just mean he's good.
And the fact that he asked you to marry him doesn't mean he's not playing you.
You want me to look into it, see if I can dig something up, prove it was him or something proves that it wasn't? I'm just not sure it matters.
Either way, we're gonna have to kill him.
Oh, it matters.
If he's playing me, we're gonna have to kill him slow.
You don't need me to tell you.
You know what has to be done.
Choo-Choo's a rock.
He'd never give us up.
Not on purpose.
Feds have got guys that spend their whole lives - tying people in knots - I'm not Choo-Choo and I were in the sandbox together.
I know.
I was in the humvee right behind his when he got blown up.
flipped them over, then landed on our hood.
Crushed their gunner like a bug on our windshield.
Choo-Choo's in the captain's seat.
We got that door open You wouldn't think anybody could be alive in there.
Medics picking splinters of the driver's bones out of his face He lives through that? No.
One morning when I was in I corps, We found a dead Cong who'd stepped in a punji pit in the dark.
Thing about punji sticks, they're not meant to kill.
A dead soldier reduces the force against you by one, but a wounded soldier slows down a whole unit.
Cong used to cover their stakes with human shit, make the wounds infect.
But rather than being a drag on his comrades, make them carry him back, this feller just decided to put a gun in his mouth.
One man dies so the others can live.
Anybody can run a peacetime command.
Real leadership's about making the hard choices.
Choo-Choo, sitrep.
I been thinking maybe there's another way.
- What's that mean? - The girl I don't think she'd burn us.
And how did you arrive at that conclusion? She told me.
She told you you didn't need to kill her because she wouldn't turn us in? Yeah, I know how it sounds.
Is she there with you right now? Yeah.
This seems like this a conversation we should be having face-to-face.
Where are you, exactly? S-Sorry, ma'am.
My music too loud? Only if you care about your hearing.
That's whole point of thrash got to be loud enough to drive everything else out of your head.
I thought your generation was all about ear buds.
Sit down.
I don't like feeling anything inside my canals.
First you call me "ma'am," and then you don't blink after I put us in separate generations.
Makes me wonder how old you think I am.
No, ma'am I mean, Ms.
Crowder I-I know exactly how old you are.
My brother Carl was a freshman at evarts when you were a senior.
He used to say you were the prettiest girl on Earth.
On Earth? First time I met you, you acted like you never saw me before.
"Oh, shit.
You're Boyd's girl.
" Seemed like the smartest play.
How'd you pull guard duty? Your brother grew up thinking I hung the Moon.
I'm surprised he wasn't first in line to keep an eye on me.
Truth is, ma Ms.
Crowder I ain't much use in a mine.
Well, ain't nothing to be ashamed of.
Leave all that to Boyd and my uncle.
Remind me the name of the shaft they're down? Um - Blanton Creek, isn't it? - That's the one.
Hoo-hoo! - You all right? - Yeah, I'm all right.
It's just been a while since I been down this deep.
I thought you worked Black Pike, that doghole, over toward Cumberland a couple years back.
That was back when I didn't have a whole lot to live for.
- Mm.
- Let me ask you something, Zachariah do you really love being down in a hole? Only place I'm happy.
All right.
Let's get back to work.
Why don't you hand me that oil can over there? We might as well top off before we got on with it.
Shit! Boyd! - Boyd! - Hold on! Don't move! Don't move! Boyd? Yeah.
- You all right?! - Yeah.
Board board's pinning me.
No more, or we'll all end up down there with him.
Tie it on a beam.
And wrap it around yourself.
Now, Boyd, don't you move, don't you talk, don't even breathe deep! Loosen that up.
Don't move.
- All right, pull it taut.
- All right? Hey, don't you move.
All right.
Now, I'm gonna reach for you.
Don't you reach for me.
All right? We go on three, all right? Don't move, now.
Here we go! Come on! I got you, I got you! Shit! You all right, Boyd?! Yeah.
Yeah, I-I'm all right.
Go on up topside, take a break.
No, we on we on the clock.
Nah, after a fall like that, you need to see some sunshine.
Hey, you're going up topside.
Hey, y-y-you don't worry about a thing, Boyd.
You come back down here in the morning, you'll find us dug halfway home.
Well, maybe one near-death experience is enough for one day.
- Goddamn.
- Welcome to the dance, son.
You come to your senses? - Go get her.
- No.
Uh Maybe we should start this conversation over again.
We could get back in the car, get out again She shouldn't have to die for my mistake.
Chooch all the places we've been, all the things we've seen shit, all the things we've done you still think "should" really matters? - I won't let you kill her.
- Well, fine, then.
You kill her, like you were ordered to.
Nobody move.
Hands! "Kill her like you were ordered to"? Taken out of context, that's the kind of statement might suggest criminal intent.
Everybody on your knees.
Didn't hear a car pull up.
Down at the bottom of the hill? Put your hands on your head and get on the ground.
You followed us from the Portal? Guess you must be slipping.
Or maybe you've just got a lot on your mind, coming here to murder one of your own men.
Markham say it'd be a mercy killing, - putting Choo-Choo out of his misery? - He's lying.
If that's not what he's here for, - why'd he bring backup? - They're lying.
They're just trying to divide our superior force! You know we're not lying.
We do them both right now.
Then we hit Crowder.
After that, no one's getting on you about killing a realtor.
You're really gonna die for a guy who's trying to kill you? You can't still be taking his orders.
It's all I got.
You ever been in a mine before? - Couple summers, on and off.
- Yeah, it shows.
You know your way around down here.
You don't waste time looking for no chupacabras.
Some people just ain't built for it, I guess.
I'll say.
Ooh-hoo-hoo! Shit, that's a long ways down.
Zachariah, come look at this here.
- That look like rot to you? - No, sir, it sure don't.
It almost looks like somebody cut the boards away.
God damn, son, you got one hell of an eye.
- It's a damn shame.
- What is? Ah, Jesus.
Carl! Carl! Jesus Christ! The girl puts Choo-Choo at Calhoun's last night with another guy sounds like this fella Seabass.
Harlan P.
's hoping to catch him before he gets word of what happened here and decides to go on the run like his boys.
I've got 50 additional deputies on the way in from Atlanta and Cincinnati.
Plus, every cop for a hundred miles just got a printout of Walker and Choo-Choo's faces.
Only thing local law enforcement is gonna be - for these guys is target practice.
- He's got a point.
Which is why I'm not starting your critical-incident leave until after my reinforcements arrive.
Meanwhile, Tim, get your rifle out of the trunk.
- Tell Nelson we're rolling in five.
- Yes, ma'am.
- You heard from your C.
today? - Yeah, this afternoon, when we were watching the Portal.
She said the play against Fekus is holding? She didn't say it isn't.
Was there something else? What the hell kind of idiot move is that? I guess it don't much matter now.
Probably different from what you're used to.
It's awful.
You can try another song, but I don't think it's gonna get any better.
Oh! That's loud.
- It's real good.
- That's awful.
- Hi.
- Well, I suppose coming home to find you two carrying on is better than what I came home to last night.
'Less, of course, you're bird-dogging my girl.
- No, Boyd, it's nothing like that - He's just kidding.
Baby, I didn't expect you so early, - or I'd have started cooking sooner.
- Mm.
How was it with my uncle? Let me get this.
I imagine you recognize this voice, but unless you're alone, I'll advise you not to say my name.
Well, considering what happened last time I saw you, you really think you're in a position to ask me for a favor? Oh, hell.
I'm not asking anything.
- I'm offering.
- Offering what? Information.
Well, I guess that shouldn't come as a shock.
- How much are you charging for it? - Not a thing.
I'm just hoping you'll see it as the kind of a good-faith gesture to mark a new beginning for our beautiful friendship.
Well, that's a pretty high bar.
Can't think of anything I need to know bad enough to want to clear it.
Well, it could be on account of this here is what the man would call an "unknown unknown" something you don't even know you don't know.
In that case, I await my enlightenment.
Ava tell you anything about what she got up to yesterday?