Justified s06e07 Episode Script

The Hunt

Previously on "Justified" Paperwork's been filed.
I'll be there, all moved in, in a few weeks.
Daddy's coming home so that mommy can finally take a nap.
Does that look like rot to you? It almost looks like somebody cut the boards away.
Son, you got one hell of an eye.
You running from Boyd, the law, or both? I don't want anyone after me, especially Boyd.
- You can go now.
- Not till I know you ain't gonna wake up - tomorrow mornin' and run again.
- You don't give a shit about me.
You just care that I don't jeopardize your precious case against Boyd! Raylan Givens.
I thought that was your car out front.
Baby, how long has our guest been here - without you offering him a drink? - This here is what the man would call an "unknown unknown" Something you don't even know you don't know.
Ava tell you anything about what she got up to yesterday? - You know what has to be done.
- Choo-Choo's a rock.
- He'd never give us up.
- Not on purpose.
I won't let you kill her.
Fine, then.
You kill her, like you were ordered to.
Put your hands on your head and get on the ground.
6x07 - The Hunt Roadblocks set up already here and here, but if he's ex-special ops, he's more than likely to go up and around.
We got helicopters up? We got helicopter singular up.
Well, can we get more? I don't know.
I ain't the one who flies helicopters.
I don't want this guy going all Eric Frein on us, hole up at some derelict airport for weeks while we're out here chasing our own dicks.
Sounds really strange when you say that.
I'm running shit.
I get to use the expression.
Roger that.
Nelson, how many can state police spare? - How many what, now? - Maybe get art to call in a favor.
Chief, I got to go.
I got a thing.
- You got a thing.
- You ain't gonna take my word for it, are you? You see what we got here.
We're looking for a shooter.
Yes, I was involved in that shooting.
Now you got the marshals en route.
Plus, you asked me to take 24 hours to decompress and regroup, right? You want out.
You want out of the manhunt.
I keep reliving it.
- It's like a movie I keep seeing.
- Raylan Probably gonna have to take meds to help me sleep.
If you want to decompress, go decompress.
- Just be somewhere I can find you.
- You know I will be.
And don't decompress all over Walker if this is about you happening across the man - somewhere on your own.
- I got it.
I'm gone.
Good luck.
It's Walker.
He wants to talk to both of us.
I was beginning to feel concerned for you.
- How are things? - I'm afraid we got a bit of a problem, Mr.
I'm gonna need an extraction if it's still available.
You sit tight.
I'm gonna get you to a doctor.
Now, where are you, son? - Sergeant? - I'm coming for you, top.
Is your car's GPS still active? I knew I could count on you, sergeant.
I am near Corbin.
I'm holed up in an abandoned church on the East side of town.
You can't miss it.
Okay, top, you hang on.
I'm coming.
- Where you going, Sean? - Well, we can't just leave him out there.
- He's hurt and he's a target.
- You and I both know he ain't gonna be where he said he was.
You go out there and get rolled up in their horseshit dragnet, then where are we? So, now before you rush off into whatever hazards await It's not about the money.
You're correct.
It's about loyalty.
And I need yours.
More than that, it's about freedom.
- Freedom from what? - You stay loyal to me, and I'll fix it so the only one you ever have to take orders from again is you.
That's freedom.
Give you my word on it.
Walker is burned.
He's a rogue element.
Ain't nothing for him now.
Got to stay out of that fire he started.
What about me? That whore can identify you from Schreier's.
So if I was you, I'd lay low for a while.
Can I count on you, son? Good man.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
You need another pair of hands? Boyd.
Is Earl still here? No.
I let Earl go home for the evening.
No, baby.
It's just you and me and the dishes.
Mm! Mm.
And my overnight bag.
Well, I took the liberty of packing some clothes for you.
I hope you don't mind.
We going back to Lexington? No, baby, we gonna go up to my daddy's hunting cabin in Bulletville.
- And why we going to Bulletville? - Well, I figured, with everything that's been going on in our lives lately, we needed a break.
When I dug coal, I'd go up to that cabin at least once a week, breathe in that fresh mountain air, clear all of that mine dust out of my lungs.
Just you and me? Just the two of us.
Baby, that cabin is so far away.
Maybe we can just, uh, stay here tonight.
I just want to finish cleaning, curl up on the couch, and watch some TV.
I wasn't asking.
I want to see you first thing in the morning by that green mountain light.
Meet you in the truck in five.
Well, look what the cat dragged in.
I'm so sorry.
So you said on the phone, about 30 times.
I just it was in the calendar.
- I just, uh - I'm fine, Raylan.
I took an uber, and, uh, we only got lost once.
I'm pretty sure that was my fault.
Did you eat? Do you want to eat? There's a We're good.
I hope you didn't come racing over here.
I might have.
Propelled by guilt, having dropped the ball.
All the way from Harlan? Well, she threw up on the plane, And she hasn't stopped bitching about the trip ever since.
But seeing as though you haven't had a chance to do so yet, would you like to hold your daughter, Raylan? - There you go.
- Hello, little girl.
I know you probably have to go, but I'm not going anywhere.
# On this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy # # you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard # # on this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I see them long, hard times to come # Hey, Pig! Could he still be alive? - You want to climb down there and find out? - Maybe I will.
God! Ground ain't stable.
That's how he slipped.
Don't be careful, you'll end up down there with him.
I heard him hit.
Time it took, I'd say it's about a 300-foot drop.
Only way your boy's still alive is if he's made of iron.
I got to call Boyd.
Tell him what happened.
Nah, you don't tell him something like this on the phone.
Yeah, well, you don't give me orders, either.
Whenever we lost one of our own, every man who worked with him went to the house of the family to deliver the news, to comfort in person.
Well, The Pig wasn't one of Boyd's own.
Don't matter, now, does it? That boy gave his life doing this job.
You show him some goddamn respect.
Whatever, old man.
I'm gonna tell him how I'm gonna tell him.
- You all right with that? - Fine.
- All good? - Status quo.
What is it you're missing out on while you're here playing the family man? Oh, nothing big.
A little chase.
How long are you two here? Well, we have an appointment with frieder tomorrow, and then we're gonna do some visiting.
And then we're out the next day.
Frieder's the, uh, O.
? - Uh, pediatrician.
- Ah.
Can you hold that for me? Yeah, that's fine.
This is one of those situations where I'm gonna need you to not freak out, maybe sit down.
I'm not freaking out.
And I don't want to sit down.
Um, Willa's well-baby check a few weeks back, the doctor that m-my mother recommended, he was listening to her heart and says maybe he hears something.
That sounds bad.
Is that bad? He's, uh, he's rating it a-a grade 4 heart murmur, Which means it's it's pretty loud, but 's not super-loud.
It could be a-a congenital defect, Or she could just grow out of it.
And, you know, it's not like I don't trust this guy, but - You trust frieder.
- Yeah.
And she said she could get Willa in to see the peds-cardiologist and they can run some tests and see what's what.
- Jesus.
- Are you freaking out? I am not freaking out.
Are you freaking out? I am not freaking out.
But I am gonna have to put myself down with a stiff drink, so By the way, how is your mother? That's so weird.
Um, she's fine.
She would love to know that you were interested.
Well, she might at least appreciate that I pretended to be interested.
She's driving me into the ground with these mommy-and-me classe "you got to get that baby out to see the world.
Work on your networking skills.
" "Socializing the child" is what she calls it.
- She's been watching "the view.
" - Mm.
I tell her, "you know what? "Why don't you try balancing a baby on your ass - while you're doing yoga?" - Didn't she put you in daycare when you were like only a month old? Seems it's easier to give motherly advice - than it is to actually mother.
Oh, you want her? - Uh-huh.
She did try and, uh, set me up on a date, though, if you can imagine that.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
A guy named Randy, divorced.
I thought he was a cousin, but apparently not.
- So, what'd you say? - Oh, well, I haven't said anything yet.
Why? What should I say? You say whatever you want.
Well, I would say he looks a little too much like Wallace Shawn for my taste.
Oh! Uh, another thing - Hmm? - uh, while I'm here.
The lawyers came back with the custody agreement, and they're gonna need us to formalize our joint-custody pattern.
Which brings up the question, a-are we gonna share custody of Willa? Because if we are, we need to figure out how we're gonna break that up.
Can we get a fire going? In a minute.
But first I think I got something to make you forget that cold if it's still here.
Aha! - Well, here it is.
- What's that? This is one of the last surviving bottles of the Pappy Van Winkle warehouse fire of '95.
Only three cases left untouched.
My daddy pilfered one of those cases, and I, in turn, may have pilfered one bottle from that one case.
- May have? - Well, I admit nothing.
I don't know that there is a statute of limitations on that kind of deviant behavior.
I'll keep my mouth shut either way.
Well, I certainly hope you can.
You know I have kept this bottle up here for all these years only to be opened on the night that I got married.
But seeing as how we are on the precipice of starting our lives together, I thought, no better time than the present.
I'm not superstitious, but I think we should wait till we're married.
- Why jinx the future? - I've been waiting on this moment damn near 20 years, Ava.
You will have a shot with me.
- I'll have one.
- That's all I ask.
Goddamn! That's like drinking silk.
Let me see that.
My, oh, my.
- That is beautiful.
- My fiancé did good.
You know, my mama and daddy were married on this very spot.
Said their vows right in front of that fireplace.
Got me to thinking maybe me and you ought to write our own vows.
- You serious? - I am.
Not some rote commitment recited without meaning - something from the heart.
- And no "till death do us part," 'Cause I don't want to hear about that on my wedding day.
Oh, me neither.
But I do think we ought to talk about commitment trust loyalty.
Those are important words.
- Wouldn't you agree? - Why wouldn't I? You know, when my mama and daddy got married, "I promise to obey" was in their wedding vows.
Did you hear that from inside your mama's womb? My daddy'd bring it up every time he hit my mama.
Although I don't think he ever did get around to obeying her.
Bowman never troubled himself making excuses.
Me, myself I don't believe that a man should ever hit a woman.
Or, at least, I ain't found a reason yet.
Meaning you could find one? Well, what if a handsome man smiled at me and somehow that was my fault? Or I didn't have your dinner ready exactly when you came home? Would you beat on me, then apologize and promise to never do it again? And keep that promise maybe one day, maybe two.
Ava, have I ever done anything to you? Have I ever hurt you in any way? Bowman was sweet as candy till we got married.
- Then I was his property.
- Well, I ain't my brother.
No, but you are a Crowder, aren't you? You forced me to come up here.
You make me drink when I don't want to.
You gonna take his bottle, crack it over my head next? Like Bowman would do? - That what you want? - I don't know what I want.
You want to hit me a little bit, don't you? - That'd feel good? - It might.
Well, then, go on, girl.
Do it.
- Do what? - Hit me, woman.
Go on.
Boyd! Ooh.
I hear you in there! - About time.
- Let me guess.
Fraternity brothers? What educational institution is lucky enough to have you for students? F.
Heard of it? Great proctology program.
I'll bet you'd love it.
Oh! Went up my nose.
I never went to college myself.
Joined the army right out of high school.
Gave me some notion of fraternity.
And we thank you for your service.
Now, if you're done whipping your army pud in there, - I got to shit.
- Begging the question, will your brother over there step in when I split your skull open? I Whoa, whoa, look.
I-I was just kidding, man.
So was I.
My twisted sense of humor.
It has been a day.
Where you boys headed? - Uh, D-D-Disney world.
- Disney world.
Maybe the wizarding world of Harry Potter.
Orlando, huh? Of all the gin joints in the fates are smiling upon me, gentlemen.
I was headed there myself! Gonna deliver this to an old army buddy.
Memento of our time in the box.
This vest saved his life many a time.
How about I give you $300 to deliver it to Orlando for me, huh? Go ahead.
Take it.
Take it.
And for your incidentals now, don't be shy.
You buy all the PBR and funyuns you can stomach.
Now, the address is Repeat that back to me.
1212 Main Street.
See how easy that is to remember? Much appreciated, gentlemen.
You two have fun.
You know, how could you not? That's the happiest place on Earth! Is there something else I could be doing or I should be doing? You do realize that that question puts it on me to come up with a task to occupy you with - on top of having to deal with her? - Okay.
That's fair.
- Sorry.
- No.
That's all right.
I'm sorry.
I know.
It's just, it's been six hours of this, and I-I don't know what to do anymore.
Is it the heart murmur thing? No, it's, um, it's an ear infection and a chest cold, and this is my life.
This is what it looks like now.
Well, that question you were asking before about, do I want to be involved in my daughter's life? - Yeah? - Of course I do.
Okay, well, this is your daughter's life, Raylan.
- This is what it looks like.
- But you can see that I'm here and that I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how I can help.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I never know with you.
'Cause you got that thing, you got that "I couldn't care less" thing.
- I How am I supposed to know? - Know what? What you want, Raylan.
And look, I'm not gonna lie I liked it.
It's part of what drew me to you.
But this is different.
Things are different now.
And trying to factor in where your head's at with us right now, it's exhausting! And it's unfair.
- And frankly, it's bullshit.
- Okay.
And you still haven't answered the question about custody about oh! how involved you want to be in our lives.
I know.
I know.
Because you know how involved I want to be.
- I mean, don't you? - I don't know anything right now.
All I do know is that it's 3:00 in the morning, I have been on two flights and an uber with this demon child attached to my boob, and I can't get it up right now to answer your questions for you.
So why don't you give us ladies the bathroom for a little while, okay? Mm.
What the hell, Boyd? - We going hunting.
- What? First day of razorback season, State of Kentucky.
I already got the coffee going.
- What time is it? - It's early.
And we need to get to the stand while the sun is rising if we gonna bag us a shoat.
Get up.
I know, I know, I know, I know.
I know.
I know.
I'm sorry I howled at you.
You weren't the only one howling, as I recollect.
Oh, Raylan.
What is it with this baby? What is it gonna take? Winona, for the love of the child, let me take her out for ice cream or something.
I'm not gonna give her ice cream.
Maybe a taste.
But I'm gonna have some ice cream, and I'll drive her around a bit.
That helps, right? And then you can get some sleep.
What is What is this sleep you speak of? Hi.
That's it.
I've got you.
I've got you.
Don't tell me you're the closer.
I wish I was.
That'd be cool.
No, I'm just a P.
plain old deputy.
But I was just walking past, and I thought you looked really familiar.
You mind if I ask your name? Avery Markham.
Markham! That's right Avery Markham.
You know what? When I was just a pup, I served some warrants on some of your men.
And then you and I passed each other one day in the courtroom when that judge you paid off dismissed all the charges.
You must not have made an impression.
I don't remember you.
Well, memory loss that's a sure sign of old age.
So's losing your hearing.
How about the old fishing pole? Still able to hook a fish with it? You know, I've been married for 28 years.
I don't get the pole out as much as I used to.
But I hear you do.
I heard you pulled Katherine Hale into your boat.
Why would you care about my relationship - with Katherine Hale? - Well, I don't, Except for the one that you had with her 14 years ago.
Wasn't it around that time that her husband, Grady Hale, got killed in prison? I sorry.
I have trouble remembering things, too.
I heard it was suicide.
Suicide, huh? Wow.
Well, I mean, the reason I recall it is because that's around the same time that U.
Attorney Simon Poole got his head blown off.
You remember that? I remember he had a hard-on for Grady.
He did.
That's right.
And And you were Grady's partner, right? You know, a lot of people were saying that Simon Poole claimed he had a snitch in Grady's camp that ratted him out.
You wouldn't have any idea - who that was, would you? - I'm confused.
Are you calling me a murderer or are you calling me a rat? Well, neither, as such.
I'm just thinking.
I mean, it it wouldn't make sense for you to kill Poole to slow down Grady's case just to turn around and kill Grady so that you could be with Katherine if - If I was just gonna leave Kentucky? - Exactly.
That was not an easy decision.
I loved Katherine.
Still do.
Well, that's very sweet.
But why leave? Unless maybe you didn't trust her.
Or you didn't know what she was gonna do to you.
Well, you picked a hell of a time for "take your daughter to work" day.
I figured it'd be easier selling her here than someplace I didn't know anybody.
Oh, my goodness.
What a relief.
She doesn't look like you.
Good for her.
- What are you doing her? - I'm just bored.
I love a good manhunt.
Hey, they rolled Markham up.
Doesn't look like we're keeping him much longer.
No, we're not.
So if you want to talk to him, you better get in there.
Isn't that right? Daddy better go talk to the bad man.
- Some other time, huh? - Well, she's beautiful.
I wouldn't leave her in this office much longer.
Too many reprobates in here.
And I'm talking about the ones on the payroll.
Take it easy, Art.
- This is where daddy sits.
- Yours, I hope.
That's what they tell me.
See that? Huh? Why aren't you on the manhunt? Oh, I myself was given - Look what you started, Norma Rae.
- So what are you doing here? Tracking this asshole's credit cards.
Walker's using credit cards? Crossed the Harlan County line into Wabash County and immediately spent $120 at Leo's Liquor.
Second card for gas in Tennessee before going back to the first card and spending over $300 at a porno shop in Murfreesboro.
That ain't him.
You mean Walker's not an alcoholic porn addict with a full tank of gas who compartmentalizes his vice spending from his staples? Well, I don't know what you just said, but he must have given someone his credit cards.
He ain't stupid enough to use them, and he wouldn't buy all that shit.
I know.
That's why I was condescending to you just now.
Go ahead and get your shots in now.
She won't be with me all the time.
Do you hear how I'm condescending to you just now? Raylan.
Why are you here? You want to hold her? Did you ask Tim if he wanted to hold her? No, because he is not a nurturing, caring human being.
He's kind of an asshole.
- Can I Can I hold her? - No.
So, why'd you leave Harlan? Boss doesn't get to play around in the woods all day.
- So everything's under control.
- Even if it wasn't, what good are you to me with a baby on your hip? You sure you don't want to hold her? Shouldn't you be, you know, taking care of her or something? I thought that's what I was doing, bringing her here.
- Raylan.
- Hmm? Come on! Oh, for 911.
What is your emergency? All those times hunting, Ava, what was the first animal you ever killed? - Squirrel.
- Squirrel? - How old were you? - 6.
Daddy gave me a .
410 for my birthday.
- You kill that squirrel with one shot? - No, I didn't.
Could barely hold the gun, I was shaking so hard.
You sound like cousin Johnny, worst rifle shot I ever did see.
He'd only go hunting with a four-wheeler and a spotlight.
That ain't sport.
It's slaughter.
You got to give an animal a fair shake.
Well, makes sense.
Johnny was a coward.
I never understood where I went wrong with him, why he saw fit to betray me.
Devil, too.
If they weren't happy with their lot in my crew, why didn't they just come to me? I'm a reasonable man.
We could have hashed our differences out over a bottle of Woodford.
Why you think they wouldn't do that, Ava? Maybe because they were afraid of what you were gonna do to them.
What you did to them.
You scared of me? Sometimes.
Don't move.
You just stay right there.
Boyd? Stay right there.
Boyd! Boyd? Daah! Boyd? Boyd? First hog of the season! Now, you stay right there! I'm gonna go get the truck! We gonna have us some pork tonight, baby! Whoo! Oh, my god.
Y'all were gone forever.
- Sorry.
- Don't be sorry.
It's the best sleep I've had in weeks.
And is that silence I hear? Seems she's feeling somewhat improved.
Oh, baby girl.
I never love you more than I love you when you're quiet.
It's been like that for at least an hour or so.
So, where did y'all go? Well, drove around, went to the park for a little bit.
Is that why the office called and said you left her pacifier there? - Did they wake you? - They did.
- I just - Okay, Raylan.
You don't have to tell me stories.
I mean, obviously, I trust you with her.
- You know that, right? - Yes, I know that.
I don't know why I left that part out.
I guess I thought you'd just think Oh, I don't know.
I just couldn't stay away.
Oh, I know you can't stay away.
It's not like that's a theory.
You know, what I don't understand is that you haven't figured out that I know that already.
And yet, here I am.
What does that tell you? Thank you so much for watching her.
You don't know the half of how bad I needed that.
I got to come clean to you about something.
Um, Willa's heart wasn't the only thing that got me on the plane out here.
I mean, it was it was part of it, but just all that worrying about it, it really got me thinking.
And, uh - Um - What is it? Hey.
I used to lie awake in our bed when you'd be out doing whatever it was that you did, and and I would get so worked up over thinking about if you were never gonna come home again and what I would do if that happened.
And that seemed to me unbearable.
- And And it seemed unfair.
- I suppose it was.
Well, whether it was or it wasn't or is, now I lie awake next to this little girl and I listen to her breathe.
I know you're not coming home.
And it's that certainty I'm just saying, I think I think I liked it better the first way.
- Winona, are you saying - What I'm saying is God damn it.
I'm saying I love you and I miss you and I want you to come home, and I don't care where home is.
I don't care if it's here or in Miami or in the hills.
It doesn't matter to me.
But if you want it, I want you by my side raising our daughter.
So, I guess what I'm saying is you can be with me and still be you, if that's something you want.
Well, you should get it.
You're gonna wake her up.
It's Rachel.
I'll send her to voicemail.
Did you not hear a word I just said? Answer it.
- Hey.
- Ava's up at Bulletville.
- Say what? - We tracked her phone.
Boyd has a cabin there, right? Any reason she'd go to it? Not that I can think of.
- Haven't you heard from her? - Not a word.
- I'm gonna need a little time.
- Raylan.
If she's in Bulletville, she's in Bulletville.
Magic eight ball says "ask again later.
" I will reach out and I will stay by my phone.
All right? Get here when you can.
Thank god.
Hey! My brother's hurt real bad.
We were hiking.
He fell.
He split his head open.
There's There's a lot of blood.
Okay, sir.
Just give us a second.
Let's see what's going on with you here, buddy.
Okay? Oh, n I-I'm fine.
I got poked by a branch.
It's It's nothing.
Please, forget about me.
Just go go get my brother! I'll go ahead and call it in.
Get a bird in the air.
Tell them we got a climber.
Oh, no.
We don't need a chopper.
He's right on top of the ridge.
Sir, standard procedure.
We don't need them, we don't need them.
- What's that? - Oh, it's just antibiotic.
Now hold still.
I thought methohexital was a sedative.
Huh! No, no, no.
"Be on the lookout, bearded sasquatch man, possible gunshot wound.
" Is that right? - That sound right?! - Yes, yes! Jesus! Didn't realize they were gonna send me a couple of heroes.
All I wanted was that kit patch myself up.
See a man I got to see, do a job I got to do.
That's all.
Then they send me a pair of heroes.
He was a hero.
Put me in the back, strap me down.
I-I won't be able to move or call anyone.
And you can take the kit.
You can take the kit and get away.
Yeah, I could do that.
But it's been such a day.
That flank looks like it's been to hell and back.
I ain't hungry.
Well I am famished.
And whatever the good lord sees fit to provide You believe in god, Ava? Why'd you bring me up here, Boyd? Just to spend a lovely 24 hours with my lady.
You've been dancing around something since we got here.
So why don't you just come out and say whatever it is you got to say? You want to get that? Is that your "salon" calling again? You been lying to me, Ava.
I know you ran.
I know you went to see Limehouse.
I know someone helped you escape Errol, and it wasn't just that constable.
And not 24 hours later, I come home to find Raylan Givens sitting in your goddamn kitchen.
So, how about you come out, say what it is you got to say? - I'm a snitch.
- A what? I'm a C.
for Raylan.
I sold you out, Boyd.
You gonna kill me? That it? You gonna kill me now? You left me in prison.
You did nothing for me.
You were gonna cut a deal with the Crowes.
You could have asked for anything! You wanted a clean slate for yourself.
You didn't even ask about me.
I was gonna die in prison, Boyd.
Those girls were gunning for me! Should I be expected to fight every single day for the rest of my life? Don't you tell me you wouldn't have done the same exact goddamn thing.
Are you sleeping with Raylan Givens? - What? - Are you sleeping with Raylan? You're gonna ask me that? 'Cause if you are, take it.
Take it! Take it! Put a bullet in my head right now.
Do it.
- No! I didn't - Do it! I didn't do anything with Raylan! It's you! It's always been you! You take it.
And you do whatever it is you got to do.
I let you down.
And I'm sorry.
I understand what you did why you did it.
I still love you.
I love you, too, Boyd.
If you would trust me right now, if you will tell me everything that you told Raylan Givens I mean everything I can get us out of this.
I can give him enough information to keep him running in circles until we can get that money and run.
- But I got to trust you.
- You can trust me.
And I got to know that you trust me.
I trust you, Boyd.
I'm gonna go get some more firewood.
You sure you don't want me to come with? No, you better get back to work before everything falls apart over there.
- So - So - We gonna do this, then? - I don't see how we don't try.
What do you give us? - 51/49.
- Oh.
Well, which way? See you soon? Yeah.
Yes, you will.