Justified s06e08 Episode Script

Dark As a Dungeon

Previously on "Justified" - Seabass: What's our play? - Markham: Walker's burned.
He's a rogue element.
Walker: [groans] Markham: Ain't nothing for him now.
The Pig: It almost looks like somebody cut the boards away.
Zachariah: God damn, son, you got one hell of an eye.
[screams] Katherine: You think that I was the rat? Markham: That was why I got out of here.
- Figured I was next.
- You've thought that all these years.
Why the hell would you want to marry me? Markham: I made my peace with it.
- Wynn: Were you the snitch? - Katherine: Of course not.
Wynn: Well, somebody was, and what better way to get you thinking it can't have been him than to say he thinks it was you.
Boyd: So, how about you come out, say what it is you got to say? Ava: I'm a snitch.
I'm a C.
for Raylan.
Boyd: I understand what you did, why you did it.
I still love you.
Ava: [voice breaking] I love you, too, Boyd.
Winona: I'm saying I love you, and if you want it, I want you by my side raising our daughter.
We gonna do this, then? Raylan: I don't see how we don't try.
- What do you give us, 50/50 shot? - Raylan: 51/49.
6x08 - "Dark As a Dungeon" [music] _ Carl: Sorry, Boyd.
I would've called you sooner, but - Boyd: Where is he? - Carl: He's down in the mine.
Boyd: Not The Pig.
Where's Zachariah? Carl: That's what I mean he's down in the mine.
Boyd: I thought you said he'd stopped working.
Carl: He did.
Said to send you down as soon as you got here.
He wants to show you how it happened.
It's a damn shame about The Pig.
- He was a good man.
- Boyd: Yeah.
Earl, I want you to get Ava home, and I don't want you to let her out of your sight.
- You understand? - Earl: Yes, sir.
Boyd: Come over here.
Look, I'll be there soon.
Meantime, you start looking around, See what it is you want to take with you.
All this is over.
Ava: I supposed to pack anything for you? Boyd: We got the money.
I'll have you.
- Everything else, I can replace.
- Ava: Boyd.
You still have my phone.
Boyd: This is our only pipeline to Raylan.
We got to use it wisely and in concert with each another.
You trust me? You trust me? Ava: [inhales deeply] Yes.
Boyd: Earl.
Mortician: Do you wish to exhume all the plots? Raylan: Just the two my parents.
Mortician: And how long ago were they interred? Raylan: Her 2000, him last year.
And how about the manner in which they were buried? Raylan: I wasn't around, but I guarantee you he put her in the cheapest piece of shit available.
Mortician: Likely an unvaulted wooden casket.
- Raylan: Mm-hmm.
- Mortician: And him? Raylan: I put him in the cheapest piece of shit available.
Mortician: A word of caution, if I may.
What you're moving is not your mother's remains.
It is the idea of her remains.
You well may be digging up nothing but dirt.
- Then dig up the dirt.
- Mortician: Very well.
The process can be labor-intensive.
[Vehicle approaches] We will supervise all the work, handle the state and municipal permits - and all the transportation.
- Raylan: Okay.
Mortician: Now, you mentioned the new location - is the town cemetery.
- Raylan: Just for her.
[car door closes] Mortician: Uh, and your father's final resting place? [car door closes] Whatever works for you.
Mortician: Uh, well, it's entirely up to you.
Raylan: Potter's field? Tim: What happened to your lawn? Did I interrupt a goat sacrifice? - Raylan: Tim.
What's up? - Tim: Oh, leads on Walker's movements are coming from conflicting sources.
I petitioned Rachel I come back down, regroup the teams, re-evaluate the leads.
Dude, what happened to your lawn? Raylan: All right, so you're gonna work out here? Good.
You can watch the place while I'm gone.
- Tim: Oh, you're heading out? - Raylan: Mm-hmm.
Tim: Well, be a peach and run down a eyewitness out in London saw a suspicious character on her lawn.
Raylan: I ain't working the manhunt.
Tim: Your 24 hours on the fainting couch are done.
Raylan: I'm back to work.
I just ain't looking for Walker.
Tim: This have anything to do with him? Raylan: No a lead I came up with on my own.
- Tim: Unrelated to the Walker thing? - Raylan: Zachariah Randolph.
Tim: Let me guess local boy.
How come no one down here's ever named Steve or Justin? Raylan: Ava's kin, her maiden name being Randolph.
Tim: Practical question When can I tell acting Chief Brooks to expect you back on job number one? Raylan: Getting Boyd Crowder is job number one.
Earl: The way he said it, you know? Like last time I didn't do a good job or something.
Ava: Honestly, Earl, Boyd's got bigger things on his mind than to be angry at you.
I promise.
Walker: You locked the door.
I suppose it's just the three of us, then.
[title music] # On this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy # # you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard # # on this lonely road, trying to make it home # # doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? # # I see them long, hard times to come # Zachariah: Hey, there, Boyd.
Sorry about your man.
Boyd: I don't give a shit about that man.
- How much? - Zachariah: What's that? Boyd: How much you trying to shake me down for, Zachariah? Zachariah: What the hell? You think I'm quitting 'cause I want more money? I'm quitting 'cause it's too goddamn dangerous! Boyd: Why I paid you $10,000 to do it.
- Zachariah: A man died, Boyd.
- A man you ain't known a goddamn week! Zachariah: Well, I can see you really torn up about it.
Real leader of men, ain't ya? Boyd: It ain't the first man I've lost doing a job, Zachariah, and the job ain't over yet.
Now, how much? Zachariah: [chuckles softy] Another 10 grand ought to do it.
Boyd: I'll give you 5.
And you and Carl got two days to get to the bottom of that vault.
Zachariah: Might want to switch to dynamite sooner than we planned.
- Boyd: That gonna cost me extra? - Zachariah: Yeah.
[scoffs] Walker: Now take another loop around.
Now tuck it under.
Tie it off.
You're gonna be tempted to leave that loose so as to allow a valiant escape.
You best perish that thought.
[sighs] You got any duct tape? Ava: [sighs] - Got some over here.
- Walker: No, you don't.
That's where you had that nickel 9-milly.
I also moved the shotgun you had in that cupboard over there, in case that was the next place - you wanted to say the duct tape was.
- Ava: In that case, guess I don't have any duct tape, Mr.
Walker: Now, before you make the risky decision to go for any other hidden gun I might have missed or to try for your drawers in the hopes that I failed to secure your cutlery, you should know this - I'm not here to hurt you.
- Ava: Okay.
Walker: Or Boyd, either.
You don't believe me.
I get that.
I'll explain why you should while we await Boyd's return.
But first I need you to stitch me up.
[chuckles] Ugh.
Raylan: Zachariah Randolph? - Zachariah: I am.
- Raylan Givens.
Dog Hole mine, 1990? Joseph's Valley.
Zachariah: Joseph's Valley long time ago.
[chuckles] Raylan: You remember a digger named Boyd Crowder? Zachariah: You Arlo Givens' boy, ain't you? Raylan: I am.
What line of work you in these days? Zachariah: Now, look here, sonny.
I didn't have no dealings with your daddy, and, all due respect to your time on the Earth, I don't want no dealings with you, neither.
Raylan: Yeah.
Most people don't.
What you got in that crate there? Zachariah: Eh it ain't none of your affairs.
Raylan: Man of principle? Zachariah: "Dishonest man spreadeth strife," sayeth the Lord.
[chuckles] Raylan: What's your rate? - Zachariah: What's that? - Raylan: You're a whore.
What do you charge? I'm just curious.
Zachariah: Now, look, I don't care who you are or what past we share.
You just go on, get out of here.
Raylan: I know Boyd's paying you.
I open that crate, am I gonna find out what for? Zachariah: Maybe what I'm doing ain't about money.
Raylan: It's always about money.
Jesus Christ, the one thing every shit-apple redneck is guaranteed to take with both hands and left foot is money.
Zachariah: Maybe you in for a little surprise.
Maybe this ain't what you think it is.
Maybe it all ain't gonna turn out the way you think it will.
[chuckles] - Raylan: Move.
- You gonna have to move me.
[grunts] God damn you! Damn it.
[groaning weakly] - Zachariah: You had enough? - Raylan: Yeah.
- You okay? - Zachariah: Yeah.
- Raylan: [sighs] Got me pretty good.
- Well, I still got some scrap.
[sighs] [breathing heavily] I guess it's the end of the line, ain't it? Raylan: I ain't gonna take you in.
- Zachariah: Thank you.
- Raylan: Don't.
You're in deep shit either way.
- Katherine: Where's Wynn? - Mike: Oh, he'll be right out.
He spilled guacamole on his shirt.
- Katherine: 9:30 in the morning? - Mike: He loves guac.
Katherine: Is there any ice? Wynn: Mikey, when was the last time you went to the dry cleaners? I don't have a single clean shirt that goes with these pants.
- Mike: Thought I went Tuesday.
- Wynn: Well Katherine: I don't have a lot of time.
I'm playing tennis with my shithead sister-in-law.
It'll be the fall of Saigon if I'm late.
Mike: Where do you play? We should play doubles sometime.
I dated a tennis pro for a while.
- I'll go to the cleaners.
- Wynn: You want proof Markham's the rat? Katherine: This is it? Wynn: Do you remember a gentleman by the name of Gordon Keith? Katherine: Maybe.
Uh beard, wouldn't shut up about Lee Harvey Oswald? - Wynn: That's the one.
- Yeah, kind of wheels-off, if I remember.
Wynn: If you read that file, you may also remember - his weapon of choice is a shotgun.
- Katherine: Simon Poole.
Wynn: The U.
Attorney, yes shotgunned in the street.
Katherine: Yeah, the feds keep trying to put that one on me.
Wynn: The world's an unjust place, Katherine.
Katherine: All right, so this indicts Avery how? Wynn: I'm getting to that.
Two days after your husband was put in lockup, the aforementioned Gordon Keith was picked up for shoplifting a bottle of vodka.
I happen to know Gordon Keith is not a vodka man.
Two days after Gordon's arrest, your husband is found dead in his cell.
Then, and only then, does Gordon Keith make bail.
Katherine: Wynn, didn't Gordon Keith work for you? Wynn: He worked with me.
He worked for Avery Markham.
- Katherine: And now? - And now well, now he's dead.
- Katherine: Convenient.
- Occupational hazard.
Katherine: Well, I will read the file.
Wynn: Hope it carries more weight than that rock on your finger.
Katherine: Mm.
You know, Avery's getting sick of this mess in Harlan his men all dead, the place crawling with marshals now.
Wynn: I was unable to reach Boyd last night, but when last we spoke, he was well aware of the urgency of the situation.
Katherine: Yeah.
Then again, if he doesn't get it in time, maybe it's not the end of the world.
- Wynn: Oh? - Katherine: I marry Avery, we take his money a year from now, two years from now it doesn't really matter.
I'll have access to his entire bank account.
Wynn: Seems like I'm a third wheel in that scenario.
Katherine: [sighs] I wouldn't be too anxious, Wynn.
I'm just thinking out loud.
Walker: You think Boyd'll go for it? Ava: You're gonna have to wait and ask Boyd.
Walker: If he doesn't, there's no reason you and I couldn't go through with it ourselves.
[scoffs] Maybe Earl could help out.
You be up for that, Earl? - Aah! - Earl: Aah! Walker: [inhales sharply] Oh, m [breathing heavily] Oh, my.
[chuckles] That was interesting.
Earl's pitiful life passed before his eyes.
Didn't it, Earl? All right, let's get back to it.
And this time, as discussed, please place the sutures a full quarter inch from the edge of the wound.
[car door closes] All right.
[keys jingle] Boyd: Ava? Where you at, girl? Walker: Boyd, you put it down.
I just came to talk.
If I wanted to hurt you, I would've done it already, don't you think? Boyd: I gave up guessing why people do what they do a long time ago.
Only way you're gonna get this gun out of my hand is with a bullet.
Are you really here to talk? Why don't you put it down? Walker: Here.
All right.
Boyd, hold on.
[grunts] Boyd: You come into my house, put your hands on my fiancée? Ava: I'm fine.
Boyd, he's telling the truth.
- Markham cut him loose.
- Boyd: Good! Then nobody'll give a shit when they find his rotten corpse at the bottom of a mine shaft.
- Walker: Wait! - Ava: Boyd, wait! He knows the combination to the vault.
Walker: My men are either dead or in the wind every one of them.
Maybe the old man's there, maybe he's not, but he's one man.
He'll bring someone else in, but he hasn't had time to do it yet.
That vault is completely unguarded.
Boyd: You don't think he's changed the combination by now? Walker: Ah, there's not a smith in this state skilled enough to service that vault.
You're a careful man, Boyd, but you know full well my way's better than any scheme you've got cooking.
Boyd: You trying to manipulate me, Mr.
Walker? 'Cause I'm long past the point of needing my ego stroked.
Walker: Let's just say I don't see you pulling thrill-seeker holdups with a "born to lose" tattoo on your chest.
Boyd: Well, me being a careful man, I got to ask why you want to help me so bad, Mr.
Walker? Walker: You mean, why didn't I sneak in there myself, line my pockets, get out of town? It's that last part that's the problem, isn't it? We got leos combing these hills hills that, for me, are unfamiliar terrain.
Ava: But not so unfamiliar to us.
That it? Walker: I'm not trying to help you so much as help myself.
Ava: How do we know Boyd doesn't walk down into that basement, find himself surrounded by a dozen guns? Walker: You're saying I got myself shot, risked my life coming in here, just to set you up? It's a lot of effort just to dick you people over.
Boyd: Could be you got yourself shot, Avery Markham said, "you bring me Boyd Crowder, I'll take you anywhere you want to go.
" Walker: You're crossing the border from careful to paranoid now.
Well, if you'd mind be more paranoid you wouldn't be in the situation you currently find yourself.
Walker: Yet, at some point, you have to trust me, or you have to shoot me.
Boyd: Well, you're a lucky man, Mr.
Not two days ago, I would've told you, "good night and good luck," - But circumstances have changed.
- Walker: Partners, then? Boyd: I don't need another partner.
But I will help you rob that vault.
Katherine: Chief Deputy Art Mullen.
Come on in.
Art: Ms.
Although I suppose it's technically "on-leave Chief Deputy" right now.
Katherine: Yeah, they told me that when I called there asking about you.
That's such a shame.
Art: Eh, it's damned annoying more than anything else, but I guess I'm better off than the guy who shot me.
Katherine: Suppose you're wondering why I asked you here.
Art: Oh, I don't know.
Pretty lady like you, clandestine hotel meeting I think I can figure it out.
Katherine: Well, actually, Avery called me and told me some bald, wrinkled asshole of a marshal was giving him grief, and I said, "why, I would recognize that description anywhere.
" Art: Oh, that really doesn't ring a bell.
What's it been, like 14 years? I wasn't even bald back then.
- Well, maybe a little.
- Katherine: Yeah, that was a long time ago, which makes me wonder why you are so concerned about who ratted out my husband way back then.
Art: Oh, you know, I'm sitting there, recuperating from gunshot, watching all that "forensic files" unsolved mystery bullshit on TV, and then I hear about the shit hitting the fan with your boy toy, Markham, down in Harlan, and got my curiosity up.
Well, when you find that snitch, what are you gonna do with him? Art: Or her.
- Katherine: Or her.
- Art: Mm-hmm.
Yeah, well, it occurred to me that the snitch might know who shotgunned Simon Poole and, in fact, might be the one who did it.
Katherine: Well, isn't that little Mexican a.
of yours already convinced that I'm the one who had his boss gunned down? Art: Lack of evidence to the contrary, it's not a bad bet.
You know what? It's a crazy coincidence, but I happen to be looking into the murder of Simon Poole, as well.
Art: Really? Trying to clear your good name? Well, it seems to me that whoever killed Simon Poole is probably the same person who killed Grady in prison all at the behest of whoever ratted on Grady to begin with.
Art: And you think it's Markham? Katherine: What do you think? I, um - I'm gonna need to open a drawer.
- Art: Slowly.
Katherine: Do you know who Gordon Keith is? - Art: Can't say that I do.
- Well, see what you can make of that.
Art: Hmm.
You just want to see justice done, huh? Katherine: The man who shot you he changed your life forever, right? And what happened to him? Art: Well, he got his balls shot off, then he got gut-shot.
Least, that's what the report said.
Sadly, I wasn't there.
Well, the guy who ratted on Grady turned my life to shit, and I want something like that to happen to him.
That is what I want.
You can see yourself out.
[folder flapping] [door opens, bells jingle] [door closes] Raylan: I figured I'd find you back in Harlan back of your restaurant, back against the wall.
I've heard it called "the Sicilian advantage.
" Markham: Well, I ain't Sicilian.
I'm just reading a newspaper.
Raylan: Eyes on points of entry and exit, geography mitigating surprise.
You're down a few on your security detail.
Why you got that shoulder rig take any comers try to hit your vault full of drug money.
Markham: You see that sign? Have a nice day, marshal.
Raylan: You see this star? Kiss my ass, Markham.
Hell of a place to make your fortune.
Markham: Fortune? Hell, I'm putting down roots.
Raylan: Tough to do in quicksand.
Markham: You proud of yourself slowing me down? Raylan: I might be if I was the only one.
Can't take credit for all your troubles, though, can I? Markham: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
Raylan: That's why you drove up to Lexington show the U.
Marshals you're there to help? Markham: You're asking for my help? Raylan: I want Walker, you want land.
Help me get Walker, maybe you get your land.
Markham: My, my.
Stooping to extortion.
Raylan: Extortion? Simple math.
I get Walker cleared of my plate, I get Boyd.
Markham: That's about as clear as mud, son.
Raylan: Who you waiting to barge through that door? Hmm? Who put the word out to half the landowners in town? Markham: Telling me it wasn't you? Raylan: You think folks around here are gonna turn you away 'cause some lawman said so? Crowder said, "you sell, you die.
" Markham: You're telling me, after all the saber rattling, we're on the same side? Raylan: Saying we got a common problem.
Markham: And Walker's the man in between.
Raylan: I know what you're thinking.
Walker goes down, talks, you're in the hot seat.
But you ever know an ex-ranger to give up without a fight? Markham: [chuckles] I just can't imagine you're part of the solution.
- Raylan: Who else you got? - Tell me why.
Raylan: Let's just say you're putting down roots, I'm pulling up.
- Sick of the past.
- Markham: True.
Past is a shadow.
Always there behind you.
Raylan: In Harlan shit, it ain't behind you.
It's vertical.
Dig down another layer, turn up some horror.
Let's talk how we get the man in the middle.
[music] What's the one thing no shit-apple redneck in the world can resist? Jackie: And that will be coming up at the top of the hour here on "the Crow Show," but right now, I am joined by once-and-future local luminary Avery Markham.
Now, this is a man who Raylan: Tim, I know I said I wasn't gonna help run down Walker, but, well there's a certain kind of man who, in this situation, would say, "you're welcome.
" Not me, per se a certain kind of man.
Tim: A dick.
Raylan: Pretty sure there's a radio there on the dining room hutch.
Tune in to AM 1194.
[click, radio tuning] Tim: All right, quiet, everyone.
Hey! Jackie: You listen to "the Crow Show," you know we here are keeping Tim: They're playing Raylan's song on the radio, here.
Jackie: going on with law enforcement, and I'm not exaggerating to say that there's a pretty serious manhunt going on out there, And he has an idea that could throw the cuffs on this fugitive before anyone else gets hurt, so please elaborate.
Markham: Well, thank you, Jackie.
I'd just like to tell all the folks out there that I'm willing to guarantee a $100,000 cash reward to any person who can bring in the fugitive Ty Walker.
- Tim: Jesus Christ.
- Raylan: You're welcome.
[cellphone beeps] Boyd: You sensitive to odors, Mr.
Walker? Walker: As much as anyone.
Why? Boyd: Man I know used to smuggle weed in trucks full of pig shit.
Walker: I've seen men survive in worse ways, but I wouldn't mind a more appetizing option.
- Ava: What about grubes? - Walker: Grooves in what? Boyd: Not grooves grubes.
He's a man I know sort of.
Ava: Lives up in them hills, like a wildcat, - but he ain't no hill person.
- Boyd: He ain't one of us, either.
He'll get you to the other side of that mountain.
Of that, I'm certain.
But I don't know what he will want in return.
I don't think money means so much to a fellow like that.
Walker: Well, I'm gonna want to talk to him Him or the pig-shit guy before we go to the Portal.
I want assurances.
Boyd: First, let's talk about how we get into the Pizza Portal.
Then we'll talk about your assurances.
Walker: We drive up, we walk in.
I told you there's no one left to guard the place.
Boyd: With you and one of your men loose, you better believe the marshals are watching that place 24/7.
Walker: Call in an anonymous tip Ty Walker holed up across town.
Boyd: And whose phone you think we gonna use to make that call, Mr.
Walker? Sit tight while I confer with my lady.
One text from you, and those marshals will go wherever you say.
Ava: We can only pull this trigger once, Boyd.
I lie to Raylan like that, and I am burnt.
Boyd: I understand that, baby, but if we got to pull that trigger, this is the bull's-eye we want to hit.
Now, we walk in, we take the money, and just like that, we're gone.
Earl: Boyd? Boyd! [vehicle approaching] Boyd: What?! Walker: Car coming.
Earl: Think it's that marshal grabbed my nuts.
Walker: Shit.
Boyd: Raylan Givens.
Raylan: Look at you, hopping to like Mr.
Must be hiding something good.
Boyd: Arms aloft in a welcoming stance? Not I.
Raylan: Surely something good is going on inside.
Boyd: Well, you do have a tendency to interlope in moments of high drama, but this ain't one of those moments.
Raylan: Do you even know when you're lying anymore, - or is it just like blinking? - Boyd: What do you want, Raylan? Leftover chicken? It's all been et.
Raylan: What happened to the big, bad man called out 24 hours to get 'er done? Boyd: Afraid I don't understand your reference, Raylan.
Raylan: I'm asking where your balls are at.
You gonna pull off the job, Boyd, or am I gonna die of anticipation? Boyd: Is that why you came help me find my balls? Raylan: I came to tell you I'm tired of waiting, tired of the bullshit.
- I been lying to you, Boyd.
- Well, now we're getting somewhere.
Raylan: Keeping up the fiction that I got all manner of things tying me to Kentucky things that forestall my moving to Florida.
But there is only the one thing - you.
- Boyd: You wanna lean in for a kiss? Raylan: Is that what you think this is another one of your love stories? Boyd: Oh, well, I do like happy endings.
Raylan: Well, this is one of them classic stories, where the hero gets his man, then he rides off into the sunset.
Boyd: [laughs] Or maybe it's like that other classic, where a guy chases a whale to the ends of the Earth, only to drown for his troubles.
Raylan: I got to admit, there's a small part of me that's gonna miss this when it's over.
Boyd: [chuckles] Well, don't eulogize the past till the future gets its turn.
[Door opens, closes] Ava: Boyd.
Where's your head? - Raylan, you want to come in for a drink? - I think I will.
Ava: See? Look.
Nothing to hide.
Raylan: Oh.
So you heard? Ava: It's quiet in here.
Voices travel.
Raylan: Why so quiet? Everything okay? Boyd: Everything's fine, Raylan.
Raylan: The lady can certainly answer for herself.
- Everything fine? - Ava: Yes, Raylan.
Everything's fine.
Boyd: You satisfied? Now, ain't you got something better to do, like building the case against the magnificent Boyd Crowder? Raylan: Oh, I got tons to do.
Like, I got to find Avery Markham's badman.
But I got a top man operating behind the scenes, so frees me up to come here and help you find your balls.
Boyd: Damn, Raylan, you in love with my balls.
Raylan: You must not have heard money antenna ain't shivering.
$100,000 goes to whoever helps bring in the badman.
Boyd: This man giving you your money, he your new "top man"? Raylan: Avery Markham himself.
Boyd: Markham's turning in one of his own soldiers.
Well, that's cold-blooded, brother! Raylan: Every turd with a pair of nuts and a scatter-gun gonna be combing the countryside with dollar signs in their eyes.
Boyd: He's in the back.
[thudding] Raylan: Walker! Stop! [gunfire] Walker: [groaning] [straining] This is bullshit.
You shot me in the back! Raylan: You wanted to get hit in the front, you should have run toward me.
- All for what money? - [weakly] No.
[wheezing] No.
No, not just money.
[inhales raggedly] No [exhales slowly] [police radio chatter] Raylan: Your five minutes are up.
Geist: And now it's your turn? No.
- Boyd: Does that mean we can go now? - Nobody's talking to you.
Geist: Exactly or Ms.
Crowder or the boy with the busted lip.
Now, my clients were in fear for their lives.
They were not trying to harbor a dangerous fugitive.
They were trying to find a way to notify the authorities when you showed up.
And, uh - thank you for rescuing them.
- Raylan: You're a good lawyer.
- All the good ones have ponytails.
- Geist: Good evening to you, too.
Raylan: You ain't gonna collect your reward money, Boyd? - Boyd: Come on, baby.
- Raylan: 100,000 bucks! - Boyd: You are so full of shit.
- Oh.
So you don't want it? My goodness.
Boyd: Whoa.
Hold on, now.
What's the catch? Raylan: No catch.
On my mama's grave.
[music] Markham: You've got to be joking me.
Raylan: What's important is not who gets the reward Markham: It is not unimportant.
Raylan: but the fact that a dangerous man has been taken off the streets because of your generosity.
[tumblers clicking] [vault door creaks] Zachariah: [grunting] Okay.
Get on out of here.
- Carl: You sure? - Zachariah: Yeah.
[vault door creaks] [vault door locks] Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! Yee! Boyd: Well, I was born at night, Raylan, but I wasn't born last night.
You wanted me to see that stack.
That's why you pushed for this.
Raylan: I wanted you to get your due reward.
Boyd: What happened to all that talk about "no more lies"? - Raylan: Guess that was a lie.
- Boyd: Told on your mama's grave.
Raylan: You know, I never put too much stock in that kind of shit.
Boyd: No.
Lying comes easy to both of us.
Raylan: Mm.
It's a hell of a stack, huh? Boyd: You sure you want me to take that bait? 'Cause this fox goes for that rabbit - it's all over, Raylan.
- I tremble with anticipation.
Boyd: [chuckles] [footsteps depart] Raylan: [sighs] [rumbling in distance] [rumbling continues] [rumbling stops] Earl: Hey, Boyd, it's us.
Boyd: Now, Earl, you keep working this hard, you're gonna have a hell of a bonus in your Christmas stocking.
Now, why don't you go on home, see about that split lip? Earl: Appreciate that, Boyd.
- I'd do anything for y'all.
- Boyd: Go on.
[door opens] [door closes] $100,000 cash.
You should have seen the look on the man's face, having to hand it over.
Ava: [sighs] So we got money now.
Let's go.
Boyd: I thought you might say that.
First, I got to show you something.
- Ava: What is it? - Boyd: This is the exact size of the stack of money in Markham's vault.
It's all in hundreds, like the bundle he gave me.
God damn it.
It's got to be $10 million, Ava.
Ava: That's a lot of money.
[chuckles] But a bird in the hand Boyd: $10 million is a whole lot of birds, baby.
Ava: Boyd, there's about a hundred ways today could've gone wrong me back in prison or both of us shot dead.
You keep saying "when we're done," "when we get this money.
" Well, we got money.
Let's go.
Boyd: Baby, what are we gonna do with $100,000? Ava: What are we gonna do with $10 million? - Boyd, please.
It will be enough.
- Boyd: Baby, you know me.
I have never done anything half-measure in my life.
I can't start now not when there's this much meat on the bone.
This is $10 million, baby.
$10 million.
Ava: $10 or $10 million would you ever be able to walk away? - Boyd: Do I have a choice? - Ava: Yes.
That's what this is about.
Boyd: [sighs] Ava: Where's my phone? I need to meet Raylan.
After what happened today You ain't afraid I'll spill my guts, beg him to pull me out? Boyd: I know that you will tell him as little as possible.
I know that you love me, Ava.
And I know even if you didn't, you're a smart woman who knows a good deal when she sees one.
Now, you help Raylan put me away, what's he got to offer you? A clean slate in witness protection? A shitty condo in Arizona? Little bit of money? How much money? - Ava: 50 grand.
- Boyd: 50 grand? [scoffs] There's 50 grand.
And there's $10 million.
Take your pick.
[vehicle approaches, engine shuts off] - Raylan: How'd you get away? - Ava: $100,000? If I succeed if I don't lose my mind, if I survive I get $50,000.
You give him $100,000 like it is pocket change.
Raylan: You get government money, Ava.
That money's somebody else's.
Besides, you got it all wrong, anyway.
That ain't his money.
It's just cheese in a trap.
Ava: Goddamn right a $10 million hunk.
- Raylan: So you see what I'm doing? - No, I don't.
I'm confused.
Who are you trying to tempt, him or me? - I mean, who do you think I am? - Raylan: I don't know.
You tell me.
'Cause I'm just as confused.
- What the hell was that today? - Ava: You mean besides tense? - Walker in back with a gun on us? - Raylan: Exactly.
You call me inside, toward the gun.
Ava: I was trying to cool things down.
You and Boyd were out front about to kill each other.
Raylan: Boyd looked like he was gonna kill you, you stuck your nose in there.
In fact, it defies my understanding of the man - that you show up here untouched.
- Ava: What are you so mad for? Keep saying how you're scared, yet you don't have a scratch.
- It all adds up to bullshit.
- Ava: You did get your man! - Who, Walker? Jesus Christ.
- Oh, Lord, if I knew we were gonna argue, - I would've stayed at home! - Raylan: What happened in Bulletville? Ava: [sighs] - Raylan: Something happened.
- Ava: We went hunting.
Boyd wanted to catch opening day.
We made a vacation of it.
Raylan: Some vacation, bleeding and butchering hog.
Ava: I'm glad I came by so I could hear you call me a redneck.
You know what? Your neck is just as red as mine.
You just don't see it 'cause you're always walking forward.
- Raylan: How else do you walk, Ava? - You know what I mean Wishing you were better'n where you come from.
Just admit something you could've just as easily been an outlaw as a lawman.
Raylan: Well, obviously, Ava.
But the past is a statement.
The future is a question.
Ava: [ sighs ] The past and the future are a fight to the death.
Raylan: What happened in Bulletville? Ava: [sighs] - Raylan: You in trouble? - Ava: No.
I told you I will dig into Zachariah.
Raylan: I already got to him.
I already know why Boyd needs him.
Ava: You know where they're doing it? They're going up through a busted mine obsidian up through the ground in Blanton Creek.
Raylan: [sighs] Why is it always a fight with us? Ava: We're too alike, I think.
Raylan: Good news, bad news? - Rachel: Good news first.
- Raylan: Despite my prodding, I don't know when, but I do know how.
- Rachel: How? - Raylan: He's coming up.
The dynamite Zachariah had ain't to blow the doors off the vault.
It's for the rock below.
Boyd's gonna blast up from underneath.
- What's the bad news? - Raylan: Ava's burned.
- Rachel: You sure? - Pretty sure.
Rachel: Damn it! - Raylan: I know.
- Rachel: What tipped it? Raylan: I just know.
Rachel: You get up here in the morning, hash out what the hell we're gonna do next? I'll be up around 11:00.
Something I got to do first.
[insects chirping] [music] Raylan: Nothing.
Arlo: What were you expecting? Rosebud? Raylan: I don't know what I was expecting, but it was time I looked.
[water dripping] Arlo: Took you long enough.
Raylan: My whole life, I had nightmares about what you locked up in here slave girls animal for killing secrets, horror.
Arlo: And it ain't nothin'.
Just like you, boy with your head in the goddamn clouds.
Raylan: You kept us away of your 'fraidy hole like it held the treasures of Kublai Khan.
Arlo: Well, it's just a place I used go my place, my own dirt dark and far away.
Raylan: That's why you had the key around your neck in the war.
Arlo: Wouldn't you want to go far away from that? Raylan: Every evil thing inside you I thought was in here.
Arlo: And it's a big, fat nothin'.
Raylan: [sighs] I thought about what you said about the idea of the remains.
You're right.
There's nothing left.
Whatever it was, whatever she was, it's long gone.
There's still some of him left, but eventually, that'll go, too.
Mortician: Well, are you saying you want us to halt the work? Raylan: I'm saying I won't meddle with what's been done.
Mortician: Where would you like it relocated? Raylan: Your guess is as good as mine.