Justified s06e09 Episode Script


Previously on "Justified" You're gonna sell dope whether it's legal or not.
But you set your sights this high, You're gonna keep running into folks like him.
So, you're saying walk away from weed? Next couple weeks, just put two big guys out front.
Whoever killed Simon Poole is probably the same person who killed Grady in prison, all at the behest of whoever ratted on Grady to begin with.
And you think it's Markham? Well, the guy who ratted on Grady turned my life to shit, and I want something like that to happen to him.
Walker is burned.
Got to stay out of that fire he started.
It's about loyalty.
And I need yours.
That stack of money in Markham's vault, It's got to be $10 million, Ava.
You help Raylan put me away.
What's he got to offer you? - A clean slate and witness protection? - 50 grand.
Here's 50 grand.
And there's $10 million.
What happened in Bulletville? - You in trouble? - No.
The dynamite Zachariah had ain't to blow the doors off the vault.
It's for the rock below.
Boyd's gonna blast up from underneath.
- What's the bad news? - Ava's burned.
- You sure? - Pretty sure.
6x09 - "Burned" So, this is all based on a hunch.
When you phrase it like that, it's mildly insulting.
So, did Boyd find out and put Ava under duress, - or did she just break? - Well, chief, I I'm sorry, who are we addressing as chief? - Me.
- Her.
Well, Mr.
Mullen, I can't say for certain.
All I can say for certain is that she's flipped.
- If I'm wrong, you can have Arlo's place.
- And what if you're right? You can still have it.
I can't give it away.
Wait a second.
Are we worried about Ava? There's a chance she may have been compromised.
Well, that's not really a surprise given the fact that Boyd now has $100,000 and has no doubt promised her millions more.
You didn't think I knew about your little reward? Just attempting to move the case along.
That's all that was.
Instead, you might've gotten your C.
to switch sides.
This case isn't dependant on whether or not Ava flipped.
That's not necessarily true.
At this point, we have Boyd connected to just about every crime in Lexington.
But if you want to get him under RICO, you want to really bury him, then you need the cooperation of his criminal associates, the closest of which is Ava.
Well, if she's flipped, well, then her involvement's tainted and so is her testimony.
Only way to be sure would be to have another C.
- in the Boyd camp.
- Sure, that's not complicated.
Let's get another C.
I actually think I might be able to help with that.
Forget something, Mikey? Oh! Holy shit.
That's pretty high on the list of things I wish I'd never seen.
You should've thought of that before you barged into - my hotel room uninvited.
- All right, if you just calm down, we'll explain why we're here.
I don't care why you're here.
I don't want an explanation.
I just want you two to get your bony white asses out of my - You see these? - I can't see shit.
Well, these are case files we need to discuss with you once you calm down.
Okay! - You gonna calm down? - Yes! You don't sound calm.
Let me out of here, I'll calm down! And we can have - a civil conversation? - Fine.
Jesus Christ, Raylan.
You're supposed to be the grown-up.
Ah, you're only as young as you feel, Duffy.
Take a look.
- Where did you get this? - That came from an old-time U.
Attorney named Simon Poole, - and it was sealed about 15 years ago.
- This is bullshit.
Want to go back in the tanning booth? I had an agreement with your people that my involvement You had an arrangement with Simon Poole, And if you got a problem, you take it up with him.
- He's dead.
- Well, that's unfortunate.
He was murdered around the same time those records were sealed.
- Wonder if that's a coincidence.
- Hmm.
You got me.
I was a rat.
The ship was sinking, and I didn't want to go down with it.
- So what? - We ain't here to judge.
We just want you to do it again.
And how about if I ask you to lick my balls? In that case, we're probably gonna leave.
- This is not a civil conversation.
- But I'd hate to see the information in these files get leaked.
Like, what would happen if Katherine Hale found out that you're the one who got her husband killed? I didn't know there was a statute of limitations on the gratitude of lawmen towards old informants.
- Well, there is.
- And it is up.
You burn me, I'm dead.
- That's a possibility.
- Pretty much.
Just wait.
Maybe there is a way I can help you out again.
d On this lonely road, trying to make it home d d doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? d d I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy d d you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard d d on this lonely road, trying to make it home d d doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? d d I see them long, hard times to come d - But why? - Why? Because I like being alive and free.
Don't you? Not if it means being a goddamn snitch.
Jesus Christ, don't be so self-righteous.
At some point in our line of work, if you want to survive, this is what you do.
Not me.
I got a code, and it does not include turning on my people.
And by "your people," you mean who? Boyd? Katherine? Markham? You think any of them wouldn't turn on us to save their own hides? You know, if you intended to run for office, that would've been information worth knowing before I agreed to marry you.
I assure you I have no interest in becoming a politician.
But you are interested in parading me around shit holler, Kentucky, like a politician's wife.
It's important that I engage these people.
I promise you won't have to kiss any babies.
Just promise me I don't have to eat any pizza.
Back up slowly.
- One of yours? - He was.
This what you were pounding in Lexington - while we were pounding doors? - Show the lady a little respect.
You're not in a position to tell me shit.
Now sit your ass down, both of you.
- What exactly are you after? - Call it severance pay.
Severance? Seems to me I just paid for your loyalty.
Point in fact, you paid for my disloyalty to my former C.
, a man who you cut loose and sold out.
Has me refiguring my cost.
You know where my money is.
Think you can get to it, have at it.
Good idea, boss, yeah.
I'll just I'll just take a ride down to Harlan, keeping the radio on, of course, in case you see fit to call the soft-rock militia on me.
Though I suppose you wouldn't want me getting caught, now, would you? Oh, the tales that I could tell.
I'll tell you what.
How about you give me the lady's ring, and we'll call it a day? The lady is my fiancée.
That's her engagement ring.
It has sentimental value.
Unless it can bring the both of you back from the dead, hand it over.
You really think killing us in this hotel room is your best bet for freedom and long-term prosperity? I'll take my chances.
May I make a suggestion? I have a diamond tennis bracelet in my purse that, being a woman of extravagant taste, it's very substantial.
- Might that do instead? - It just might.
Let me see it.
Think it's in here.
I thought I'd seen all your tricks.
Well, if you feel compelled to show your gratitude, I could sure use a new purse.
Nous avons petit problème dans la chambre 204.
You told them what? He already knew you're gonna hit the Portal through the mine.
- How did he know that? - You're working with Zachariah.
Probably wasn't tough to figure.
Jesus Christ, Ava.
If I had played dumb, he would've known I was lying, locked me up again.
You know what? Let 'em come.
They're gonna be watching the main entrance.
We slipping out the ventilation shaft, anyway.
We'll be sipping margaritas before they even know what happened.
So, you're saying I did good.
Baby, you always do good.
Wynn Duffy.
You're a long way away from home, ain't you? Home's wherever the RV takes me, Boyd.
And the matter which we need to discuss requires our immediate attention.
Well, you look awful serious.
Ava, you want to give us a minute? I was under the impression you two had no secrets.
- Was I misinformed? - Ain't no secrets here.
- Say what you got to say.
- You're aware that Markham's - hosting a gathering this afternoon? - I am.
But I don't think Avery Markham's gonna win over the hearts and minds of the good people of Harlan County with a few slices of pepperoni.
Well, that may be, but when the party's over, he's planning on moving the money.
Who told you that? Katherine.
She says it's happening tonight.
Does she know exactly where this new location's gonna be? - No.
- So, you came here to tell me my only chance of getting that money is during that goddamn party? Is that gonna be a problem? - Ain't no problem I can't handle.
- Better news I've never heard.
- You let me know when it's done.
- Well, of course I will.
Well, thank you.
Good luck.
Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna leave this place and hopefully never come back.
Raylan Givens is pulling his string.
If he is, he did not tell me.
This is the moment we play our one-time "get out of jail free" card.
- You okay with that? - I am.
Gow we doing? God.
Right now, we're within four feet of that basement.
What I gotta do is set two more charges one to blow through the rock to get to the basement foundation and another one to blow out that concrete.
- It's gonna take too long.
- Well, you said I had two days.
Well, now you got two hours.
Now, what say we do a deep set of drill holes in the foundation, do two charges simultaneously? Oh, no, no, no.
That's too risky.
What's risky is not getting that goddamn money.
Well, what's your hurry now? That's a little above your pay grade.
Just get it done.
I'm depending on you, Uncle Zachariah! Well, I'll see until I'll get them.
Son of a bitch.
Here comes the douche-mobile.
- Done.
- You mind clarifying that? Boyd's under the impression that Markham's moving his money tonight and plans to hit the vault imminently.
And Ava was there? She heard you say the money was moving tonight? She was, though I have no idea why that was a requirement.
So if she's not actually present at the robbery, we can still put her away for conspiracy.
So, boy wonder know what team he's playing for now? He took it kind of hard at first, but he'll come around.
It's like catching daddy cheating with the woman next door, huh? - Are we done here? - When exactly is he gonna hit the vault? During the party.
I'd also like to know what kind of weaponry he's gonna use, who's gonna be with him, and where he plans to hole up afterward.
"Hey, Boyd, Wynn Duffy again, I know, super weird.
I was just wondering, could you give me an exact time for the robbery? Also wondering if you can tell me what weapons you'll be using and who else is participating.
" Tell him we know where the main entrance is, but we'd like to know if there's another entrance - he plans to slip out in.
- I can't get you all that.
- Sure you can.
- No.
You know what? Call him back.
Say, "hey, it's Wynn.
I don't trust you, and I ain't claustrophobic, so I want in on the heist this evening.
" Not happening.
Not a chance.
If you don't want to spend the rest of your life running from the dixie mafia, there is a very, very good chance.
Hello! I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
Why would I be startled? Some asshole comes in my house without so much as knocking? That's a totally natural reaction.
When I was just a pup, my mama used to say I tended to leap before I looked.
Well, if you're done looking, now would be a good time to scoot your ass on out of here.
My name's Boon, I'm new to the area, and I just wanted to say hi to my neighbor, who, if you don't mind me saying so, is a vision Oh.
You know you have a dead snake on your floor there? From where I'm standing, it looks like someone shot that head clean off.
I don't suppose it was you.
Was it? I don't suppose you can get out of my house like I asked.
'Cause that'd be one hell of a shot, to get just the head like that.
Masterful, really.
How you think he did it? You think it was a quick-draw scenario? Bang! But there's really no reason to do that, huh? You'd just be showing off, I guess.
I mean, you could pull quick, but then you'd really want to take your time making that shot, right? Make sure you hit it just right.
Regardless, whoever shot that snake is one deranged and possibly dangerous individual.
If you've made any enemies lately, I'd highly advise you to make peace by any and all means necessary just so they don't send this idiot back here again.
Be a real shame to come home one day and find some lunatic standing in my house.
You really are a beautiful girl.
You know that? I promise I'll stop back here again real soon, if you're still around, just to make sure everything's all right.
Do you need help getting rid of that snake? - I'll be fine.
- I bet you will.
Bye, Loretta.
Ava, I need you to be on lookout for anything unusual Extra security, KSP, marshals.
When Carl tells you to pull that alarm, what happens? - I pull the alarm.
- Then what? Make sure we get out of there as fast as we can.
- But first? - Make sure she gets out, and then we all meet at the rendezvous as agreed.
My goddamn man.
Now, we need to get dressed, so I don't think you're in the right place, honey.
No, ma'am.
Just looking for a word with Mr.
I recognize you.
You're Walt McCready's daughter, god rest his soul.
- That's right.
- Well, I'd offer you a drink, but we're in a bit of a hurry, so what can I help you with, Miss McCready? - You know I own the Bennett land? - I do.
You also know I'm looking to acquire more.
- I've heard rumors.
- Well, then you also heard I know more about growing weed than most of the cornbread boys who've lived and died in these hills.
What I don't have is muscle or distribution.
Services you were hoping I might provide.
It would mean going up against Avery Markham.
He's shaking your tree a little bit, is he? Yeah, well, the protection aspect of this partnership - would be priority.
- What about Raylan Givens? What about him? Well, as I understand it, he's quite fond of you.
Now, how you think he's gonna feel he finds out you in business with me? I got bigger problems than Raylan.
Last I heard, he ain't long for Harlan, anyway.
You really got Mag's money? I don't see how that's any of your business.
'Cause Bennett land ain't gonna be enough.
You'll need the Sorenson land, which has the soil runoff from Blanton Creek.
- You'll need the McLaren land, which has - Southern exposure and the best bluegrass South of Pine Mountain.
Gonna grow some healthy black gold.
Well, damn, girl.
You done some thinking on this.
Enough to also figure Markham's probably staked out them parcels.
Sorensons and McLaren and a half-dozen others have agreed to hold off selling to Markham.
- They're gonna sell only to me.
- How much you asking? You want 'em, you can have 'em.
You buy them for a reasonable price from the owners.
You pay me nothing.
You keep Harlan for Harlan.
Why would you do that? 'Cause I'm a bad man, Loretta.
But Avery Markham is a real bad man.
Now, my men will see to it that you are protected as long as you pay them handsomely for their efforts.
- Earl, will you please show this young - No, I don't need seeing out.
Just need you to keep your word is all.
You play your cards right, young lady, this town will be yours.
Don't crowd me, boy.
All happening so fast.
Well, if you want to get nostalgic, now's the time to do it, 'cause this is gonna be the last night we spend in Harlan County.
- Cool hat.
What's your pleasure? - Whiskey.
- Any particular kind? - It's free, right? The most expensive kind.
d Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, damn d d I saw your old man in his black-and-white d d don't tell him, don't tell him d d I hope he don't travel to the riverside d d don't tell him, don't tell him d d hey, your daddy didn't think it was right d d now the sirens scream in the night d d you'd think it was a capital crime d d run as fast as you can d Didn't think I'd see you here, considering who's hosting.
That's exactly why I'm here.
You got more balls than sense, you know that, girl? Ain't that what they say about you? It is.
And maybe it's our kindred spirits that's prompting me to make the offer I'm about to make.
Arlo's home and plot.
- You know the land I'm speaking of? - I do.
- You interested? - Well, for a reasonable price, I assume.
I just want what it's worth.
In that case, you got yourself a deal.
Twice in one day? Aren't I a lucky man? Tell you what.
That dress never had it so good.
Name's Boon.
Pleased to meet you.
I wouldn't rush to judgment on that.
I think it's safe to say, considering everything I've heard about you from my employer.
I venture you're another one of his, uh, Colorado boys? - That's right.
- Tending to his fields out there.
Not tending so much as protecting.
Well, I feel I should warn you Markham's previous employees have not fared well in these parts.
What? Them military jarhead guys? 'Course not.
Those boys don't have no soul.
They don't know what it is to really live it down.
- You know what I mean? - I do not, no.
Man, you are everything I'd hoped for, right down to the hat.
Do you know the man who invented the Stetson - was actually from New Jersey? - Is that so? Came up with the idea prospecting out West.
Cool in the Summer, warm in the Winters.
A more functional piece of headwear never there was.
Hey, I got an idea.
Instead of running your mouth, why don't you show your gun to the Marshal the way you showed it to me, see what happens? Yes.
If the Marshal wants to see my piece, all he's got to do is ask.
Should I assume that's a toy gun there, John Wayne, or you got another holster with a concealed permit inside? - Afraid I don't know John Wayne.
- He was a movie cowboy.
Well, I never had much use for television or movies.
Or regard for your well-being the way you show off that piece.
Loretta, I look forward to calling on you again soon.
Those two make quite the pair.
That's the infamous Boyd Crowder - you've had to hear so much about.
- Huh.
He is more pulled together than I would've imagined.
- She's a pretty thing.
- Yes.
The lovely Ava.
Told him if they ever set foot in here again, I'd kill them both.
Well, that would put quite a damper on your party, dear.
I suppose it would.
Well, time has come.
- Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
Friends and neighbors.
I thank y'all for being here.
I'm aware that many of you think I'm a stranger in your land.
Maybe some of you heard me on the radio offering my own hard-earned money for the capture of a dangerous fugitive.
Or maybe I contacted you with a generous offer for your property, the kind of offer that makes all manner of things possible, things maybe you hadn't even gotten around to dreaming of.
But I didn't come here just to make us all a lot of money, though I intend to do that.
And I didn't come here to reverse this town's fortunes, save it from falling prey to the ghosts that dwell in these streets and hollers.
Truth is, I came back here for love.
I hope you all come and say hello to my lovely fiancée, Miss Katherine.
Speaking of ghosts who've haunted these streets, I see Boyd Crowder's in our midst.
Don't suppose you've come to cast aspersion on my motivations in front of these fine people, Mr.
Oh, not at all, Mr.
You throw a hell of a party.
I'm enjoying myself immensely.
Although I am curious do you plan on doing to this small town the same thing that you did to all those other small towns in Colorado? Everybody knows I think dope is a fine commodity, legal or otherwise.
But the people in this room need the money earned in their community to stay in their community.
I don't claim to be a savior.
But I have already demonstrated my willingness to put my money to work in this community.
And as I understand it, where I offered cash, you offered threats.
That your plan? Keep harming these good people for your own gain? Far as I know, everyone Boyd spoke to is at least still alive.
Unlike Betty and John-O Hutchins.
And I don't think I see Red Crowell at this shindig, either.
Maybe your pizza oven scared him away.
Heard tell he's skittish around fire since his place burned to the ground property you now own, if I ain't mistaken.
I'm afraid teenage gossip's clouded your mind, - Miss McCready.
- Well, could be.
I am still a touch spooked by the decapitated snake you put in my house.
See you pointing fingers, but not offering a fix any to any of these people's problems.
My fix is the same as yours, Mr.
Markham promise of legal weed.
The difference is, I've been here for generations.
You all knew my daddy.
You all know me.
Know that I'm Harlan through and through.
- And so is my partner.
- And who might that be? The only other soul I know who cares about this place as much as I do.
Boyd Crowder.
Every one of you who has been approached about your property, this is my offer.
I will give you cash for your land, same as Markham, but the difference is I don't want to move you guys out.
Just want to move some seed in.
And along with that seed, we bring security and protection now and in perpetuity.
Hire the locals to help with the farming, pay it back.
You think Avery Markham and his city mousette ain't gonna cut and run win or lose? She look like Harlan to you? - No.
- No.
Throw in with me, and we'll make Harlan prosperous our own selves.
Give this county back to the people the way we all know it should be! Like she said, you know her daddy.
Thank you, Ray.
I see subtlety ain't your strong suit.
Said yourself your boys would offer protection.
I was just making it known.
You ever heard that a whisper will get you a hell of a lot further than a roar? - That's how politics works, Loretta.
- Public, private, it don't matter.
Like you said, can't leave Harlan to the likes of Markham.
Well, I applaud your spirit, young lady.
Now, if you will excuse me.
As much as I'd like to stay, I got to go see a man about a vault.
You and Earl stand by for my signal.
Boyd, be careful.
I lost plenty in the mine already.
About time you started seeing some gains.
- You seem displeased, Marshal.
- What gave you that idea? You said to get protection, and I did.
What you did was align yourself with a man who's about to be arrested or killed.
You best hope you're not standing next to him when that happens.
This mean you're not gonna sell me your land? It hasn't occurred to you that the Marshal Service may frown upon me selling my parcel to anybody associated with Boyd Crowder? When the dust settles with Boyd, maybe you'll reconsider.
Something will need to be done about that girl.
Find out if she has any kin.
She ends up with any of this property, I want to know where it's going.
You know, except for the filth, the impending sense of being buried alive, and the smell of rotten flesh, it's not that bad down here.
Try doing it 10 hours a day 6 days a week.
- What is that? - That is Uncle Zachariah.
- Lovely.
- You seen enough, or you want to venture on down into the depths, get a front-row seat for the show? If it's all the same to you, I'll, uh, wait right here.
Carl! Make sure to keep your radio on channel 2.
- I'll holler when we all set.
- All right.
Get ready for the boom! Whoo! Nice shoes.
d We're gonna shake it on down d d until you lose control d d we're gonna walk on the wild side d Earl, why don't you go out for a smoke? - I don't smoke.
- Well, you should take it up.
It'd be good for your health.
- Maybe you should suck - For Christ's sakes, Earl.
Just give us a minute before he crushes your nuts again, tosses you in a cell just because he can.
I'm gonna take a piss, and when I get back, you're gonna be gone.
- Think you hurt his feelings.
- He won't be gone long.
Whatever it is you want, you best get to it.
I just wanted to tell you how good you look in that dress.
Thought it was supposed to be a party.
- I feel a little overdressed.
- Ain't nobody complaining.
You know, don't you? I'm supposed to tell you it's gonna happen next week, but it's going down today.
How'd you figure it? - Something in your way.
- He almost killed me.
What are you supposed to do now? Start a fire, clear this place out.
Best get to it.
That looks pretty damn good, Uncle Zachariah.
What you think? Son, I've been doing this long before you ever heard the word "nitroglycerine.
" Phew! That money's gonna fall right down in my goddamn lap.
You kiss my ass, Raylan Givens! Whoo! Carl, you got me? Yeah, I got you.
Tell them to pull that alarm, son.
We all set down here.
Time to boogie.
We need to get to your vault.
I believe you're being robbed.
Whoo-whoo! I am at rest, you need not fear, no anxious sorrow need not take.
Ain't no way my niece spending one more goddamn minute with a Crowder.
You're gonna be buried by your own goddamn greed, just like you deserve.
Burn in hell, you son of a bitch.
Zachariah! Help me! Oh! Help! Come on.
Help! - Boyd? - Help me! Boyd! Help! - Boyd! - Carl! - Boyd! - Here! What happened? - Give me the rock hammer! - Where's Zachariah? - Get out! Go! - Christ! All right, I see Boyd, Duffy.
We can all see Duffy.
And Carl.
And no money.
Whatever that blast was, it wasn't enough.
One thing that didn't occur to me dipshit's not capable of pulling it off.
What if he had? What if he, uh, stuck his head up out of a hole in there? - You gonna shoot him? - Might've.
Let's give him a minute.
Maybe he'll try it again.
What's gonna happen next is, fire department's gonna come down here and kick our asses out.
Getting smoky in here.
You know, I don't get you.
Give you some of my own money to help you out.
24 hours ago upstairs, I figured you and me are simpatico.
I see you're just jerking me around and using me to get Boyd.
Don't take it personal.
I'm just doing what I gotta do.
- Yeah.
That's my plan.
- What's that? Doing what I gotta do.
- Care to elaborate? - Right now, I'm gonna get out of here and get some fresh air find my fiancã©e.
What happened? Where's everyone? Where's the money? Get out.
Get your ass back to the Portal! You see anything looks like that money leaving that place, you call me immediately.
Get out.
Get out! What did you say to your goddamn uncle? What did you say to your uncle?! - Nothing! - Don't you lie to me.
Wasn't it enough to put me in jail? You trying to kill me now? Is that it? What the hell are you talking about?! Your uncle tried to blow me up! - You give him the idea? - How can you say that? I'm the one told you he wasn't right in the head! I'm gonna ask you one more time.
- You lying to me? - No.
Boyd? Is Zachariah dead? I don't know, Ava.
- And the money? - Still in the vault.
It won't be for long.
They're gonna move it tonight.
And that's when I'm gonna hit it.
You want to tell me exactly what went wrong down there? Yeah.
Boyd couldn't get it up.
- You being cute? - No, chief.
I'm just answering the question.
Our office has devoted copious hours and resources to this case that, as of right now, hasn't produced a goddamn thing.
Hey, no one's trying to make you look bad here.
I put you in the lead of this to remove Boyd from the civilian population, and what do we have to show for it? Not to repeat myself jack shit.
That ain't true.
We still got Ava.
We got Duffy now, too.
Boyd, Markham, the rest of them assholes, they're just doing what we want them to do.
Now, hey, I ain't saying we're in the end zone doing the ickey shuffle, but we are definitely in the red zone.
- What the hell is the ickey shuffle? - Boyd ain't gonna stop.
He's just gonna go at that money harder and stupider.
Not that I wouldn't like to stay completely out of this, but how exactly do you think he's gonna do that? Well, Markham's gonna move that cash.
Boyd's gonna be there when he does.
And to think there was a time I was actually excited about having the big office.