Justified s06e10 Episode Script


Previously on "Justified" - Hand over them gator teeth.
- Make me.
So, how about you come out, say what it is you got to say? I'm a snitch.
I'm a C.
for Raylan.
Where did you get this? That came from an old-time U.
Attorney named Simon Poole, and it was sealed about 15 years ago.
You got me.
I was a rat.
What would happen if Katherine hale found out that you're the one who got her husband killed? I helped you out once before.
Maybe there is a way I can help you out again.
At some point in our line of work, If you want to survive, - this is what you do.
- Not me.
I got a code, and it does not include turning on my people.
Name's Boon.
Pleased to meet you.
I wouldn't rush to judgment on that.
Man, you are everything I'd hoped for, - right down to the hat.
- Well, I feel I should warn you Markham's previous employees have not fared well in these parts.
Every one of you who has been approached about your property, this is my offer.
I will give you cash for your land, same as Markham, but the difference is I don't want to move you guys out.
Just want to move some seed in.
Throw in with me, and we'll make Harlan prosperous our own selves.
Give this county back to the people the way we all know it should be! We need to get to your vault.
I believe you're being robbed.
Whatever that blast was, it wasn't enough.
One thing that didn't occur to me dipshit's not capable of pulling it off.
What did you say to your goddamn uncle? You trying to kill me now?! Is that it? - What the hell are you talking about?! - Your uncle tried to blow me up! - Is Zachariah dead? - I don't know, Ava.
- And the money? - Still in the vault.
It won't be for long.
They're gonna move it tonight.
And that's when I'm gonna hit it.
6x10 - "Trust" Can I assume our partner kept you in the dark about his plan to blow up a building I was standing in? Well, in his defense, he probably figured you'd be ready for it, being under the impression that Markham intended to move the money as soon as the party ended.
- Who gave him that impression? - I did.
Do you want to explain that? Your, uh, reaction to his wedding proposal made me worried you were about to pull the rug out.
You really are a bastard, you know that? Then you should count yourself lucky we're on the same side.
We are still on the same side, aren't we, Katherine? Do you really need to ask? What I really need is for you to find out if your fiancé still intends to relocate his money.
Oh, you mean now that you've managed to manipulate Boyd into setting his vault on fire? Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't been able to get ahold of avery for hours.
Well, I he must have a lot on his mind.
Can, uh can I assume that you'll be in touch once you hear from him? Wynn, I want that money as much as you do.
Then you can imagine what I'm willing to do to get it.
Jesus Christ.
That should put you at ease knowing Boyd hasn't talked to Katherine, discovered your lie, plug you as soon as you walk in his door? Actually, I was thinking I don't need to walk in his door.
Whatever she gets from Markham, she can give directly to Boyd.
There's no need to keep me as the go-between.
Oh, dangling the bait's only step one.
You need to report back to us on Boyd's plan.
We're giving you a chance to atone for tonight's screw-up.
You told me to tell Boyd the money's was on the move.
I told him.
He moved.
It is not my fault it went bad.
Unless you told him to make it look like it went bad so we'd have nothing meaningful to bust him on.
And I would do that, what, out of my, uh, deep and abiding affection for Boyd Crowder? Normally, Wynn, I like to avoid pondering your motivations.
If I had to guess, though, I'd say you're trying to preserve whatever chance you got left at the $10 million.
Well, in that case, gentlemen, thank you for once again allowing me to prove my loyalty to the United States Marshals Service.
Baby, let's be bad baby, let's be bad have more fun that way baby, let's be bad - I wasn't sure you'd show.
- Come on, Boyd you know Ellstin Limehouse has made a fortune being the man folks can count on in times of trouble.
And I recall you yourself have benefited from that on more than one occasion.
And on reflection, I wonder if the benefit warranted the cost.
You know, all the women I gave sanctuary to all these years, there's only one I regret? Ava me and Limehouse are gonna step into the office, do some business, okay? Come on.
Hell, you look like you've seen a ghost, if you don't mind my saying.
I didn't see one so much as I almost became one.
I did something I knew always brings me trouble.
- And what is that? - I went back down a mine.
You find what you was looking for, at least? What say we cut the small talk? I don't like you.
Not only do you know it, but you damn well feel the same about me.
Now, simple truth is, you're the only man I know who can get me what I need, and I'm willing to pay you more money than you've ever made for doing it.
So you fixing to leave this place, huh? How many reasons you gonna give me for having your back? $50,000.
Is that for you or for the both of you? For the both of us.
You know, that reward money you collected for that Walker fella was, uh, it was $100,000, if I recall it's what I heard on the radio.
How did I know you were gonna say that? Well, sir, you shall have your clean out and vanish like you had disappeared in that mine - on one condition.
- Name it.
That when you're gone, you will never again set foot in Harlan County.
You ain't got to ask me twice.
On this lonely road, trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard on this lonely road, trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come an old love letter marked return Your boss here, or did he just let you borrow the car? He's in the restroom.
the paper won't burn - Vanilla cone.
- All right.
- You got anything to drink besides coffee? - Water, soda I'd offer to make you a milkshake, but the mixer's down.
- Forget it.
- All right.
that I just love her she was never mine to lose Been thinking on what you said about that movie cowboy and his toy gun.
Put me in mind how you come across a lot of guys who go heels like they're playing dress-up.
Take this fella wears that lid on his head, but I'll bet he can't tell a mare from a stallion.
Anybody ever tell you you should talk less? here I sit - Yeah.
One guy.
- Well, you're young yet.
Anyway, the matter I wanted your take on you come across a fella like this never sat a horse or roped a steer, wants putting on a hat to make him a a buckaroo.
I'll call my own You think it's up to gentlemen like us to disabuse him? You're asking if we're keepers of some kind of flame.
I guess my main take is I believe you're overestimating how much you and I have in common.
All right.
That gives me something to think on.
You here to arrest me? That depends.
You got something to confess to? Just here to lick on that ice cream, then.
You're gonna call Katherine Hale.
Tell her you're moving the money to Charlotte.
Why would I do that? How do you think it is that Boyd has such a good handle On what you've got and where you've got it? He has an inside man.
Even if it is, I don't see a downside.
If she passes on the information, we get Boyd for you.
If she don't pass on the information, you know you can trust your wife-to-be.
I already trust her.
Give me one reason why I should believe anything you say.
If she's not trying to steal it, why would she ask you how you're planning to move it? - She hasn't.
- She will.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you just, uh, give her a call? See if she brings up the subject.
can't help wondering when I'll learn that I just love her she was never mine to lose # I can't lose # what I've never owned - Hey, there.
- Are you okay? No, I'm fine.
Just trying to figure out where things stand.
Avery, have you thought about what you're gonna do with the vault contents? Actually, we are this very minute trying to figure that out.
So, have you made a decision? Matter of fact, I have.
I'm sending the money to Charlotte.
since she's gone - Right here.
- Charlotte? - You heard the lady.
- What the hell's in Charlotte? I think Mr.
Markham's less concerned - with what's there than what isn't.
- Us.
He figures that you figure his money is heading to Lexington, which means if you're gonna hit it, you're gonna hit it right here.
He decides he's gonna head South.
Oh, we gonna hit it right there, right before the Virginia state line.
Road's one lane each way, steep rise on one side, steep drop-off on the other.
Oh, I used to do liquor runs in high school.
I could drive this with my eyes closed.
Now, Mr.
Duffy, like my good friend Ray always says, you never give up before the miracle happens.
Well, the miracle is gonna happen right there.
Well, that's what he said just on that side of the Kentucky border.
Well, if it isn't, you know where to find me.
Take us home, Mikey.
- Any more calls you need to make? - Hey, Mikey.
If you're gonna mention your code again, um, we're gonna need to pull over and get some bananas, so I can eat something that tastes the same coming up as going down, okay? Nah.
I'm done with the code.
Decided to put your big-boy pants on, huh? - Something like that.
- Good.
Does this seem right to you? - Which part? - All of it.
Boyd's gonna read this with his eyes closed.
Last night, you said Boyd would hit the cash on the road, - Hmm.
- and then, today, we go to all the trouble of putting together a bait truck so he has something to hit, Duffy tells us he's planning to hit it, we're watching one of his guys appear to be waiting for it to move so he can hit it all of which leads you to conclude that that is, in fact, not his plan? - He's too smart.
- Yeah, he's so smart, he's stupid.
I'm just saying, last time we tried something like this, we ended up with his underwear.
My uncle you're sure he couldn't have made it out of that mine? You really want to waste your time worrying about that traitor? The reason I'm worried if he's alive, there's a chance he could come back and finish the job.
Even if he survived the blast, the rockfall cut him off from the entrance.
Crazy bastard ran the wrong way.
Probably got turned around in the dark, everything looking the same down there and all.
Zachariah got turned around? Carl! We all set, my man? - Good to go! - Whoo! You best be getting a move on, son.
- We ain't riding together? - Well, I got something I got to do.
- I'm gonna be right behind you.
- All right.
Baby, I need you to head back to your place, pick up whatever Limehouse has sorted for us new papers, uh, a car nobody's looking for.
I'll be in touch and tell you where to meet me.
Somewhere close to where you're hitting the truck? Ain't no money gonna be in that truck.
- But you just told Carl - I know what I told Carl.
What about Earl? He's still halfway a kid, and you're serving them up? I'm just trying to make sure that we don't get served up, Ava.
How do you know the money won't be in the truck? Because he's too smart for that.
- Markham? - Raylan! Now, don't ask me any more goddamn questions! Just trust me.
Meet me.
What did she say, exactly? She said Boyd knows there's nothing in the truck and plans to go after the money by other means.
Well, don't suppose she saw fit to specify these "other means.
" - She doesn't know.
- She says.
Well, sounds like you still got some doubts about her loyalty.
Boyd's guy still there? As a matter of fact, his brother's just pulling up appears to be getting in the car with him.
- Tim, you stay on the car.
- Roger that.
Raylan, you sit on Ava.
See where she leads us.
And remember, okay, there's a new bottom line.
We have to catch Boyd in the commission of a RICO-predicate crime.
Uh, Ava's testimony absolutely worthless now.
- Where does that leave her? - Leave her? Back in prison.
If I have anything to do with it, serving out every last second of her original sentence, plus anything else I can tack on there, like obstruction or conspiracy.
Even if she helps us get Boyd with the money? Raylan, it's too late for that now.
Read the C.
She hasn't even come close to living up to her side of the bargain, which means that we don't have to live up to ours.
You were done with him, right? Guess if I was him, I wouldn't be crazy about - putting Ava on the stand, either.
- You really think this ends in a trial? Shit, I hope so all the work we've done.
What I mean is you really think Boyd's gonna let us take him in instead of going out in a blaze like the outlaw he's spent his whole life trying to be? Well, I guess that'll be up to him.
Won't it, Raylan? Katherine.
I think I've finally found a way to get at that money.
- A little early for me.
- Well, you brought it.
Well, I was told it was your favorite.
Well, everybody's got to have a hobby.
So, you were saying you're concerned my grandniece might be falling in with a bad element? I'm saying that people who associate with Boyd Crowder have a habit of coming to a violent end.
I know your family's had its share of tragedy.
My nephew's a sap.
He got himself all moony-eyed over that idiot he married and got even more moony-eyed after she died.
Not sure how she managed to grow a head on her shoulders - raised by that pair of nitwits.
- If you don't mind my asking how is it Loretta ended up in foster care instead of coming here to live with you? Stuck-up bitch from family services made noises like this place ain't fit for habitation.
You believe that? I been living in this house for 52 goddamn years.
And there's nobody else could've taken her in? - No other kin? - Meaning if tragedy were to strike again, would I stand to inherit my grandniece's property? You think I don't know who you are, Mr.
Markham? Well, I introduced myself at the door.
Not your name.
Who you are.
What you are.
- What's that? - Well, off the top of my head, I'd say a no-account peckerwood.
And that's just for starters.
Ma'am, I'm afraid I've given a misimpression of my intent on coming here to see you.
Oh, I hope so.
'Cause it seems to me you're here to get me to talk Loretta into selling out to you or to sell out to you myself once you put her in the ground.
That woman is tougher than a pine knot.
No go, huh? Notice she didn't turn down your single-malt.
You ever notice how the necessities of our line of work weigh heavy on your conscience? Always seemed to me, as far as conscience goes, the sweet spot is you either be poor enough you can't afford to have one or rich enough you can afford to hire someone to carry the weight.
I'm sorry.
I know you're fond of the girl.
Fond's got nothing to do with it.
Hello, my love.
Afraid not, Mr.
- Been wondering where you'd got to.
- Well, now you know.
I suppose it'd be foolish of me to ask what you want.
I suppose it would be.
Now, is this the point in the conversation where you try to buy yourself some time, tell me that money's in a security van headed to North Carolina? I'd say we both know that ain't so.
And I ain't interested in buying time.
I'd rather just get this over.
Me and you both.
Here's how it's gonna go down.
You're gonna load my money up in your car and start driving North on 421.
I'm gonna call you with a meeting place.
Now, you don't answer your phone, she dies.
You take too long getting to the meet, she dies.
And if you ain't alone when you get there Understood.
- You want me to come with? - Man said to come alone.
They always say that.
Probably heard it in the movies.
Probably so.
- Want me to come with? - No.
Gonna play it straight.
Call me if you change your mind.
Not gonna try to sell me on bringing you along? You pay me to do what you say.
You say, "stay," I stay.
Say something else, I do that.
You're a good boy, Boon.
Stay out of trouble.
I aim to find out what kind of entertainment this shithole has to offer.
So when I asked you how long you'd been snitching to the marshals, you said "this time," implying there'd been another time.
Suddenly, I'm nostalgic for the "code" talk.
The other time was about Grady Hale, right? You were the one that gave him up? You just figure that out all by yourself, Mikey? Yeah.
Shut up! Shut the hell up! This is Katherine Hale.
Please leave a message.
Miss Hale, this is Mike Cosmatopolis.
Please call me as soon as you get this.
Believe I have something that might interest you.
You think this all ends when you make that swap? You think I won't come after you? Well, you'll do what you feel you have to do.
Boy, I got to hand it to you, Boyd.
You've got a hell of a knack for keeping cool.
You don't even mind looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.
Ain't nothing in my life ever come for free.
Yeah? Read me the next road sign you pass.
Hold on, there's one coming up.
- Bledsoe.
- Well, all right.
Now, as soon as you start seeing signs for Mozelle, I want you to pull off.
I'll talk you in from there.
All right.
No, they went easy.
Didn't even try to hurt our feelings.
Boyd, too? Boyd wasn't with them.
Any chance he might have slipped away while you were taking down the others? Always a chance, I guess, but everything I see says he was never here.
Raylan was right.
She was telling the truth.
and Mrs.
" Got to hand it to Limehouse he does have a sense of humor.
Does good work, too.
Can't say as I'm crazy for the picture, although it was short notice.
- What are you doing here, Raylan? - Well, I'm supposed to be staying out of sight, seeing if you're shooting straight about the getaway plan.
If you are, follow you to Boyd, catch him with the money.
But you're not staying out of sight.
- Mnh-mnh.
- So, what are you doing here? Vasquez is pulling the plug.
- What does that mean? - It means he wants to find something to bust Boyd on that doesn't require your cooperation toss you back in prison.
Boyd just called told me to bring him the getaway that Limehouse put together, meet him at the spot where he put this ring on my finger.
- You can get him with the money.
- It ain't enough, Ava.
- I'm sorry.
- Are you? - What if we get him for murder? - Whose murder? What's that? You meet a lot of guys with gator-tooth necklaces, do you? I used to work in Florida.
- Where'd you find it? - Hanging above the bar.
And how, exactly, does that help us to get Boyd? What do you mean? For killing Dewey.
- Boyd killed Dewey? - You know he did! You got a witness? A weapon? Better yet, a body? Look close, Raylan.
There's blood on it.
Ava, even if that is Dewey's blood, there's nothing that don't indicate he didn't just cut himself shaving.
It still ain't enough.
So after everything, that's how this is gonna end? It appears that way.
What if I get him to confess? since I met you, I really Fella told me a good waitress never lets you see the bottom of your coffee cup.
Guess I'd better go be a good waitress.
that you're here I need you every day close to me What'd you say to her? I didn't catch it.
Can I get you anything else? Something to eat, maybe? Just make sure you keep the bottom of my cup covered.
you hold the key You're a student, huh? - What you studying? - Engineering.
You remind me of my girl.
She's not a student, you understand more of what you call an entrepreneur.
She's a couple years your junior, I guess.
She's legal, before you ask, though.
Grass on the field and all that.
How about you just keep to yourself down there, all right? I'll see to it that your coffee stays full.
You don't remember me, huh? I was here last night around the same time - with my boss, couple others.
- I remember.
I was with one man, mostly talking about your hat.
- My hat? - Where'd you get it? - Uh, Louisville, I believe.
- You ain't certain? - Louisville.
- Mm.
Lot of hipsters out that way, huh? Yeah, we got a lot where I'm from, too.
I guess that's how it is nowadays, huh? How much you pay for it? - Um $80 something.
- Sold American! your tender touch - You owe me $20.
- You want to buy my hat? What else are we talking about? Look, you don't want to go all the way to Louisville, - I bet you can order one off a website.
- I don't want to order one.
I-I want the one that you got on right there.
Well, you can't just come in a place and tell a guy you're buying something that he's not selling.
You wouldn't think so.
- I'm not giving you my hat.
- I know.
I'm buying it.
All right, you know what? I think it's time for you to leave.
I have to take that hat off him.
It's liable to get damaged.
They tend to lose their shape, you know, when you get too rough with them.
Maybe I ought to call the cops.
You're doing a piss-poor job keeping my coffee full.
What you say? You like it? Yep.
You're right.
On second thought, I just don't think it suits me.
Damn shame to be going home empty-handed.
Way this day's going, I'm likely to end up in the doghouse with my girl.
I figure if I'm gonna work back into her good graces, it'd pay to not come home empty-handed.
What you say, hon? You got anything worth taking? No matter how I play this out in my mind, I have a hard time seeing Boyd confess.
- I said I will get him to confess.
- I heard what you said.
Raylan, if I didn't know any better, your tone might suggest you doubt the power of my feminine wiles.
- No, no indeed.
- Good.
'Cause I recall a time not so long ago when you yourself were held sway by those very same wiles.
Is that what that was? Although you did manage to resist well enough to throw me over.
- Ava - You ever wonder how things could be different if you hadn't? If you hadn't left this place when I was 16? Never saw much point in that kind of wondering.
If you'd taken me with you? You're standing at the clearing, Boyd pulls up in his truck, transfers the money in here - what's the first thing you say? - "Hey, Boyd.
" After that.
I ask him what really happened to Dewey.
Just like that? The thing about getting a man to do what you want, Raylan it's not so much what you say as how you say it.
Or what you're doing at the time.
- I want to trust you, Ava.
- I can tell.
- You ask him, he won't say.
- He will.
He say he won't.
What then? I guess then I'll start taking my clothes off.
Hope I still got what it takes to drive all other thoughts from a man's mind.
- I want to trust you.
- You told me that already.
- You okay? - Ask me later.
Well, ain't this the conundrum? Somebody's always got to go first.
Now, it's clear that I've held up my end.
What say we verify you've held up yours? Go on.
Now, what say we see if we can all ride off into our respective sunsets? Katherine.
- Boyd! - Katherine.
Uh, ripping you off that was her idea from the jump payback for you murdering her husband.
I just, uh I just thought you ought to know.
Whoo! Whoo! Oh! Baby, it's me! Oh, baby! Do you really think I had Grady murdered? I did.
I don't any longer.
So what happens now? Are you gonna kill me? Ohhh! I am sorry, Boyd.
Oh, baby, let's have that conversation when we're sitting on a beach with the sand between our toes.
Baby? Jesus, woman.
What did you do? He was never gonna confess.
Put that gun down.
You ain't gonna shoot me.
- I shot Boyd.
- Put it down and step away.
If I don't, would you shoot me? Let's not find out.
I gave you what you always wanted, Raylan Boyd Crowder bleeding at your feet.
I can't go back to prison.
So you're gonna have to shoot me, or you're gonna have to let me go.
Last time you ran remember how that went? Last time I ran, I didn't have $10 million to help me disappear.
- I'm going to come after you.
- I know.