Justified s06e11 Episode Script

Fugitive Number One

Previously on "Justified" - What about Boyd? - Boyd ain't nothing like Bowman.
Yeah, he's a Crowder.
That's awful strange talk seeing as you're here working for him.
My uncle you sure he couldn't have made it out of that mine? Even if he survived the blast, the rockfall cut him off from the entrance.
- Probably got turned around in the dark.
- Zachariah got turned around? You want some advice? Bring Raylan in.
See if you can confirm what your gut is telling you.
Is that what you'd do? You'd let it go.
Wouldn't risk the case just to save your own ass.
When I asked you how long you'd been snitching to the marshals, you said, "this time.
" The other time was about Grady Hale, right? You just figured that out all by yourself, Mikey? Ms.
Hale, please call me as soon as you get this.
Ripping you off that was her idea of payback for you murdering her husband.
I just thought you'd wanna know.
Baby? What did you do? I gave you what you always wanted, Raylan Boyd Crowder bleeding at your feet.
- I'm gonna come after you.
- I know.
6x11 - "Fugitive Number One" I know your deputies just got back to Atlanta, but we need as many as you can spare.
We've got a new number one.
Ava Crowder.
Jerry, I'm gonna have to call you back.
- How bad is it? - Well I shaved.
The director called.
Tried to tell her that I was the shot caller on this from my sickbed, that I just couldn't let it go, but apparently you'd already talked to her.
I'm the one who approved Ava as a C.
and Raylan as her handler.
It's only right I take the hit.
I wish you'd called me first.
- Am I suspended? - Hell, no.
Not gonna sideline one of my best manhunters in the middle of a manhunt.
What the hell's the status with Crowder? Nelson's sitting on him at Harlan regional medical until they get the bullet out and we can move him.
Well, you do realize you accomplished something that I was never able to do all these years.
Let an untrustworthy C.
get away with $10 million? You got Boyd Crowder.
Irrespective of you being shot, you are what doctors call one lucky son of a bitch.
Yeah, well, I don't feel so lucky at the moment.
Slug splintered on your collarbone.
Hair South, your lungs'd be torn to shreds.
We got in there, tied things up.
It could be worse.
You give us a minute, doc? You're not the one shot him, are you? No, I'm the one who got him here.
Ain't exactly true, is it? What you told him about bringing me here.
Well, I called it in, made sure they knew you were emergent.
You handcuffed me to a bumper, you left me there without so much as a fare-thee-well.
You could hear the sirens on their way.
Must have given you some solace.
I don't suppose you've come to tell me you've found her.
I found her truck some down the road, abandoned.
No sign beyond.
Gotta suck, be that close to the prize, have it shot out of your hand.
- I kinda know how you feel.
- No, you don't.
I don't believe in a world where you know how I feel.
I didn't realize disappointment was a domain exclusive unto Boyd Crowder.
Well, Raylan, if we're gonna play it that simple, then let's talk about your disappointments.
What disappoints you, Raylan Givens? The fact that you weren't the one who got to shoot me? - Where is she goin'? - Well, you wheel me outta here, - I'll take you straight to her.
- That's funny.
Oh, well, it doesn't have to be funny.
Come on, Raylan.
Me and you, one more ride together.
See if we can't find a reasonable solution - to our problem.
- But which is our problem, exactly? The money or Ava? Well, ain't they the same problem, Raylan? Are they to you? I'm gonna get outta here, Raylan.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sooner or later, one way or another, I'm gonna get outta here, and when I do, - I'm gonna go get that money.
- Which sets me to thinking, How long you think she's got? Long enough for you to execute your great escape? Get to her before Markham and his boys do? Then I got to wonderin' further what they're gonna do to her if they get there first.
Well, maybe she has whatever that is coming.
I see.
And you're cool with that? Them dishing out retribution however they see fit? Are you? My, my.
You know, Raylan Zachariah Randolph.
Come again? It's her uncle.
I think that's the man you're looking for.
- You think he's helping her? - Well, if he ain't died down one of those shafts, Raylan, then I don't believe he has.
That'd be my first stop.
- See you at the arraignment.
- You get anything? - Maybe a place to start.
- Heard she pulled Boyd's gun on you.
- She did.
- Man, I did not see that coming.
Anything changes here, drop me a line.
You ever been down in a mine? I've been to Mordor, but not through the mines.
- Is that a yes or a no? - No.
- Is that it? Way up there? - Yeah! I thought you said it was close.
How long's this place been closed? Oh, eight, nine years.
They used it a a supply station.
Rescue would get the supplies in, trap miners as fast as possible.
Regulations being so damn lax, they didn't build this thing till after the '83 collapse.
You think having closer supplies would have saved my daddy? God himself couldn't save your daddy on that day.
That's why I stopped praying.
Yeah, yeah.
Get some heat in here.
And I got this here radio for backup.
We'll know they're coming before they do.
Give us some time to hightail it outta here, which is exactly what we should be doing, so I'm gonna go over, see if I can get one of those old A.
s running.
Pack up these bags, and we be outta here by sundown! Now you do know those old moonshine trails up there, they just roll through those mountains like a - Maze? - Yeah, maze.
Now this Grubes guy we're going to see you sure he knows his way around? He knows the trails blindfolded.
But I was thinkin' Boyd knows Grubes.
- Ah.
- If he's alive If he's alive, the marshals got him, and if he ain't the more, the better.
On this lonely road, trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard on this lonely road, trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come Where are you? Damn, I can't hear you.
I'm in Richmond, close to E.
Give me the phone, Mikey.
Let me talk to her.
I'll call when I get close.
Keep Duffy there.
I just need to get my purse.
You know, I can usually smell a rotten bud before it blooms.
But your scent, my dear, has always been presidential kush.
Agents and their questions.
Been at it all night.
Got yourself a new purse.
Yeah, before we go down a whole road, I think you might be interested in the phone call I just had, wherein I learned that Wynn Duffy killed Grady.
I didn't know that little cockroach was still alive.
Well, I'm just going to change, then.
How do you know this? His bodyguard called me.
Wynn Duffy was a rat 14 years ago, and he's a rat today.
You know, I knew you'd never leave your home state.
That's why I came back.
Nothing else mattered.
You were the prize.
But now I wonder if I wasn't just a mark, someone for you to screw.
At first, yes, but seeing you being with you, - everything came flying back.
- Oh, don't tell me.
Love? Well, was it not the same for you? Well, I've always loved you, Katherine.
I just don't trust you.
Well, I accepted your proposal, Avery.
Would it be so bad for the two of us to live together, not trusting each other, just like everybody else in the whole wide world? You know, I understand your drive to avenge Grady's death, even when you thought it was me.
And I hope when I'm your husband you'd do the same for me.
I'm gonna go shower.
You wanna join me? Nothing I'd love more.
But there's work to be done.
- Goin' after your 10 million? - Our 10 million.
You know, I'm gonna make sure Boyd Crowder doesn't see another day.
Well, I'm gonna do the same to Wynn Duffy.
Let me handle Duffy.
I'll bring you his head for a wedding present.
Goddamn, Avery Markham.
I love you.
Love you, too.
I never knew you liked classical, Mikey.
You'd know if you let me pick the music - every once in a while.
- That can change.
A lot can change.
You want me to drive sometimes? You wanna be in charge of the TV? Mikey? What do you want, Mikey? Okay, point taken.
You got a code.
You're billy jack.
I get it, okay? Can we end this? Mikey? I'll forget what happened and we'll go back to the way things were.
Okay, Mikey?! Hey! Take these goddamn cuffs off, or I'm gonna take that code, and I will shove it up your ass! This isn't just about some code.
You were as close to family as I ever had.
I believed in you, Wynn.
End of the day, you're a rat.
And rats get exterminated, period.
And I hate being called "Mikey.
" Seat buckle.
I'm just looking to keep my girl safe.
Are you looking for this? Come on.
When I was a kid can't tell you how many foster daddies I had, angry pricks, one and all.
Lay three hots and a cot with a side of ass whupping.
I come to rely solely on my own wherewithal at a tender age, not unlike yourself.
I'm hearing tales about all this money you supposedly got, no doubt giving you a sense of confidence.
But I can tell you what.
Markham's got a lot more.
What's your point? Do you ever watch the History Channel? Days of yore, marriages weren't about love or romance.
Those sentiments didn't even factor in.
They were about alliances to end wars, making each side stronger against enemies they had in common.
You understand? Man, I got no idea what in the hell you're talking about.
I'm saying, if I'd had a Mr.
Markham by my side back then, I'd have jumped on it as fast as a bullet.
I wanna offer you an opportunity, tuck in with us.
You say yes, we'll always be watching your back.
I don't need anybody watching my back least of all, you.
Got fire in your belly.
What I adore most, girl.
Be careful lest it burn your brain, so you can't hear good reason.
You got an escort down the mine shaft? He's on the way out now.
Had to roust the owner out of the bed.
He he was grumpy about it.
Well, you can tell him he can give me the what-for as soon as he gets us on a coal cart.
You think she could have got down - that mine shaft on her own? - We think Ms.
Crowder has an accomplice worked his mine most of his life.
What's that up there? So I've got the claymores set, Earl's on the A.
, we got that armored truck dead in our sights.
Next thing we know, cherries, man, everywhere.
- I'm telling it, Earl.
All right? - Sorry.
How'd the cops know? - Figure we got set up.
- By who? That Katherine chick and Duffy one or both of 'em.
- It's like that old saying, you know? - "Crime doesn't pay"? God damn it, Earl.
"Ain't no honor among thieves.
" Crime does pay.
As long as the criminals you're working for don't screw you over all the time.
Let's go, girls! You're moving to a new cell! Come on off your fannies! Not you two.
- You got a visitor.
- Who? Oh, no.
Oh, hey! Hey, we can't be in here with them! Come on now! This shit ain't legal! Those cops aren't gonna help you, son.
They're new friends of mine.
I'm gonna tell y'all upfront right now, we ain't going down without a fight.
Jenny here says you would.
And she's had the last word in many such a disagreement.
I know Boyd is the brain behind your attempt to rob me.
You and your brother were just pawns.
- We were soldiers.
- No, you were pawns.
He sent you out to attack that armored car while he executed his real plan kidnap my fiancée, extort the $10 million that way.
He screwed you both.
You're lying.
Boyd wouldn't do that to us.
- Would he, Carl? - Ever hear of Judge Zeke Baron? I know of Baron's pawn shop.
That's Judge Zeke.
He owns it.
He got an office out back.
Buy enough of his junk for double what it cost, he's amenable to signing a release, get you R.
'd - What does that have to do with us? - It means we're gettin' out of here.
- Means you're gettin' out of here.
- What about Earl? - Yeah.
- Job I have is a one man effort, Carl.
Well, why me? Why not the hot kid? Boyd knows you.
Ask him where my money is.
If he knows, put a bullet between his eyes.
If he doesn't know put a bullet between his eyes anyway.
What if I tell you Boyd's been good to me, huh? And I don't want your damn job.
If you refuse, if you fail or if you run off when you get into the outside world, then Jenny will blow Earl a kiss.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Somebody's been here.
I imagine this place has been put to all sorts of use.
Kids stealing, coming in here to hook up.
It's warm in here.
You notice that? Like someone had a space heater.
Drag marks right here by the doorway.
- $10 million is a lot of weight.
- Maybe spied us, left in a hurry.
If so, they ain't far, and they ain't moving fast.
We need to shift choppers and dogs to this ridge, set a perimenter around this point as ground zero.
- You got any guys you can spare? - I can ask.
Uh, if so, you wanna ride on one of the helicopters? One of them's got F.
- Maybe get you a seat if you want.
- Definitely.
It's beyond bad, chief.
It's career-ending mine and yours.
You were the one that told me to put Raylan in the lead.
Why did you call us in here, Vasquez? - Where is he? - Where's who? He's working the fugitive.
As the closest deputy to the case, he is the most likely to find her.
Oh, Jesus, Art.
Seriously? I mean, really, seriously? God damn it, what what did he, promise you a cut?! I'm gonna do you the goddamn common courtesy of pretending I didn't hear that shit come out of your mouth.
He was banging her in the past.
He's almost certainly banging her now! His banging her in the past wrecked the criminal case back then! And then here we are again now! History repeating itself.
Then he lets her shoot his, uh, whatever-the-hell-you-want- to-call-Boyd.
That's convenient.
And this marshal, whom we've defended on countless questionable shootings, well, he decides this time, he's gonna holster his piece, and he's just gonna wave goodbye as she drives away.
You take umbrage with me all you want, Chief Deputy Mullen.
You give me that look like you wanna choke me right now.
But eventually, the both of you are gonna have to come to grips - with the reality.
- And in your version of reality? Your marshal and his girlfriend have stolen $10 million right out from under our noses.
I'm about to get on a helicopter.
I need you back in Lexington now.
What? What? Hey, I ain't kidding about the helicopter.
It's hovering above my head.
Why I'm talking so loud.
Let the helicopter go.
Let somebody else take a ride.
I need you in the office.
- What'd I do? - That's a long list.
I know that tone, Art.
I know it too well, as a matter of fact.
Just tell me.
Vasquez has voiced a concern.
Raised a concern or leveled an accusation? Look, you know where this is going.
You tell me.
He thinks I conspired with Ava.
Oh, tell me you ain't entertaining the notion that that is anything other than utter horseshit.
All I'm saying is you're not giving me a leg to stand on here.
I'm having trouble enough defending your actions even absent your and Ava's history.
Just let me get on the helicopter, take one pass, see if I can spot 'em.
They're close, Art.
I'm telling you, I can feel it.
They're close.
All right.
You know me so well.
I'm sure you can understand my tone when I say to you let the goddamn helicopter go and get your ass back to Lexington right now.
God damn it.
Okay - Are you Deputy Dunlop? - That's me.
They say they got a deputy who wants to meet you outside.
- Givens, I think? - I could use a coffee anyway.
Keep an eye on him for me for a minute? - Oh, yeah, you bet.
- Thanks.
Let's go.
All right, now you're gonna have to make this look good, all right? How about you hit me? Carl? Carl.
Carl? That look good enough to you, you son of a bitch? - Wha - Where's the money, Boyd? Why are you pointing a gun at me? I'm infirm.
I trusted you.
You sold Earl and I out.
- You set the cops on us.
- Who sold you that wooden nickel? Son, I had every intention of meeting you Don't lie to me, Boyd! - Now where's the goddamn money? - Carl, I'm sorry.
I-I made a bad decision.
Trust me, son.
And if I had to do it all over again, I'd do it different.
Last chance.
- Hey, hey.
- Where is the money? God damn it, I saved your life down in that mine.
He's got my brother, Boyd.
I ain't got no choice in this.
Who's got your brother? Markham? Well, damn, son, get me outta here.
Let's go get that money.
We'll get your brother.
We'll kill that son of a bitch.
I'll give you half of everything that I put my hands on.
Carl Carl, I know that we have had a bad run of luck lately, but we can change it right now, god damn it.
Contrary to everything that's happened, I care deeply about you and your brother.
$5 million? Now go get that key, son.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
Give me that jacket.
- Where's he now? - Earl is in the jail under guard.
Markam bought a couple dirty cops.
Do anything for him.
Let's go kill that skinny son of a bitch.
Question is now, how we gonna get you out past the nurses' stand without anybody noticing? It shouldn't be too hard with all the chaos.
What chaos? We got a shooter on the floor! Everybody clear out! - Get outta here! - He said shooter! Come on! Where's Nelson? Somewhere wishing he wasn't Nelson.
- Why didn't he get any backup? - Everyone's out looking for Ava.
- Oh, my god.
- The word I got is you're supposed to be headed back to Lexington, face this Vasquez reckoning.
Yeah, I was headed back to Lexington.
Then I got word Crowder escaped marshals' custody - and reframed my priorities somewhat.
- And creepy how excited you seem right now, not that I am questioning your priorities.
- My priorities are straight.
- Uh-huh.
So you're gonna keep cool when I tell you you need to follow Art's orders and head back to Lexington.
Give me something here.
Point me in the direction, couple hours.
Oh, so the joke here is that I give you directions back to Lexington, but since you know where that is Who is this peckerwood here? Is this Carl? - Jesus Christ, man.
- I know.
It's weird, isn't it? Maybe you should ask him about that when you get back to the office.
Raylan; Tim, can we stop pretending there's any version of this conversation that ends with me going to the office? If I help you out, you gonna cut me in on that $10 million? I wanna go back, I wanna go up and down over all the little trees and passes that make up our hometown - Got word from the hospital.
- What? it all came crashing down - Carl's dead.
And - And Boyd escaped.
I told Carl what would happen if he failed in his job.
A deal's a deal.
Call our friends at the jail.
Get little brother out.
we held each other close so tight I wanna go back Help ya? Deputy U.
Marshal Raylan Givens.
Looking for Earl Lennon.
May have him back there awaiting marshal's transfer back to Lexington.
- Oh, yeah, sure.
- Great.
- Whatever paperwork you, uh - Just need to, uh Sure.
- Can I help you? - Hey.
Look at that.
Got him all ready for me.
Nah, this prisoner's been entrusted to my office's charge.
I mean, what makes you think, you can just walk on out of here with him? Uh, this.
Not to get all federal on you, but kinda is what it is.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna have to make a call.
- See? There it is.
- There what is? You know, it don't bother me much running into a cop from this town that's bent to shit.
I grew up around here.
Kinda expect it now and then.
What irritates me is when you call 'em on it, and they give you this look like, "how dare you insinuate I'm a piece of shit tarnishing my badge?" I see you doing the math, whether you're gonna tolerate the insult.
But you should know, one of your co-workers is in the hospital with brain bleed, and this boy's brother's dead, so you might wanna factor them items into the equation before you decide what you're gonna do next.
Number one I don't like your tone.
Number two that badge don't mean shit.
And number three this boy's been bonded out fair and square.
Matter of fact, I was just about to call the judge.
The marshal service have spent a lot of time and effort apprehending a fugitive that's now out on the run, and lives are in danger because of it, so every time you open your mealy mouth to lie, I think of that, and I start picturing how you'd look without any of your goddamn teeth.
Did you say my brother's dead? Earl step away from the dirty cop and come with me, nice and slow.
Thank you.
Hello, Michael.
Hello, Ms.
Michael, would you mind giving me a gun until this unfortunate mess is over? You can retreave it later.
How does that sound? Thank you.
Wynn Avery wanted to give me your murderous rat head as a wedding present, but I thought, no, I should do something nice for him, get our marriage started out on the right foot.
The things we do for love.
You gonna put it in a big, blue Tiffany box like that ring on your finger? You're being awfully flip for someone who's about to die.
What do you want me to say, Katherine? Yes, I ratted out Grady to Simon Poole and, yes, I killed Simon Poole because Simon Poole was gonna rat me out to Grady.
The life we chose, huh? - Why kill Grady? - What do you care? You were schtupping Markham.
- You think about it, I did you a favor.
- Yeah.
Yeah, maybe you did.
But, Wynn Grady was my husband.
He was my partner.
And here's how it works.
You protect your partner, and you avenge them against people who do them wrong.
That is something I strongly believe.
Front of the head? Or back? - Suit yourself.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- We don't have to kill him.
- Michael.
Just put the word out he's a rat.
Let him fend for himself out there.
- Move aside.
- Look, I don't like what Duffy did, but he's my boss, and I'd have to avenge him, anybody did him wrong.
- That's what you just said, right? - Oh, for god's sake.
I mean, I think he's Michael! Jesus Christ! Jesus! Mikey! Mikey! Mikey.
Will you hold me? Yeah.
It's okay.
Shh! Shh! 9-1-1.
What is your emergency? I'm not sure where to start.
Nice hat.
You take that off that dude at the diner? That one didn't appeal to me.
Smelled like patchouli and scared hipster.
I had this one made custom.
And it cost me a pretty penny.
- Say you like it, though? - I do.
It may be the only thing I like about you right about now.
Now, get out of my way.
I didn't come here to talk about hats.
This is my favorite part.
Don't you just love this part? Can hear a goddamn pin drop.
Boon, let him back.
Check my balls right now.
Be purple, they're so blue.
You stay where I can see you.
I'll be brief.
I got a kid in my car who's nervous being this close to the Portal.
I got no idea what you're talking about.
It's all right.
Time comes, you and Earl both can tell it to the judge.
The song he's singing about how his brother got dead enough to put you away for a good stretch.
So, to that end, you are gonna leave off chasing after that money you, your shit-heel cop army, anybody else you got involved, and you are definitely gonna abandon any thoughts you got of causing harm to the lady stole it.
You misread my intentions, deputy.
I got no cause to engage in that kind of behavior, poison my own well when I'm just starting to feel like I'm home at last, setting down roots with my lady friend.
- Your lady friend? - She and I are going to own this county, son.
Town you grew up in.
Streets you rode your bike down.
- You don't know.
- Don't know what? Mr.
Markham, your lady friend is dead as of a half-hour ago.
Went pretty badly, as I understand it, in the confines of a motor coach belonging to Wynn Duffy.
All this is on you.
As you undertake your grieving, may that guide you, as you contemplate your next move.
Hey, what you doing back there? You fall asleep? - You trying to get me shot? - You think they're gonna shoot you? Shit, maybe I should stand away.
I-I Do we have to do this right here? I could haul him in for his threat to you.
- You know that, right? - Well, then I got to testify against him? That is how the justice system works, yes.
Well, the hell with that.
That old prick killed my brother.
I ain't about to be snitchin' from no witness stand when I could just as easily put a goddamn gun in his mouth later.
- Hey, dumb-ass.
- What? Talking that way, now I can take you in - for the same shit.
- Well, so do it then.
You're just about a stiff-neck little son of a bitch, ain't you? - Yeah, I guess so.
- Yeah.
- So what now? - What now? I drop you someplace, call you in as a pick-up for the locals, hope you don't end up in the same jail cell as you were before.
- No, no, wait, wait, now, shit.
- Or I could drop you off similarly, only call in the marshal service, put you in P.
, make sure he don't get anywhere near you.
How's testifying sound to you now? Hmm? He was my brother.
- He was my only brother.
- I understand.
Take your time.
You know, you asked me earlier if I ever heard anything about what the plan was? - Mm-hmm.
- You know, after, - with Boyd and Ava and the money.
- And? Well, I never heard anything about that, but when they were trying to smuggle that Walker dude out, they they mentioned two things pig shit trucks, and Grubes.
Somebody named Grubes.
Come on.
Guess we wait till he comes back.
In this cold? Come on in! Damn, what's that stink? Oh Grubes? Oh, no, no, no.
No Nooo! - Givens.
- Tell me you're on your way in.
You got a locator in my car? You'll find a kid in it I picked up.
Used to work for Boyd.
Just put him in P.
He'll give you some good charges on Markham, if he pulls his head out of his ass long enough to do it.
Or you could honor the responsibility that comes with wearing that badge and bring him when you come back here right now - like you were ordered.
- No, I'm coming back when I get Boyd or Ava and the money, or all three.
Are you sure you want to do this? I don't see as I got a choice.
Do you? Art, you see where I got a choice? You got 48 hours, Raylan.
- That's all I can give you.
- 48 hours, bullshit.
Who you got coming after me? Everybody? You got too high an opinion of yourself.
Of course, you always have.
Everybody's out looking for Boyd.
I'll be the one coming after you.