Justified s06e12 Episode Script


Previously on "Justified" Aah! Aah! Mikey! Your ladyfriend is dead.
Went pretty badly, as I understand it, in the confines of a motor coach belonging to Wynn Duffy.
Baby? What disappoints you, Raylan Givens? The fact that you weren't the one who got to shoot me? - Where is she goin'? - Well, you wheel me outta here, - I'll take you straight to her.
- That's funny.
Sooner or later, one way or the other, I'm gonna get out of here, and when I do, I'm gonna go get that money.
Now, this Grubes guy we're going to see you sure - he knows his way around? - He knows the trails blindfolded.
- Boyd knows Grubes.
- Ah.
- If he's alive - If he's alive, the marshals got him, and if he ain't, the more, the better.
- Grubes? - Nooo! How we gonna get you out past the nurses' stand without anybody noticing? It shouldn't be too hard with all the chaos.
What chaos? - You got 48 hours, Raylan.
- 48 hours, bullshit.
Who you got coming after me? Everybody? Everybody's out looking for Boyd.
I'll be the one coming after you.
6x12 - Collateral Evening, sir.
Where you headed tonight? - Headed home.
- You got any kin waiting on you? No, sir, I don't.
That won't be necessary.
Well What can I do for you, officer? You can give me a ride.
- This the shitbag? - It is.
- Hello, shitbag.
- Him there's the good news.
- I don't want to hear the bad news.
- No, sir, you do not.
Jesus Christ, Raylan.
Don't suppose you remember my name.
I remember you had aim to throw me down a mine shaft.
You're a long way from home, are you not? I am.
Slurry pond fouled the spring.
No water on the other side of the mountain.
- No water nothing to hunt.
- Well, I reckon it was hard to move on.
They'll take the mountaintop year's end, I heard.
I'd have had to move on regardless.
- Wouldn't mind if you sat a spell.
- I got urgent matters.
My advice keep moving on.
There's a fugitive at large hereabouts.
Give my best to Cousin Mary if you see her.
She passed.
- Condolences.
Stand up.
Tell 'em to come out, guns pointed at the ground.
If that ain't all of 'em, you're the first one who gets shot.
- That's all of 'em.
- Lay your guns down.
Every second I spend on your bullshit, the man I'm hunting gets further away.
Now, tell 'em to do it before I lose my temper.
Now, walk down that hill, and keep walking about an hour.
He'll catch up with you soon if he don't do something stupid.
No sign.
I bet they ran off after Grubes died.
And I bet they starved to death.
We got no guide, and you're worried about the horses? That's one bad omen on top of another.
I ain't superstitious.
Well, it doesn't take a damn ouija board to see that our plan is as dead as the man that used to live in that house.
You'd notice if you weren't playing in the dirt! - I'm digging a grave.
- For us? Huh? Uncle Zachariah, we gotta get out of here.
Oh, is that the way it is? Leave the dead to bury their own? That's something you learned from Boyd, huh? You don't know me.
You You want to be all high and mighty? Let's see how that saves your ass.
I know you don't want to hear me preach, but I'm gonna tell you right now, there's six months' worth of food in that cabin, plenty of water, - and a lot of firewood for the cold.
- Wait a minute.
- If that's your idea of a plan - Oh no, little girl.
I like your idea we just roam around these goddamn mountains not knowing what the hell we're doing, lost, hauling 300, 400, 500 pounds of money? Oh, you're real smart, girl.
- I can't keep this up.
- Yes, you can, and you will.
'Cause that's who we are, born in these godforsaken hollers in this goddamn broken-down world.
We're survivors.
Okay, you want to stay? We can stay.
- But we're gonna fight.
- Won't have to fight.
After two weeks, they'll think we're somewhere over in Virginia.
They'll just move that search on over there.
I'm talking about Boyd.
- He knows this place.
He will come.
- Boyd is dead.
And if he ain't dead, he's in jail.
We'll be safe here for a while.
Grab that shovel and help me get this man in the ground.
I don't see any badge.
Are you still a federal? This guy you're chasing - he personal business? - You met him.
You put me in a box with him.
He's now a federal fugitive.
So you should've let me kill him at the time, then, huh? - Thought has crossed my mind.
- So I'm right.
Gotta be you, the one that does him.
Had a coyote like that.
Ate near 10 of my chickens one every night.
Dogs couldn't catch her, avoided the traps like she'd set 'em herself.
- You know, what I decided to do was - I don't care what you did.
I need you to shut your mouth and get up that hill.
You know, after we tangled, Cousin Mary told us all about you.
Turns out, I remember your daddy.
He's a son of a bitch.
- You'll get no argument there.
- You know what he did? Historically or on a specific day? He used us.
Used our blood ties to your Mama to have us move his drugs up and down our mountain the way you're moving me right now.
The way I see it, that makes you a son of a bitch, too.
Guilty as char I let you go, you gonna get your people, come back after me? Got any good reason why I shouldn't? - With what purpose in mind? - You saw 'em.
They got nothing.
They'll kill you for your boots.
Give me that.
In a couple days, you're gonna come to Arlo Givens' place, he's in the book.
I'm signing it over to you.
Y-You're giving me your house? He did you people dirt.
This is payback.
Been using that place as a bullshit excuse.
I don't need the money from selling it.
I need to find Boyd and get to Florida.
- What's this? - A note bequeathing the property to you case I don't make it down.
On this lonely road, trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard on this lonely road, trying to make it home doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? I see them long, hard times to come I always scoffed at people talking to loved ones who'd moved on.
Seemed impractical to me.
Can't hear you.
They're gone.
And I'm a practical man.
Except when it comes to you, it seems.
Revenge, Katherine.
What did you in? Damn it, I told you I would get Duffy! Why didn't you trust me? For once, why couldn't you just do what you were told to do? I'll always love you, Katherine, but you need to know.
I may be talking to a ghost, but I am still a practical man.
I'd love to gut Wynn Duffy from nose to tail, but I have got to go and get my goddamn money.
Wynn Duffy.
Hey, you've got a damn good lawyer, Wynn, And I ought to know, because I'm a damn good lawyer.
I'll pass along the adulation.
Are these the personal items from my motor coach? Yeah, I had to call in a lot of favors to get you transferred to federal custody.
And now well, it seems now I got to let you go.
- Billie Jean King.
- A pioneer.
We took the liberty to freeze your bank accounts It's prescription.
I have sensitive gums.
pending the results of the investigation.
You're fully cleared, should be able to get most of your assets off ice.
Oh, look at this.
- You are an eagle scout.
- It belonged to a dear friend.
'Course, KSP's gonna want to keep your winnebago a bit longer, but if you want that, you can stick around for another week or two.
- That they can have.
- Bad memories? Raylan Givens, Boyd Crowder, and Avery Markham are soon to converge, Mr.
Like the aligning of the planets if those planets carried guns and hated my guts.
I don't ever plan on returning to Kentucky.
May I? I just have one last question.
- You know, for me.
Off the record.
- Sounds sexy.
You know, I have a-a stack of files this tall.
Sits on my desk.
It's got all kinds of witness interrogation and, um, surveillance records and info from snitches about who killed Simon Poole 14 years ago.
And it all adds up to jack shit.
So I just want to know, between you and me, who really did it? Who killed my boss? Between you and me, Mr.
Vasquez, I really and truly don't know.
Air unit East to Evarts.
Possible fugitive sighting.
Please confirm.
Which fugitive? Over.
Uh, Boyd Crowder possibly in police uniform.
Considered armed.
Stolen police vehicle recovered.
Possible hostage situation.
God damn.
Oh, god Of course.
Of course! What the hell you laughing about? It's a joke.
Don't you get it? We're dead! No, we got to do something.
We're gonna run.
Hell yeah! Let's run! You know your way around this goddamn mountain, little girl? - 'Cause I sure as hell don't.
- Forget about the mountain.
We got to go back down! We got to we got to I don't know find one of them abandoned houses and and hide out.
Federals kicking in every goddamn door, dogs running around, sniffing around, they'd find us in no time.
You got a better idea? Else we're dead.
Yeah, I got an idea.
We're gonna sit right here, we're gonna wait.
And when he shows up, we're gonna kill him.
The end.
That's not gonna be our end.
'Cause staying here is suicide.
I'm gonna need you for a little while longer.
I'd rather take your time than take your truck.
- You can have her.
- Yeah, well, I don't want her.
I'm just looking to get from point "A" to point "B.
" Look, Mr.
Crowder, I done helped you out.
- I gave you my son's clothes.
- You know my name.
- You know what I done.
- God damn right I know your name.
And which time you talking about? - Well, I do have a rather long résumé.
- Yes, sir.
They put out your greatest hits, it'd be a double album.
Double live, man, from Japan.
Hell yeah.
All killer, no filler.
Konnichiwa, bitches.
You nearest thing we got to Billy the Kid around here.
Well, I don't know about all that.
Shit, son, you're smart.
Articulate, strong.
The way you look, the way you talk, ain't nobody expect nothing from you.
Then you unleash, and they cannot deny.
- It ain't too much to call you a hero.
- Well, if you insist.
Go on.
Be proud to give the outlaw Boyd Crowder my truck.
Thing is, they're looking for me.
They ain't looking for you.
So I'm gonna need you to drive.
Man, this sucks.
- I ain't paying you to whine.
- Yeah? And I didn't come for the money.
Well not just the money.
Look, I got people maybe out to kill me, Derrick.
You came just to get back together, you're a damn fool.
Loretta why you got to be talking - Got him.
- Hold up.
- I can't see.
- Here, let me look.
Hey, Loretta.
I been looking everywhere for you.
You know, one way in and out of this place I snap one of your traps, and you both take your eyes off the door? You're a smart girl, but I got a thing or two to teach you yet.
I reckon I could see you both better if you stepped out this way.
Yes, you, son.
Come on, now.
Now, how about you put down them toys? I'm not here to start a ruckus.
- Who the hell are you? - Just her boyfriend.
Oh, yeah? You want to save your girlfriend? He ain't my boyfriend.
Loretta, girl, a boy doesn't become a man until he can make his own decisions.
You want to raise up that gun, try and shoot me? Or you afraid I'm too fast? I am, by the way.
Good news Jenny here, you got to leave her firing chamber empty, avoid an accidental discharge.
Bad news her chamber's full of promise now.
How about we try that again, huh? You not having to clear that holster, boy, that fast approaches a fair Aw, shit.
He's still kicking.
That's the risk you run going for a head shot, Loretta.
Well, I figure you never know when one of these pussies are wearing kevlar, right? Always go for the brain.
Best bet.
Don't worry.
I'll forgive you.
Where is she? Where's Art? Who's running this shit show? Where is everybody? Gee, I don't know.
The manhunts? Plural? And they left you to what? Do your nails? Well, if it's any of your business, Vasquez, - I'm coordinating.
- Oh, well, that's fantastic.
Maybe you can coordinate an explanation for this bullshit bulletin.
Chief called it in.
Looks pretty serious.
You were saying? - Having a bad day, David? - Yeah.
Hey, Tim, maybe you can help out - Dude, I just came in.
- He's asking about the bulletin.
Well when a marshal's life is in danger, we put out a bulletin saying so.
Hoping a fellow L.
will bring him into protective custody.
You think I don't know that Givens has gone rogue and that you're closing ranks to avoid a P.
nightmare? You and everybody in this office is gonna be writing thank-you notes to Art Mullen from the federal penitentiary.
- Your attitude is not helpful.
- Open your ears! - So negative.
- We're not talking about a write-up.
Everybody in here is an accessory to to a $10 million heist! Aiding and abetting a fugitive! Never mind.
There's no point.
- Get me S.
, uh, Les Levay at the FBI.
- Mullen.
- Oh, hey, Art.
What's up? - Hold on.
You're breaking up.
See if I can get a signal.
- Uh, say that again.
- Oh, hey, Art.
What's up? Oh, you know, scouring the countryside for a dumbass.
You? Well, I just had Vasquez pissing in my ear about the bulletin.
So, it looks like we can't keep the whole "Raylan Givens gone rogue" thing in-house.
Well, he sniffed that out sooner than I'd thought.
- I think he just trashed Nelson's desk, too.
- Well, how'd you leave it? Well, he's on the phone now.
Yeah, I'm gonna need a bolo issued for Raylan Givens.
Fact, I just heard him tell the FBI ballsack to issue a bolo.
- Well, shit! - Wait one.
The plan is as soon as I get him, I'm gonna indict him.
I just heard him say he wants Raylan indicted.
Double shit.
Raylan, if you get this, just letting you know I heard the FBI bolo for you on the scanner.
I know you're in trouble, and I'm I'm on my way.
Raylan, d-d-did you steal my Crown Vic? D Shit! All right, where are you? Aw, there you are.
I'm coming for you, Raylan.
- You ain't Boyd.
- Neither are you.
- Appreciate you not shooting me.
- Likewise.
Seen the crown of your hat through the window.
Boyd don't wear no hat.
Where's Ava? If you get this, call this number.
You better make it fast, though.
I'm running out of time.
I need a vehicle, a gun, and two passports.
I want the vehicle to have a compartment, well-hidden, and I mean top-shelf hidden, not some 20-year-old Astro with a false bottom.
How much space you need? Enough room for two or three very large duffel bags.
Your guy coming, too? No, Mikey's not gonna make it.
You know what'd be great? One of those dog-grooming vans.
Mobile dog groomers use them.
We can paint one up like that, sure.
A used one.
It's not easy.
By tomorrow.
- Triple what you paid last time.
- Fine.
Up front.
Keep the change.
- Anything else? - Yeah, actually a topographical map of Harlan County would be great.
Do you not see how we want the same thing? That may be true.
But if Boyd ain't been here yet, why you going off looking for Ava? Why don't you just stay here, and we'll take that son of a bitch together? We don't know for sure if he's coming.
He's only coming if he thinks she's here! And he does think she's here! But if he don't, if he somehow gets wind of her - before I get to him.
- I hear what you're saying, - but I'm sticking here for the fight.
- Well, I'm taking the fight to him.
- Now, where is she? - I don't know.
Maybe she slipped through cranks gap by now.
She might be halfway to Jonesville - maybe Ewing.
I don't know.
- Who she knows in Virginia? - Did you set her up? - I don't know nobody in Virginia.
I don't know where she is, and she didn't tell me.
So I can't spill my guts in case you plan on roughing me up again.
You're a waste of space.
You're of no help.
Let me tell you something, you son of a bitch! You ain't no better than Boyd! God damn you! The way the two you just scrambled that poor girl's brains! Pull her this way and that way.
You used her, god damn you! Ain't no wonder why she burnt the two of you - and lit out on her own.
- I'm trying to protect her.
Yeah, that may be part of the story, but I bet that ain't the whole goddamn story.
Yeah, you're goddamn right.
Where's the money? Where is it? It ain't here.
It had to weigh a ton.
No way she drug it up and over.
- She went down.
- She's gone.
Not as long as I'm looking.
Oh, god.
- Ava Crowder - Aah! Step away from the car.
Step away from my Crown Vic.
Take that backpack off.
And, hey, don't reach in.
No, put it on the ground! On the ground! Ava, don't test me.
All right, now get down on your knees.
On your knees.
Sorry if that that sounds untoward.
Holy shit! Holy shit.
- Where Where's Raylan? - I don't know.
- Did you kill him? - What? No! Ava, you're a fugitive from the law.
I know you shot your fiancé and I know that Raylan took my Crown Vic.
And I tracked it up here.
Now, for the last time The answer to the question is "no!" I ain't even seen him.
I hope for your sake, and for the sake of the Commonwealth of Kentucky that you are telling the truth.
Now lace your fingers behind your head.
Behind your head! Okay.
Let's get up slowly.
Come on.
There you go.
Walk this way with me.
And I'm quick with this gun, case you're getting squirrely.
- You got that? - Bob, you know there's a lot more money where that came from, - don't you? I mean - I'm gonna take mercy on you.
I'm not gonna "attempting to bribe an officer of the law" to your long list of offenses.
And before you try to seduce me, just know it's been tried before.
All right, now, get yourself in the Gremlin there.
Open the door.
Open the door.
All right.
Sit yourself down.
And when Raylan comes back with my keys, we're gonna make the change, and it's nice in there.
I got an air freshener smells like a mocha latte.
- You hear that? - Uh, no, I di Yes, I did.
- It's Boyd.
- Ava, that could be anybody, okay? I want you to calm down, all right? Just calm down.
- Just sit down for a sec.
- Listen to me.
He's gonna kill us! Cold out here.
Can feel it.
Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.
I appreciate the lie, Mr.
But we both know what you was thinking.
- Loose end and all.
- You know my mind? Now, maybe I was gonna take your keys, let you walk.
So you could shoot me in the back? You're gonna have to look me in the eye, you pull that trigger.
Nah, I knew the minute you stepped in my cab I was gonna be staring down the black hole of your gun cut me down like the plague you are.
Well, I got to say, you did do a pretty good job all that smoke you were blowing up my ass.
Ain't no smoke.
But I will say this.
Stories of outlaw legends, they ain't passed down by the families of the murdered.
Well, I don't give a shit about "the Ballad of Boyd Crowder.
" I'll be dead and gone when that song gets sung.
Old boy by the name of Hut McKean mean anything to you? Let me guess I killed him, my men killed him, my dope killed him, or my daddy killed him? Next thing that comes out of your mouth is, "how do you sleep at night, Boyd Crowder?" Well, do you know how? 'Cause I know who I am.
Do you? You're a slave, disenfranchised don't even know it.
You drive your shitty truck to your shitty house, live out your shitty life.
You think you're better than me 'cause you play by the rules? Whose rules? My life is my own.
You ain't even heard a word I said.
I don't give a shit about what you said.
I'm an outlaw.
Stay here.
Don't make any noise.
No! No, no! Bob! Bob! You can't leave me here like this! Ah.
God damn, Raylan! How you know I wasn't some boy scout looking for his tent?! - Your teeth glow in the dark.
- You shot unprovoked.
How am I supposed to take that? As me aiming to kill you.
Well, it's only getting colder.
So what say the next time the moon peeks out from behind those clouds, we show it down? Now you're talking.
Only problem is, Raylan, I don't know where you are.
I don't know where I'm either.
Why you want to kill me so bad, Raylan? You don't even know why.
"Boyd Crowder must die!" That's just the lie you tell yourself, wanting to win.
You are the world-conquering emperor of lies, the biggest reserved for yourself.
Just say it, Raylan.
"I want to win!" How about, "I want the money"? Shit.
You want to kill her, Boyd.
You want to kill the woman who stole your money, shot you, and left you for dead.
- You don't know what's in my heart.
- What heart? You don't know what's in your own heart.
You've given up everything you are so that you could murder me.
I cross the line with my eyes wide open.
Well, whose eyes you gonna see when you kill me, Raylan? Your daddy's? - Not anymore.
- Your baby girl's? Imagine the look on her face the day she realizes, "my daddy spent his whole life trying to walk the line and failed.
" She'll live her life the way everybody does on her own.
Are you sure you don't want me to kill you, Raylan, keep you a hero? That makes for a hell of a bedtime story.
This is the only story here tonight.
Help! You don't think that's Bob, do you? Why would that be Bob? Well, I shot him a couple times down at the trail head.
I think he might still be alive.
You ought to go run down there and see if you can't help him.
- Bob can take care of himself.
- Well, hell, Raylan.
Then I have already won.
Stop! Aah! Get down on the ground.
- All right, all right, all right! - Get on the ground! Holy shit! There's a shitload of money in here.
You take me in, you're gonna have to hand that over.
You let me go, you can have it.
I do not know what Mr.
Markham has got planned for you - Wait.
- but I don't want him to do it to me.
Markham? You're taking me to see Markham? Get up.
Get up, you pussy.
- What the hell is this? - Yeah, he tried to pull on me.
You just gonna let him lay there and bleed? Was I supposed to take him to the hospital? Hope he wasn't someone dear to you.
Just someone I paid to watch my back.
- Money not well spent, I'd say.
- Well, slim pickings, way you're running roughshod over this county.
Trying to flatter me, girl? Just wondering what you want from me is all.
Reason I had Boon come looking for you is Ava Crowder stole my money.
Stole it from the man who stole it from me.
That man being your new business partner Boyd.
This is the first I'm hearing of it.
I was thinking the two of you being so close, you might have some idea where Ava ran off to.
Even entered my mind that maybe you two ladies conspired together.
Like I said, first I'm hearing about it.
I believe you.
Couple of deputies I became friends with called me on the way over.
They picked up Ava Crowder.
Bringing her to me directly.
Suppose you won't be needing me anymore, then.
If that's the case, I'll just kill you right now.
But I'm gonna give you Tell me why I shouldn't kill you, Loretta McCready.
You can kill me.
Go right ahead.
Buy all this land I've acquired at auction like you have with others.
But bear in mind the time that may take and the unexpected costs it may incur.
What I can offer you at this juncture is a partnership.
Immediate access not only to my land, but also my growing expertise.
Sure, you've got boys like Boon over here know plenty about watching over land, but none of them were raised around these buds like I was.
Add to that my ties to Harlan County.
Say weed don't get legalized like we think.
Well I can tell you who among those criminal elements you can trust.
A partnership with me will tell those same folks that they can trust you.
First time I saw you, I liked you.
Didn't much care for what you did at the Pizza Portal, but I saw something in you reminded me of Katherine little bit.
More than that, reminded me of Mags Bennett.
I could use a Harlan girl in my fold.
Besides, I think old Boon here is sweet on you.
- Bob? Oh, jeez - Raylan.
Jesus Christ, Bob.
Just keep applying pressure, Raylan.
- Keep - I know, Bob.
to the point of impact to stanch the flow of blood.
Hey, just keep that pad pressed up against your gut, Bob.
- I am, okay? - I just Just ask me anything trivia.
"W-What What was Indiana Jones' archenemy?" - Just ask me.
Ask me.
- Bob, just breathe, buddy.
Just breathe.
Bob! Shit.
I got an officer shot.
At least two in him gut and shoulder.
The monkey's dead.
Don't eat the - Hang in there, Bob.
- They call him Belosh.
A-A-And link up to U.
Marshals' task force.
Tell 'em I know where Boyd Crowder is.
Son of a bitch! You goddamn - Where is she? - She ain't here! Ava? - Ava?! - Boyd Crowder.
Bo Crowder.
Bowman Crowder.
Y'all part of the same big, old pile of shit! Like to beat on the weak ones, don't you, you son of a bitch? I know you think you're protecting her, but you ain't.
Now, you want to protect her? You need to get me to that money before I get to her.
I'd sooner die than give you anything you want.
But I do got something for you you don't want.
Go to hell, Crowder.
Come on.
Let's go.
Raylan Givens? I don't suppose you'd believe me if I said "no.