Justified: City Primeval (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

City Primeval

Ticktock goes the clock.
Can I at least finish this first?
RAYLAN: You can finish it in the car.
Jesus, are we not on time?
There's no such thing as on time.
You're either early or you're late.
And where you're going,
we're gonna be early.
AARON: ♪Don't overthink it ♪♪
♪Don't overthink it ♪♪
Can we pull over at the next rest stop?
You sound like every fugitive
I ever transported.
Stalling, pleading,
looking for their chance
to give me a slip
out the bathroom window.
Place you're shipping me
off to might as well be a prison.
Website made it look quite pleasant.
They won't let you leave.
And they take your phone.
- Sounds like heaven.
- WILLA: Uh-huh.
You wouldn't last an hour
without your phone.
How else would you get the call?
RAYLAN: What call? Your call?
All you do is text.
And you barely do that anymore.
Not my call, the call.
Come on, Dad, I don't want to do this.
RAYLAN: I'm guessing
you'll think about that
next time you consider
punching a girl in the face.
I barely touched her.
You broke her nose.
She deserved it.
That's not the point.
WILLA: Now you sound like Mom.
She and the Stache go to the Caribbean
and I get conversion therapy.
It's camp, Willa.
AARON: ♪What you've done ♪♪
♪Being under the gun ♪♪
Why can't I just stay with you?
- RAYLAN: You okay?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
RAYLAN: Stay put.
See what I got here?
We gonna do a little trade
let you have a pickup for that there.
You see a problem with that?
Nah, he don't see a problem with that.
Unless he wants to see
this fine young thing get hurt.
- RAYLAN: Drop the pistol.
Kick it over.
How about you?
See what I got here?
That "young thing" is my daughter.
So we're all gonna stay real frosty
because you don't want to spend hours
out in gator country
waitin' to get hauled off
to the local shithole.
If you scratch my back,
I'll scratch yours.
You have my word.
Yeah, where I'm from,
that don't mean shit.
Where is that?
Plenty of other spots.
I'm good.
Got here a little
four-point, five-point.
HUNTER: Hey, hey!
You piece of shit! Get back here!
MANSELL: Clement Mansell, take two.
♪I'm gonna fight 'em off ♪♪
♪A seven-nation army
couldn't hold me back ♪♪
♪They're gonna rip it off ♪♪
♪Takin' their time
right behind my back ♪♪
♪And I'm talkin' to myself at night ♪♪
♪Because I can't forget ♪♪
♪Back and forth through my mind ♪♪
♪Behind a cigarette ♪♪
♪And the message comin'
from my eyes says ♪♪
♪"Leave it alone" ♪♪
ROSE: Here's what's on the docket.
And you have a lunch at 1:30.
You have the dealership
talk you through the app?
Mm-hmm. Just push the button.
It goes vroom.
Look at all this.
Just push the button, it goes vroom?
- Mm-hmm.
BAILIFF: All rise.
Third Circuit Judicial Court
of Wayne County,
presided over by
the Honorable Judge Alvin Guy
- Yep.
Your Honor, the prosecution
would like to ask
for a continuance.
What the hell for?
Well, in light of the recent events
You mean that someone tried
to blow me up this morning?
I want everyone here to get
one thing straight right now.
I have thrived in this racist-ass city
in this racist-ass system
for over 30 years.
Gonna take more than a car bomb
to keep me from meting out justice.
Now, are we all clear?
BOTH: Yes, Your Honor.
Let's get it on.
Well, in that case, Your Honor, we call
Deputy U. S. Marshal Raylan Givens.
PROSECUTOR: So when did you realize
the defendant was a fugitive
with Michigan warrants?
When I called it in,
I was informed there was a BOLO on him.
Your Honor, the defendant
is a twice-convicted
narcotics dealer who ran once
and, given a chance, will do so again.
In addition, we're adding
the Florida charges
of assault with a deadly weapon
and attempted kidnapping.
The state recommends bail be denied.
I'm shocked.
Ms. Wilder, nothing to add, I hope?
Just a few questions, Your Honor.
Marshal, good morning.
Good mornin'.
So after you placed
my client into custody,
you waited for law enforcement?
RAYLAN: Dispatch said
they were an hour out.
I thought it was
in your client's best interests
I expedite the process.
So you took them to the courthouse?
I drove him and his road dog
to the courthouse
where they were both arraigned.
Straight to the courthouse?
Pretty much.
Registration deadline
was 9:00 a. m. sharp.
I'm a Deputy U. S. Marshal.
I was hung up on official duty.
In that case,
perhaps you should have used
your vast powers to get here on time.
No such thing as on time.
So after you tried
to drop your daughter off,
then you took Mr. Power
to the courthouse.
Pretty much.
Okay. As promised.
I get out these handcuffs,
I'm lighting your bitch-ass up.
RAYLAN: Tyrone, here's how
we're gonna play this.
Gonna unlock your hands.
If you don't behave,
you're gonna spend
a little time in the trunk.
You got my triple steak cheeseburger?
And skinny fries and two orange freezes.
Motherfucker, I wanted Chick-fil-A!
Sit your ass down.
Somebody got something they want to add?
Marshal, you said it was hot that day.
- Did I?
In your written statement,
you said that it was
in the best interest of my client
to drive them due to the weather.
Your Honor, relevance?
Wherever this is going, get there.
96 degrees, Your Honor,
with 90% humidity.
So while you were having
your leisurely lunch
with your daughter,
you left my client in your car.
With an orange freeze
and the window cracked, I might add.
In the back seat of a hot black sedan.
- Yeah!
- PROSECUTOR: Objection!
Uh, Marshal, did you ever
threaten my client?
- Well
- Did you at any time
threaten to put him in the trunk
of a car?
It's my recollection
your client was behaving
in a threatening manner.
So you were going to put
a Black man
in the trunk of your car?
If necessary, I would have
put a white man in there too.
Your Honor, the marshal
is not the one on trial here.
Give me a minute and he will be.
Who the fuck is that?
Something funny, little girl?
Cat videos, mostly.
Who does this child belong to?
That would be me, Your Honor.
Why am I not surprised?
Bailiff, escort the marshal's daughter
to one of our finest holding cells.
- Is that really necessary?
- Of course it is.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have done it.
How 'bout you make her
just wait outside?
How 'bout you learn to shut your mouth
- in my courtroom?
- I imagine that'll make it
difficult to finish my testimony.
One more crack, testimony'll
be the least of your concerns.
Now, are you gonna shut your mouth,
or am I gonna have to?
CAROLYN: Your Honor,
I have six cases to cite
as precedent for dismissal
Can I ask you a question
off the record, Your Honor?
What's more surprising to you,
that someone made an attempt
on your life
or that it hasn't happened more often?
Are you threatening me?
State versus Craig Jones III
I'm way ahead of you, Counselor.
Remand the marshal, and along
with his daughter to the bailiff.
All the charges stemming
from the incident in Florida
assault, attempted carjacking,
felony possession
of a firearm are dropped.
The charges from the state
of Michigan will stand.
Bail is set at 100 grand.
So this is what you call quality time?
- GUARD: Givens.
Can't wait to hear this.
If I can just sign my paperwork,
turn in my car, we'll be on our way.
You're gonna need 'em.
No, I've got a cheap one-way
rental for the drive home.
LOU: Raylan, meet
Detective Wendell Robinson.
Detective, meet Raylan Givens.
'Sup, slim?
This because of that bullshit
with the judge?
Nope, it's because you two
are gonna be working together.
I got a task force with Detroit PD
looking into who tried
to kill Judge Guy.
I want you to lead the marshal presence.
Lou, no.
LOU: It wasn't a question.
I promised my kid.
We got a whole road trip
planned back to Miami.
You gonna make her ride in the trunk?
Dan's not gonna okay this.
Dan's exact words were,
"Take him. I don't need him."
LOU: A fair amount of political pressure
on this one.
Besides, you've been special requested.
Requested by who?
Judge Guy.
Says you're just the man for this one.
You're kidding me.
Sometimes I guess it takes
an angry white guy
to catch an angry white guy.
You mind giving us a minute?
Sure thing.
we already have a lead
on who's responsible.
Work with DPD. Find these assholes.
You'll be out of here
and on your way in 24 hours.
24 hours?
SINGER: ♪You can pick on me, oh ♪♪
♪Come and take my hand ♪♪
♪If you think you're ready
come with me ♪♪
♪To the promised land ♪♪
♪I may be trouble ♪♪
♪I'll make you look a fool ♪♪
♪Don't you keep on trying, baby ♪♪
♪Don't know what to do ♪♪
♪You can't keep waiting around
for a miracle ♪♪
- ♪You came to save your soul ♪♪
♪You came to save my soul ♪♪
♪Oh, yeah ♪♪
Thought we agreed to meet up later.
I wanted to get eyes on your new friend.
What if he'd gotten eyes on you?
I like this skirt.
Makes your legs look good.
Everything makes my legs look good.
MANSELL: They give you that
when you got the job?
That and all the rest.
Well, I'd like to see
all the rest of you.
I get off in an hour.
I don't think I can wait that long.
- SANDY: I'll bet you can.
- Course I can.
But I ain't gonna.
My boss has had it up to here with me.
Baby, you don't need this job anymore.
Clement's here.
Job's the reason we got
the Albanian mark
and the penthouse crash pad.
MANSELL: Why don't you tell
your boss you feel sick,
you need to go home early?
My guess is, it'll play just fine.
- [MOANS] Yeah.
Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, please! Oh!
MANSELL: You know,
I'm writin' a song about you.
- Yeah?
- MANSELL: Yeah.
Is it called "Sandy"?
MANSELL: Not a lot rhymes with Sandy.
- 'Cept Randy.
- Or handy.
I can't wear any of this shit.
SANDY: What happened to your clothes?
There was a fire.
SANDY: Your clothes
got burned up in a fire?
MANSELL: Who'd you say this guy was?
"Del Weems." [SCOFFS]
How'd you meet ol' Del?
At the casino, same as Skender.
But he was in the high roller room.
Well, maybe we should be robbing him,
seeing as the Albanian
was gambling at the $10 table.
Don't worry. Skender has money.
Yeah? Where'd that commie
ass-wipe get his dough from?
Hot dogs.
Skender says there's
a lot of money in hot dogs.
And all Del's money is electronic
Bitcoins, encrypted accounts and shit.
I tried to hold up a guy
in Whitefish a few weeks back.
Put the gun to his head,
and he asked me if he could Venmo me.
I mean, I got so damn depressed,
I went straight to the nearest bar
and just drank myself stupid.
I remember what you told me once
how foreigners make better marks
'cause they don't trust banks.
They keep cash lying around.
You remember that, huh?
SANDY: Maybe you and I
ought to visit Mr. Hot Dog,
see how much money he's really got.
I'm almost out of dope.
The man who would be fucking king.
How'd you sleep?
That's funny.
Cute puppy.
How many of them you guys bring?
BRYL: We only need one.
Belgian Malinois.
Like a German shepherd on steroids.
You ever seen one in action?
Hang around.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
It's quite a sight.
What do you do if three
guys run in different directions?
You the marshal?
- Raylan Givens.
- Maureen Downey.
BRYL: Well, you missed this
shits yesterday, Raylan Givens.
We got this tip from a group
call themselves
the Wolverine Militia.
I go to question some of 'em
at this auto shop they work at,
gave up this location
in about, mm, six seconds.
Hey, who's in charge here?
BOTH: I am.
- He is.
- BRYL: We're co-heads.
Okay, good. We're ready to go.
BRYL: Copy that.
Stick around, Marshal.
I'll show you how we get
shit done in Detroit.
BRYL: Clear.
All right. We're clear. Come on.
RAYLAN: Enough bomb-making
paraphernalia, for a small army.
God damn.
All right, get somebody to bag this up.
Still warm.
BRYL: Check the house again.
Get the dog ready.
You coming, Givens? Come on.
Things that occur to you
when you grew up in a mining town.
BARRY: Shit! Move. Go, go!
- Flip the kill switch.
- I did!
- You give it some gas?
- I thought you put gas in.
I'm talking about the throttle!
The what?
OFFICER: Police K9! Freeze!
God damn it.
- OFFICER: Stellen!
- Chain that goddamn thing up!
- Yeah, sure thing, Jim.
As soon as you tell us about
the plot to kill the judge.
- JIM: Oh, kiss my ass!
I want that dog gone
and I want my lawyer out here.
Hey, you got kids?
Daughter, yeah.
I'd get my phone out
and record this next bit
if I was you.
- Let her go.
- OFFICER: Stellen!
- I got all day, buddy.
How many others are there?
How many other targets?
There's nobody else.
It's just the judge.
And it's personal. Ow!
God! Ahh!
LEE: ♪Mm-hmm ♪♪
♪I never thought ♪♪
CAROLYN: Jamal, come on now. Stop.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
How is it possible, hmm?
You're more beautiful every day.
How is it possible there
was a time when I fell for that?
How are you?
How's business?
Better now that
my shit-heel partner is gone.
That's how you see me?
- As gone?
- As shit-heel?
Everything's fine.
Just been real busy
cleaning up your mess.
You know this is hard for me.
I'm trying to restart my life.
- I lost my wife
- Oh, no.
- Lost my house, my practice
- CAROLYN: Oh, no, no, no, no.
- I've lost a lot.
- CAROLYN: No, no, no.
You threw them away
when you defrauded your wife
and this community
that you was supposed to help.
I understand you still angry.
Ugh. [SIGHS]
JAMAL: Well, lookie here.
See, if I don't pay back
these creditors,
they gonna start diggin'
into my financials.
And who knows, whatever they turn up,
it might hurt both of us.
I cover for you, I pay you alimony,
and you-you still here threatening me?
Carolyn, I am not threatening you.
JAMAL: I am not threatening you.
I am being honest with you.
And that's what you wanted
from me, right?
That's what you said.
You wanted honesty.
If it's money you want,
I suggest you start by selling
them little cute Gucci loafers.
Bye, Jamal.
It's good seeing you, Carolyn.
You really do look good.
CODY: ♪A thousand times or more ♪♪
♪I knocked upon your door, girl ♪♪
I don't know why you still
give that man the time of day.
Maybe I'm just a sucker
for a pretty face.
For helping out with Tyrone.
Cowboy marshal did most of the work,
you want to know the truth.
It's less than we talked about.
Marcus, come on.
I owe you for a lifetime
of watching out for me.
SWEETY: You want to talk about it?
About the marshal?
No. Not the marshal.
Why can't anybody just do
the right thing?
It's a little early for
the big questions, isn't it?
All right, Sweety.
I'll see you around.
After all these years,
and you still open
the place up yourself.
How you doin', Sweety?
CODY: ♪Remember what goes up ♪♪
♪Surely must come down ♪♪
♪You've got to keep ♪♪
Two days and all you got
are questions for me?
Maybe I got the wrong white boy
doing my hunting after all.
Ah, about time my assistant showed up.
Damn, woman, they make you
kung pao that chicken yourself?
If we could just have a few
minutes alone, Your Honor.
Whatever it is,
you can say it right here.
The man we caught
in the woods today told us
his buddy ain't trying to kill
you 'cause you put him away
or out of some misguided
notion of patriotism.
He, uh
He says you banged his mother.
Let's talk in my study.
- Every day she sat in that courtroom
eyeing me like I was Wagyu beef.
I gave her son the maximum.
And she still wanted a piece.
What's that say?
Raises a lot of questions, Judge.
Questions about intention
that, were they to come up
before a judicial board of review,
could land a man in your position
in a lot of trouble.
If I were you all, I'd be very careful
about leveling accusations.
20 years on that bench.
I've seen some shit.
Things you and your bosses
don't want to come to light.
And you know I'm for real.
Your Honor, we just want
to catch the guy
who blew up your car and lock him up.
Any information on the mother
could help us.
SINGER: ♪I'm going to give you ♪♪
♪What you're here for ♪♪
♪I've got the means
to take you there ♪♪
SINGER: ♪I'm not here
to kill you softly ♪♪
♪But I promise to be good
to your earhole ♪♪
♪Put your hands together ♪♪
♪Come on and stomp your feet ♪♪
♪Put your hands together ♪♪
SINGER: ♪Come on
and stomp your feet ♪♪
Hey, you miss me?
I missed you.
Thought you had it with the Motor City?
Well, I wanted to see little old Sandy,
- and, uh, you know
[INHALES] Been workin' on something.
You got Stroh's for an old friend?
You been giggin'?
Not so much these days.
Just did some demos out in Austin.
I gotta play you some stuff
one of these days.
You want to hook up Sandy?
I gotta use the can.
SWEETY: You know weed
is legal now, right?
They got these shops
you just walk in, browse
Like buying a record.
MANSELL: I know, but then I wouldn't get
to see my old pal then, would I?
You heard his tape?
No. He never plays me his shit.
- MANSELL: A'ight, let's go.
- SANDY: We just got here.
MANSELL: Chug-a-lug, darlin'.
I don't want to be late.
Eh, thank you, Sweety.
See ya.
Not if I see you first.
SINGER: ♪Come on and let's get free ♪♪
♪Put your hands together, come on ♪♪
MANSELL: Hot potato!
What where where did you get this?
Right where I left it.
In the ceiling above the shitter.
Might need it when I follow you
to the Albanian's place.
You're not gonna hurt him, are you?
That always depends on them, honey.
Hey, baby.
Come on in.
Come and wash up.
Why'd you ask me to come by?
What, a mother can't ask
her son over to dinner?
[CHUCKLES] I made you pot roast.
Just like you like it.
There you go. Mmm, mmm, mmm.
You're really hungry, huh?
So, um, did you have anything to do
with the bombing of that judge's car?
It was a message.
A message?
He dishonored our family.
Dishonored our what?
What is this, feudal Japan?
[SIGHS] You moron.
You have messed up everything
with every man who has come into my life
ever since your piece of shit
father left.
No, no, that asshole judge
took advantage of you,
and-and-and I will not stand for it,
And I loved every single minute of it.
What'd you do?
Hello, Barry.
RAYLAN: Barry,
why don't you put your hands
- on the table where I
- BRYL: Barry!
- Stay back!
- RAYLAN: All right.
- He's got a knife.
- BARRY: Take another step,
Mama gets it!
Stand back. Back the fuck up.
Back the fuck up.
BECKY: [WHIMPERING] You're hurting me.
BARRY: Back up. I'm being serious!
BARRY: Don't take another step. Come on.
- Stand back.
- BECKY: Ahh.
BARRY: I said stand back!
- BECKY: You're hurting me.
- BARRY: Stop.
I will shut up.
Just get the fuck back!
- RAYLAN: Barry
- BARRY: Get back!
- I'm a serious man!
- Okay.
BARRY: Okay. Mom, get down there.
- Get down there, Mama.
BARRY: Get the fuck down there.
Get down there. Stay back.
Okay. Okay.
Stay back! I'm not messing around!
I'm not fuckin' around!
Get down there, Mama.
- Get down there.
- What are you doing, Barry?
- What are you doing?
- BARRY: I don't know.
I just I just need to figure it out.
RAYLAN: Hey, Barry?
You're not coming down here.
No one's coming down there.
All right, listen to me.
You don't know me.
I'm Deputy U. S. Marshal Raylan Givens,
and I can assure you,
no one's coming through this door.
Yeah, y-your damn right they're not.
Don't need to talk tough.
I'm just tryin' to help.
BECKY: Jesus himself couldn't help him.
My son's going to hell in a handbasket.
Would you shut up, Mom?
What does that even mean?
RAYLAN: It means you need
to calm your ass down.
Just talk to me, Barry.
Come on. Face to face.
Give me one good reason
I should do anything you say.
Because up until now,
no one has been hurt
except a Cadillac CT6.
But some of the agents
and officers up here, Barry,
especially the ones by the toaster oven,
are a little hungry and a lot irritable.
So if I was you
and I was sincerely interested
in saving my ass,
I'd open the door, talk this out,
and end it while I'm still breathing.
RAYLAN: Come on, Barry. What do you say?
Head to the SUV out front
instead of the afterlife?
Okay. Stand-stand down.
I'm gonna need a few things
if you expect me to
What the hell is wrong with you people?
Get the hell out of my goddamn house.
BARRY: Oh, my God, you broke my nose.
Not sure that was
entirely necessary, but okay.
That's how we do things in Detroit.
- BARRY: He broke my nose, Mom.
- BECKY: I know.
RAYLAN: You know the problem
with a nose ring?
Leaves a hole in your nose
for the rest of your life.
Your mother know it's a clip-on?
So I was thinking
What if we drove back by way of Memphis,
stop at every Steak 'n Shake
along the way,
visit the Rendezvous,
and go see Graceland?
Elvis' house.
I know it's Elvis' house. No.
Well, we could head due east.
Follow the ocean all the way down.
Maybe hit a few ball parks.
Here. It's Harlan.
Yeah, I know it's Harlan.
I'd like to go see where we're from.
There's nothing to see there.
You'd be bored out of your mind
after five minutes.
WILLA: Harlan's kind of
a direct shot from Detroit.
I'm not gonna let
my client take that deal.
We're talking aggravated assault.
Reduce it by nine months.
Three, tops.
Come on, Diane.
WILLA: There's that woman from court.
What woman?
That woman you aren't staring at.
You should go talk to her.
You aren't getting any younger,
and maybe it would be good
to have someone in your life.
I have plenty of people in my life.
That's good, 'cause I'm not about
to take care of you when you're old.
There's a guy across the room
staring at you.
Ever seen Yellowstone?
I would fuck the shit
out of Kevin Costner.
- What'd you do?
- WILLA: I didn't do anything.
You bought her a drink.
Best not be a 30-year scotch.
Told him to bring her
the dumbest drink on the menu.
We're leaving?
Mm-hmm. Bed time for you.
- I'm not tired.
- Yes, you are.
Thanks, Latoya.
Sandy, you're not
on the schedule for today,
and this is not
an approved work uniform.
That's because I'm not working tonight.
I'm the clientele.
NEAL: ♪Give the people
what they want ♪♪
♪I'll keep telling lies ♪♪
So how many other defendants' mothers
have you banged over the years?
Man cannot live by bread alone, my dear.
Lucky for me, I've got you to see.
You do not have anything.
- SANDY: Oh!
- Another dozen, bitch!
- SANDY: Oh, my God, babe!
NEAL: ♪Do yourself a favor ♪♪
♪And don't call me no more ♪♪
♪Don't want you to try to find me ♪♪
MANSELL: Hit me.
Hit me.
Hit me.
SINGER: ♪Want to share
with you what's in my mind ♪♪
♪I want to share with you
what's in my mind ♪♪
♪I want to share with you
what's in my mind ♪♪
♪'Cause I'm just not satisfied ♪♪
- Hey! God.
Asshole. Get a life.
- Let's go!
Here you go, hon. Here you go.
Lady, hello!
I think it's the same one.
Cracker motherfucker piece of shit.
Ah, damn it.
You wanna play?
Let's play.
Did you get the license number?
I can't see anything.
ALVIN: When I hit it, take a look.
Call 911.
Tell the operator it's an 11-56.
Out of Northville now, dipshit.
You don't know it,
but we're going downtown.
Assault with a deadly
oh, shit!
Son of a bitch!
This is my new motherfuckin' Cadillac!
You okay?
You hurt?
This motherfucker.
It's over.
Look out!
MANSELL: Well, what do we got here?
I can walk away right now.
Never saw a thing.
MANSELL: Get out.
Show me where your boyfriend lives.
MANSELL: He legit?
'Cause I never met a Black man
with this kind of money that was legit.
Maybe you need to meet more Black men.
What was he in? Numbers, dope?
Jesus, guy like that,
that can't say too much
for your taste, girl.
What are you gonna do with me?
I ain't gonna do nothing to you,
you show me where the man lives.
- He married?
- No.
But he lives in Palmer Woods?
Those are some big houses, huh?
Always dreamed about living
in a big house.
Lives of the Rich and Famous.
They once had on TV this big house
Barbara Mandrell used to own.
Eight bedrooms.
12 bathrooms.
Swimming pool, bowling alley,
and an ice cream parlor.
Indoor shooting range.
Shit, she had mirrors on the inside
of this canopy over this big bed
in this big ol' bedroom.
But the more I dreamt about it,
the bigger the question I had.
What is one man gonna do
with 12 toilets?
Tonight ain't my night.
I believe I've hit
every red light in town.
You know, you're not a bad-looking girl.
MAUREEN: So we're still looking
for this brown notebook.
It should've been on him, but it wasn't.
WENDELL: Case now. Ain't pretty.
BRYL: What the fuck did we miss?
Who found him?
BRYL: Car from the 11th.
A woman from a couple blocks over
calls at 1:30 to report gunshot.
He was spotted
leaving the casino with a girl.
Sounds a lot like that assistant of his.
BRYL: Well, we dropped
the ball on this one, fellas.
We got any witnesses?
WENDELL: Nothing yet.
BRYL: Start knocking on doors.
We ain't gonna close this one
without a witness.
Hey, man, we go dipping into that well,
people start copping to everything,
but the killing of Jesus.
I don't want any suspects out
of a fucking file, you hear me?
We're gonna knock down doors,
we're gonna get this guy
while he's in his bed.
He's gonna open his eyes like,
"Oh, oh, what the fuck?"
You know? Blow his mind.
MAUREEN: Hey. They found her.
Four miles away, Palmer Park.
BRYL: Jesus Christ.
God damn it.
What did we do?
She was working with you.
As a CI.
We were investigating him.
She was just a kid who made
a few bad decisions.
I put her in that car.
She didn't deserve this.
RAYLAN: Keep me posted
on DPD's investigation.
Let me know what
their canvassing turns up.
I'll take a shift this morning,
if there's anything needs chasing down.
LOU: Yeah.
Sorry about your father-daughter plans.
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