Justified: City Primeval (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

The Oklahoma Wildman

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"JUSTIFIED: City Primeval"
Marshal, did you
ever threaten my client?
Your Honor, the marshal
is not the one on trial here.
Give me a minute, and he will be.
I'm way ahead of you. All the charges
stemming from the incident
in Florida are dropped.
Raylan, meet Detective Wendell Robinson.
You're gonna be working together,
looking into who tried
to kill Judge Guy.
I promised my kid.
We got a whole road trip
planned back to Miami.
We already have a lead
on who's responsible.
You'll be out of here
and on your way in 24 hours.
Stick around, Marshal.
We'll show you how we get
shit done in Detroit.
I've seen some shit.
Things you and your bosses
don't want to come to light.
Where did you get this?
Right where I left it.
In the ceiling above the shitter.
Okay. You want to play, let's play.
Look out!
- Sweety's.
- How you doin', Sweety?
Gotta be Isaiah, man.
- Nope. Try again.
- Ain't gotta try again.
Isaiah Thomas, the greatest
Piston of all time.
He a Judas.
- What?
- Kissin' Magic on the cheek,
then turned his back on the man
when he needed him most.
No wonder they kept that nigga
from the Dream Team.
I'm not saying you want
the man to fuck your sister,
but who done more
for the franchise than Isaiah?
- Joe Dumars.
- Mm.
Yeah, man.
Two rings, '89 finals MVP,
then to the front office
where he built those mid-2000s teams.
That's right. Head of operations.
My man Sweety knows what's up.
this is why I'm not a big fan of weed.
You sit around too stoned to think.
How come you didn't lock the door?
- Yo, I did
- Obviously you didn't.
It don't matter much now, does it?
All that matters now is you get
us the money and the dope.
Weed's in the top drawer.
Fellas, you know why we rob drug dealers
instead of rich folks
up in Palmer Woods?
Because drug dealers hold lots of cash
and wait for it drugs.
And while it's possible
you're the worst drug dealers
in history,
and from what I hear
that ain't the case,
which means you're holding out on me.
That's all we got.
You can search the place if you want.
But I don't want to search the place.
I want you to do it for me.
Ay, ay, look,
man says that's all there is.
How about you take what you got,
head on out
before somebody gets hurt.
You know what else
I was never a big fan of.
It all kind of sounds the same to me.
Tell you a fun fact.
Did you know that if you play
reggae too fast,
it becomes a polka?
Hey, Sweety
Why don't you do me a favor
and, uh, put something else on
would you?
Motherfuckin' Judas.
And, Sweety, you turn it up.
Now you gonna get
the shit for me or what?
Let's go, man.
Hey. Come the fuck on.
Ah. God damn it.
And you wanted to walk
with that pocket change.
Sweety, you gettin' soft
in your old age, buddy.
You know, Mike and Fin,
they wanted me to kill you.
Yeah. Split the thing
three ways instead of four.
You think I'd kill the man who jammed
with Tommy Fingers and Red Widow?
Come on, you know I got your back.
Now, how about we go back
to your place and celebrate?
All right.
You drove here, right?
Probably shouldn't leave it.
Know what I mean?
Hey, you had any trouble today?
Law enforcement of some kind maybe?
No. Why?
Baby, who you talking to?
Are you talking to the restaurant?
Can you make sure that
they make those espresso-tinis?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Uh, listen, I'm gonna need you
to get me a lawyer
because if I spend
too much time inside, Sweety,
who knows what I might start saying?
What do you think?
You look beautiful.
Hey, fellas, what took you so long?
You could have just knocked.
That was me knocking.
Mr. Mansell.
My name is Carolyn Wilder.
I'm a friend of Marcus Sweeton's.
And I'm gonna be your lawyer.
Oh, well, please call me Clement.
Today must be my lucky day.
I'll get it.
Where would you like this?
Over there is good.
How are we this morning, sir?
So far so good.
Sure hope you're hungry.
I'm guessing this goes to you.
20% service charge is included,
but additional gratuities
are always appreciated.
Enjoy your breakfast.
Thank you.
I wasn't sure what you wanted,
so I got
- Everything on the menu?
- Is that not okay?
Nah, it's fine.
I mean, we're on vacation, right?
If you say so.
Willa, I'm telling you,
this is just a temporary snag.
We're gonna be on the road
before you know it.
Maybe they forgot something.
I can't imagine what that could be.
You know, this coffee is $34 a pot?
Okay. Tell him I'll be down in a minute.
All right. As we discussed,
should only be a couple hours.
And you stay on the premises.
What if I want to go out?
When I suggest you get
off your phone and go outside,
I get rolled eyes.
But now you want to go out?
Teenage girls are complicated.
Wherever you want in the building.
But you stay on the grounds.
- You hear me?
- Yeah, I hear you.
Details are beginning to emerge
in the shocking murder last night
of Judge Alvin Guy
and an unnamed
Wayne County Court employee.
It is a mystery
that has people on the edge
The two bodies were found at 1:00 a.m.
in and around Palmer Park Golf Course.
Police say that the high profile
of Judge Guy and unconfirmed reports
Heck happened to you last night?
Earlier this week, strongly suggest
- that he may have been
- We went to a club
and then back to his place.
I kept waiting for you to show up
so we could rob him
May have been simply
an innocent bystander.
I spent the night. You jealous?
You hear about this?
Is there something you to tell me
or is better if I don't know?
You'd think there'd be
a bounty on that little shit.
A reward you could claim.
Learned that Police Chief Devon Briggs
- and the Wayne County
- Who could claim?
You know how many people
woulda paid money
I mean real money to have this done?
Maybe somebody did pay.
Mm-mm. Nope.
It was done for free.
Judge Guy was a long-time presence
Don't tell me anymore, okay?
What's that?
Don't answer that.
- Don't answer that.
- Police have confirmed
exclusively to Fox 2 Detroit
that Judge Guy survived an attempt
Weems residence.
Yes, ma'am.
Two gentlemen asking for Mr. Weems.
It's the police.
You want to be the good guy?
I'm tired and grouchy
enough to be a natural heavy
if we need to get into that shit.
What are you tired from?
Morning. I'm Detective Robinson,
Detroit Police. This here's
Raylan Givens, U.S. Marshals.
Doorman says your name is Sandy Stanton?
That's right. Yeah.
Said Mr. Weems is out of town.
Oh, you're looking for Del.
Oh, yeah, he's gone
on a meditation thingy.
Mind if we come inside?
Uh I-I know this is corny,
but have you got a warrant?
Warrant for what? We just want to ask
a few questions about Mr. Weems.
I understand you drove him
to the airport?
The day before yesterday. Yeah.
Um, what is it you want him for?
You drive him out in his car?
A Range Rover?
Yeah. Why?
Not feelin' too hot, huh?
Yeah. So sick.
What do you do for a living, Sandy?
Uh, I work at the casino.
Were you here last night?
Last night? Oh, I was at the casino.
Not to work but, you know
Did you win?
- You kidding?
- Puh.
I never won a thing in my life.
You and me must have the same luck.
You take the Rover to the casino?
No, no. My friend drove me.
Sorry. God.
Um, Skender Lulgjaraj.
He's kinda Albanian.
I was with him all night, actually.
Then who drove Del's car last night?
Nobody did.
You didn't loan it to someone?
God, hey, maybe it was stolen.
Oh. Well, how about we take a look?
You got the keys, don't you?
Oh, God. I-I never know
what I do with my keys.
- Maybe we can help ya.
- No, that's okay.
I-I think I know where they are.
You boys just sit down and take it easy.
And I'll be right back.
Sorry. I'm so sick.
- Hey.
- Hey. They gone?
No. They're not gone.
- They want the keys.
- What keys?
The fucking car keys.
What do you think, "what keys"?
They have a warrant?
They don't have a warrant,
you don't have to give them no keys.
Do you want to
go out and tell them that?
I'm thinking. Well, it's up to you.
You wanna give them the keys,
go ahead, give them the keys.
Okay. Keys.
Oh, hon,
I sorta had a accident parking the car.
Sandy Stanton.
Cute little lady.
How do I know that name?
I don't know.
But it's certainly got a ring to it.
Like a movie star.
Kinda name you read in the paper.
Or in a case file.
What are you two doing?
Talkin' about me?
I found them.
When's the last time you drove it?
When I drove Del to the airport.
Car's in good shape?
- I guess so.
- No dings or anything?
Oh, shit. Yeah. Tch.
I, uh I scraped the fender
down on the cement where you park.
Del's gonna kill me.
Tight spot.
Down in the parking garage.
Which fender you scrape, Sandy?
Um it was it was this one.
The left the left one.
You sure?
Pretty sure. Yeah.
But a lot of times I mix up
my left and right.
Anybody staying with you, Sandy?
Nope. It's No, it's just me.
Anyone here right now?
I'm not sure you're being fair.
Don't you have to, like,
tell me what this is all about
or something?
We got a few witnesses say a car
looked a lot like Del's was involved
in a traffic accident last night.
Oh, shit. That's what this is about?
I thought it was something important.
You seen Clement Mansell lately?
Clement Mansell.
Isn't he an old friend of yours?
I recall the name. Sure. Yeah.
We once picked Mansell up
in a motel room.
I'm pretty sure you were with him
if memory serves.
Well, this has been fun.
But unless you have anything else,
I think it's probably time you left.
And you can just leave
the keys with the door guy.
Sandy, if you remember anything
Anything at all, you can
reach me at that number.
Yeah. Okay.
What do you think?
Ooh. U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens.
Thought you said they were cops.
One of them was. The Black one.
Said he saw us that day at the motel.
What the hell is a marshal doing here?
I don't know, babe.
I didn't think to ask.
Well, what'd he look like?
Regular old beer-gut dick?
No. He was skinny, almost. Dewy skin.
Dewy skin? What's that mean?
Like he's a sweat-er, Sandy?
No. He was quiet. Polite, even.
It's funny, I get the sense
there's some meanness in him.
Otherwise, he was kind of cute.
Oh, cute, huh?
I gotta see a federal marshal
that's cute.
That'll be one of my goals in life.
I need you to drive over to the Rouge
and do me a little favor.
I can't Do I have to?
Baby, I can't go now, can I?
I need to smoke
a little first, help me relax.
What I think you need
is one of Dr. Mansell's
special treatments.
- Oh.
- Yeah?
You feel that? Ooh.
Always reliable.
Never gets wimpy or pouty on you.
- Oh, babe.
- Yeah.
Baby. No.
Now, you get back from your trip,
you can have your medicine.
How's that sound?
Just a scrape?
Sometimes she mixes up
her left and her right.
Be curious to see whether her story
about the Albanian checks out.
What do you think the chances are
this paint'll match
the judge's Cadillac?
Maybe we should stick around,
see if Sandy runs.
I could do that.
While we're waitin',
you can tell me about Clement Mansell.
Can do that, too.
This guy left a trail
of shit from Oklahoma to Detroit.
Nothin' ever stuck, huh?
Matcha. Wife turned me onto it.
Helps your nerves.
I see.
It ain't that $34 room service coffee,
but it does the trick.
Mansell really that good
or he just lucky?
I don't think luck
has a thing to do with it.
How'd he get off
the Wrecking Crew killings?
We had him cold.
Eyewitness to a quadruple homicide.
Would have been five dead,
but one of them takes
a couple gunshots point blank,
lives to tell the tale
of how it was Mansell
who pulled the trigger.
- What happened?
- His attorney appealed
on a federal detainer statute
and he walked.
Smart lawyer.
Who was the arresting officer?
Raymond Cruz.
What's his deal? Where is he now?
32 years on the job.
The world changed, Ray didn't.
Hell of a detective who just had enough.
I don't know.
Probably fishing
and getting shit-hammered.
Think she's in over her head
or right where she wants to be?
Maybe in over her head
is where she wants to be.
I'm fine.
Think she's gonna jump?
Didn't strike me as the type.
Well, maybe she's just here
to do a little sight-seeing.
Although, it ain't exactly
picturesque, is it?
Not exactly.
I suppose there's
always the third option
She's here to get rid of something.
- Forgot option four.
- Which is?
She had to take a piss.
Marshal, this is Carolyn Wilder.
The attorney from court the other day.
- I remember.
- I have something
that I wanted to discuss with you,
was hoping we could do it in person.
I'm kinda in the middle
of something right now.
When were you hoping
this meeting would take place?
My office. A soon as you are available.
- What's the rush?
- Why wait?
I'll send you the address.
See you soon, Marshal.
What was that?
I'm not entirely sure.
Here we go.
Maybe she made us.
Maybe she just did the math.
Can't wait to see where she goes next.
You joining or you got
somewhere else to be?
that he was married,
but he was gonna leave her
Detroit police said
it happened right behind me
in that parking lot, uh,
right next to that suite.
Because, actually, we-we
do have something to tell
Uh, Livy, Livy, listen to me.
I-I-I can handle this, okay? I
- You're gonna tell her?
- I-I said I can han
I really like the salty
kind of buttery thing going
No, no! I said no! Aah!
- Yeah, y'all in step
- Is what they won't
promise, but with that
Never heard you utter anything racist.
Hey, yo, miss lady.
Hey, what's goin' on?
Hey, you look like somebody
that could use a nice watch.
Come holla at your boy.
Check it out. Today's your lucky day.
I got that liquidation sale goin' on.
Genuine Rolex.
Huh, you like that one?
Get one for your boyfriend,
for your pops, or for yourself.
Don't cheat yourself when you
can treat yourself, you heard?
How much?
- For you? 40 bucks.
- For a Rolex?
Hey, what can I say? I buy in bulk.
- You steal 'em?
- Tch. Man, c'mon. Pfft.
- What kind of metal is this?
- Stainless steel.
Doesn't feel like stainless steel.
Yeah, 'cause I get it from France.
I like my Rolexes from Switzerland.
Yada-yada-yada look,
do you want the watch or not?
For you, 20 bucks.
Why would I spend 20 bucks on something
that's clearly a crappy knock-off?
You know what? Bet. We're done here.
It's a wrap.
- Go on about your business.
- I have 7 bucks.
How 'bout 7?
Hey, Sweety.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Uh, no. I-I don't know.
I, um it's-it's been a day.
- Want a drink?
- I just gotta pee.
Um, you know what?
I could do with a dime.
That'd be great.
Run through that eighth already, huh?
Like I said, it's been a day.
Ohh! God damn it!
Hey, thanks, Sweety.
Sure you don't want that drink?
Oh, maybe next time.
I-I gotta get changed for work.
This shit gets better by the minute.
- Movin' out?
- No. her old partner's stuff
shoulda been out months ago.
You know.
Why don't you have a seat?
Here and I thought you wanted
to thank me for the drink.
Saw your picture today in a case file.
Probably taken right before
they locked you up in Milan.
Uh, who you supposed to be in that hat?
Travis Tritt?
Why, Clement, if you just
wanted to see my hat,
you could have walked out
of Del Weems' back bedroom
and gotten a good look then.
You have reason to suspect
my client is involved
in the murder of Judge Guy?
And Rose Doyle, yes.
- And what is that?
- Witnesses.
Shit. He ain't got no witnesses.
He's blowing smoke up your ass.
Not another word
unless I ask you a question.
Can I ask him a question?
What is it?
Was he driving around
in a Range Rover last night?
- License number 8
- He's not gonna answer that.
No, go on. I want to hear
how you're gonna lay the judge on me.
- Not another word.
- He's dyin'.
You got this idea
of what happened to the judge.
You just can't get nobody
to, uh, coora
what's the word? Corrobrate it.
Hang around courtrooms and county jails,
you learn some words, don't you?
Yeah, you learn a few things
about lawmen, too.
This oughta be good.
Only two kinds of guys
out in the street
chasing bad guys at your age
ones who got passed over
for the big chair,
and the ones that just love it so much
they're gonna have to be dragged off.
Only question is will they
be breathing when it happens.
I'ma be real clear.
I called you here to say
that unless you really have
something on my client,
unless you're going to arrest him,
you're gonna walk away, Marshal.
Do not harass him or even speak to him.
Is that understood?
You mind if I take this?
When I tell you to be quiet
- Hey.
- You do just that.
Soon. Why? Is everything all right?
You're not there are you?
Yeah, I'm not doing this shit for free.
Get out of my office.
Willa, I'm gonna call you right back.
Counselor, you good?
He's a beauty.
He kills people.
You know my job, Marshal.
And I know yours.
And you're okay?
I think you mean well.
But it ain't none of my business.
You have a good day, Marshal.
You too, Carolyn.
Thought we had an agreement
about you staying at the hotel.
Where are you exactly?
- Near the hotel.
- Willa
Wherever you are, whatever you're doing,
I want you to turn
that narrow ass around
and get back to the hotel
and be there when I return.
Or I'm gonna put a BOLO out on you,
and have you arrested.
I can't tell if you're joking or not.
Okay. Fine.
Everything all right?
I gotta get back to the hotel.
But let's go talk to this girl first.
Your shift starts on the hour,
not five minutes after the hour,
not ten minutes after the hour.
Yes, sir.
I'm not kidding, Sandy.
It's final warning time.
Fuck me.
- What?
- Excuse me.
I already told you everything I know.
And I haven't heard from Del
if that's what you're wondering.
What were you doing
down by the bridge today, Sandy?
- Do we have to do this here?
- Well, it's either here
or Detective Robinson's
favorite down at the station.
Can I drop these drinks off first?
She one of them, what do you call it
own worst enemy types.
Oh, I don't know.
I see potential.
I'll be at the bar.
Mansell send you to the bridge,
or was that your idea?
He didn't send me anywhere.
What about Sweety's?
You go there for Mansell, too?
He didn't send me anywhere.
I just told you that.
And I go to Sweety's for weed.
Where'd your friend go?
I like him better.
Last night, a judge
was shot to death in his car.
Maybe he was a good man,
maybe he wasn't.
But the same dude that killed the judge
took his companion to a golf course
and put a bullet in her head
where her face used to be.
I need to get back to work.
You went to Sweety's for weed, huh?
Helps me relax when I'm stressed.
In that case, way things are goin',
I'd get your hands
on some really good shit.
Still seeing potential?
You're never gonna guess
who just showed up at my work
asking about you.
Want me to drop you off
back at the hotel?
I got no doubt
Mansell put a gun in her hand.
She had it with her at the bridge.
She must have had it with her
at that bar.
I was just thinking it
was time you bought me a drink.
Hi. Good afternoon.
I'm looking for my friend
Raylan Givens' room.
Hello? Who's calling?
So instead of Dad I get stuck with you?
Yes, ma'am. That's right.
You get stuck with me.
Lookin' for Mr. Sweety.
Why don't you, uh, head home?
We'll catch up later.
I'll be fine.
Raylan Givens, Marcus Sweeton.
I like your place.
You know who that dude was?
Sweety here was a monster bass
player back in olden times.
Story goes he was on his way
to a George Clinton session
when he got popped with a few Zs on him.
That man would've been
featured on "Atomic Dog."
I'm unfamiliar.
"Atomic Dog"?
One of the greatest
p-funk tracks ever recorded?
"Funky dogs, nasty dogs."
Sounds better when George sings it.
That's true.
Second time Sweety got popped,
I was there, you remember?
I remember your boot up my ass.
Lucky for him, this is Motown.
You get a liquor license
in your mama's name
- even if she's dead.
- Can I help you fellas
with something? Or am I just a stop
on the out-of-towner tour?
Sandy Stanton.
If that's a drink, I don't know it.
She was here at your bar
not but a little while ago.
Used to hang out with Clement Mansell,
who, back in the day,
was a card-carrying member
- of the, uh
- The Wrecking Crew.
The Wrecking Crew.
Wrecking Crew
crew is ancient history.
Mansell's not. He's back in town
coincidentally the same time
a circuit court judge
and a young girl have been murdered.
Maybe you know all that.
- Maybe you don't.
- Anyway,
on her way over to your place,
Sandy Stanton stopped at a bridge
overlooking the Rouge river.
You worried she was thinking
about jumping?
That was one of our concerns, yes.
- But she didn't.
- Mm-mm.
Jumped in her car
and came straight here.
So you think she was there
to toss a gun,
then had second thoughts
and came here to toss it instead?
Well, if you lookin' for a gun,
that's easy.
Is it this one?
That one?
Or maybe
I can interest you gentlemen
in this pretty little .22.
Y'all got a permit to carry?
Now, unless the piece you're looking for
is one of these registered firearms,
there's somebody I gotta call.
Detective Robinson.
You oughta know better
than to come in here,
harass my client,
without calling me first.
Harassment? Shit, we were just talking
about old times.
Ain't that right, Sweety?
- They're lookin' for a gun.
- Uh-huh.
You got a warrant, right?
You got any more of these?
Can I ask you a question?
Are you followin' me?
You go get a search warrant
and have a good night.
See you, Wendell.
Ms. Wilder.
I can get a warrant.
By the time you get a warrant,
that gun'll be gone.
Sweety, is there something
I need to know
about all this?
Mansell's back in town.
I'm well aware.
He came to see me.
Made it clear to me that if I
wanted to keep you out of trouble,
that I still represent him.
What you know about that?
Who? What?
Apophis. Serpent god of chaos.
See, the sun god, Ra,
sailed through the skies.
And as this Ra
navigated through the darkness of night,
he was attacked by Apophis
Who wanted to kill him
to prevent the light.
Every time Mansell shows up,
bad shit is in the air.
Well, as far as I know,
the sun still rises and sets.
And in the immortal words of Ra,
fuck him.
It's Willa. Leave a message.
Hey, where are you?
Yeah, I got a 15-year-old
who doesn't want to listen.
Not that unusual.
They think we don't know shit.
First two words my kid learned were,
"Actually, Daddy."
Hey, hey.
There he is. Whew!
Take a seat, cowboy.
You know
We were about ready to call the cavalry
to make sure you were okay, Raylan.
You missed dinner.
Chicken fingers.
Never understood
why they call them "fingers."
Fries. Milkshake, extra thick.
I told Willa the dairy thing
could be our little secret
and not tell her mom,
'cause you know how her mom can get.
I can't believe it!
You didn't tell her about
your good old friend Clement
after all the time
we spent together at Glynco.
They used to call you "Chicken Fat"?
Sweetheart, why-why don't you
head upstairs?
- It's early.
- Willa.
- 30 minutes.
- Now.
What if I have dessert
and you guys order something to eat?
'Cause I would love to hear more stuff.
Whew! She's a hell of a negotiator.
Even better than her old man.
For the first time in your life,
just say, "Yes, Dad."
You know, you did a great job.
She's very sweet.
And you are a tough man
to track down, Raylan.
Took me three whole tries
to find the right hotel.
Stand up.
What, you gonna shoot an unarmed man?
Did some diggin' about you, Raylan.
Interesting story about you and a man
on a rooftop in Miami.
- Oop
- Go to the room.
I was just doing you a favor
trying to take care of your little one.
Sorry about that.
You know, she is a little
young for my taste,
but if this were Kentucky,
I'd be tappin' that a
Whoo. Chicken Fat.
Uhh uh uhh
I see you near my daughter again,
and I'll fuckin' kill you.
Not if I see you first.
Yeah. All right.
It's not for me to tell you
you're in over your head.
But I ain't been here a week.
And the shit I've seen has
certainly given me pause.
God damn, Marshal.
People are going to think we're in love.
Every move Mansell makes could
be a move someone gets killed.
I'm tired of waiting around for
the right thing to happen.
Waiting around in murky
waters like this.
That's how you get bit.
There's money in these pages, Sweetie.
A book of secrets or payoffs.
And it is the key.
Your client.
He's a monster who thinks he's
Do I trust you with what I know?
I ain't gonna sleep at night if
this son of a bitch wins.
People do as they will.
The trick is how you react.
Laissez-faire approach, is that it?
I don't speak Spanish.
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