Justified: City Primeval (2023) s01e03 Episode Script


WENDELL: Previously
on Justified City Primeval
Come on, Dad. I don't wanna do this.
- You broke her nose.
- She deserved it.
WENDELL: Clement Mansell.
How'd he get off
the Wrecking Crew killings?
CLEMENT: Listen, I'm gonna
need you to get me a lawyer.
CAROLYN: My name is Carolyn Wilder.
I'm a friend of Marcus Sweeton's,
and I'm gonna be your lawyer.
Today must be my lucky day.
I've seen some shit
things you and your bosses
don't want to come to light.
WILLA: There's that woman from court.
- What'd you do?
- You bought her a drink.
CAROLYN: Then unless you
really have something on my client,
then walk away, Marshal.
I need you to do me a little favor.
RAYLAN: Sandy's dead.
You think she was there to toss a gun.
SANDY: Job's the reason
we got the Albanian mark
and the penthouse crash pad.
CLEMENT: You are a tough
man to track down, Raylan.
You know, you did a great job.
She's very sweet.
I see you near my daughter again,
and I'll kill you.
CAROLYN: Hey, Jamal.
I'm sitting here looking at a lien
from the goddamn IRS.
This is your mess,
not mine.
Fix it.
SINGER: ♪Just like feral cats ♪♪
♪Just like feral cats ♪♪
♪Just like feral cats ♪♪
♪Just like feral cats ♪♪
- CAROLYN: Turn that mess off.
My neighbors are sleeping.
Well, what do you think?
I said turn it off.
- Huh?
- CAROLYN: Turn it off!
Well, don't you wanna know who did it?
Not interested.
Our friend the marshal.
CAROLYN: Well, you can tell me about it
at my office tomorrow morning.
He chatted up my girl Sandy,
and I just paid
a little visit to his hotel
and then chatted up his.
- His gir
- do you mean his daughter?
CLEMENT: All I did was say hi
and get her some chicken fingers,
which she enjoyed,
and I want you to look
what he did to me.
Maybe you deserved it.
I've been assaulted.
Probably smart we take pictures
of the evidence.
Better light inside.
Don't you put that out on my yard.
You stay away from that marshal,
you stay away from his daughter,
and you stay away from my house.
Messing with
a U.S. marshal's daughter
I don't know
what you think you're doing.
What am I doing?
[CHUCKLES] Whatever I want.
MAUREEN: How is she?
RAYLAN: Ask her.
She ain't talkin' to me.
You didn't take the bait?
I might've left some marks visible.
Makes this an easy one
black bag in a cornfield,
problem solved.
We like him for the judge.
Come on, Maureen.
If that was your kids, huh?
- Your girls?
- Everybody from police brass
to Action News 7 wanna know why,
36 hours later, we got nothing.
Sorry if I wanna do police work.
- I think she wants a photo op.
- MAUREEN: Blow me.
We thump him and send him up,
that's a kill-two-birds kind of deal.
WENDELL: Hey, look,
we take him, may as well
put a hurt on Sweety and the girl too.
MAUREEN: How about the Albanian kid?
What do you say, slim?
Your town, your call.
Is it, though?
Hey, two of you need anything
place to stay, a hot meal
say the word.
Thank you.
BRYL: Yo, Raylan, ride with me.
Maybe we find a tall building,
see if he can fly.
Where are we going?
Marshal's office.
WILLA: Then where?
Right now is my concern.
What about tonight? Where then?
I'm not gettin' into that now.
WILLA: "Now." You keep saying "now."
What's the deal, Dad?
You got a plan you won't tell me,
or are you making this up as you go?
Willa, what do you want from me?
I'd like to eat
not a Coke, not a package
of nuts out of the machine
breakfast with my dad.
- Willa
- BRYL: Rollin' out.
- SERVER: What can I get ya?
Scrambled eggs, toast, cup of coffee.
Tea with lemon, please.
I thought you wanted to eat.
I will.
tell me.
- All that activity back there
- Mm.
You must've fucked up pretty bad.
It's a word.
People use words to communicate.
You should try some.
All right.
So you're mad.
- Mad?
- RAYLAN: Mm-hmm.
No. I'm in the Green Zone.
You know, the social-emotional chart?
Probably didn't teach that to you
in Harlan public schools
a million years ago.
- Mm.
- Blue is sad.
All these kids today
with their little labels.
Green is, kind of, like, steady.
- Yellow
- And you're mad
'cause you saw me in the Red Zone.
Well, he's a killer, Willa,
and he enjoys it.
Do you understand that?
There you go again, saying I'm mad.
SINGERS: ♪No doubt about it ♪♪
SINGER: ♪You just can't
see things my way ♪♪
♪Oh, well, there's ♪♪
SINGERS: ♪No doubt about it ♪♪
Here you are, sir.
SINGER: ♪You're always
gettin' in my way ♪♪
♪Well, I called you up ♪♪
That's the last time, sport.
WENDELL: Sandy Stanton,
you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will
be used against you in court.
You have a right to an attorney.
If you can't afford an attorney
and want one,
the courts will appoint one
for you at no cost to you.
- You understand these rights?
- RICK: I'm not gonna lie.
I knew this was gonna happen
sooner or later.
Turns out, it was sooner,
wasn't it, Sandy?
SINGER: ♪Oh ♪♪
SINGERS: ♪No doubt about it ♪♪
SINGER: ♪You just can't
see things my way ♪♪
- ♪Oh, well, there's ♪♪
SINGERS: ♪No doubt about it ♪♪
SINGER: ♪You're always
gettin' in my way ♪♪
You see?
We got a wrecking crew too.
Stupid fuckin' diary's
gotta be here somewhere.
SINGERS: ♪No doubt about it ♪♪
RAYLAN: Come on.
Let's go.
It's clear you don't wanna eat,
and I gotta get to work.
Oh, I'm slowing you down?
You certainly didn't help
with that little stunt last night.
I wish you'd just say it.
What are we talking about now?
I got in the way,
and you got in trouble,
and it would've been so much
easier if I weren't around.
It's hard, Willa.
What's hard,
your life?
You do whatever you want.
You're my life.
But am I?
Like, am I even in it?
To even hear you say that
How do you think it feels to ask?
I'll do better.
I'll do better.
All right?
I'm gonna hold you to that.
You better not go backstabbing me.
Yeah, or what?
Why do you think
I broke that bitch's nose?
They had you cold
on four counts
of second-degree homicide,
but you walked.
That's impressive.
You blew town for a couple years
to hide out in the Redneck Riviera
or I don't know wherever the fuck
a guy like you thinks is paradise.
But then you come back
and you say, "I know what I'll do.
"I'll do a judge and a girl,
and then I'll go after a marshal,"
and I'm trying to answer
the question, "Why?"
And the only thing I can deduce
is that you are not
what we in the trade call
a criminal mastermind.
Motherfucker, I got an eyewitness
that ties you to the judge.
With your sheet, you're
lookin' at life in Baraga.
You realize
that square beard doesn't make up
for a nice full head of hair.
WENDELL: 18 years on the job,
Ms. Stanton,
murder police for 10.
I've seen that look
plenty of times before,
that squeezed-to-death look.
Had it leaving Del Weems' place,
had it standing at the rail
of the bridge over the Rouge,
and you had it when you went
into Sweety's Tavern
But not when you came out.
MAUREEN: You've been someone
we can turn to a long time now,
understand the street.
You don't snitch, fair enough.
But you got your eyes
on the city, the community,
and your tranquil patch therein.
You, um, singing my funeral song?
You're in the hot seat on
a press case double homicide.
Maybe I am.
BRYL: You don't wanna talk, fine.
We got Sandy in the next room,
and she is just spilling her guts.
Oh, I'm sorry. Did I not mention that?
I think I also forgot to mention
that we've been tailin' her ass
when she stopped at that bridge,
when she stopped at Sweety's Tavern,
presumably at your behest.
he's here too, by the way.
WENDELL: We found the murder gun,
the one you hid there, Ms.
Stanton. Isn't that right?
Isn't that why you looked,
so calm and collected coming out?
Sandy Stanton, next room over,
just gave us the gun.
Hear me?
We got you cold.
I wanna see my lawyer.
CLEMENT: Okay, partner.
I guess there's no point
in letting them tell it all.
Can you just do me a favor and
- can you get me a tape recorder?
- ♪♪
BRYL: I got you covered, pal.
Yeah, but it's not the same.
BRYL: Lucky me.
It only took me six rooms to find it.
Now talk.
CLEMENT: I do appreciate the effort.
♪Fall is here ♪♪
♪Hear the yell ♪♪
♪Back to school ♪♪
♪Ring the bell ♪♪
♪Brand-new shoes ♪♪
♪Walking blues ♪♪
♪Climb the fence ♪♪
♪I can tell that we
are gonna be friends ♪♪
♪I can tell that we are
gonna be friends ♪♪
LOU: Got up and sang?
Oh, that's a new one.
Like he knew I was there.
You know, I knew what to
expect when I put you on this
Understood no more surprises.
But you stay on this road,
you're gonna get indicted,
and then I'm gonna miss
getting this guy.
Then send me home, Lou.
As the LEO who assaulted
instead of arraigned a suspect?
Then keep me here.
Did you like the drink
he sent you at the bar?
that was you.
The sparkler was a nice touch.
Thank you.
He's not bad for a white guy.
RAYLAN: Leave her out of this, please.
WILLA: We're just talking.
RAYLAN: Give us a minute, Willa.
And stay put.
- CAROLYN: Nice to see you again.
- WILLA: You too.
You need to get
your client under control.
[SCOFFS] Excuse me?
I steered clear,
but there are goddamn boundaries.
He crossed a line.
You put your hands on him.
Not arguing I didn't.
I should not have to tell you
why that's not okay.
Clement Mansell
ain't some misguided boy,
someone to defend,
- feel sorry for
- I told you to stay away,
- but no.
- He killed the judge
- and Rose Doyle.
- CAROLYN: Don't ever
- do that to me again.
- RAYLAN: We know he did.
Then prove it!
Get him
the right way.
Look, look, look.
I know that's your kid.
You're angry. I get it.
I'd be angry too,
but everybody doesn't get to be angry
the way you do.
I appreciate the meal, Bill.
And I appreciate you opening your home.
You're safer here than you
are at some hotel downtown.
Yeah, I'd like to see that guy try it.
- Huh? Huh, tough guy?
RAYLAN: Still, the risk ain't zero.
I thank you both.
Ah, it's all good, brother.
You sure I can't dry or something?
BILL: Nah, you just chill.
How about you show Willa your room?
CHILD: What's Florida like?
WILLA: It's pretty nice.
It's never cold.
We have palm trees and alligators.
I have friends with alligators
in their backyards.
Brought you an extra pillow.
I know what you're thinking.
What does Mansell
have to do with Judge Guy?
Never came through his courtroom.
Never crossed paths with Rose either.
Played bumper cars with the judge
while his old lady's out
with some Armenian kid?
Right, but he doesn't go after him.
- He's not jealous.
- He's too neat.
Kid figures in somehow.
Look at the marshal doing cop work.
She's welcome to stay
as long as she wants.
You too.
Go on.
I know you sittin' on
them words like a mother hen.
TRENNELL: I'm not sittin' on nothin'.
I'm sweeping up the shame of it all.
SWEETY: That what I'm supposed
to be feelin'?
TRENNELL: That's what I'm feelin'.
It's a shame,
a waste.
It's not how it had to be.
But I guess it's how it is.
You know, I lived a long time
in this place
in this town.
I can't go back now.
And I won't.
Guess I'll go on sweeping, then.
Don't have to do
one thing you don't want.
Not one thing.
Scuse me?
did you stop at an antique shop
on the way back?
It's Mansell's.
Thought he was slick, stashing it here.
Get rid of it.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
Let him think he got an ace in the hole.
See the look on his face
when he get got.
SINGER: ♪I can't reach you at all ♪♪
♪I can't hurt you ♪♪
Ooh, look at Suzy Homemaker.
SANDY: You needed your rest.
CLEMENT: You know, I did.
I am feeling a bit refreshed.
Time to get back on track, baby.
My little Albanian?
CLEMENT: Can't you just picture it?
Salt water
cocktails, and steamy jungles.
SANDY: [PLAYFULLY] Cut it out.
SINGER: ♪You can't see me ♪♪
I ain't gonna do it
unless you brush your teeth.
Baby, we don't have to kiss.
- Uh-uh.
- Come on.
I'm hungry, you know,
from cleaning the whole place myself.
CLEMENT: Hey, Sandy, uh,
what'd you do with that gun again?
I told you. I put it in the river.
what the hell is an Albanian anyway?
SANDY: You know how Italy sticks down?
Albania's on the other side of it.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Use the microwave.
- It'll be soft.
- Do it over the burner, then.
It's a bagel toaster.
Anyway, the Albanians that live here
are mostly the really hard-ass ones
who wouldn't live under the Turks
or Communists or somebody.
What the hell's so hard-ass about 'em?
Well, like Skender says,
if you do something to his brother,
you're doing it to him.
Like, husband beats up his wife.
She goes home, tells her dad.
Her dad goes looking for the son-in-law,
- shoots him
- Oh, is that right?
SANDY: And then the brother
of the son-in-law
shoots the dad, and then the dad's son,
the brother of the guy's wife,
shoots the brother of the husband.
And sometimes they have
to get somebody over
from Yugoslavia to come and settle it.
It gets so mixed up with
everybody shooting each other.
Jesus, where the hell are we,
Detroit or east Tennessee?
SANDY: Skender said they built
this secret room he's got.
In case they get into
one of their "blood feuds,"
they got somewhere to hide out.
Secret room?
SKENDER: Hey, bro,
when I say "polish the floor,"
I mean polish the floor.
Hey! Welcome to Tirana Dog.
Skender "Lullgarage"?
Is "Lul-your-eye."
Skender Lulgjuraj.
You police?
Got a question for ya.
I was once standing
behind an individual,
ordered a hot dog sandwich.
Is it a sandwich?
Next question: what's your
relationship with Sandy Stanton?
I already told you guys before,
I don't wanna talk about her.
RAYLAN: But you were with her
at the night Judge Guy was killed?
Sandy's done nothing wrong.
RAYLAN: Why are you protecting her?
- You two a team?
We are apple cut in half. Hmm?
Look, I come here,
this country, this city,
I expect life is PlayStation
and MTV Cribs and big butts,
and then
I meet Sandy,
and I see there is more, you know?
There is, um
It is embarrassing, bro.
SKENDER: The ring I buy for this,
You're marrying Sandy Stanton?
Uh, TBD.
Sandy's very close with her brother.
Apparently he wants
to meet me first, so
I say, "Fine."
I get it.
Hot dog sandwich.
MAUREEN: What's up, Raylan?
He's loaded, he's in love,
and he ain't so bright.
Doesn't sound like
somebody in on the grift.
RAYLAN: Sounds like he's the mark.
SINGER: ♪You can
wrinkle your nose at me ♪♪
♪Or give me just a little sigh ♪♪
Uh, it's, uh, pretty loud in here, bro.
Well, if Mama hadn't been
carried off by a tornado,
we'd be holding this meeting in Lawton.
He means Lawton, Oklahoma.
- Tornado?
How have you never told me this?
- It was a day like any other,
Mama slaving away.
Poor old gal.
She was hanging wash on the line,
had a pot on the stove inside.
Then the wind picked up.
Sky turned dark,
angry, ugly.
Next thing we know,
she was above the fruited plain,
teams of hounds out hunting
for her five counties over.
Never found a trace.
Hey, you're pulling my shit!
Trust me, brother.
I'll never pull your shit.
He's not pulling your shit.
young stud like you, good looks,
big business,
hung like a nine-pound hammer.
I mean, why you wanna tie the knot?
Ain't domestic life gonna
drag a guy like you down?
SKENDER: Who do I explain this?
You just know.
And I tell you, your concern?
Trust me, when Sandy becomes Lulgjaraj,
she becomes family.
She will never,
ever feel hunger or pain.
That is quite a promise.
I mean, I don't mean to get personal,
but I gotta look out
for sis here, you know
- CLEMENT: Or Mama comes
storming back from wherever she's at
and give me the dickens.
You're a good brother to her.
CLEMENT: You look out for family.
all this money you got
from your hot dog dynasty,
how do you keep
from getting taxed to death?
[LAUGHS] Ah, sure, yes.
I bet you got gold bars
or something in that room of yours.
- Oh, yeah.
Ain't no secrets in this family.
Gold bars.
Is not like that, bro.
Oh, what's it like, then?
MAUREEN: I mean, fuckin' leaf
hits the roof, I'm awake.
I've tried everything.
Got a hamster
on a fuckin' wheel in my brain.
Prick runs all night.
And when I do sleep,
I have crazy dreams
I mean, sick shit.
I don't remember any details
when I wake up,
but when I have lame-ass bullshit,
that, I remember
like I'm looking at a picture.
Hit me.
All right, one I had just last week.
I'm at a fancy dinner,
not with Bill but with some random hunk.
You know, Magic Mike, right?
Nobody I even know.
And, uh, the guy's giving me
this look, right?
You know the look "Let's fuck."
And then my girls show up with guns,
and they're like,
"No, Mom, don't, please!
Don't! No, we need you!"
Next thing I know, Magic Mike
is just fucking Bill,
and I wake up,
and I'm lying next to him,
and his goddamn
sleep apnea thing fell off,
and his fuckin' snoring
is what woke me up.
You know you swear a lot?
That's your takeaway, Dr. Freud?
My takeaway is, it seemed to me
like you were all
pretty happy back there.
In fact, I was honestly wondering
how you did it
the job, domestic bliss.
Oh, that's easy
WENDELL: So what's the deal?
MAUREEN: Uh, Mansell, Stanton,
and the Albanian kid
have been inside nearly an hour.
Should be wrapping up.
We'll circle back in a couple hours.
Anything interesting happens,
you have my cell.
WENDELL: Good luck
with that other thing
you know, with your kid.
SWEETY: I got a hypothetical
I'd like you to assess.
I might have a murder weapon.
A gun that murdered a judge
and might've taken out
three brothers and two peckerwoods
in the Wrecking Crew killings.
Now, if this gun
were to show itself
Where does that leave me?
You talkin' to me
like I'm just your lawyer,
like I didn't do my homework
sitting on your barstool.
You got a take
on this situation or what?
I'm sayin' help me.
Help yourself.
Turn it in.
You know, let's get this
cracker off our backs for good.
And I go to prison.
No, I wouldn't let that happen.
I could talk to this sister I know
in the prosecutor's office,
see if she'll guarantee immunity.
you work your magic.
I'll be waiting.
I hope the hotel has a pool.
Willa, we're not going to a hotel.
You're leaving.
WILLA: We're leaving.
You're flying home.
I'm staying here.
But Mom's on vacation.
Not anymore.
Let's talk in the car.
WILLA: I spend more than two
weekends a month with you,
and you gotta get rid of me?
RAYLAN: Get in the car, please, and
and hold the drama.
WILLA: You backstabbed me
after you said you wouldn't.
Give me my bag.
- Willa
I cannot do my job and take care of you.
- Mom does.
- And I will not put you
or that nice family
that's offerin' us their home
at any more risk than I already have.
If you wanted me here,
you would find a way to keep me safe.
You left it on the dresser.
CLEMENT: All right,
you're gonna love this one.
You're gonna love it. Yeah, get it.
- SKENDER: Okay.
- CLEMENT: There you go.
- Down the hatch.
- SKENDER: Hit it and quit it.
CLEMENT: Here we go. Hey!
Oh, that's buffalo sweat right there.
151 and Tabasco.
SKENDER: I don't want to know.
Oh, you're so cute.
- Sandy.
- SANDY: Yeah?
- Oh! Oh, God!
Oh, honey.
- CLEMENT: You all right?
- SANDY: You okay?
Oh, babe, oh.
- Oh.
- SKENDER: Sandy,
my sweet apple half
Oh, my God! [GASPS]
Oh, my oh, my God. [GASPS]
SKENDER: I would very much like
to ask for your sister's hand.
Do you bless?
- I don't know.
- What?
What is it? Tell me.
You know, that secret room
story, I don't know.
Is true.
CLEMENT: Eh, I think you might
be trying to impress me a little bit.
You don't believe me, bro?
Come on. I'll take you right now.
You'll see.
- SANDY: Okay, all right.
SANDY: Oh, okay.
CLEMENT: You good
to drive, big guy? Huh?
- I know a little Albanian.
- WENDELL: I heard that joke.
BRYL: No, no. It's an actual word
- It means "fart."
I don't even wanna hear
how you picked that up.
All right, here we go.
PERSON: What's your problem, bro?
SINGER: ♪I can hear your mama ♪♪
BRYL: What the fuck's going on?
SINGER: ♪Hit you like a fever ♪♪
SINGER: ♪Touch you like a thief ♪♪
♪And leave your pockets clean ♪♪
PERSON: Fucking asshole!
SINGER: ♪Steal your tongue ♪♪
- Shit.
- WENDELL: Why don't you hit
the Cloak of Invisibility button
right up next to the hazards?
SINGER: ♪But he likes 'em young ♪♪
♪Oh, my, oh, my baby, devil's gonna ♪♪
BRYL: Duck down, dude.
Get that big-ass head down.
Come on, man.
I'm 6'5". I can't fucking get down.
SINGER: ♪And do your worst ♪♪
♪Oh, my, oh, my baby ♪♪
♪Devil's gonna get you
if I don't first ♪♪
SINGER: ♪Take my body
and do your worst ♪♪
You taste like love.
SKENDER: And buy this building
and convert it to lofts.
You know, cool, high-end, expensive.
Really, really good business for us.
SKENDER: Yes, very nice.
After the World War II,
they build tough,
mm, like, um
- Brick shithouse.
- SKENDER: Yeah, that!
A shithouse, like Three Little Pigs.
You gonna blow my house down, bro?
[WHISPERING] I don't think so.
[NORMALLY] So I hired
a chick for this place
real professional,
knows a lot about art
and I told her, "Find me cool shit,"
like paintings that's powerful,
and looks good behind the couch.
CLEMENT: Say what?
SKENDER: Or I have Bell's in the fridge.
What, you don't want to hang first?
I think you know what I want,
you old bullshitter.
I told you!
- I'll be a son of a gun.
SANDY: It's like a sexy panic room.
SKENDER: No, is not panic room.
Who is panicking?
I got PlayStation.
CLEMENT: Looks like
a genuine Albanian man cave.
SKENDER: For man, I have video games.
But for woman
I have music!
Uh, what you got over there?
Sure, okay, yeah.
You're gonna like this.
Check it out, bro.
SINGER: ♪I got snakeskin
and gasoline ♪♪
♪I got a juicy machine ♪♪
♪I gotta find somebody ♪♪
♪Mm ♪♪
- This here is a SIG.
This one is a Czech 7.65.
The big one is a Desert Eagle.
This one, I think
yeah, Smith & Wesson.
And this one, I don't know what it is.
[WHISTLES] You keep 'em all loaded.
Oh, what use is unloaded gun?
What else you got in there?
No money?
Yuck. Venmo, bro.
- Come on, man.
Everybody got a little cash
stashed someplace.
Oh, this guy always wants
to know about the money.
Maybe we get back to the ring,
you know, huh?
- The question.
- CLEMENT: Listen, goddamn
SINGER: ♪Find somebody ♪♪
[CHUCKLES] Look, everybody's
got a little sister.
You just wanna look out for her,
you understand what I'm sayin'?
Yeah, he's just looking out for me.
That's all, right, Clement?
God damn it, Sandy!
Turn that goat-tit music off.
Fucking shit just ricochets off my mind.
I just don't know how.
Uh, I don't understand.
SANDY: Sweetie, just show him
where the money is,
He's got a real temper.
Can I have the gun back now?
I need to put it away.
- When you're hiding in here
- SKENDER: I don't hide.
Can you still close the door?
Of course I can.
How else would I get out?
Switch, over here on the wall.
SINGER: ♪Find somebody ♪♪
Whoa, bro.
You ain't got cash,
we got ourselves a problem.
You need to get
the fuck out of here, bro.
We still got a little time.
You want another soda pop or something?
They give 'em to you free on the plane.
PERSON: Flight 3298 with
service to Tampa, Florida,
is now boarding.
Your mom and Richard
will meet you at the gate.
If they're not there, just stay put.
That it?
Come on.
You gotta know this is tough for me,
sending you off like this.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
At least give me a hug goodbye, hmm?
Please, Dad?
I'll go to Memphis.
Go to Graceland.
- Stay there.
MAUREEN: I'm at Skender's.
Got some damage over here.
I'm on my way.
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