Justified: City Primeval (2023) s01e04 Episode Script


CLEMENT: Previously
ON JUSTIFIED: City Primeval
BRYL: Any weapons, we're bringing them
all back to the station.
You see? We got a wrecking crew, too.
Judge's stupid fucking diary
has got to be here somewhere.
TRENNELL: Did you stop
at an antique shop
- on the way back?
- SWEETY: It's Mansell's.
Thought he was slick stashing it here.
If this gun were to show itself,
- where does that leave me?
- CAROLYN: Turn it in.
Let's get this cracker
off our backs for good.
You're marrying Sandy Stanton?
Sandy's very close with her brother.
Apparently he wants to meet me first,
so I say fine.
MAUREEN: Mansell, Stanton,
and the Albanian kid
have been inside nearly an hour.
Should be wrapping up.
All right. Here we go.
You need to get
the fuck out of here, bro.

SANDY: Clement, don't.

Why don't you get in that doorway.

- I said move.

Why don't you do me a favor
and, uh, head over
to that switch, would you?
SANDY: What are you gonna do to him?
CLEMENT: I didn't understand
you, partner.
You are walking dead man.
Put your goddamn leg in the opening.
Or either leg. I don't care.
why don't you just punch him
in the face?
Flip the switch.
CLEMENT: Put your leg down,
or I'm gonna splat your curly flap head
all over this basement.

flip the fucking switch.

I am very disappointed,
but I ain't mad at you,
or I would have pulled
the trigger by now.
You see, when you're lying in
the hospital with your leg in a cast,
I don't want you to have
any bad thoughts
like wanting to tell the police
or anybody
because if you do,
I'm gonna come visit you again
- CLEMENT: And I'm gonna put
your head in there instead of your leg.
- You hear me?
BRYL: I'm good. I'm good, I'm good.
Oh, look who's here. The Hat
shows up when all the fun's done.
Heard there was a fender bender.
Yeah, these two got
themselves Beverly Hills Cop'd.
DPD tracked the vehicle
to one of the properties
a warehouse building in Corktown.
So we land, right?
We find a dozen goddamn Albanians
carrying homeboy on their shoulders
like Christ off the cross.
We roll up like,
"Hey, guys, what's crackin'?"
They say, "Go fuck yourselves.
He fell down the stairs."
That clumsy Jesus now?
MAUREEN: Yep, shattered leg,
broken in five places at least.
BRYL: Get him to implicate Mansell.
Get this prick off the street.
Get him for ag assault
if not murder, right?
Be a star. Come on.
MAUREEN: We don't get Mansell in lockup,
Albanians are gonna tear
shit up going after him.
They're gonna try to get
to Mansell through the girl.
Yeah. How we feel about that?
Anybody but us know
about Del Weems' place?
MAUREEN: Just us chickens.
RAYLAN: So then check out
Sandy's last known address,
put a car on Weems' condo,
and maybe somebody
inside the casino as insurance.
WENDELL: Already on it.
Skender just got out of surgery.
Hey, give me two minutes with this kid.
WENDELL: Not gonna talk to you.
Only thing that can make
that boy sing is Toma.
What's a Toma?
Toma Kastiot, kid's uncle.
MAUREEN: Calls the shots for
the Albanians this side of the river.
What Toma says goes.


Bad step?
I understand, feeling fragile and all.
Boys in blue asking a lot of questions,
maybe asking the wrong person.
Could we have privacy, please?
This is a family matter.
I'd like to talk to your boss.
- Think we can arrange that?
- I don't have a boss.
Everyone has a boss.
Even the boss has a boss.
I got a boss in Miami. You ever been?
Not a bad place.
I'd like to get back there.
Tell your boss he and I have
a mutual problem
and I believe we can work
for our mutual benefit.
I'll call him.
Tell him Deputy U.S. Marshal
Raylan Givens.
Name won't mean anything to him,
but maybe the part
about it being federal will.
AGRON: Nice hat.
Stetson 10X?
Boss has agreed to talk
about this mutual problems.
Look at that.
You got a boss after all.
When does this chat happen?
Mind if I tag along?
Hey, you may need me.
I know a little Albanian.
CLEMENT: Damn, woman.
You want some?
CLEMENT: You know, you ain't exactly
a walking advertisement for the shit.
SANDY: [SCOFFS] Clement,
you're the one got me this way.
Got you what way, darlin'?
SANDY: Got me what way?
My nerves are shot.
I mean, look, look at my hand shaking.
Could be low blood pressure.
SANDY: Why'd you have to go,
and do that to Skender, Clement?
Hurt his leg that way.
We we we never
we never talked about doing that.
CLEMENT: Well, he was provoking me.
SANDY: How? How
how was he provoking you so much,
you you had to go and smash his leg
with a big, like, door?
CLEMENT: Weird-ass bomb shelter
with no money in it
it's the perfect place
to store a wad of cash
but this hump uses it
for a mini fridge and a hi-fi.
Ha! Phew.
Got you.
Skender Lollygag ain't nothin'.
He ain't got nobody.
You can forget about that now.
He's old news.
Phew. You smell that?
What? Toast?
No, baby, money.
You smell money.



Toma Kastiot?
The same. You're the marshal?
Givens. This is
Detective Bryl, Detroit Police.
I got to say, I pictured in my
mind we'd find you in different digs.
My own mother lived here.
I bought the property
when it was distressed.
Distressed as opposed to now?
The clientele is very satisfied.
It is a pleasure to give back
to the community.
I hope someday I am cared for
with such, uh,
Yeah. It's peachy.
Uh, hey, listen, Toma,
sorry to hear about your nephew there.
Tough luck.
Ah, that leg, ouch.
You want us to Google that or
TOMA: Uh, it means, um,
"You choose your friends,
but family is
thrust upon you."
My nephew Skender, he is femije idiot
an idiot man-child
with an unfortunate predilection
for bad decisions.
RAYLAN: Well, here's an opportunity
for him to make better decisions
helping us out catching
the dude who did this to him.
TOMA: I-I know you have come here
to get me to compel Skender
to tell you who has done this
so police can arrest
and serve justice as you see fit.
- He catches on fast.
Of course, that justice
is really no justice at all.
It is, uh, only satisfaction
of a mandate
for the appearance of order.
But order and justice,
they are not same thing.
If I wanted to restore order,
I could, of course, instruct
Skender to cooperate.
But I am not interested in order.
Justice, however
justice is meted out in accordance
with the action it remedies.
And in this case
justice requires more than
the law is willing or able
to provide.
Well, fuck, that was a mouthful.
Let me get you to say that
again into my phone.
It'll play great at your arraignment.
Mr. Kastiot,
while we understand
where you're coming from
and respect the personal responsibility
you feel for your nephew,
imbecile or no,
we can't have everybody
in some kind of dogpile
running around
shooting at the wrong people.
I am not concerned with wrong people.
Who did this to Skender
did also unto me.
It is same thing.
I will look this shkertate
right in his eye.
[CHUCKLES] You hear that, Raylan?
You hear him gazing into the
eyes of some Russian dipshit
when what he should be looking
for is Clement Mansell.
Oh, come on, this is a secret?
Uh, Toma
What your nephew
doesn't want anybody to know
is that he got legged
by a fatback Oklahoma dickwad.
- RAYLAN: Give me a minute?
- BRYL: Sure.
He was not supposed to tell me this.
The name is unfamiliar,
but, uh, these things
have a way of changing.
Look, I can't stop you from
doing what you're gonna do.
Even sympathize in a way.
But you also need to understand,
your place in line,
which is to say, me first.
After I'm done,
you can charge the shit heap
with felony assault,
but it ain't gonna mean much
if he's doing life.
- You understand what I'm sayin'?
- You tell me to get in line.
I say, "You want him,
you better find him quick,
or he'll be dead."

Thank you, Marshal Givens.
Perhaps our paths will cross again.

BRYL: You gonna yell at me?
I've never been much of a yeller.
BRYL: 'Cause what's not to like?
He's gonna find out anyway.
Either the Albanians lead us to Mansell,
or they turn him
into little, tiny pieces
done and done.
That's an optimistic point of view.
Another would be we just
put a hit out on our suspect.
BRYL: Excuse me for misunderstanding
that you had the willingness
to do what needs getting done.
I got no problem getting things done.
I do have a problem
rolling up on Mansell
facedown in a river shot to death
by some Albanian dipshits
when what we want
is for the man to be prosecuted,
forced to answer for his crimes,
long period of reflection
in a tiny cell.
BRYL: Ah, that's another way
to look at it.
BESNIK: Let me be the talking one.
That means someone out there
is not being satisfied, okay?
- Smile.
- BESNIK: Uh, excuse me, please.
Yes. One second, please, gentlemen.
Okay? Let's get your shoulders up.
You're gonna get
to Friday nights, right?
- SERVER: Mm-hmm.
- RICK: Okay, I believe you.
Get on it. Thank you.
Gentlemen, how can I help?
- BESNIK: This girl.
- Ah.
BESNIK: She's in
my sister's wedding party,
and she's late for rehearsal,
Rehearsal starts in a few minutes,
and still she's not here.
We need to find her,
as she is not picking up phone.
BESNIK: Can you please give us
her address, please?
I wish I could help you.
I really wish I could.
But, um, that old eye
in the sky right there
wouldn't look so kindly
on me sprinkling
employee information around.
You know, always watching.
- I see.
- RICK: Yeah.
Would a $100 bill make it easier?
Ooh, yeah, it sure would, bro.
But I tell you what
these guys would not like that.
It's that employee policy.
We can't accept gratuities
on the casino floor.
I'm not happy about it either.
Tell you guys what,
why don't I get you guys
comfortable in the VIP lounge?
First Old Fashioned's on me,
or vodka maybe whatever.
While you guys are relaxing,
I'm gonna see what I can do
about your little problem.
- How does that sound?
Excuse me.
Sound good?
BESNIK: That won't be necessary.
I'm sure we can find Sandy's
address, uh, another way.
Okay, gentlemen. Good to see you today.
Enjoy your time here, fellas.
Fucking no-neck Albanian cock-twizzlers.
BESNIK: You had chance to be polite.
RICK: I'm so sorry
I know! Please stop!
No! Please!
BESNIK: Agron feels disrespected.
He is sensitive.
- RICK: Stop the fucking car!
Whoa, whoa.
Okay. All right. Okay.

No, no! No!
- BESNIK: Ah, yes.
- It's long fall.
- No!
BESNIK: There are two ways
in which you get back
on the ground from here.
One, Agron lets you go.
And we peel you
off the pavement with a
How do you say in English?
- BOTH: Blowtorch.
BESNIK: Blowtorch and spatula.
Option two.
BESNIK: Option two
you give us the address
of Sandy Stanton.
RICK: I don't have the address, okay?
That's an HR thing. I don't [GRUNTS]
BESNIK: Then you go down to HR,
and you get the address.
It's no problem, huh?
Which one you want?
The address or
I want you to look at this.
You see how they doin' me?
It's called an ankle
monitoring bracelet, Tyrone.
But you see how tight this shit is?
It itches, too. Look look at my foot.
Turnin' all blue and shit.
- please.
CAROLYN: It's not supposed
to be comfortable.
It's supposed to keep you out of DDC.
Are you in DDC now?
What the fuck you giving me
a hard time for?
It's like I ain't got no friends.
This cocky motherfucker.
Don't move.
Don't say shit.
So I'm just gonna go ahead and assume
you're here because of Clement Mansell.
RAYLAN: You're not wrong.
It seems your knucklehead client
may have crossed a line
with the local Albanian mob.
So you're here to question him
about a new complaint, is that it?
Uh, no.
The Albanian kid
whose leg he busted up
he ain't talkin'.
And so
RAYLAN: And so what that means, Carolyn,
is now, as we speak,
hoards of Eastern Europeans
are spreading across Detroit
looking to ixnay your client
and likely Sandy Stanton
and anyone close to him along the way.
Why, Marshal
I think you're trying to scare me.
I don't have to.
The Albanians should already do that.
Well, they don't.
Look, it's not for me
to tell you you're in
over your head, Carolyn.
But I ain't been here a week,
and the shit I've seen
has certainly given me pause.
Marshal, this is my job.
I defend killers.
That's how I make my money.
- I understand that, but
- CAROLYN: And I don't know
whatever it is you got
going on in your head,
but Mansell has the right
the constitutional right
to representation.
And I am going to provide
said representation
for as long as he pays me to do so,
and nobody's gonna scare me
out of doing that.
Anything else you got to ask?
This is different,
and I think you know that.


What do you want from me, Marshal?
All I want is for Mansell
not to do you any harm.
And I'm afraid he might.

You do your job, and I'll do mine.
And we'll see.

We'll see.

Albanians are already on the move.
All right, copy that. We're on the move.
So how'd it go?
That good, huh?
You want some good news?
That was Wendell.
Ball's in play, boss.
- Come on, let's move.
Even though my premium's up to date,
I can't make a claim 'cause why now?
'Cause the police did the damage?
God damn. Come on.
- I'll call you back.
- CLEMENT: God damn.
Smells like bacon in here.
Ooh. They did a number.
Yeah, they did a number
on account of you.
Me? What'd I do?
Come in looking for that gun
killed the judge and that girl.
You know anything about that?
Well, if there was a gun
did something like that
and if I knew anything about it,
whatever happened,
they didn't find that gun,
'cause baby girl here took it
and sunk it
to the bottom of the Detroit River.
Am I right, darlin'?
Look, it ain't as easy
as you make it sound
you know, dump it in the river.
There's people, like, everywhere.
What if one of them saw me?
"Hey, what are you throwing
in the river?"
CLEMENT: You and that
goddamn weed of yours.
I wasn't being paranoid, Clement.
I-I just I got a bad feeling,
and so I wound up bringing it
back and h-hiding it here.
- And
- I had no idea.
I swear to God, Sweety.
Or you told baby girl here
to plant that piece in my spot,
set me up to ride your rap.
Come on, how long we go back, Sweety?
H-h-honestly, Sweety,
I only come to put it here
because it's where he got it from.

SWEETY: I knew that gun looked familiar.
CLEMENT: Yeah, it's
a Walther P-38 9 millimeter
genuine World War II replica.
It's a good gun.
And here you are saying
it looked familiar.
I guess we know why
the cops didn't find it, huh?
- Wait, what?
- SWEETY: Yeah, I found it.
I moved it.
And fuck you for the results.
[SCOFFS] Okay.
Little spit and polish,
we all good, right?
Look, they could've hemmed me
up for life,
drag me into that interrogation room,
sweat me.
What the hell did you do, man?
I'm sorry. I am.
It is fucked up what they done here.
I'd love to make it up to you.
You can start by paying
to fix all my shit here.
Can do, mi amigo.
Now, this a genuine antique
from Albania.
Got to be worth a few grand
at any reasonable pawn shop.
I love how it's suddenly yours to hawk,
like you did something
towards getting it.
SWEETY: This what you got for me?
Some hot old-ass Albanian rock?
Sweety, how much you know
about Judge Alvin Guy?
I know he ain't gonna fix my bar.
Oh, but I think he just might.
There's money in these pages, Sweety.
You want to help me count it?

You got a Stroh's for an old friend?



Can I help you?
Is Sandy home, please?
Whom should I say is calling?
Tell her old friends from college.
Sandy didn't go to college.
She worked my cousin's
hot dog stand at varsity games.
You're gonna have to try her
at work or something
because Sandy's not here.
- What the fuck?
Get out of here!
Get your hands off of me!
Let me go! I said let me go!
BESNIK: Here's what's going
to happen now.
I'm going to present you
with your cell phone.
You're gonna call Sandy Stanton
and get her to come home.
- Fat chance of that.
- Excuse, please?
I've been after her for weeks
trying to collect her half of the rent.
Actually, two things are gonna happen.
One, you're gonna unzip my hands
and let me up out of this chair.
And, two, you're gonna get
the fuck out of my house
while I try and forget
that you were ever here.
You're acting very brave.
But in my experience,
bravery such as this
is an ephemeral thing
and one subject to conditions
working against its being.
Yeah, that's really poetic.
Now, seriously,
get the fuck out of my house!
Do you know what this is?
- Pliers?
It's Albanian tooth extractor.
Well, what makes it Albanian?
The fact that I'm holding it.
All right.
- And for the gentlemen
- CLEMENT: Yeah. Thank you.
The steak.
SANDY: Mm-hmm?
Answer it or silence it
and put it in your purse.
But one way or another,
please shut it the fuck up,
because, honestly,
it is ruining the atmosphere.

Sandy, it's Hina. Hi.
- What's wrong?
- It's just these
See, a water pipe broke
in our apartment,
and, like, all that water,
it's just, like, heading
straight for the closet in your room.
SANDY: Oh, my God. Shit. Okay.
Um, we need to leave.
- Hey, hon?
- SERVER: Yes?
SERVER: How can I help you?
CLEMENT: You know what cut this is?
The Southern Comfort steak?
CLEMENT: Ding, ding, ding.
Ready for Double Jeopardy!
Now, I ordered this steak
black and blue.
Do you know what black and blue means?
- Means rare?
- CLEMENT: Oh, no, ma'am.
It does not mean rare.
I means goddamn bloody red.
So here's what I want you to do.
I want you to take this.
I want you to throw it in the trash.
Then I want you to get your chef,
have another steak,
smack that on the fire,
sing two verses
"Of Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground"
flip that sucker, sing the third verse,
yank it off, plate it,
and bring it back here.
Then I'm gonna cut
into this big-ass hunk
of black and blue meat.
And if I don't hear it moo in pain
we're just gonna start
this all over again.

HINA: Sandy.
So where were we?
- W-w-we have to go.
- Why?
My apartment's filling up with water
- because a pipe broke.
- HINA: Sandy?
- Are you the landlord?
- HINA: Sandy!
- No, I'm not the landlord.
- Then why do you care?
- It's a white man's problem.
- HINA: Sandy! Sandy!
I-I've got my Louboutins in there.
I've got my Jimmy Choos.
My Balenciaga sock booties.
HINA: Hello?
Whole new closet full of shoes
Daddy'll buy 'em for you.
But we are not leaving here
until I finish my steak.
HINA: Sandy. Sandy!
I'll I'll be there as soon as I can.
You happy? She's coming.
BESNIK: I'm happy now.
But in 20 minutes
if Sandy Stanton has not returned home,
Agron will exact the price
of one of your molars.
- 15 minutes after that,
- Agron will take two teeth.
Ten minutes more,
he will take three teeth.
Is like pyramid sets at gym.
BESNIK: By an hour, he's taking
eight, ten teeth each time.
[CHUCKLES] I hope for the sake
of your, uh
your pretty smile
Sandy Stanton comes home soon.

CAROLYN: I got someone
in the county prosecutor's office
to talk to me.
Hope my name didn't come up.
Mm. Matter of fact, it did.
Way it works is,
you hand over the murder weapon,
you testify to what you know
about the Wrecking Crew murders
and the judge being killed,
you get immunity on the Wrecking Crew
and hiding the murder weapon.

So, in other words, I snitch.
- CAROLYN: Clement Mansell
has held this Wrecking Crew murder shit
over your head for years.
This this is how you stop
being his collateral damage.
I done seen worse than Clement Mansell.
- And I ain't never
asked the system to solve
my problems for me.
I don't want no part
of playing their game.
Oh, so you gonna play Mansell's?
Come on, you asked me for this.
Last time I saw him,
I didn't understand the man.
Now I do.
Are you sure about that?
All I know is I got an opportunity
to get what's coming to me
and take Mansell down in the process,
all of which sounds a damn sight better
than sitting in some witness box
in open court.
Nah. That ain't me, boo.
What do you mean opportunity?
You sure you want to hear it?
Yean, I want to hear it. Please.
Gun ain't the only thing in play
from the night that judge died.
Do you mean his little black book?
That shit is real?
Goddamn key to the city.
Enough dirt in that book
to make some real moves
the kind of moves
that could put you
in that judge's seat

If that's what you wanted.

Wading around in murky waters like this,
that's how you get bit.

Are you sure you want to
you want to fuck around with this guy?
You want to fuck around
with this killer?
I'm tired of waiting around
for the right thing to happen.

- Nice neighborhood.
She's a striver, it would appear.
RAYLAN: Recognize the car out front?
I hope they don't fuck like they park.
- They'd never get it in.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you going, cowboy?
Stretch my legs, go for a walk.
- What's it look like I'm doing?
- BRYL: You sure about this?
'Cause, again, the beauty of this
is we just wait till Mansell shows up.
Guns start blazing,
we stroll on in there, save the day.
Yeah, I'm going in.
Fuck me.
RAYLAN: You want the front or the back?
BRYL: Since we're gonna
fuck it all up anyway,
I'll take the front.

RAYLAN: U.S. Marshals. Hands up.
BRYL: Don't move, motherfucker!
RAYLAN: Lose it right now, slow.
Now, we're all gonna be
real easy for a minute.
BRYL: God damn it!
Stop! Police! Drop the weapon.
Clear! Shots fired!


Holy shit.



Night, Hector.
HECTOR: You get any dinner?
- I'll pick up some later.
- All right.



Hey, it's Carolyn Wilder.

time to head back to the Venus,
check in with the boss.
I think you'll find there's
been a shake-up in personnel.
But just so we're clear,
whatever you've been told,
this particular lawyer is off-limits.
Run along, tell Toma
Raylan Givens said so.
And if he's got a problem
with that, he can come find me.
That's it. The conversation's over.
I say have a good night.
You two drive away.
I have never in my life
been more happy to see a cop.
Just come from Sandy Stanton's place.
Caught two of them there
pulling her roommate's teeth out.
RAYLAN: Bryl killed one of them.
Other one's downtown.
All happened a couple hours ago,
and already here they are at your office
waiting to follow you home.
Well, I'm sure glad
that you sent them on their way.
They'll be back. Sooner or later,
they'll find your house.
Well, I can handle things at my house.
RAYLAN: You ain't gonna have to.
We'll have someone there
keeping an eye out.
I'm not asking you to do that.
RAYLAN: It ain't your decision.
And it ain't a favor for me to grant.
You understand, you are a value
to this investigation.
And what if I don't want
somebody sitting outside my house?
Take it up with the judge, I guess.
You're not hearing me, Marshal.
Hey, I'm just doing my job.
Well, you do what you have to do.
Have a good night.
There he is. Get in here.
- Yeah.
- SWEETY: This your new drip?
Ah, you know, I wasn't too sure about it
when I put it on, but turns out
the damn thing's comfy.
I might have to keep it.
Let me pour you one.
We got to celebrate.
- Lofty perch you got here.
Yeah. Old Del's got questionable taste
in clothing and decor,
but, you know, he makes up
for it in location and liquor.
You could be up in a crib
like this, Sweety
man of your talent, stature.
Ought to be out living your dream
instead of counting pennies.
You keep blowing smoke up my ass,
I'm gonna be burping that shit up.
No smoke, my friend.
I want you to do this, simple as that.
I messed up. You got done wrong.
So let's do this thing the right way.
- How so?
- CLEMENT: You know this town.
You know the names
in that judge's little book.
You know how we get at them,
how to let them know we mean business.
the full package, Sweety.
So I've been told.
CLEMENT: So get on board, man.
Split this straight down
the middle, 50-50.
Partners making dreams come true.
This is a nice view.
Yeah, me and Sandy, we were talking.
We get this job did,
we take a little
extended vacation, maybe Aruba.
Oh. You and Trennell,
y'all should come along.
Aruba, huh?
I mean, wherever, my dude, right?
Aruba? Jamaica?
Ooh, I want to take you ♪
To Bermuda, Bahama ♪
Come on, pretty mama ♪
- Key Largo, Montego ♪
- What the fuck, Clement?
CLEMENT: Baby, why don't
we go down to Kokomo? ♪
We'll get there fast,
and then we'll take it slow ♪
That's where ♪
- We want to go ♪
- Jesus F. Christ.
CLEMENT: Way down in Kokomo ♪
SINGER: Martinique,
that Montserrat mystique ♪
We'll put out to sea ♪
And we'll perfect our chemistry ♪
By and by, we'll defy ♪
A little bit of gravity ♪

Afternoon delight ♪
Cocktails and moonlit nights ♪
That dreamy look in your eye ♪
Give me a tropical contact high ♪
Way down in Kokomo ♪
Aruba, Jamaica,
ooh, I want to take you ♪
To Bermuda, Bahama,
come on, pretty mama ♪
Key Largo, Montego,
baby, why don't we go ♪
Ooh, I want to take you
down to Kokomo ♪
We'll get there fast ♪
And then we'll take it slow ♪
That's where we want to go ♪
Way down in Kokomo ♪
Port au Prince ♪
CAROLYN: The whole Detroit
Police keeping an eye out
and look here.
RAYLAN: Appears I drew the short straw.
I can phone in a replacement
if you'd prefer.
Not bad.
CAROLYN: Hold on to that for me, sir.
Client gave it to me.
Thought it might be
right about up your alley.
You figured right.
CAROLYN: I never get used to this.
RAYLAN: Goes down better if you
put a little sparkler in it
and set it on fire.
Yeah. That's right.
Where is your kid?
You locked her up in a room
so you could skulk about the hood?
She's back in Miami with her mother.
So you're free, unencumbered,
and yet you're spending it
parked out here
by yourself.
RAYLAN: Well, you're with me now.
Not by myself anymore.
Just so we're clear,
this does not change where we stand
vis-à-vis my client.
Just so we're clear,
I didn't come here
to talk about Clement Mansell.
CAROLYN: All right.
So you're just gonna stay
out here all night
by yourself?
Hadn't planned that far ahead.
Kind of just
playing it as it went.
Shooting from the hip?
Something like that.
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