Justified: City Primeval (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

You Good?

RAYLAN: I ain't been here a week,
and the shit I've seen
has certainly given me pause.
JUDGE GUY: Previously
ON JUSTIFIED: City Primeval
Clement Mansell
killed a judge and Rose Doyle.
Then prove it.
We don't get Mansell in lockup,
the Albanians are gonna
tear shit up going after him.
BRYL: They had you cold on
four counts, but you walked.
RAYLAN: Who was the arresting officer?
WENDELL: Raymond Cruz.
32 years on the job
the world changed, Ray didn't.
CLEMENT: You know the names
in that judge's little book.
You know how we get at 'em.
Split this straight down
the middle, 50/50.
I got an opportunity
to get what's coming to me
and take Mansell down in the process.
Do you mean his little black book?
SWEETY: It could put you
in that judge's seat.
I lost my wife.
Lost my house, my practice.
CAROLYN: You threw them away
when you defrauded your wife.
So you're just gonna stay
out here all night
by yourself?
You're with me now.
I'm not by myself anymore.
Shooting from the hip?
Something like that.
The man who would be fucking king.
RAYLAN: Looks like I kept
the Albanians out of here.
So this never happened.
So don't tell everyone at school?
I just want to lay some ground rules.
Of course.
- Nothing changes between us.
- RAYLAN: Nope.
My client is still my client.
That said, how was it for you?
It was about what I expected it to be.

She won't hear you. In the shower.
If you, uh, don't want to wait,
you can just tell me who you are.
- I'll let her know you came by.
- And you are?
I'm the go-getter
going to get us a few coffees.
Which means you're coming back.
Or I could stay. Should I stay?
We can wait.
You're gonna wait with me?
RAYLAN: I don't think
I can just let you in.
We can wait together.
Or, again, you could just
tell me who you are, and I'll tell her.
She and I have some
pecuniary matters to handle
something you don't need
to know nothing about.
You tell her that I was here.
I'll catch up with her later.
- She'll know who.
- But I won't.
I'm a jack-of-all-trades,
advocate for the disadvantaged,
style maven, clearly, street pastor.
Occasionally I'm a nutritionist.
You dig?
Oh, and don't let this house fool you.
This neighborhood, it could be
hazardous to your "caucacity."

Oh, damn, I do love a tape deck,
but I got to boost
a lot of shitbox old cars.
They got milkshakes in there?
I could really use a milkshake.
Sweet tooth for a sweet lady.
- That's not funny, Clement.
- Please don't start again.
And don't worry
about those boys coming back.
When we're in there, I don't want
to hear one word about Albanians,
so just keep those pretty lips of
yours wrapped around the straw.

So how you want to play it?
SWEETY: I'm working on who, not how.
Yeah, I think we can play
this hard and heavy.
Nah, this is a different
thing than we ever did
different kind of criminal,
requires finesse.
Well, the quickest, surest
way to get money off somebody
is to stick a gun in their
mouth and ear back the hammer.
"Your money or your life, partner."
I'm not saying there ain't
hard dudes in this book
we're gonna hit hard.
I'm saying we find the right name
WAITER: Here you go.
SWEETY: We won't have to hit 'em at all.
See if I can find the class
of criminal you got in mind.
Damn, lots of numbers
and letters and shit in here.
Here we go people.
All right, how about Roger Block?
War hero, rich.
He's got to have a hard bark
on him, though.
Uh, Bernie Bernbaum.
- Don't know him.
- I thought you knew everybody.
In the entire city of Detroit?
Well, okay.
How about Tootie Clay?
Too old.
- How old?
- Dead.
Meynard Delvina?
Hell, no.
What's wrong with Meynard Delvina?
We don't need to be tussling
with no ethnics.
MANSELL: What, you afraid
you can't hold your own
against some Detroit wiseguy now?
He ain't Italian. He's Albanian.
I got no interest in being
peeled like an orange.
I'm not feeling so hot.
I think I'm gonna go.
No, no, no, stick around.
Be my lucky penny.
I'm the one needs luck.
MANSELL: [CHUCKLES] No you don't.
SANDY: I'm leaving, lovey
bear. You got it?


She's just pissed I didn't finish
what I started last night,
if you know what I mean.
Yes, Clement, I know what you mean.
The question is, what does she mean?
Question is
since I'm out of ideas,
question is, who's the mark?

I did have a thought on that.
You seen those billboards around
Burt Dickey Real Estate?
I don't read billboards.
Anyway, they call him Bulldozer Burt
'cause he rips down old
buildings to put up condos.
white-collar ex-con,
house in Bloomfield Hills.
Sounds like a walk in the park to me.
Have you walked in the park lately?
It's full of bums and perverts.
Bulldozer Burt.
Why not?
SINGER: Get on up
and get on up and dance ♪

You had a visitor
while you were in the shower.
No, not Albanian,
unless there are Black Albanians.
CAROLYN: We everywhere. [CHUCKLES]
I didn't get a name,
but, uh, he was sporting
some sweet footwear.
What, his nonexistent basketball team
needed some funds for
some uniforms or something?
He was a grown man.
He said there were
money matters to attend to
and that time was of the essence.
Is he a client?
Look, just because you got in my panties
doesn't mean you can get in my business.
But that never happened.

I have plenty of protection
at the courthouse.
Don't tailgate me by wheel or by foot.
Funny that I'm the one you're
worried about following you.
Givens. Are we straight?
Yes, ma'am.

You didn't notice that
you were swimming upstream?
RAYLAN: Figured there were
doughnuts in the break room.
All hands meeting.
- Last night?
- Yeah.
Storm warning in effect.
Check in at the office later.
I just got off the phone
with the governor,
who wanted to know why, in the five days
since Judge Guy and
the young lady got murdered,
there has been absolutely zero progress.
Results now!
I'm gonna imagine myself
some sunny place
that's not a weed lot
over by Northville Downs.
BRIGGS: Better yet, get your
thumbs out of your asses
- Piazza San Marco sounds good.
- BRIGGS: And help!
- You ever been to Venice?
- BRIGGS: Are we clear?
I got a Borsalino hat,
Marshal. You like hats.
BRIGGS: As far as who's
in charge of this jumble-fuck
now that Detective Bryl is on ice,
I've made Detective Downey sole lead,
effective immediately.
Detective Downey.
Thank you, Chief Briggs.
Effective immediately,
we're going back to the start.
CAROLYN: He's not going to listen to me,
but he'll listen to you.
You tell him
to not play with Mansell and that book.
Between getting this
bar/museum back together
and paying off what he owes
on the reverse mortgage,
he's in too deep to think with his head.
Well, do you happen to know
where that piece of metal is
that could take the devil down?
I might.
CAROLYN: Well, you might want to hide it
somewhere where he can't find it,
and I'll find a way to make it turn up.
Mm-hmm. That don't get him
out of hock, though.
Well, I guess it's time to
play Powerball scratchers, huh?
Look at this mess.
"You can only kill a man once,
but you can murder a crime
scene a hundred times."
One thing no one's talking
about I can't get out of my head.
Went wrong somewhere along the way.
He showed it to us.
Practically a threat.
He knew it was a big deal.
Remember the Hardy Boys?
Think I got the idea there.
Solving mysteries and shit.
The judge had a book of secrets
or favors or payoffs.
No one's seen it since.
No one knows where it is.
Mansell's got it, right?
Or someone else paid him
to hit the judge and grab it?
I don't know.
But it ain't nowhere, and it is the key.
I didn't want to be a cop, really.
I was gonna write stories.
Tell you, if I wrote this case
as a whodunit,
wouldn't have sold one copy.
If you're saying standing out here
is a waste of our time, I agree.
I'll do you one better.
We're all gonna be retired
playing pickleball,
this case still open.
Got to make something stick somehow.
Wasn't there a suspect you
guys brought in, a drifter?
Was out at the golf course that night.
WENDELL: Bryl interviewed him
Afghanistan vet,
name of Darrold Woods.
Here, this guy.
Yeah. W-we know he didn't do it.
Mansell did it.
You want to BOLO Darrold?
Maybe he'd recall something
he forgot the first time.
Man, he burned Rose's thigh
with a cigarette
to see if she was alive.
She was shot point blank in the face.
He had to check?
He did. You know why?
Says here he was high on PCP.
High on PCP.
So not likely
to recall anything helpful?
Burt, how you doing?
O-or do you prefer Mr. Dickey?
The second, thank you.
SWEETY: Oh, no, no,
thank you for taking my call.
I'ma guess that means you,
uh you saw the photo I texted?
Very much so. Um, can I call you back?
[SOFTLY] Sst. You got a C-note?
[NORMAL VOICE] You got a C-note?
Come on. They're going to lunch.
Huh. Hey, bud.
SWEETY: Get the fuck out of here!
Go, go!
Go ahead.
What time can I swing by?
Where's here? You at home,
the office, racket club?
Oh, well, I'm in the middle
of a meeting right now.
SWEETY: Oh, so the office?
I prefer home. How about 4:00 sharp?
No, no, no. I've got a 3:30
Okay, great. Thanks. Bye.
Great, yes.
Fantastic. I'll talk to you then.
Okay, bye.
This is all shit, by the way.
I don't suppose you've heard anything
about Judge Guy's replacement?
I have a pretrial motion.
Can't talk now.
Why the tight lips?
I don't think you want to know.
Are you trying to not tell me
that you put yourself up
for the judgeship?
This wasn't even
in your periphery last week.
Now you're probably greasing palms.
You can't just sit there
like a wallflower
hoping people will notice you.
I do what has to be done.
You are a politician, Diane,
and politicians should not be
sitting on the bench.
You want it, Carolyn?
Go make friends with the governor.
Don't beg me for it.

WENDELL: All right, look
there's three ways this'll go.
One is God Himself
sends down a lightning bolt
and breaks the case open.
Two, this shit drags on and drifts away,
and all we got to show for it
is a peptic ulcer.
Three, we go find Clement and shoot him.

I suppose there are four ways.
The third way I was thinking
call it the Detroit way,
although for sure
we don't hold the patent.
Entrapment or plant a little dope
or go all the way and frame the guy up.
Yeah, not my style either. [SIGHS]
You know what I should do? [SIGHS]
I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna wash my hands of it,
go home, see my kid.
A time will come one day
you won't even think
about this place.
Someone got the son of a bitch before.
Clement's not the
Christ almighty Zodiac Killer.
What was the name
of the arresting officer?

Good afternoon.
PERSON: Is he dead?
- Excuse me?
- Raymond.
My bad.
Homicide at the door you
assume we found him somewhere.
Then what brings you
to my door, Wendell?
PAL drive, I hope.
The truth is, Mary Alice,
he may be helpful
on a case we're working.
That one that's all on the news.
Look, I know how it is with y'all.
And you're still here.
Care to take that one, Marshal?
Ma'am, we thought your husband
Ex-husband. Who is this guy?
- I tried to tell him.
- MARY ALICE: I'll tell him.
I don't like Raymond.
I don't keep tabs,
and he doesn't check in.
You can see why I thought
he was dead in a ditch.
I do hear that, but it's important.
Aren't they all?
You trimmed down, Wendell.
Nice to see you taking better care.
Trying to quit coffee,
drinking green tea.
Some getting used to at first
If you find Raymond,
tell him I got fed up with his
old Cutlass in the garage
had it towed.

Told you how it'd go,
and that's how it went.

Any coffee in there?
Yeah, and something else
it came for you, Raylan.
I think it might cheer you up.
Aw, somebody misses her daddy.

You know, for a minute,
I really hoped these would cheer me up.


This is a nice place.
What do you think he did
to get in the book?
- Capitalism.
- Ah
I don't know if I ever told you, but
I got a call one night.
It was my old homeboy
from Cooley, Ricky Lawson,
who you wouldn't know by name,
but who played with 'em all, man
Michael, Stevie, Lionel.
Anyway, calls about 1:30 in the morning,
says, "Marcus,
you got your pants on, man?"
Says, "Miles just finished
his show in Chene Park.
Band went back to the hotel."
Now, this is
June '91, few months before he passed.
Anyway, he says,
"Miles feels like jamming.
Can you be in the studio in an hour?"
Hell, yeah.
15 minutes later, boom,
I'm knocking on the door, man.
Walk in, Ricky's behind the kit,
couple of the cats
I seen from the clubs.
It's quiet
no charts, no chitchat.
Motherfucker just play.
Oh, yeah.
Which we did.
Yeah, it was all right.
6:00 a.m., we pack up.
And as I'm walking out,
without having said a word to the man,
he looks at me
"You got big ears."
Miles Davis.
Wow. He said that to you, man?
Yeah, man.
MANSELL: Man, that's good shit.
- Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES]
What made you think of that?
[SOFTLY] Let's go.
MANSELL: You sure about that ten?
BURT: You said 4:00. You're late.
SWEETY: Wanted to make sure
you were home waiting.
And you didn't say there'd
be two people. Who's this?
My half-brother, Martin.
MANSELL: And it's a pleasure, Burt.
It's a wonderful garden
you have outside,
and with weed legal in Michigan,
I think you could have
yourself a nice little grow.
Is that what I'm dealing
with here couple of potheads?
We're looking to make a fair deal.
Oh, businessmen what a relief.
You know
it's very, very easy
for a garden to fail.
You have to tend to it constantly,
and that was the mistake I made
that led to my entry
in Judge Guy's ledger here.
I, uh, mishandled my affairs.
But who among us hasn't lost
their head over a lady?
Come on. Surely, at some
Okay, brass tacks where are we at?
[CHUCKLES] 30,000?
No, no, no, no, no. Three.
- 30.
- 5,000, and don't push it.
Burt, come on. Do we look
like we're here for chicken feed?
Nah, nah, nah, nah.
We are not walking out of here
for less than 20.
Do you, uh
do you think that I have that
kind of cash just lying around?
Just just piles of cash?
All computers these days,
so I'm inclined to believe you.
17,500. We we can live
with 17,500, right?
Not really, no.
Look, come on,
we don't want to grind the man.
- Mm.
- SWEETY: Ah, 17,500's
you know, I think
that's completely fair.
Ten, that's it, no more.
Te Did you say ten?
- Ten.
- SWEETY: Ten?
- BURT: Mm-hmm.
- SWEETY: Come on, man.
You're killing me, Burt.
BURT: That's a lot of money
for a slip of paper, gentlemen.
Not a bad day's work.
You'll have 10,000 more dollars
than you did
when you walked in that door.
What is that there?
The what, the Garlick?
The painting with the road
and the telephone pole
and the farmhouse.
Yeah, it's a Stanley
Garlick, one of his.
Are we done here?
The price is 50. Not 10, not 17,500.
Are you serious? Is he serious?
Nah. Ten is fine.

He had 50 in a coffee can.
You know he did a guy like that.
- The point was not the money.
- I'm not
It was to see if the book worked.
I'm not saying the point
is always the money, okay?
But when it comes to extortion,
I do think the point is the money.
The point is, I told you to be cool.
Did I pull a gun, threaten the man?
No, I was cool.
And we nearly got 40 grand more.
The point is, it worked, man.
[SCOFFS] Man, I think
we're talking in circles here.

You didn't.
I didn't. Your client,
Clement Mansell, did.
- They're beautiful.
- Mm.
CAROLYN: The day I've had,
I don't even care about
you doing this in public.
I've had a peach myself.
Well, if the devil gave me
a box of chocolates,
I'd eat them.
You saying you're hungry? Because I am.
Come on, I'm buying.
Oh, really?
Mm, well, American taxpayer is.
[CHUCKLES] You're not paying
for nothing, are you?





My Lord, have mercy.
You're good, you're good, you're good.
Why is that a statement now?
Don't tell me how I feel.
You have no clue.
Now, see, in the D,
we keep it as a question.
We say, "Are you good?"
- "You're good?"
That way, you let me
tell you how I feel.
See, people need to think
about how they use their words.
You like telling people what's what?
You don't?
My experience, people do as they will.
The trick is how you react.
Laissez-faire approach. Is that it?
I don't speak Spanish.
[SCOFFS] You know what it means.
And you know that's not you.
I'm getting an X-ray with my dinner.
Maybe that's what you prefer
choosing for people,
affecting outcomes
all by yourself power.
See, in my life
everybody has their foot on my neck
to get what they want.
Fuck them.
Fuck them to be so small
that they abuse their power.
Now, see, I want mine,
but I'm gonna use my power
to do what's right.
I am going to bang my gavel
to set things straight.
And you have confidence in
the sobriety of your judgment?
I've got to be if I'm gonna
sit on the bench.
You are sitting here with me.
I never said that my judgment
wasn't occasionally impaired.
Are we at emotions already?
Ah, let's keep it at aspirations.
Well, I just aspire
to find out how
our dead friend's little book
ties this whole thing together.
Is that a question?
Oh, okay, let me rephrase that.
Are you questioning me?
Because I don't know
if anybody told you,
but I'm not obligated to give
up that kind of information.
If it was official, Carolyn, what then?
Would you be needing yourself
a good lawyer?

Really, Jamal?
Damn, you brought the white boy here.
It's the street pastor.
Oh, this is not the time.
This is not the place.
You telling me that this corndog
that's your new flavor?
My mistake nutritionist.
Make yourself scarce.
Why are you showboating like this?
Why are you brushing me off?
I'm gonna jump in here
because I'm still a little lost.
You are?

JAMAL: I'm her heart.
Was, was.
JAMAL: Junior high, high school,
we came to this very
restaurant right after our prom,
broke up for college,
end up sowing our wild oats,
and then we ran back up
into each other's arms.
- Past tense.
Marriage, law school, partners.
JAMAL: Just a little bump
in the road, baby.
At this point, it's really
a whole other street.
You can make time to see me.
But our conversation
was just getting juicy.
You know what? You should go.
Yeah, man.
I'm sorry. We got some shit to work out.
- You should go.
- What?
She asked you to go.
What you do now is oblige.
I'ma have to whip your ass
in the middle of a Chinese restaurant.
God damn it, Jamal.
Mm-hmm. You better tell him
I do that black belt.
Oh, look, I have one, too.
You just had to do that.
No, Carolyn. He a pig?
RAYLAN: I believe that term
applies more to police.
I'm a Deputy U.S. Marshal.
You know what?
That's it. I'm leaving.
- No, no
- I am lea-ving.
Hey, we still got to
talk about this predicament.
You didn't finish your thought.
No, no, no. You guys can talk.
Talk to each other. I'm leaving.
- You're leaving me hanging.
- Have I ever?
I'd like to hear it,
interruption notwithstanding.

You know, the best
Chinese restaurants in Detroit
is actually in Canada.

Look who's touching Jesus.
We're celebrating.
SANDY: It worked?
Oh, my God, baby! H-how much you get?
You ever really looked at money?
I mean, there is a lot going on.
What kind of champagne you want, girl?
Whatever they serve in Aruba!
Whoa, slow down.
No, no, we're not going anywhere.
Baby, that judge's book is like an ATM.
We're just gonna
keep hitting it until we get
a couple suitcases full.
Then we'll get out of here
and never come back.

Babe, I want to believe you,
but you're kind of stoned.
What's that mean?
I'm full of shit?

No, no, let let me ask you
a question.

You think I got a good singing voice?

isn't what matters that
you like your singing voice?

I'm fucking paranoid.

I believe you, okay, babe?
But, you know,
if if we're gonna stay,
really got to take care
of the situation.
That's right
take care of the situation.
The only situation I'm gonna
be taking care of tonight,
baby, is this party right here.

Look, I don't want to stand out here
talking to you on your stoop, so
JAMAL: Yeah, yeah, come on in.
It ain't exactly paradise.
How'd you find me?
CAROLYN: I called your sister.
JAMAL: Oh, she always liked
you more than me.

I didn't expect this
when I caught you wining
and dining mayonnaise sandwich
at our restaurant.
You do recall that the U.S. Marshals
used to catch runaway slaves,
put them back into bondage?
That's tragic
just Monster Ball -ish.
[CHUCKLES] Both of you.
What what are you trying to do, huh?
Defend my honor?
Listen, I see you.
I am just trying to turn
the chapter on you and me.

I can't bank on promises.

Come here.

I hate that you got to see me
living like this.

It's embarrassing.
Yes, I took you for granted.
Yes, this is my mess.

That's the reason why I'm here.
I'm just a changed man, baby.
- Jamal, Jamal, Jamal
- JAMAL: Up in Cass Tech
you were the one.
I could've had any girl in there,
but I put my arm around you
'cause I've always wanted to give you
the glamour that you deserve.
And it was cool for a minute
until it wasn't.
Let's just restart this, baby.
Let's refresh it.

I love you.
I love you, Carolyn.
Carolyn, I love you, baby.

Come here, baby. I love you, baby.
- You can't be serious.
- I'm serious.
You can't be serious.
You can't be serious.
- Okay.
- Where is she? Is she here?
- Is she hello?
- Carolyn.
- CAROLYN: Ma'am? In here?
- Oh, let's try up in here, huh?
- JAMAL: Hey, come Carolyn.
- Is she hey.
I know. Ah!
- That's my cousin Tasha.
- CAROLYN: Come on.
You know Tasha.
She the one that, um,
is having the fibroid surgery.
- This is not Tasha's size.
- JAMAL: All right.
Hey, you got a little side piece, right?
I deserve a little flapjack.
Look, she don't live here.
Oh, you living here with somebody
somebody, which means
you are no longer eligible
to receive alimony from your ex-wife.
Baby, she just a throwaway. Come on.
- I'm about me and you.
- You're not about me.
You're about flashing.
So, if you want some more loafers,
I suggest you have tig old
bitties to take you shopping.

I paid the lien.

I paid it this afternoon.
Then why you come back, then?
If you wasn't about me and you
Wilder & Wilder, baby.

I came here to tell you
that if you ever come up to me
asking me for money again,
I am going to snitch on you
like William O'Neal did Fred Hampton,
and then I'm gonna come over here
and burn your whole fucking closet.
Now you getting emotional.


That's true

Because I need honesty.

thought that was you.

[SOBBING] But it's not.
And I'm done. [SNIFFLES]
And I'm broke. I'm broke!


But I would pay
I would pay to make sure
that you are nothing more than a memory.




[GASPS] Jesus Christ.
Evening, Burt.




What's wrong, honey?

Tell that heifer to go
buy herself some manners.

I want to see that book
The judge's book.
You been crying, baby girl?
I don't I don't want to take it.
I just I just want to see it.
Ain't even gonna say hello, huh?
[CRYING] I take care of everybody.
I'm done.
So you want in?
Be a client to your client?
- I know you need the bread.
- No, no.

I want that bench.
There you go, Judge Wilder.
Now, that's what I'm talking about.
Woman got to use what she got
- to get just what she want.
All right, James Brown,
just let me see it.
You can take a look at it,
but this is our pouch of diamonds.
So don't go after anybody
without telling me first.

The whole city is in this book.

You see somebody that could help you?

If there's a wall in Jericho
it's about to tumble down.



RAYMOND: Mary Alice only
speaks to me on pain of death,
so she must've figured this'd
mess up my night pretty good.
Selfishly, I'm glad she did.
- Raylan.
- Raymond.
- Soda water and lime for me.
- BARTENDER: You got it.
Yeah, quitting is on my list.
RAYMOND: So how can I help you, Raylan?
RAYLAN: You tangled
with Clement Mansell.
- Remind me.
- Oklahoma Wildman.
Ran with the Wrecking Crew.
Wrecking Crew raided a stash house.
Clement killed four of 'em,
fifth one lived long enough
to put the finger on him.
A-a-and he went up for that?
Not for long, he didn't.
Hey, the system has its flaws.
You write your congressman.
Not the system, it's him.
So what do you want to know
about the Oklahoma Wildman?
It's all there.
I left my old case files clean.
I ain't got those kind of questions.
I want to know what's missing,
why I think I can't trust anybody,
why it's all a shit sandwich.
Look at you, still giving a fuck.
I try.
Ah, you remind me of me,
man, when I started out,
except you're old.
I ain't gonna sleep at night
this son of a bitch wins.

Back in the day

First started out,
guy I tangled with
Freddy Keck was his name.
[CHUCKLES] He was cute.
You know, Freddy shot through
my front window one night,
not to kill.
More like, "Come on, man, let's do it,"
like it wasn't nothing
cowboys and Indians.
Freddy was for real a stone killer.
- How'd you get him?
- Eh, we couldn't.
- You didn't get him?
- I said we couldn't.
So what happened?
Showed up at my house one night.
- He got tired of the game?
- [SCOFFS] I know I was.
But he says, "We're gonna sit
and have a drink."
It was all a big mix-up.
Said if if I had any sense of humor,
I'd see how comical the whole thing was.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] He's chattering away.
Yeah, he walks behind my bar,
reaches down,
and then [POPS LIPS]
Shot him.
- He drew on you.
- Eh, I shot him.
He had a gun on you.
Eh, I don't know.
You don't know?
Think it was a church key.
He had a bottle opener in his hand?
[SOFTLY] Yeah.
What I remember is
he's still talking.
Hole in his chest, eyes wide open,
still talking.
I don't know what he was
saying or who he was saying it to.
I-I didn't care.
The guy would never shut up.
I cleaned my fingernails
with the bottle opener, and
that was that.
And I sleep just like a baby.

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