Justified: City Primeval (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


ALVIN: Previously
on Justified City Primeval
CAROLYN: So this never happened.
Nothing changes between us.
My client is still my client.
I don't suppose you've heard anything
about Judge Guy's replacement.
I have a pretrial motion.
Can't talk now.
You tell him to not play
with Mansell and that book.
TRENNELL: He's in too deep
to think with his head.
CLEMENT: Since I'm out of ideas,
question is, who's the mark?
Bulldozer Burt
white-collar, ex-con,
house in Bloomfield Hills.
Sounds like a walk in the park to me.
What is that there?
BURT: Yeah, it's a Stanley Garlick.
- Price is 50.
- 10 is fine.
Evening, Bert.
[GASPS] Jesus Christ.
The judge had a book of
secrets or favors or payoffs.
No one knows where it is.
But it ain't nowhere, and it is the key.
What's wrong, honey?
The judge's book, I just want to see it.
You can take a look at it.
See if somebody could help you.
If there's a wall in Jericho,
it's about to tumble down.
You good?
I got something you want.
That's fair to say.
Do you still aspire
to see how Judge Guy's book
puts the pieces together?
I want you be careful, now.
So that's the question, isn't it?
Do I trust you with what I know?
Start by taking your coat.
My experience,
if you got to ask somebody
can you trust them,
likely means you already don't.
And yet here I am.
You and me both.
Cuts both ways.
It's a dilemma.
I got a story for you.
1963, a group of Black folks
from Montgomery County, Mississippi,
they sat down at a lunch counter.
They were arrested,
taken to jail, beaten,
held without trial for weeks.
Now, they were arrested because
what they did was not legal,
but it was just.
There are things that I want
to do with that book,
and none of them have a damn
thing to do with what's legal
but everything, everything
to do with what's just.
So do you understand
what it means
For me
To trust you?
But why don't you come inside,
tell me again, make sure I got it?

Jesus Christ, Lonnie.
You don't bother to tell me
you got a-a vicious attack dog?
It's not my dog.
Well, then whose
It doesn't matter. It's [SIGHS]
You, uh
This is where you live?
It's where I can afford.
Oh, and I suppose you want
to blame me for that?
Well, don't. The only person
you have to blame is yourself.
I hired you to do a specific job,
and you completely betrayed my trust.
You didn't pay enough.
You stole.
I'm a thief.
Yes, exactly, which, thank you,
that's what brings me here today.
I have an opportunity
that may be more in line with your
let's call it skill set.
- Want me to steal something?
- No, I didn't say steal.
- No.
- You want me to kill someone.
No. Jesus, no. Just let no.
See, Lonnie
I'm not just the Bulldozer.
I'm an art collector,
a dabbler but an enthusiastic one.
And I had this painting which, uh,
was very special to me
personal. You understand.
And it was misappropriated
under very upsetting circumstances.
Want me to steal it back?
I'm just saying I would like
to see it on my wall,
and I'm not particularly interested
in how that comes to be.
I ain't looking to hurt anybody.
No, no, no, nobody needs
to get hurt or killed.
I just want my Stanley Garlick back.
Oh, look at that. It's beautiful.
Look at the brushwork.
LONNIE: Who's got it?
Uh, this is footage from
a book-shelf cam in my office.
See that man there?
- LONNIE: The white dude?
- BURT: Yes, the white dude.
You know where he is?
Well, I was hoping you would
come to find him on your own.
Or perhaps his partner would know.
I was supposed to get
a severance package.
Yes, before you were caught
stealing from me,
yes, you were supposed
to get a severance package,
but that ship sailed with the promise
that you wouldn't be indicted.
It is a nice painting, though.
Okay, tell me what you're
thinking, and we'll see.
CLEMENT: The new ones ain't
even got a little slot, for the CD,
I mean, not that I'd want
a compact disc,
but you looking
for a operating tape deck,
you want to go pre-'90s.
Now, this is a '83,
a little shimmy in the steering wheel,
but there's a subwoofer
underneath the back seat
that makes a pretty good racket.
Why don't you just buy
yourself a tape deck
and carry it around with you?
Then you can boost any old whip.
[SCOFFS] Shit, hump around
some ghetto blaster
like I'm on Fat Albert?
I don't think that's a solution.
I'm just saying, it's peculiar.
CLEMENT: Oh, hush.
There he is.
- You just hush me?
- CLEMENT: Sorry, boss.
Uh, you get the the dude's page?
Yeah, I got the dude's page.

- Well, then
- No, no, no, no.
We talked about this.
I handle the face-to-face, right?
Fine, have it your way.
I'll just sit on my hands. You happy?

SINGER: When it go,
push comes to shove ♪
Just like a needle on a compass ♪
Pointing your way to the north ♪

Just as sure as death and taxes ♪
Bringing your plate back for more ♪
SINGER: Yeah, you do
what you got to do ♪

Uh, 5, 10

Excuse me, uh, what the fuck
is this supposed to be?
It's supposed to be $15,000.
Then why is there only 12, Sweety?
Said it's all he's got.
Well, then what the fuck?
I told him I had
to consult with my partner,
which is what I'm doing.
CLEMENT: Look at him,
shrugging poor mouth at me.
This is a cocky son of bitch.
He said he ain't got it,
he ain't got it.
- Blood from a stone.
- Bullshit.
Nobody's got 12 grand that ain't got 15.
He knew it was 15,
and he come here with 15,
so somewhere in that car's 3 grand.
What you plan on doing about it?


Wait here.

What are you doing?
Buddy, come here. Hey.
Come here.
Hey, hey. Hey!
What are you doing? Hey!
Oh, wait, wait!
You know he had the rest in his wallet.
So the wallet's down there, then?
I didn't pull my gun or nothing, Sweety.
Dude took one look
and hopped clear over the side
like a cartoon.
You want to get us the fuck out of here?

You're gonna have
to go a-a little slower.
It's a lot to take in.
Can't help but notice you've
hardly touched your coffee.
I'm beyond coffee. Run this back.
You're saying Sweeton and Mansell,
having come into possession
of Judge Guy's book,
are using it to shake down
the people they find inside.
I am, and they are.
And if we can get Mansell
with this book
physically on his person
Got to be something like
having him dead to rights.
Uh, listen to you.
What time is the parade?
assuming we can somehow dredge up a name
from Judge Guy's book,
we set a trap for Mansell.
- Not somehow. I have a name.
- You have a name?
Someone maximally leveraged
to aid in our cause.
And this maximally leveraged person
will cut a deal
in order to keep their name
out of the light,
and that process somehow renders up
- Mansell on the Half Shell?
- Again, not somehow.
How do we know Mansell
shows up and not Sweety?
How do we know they'll be interested?
I ain't saying there aren't variables.
MAUREEN: Where are you getting
this shit? Who's your source?
What's with the cloak
and dagger all of a s
Are we talking about a sting?
Here's the deal if we don't do this,
we're just waiting for them
to make another move,
and every move Mansell makes
could be a move someone gets killed.
Now, we have a chance
to do this a different way,
some might say the right way,
and I feel like I'd be remiss
Jesus Christ,
you're sleeping with
Mansell's lawyer, aren't you?
Wow, okay.
There's that.
Who exactly are you proposing
we leverage to do this, Marshal?
Come on.



LONNIE: You got duct tape on your seats.
Yeah, sure.
Sweety here?
- When's he coming back?
- Wish I knew.


How about you call and find out?

How about you call him yourself?
I don't have his number.


All right, I'll wait.

We got $12,000 here.
Why is he so mad?
Yeah, Sweety, why you so mad?
I can't let two guys in a row
rip us off and be taken serious.
You can sulk all you want,
but you know I'm right.
First guy didn't rip us off.
He changed the price at the last minute.
Yeah, I've been thinking about that,
and I still think it was the smart play.
It's kind of like buying a car.
Fuck, have you ever bought a car?
Daddy used to sell Buicks,
and it'd be such-and-such a month,
and you get ready to sign,
then all of a sudden,
it'd be a couple hundred bucks
more, and then
they'd say, "Well,
that's the extended warranty."
- You see what I'm saying?
Great, so we got 10 already,
plus the 12 here.
Why am I not packing my bags for Aruba?
Well, grumpy guts here
gets half that money, doll.
SWEETY: You goddamn didn't.
CLEMENT: Oh, hey.
You like it?
That's a genuine Stanley Garlick.
You fucking went back there?
Uh, yeah. [SCOFFS]
It's a bad time.
Next time you send me to voice mail
better be 'cause you're dead.
Like I said, it's a bad time.
Got a white man here to see you.
From the bank?
He ain't from the bank, ain't a cop,
definitely done time,
won't take no for an answer.
Name's Lonnie.
Say his name is Lonnie.
Friend or foe?
Hard to say.
Either way, how about
you head on back now?
All right, on my way.

He on his way.
Thank you.

You know anybody named Lonnie?
Lonny with a Y or Lonnie with an I-E?
I'm just joshing you.
I don't know no goddamn Lonnie.
Aruba, Jamaica, whatever?
Do I have to sing a goddamn
song to get your attention?
- I told you yesterday.
How much more, Clement?
How much more before we can go?
- 20.
- 20 total or 20 more?
Damn, you're getting
as bad as Sweety 20 more.
Okay, 20 more, and we're on a plane.
I-I want to know you mean it.
I really need to believe you,
Clement. I really
Baby, I ain't ever gonna let
anything happen to you,
you understand?
Just got to play this out.
There's gonna be sand between your toes
and a mai tai in your hand
before we know it.
It's all right, okay?
All right.
Where are you going?
Uh, we're gonna need another car.
You keep your toothbrush over there now?
You're not gonna let this go, are you?
Just wondering what other
surprises you got in store.
Just you, me,
Wendell, and Bryl on this
couple other unis
I can count on to back us up.
And if we do this, however it goes down,
I call the ball. It's on me. Deal?
Wouldn't have it any other way.
However you got it,
this plan is some thin shit.
I mean, prosecutor says no
She'll fold. I have it
on the best authority.
Yeah, I'll bet you do.
Whatever it is, give it to Jake or Dan
or call me tomorrow.
- Day from hell?
- DIANE: I wish.
Hell would have spit this day out
and called it overcooked.
I remember you
rodeo clown from the bar.
- Here to buy a girl a drink?
- Something like that.
DIANE: Let's just say for a minute
my name actually is in Judge Guy's book.
It is, and it's
in the judge's own handwriting.
You're a handwriting analyst now?
Think I don't have some of my own,
might draw a different conclusion?
You got no proof
something no one alive can verify,
just words on a piece of paper.
We have explicit documentation
that you and Judge Guy took bribes
to let cops off for bad shootings.
No burden to prove that
in a court of law.
Enough people hear something like that,
and your career is over.
Careful, missy.
Could be your career that's over,
coming in here trying to blackmail
a county prosecutor into
Into what exactly?
Nothing we wouldn't ask any other CI.
You got the paperwork for that?
You have the immunity agreement?
Is that how you'd like this to proceed,
make it official on the record?
Look, the time comes,
we'll do what we can
to minimize the effect on you.
DIANE: Minimize it?
Not much of an offer,
given you don't even have the book.
- What was the name?
- Darryl Franklin.
Detroit cop gunned him down
outside a Twistee Freeze in 2012.
Claim was, he was packing a
Was it a 9 or a .40-cal GLOCK?
It's hard to recall because the gun
was conjured up out of thin air
to justify the shooting.
That discrepancy in caliber
almost turned the case
into front-page news.
Uh, you got to be
you know, David, uh
- David, um
- Copperfield.
You got to be goddamn David Copperfield
to make that kind of thing disappear.
How the hell did you ever manage it?
you know that I wouldn't put
myself out on a limb
if I didn't know I had
what I need to make it stick.
Use your head now.
Help us and help yourself,
or everybody reads about it
in the Free Press.


Want something while you wait?
You have Fresca?
See what I can do.


Guess you worked here a long time, huh?
I don't work here.

I help out, time to time.
So you and Sweety are
Seven years.
And he still don't tell you
where he's going.

You know,
I think this might be
better than Fresca.

You must be Lonnie.

LONNIE: "Hard up for a toke?
Sweety will start you a tab."
"Need a ride?
Sweety will loan will you
his own personal Cadillac."
Yeah, people been singing
the song of Sweety
for a long time.
So imagine your surprise
when you start
flashing that picture around
and they say, "That there is Sweety."
Who's the white boy?
Sweety, phone call.
Take a message.

All this about some painting?
Never know what somebody's
gonna care about, I guess.
Like with you.
You got your own bar here, friends.
What ends got you messing
with the Bulldozer anyway?

Maybe I'm tired
of loaning my car to people
and they bring it back
swearing on their mama's grave
that scratch was already there,
or maybe I know what else
they're saying about me out there
"Sweety used to be something."
Or maybe I just miss sitting
across the table
from somebody like you,
having a conversation like this.
I hear that.
I ain't calling you a house cat, but
I got to get paid.
What do you propose?
LONNIE: You tell me
where the white boy's at,
I'll go get the painting he stole,
and that's it.
Marcus, will you please
come get the goddamn phone?

Don't run off.

Want to tell me about this book?
What book?
Lady on the phone said I
should tell you it's about the book.

Marcus Sweeton.
SWEETY: Speaking. Who's this?
There's a rumor you have
Judge Alvin Guy's book.
My name is in that book,
do you understand?
I might.
What would it cost me
to get that page destroyed?
Guess that depends on you.
I'm good up to 30.
SWEETY: I can live with 30.
I'll have the money later today,
5:00, Waltham Park, east side,
by the fountain.
SWEETY: Well, you got it
all planned out, don't you?
I never did get your name, though.
Might be helpful if I'm
to bring the correct page.

My name is Diane Rogers.
5:00 it is.

Want to talk about it?
Might be I just found a way out.
What you mean "out"?
You mean out?
I mean out.
Gonna have to engage in, uh
shit I ain't usually inclined toward.
Shut the door on stank Okie peckerwood?

Sweety, I don't care what it is.
You get it done.

Pull another one of those
drinks you made for him.

Woman just called me,
said she's gonna meet
the man you're looking for
at 5:00 today.
Where at?
You say you want to get paid, right?
That's what I said.
You plan on killing this man
in the process?
If that's what it takes to get paid.

Man's name is Clement Mansell.
But if I tell you where he's gonna be,
he's got to go, you understand?
Not getting paid enough for that.
You just said now you'd kill him.
I said if that's
what it takes to get paid.

SWEETY: That there's 6.
The woman he's meeting'll
have 30 on her.
Now, you say you know me, so
you know I'm not bullshitting.
Kill Mansell, and you take the rest.

What about the painting?
What the fuck do you care
about the painting?
Bulldozer paying you 35 large for it?

Whatever, fine.
I'll get you the painting, too.
But so we understand each other,
none of this happens
unless Clement Mansell gets done.

Hey, what's cracking, Sweety?
SWEETY: About time.
Thought I was gonna have
to send out a search party.
Nothing but fart cans and tuner
metal out on the roads today.
Damn, I had to haul my ass
all the way out to Flat Rock
- looking for a Chevelle.
- Why a Chevelle?
Shit, man, the fact you even ask, uh,
makes me not want to go into it.
A Blaupunkt MR 21
4x6 crash pad speakers?
The sound is cherry, Sweety.
Why don't you take a ride with me
- and we'll put on some Mingus?
- I got to be someplace.
Where you got to be?
little thing I got to do.
What little thing you got, Sweety? Damn.
Look, it's about the book, all right?
I'm gonna collect off the book.
Wait. Without me?
"Without me?" he says.
Man throws somebody off
the roof of a parking garage.
He was provoking me.
You're too easy to provoke
that's my point.
I'm looking to get paid, not
strung up on some murder beef.
It's a milk run, all right?
Better if I just do it on my own.
Uh-uh. That ain't how it works.
That's not what we agreed to.
Well, I ain't agree to you
acting like a crazy maniac either.
Are you saying I can't handle myself?
I don't even know, man.
Give me the page. I'll find this fool.
I'll find out where the money's at.
Clement, I
CLEMENT: Give it here, Sweety.
I'm not gonna have you
casting aspersions.
And I am way calmer than you are
most of the time.
All right, you think you can handle it,
it's all yours.
5:00, Waltham.
Think you and your Blaupunkt
can make it?
Shit, no problem,
just give me where the details be at.
I can't believe you sometimes.
Uh, framer's not in today.
You can bring it back Tuesday.
I, um I have some questions,
um, about art.
Here, I

So sorry. Garlick.
I'm, uh I'm hoping
to secure a buyer, though.
I have to say it breaks
my heart to part with it.
Honestly, um,
I'm not entirely sure
I can go through with the deed.
It's just, um, my mother, her
her medical bills.
Health care in this country
is a sin, pure and simple.

You're a hard man to find.
SWEETY: Shit, I wish.
You suddenly forget
how text message work?
This isn't a conversation
I want memorialized.
Are you alone?
Alone enough. What's up?
CAROLYN: There are some things
that are gonna happen today,
things that could put an end
to this whole drama.
Funny you mention.
I been working on some plays myself.
Well, today would be a great day
for you to put as much distance
as you can get
between you and my client.
Do you know who I'm talking about?
I do.
CAROLYN: You steer clear,
because it is about to come down,
and you want to be inside when it does.
Well, I wasn't planning
on being there anyway,
but it sounds like your shit
gonna get in the way of my shit.
I am sorry to hear that,
but whatever your shit is,
you rein it in,
and you stay away from your
partner from here on out.
I need to make a phone call.
CAROLYN: You be careful, Sweety.
We're almost there.
Yo, Lonnie. Sweety here.
Listen, I need you to hit me back
before you do that thing
we talked about, all right?
It's important.
Hit me back at this number, okay?

Everybody in place?
PERSON: Alpha Team, affirmative.
PERSON 2: Copy. Unit Two is in place.
That's right, right by the fountain.

She looks a little squirrelly.
Stop touching the earpiece, please.
DIANE: Doesn't fit right.
Then let it don't fit right.
You keep touching it,
gonna look like
you're wearing an earpiece.


He's late.
Five minutes ain't late.
He'll be here.
Don't like all this
off-book, open-air shit
too many variables, not enough eyes.
This ain't the time to be
running our own wrecking crew.
Ah, what's not to like?
It's a pretty day.
There's an ice-cream truck.
How does ice cream help?
Little treat when we're done.

Heads up.

No sign of Sweety.
MAUREEN: Watch your backs.
Be ready to move if you see
either a gun or a book.

DIANE: You the one I talked to?
CLEMENT: Can't say as I am,
but I'm damn sure
the one you talked about.
DIANE: You bring the book?
You bring me some money?
I want to see my page first.
How about you at least
show me you brought the money?
I've had a bad run of folks
lately trying to rip me off.

You're underestimating my
willingness to cause you pain
right here in front of God
and everybody else.
All right, that's it. Let's move.

It's best you show me
what I came here for.

Goddamn, Marshal, people
are gonna think we're in love.
RAYLAN: Show me your hands.
Let's keep it quiet, and not upset
the people enjoying their day.
CLEMENT: Or we'll give 'em
a great story to tell their kids.
How many people you shoot
with that little-dick gun?
- RAYLAN: Lately?
Oh, you think
you're pretty good with it.
I qualify every year.
Wouldn't it be something if we
had ourselves a little shoot-out?
Don't think they got a range
where you're headed.
I'm not talking about any range.
I'm thinking on the streets,
just when you least expect it.
I'll ask the chief,
see if he says it's okay.
I don't think you'll do
nothing of the kind,
'cause you know I ain't kidding.
Why'd you kill the judge and the girl?
Jesus Christ.
Just when I thought
we was getting someplace.
What difference does it make why?
We're standing here right now,
sizing each other up,
aren't we?
What's it got to do with the judge
or some dumb little girl
or anything else?
MAUREEN: Marshal.

All right, then.
Bye for now.

WENDELL: Well, then that's that.
Appreciate your help with everything.
Help? Shit, I still want
my page out that damn book.
Right. Page in the book.
DIANE: Doesn't matter. I'm burnt anyway.
Never gonna sit on the bench now.
If I could just get that weight
from around my neck,
might be something.
He's clean.
WENDELL: What the hell you say?
Cigarettes, lighter,
couple of breaths mints.
If he had a piece on him, he
squirreled it away somewhere,
the book, too.
He didn't even have the book?
MAUREEN: No book.
Maybe someone tipped him off.
We can't touch him. We can't hold him.

Am I actually watching
this man walk away right now?
MAUREEN: You told me you wanted
to do this the right way.
You make a move on him here,
the right way
is no longer a possibility.
Marshal, he wants you to go after him.
He gets off on it.
You want to give him that?
What do you want me to do?
I'll pick him up on anything you say,
but he'll bounce
before he even gets processed.

All right.
Let's roll it up.
Chin up, Marshal. We'll get him.

WENDELL: You're all quiet over there.
Something on your mind, Marshal?
Can't put my finger on it.
Put your finger on what?
There was something fishy
about that particular kerfuffle,
and I'm struggling some
figuring out what it was.
What's to figure?
Dude outfoxed us again.
Maybe nothing,
unless you lived a different
version of events than I did.
Wonder if maybe I did.
What's that supposed to mean?
Ever since I landed in this town,
ever since I come across this dude,
I never seen anybody get
so lucky so much in my life.
Get him dead to rights,
everything just so,
and every time, he skates,
cleaner than clothes on a wash line.
What's your point?
I wonder if anybody's that lucky.
I wonder if some combination
of this dead judge and this alleged book
and this particular shit bird
is maybe making people act
in ways they otherwise wouldn't.
And I'm feeling like I do
when I'm being played a fool.
You know what I'm saying?
I hear what I think
you're saying, Marshal,
but I don't know what kind of
response you expecting from me.
Nothing more
than your professional opinion.
My professional opinion? Shit
You may be right.
I wouldn't know either way.
And also either way, I ain't interested,
so you might as well change the subject.
Okay, then.


CAROLYN: What happened?
We had him, and then we didn't.
All right, what now?
Now you and I are gonna revisit
a conversation we had last night,
specifically the part
where I remember saying,
"I want more,"
because I don't know what
you got out of this, Carolyn,
but all I got was a bit of a bruised ego
and a monster who now thinks
he's untouchable.
I can't imagine a time
when he hasn't thought that.
Bad as it's been, it's gonna get worse.
So you're saying you want the book.
I want to know
what you don't want to tell me.
And if I can't get it from you, Carolyn,
I really got no business being here.
You know what I'm saying?
Come inside, and we'll talk about it.
I don't want to have a conversation.
- I want answers.
- Raylan.
Come inside.


It was a setup.
SWEETY: Yeah, I heard.
The second I landed,
cops all over the place.
[SIGHS] I just walked away.
I wasn't about to send you
into no lion's den.
Yeah, I know. I got your message after.
- But looks like maybe
They rolled up the white boy, though.
What? You mean this white boy?

What all did I miss?
Feel like I missed a lot.
You didn't miss nothing.
We just talking.
Well, who's your friend?
We ain't met yet.
- It's Lonnie.
- Hello, Lonnie.
What brings you to Sweety's today?

Ain't exactly a canary, is he?
Funny, seeing as you two
didn't have any trouble
conversating before I got in here.
By all means, carry on, fellas.

Well, go on. Answer it.

LONNIE: Yeah, Lon
Jesus fucking Christ, man.
- [SIGHS] Fuck.
It's time to go to The Bahamas.
CLEMENT: Yeah, I got to thinking
about what you were saying
about a tape deck.
Turns out, you're right.
The portability on this thing
is a big plus.
You know, it occurred to me, Sweety,
I don't think you ever once
got to hear me sing.
I was wondering maybe I got shy or

I figured, "What the hell?
What's it gonna hurt now?"
What the fuck does that mean?
I think I'm, uh,
ready for you to hear one of my tunes.
Just the one for now, I think,
is all we got time for.
Why don't you kill that jukebox?
- What?
- CLEMENT: Go on, Sweety.
Unplug that thing
so I can play you this.

It hurts, Sweety.
Thought we had, like,
a gentlemen's agreement.
You know, you of all people
I didn't think
I had to watch my back with.
That's just lazy.
That's on me. I know that.
See, that's a point
of further reflection later on.
No, think about what you saying, man.
You said it. I got ends in this.
Why would I go and do
something like that, man?
CLEMENT: I don't know, Sweety.
Maybe I'm just tired
and ain't thinking straight.
But what nags at me
is that you always
get to keep your hands clean
and I always got to do the scut work.
Speaking of lazy and, actually,
frankly, disrespectful,
feels like I'm carrying the full load,
and if I am carrying the full load,
it gets me to thinking, hmm,
what the hell am I paying you half for?

Kill the jukebox, Sweety.

Maybe I don't feel like listening
to your raggedy-ass tune.

Unplug it.

Check this out.

I'm gonna fight 'em off ♪
I'm not talking to you
till you put that gun away.
No, I mean, what do you think about it?
Are you seriously asking me what
the fuck I think about it right now?
No, man. I mean a-about my voice.
Like, what do you hear
with those big ears of yours?
You think I got what it takes?
Goddamn, man.
Even with a gun on you,
you can't lie and tell me you like it.
Put the gun away, Clement.

You are a hard man to please, Sweety.

Why don't you close your eyes for me?

Fuck you.
I got to go out listening
to your honky chicken-fat
cover-song bullshit?

You got to look me in the eye.

CLEMENT: Don't want to hear about it ♪

CLEMENT: From the queen of England ♪
To the hounds of hell ♪
And if I catch you
coming back my way ♪
I'm gonna serve it to you ♪

And that ain't what you want to hear ♪
But that's what I'll do ♪
And the feeling coming from my bones ♪
Says find a home ♪


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