Justified: City Primeval (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

The Smoking Gun

PERSON: Previously
ON JUSTIFIED: City Primeval
What is that there?
PERSON: It's a Stanley Garlick.
It was misappropriated.
It breaks my heart to part with it.
RAYLAN: Wasn't there a suspect
you guys brought in?
WENDELL: Afghanistan vet,
name of Darrold Woods.
We know he didn't do it. Mansell did it.
You want him, you better find
him quick, or he'll be dead.
MAUREEN: Sweeton and Mansell,
having come into possession
of Judge Guy's book,
are using it to shake down
the people they find inside.
We have a chance
to do this a different way.
My name is in that book.
Help us or everybody reads
about it in the free press.
CAROLYN: What would it cost
to get that page destroyed?
I guess that depends on you.
Man's name is Clement Mansell.
He's gotta go. Kill Mansell.
CAROLYN: You bring the book?
- You bring me some money?
- Let's move.
MANSELL: God damn, Marshal,
people gonna think we're in love.
- He's clean.
- WENDELL: The hell you say?
MAUREEN: Cigarettes, lighter,
a couple of breath mints.
Am I actually watching
this man walk away right now?
SWEETY: I gotta go out
listening to your honky,
chicken fat bullshit?

SWEETY: What you talking about,
you ain't made no money?
Come on, man.
The place is packed.
Now his face all red.
Vein running up all up to the top
of his bald-ass head.
I guess he don't like me
calling him a cheat.
I told him.
"I'm tired
of your bullshit excuses, man."
I look at him in the eye,
and I say, "You see my hand?
"You know what it's doing in my pocket?"
"Well it ain't playing with my dick."
"I got a .22,
and it's pointed at yo dick."
So did you?
Did I what?
Have a .22?
Hell nah.
So what's up with that little princess
you got with you tonight?
Who, Carolyn?
She your daughter?
Nah, nah, her moms went out tonight.
I just babysit sometimes.
Told her pops that, you know,
I'd look out for his little girl.
What happened to her daddy?
He worked a line at GM,
and when the plant closed
He died of a rough life, man.
Broken heart.
Any guy that works
a straight job is a chump.
Hey, baby girl.
Thought I told you to wait
in the dressing room.

Y'all wanna see something?
Man, let's get the girl
home so we can hit Indigo.
Yeah, man.
Let's let Carolyn decide, all right?
You wanna see what I been working on?
Watch your step now.
So what you think?
RONNIE: Damn, Marcus.
What the hell is this?
It's my bar.
Or it's gonna be.
I put a down payment.
Yeah, don't look like much now,
but I'ma put a bar along this wall here,
and over there,
I'm gonna put a pool table
somewhere over here.
On this side,
got some booths along this wall
and over here, in the corner
by the door,
a big-ass jukebox.
Gonna play only music I wanna play.
Gonna serve
only the people I wanna serve.
Getting too old for this shit.

I think it's gonna be fucking cool.
Yeah. [LAUGHS]
It's gonna be cool.

WENDELL: Anyone we should call?

RAYLAN: I'm sorry.
He was a chump.

TRENNELL: I got a brother
in White Rock, New Mexico.
Nothing out there but blue skies
and puffy clouds.
Not a lot of human beings,
which sounds pretty good
right about now.
Before you go getting your luggage


You sure you can use it?
I'm sure.

You're back late.
What is that? Did you burn something?
Sandy, tell me what you see.
It's not tropical water
and a white sand beach.
I can tell you that.
Anything missing?

Where's the painting?
I sold it.
We need to leave Detroit.
We'll leave Detroit
when I say we leave Detroit.
You're mad because
of that stupid painting?
Nobody even wanted that piece of shit.
- I went to
- I did.
I got sneakers worth
more than that thing.

You threw away a Stanley Garlick.

Who gives a shit about Stanley Garlick?
Heard Sweety's got torched.
RAYLAN: With him in it,
from the looks of things.
You got a minute?
This what I think it is?
It's what I need you to find out.
Quietly would be good,
quickly'd be even better.
Ballistics hears we like this,
for the gun that killed Judge Guy,
it'll go to the top of the list.
Give me 24 hours.


SANDY: What happened, moron?
You lose your fucking keys?
RAYLAN: Hey, Sandy.
RAYLAN: We alone?
SANDY: You mean is Clement here?
No. But Del called.
He's coming back this weekend.
I saw Skender.
He's gonna be crippled
the rest of his life.
Now you can say,
"Oh, my goodness, what happened?"
and we can throw that back
and forth for a while,
or you can tell me
how you feel about it.
I don't have to talk to you,
so I don't think I will.
I have the gun, Sandy.
Here we go.
You think I'm gonna testify
against Clement?
I mean, even if he was
paralyzed from the neck down
and had to be fed with a spoon,
even if you swear you were
gonna put him away forever
like they told me the last time,
I wouldn't do it,
and thank Christ I didn't,
because he walked, didn't he?
He ain't gonna walk this time.
You don't know.
The only way in the world
I'll tell you right now
I'd ever testify against Clement
is if he was dead and buried
with a stake through his heart,
and even then, I'd be nervous.
You can send me to jail if you want.
I'm not saying one fucking word.
Why do you stay with him?
He's fun.
All I want you to do is listen.
I'm not asking you to testify.
You're not seeing the point here, Sandy,
'cause when he gave it to you,
I don't think he meant
for it to get to me.
- Shit.
- RAYLAN: Yeah.
How you think he's gonna feel
when he finds out I have it,
the gun he used to kill
Judge Alvin Guy and Rose Doyle,
now Marcus Sweeton last night.
Sweety's dead?
And his bar burned to the ground.
Oh, Jesus.
How you feeling? You okay?
I feel like I'm in big trouble.

I ever tell you about
the story about Oklahoma?
A day like any other day.

And then it changed.
The sky turned dark.
Mama was, uh indisposed,
'cause that's what people do.
They fucking let you down.
I waited patiently for him to leave.
I think his name
was Dalton or some shit.
He worked a rig
down in Glenn Pool Field.
He wasn't the first asshole
from Glenn Pool to be in her bed,
but he was the last.

'Cause once his car disappeared
down the dirt road,
grabbed my .22,
shoved 3 inches of steel
down her throat,
'cause the very last thing
I wanted my mama to see
before I told her to close
her eyes tight
and pulled the trigger
was her son's face.
Then I drove her one county over
and buried her
where no one can ever find her.
Or my story's just bullshit.
She got a tornado carried her away.
You took the only father
I've ever known.
Fuck your mother
and fuck you.
I don't represent you [CHOKING]
I came by here because I
thought you might understand.
But I can come back any time I want.

Hi, baby.
Hi, baby.
Oh, you.
Don't sound so sad.
It is how you make me.
The nurses said that
you're gonna go home soon
to the Venus.
You should not be here.
I screwed up, okay,
but I wanna make this right.
So did I set you up to get robbed?
I did.
Did I hook you good,
let you take me out,
and spend money on this and that?
I did.
But you gotta believe me,
honey, I never, ever thought
that you'd get hurt
like as bad as this any
There is nothing you can say.
You have broken my heart
And also my leg.
I know.
I really, really, really, messed up.
My whole life has been
about bad choices,
but I meant what I said to you.
I do think you're a sweet guy and cool.
And, you know, if there is a way
that we could start over and get away,
just get away together
Would you have me?

You are a dead woman.

Carolyn, what's wrong?
- MANSELL: Sandy!
- Shit.
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
What's, uh, going on?
Nothing, Clement.
Nothing from nothing is nothing,
but it's gotta be something.
Do you love me?
What's that supposed to mean?
Of course I love you.
I'm being serious. Do you love me?
Well, sure I do.
I mean, I from
the very first moment I saw you
working the counter at Nordstrom's
Then how come you never
play me any of your shit?
Whole catalog of masterpieces
just sitting around
waiting to be discovered.
All these songs, all this time,
and yet you hadn't ever
played me any of them.
Well, you see, the mood is
Never, not once.
How's that supposed to make me feel?

You really wanna hear the way I sing?
Yes, Clement.
Jesus, what am I even
talking about here?
Sandy, darling, I'm
I'm gonna get you a copy of that tape,
and I am going to play you my shit.
I think you been missing, uh,
some of Dr. Mansell's special treatment.
Yeah, I missed you.
- Mm.
- Yeah?
Oh, yeah.
Baby girl, from here on out,
every word and every song
and every note.

He put his hands on me.
When I was about ten or so
The school called my mother
and said, "Ms. Thomas, Carolyn's okay.
But Dwayne tried to choke her,
though he didn't mean to."
Sweety found out. He was mad as hell.
He took me to the Joe Louis Gym,
he laced up my gloves,
and he showed me how to hold my own.
You take care of poor Dwayne?
You have the murder weapon.
How are you gonna put
Mansell's prints on it?

RAYLAN: What's happening?
She brought in Darrold Woods.
REPORTER: And we are now
going back to Alana
who's in the field with breaking news.
ALANA: We have received reports
that a person of interest
is in custody for the murders
of Judge Alvin Guy
and Wayne County Court Clerk Rose Doyle.
That suspect is Darrold Woods,
an Afghan vet who was questioned
and released on the night of the murders
and has now been detained
as new information
has come to light.
We are working to get
more information about Woods,
who, it appears, has no fixed address
but has been arrested a handful
of times over the last few years,
mostly on drug-related charges.
That's my kimono.
MAUREEN: Woman's lying there dead.
Is that right?
DARROLD: I already told you this.
BRYL: Just trying to refresh
our memory, Darrold.
MAUREEN: The woman's lying there dead.
- What was that, Darrold?
What did you burn her with?
DARROLD: I just touched her a little.
MAUREEN: What'd you touch her
with, your dick?
- MAUREEN: You killed her!
DARROLD: Do you see a gun on me?
Shit, no.
MAUREEN: Where'd you touch her?
Like around her legs and shit.
You touch her with a cigarette?
Lit cigarette?
You burn her after you
killed her or before?
Here's what happened, Darrold.
You murdered Judge Guy,
took Rose Doyle
to a secluded golf course,
smoked a little PCP,
took that cigarette,
and you burned her,
'cause that's what you do.
Then you killed her
and had sex with her.
- I didn't kill nobody.
- Yes, you did, Darrold.
Found this gun in your things.
Ballistics matched it up with
the one that killed that judge.
You know what that means?

I want a lawyer.

RAYLAN: Feels like I should have brought
a bouquet of roses,
performance like that.
But then, I did give you
the goddamn gun.
Would you mind running
this back down to evidence?
Are you in the book, too,
or are you just an asshole?

Tell me I'm wrong.
Tell me I'm not seeing this,
because I don't wanna believe it.

We appreciate all
you've done here, Marshal.
But you can go ahead
and get back down to Florida,
see that little girl of yours.
Take care.

No, not Del,
but I do have old Del's phone here,
as I guess you might have figured.
Where are you?
I'm just out.
I'm just picking us up some food.
Oh, yeah, with all
your worldly possessions
and my goddamn money?
Listen, I'm gonna make
this real simple, honey.
You come on back, give me what's mine,
and we won't have another
Skender situation on our hands.
But if you don't,
I'm gonna take it out
on your buddy here,
and then I'm gonna come looking for you.
Well, afraid that didn't go too good,
for you there, partner.
PA: Paging passengers on flight DL1071.
Your flight to Nassau, Bahamas
is now boarding.

Look, quarter of these guys
cooling their jets
waiting for sentencing
up in Wayne County
they didn't do what they're
being tried and convicted for.
But they did other stuff
that they got away with.
Now I'm okay with that,
and even them, deep, deep down,
they know why they're there.
Does that make me an asshole?
But I never sent
some poor devil up the river
I know didn't do it just to get a win.

Oh, hey, been thinking about something.
Can you explain what Twitter is?
Uh, it's an aggregate, um,
social media
Platform where
Whoa, just a second, got a phone call.
Just when we were starting to lose hope.
SANDY: I'm sorry, baby.
I I got scared, okay?
The Albanians and then
that shit about the painting,
it just it didn't seem
like you were listening
to a word I said.
MANSELL: Oh, what can I say?
End of the day, I'm just a damn caveman.
I can't help myself.
But, honey, I am really sorry,
and I want you to know
now I'm ready to listen.
You promise?
I do.
Where are you?
I'm at the airport,
but I'll come back to Del's right now
as long as you promise
you won't hurt him.
MANSELL: No, you don't have
to come all the way back here.
There's a Radisson near the airport.
They have a nice little bar.
We have a nice drink,
talk this thing out,
and then we get on a plane
to paradise, baby,
just like you wanted.
You sure you wouldn't rather
I just come back to the condo?
Be good to get out.
See you in a jiff.
He wants to meet at the
Sandy, I got it from here.
Are you sure?
You are gonna get him, right?
'Cause I I wanna do things different.
Like, I wanna go back to school.
I could do hair or be
an entrepreneur, you know,
like, meet a nice guy, like you said.
Like, I wanna live honest.
I'm gonna need your phone.
Can I at least delete
some pictures first?
MANSELL: I really appreciate
the hospitality,
and if it makes you feel any better,
when I do find Sandy,
I'm gonna make her pay
enough for both of us.
We're gonna meet.
RAYLAN: Radisson Hotel bar.
Uh, why don't you hold up a beat?
Come take me out for a drink, cowboy.
I'll see you when it's done.


Oh, Sandy.
One of these days, that girl's
gonna get me in trouble.
She's cute, ain't she?
Gets stoned too much.
Keep telling her
quit smoking that queer shit
and drink like a normal person.
Some people,
you can't tell them anything.
Ain't that the truth?
But as long as they don't tell on you.
What's in the bag? Your lunch?
RAYLAN: Yeah, it's my lunch.
He's gonna want another one of those.
You gonna join me?
I got something I gotta do first.
Y'know, I'm actually glad you came by
because I've had some business come up
I've gotta tend to,
so it's about time for me to leave town.
Is that right?
Want you to know
it's not on account of you
or these goddamn Albanians.
There's no reason for me
to sit around here
with my thumb up my ass,
so I'm moving on.
When, tonight?
Guess I'll see you later then.
You want me to think
you know more than you do?
Wait a minute,
as long as you're confident
all Sandy told me
was where you're gonna be,
you got nothing to worry about.
That ain't your lunch, is it?
RAYLAN: No, it ain't my lunch.
It ain't a bag of doughnuts either.
You want it?
MANSELL: We getting tricky, are we?
You want me to put my prints
on someone else's murder gun.

It loaded?
You can check it if you want.
Just short two rounds we fired
in ballistics, that's all.

It is what you wanted, wasn't it?
MANSELL: Come on.
I don't think you're serious.
Right here?
Little too close, don't you think?
You wanna go outside or up on the roof?
We can go outside if you want.
Less chance of getting
shot in the balls.
You're trying to spook me
into signing some statement.
Man, you are going way around to do it.
I don't want a statement.
You sign a confession,
we come up in court,
you say it was under duress or coercion,
some chickenshit thing.
This is fair, isn't it?
You said you wanted a shooting match.
Let's go.
Just grab the gun, huh?
Anytime you want, do it.

Gentlemen, you can both be handing over
your guns now, please.

You might wanna
be careful getting your prints
on that one.

MANSELL: So, where we headed, fellas?
Oh, we should go see Skender
in the hospital.
Tough crowd.
I ever tell you a story of my mama
Come again?
TOMA: It's old Albanian saying.
Silence is a golden moment.
RAYLAN: Toma, the Walther
in that bag is a murder weapon.
Put this knucklehead
away for two lifetimes.
This is murder weapon.
RAYLAN: Mm-hmm.
How 'bout you let me do my job?
Remember how it was
when we left Albania?
Every weekend, a fucking heartbreak.
10 are shot, 15 killed in explosion.
Became normal, killing to save lives,
to take from those who took from us.
But then we came here, and it
was a good life, yes?
But now here we are.
Sometimes the old ways
are the only ways.



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