Kaiju No. 8 (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Revenge Match

Fine. I'll move it myself.
That suit
Who are you?
I'm applicant number 2016.
Kikoru Shinomiya.
My hobby is killing kaiju.
Remember my name, all right?
Hey, old man. You smell like kaiju.
Our work is cleaning up neutralized kaiju.
Why are cleaners like you
at a place like this?
All right, then.
Does he have a private suit, too?
Applicant number 2032.
I'm Kafka Hibino.
Don't forget my name, little girl!
They took our parking spot
while I was talking!
That's one capable butler!
I just came here to participate
in the rite of passage,
but it looks like
I could enjoy my time here.
I can't wait to beat you, Kafka Hibino.
-Let's go, Sebasu.
-Yes, my lady.
You already used your powers.
Hey, you know, I just transformed
the parts where you can't see.
-That's not the problem here!
-Hey there!
We heard a loud noise.
Is there trouble here?
No, it's nothing. We're all right.
-Go inside quickly then!
If you use your powers again,
I'll send you back.
I gave up once,
but this is my last chance
to stand next to her!
I'll never
give up this time!
Shit. What's going on?
I can't keep up at all.
I still keep up with my training
from old habits,
and I work at my physically demanding
job every day.
The secondary exam has a physical
fitness test and an aptitude test.
Yes. The aptitude test looks at our
natural qualities. We can't control that.
-That means
We'll need to score high
on the physical fitness test.
I was at least
a little below average last time!
So, why
Is this what they mean when they say
your body declines in your thirties?
If I use my powers,
Could I outrun all of them in an instant?
Shit! My body is heavy.
219 OUT OF 225
5 OUT OF 225
Wow, that was fast. I beat you already.
I'm Kafka Hibino. Don't forget my name,
little girl girl girl!
Forget it!
Forget my name right this instant!
I feel at ease. So, you really didn't use
your kaiju powers.
Everyone worked hard to get here.
It would be unfair
if I used my powers here.
Look, I'm trying to act all cool,
but I should've used it!
I'm so rusty!
Your ranking might not just be
because you're rusty.
Here are the applicants this year.
There are some interesting people.
You probably only care
about beating kaiju, though.
Continue updating me.
I'll listen as I work.
Oh, wow, that's new.
Let's see.
I guess our star player would be
Haruichi Izumo.
Tokyo Neutralization University.
Graduated at the top of class.
He's the top player
out of this year's graduates.
Another hopeful is Iharu Furuhashi.
Hachioji Neutralization Technical College,
graduated at the top of the class.
All right!
The young hopeful of JGSDF,
Aoi Kaguragi.
He's a transfer applicant who declined
a promised future at JGSDF
in order to join the Defense Force.
That's not all.
I see more neutralization universities
and technical college jackets than usual.
These are elites who would usually go
for management positions
rather than working on the field.
No wonder they're all so advanced.
And out of all of them, she's at the top.
She was the youngest and top graduate
of California Neutralization University
at the age of 16.
She's considered to be the best talent
in all of history.
She is Kikoru Shinomiya.
I'll crush her!
How will my skills hold up to hers?
I'll be keeping an eye on her.
Everyone here is extremely talented,
with Kikoru Shinomiya at the top.
-That's why you
-So, she's
Hello there. You finally
realized how great I am?
-Kafka Hibino
-I didn't know you were that good!
Don't lay a finger on our lady!
What's up with that old guy?
Maybe he's a fan of Shinomiya.
That's the second time I saw you
lose today, Kafka Hibino.
How many more times will I see
that pathetic face of yours?
I'll beat you for sure today!
Except that I'm already on the edge
of being cut.
We still have hope.
For the upcoming aptitude test,
in the past two years,
they've had applicants clean up
kaiju remains.
They assess your level of kaiju knowledge
and teamwork
while raising awareness that
neutralization isn't just defeating kaiju.
This is why I decided to work in cleaning
for my part-time job.
All right!
-Let's hope the next one will go well!
So huge!
I'm the head of the selection committee
for the secondary exams
and the vice-captain
of the Third Division, Hoshina.
The aptitude test will be held
in this training area.
You all will be working
with a kaiju in this training area.
You'll be neutralizing it.
I thought we're cleaning up here!
Huh, Ichikawa-san?
I'm talking about the previous two years!
I'm disappointed too!
But we can't let you guys
go in there empty-handed.
You'll be wearing these.
This is by Izumo Tech.
The G-X4552, huh?
What is this?
It's like the clothes are sticking
to my body.
Physical evaluation
and form assimilation complete.
Kaiju muscle fibers, fully operational.
I can feel the suit merging with my body.
I can feel my muscles expanding.
It's so hot.
So, this is
These are the Defense Force's
Kaiju Countermeasure Suits.
It's made
from the biological tissue of kaiju
and greatly raises the fighting ability
of the wearer.
This is the best weapon to fight
against kaiju for you guys that we have.
I'll be measuring the unleashed combat
power for everyone who put on the suit.
Roger that!
Reno Ichikawa.
Unleashed combat power, 8%.
Haruichi Izumo, 18%.
That's around what I expected.
-Aoi Kaguragi, 15%.
-Yes, sir.
-Iharu Furuhashi, 14%.
Unleashed combat power measures how much
of the suit's power is being released.
If you've had a lot of training,
you'd be around 20%.
You'd usually be lucky if you see
one applicant over 10%.
We might really have the best pool
of applicants in our history.
-The rumors are true.
Kikoru Shinomiya.
Unleashed combat power is 46%!
Are you kidding me?
She's already at Platoon Leader level!
The best talent in history.
This might be the highest record
for any applicant!
I'm only at 8%.
Don't be so down, Ichikawa-kun.
Well, 8% is great for a first-timer.
Honestly, as long as you're not at zero
right now, you've passed.
Though I've never seen anyone
at zero in my time here!
Kafka Hibino.
Unleashed combat power, 0%!
What's with that guy?
We have our first zero!
Maybe it's a measurement error.
Give me a bit more time!
I'm pushing right now!
Is he taking a shit?
Pushing won't do anything!
That old guy is hilarious!
I like that dude.
He probably won't pass, though.
Please focus on the selection process.
Shit. I'm sure there's a trick to this.
I just have to figure it out
before the exam ends.
Kafka Hibino, don't make me impatient.
Show off the power you released
in the parking lot!
The exam's about to end.
All right, everyone has their suits on?
Let's begin
the final test.
Here's what will happen in this test.
The target is one honju that was placed
in this large training area
designed like an urban district
and 36 yoju.
We neutralized a kaiju that produced
16 victims in Hachioji last year
and captured it live
to train our newcomers.
You'll be in combat
using kaiju fighting weapons.
Each applicant will be monitored
by being followed
by an automatic tracking drone.
If we judge that your life is at risk,
we'll release the suit shield remotely.
But understand that this means
you will be disqualified from that point.
Honestly, from this point forward,
we can't guarantee that you'll survive.
Those who still have the will to continue
What the hell is that?
Yoju 12 has been eviscerated.
Yoju 3 has been eviscerated.
Dammit, we're going, too!
Follow me, Ichikawa!
You're the one behind me!
These weapons are so heavy
without any power from the suit.
-Only a zero percenter could understand
-That's not a cool line!
But what should we do?
We don't have much attacking power.
Oh, right, I forgot to mention.
We're joined by Captain Mina Ashiro
for our aptitude test selection.
Go ahead and show off what you've got!
Let's bet on who becomes
the coolest Defense Force officer!
That's right. Who cares if I'm at zero?
Calm down.
This is my last and final chance.
Why did the judges assign a drone
to follow each one of us?
You're right. If they only care about
how many kaiju we neutralize,
they can just use a sensor
to count the numbers.
Right. They're looking at how we act
based on our skills and situation.
In that case, what we should do
as someone with low attacking power is
-We'll support the attackers!
Senpai! They're fighting to your right.
All right. Let's go around
and support them.
The shape of that hoof
I remember! This is the yoju we cleaned
in collaboration with Iida Cleaners.
I see.
That's why they added this
to our collection of weapons.
Take this!
A stun grenade?
This guy has developed hearing to make up
for his deteriorating eyesight.
So, we'll throw that off balance
and find a target!
-It's the belly!
The skin on his belly is thinner
than the rest of his body.
-Aim for the belly!
Nice assist. Shinomiya fan!
I'm not her fan!
-Nice job, Senpai!
I haven't cleaned up
all those kaiju for nothing.
I know all about you, inside and out!
I can do it without using my kaiju powers!
I'll compensate for all the mishaps
up to this point!
I'll throw the next one!
Let's just keep going.
Another kaiju?
Area Delta, number 2032 has been injured.
Vitals are abnormal. He's unable to fight.
Yoju 23 is continuing to attack!
Prepare the remote shield.
Shit. They're releasing the remote shield.
Understand that this means
you will be disqualified.
Stand up. She's
She's watching me.
I can't be acting more pathetic
than I already am!
Releasing the Remote Shield!
So, he's the first one out, huh? Figures.
He was a funny dude,
but it can't be helped.
That's your third losing face,
Kafka Hibino.
I won't allow any victims
where I'm fighting.
Kikoru! You saved me
I'll take care of this gracefully.
You just lie there pathetically, okay?
-She's going for the main target!
-That's mine!
Don't be so distracted!
So powerful. Is it really
the same weapon as mine?
Unleashed combat power makes
a huge difference in our attacking force.
I'm going too!
It's broken? I can't stand up anymore.
Can you hear me, number 2032?
It's Hoshina, from the operation room.
Your vitals are abnormal.
Broken bones in various places.
There may be damages
to your internal organs.
No way.
I have to give up?
But if I still have a chance, I'll
There's no way I could stand next to her.
There's no way.
It's always the talented ones who pass.
As judges, we recommend that you retire.
The shield won't protect you
from everything.
I'm the only one that can decide
whether to give up.
I'm at no age to have dreams.
I know it's lame.
But I decided to bet
on my entire life so far
to chase after this one thing.
I'll never
I'll never give up this time!
Subtitle translation by: Yukimi Ohashi
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