Kaiju No. 8 (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Fortitude 9.8

I'll never give up this time!
Ow, ouch
‪Are you all right, senpai?
See? I can still stand up!
He stood up using his broken leg!
Well, if he insists.
If you're in real trouble,
I'm going to release the remote shield.
Bring it on!
Ichikawa. Don't mind me.
Just keep pushing.
We promised that whatever happens to me,
you would
I'll support you. As much as possible.
Let's go!
Right. That's the kind of guy you are.
If you say so!
Are they serious?
Let's go, Ichikawa!
It's the unification plan!
Everyone's looking at us! So embarrassing!
I leave the mobility powers to you.
Use the power from your suit
as much as possible!
My broken leg hurts like hell, but
Please use all your knowledge to attack!
Let's let them in!
-They'll be the official comedians!
-Be serious!
Chase after Kikoru, and don't mind me!
Got it!
Don't fall, all right?
So fast!
-I'll beat you all!
-See ya.
Be prepared to support them
as soon as we arrive!
Leave it to me!
She won't even let us help, huh?
Number 2016
has blown away
the last yoju in Area Delta,
now engaging with the honju.
The last one
Honju has been defeated.
Final round is now complete!
We'll be collecting the drones.
Good work, all of you.
That was too fast, that bastard!
We're collecting the drones
and taking in the injured applicants,
right, Vice-Captain Hoshino?
Huh? Yeah, right.
That was way too quick.
It took so long to get ready.
Kikoru Shinomiya.
She's beyond her reputation.
Even she's interested in her, huh?
We were expecting about 30 people
to retire, but it's zero.
We have very few injuries.
This must be because Shinomiya
was on the ground.
As expected of Director General
Shinomiya's daughter.
She'll be the future pillar
of the Defense Force for sure.
She's the light of hope for our country.
I was perfect,
right, Dad?
All right.
I'll go see Kafka Hibino lose
for the fourth time.
Kikoru Shinomiya's powers were superhuman,
just like they all said.
Yeah. She kept crushing me good
the whole day.
But thanks to her, I was able
to fight until the last moment.
-Now, we'll just wait for the results.
-That's true.
What is that?
What's going on?
Senpai, let's evacuate for now.
I was able to protect my heart
by concentrating the shield in one area.
I can still fight.
What are you?
She's still moving?
He can speak?
What is that skin?
All right, now.
-I'll leave it to you.
-An intelligent kaiju?
What's going on?
Don't forget to chew before swallowing.
Number 2016 has abnormal vitals!
What the hell is going on?
I don't know. But
the dead kaiju are reacting.
They're coming back to life.
What? Those kaiju
don't have that kind of power.
Estimated fortitude measurement
for the honju is complete! It's 6,4!
Its strength went up? That's the level
that requires a whole company.
If anyone here can take it down
by themselves
Release remote shields for all applicants.
Yes, ma'am!
Return the drones on the ground
and display what's going on.
Hoshina. Let's go.
it would be her or me.
Emergency, emergency.
All applicants, evacuate immediately
to your closest shelter.
I repeat. All applicants,
evacuate immediately
to your closest shelter.
Evacuate? But if we evacuate, this thing
Someone has to stop him
or so many people would die!
Use the kaiju muscle to stop the bleeding.
I can still move. I can still fight.
I'll never allow victims,
not while I'm on this ground!
Be perfect, for the future
of this country.
I have to be perfect!
I won't lose.
Wow, Kikoru-chan!
Your name's at the very top!
It means you were first, right?
Exactly! It means I got accepted
with the highest score!
Lisa, congratulations on your acceptance.
Don't pet me like that! It's embarrassing.
-I'll buy you a treat, like you promised.
-Really? Yay!
See you, Kikoru-chan!
Let's go eat barbecue to celebrate!
I told you we didn't need to worry.
As expected of my son!
Master will be coming home today.
I'm sure he'll be extremely proud.
You got accepted at the top of class?
That's to be expected.
If you focus too much on one success,
you'll end up tripping.
Focus on your next goal.
Be perfect, for the future
of this country.
For your dead mother as well.
Yes, sir.
I won't lose!
Don't stop moving forward.
I can keep fighting.
You must be second to none.
As long as one arm can move
You must be formidable.
I can still keep fighting!
I've found the honju!
Kikoru Shinomiya is injured nearby.
The attacking uniorgan that we removed
from the honju has regrown.
Its energy is being compressed!
Shit. Will we make it?
I can't.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I couldn't be perfect.
I'm sorry.
You did well, Kikoru!
Why are you here?
Because you fought so hard,
everyone was able to evacuate.
Now, leave it to me.
What was that explosion?
Come on. Keep up!
Run to the shelter, quickly!
A signal flare?
-You can run over there, right?
Leading the evacuation, huh?
As expected of the JGSDF hopeful.
Kafka senpai.
Senpai, let's evacuate for now.
The honju came back to life!
Don't run there. Shinomiya's
fighting it right now.
I alerted headquarters. Everyone, run.
Those are orders.
You heard him, senpai.
He's already gone!
He couldn't have transformed, could he?
Could he?
If he transforms in this state,
he'd be killed for sure.
No. He'd do it.
He's the type of guy to do it
without pause.
What is that?
What's going on?
a kaiju?
Please, please!
Don't tell anyone at the Defense Force
about this, please!
I'll fill you in on the details later.
I'll crush him in seconds,
so, relax and rest up.
A mysterious high-energy source
has appeared near the honju.
It could be a new type of kaiju.
-A new type?
-You have any footage?
The visibility is bad due
to network obstruction from the explosion.
What are these numbers?
Fortitude 9,8?
No way. The explosion must have
messed with the measuring tool.
That must be it.
It has to be. Otherwise, it would be
a huge, history-changing kaiju!
Sorry. I don't have time right now.
I'll clean you up
in one blow!
Let's see if you can resurrect this time!
What!? No way! Please don't resurrect!
Don't scare me like that!
What's with this guy?
Looks like you'll be all right.
I'm glad you're okay!
Wait. But let me say this one thing.
You really should watch out for yourself
a little more!
That's my line to you!
Hey, Ichikawa! Why are you here?
You ran out without talking to me
and you transformed
and caused a big scene!
I thought I could get by with just
transforming a part of my body,
but once I saw the real thing,
I couldn't do it.
Just be more careful
Ashiro and Hoshina has arrived
on the scene.
What's going on here?
How do you leave behind a scene like this?
This reminds me
of something I've seen.
Captain Ashiro, we didn't find
any more applicants.
This is the operation room.
They took in three new applicants
at Shelter Six.
Kikoru Shinomiya, Reno Ichikawa,
and Kafka Hibino. Three in total.
So, they were all right.
Now, all applicants have been taken in.
Kikoru Shinomiya is strong,
but this scene is strange.
The resurrection of the kaiju,
this explosion site
There are a lot of mysteries.
Send out investigation and disposal teams.
Hoshina and I'll take care of the yoju.
It's similar to that scene
three months ago.
Could they be related?
I'm glad your injuries
weren't as serious as we thought.
Hospitalized again?
Shinomiya's injuries
aren't life-threatening either.
They're using all the Defense Force's
scientific abilities to treat her.
Why is she getting special treatment?
I want that, too!
You only have some broken bones.
It all ended in a blink of an eye.
Battling with those super talented guys
brought it all back.
Chasing dreams
is a priceless and precious thing.
It means losing to someone
every minute and second.
But it gets you fired up so much
that those things don't matter!
I remember that now.
It's all because you pushed me
to keep going. Thanks, Ichikawa.
Captain Ashiro!
Why are you here, Captain?
I heard you two carried Shinomiya here.
I thank you for your rescue.
Sorry to interrupt.
No, now's not the time.
I'll talk to her once I'm an officer.
Just watch me,
Dad. Was I perfect?
It's fine, stay put.
Vice Captain Hoshina.
We took care of all the resurrected kaiju.
And luckily, there were no victims.
It's thanks to you,
for cleaning up the honju.
Am I wrong?
I'm glad you're okay!
No. I was the one
that defeated that kaiju.
Next up is the mysterious incident
of the resurrecting kaiju
at the Defense Force examination hall.
Though there were few injuries,
there were zero fatalities.
-The kaiju that came back to life
No way. Zero fatalities
in a situation like that?
Is this "captain" person that strong?
The search for Kaiju No. 8 is ongoing,
-and the Neutralization Bureau is
-No. 8? What's that?
This is how you pick up a phone, right?
Hey, where did you go off to?
Break time is over!
-Don't "oh" me! Come on, dude!
Yes, I'll be back right away.
Humans are so annoying about time, huh?
Hey, I'm so sorry. I had an upset stomach.
We were worried about you!
Let us know before camping out
in the bathroom, okay?
Sorry, Toku-san.
Apparently, there was an accident
at the examination hall.
Are Kafka and Ichikawa okay?
Oops. Got to be careful.
Subtitle translation by: Yukimi Ohashi
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