Kaiju No. 8 (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Joining Up!

Previously on Kaiju No. 8.
What is that? What the hell is going on?
The dead kaiju are reacting.
They're coming back to life.
You did well, Kikoru!
I don't have time right now.
I'll clean you up
in one blow!
Despite the unexpected incident,
Senpai's final exam came to an end.
It's all because you pushed me
to keep going.
Thanks, Ichikawa.
After overcoming this challenge,
Senpai seemed even more reliable
than before.
I can't!
Nope. Never mind.
It's too scary! Way too scary!
It's your fault!
It's your fault for pushing me!
That's why I'm so afraid now!
You thanked me at the hospital!
What happened to that wise,
philosophical Senpai?
Kafka, Ichikawa!
These letters arrived for you.
All right. Let's open on three.
There's no way around this.
This is my last chance.
Will my path lead to me
standing next to her?
Now's the time to know!
One, two
Hey. I knew you had passed.
Same to you.
Most of the people are just as I expected.
Shinomiya's stalker fan isn't here.
-Did you want him to pass?
-No, I thought
It's Shinomiya!
Shinomiya-san! I heard you earned
the top score!
Yup. They asked me to do the oath.
-Excited to work with you!
-Same here.
Before the application process,
I thought I'd get the top score.
But after all that she did, it's obvious.
Let's fight for the Number Two position,
shall we?
I was first in the physical fitness score.
You aim for Number Two,
I'll aim for the top.
Oh, sorry. Hey, I know you.
You're that old man's partner.
I'm Reno Ichikawa.
Sorry. I'm bad at remembering names.
I'm Iharu Furuhashi.
Nice to meet you, Furuhashi-san.
Just call me Iharu, Reno!
All right, then.
Where's the old man? He didn't make it?
Well, Senpai
Captain Mina Ashiro is entering!
Captain Ashiro.
She's finally here!
The ceremony will commence.
Top accepted applicant, Kikoru Shinomiya.
Starting today, the 27 of you
will be appointed
as Defense Force officers.
As the representative
of the 27 new members,
I swear on my life to fight
for the Defense Force!
You helped us greatly with the incident
after the exams.
Thanks to you, there were no victims.
I thank you once again.
I didn't defeat the kaiju.
Kafka Hibino,
you should be receiving
these words right now.
Why aren't you here?
Not only did he save me,
but he expressed concern for me,
as if he was above me.
I'm glad you're okay!
How humiliating!
I need to interrogate him
about his kaiju form.
I won't forgive him
if I never see him again.
Excuse me?
Sorry for coming in
during the middle of the ceremony.
What's going on?
Old man?
Number 2032, Kafka Hibino,
will be rejected.
He's on the lowest rank
for physical fitness,
and his suit compatibility
is currently zero. It can't be helped.
Yeah, that's what I figured.
-So, no objections?
-I'll object.
It's true that his performance
was below average.
He should be rejected as an officer.
But he was able to find the enemy's
weak points during the final test,
prioritized supporting others rather
than his own score,
and contributed greatly.
That's not something anyone can do.
And finally,
he made a great contribution
as the team's comedian.
I knew it!
I don't know if he could get promoted
as an officer yet,
but I'll train him as a cadet
in my platoon.
He will be joining the Force as a cadet,
so he was not part
of the officer swearing-in.
That's more like it, Kafka Hibino.
I knew he had passed.
-Even though he's a cadet.
-That was unexpected.
Now that everyone's here,
Captain Ashiro will say a few words.
Hello, all. First of all, I'm very happy
that you applied to the Defense Force,
stuck through the difficult application
process, and passed.
I thank you all.
Recently, the number of kaiju appearances
and their fortitudes
have both increased much higher
than the historical average.
There was also the mysterious incident
of dead kaiju coming back to life.
You will experience many dangerous
and life-threatening neutralizations.
Some may die on their first mission.
We cannot guarantee your life
in the slightest.
But even then,
or perhaps because of those reasons,
we want you to entrust your life with us.
I promise to be at the front line,
becoming your shield
and your spear.
And I'll stand next to you in no time,
-What's wrong with him?
-He's insane!
He called Captain Ashiro
by her first name!
Kafka Hibino. Speaking without permission.
Addressing a superior by first name.
Hundred pushups in total.
Shit, I didn't mean to say that out loud!
On his first day, too!
You're being too lenient, Captain Ashiro.
Was she smiling just now?
Looks like Vice-Captain's hired comedian
is already at work.
Right? I knew he had potential!
This job can get dark.
I think guys like that are important.
Though that's only half the truth.
During the kaiju resurrections,
a fortitude 9,8 reading suddenly appeared.
It's probably an error, but someone's
vitals disappeared at the same time.
Kafka Hibino. Along with his abnormally
low compatibility with the suit,
there are a lot of strange things
about him.
I'll keep him close to him to figure out
what this strangeness is.
Ninety-nine 100!
You did well, old man!
Kafka Hibino.
Come. I need to talk to you.
What is it? We can't talk here?
-Not here.
-Is it a confession of love?
No, it isn't!
-I know what this is.
She's challenging me to a duel.
Just come already!
You ate a kaiju and became one yourself?
I can't believe it! You were that hungry?
-I didn't eat it on purpose!
-Both of you, keep your voices down.
Maybe I should just tell
the Defense Force.
Maybe they could cure me.
-That's impossible.
Even if they don't kill you,
they'd do tests and experiments
on you nonstop.
You'll never have a future
as a Defense Officer.
Also, kaiju that are strong enough
to be assigned a number
are used as parts for a special weapon
after they're taken down.
Worst case scenario,
that'll happen to you.
Please, Kikoru!
Please keep this a secret between us!
Please save this old man's life!
-You're too close!
-Please, please!
Fine. You did save me.
I'll keep it quiet for now.
if I ever find out
that you're a danger to humans,
I'll kill you.
I'm counting on you if that time comes.
Tuck my elbows and relax my wrist.
Trust your senses when capturing
the reticle. And don't pull the trigger,
Shooting training
for Reno Ichikawa is complete.
Time is two minutes 35 seconds.
Estimated unleashed combat power, 18%.
Haruichi-kun! I have a question!
Growing this much in such
a short amount of time is incredible.
That Reno, he improved his score again!
Bring it on!
Like I'd lose to him!
Iharu Furuhashi, two minutes 15 seconds.
Estimated unleashed combat power, 20%.
All right!
I won, Reno! Don't underestimate me!
I never did.
Kikoru Shinomiya, one minute 16 seconds.
Estimated unleashed combat power, 55%.
Get along, you two. Even adding
both of your scores doesn't reach mine.
The more she improves,
the more I realize how mediocre I am.
Don't get distracted
by her too much, Haruichi.
I've caught up to you in combat power.
I'm being attacked from above and below.
I'm going to overwrite your score
once it's my turn.
Kafka Hibino, six minutes and 39 seconds.
Estimated unleashed combat power is 1%.
All right!
You see that, Kikoru?
I finally turned my zero into a one!
-Don't come near me!
Praise me!
Why are you bragging about your 1%?
I'm at 55!
-Yes, Vice Captain Hoshino!
Keep this up and you'd never
get promoted as an officer.
-You'll be fired in three months!
Old man.
All right, run ten laps,
and then we're done for the day!
You complained, so now, it's 15 laps.
-Go on!
Looks like the newbies
are pretty competitive.
Apparently, they're competing
and trying to improve,
even when I'm not around.
I'm so tired!
Making us run laps in the end?
That Vice Captain is a demon.
Your muscles
are still underdeveloped, Reno!
Yours are about the same as mine.
Our physical tests are similar, too.
What? You're blind!
Look closer at my biceps!
They're just swollen for no reason.
Seems like Reno is competitive.
I didn't expect that.
Don't be fighting
over such stupid nonsense!
Maybe these adult muscles
with real labor experience
will shut you up!
Wow! You're looking better, old man.
Oh no, so close!
That belly is unacceptable
in the Defense Force!
Don't be rude, Iharu-kun.
You assholes! Be prepared
for when you're over 28!
It's getting better, okay?
Don't look at my belly. Let's arm wrestle!
-Bring it on, old man!
-Challenge accepted.
Lay down a towel here, and
What's going on?
It's louder than usual in here.
What's wrong?
We're just a bunch of scrawny boys.
As expected
of a former Self-Defense officer.
Muscles aren't important, right, Reno?
This atmosphere brings me back.
-Let's compete at tomorrow's training.
-I won't lose!
-Just as expected.
Excuse us, ma'am!
It's all right. I'm almost done here.
-Thank you, ma'am.
-Thank you, ma'am.
-Wow, I talked to her!
-She's so cool.
Is your recovery going well?
Yes, thanks to everyone's help.
Just as I thought.
She has well-balanced, trimmed muscles.
But that alone won't explain
her overwhelming combat powers.
-What is it?
-Oh, I'm sorry.
I was wondering how you get those muscles.
I was wondering
what your training routine was.
Come next to me.
I'll teach you the basics.
Yes, please, ma'am!
Hey, why did everyone
join the Defense Force, anyways?
If you want to know,
you should tell us first.
My answer is simple.
Because of Captain Ashiro.
Ever since she saved me in middle school,
she's always been my idol!
And you guys?
My family definitely influenced
my decision, but I'm the same.
-I want to be like Captain Ashiro.
-Same here.
Captain Ashiro's poster was so cool.
That recent documentary was amazing, too.
Mina is really influential, huh?
She's the super hero of our generation.
-And you, old man?
Well, as for me
-Captain Ashiro is
-Your childhood friend?
Well, yeah.
And you promised to be officers together?
A moving childhood memory?
-I'll see you guys later.
Tell us everything, all right?
Well, the day Mina was born
was a bright and sunny day.
-She always loved dried squid.
-That's surprising.
-She raised the class pets in school.
-Give us more!
-Well, and then
That was a nice bath!
Was there a mass murder here?
Hey, Kikorun.
They talked for too long in the bath
and got heatstroke.
They were talking about Captain Ashiro.
Boys are so stupid!
I don't have much time.
I have to work twice as hard.
-You're hard at work, I see.
-Vice Captain Hoshino!
-Sleeping's part of the job.
I can't get fired from here.
For Captain Ashiro?
How did you know that?
You said so yourself, in the bath.
No conversation
held in this dormitory is kept a secret.
So scary!
I promised
to fight alongside her one day.
I see. That sounds like you want to rob
my position of Vice Captain from me.
That's not what I meant.
I'll work hard with that goal in mind.
Bring it on.
Two hours. That's the max.
When leaving the room,
turn off the lights and lock the door.
I won't give up my position
next to Captain Ashiro.
-Thank you.
Be careful about being too friendly
with the other officers.
In this job, you don't know
what will happen to who.
This isn't a drill, right?
Speak of the devil.
Let's go. It's your first mission.
Subtitle translation by: Yukimi Ohashi
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