Kaiju No. 8 (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Sagamihara Neutralization Operation at Daybreak

TIME 0300
Okonogi, what's the current status?
Yes, ma'm. Evacuation has begun
on neighboring residents from 0245.
Emergency kaiju alert.
The epicenter is Sagamihara.
Neighboring residents, please follow
the JGSDF's instructions for evacuation.
-I repeat. Neighboring residents
-Why Sagamihara?
When's the JGSDF coming?
Mommy, I want to pee.
Don't panic, please.
The next vehicle is coming right away.
Please remain calm.
There will be enough buses.
How's it going with Self Defense?
We're setting up a SDF Artillery
Regiment Command Post
in the Reon Mall parking lot.
-FO is ready.
-The observation area is set.
What's the information on evacuation?
How's the Honju?
After appearing at the Kannawa Fault,
it's been growing and moving underground.
We suspect it appeared on the surface
due to entering its breeding phase.
A large number of yoju
have appeared along with the honju.
Hey, just how many are there?
Fortunately, the neutralization area
isn't far.
Considering damages to the area,
Area Bravo is best suited
for the destruction of the honju.
I'll take care of the honju.
The shooting position will be Area Echo.
That way, we can target the enemy
along the Tokyo loop line.
This strategy will be named
the Sagamihara Neutralization Operation.
Good luck, everyone.
Are you ready?
It's time to defeat the kaiju.
Our first mission.
Kaiju No.8.
I still can't believe it.
But don't let me down,
Kafka Hibino.
Vice Captain! Senpai's about to throw up!
I'm sorry. I ate too much from nerves.
-Most people can't eat from nerves!
-Open the windows!
I'll kill you if you barf!
-What's wrong with you?
-Please, spare my life!
This is the neutralization area.
And that is
the honju we're dealing with.
Here's the strategy.
The honju will be dealt with
by Captain Ashiro's platoon.
The problem is the yoju, which keeps
being produced in large numbers.
This neutralization area doesn't have
the necessary facilities or major
transportation for neutralization.
Your job
is to get rid of all the yoju in this area
without letting them escape.
It's an important task that greatly
influences the damages
and the time and cost
of reconstruction if it fails.
Of course, the platoon, including newbies,
will be placed at the very back.
In other words,
you're our last resort.
Any questions?
All right.
No matter how high you score
during training,
it doesn't save a single life.
Show us your strength on the field,
baby chicks.
All right, let's go!
I'm counting on you.
This is the SDF Artillery
Regiment Command Post.
We've evacuated all residents
and set up an observation area.
Roger that. We thank you for your help.
All platoons and the SDF
have completed preparation.
Three minutes
until Captain Ashiro is ready.
It's finally time, Senpai.
Yeah. I have to do good work here or else
Keep this up, and you'll
never get promoted as an officer.
You'll be fired in three months!
I have no future here.
Nerves, panic.
All kinds of pressure are on us.
So, why is it
that I'm so excited right now?
It makes sense. It's the job
he's wanted to do for so long.
Let's make sure our first mission
is a success!
Confirmed yoju invasion in Area Echo!
They're here!
Let's go, Kikoru.
Why are you ordering me around?
-Don't die, Ichikawa!
-You too, Senpai!
All right! Let's succeed
at our first mission!
Let's go!
Captain Ashiro is now ready
at the shooting point.
Please continue to lure the honju
to Area Bravo and provide fire support.
Roger that. This is the SDF Artillery
Regiment Command Post.
Initiating fire support
for the Defense Force.
Their debut match has begun.
Knock our socks off, everyone.
It's begun.
But it's not like the exams at all.
I feel oddly calm.
I can feel the suit working with me.
Release full combat power!
Don't go to the front!
You're a one-percenter,
so, stay back, all right?
Why do we have to babysit
the newbie officers?
Just watch where you won't
get in the way, okay?
Listen up. We still don't know
the enemy's weak spot.
Be careful until we get information
from the frontlines.
Yes, sir.
We'll be careful and blow away all areas
that look like weak spots.
What the hell?!
That's not the power of someone
who joined a month ago.
So, that's Kikoru Shinomiya, huh?
Nice job!
Of course I did a nice job! It's me!
Irregular vitals.
Sudden increase in heart rate.
Don't make such unnecessary reports!
All right, I've taken out
two legs. Finish it off.
Great job, Furuhashi!
All right! You see that, Reno?
Did you do that without an assist?
I changed the bullet from burst rounds
to freeze rounds.
This works better for me.
I can slow down the enemy and fight.
If I get used to this,
I can hunt better than this!
Not yet. I have to be stronger,
so Senpai doesn't have to transform.
Stay still!
What's going on with this year's newbies?
Platoon Leader Nakanoshima!
What's with them?
I'm losing my confidence!
I knew we had some good people
this year, but I didn't expect this.
I've already killed six.
You're a bit slow, Haruichi.
Okay, okay.
Don't forget that four of those
were assisted by me.
One's a wild type,
one's a cool, nice guy type.
-Yup, we sure got some good ones!
-You mean their looks?
I heard there were a few exceptional ones
from Vice Captain Hoshino,
but that's not all.
The average unleashed combat power
is high among the newbies.
The high-achievers
are making everyone level up.
-Eighth one down!
-That was mine!
Observation team, Area Juliet.
Confirmed zero yoju in the area.
All yoju are defeated.
Reports after reports of completed yoju
destructions. Everyone's so impressive.
Platoon Ikaruga invading with Ichikawa
and Furuhashi at the lead.
Ichikawa and Iharu, too!
This isn't good. Everyone's working hard,
and I'm only a burden.
Is there anything I can do?
Wait, if I remember correctly
Listen up. We still don't know
the enemy's weak spot.
Be careful until we get information
from the frontlines.
I'll use my own weapon.
Senpai, look there!
What the hell is he doing?
It's easy to take apart
with the suit, even at 1%.
Could they distribute these
to cleanup sites
once they're easier to mass produce?
It's a common fungal-type kaiju structure.
But its core isn't where it usually is.
Where is it? If not here, is it here?
What? Is this?
-Vice Captain Hoshino! I found the core!
It's at the base of the neck.
But it's located under a hard muscle fiber
that acts as the spine,
So, officers with low attacking power
might have to shoot from the side.
I see.
And another thing. This is more important.
The yoju have reproductive organs, too.
It's the white, bumpy organ at the butt.
If we don't destroy these, more yoju
might be born from the dead bodies.
Kafka. Great work.
Okonogi-chan. Please share
that information with all officers.
Roger! I'll share the data about
the yoju's core and reproductive organs.
Your previous job experience helped,
but it's because you studied hard
every day.
Well done.
I was useful for the Defense Force?
I'm going to disable
all the dead bodies one by one.
I'll do anything I can do.
Until I reach
the position next to Mina
-What is it?
-They've started.
Honju has reached
the predicted enemy engagement area.
Requesting the SDF to withdraw.
The Defense Force has begun attacking
on the leg of the honju.
Please demobilize the honju
as much as possible.
Target captured. Coriolis has completed
gravity effect corrections.
No shooting attack target in the area.
First bullet is locked and loaded.
Roger. All clear on shooting conditions.
Begin shooting now.
Let's bet on who becomes
the coolest Defense Force officer!
This is who I am now.
Unleashed combat power, 96%.
Watch carefully, Kafka.
This is
the power of the person
you're working to stand next to.
-Second bullet is locked and loaded.
-Roger. Begin shooting.
Honju's vital responses have disappeared.
It's collapsing!
-Third bullet is locked and loaded.
-Roger. Begin shooting.
Honju has been destroyed!
All movements have stopped.
Ad expected of Captain.
Fourth bullet is locked and loaded.
-But the honju has already been silenced
-Please provide the command.
Damn. It's different from seeing it
on TV or through binoculars.
She's tremendously strong!
You ready to give up now?
To stand next to her means
you have to have that much power.
You say that, but can you do
what she did, Vice Captain Hoshino?
-No way.
-"No way"?
I have a low unleashed combat power
for shooting weapons,
so, I can't beat Captain Ashiro
when dealing with the big ones.
But with the small and mid-sized kaiju
Vice Captain, behind you!
I'm better at these than her.
A sword?
He was so fast, I couldn't
see his movements.
I come from a long line of kaiju
neutralizers since the Muromachi era.
I'm better at this stuff.
Captains and Vice Captains
are the strongest in the division.
They provide unique equipment
to suit your fighting style.
-Hoshina. I'm done with the honju.
We're done talking here.
The real fight's about to begin.
But they defeated the honju.
I told you. The problem
is the large number of yoju being born.
Even with the honju's dead,
the remaining yoju left in its dead body
Just as expected.
They're coming.
will flood out at the end.
All right, everyone.
This is the big finale.
Once we kick those away, let's go home
and have a good breakfast.
Kick them away? He makes it sound so easy!
You're already beat, newbies?
Your stamina isn't quite there yet.
You bastards! Show them
that fighting isn't just about
unleashed combat power!
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
-Hey, you two.
-Platoon Leader Nakanoshima.
You could leave everything to your senpai
and take a break. What do you want to do?
-We're going, of course!
-We're going, of course!
The newbies are getting tired.
Both their activity levels
and combat powers are going down.
It's a pretty laborious neutralization
for a first mission.
But once they get through this,
they might grow even more.
Most officers' unleashed combat power
stops at 20% to 30%.
They remain at the officer level
until retirement.
But there are a few talents that get over
that barrier and become captain level.
This year, only Kikoru Shinomiya
got over that barrier.
But I see that potential
in Reno Ichikawa, as well.
Shit, I trained hard for five years
at technical college!
Why can't I keep up with him?
Iharu-kun. Looks like
there are no more yoju here.
Yeah, looks like it.
Confirmed yoju invasion at Area Foxtrot.
-They're here! Let's go back!
Monster Sweeper?
Why is there a cleaner here?
Hey, you didn't hear the alert?
Cleanup will be done later.
Him, too.
The reproductive organ I placed
has been destroyed.
How did they find out?
Is there an officer
with extensive kaiju knowledge?
You know anything about it?
Subtitle translation by: Yukimi Ohashi
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