Kaiju No. 8 (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Kaiju No. 9

Their debut match has begun.
Vice-Captain Hoshina! I found the core!
-It's at the base of the neck.
And another thing. This is more important.
The yoju have reproductive organs, too.
If we don't destroy these,
more yoju might be born
from the dead bodies.
Target captured.
No shooting attack target in the area.
Roger. Begin shooting now.
Watch carefully, Kafka.
This is the power of the person
you're working to stand next to.
Honju has been destroyed!
All movements have stopped.
Just as expected.
Even with the honju dead,
the remaining yoju left in its dead body
will flood out at the end.
Hey, you didn't hear the alert?
Cleanup will be done later.
Him, too.
The reproductive organ I placed
has been destroyed.
Is there an officer
with extensive kaiju knowledge?
That honju's huge!
-Are Kafka and Ichikawa there?
-There's no way I can see them!
It makes sense that all cleaners in Tokyo
and Kanagawa were summoned for this.
-You guys see the newbie?
He's probably locked himself
in the bathroom again.
-Should I go call for him?
-Yeah, please do.
Hey, you. This area's still dangerous.
Wait until there are instructions
Run, Iharu-kun!
Dang, I missed his heart.
My accuracy isn't as good in this form.
-It won't stop bleeding, shit!
-Calm down!
Control the bleeding.
What the hell are you?
A kaiju?
A humanoid kaiju who's not Senpai?
That means
The humanoid kaiju that appeared
at the exam arena!
He's the one that got Shinomiya?
Most likely.
Well, it'd be a waste to retreat now.
Maybe I'll get some live samples
of some officers.
Platoon Leader Ikaruga! We've encountered
a humanoid kaiju. Please provide backup.
Platoon Leader!
-No way!
-Sure, sure.
Wireless communication, right?
I already dealt with that.
We're in an area
that can't be detected by the outside.
It was originally used
to sneak into the human world.
But it's useful for hunting, too.
I keep missing my aim.
It penetrates the suit shield easily.
Oh, I see.
You can see it, right?
Right. I'll let you know
in case you encounter him.
It looks like magic or a spell at first,
but watch his fingers.
There's a pattern to his movements.
I can dodge it!
He dodged it!
I knew it.
Iharu-kun, leave and call for backup.
Why do I have to be protected by you?
Please go.
I'm afraid.
He even got Shinomiya.
There's no way I could beat him.
But the officer I want to be is
Run, Ichikawa!
Once you're in a safe area, make a report.
a man who can risk his life
for his friends at a time like this!
I can at least buy enough time
for Iharu-kun to call for backup.
Reno's completely different
from the way he was yesterday.
What the hell? How is he able
to fight a thing like that?
I hate him!
There's a barrier
to unleashed combat power.
It's around 20% to 30%.
Only a few people
can get over that barrier.
But everyone has the potential
to be that person.
I haven't gotten past 20%
for over two weeks now.
Ever since that day,
I've only thought about how to be strong.
He outran me so easily.
I hate him!
Sounds like you had information
about me beforehand.
But you don't know this, do you?
Iharu-kun? Why
That's not it. It's not Reno I hate.
It's the guy who hasn't changed
a bit since that day.
The guy who's always
being protected. It's me!
Listen up, Reno.
You're not the one protecting me.
I'm the one protecting you, dumbass!
Can't understand them one bit.
-I thought you were calling for help.
-Shut up.
If I didn't come back,
you would've been killed.
I see. He was trying to let him escape.
What a waste.
Nothing and no one can leave
this area without my permission.
You hear that?
We just have to take our chances.
Let's crush that thing together, Reno!
But I'm in this state.
I'll be your backup and distract him.
Crush him with your best shot!
Let's go, Reno!
A conductor round?
Don't think you're the only one
trying out different bullets!
It's hard to move around with this.
Maybe I'll stop him first.
Watch carefully.
I took it once. I know the timing now.
This one, too?
Now, Reno!
Combat Power, Maximum Release!
Please, God. Just this once.
Just for this moment, please give me power
that's stronger than Shinomiya
or Captain Ashiro.
What the hell?!
A wall of dead bodies?
Looks like you've exhausted
all your options now, huh?
Vice-Captain Hoshina.
This is Platoon Leader Ikaruga.
What's up?
I've lost contact
with Officers Ichikawa and Furuhashi
for a while now.
We cannot detect
any wireless network vitals at all!
Did that move for a second?
Kafka Hibino!
Kikoru! This signal, does this mean
Yeah. He's here.
Ichikawa, Iharu!
My body is hot all over.
Stop the bleeding and stand up.
I'm still alive.
The fighting isn't over.
You're still moving?
It's harder than I thought
to stop all functions
while keeping them alive.
Like I'd let you do that!
I'm tired of that already.
All right. Let's finish this one up.
Is this too weak?
-It still moves. How's this?
My friend's being hurt in front of me,
and I can't do anything?
It pisses me off,
and I don't want to admit it,
but Reno's a super strong guy.
I know he's going to be Captain one day.
I won't let his life end here!
This one is nice and ready,
so, I don't need you any more.
Please, God.
I don't care if it's a demon
or a devil. Please
Please help Reno.
Please help
my friend.
You can die now.
You're the one that's dying, you bastard!
What just happened?
I can see my body.
I see. He decapitated me.
Sorry for being late.
I'm so weak.
I tried so hard
so it wouldn't come to this.
But even then,
I made him transform again.
Another humanoid?
You must be that.
The much rumored
Kaiju No. 8.
Sorry, Ichikawa.
It might take a bit longer.
It'll be okay. Calm down.
Stop the bleeding one by one,
using your suit.
I don't have to teach you that!
I don't know how.
Senpai, be careful.
Yeah. Leave it to me.
I know that Senpai's strong.
But I have a bad feeling about this.
It's fine, but you're a kaiju.
Why do you get in my way?
And you're a much stronger kaiju
than I thought.
I'd love to have your dead body
as my chess piece.
He injured Senpai in his kaiju form?
I see. You're tough.
In order to kill you
will this be enough?
That kaiju
He wasn't trying at all with us!
-Run, Senpai!
-I see.
You shot this thing in their bodies
over and over?
What's going on?
The wall of dead bodies!
I'll take this time to reconstruct.
What's with him? Protect the body.
Avoid a direct hit.
He's beating me? This isn't normal.
Something's wrong.
I don't have time
to reconstruct the damage.
Confusion. Retreat for now.
Don't have time to retreat.
The core is in the body, right?
I'm blowing you away, so brace yourself.
This isn't good.
The core got exposed completely.
It's over.
This is Platoon Leader Ikaruga.
We've discovered a humanoid kaiju!
There's not enough power.
Where did he go?
You're going to find Reno and Iharu?
We lost communication with them,
and we can't sense their vitals.
So, how
If they're with the humanoid from before
I'd be able to sense them.
Kikoru! I leave this area to you.
Transforming in a place like this?
This is Platoon Leader Ikaruga!
We've spotted a humanoid kaiju
in District Foxtrot,
Southeast Area!
Physical traits match those
of Kaiju No. 8.
Roger. We'll send a neutralization unit
right away.
That idiot!
The mimetic space broke, huh?
But thanks to that
you got distracted.
I understand your traits now.
Next time, I can kill you.
I won't let you escape!
You act like a human,
even though you're a kaiju.
Let's meet again, Kaiju No. 8.
Shit! There's nothing I can do.
I have to leave now, too.
-He got away!
-Let's rescue the injured officers.
I'm glad. I let the humanoid escape,
but I achieved my goal.
A pitch black body
and a demon-like skull mask.
I finally caught your tail,
Kaiju No. 8.
Vice-Captain Hoshina?
This is Hoshina. I'm in District Foxtrot.
I've made contact with Kaiju No. 8.
So, you've met my officers, huh?
No, Vice-Captain Hoshina.
That is
I'm better at the small
and mid-sized kaiju than her.
He wasn't lying.
He's well-experienced
at fighting small kaiju.
His skin is so tough!
I'm sure I got two or three cuts in.
I've only seen him smiling and friendly.
But this is
Looks like I have to get serious.
what Vice-Captain Hoshina looks like
when he's about to kill a kaiju.
Applying for permission
to release the limiter control.
I'll take care of No. 8.
Unleashed combat power, 92%.
I'll neutralize him.
Subtitle translation by: Yukimi Ohashi
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