Kaiju No. 8 (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Welcome to the Defense Force

I'll take care of No. 8.
What should I do?
I can't use this attack
on Vice-Captain Hoshina!
The blade went through.
He's not someone I can fight off
while holding back.
He's too fast.
I can't heal myself quickly enough!
He's much faster
than the humanoid kaiju from before!
When I saw Kikoru's moves
for the first time,
it was unbelievable to me.
But he's in a completely
different world from hers.
These aren't the movements of a human!
I dodged that move! What is this?
An imperceptible sword attack?
Core, confirmed.
Looks like I'm also not human, huh?
Now that I've tried it,
I know reconstruction
takes up a lot of stamina.
I can't keep taking these attacks!
Hey, seriously?
I'm giving him the best I've got.
This guy is probably
well over Fortitude 8,0.
He'd be classified as a Daikaiju.
But what is this strangeness
I've been feeling?
That's not my problem.
A double-combo attack
of the invisible blade!
That's not it. The double-combo
was just a decoy.
Mist Slasher!
A triple-combo attack?
I got him.
The blade The blade won't move.
That was close.
He was more powerful than I thought.
But now that he's seen my core,
I knew that would be his target!
I let him get away.
Reporting back.
Kaiju No. 8
has escaped.
Kaiju No. 8. Kafka Hibino
I'll take it from here.
Can I continue to believe in him?
I'm back.
Sorry for making you worry.
What? I wasn't worried at all.
I have more important things
to say to you right now.
I let him get away.
The one that hurt you.
I don't care about that.
I'll kill him myself.
Where are you going in that state?
Ichikawa and Iharu are really hurt.
I have to go to them.
Like you're going to be of any help.
I'm sure they're fine.
The Defense Force is already incorporating
kaiju reconstruction
into their own technology.
Worry about yourself right now, Kafka!
Officers found you, and you interacted
with Vice-Captain Hoshina!
They may have figured something out
at this point!
You look depressed. That's new.
Damn. You found me at my lowest state.
-I'll keep a record of it to commemorate.
-Stop it!
So, was he strong, this Kaiju No. 8?
He's probably a Daikaiju.
In that case, it's our first one
since the one in Fukuoka five years ago.
Luckily, there haven't been any victims
of Kaiju No. 8 in the past few months.
He doesn't seem the type
to attack humans for no reason.
That's right. This strange feeling.
Why did No. 8 break my weapon
without targeting me?
His fighting style was very strange.
His movements, his reactions.
It didn't feel like I was fighting
a kaiju. He was more like a human.
You should rest for now.
I'll take over from here.
No matter what type he is,
if he's a kaiju, he must be neutralized.
She's exactly right.
Captain! Vice-Captain!
You're too loud, Ikaruga. What's wrong?
I'm sorry, sir.
We have some interesting information.
The kaiju that attacked
Furuhashi and Ichikawa
is the same humanoid
that appeared during examinations.
But when they discovered that kaiju
they're saying he was in a human form.
Hey, did you hear me? Move out of the way?
What the hell?!
Hey, say something!
Breaking news.
Upon today's incident, the Defense Force
has deemed the humanoid kaiju
that appeared in the examination arena
and Sagamihara as a long-term target
and has assigned the codename
as Kaiju No. 9.
So, how should I kill this
Kaiju No. 8?
Oh, this isn't good.
I have to incubate
until this form fits better.
He's awake.
You awake, partner?
Senpai I'm glad you're safe.
That's my line, idiot!
Also, thank you.
Thank you for saving Iharu-kun and me.
Why are you thanking Old Man?
What? You were here too, Iharu-kun?
Kaiju No. 8 was the one that saved us.
It's not that.
He noticed the reproductive organs
on the yoju. That's huge!
I guess so.
-Thanks, Old Man.
-Yeah, no problem.
But why did that kaiju save us, anyways?
He was super strong.
He took out No. 9's head so easily.
He's a kaiju, but he was super cool.
I wish you guys could've seen it.
Why are you blushing, Old Man?
He always has this stupid face on!
-That's true.
-I'm glad we're dealing with Iharu-kun.
No need to punch me that hard.
Congrats on your recovery!
What is this?
It's the party to celebrate
our first mission.
We were waiting until you guys
were discharged.
Let's start!
Here's your full course of A6-ranked
kuroge wagyu beef with marbled fat!
A6? I didn't know that existed!
We cannot offer anything less at a party
with Haruichi-sama as the host!
I asked for the most affordable course.
They're only asking
for the standard price.
Really? Score!
Why does Haruichi have all this power?
You asked him to host
without knowing who he is?
He's the heir to a major anti-kaiju
weapons manufacturer.
The biggest in the country,
Izumo Technology.
The company that makes
the Defense Force suits?
Yeah. They're richer than our family
could ever imagine.
That's why you asked me
to find a good restaurant?
Because you said you wanted everyone
to eat really good food.
-The best man for the job, right?
All right, everyone.
Great job on your first mission.
Being off-duty with your fellow officers
all together is a rare opportunity.
Enjoy your time. Cheers!
So good!
His head just flew off! It was so cool!
I've never seen everyone
have this much fun.
Thank you for setting this up,
You're too soft, Ichikawa.
The real party's just beginning.
Huh? What do you mean?
What the hell?!
You focus too much
on the grandstand plays!
You let your emotions get out too much!
What? You're one to talk!
If you're super technically skilled
like me, you can do those kinds of things.
Hey, guys, don't fight.
You improvise too much.
You don't respect the basics.
You stick too faithfully to the basics.
You're one step behind everyone.
I'm adjusting my tempo for you.
Here, too?
Enough about that. Hey, Izumo-san!
Aren't your suits a little too weak?
I couldn't defeat a single one today!
It's your lack of power.
Oh no, Senpai's joined in!
Hey, Communications Team! The network
kept getting cut off during strategizing!
It's because you kept running
into obstacles without permission!
I told you to tell us when that happened.
-That way, we can support you!
Oh no, it's happening everywhere!
But this is
So, you've realized, huh?
Before we know it,
everyone's talking about the mission.
They're all seeing what they're lacking
after the first mission.
That's right.
It's not just me.
Everyone here wants to get stronger!
What did you say?
You should respect your elders, you know!
I only respect those stronger than me.
Bring it on! Fight me!
I'll show you who's boss!
-Don't get carried away, bastard!
-The hell?
That's my line, idiot!
You're one stubborn bitch, aren't you?
I should be saying that to you!
This happens every summer.
I was so happy that you reached out
to me, Young Master.
I thought I'd never see you again.
Stop it, Doujima-san.
I just wanted the team
to enjoy a good meal.
And, well, you and your father?
I haven't talked to him after that.
-I see.
-Sorry for making you worry.
Doujima-san, your cooking
was phenomenal as usual.
Did he hear us?
I'm taking a piss.
I guess he's not the type to butt in.
All right, quiet down!
It's time to move onto the announcements.
The announcements?
Kafka Hibino.
Your discovery contributed greatly
to our strategy and limiting the damages.
You've been promoted to General Officer.
Welcome to the Defense Force,
Third Division!
Hell yeah!
-You did it, Old Man!
Don't call me old!
-Let's toss him in the air!
-Good idea!
It's a good night, huh?
I really hope we don't lose
any one of us here.
Wasshoi, wasshoi!
Wasshoi, wasshoi!
Yeah. I hope so, too.
Kafka Hibino.
Starting today, at this hour,
you will no longer be a cadet.
You're officially appointed
as a Defense Force Officer.
I swear to fight
with all of my body and soul.
Excuse me, ma'am!
Don't get carried away.
You've still got a ways to go
before fighting by my side.
So, Mina remembers the promise, too!
Yeah. Just watch me, Mina!
You addressed a superior by first name.
Fifty push-ups.
I did it again!
Kaiju No. 8 and Kaiju No.9 business
have summoned me to headquarters.
That scared me.
I left everything else
to Vice-Captain Hoshina.
-Ask him about the rest of the paperwork.
Hoshina was the one that recommended you.
Because of your accomplishments
in the previous fight, of course.
Vice-Captain did?
Don't let him down.
I should finish up here for today.
Vice-Captain would yell at me again.
The training room?
At this hour?
Who's the one that forgot
to turn off the lights?
Vice-Captain? What's he doing?
Image training?
These movements
It's not just any image training.
He's recreating the fight he had with me!
Oh, it's you, Kafka.
You were studying this late again?
You too, Vice-Captain.
What were you doing this late?
Oh Just strategizing for No. 8.
Next time, I'll slay him in little bits
in one slice.
I messed up from the first encounter.
If I gave my 100% from the start,
I could've beheaded him.
if I used Technique Number Six and not
Five, I could've shattered his core, too.
Why are you so scared?
A regular officer couldn't fight him.
No. 9 is probably at the same level, too.
That's why
I have to kill him.
I knew it. He's so cool.
He's not just protecting the citizens,
he's trying to protect us, too.
I'm going to work hard
so I can contribute, sir.
Don't get carried away, idiot!
I don't expect anything
from a one-percenter like you!
Excuse me, sir.
But you know
I'll keep my expectations at 1%.
-I'm going back to the office. Go to bed.
Beginning descent.
Subtitle translation by: Yukimi Ohashi
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