Kakegurui (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Tempting Woman

1 - And so, then - No way! Mary! I heard you repaid your 50 million yen debt and aren't Mittens anymore! Way to go, Mary! Really! Well, we're sorry about how we acted.
Aw, you know it doesn't bother me.
We're friends, right? That's right.
Aw, how silly of me.
Let's get some cake again sometime.
Not really.
The school rules say you have to be mean to house pets.
- That's just how it works.
- Really? House pets almost never go back to being human.
They thought it was safe to bully me.
Now, they're freaking out.
They're all a bunch of idiots.
Anyway, that aside I'm never forgiving the student council for what they did to me.
Anyway, about Yumeko Did you know? She won all that money at the Debt Settlement Party and hasn't paid it back.
She had a chance to lessen her debts at the party, and she's wasting it.
What do you mean? I don't understand.
She doesn't want to give up being Mittens.
Or maybe she wants the benefits.
Being Mittens has benefits? That's right.
Official matches.
Don't tell me Yumeko wants to challenge the student council to a match? Did Yumeko tell you anything? What do you mean? There's tons of other ways to gamble.
So, why an official match? She didn't say anything.
What? She did say she wanted to gamble with the student council president.
Good morning.
Good morning, Yumeko.
Mary, I've been thinking, and it's not right for me to take that money I earned at the Debt Settlement Party.
It's fine.
I used ten million of it to pay back my debts.
But we won it by working together.
I don't want to owe you anything.
Take the hint! Okay.
Then I'll take you up on that offer.
Just take it.
You're not rescinding Yumeko Jabami's life plan? Yes, that's the president's wish.
What's going on here? She got 260 million yen in the party.
We're just ignoring that? I couldn't say.
I can't say what's on her mind.
But when I looked into Yumeko Jabami at her request, I found that she has considerable reserves of funds.
What? Yumeko Jabami lives alone.
Her parents have passed away.
Her only immediate relative is an older sister.
She's spent a long time in the special ward of a university hospital, which is paid for by Yumeko.
That can only be explained by a large bank account.
So, she's not paying back debts she could pay? What is she thinking? What else? The official match.
Yumeko says she wants to gamble with the president.
That scared me.
What's wrong, Midari? Yumeko, having an official match with the president? That's bad! The president will kill her.
No! - She belongs to me! - Hey! Ikishima! What's her problem? Be careful, Midari.
CLASSICS B Class is finally over, huh? I was so eager for this to begin that I wasn't paying attention.
Let's go.
Um do you mean the official match? Yes, of course.
Shouldn't you take more time to get ready? My heart's been ready a long time.
Don't worry.
No, that's not what I mean.
The student council president beat her once.
She's going to try again? What's making Yumeko do this? Fine.
I think we just have to go to the student council room.
- I'll take you there.
- Thanks.
An official match with the student council president, huh? Well, 200 million isn't a lot of money.
- She can do what she wants with it.
- Mary, let's go home together.
- What do you want to do? - What do I do? This is the student council's system.
I'm winning and losing inside that system.
When I think about how they're in control of me, blood rushes to my head and I want to vomit.
Am I okay with this? Mary Saotome, how about you join me for a cup of tea? Just the two of us.
THE INVITING GIRL I found you, Yumeko! I remember you.
Thank you so much for your help.
Yumeko, I heard you haven't paid back the 310 million you owe.
As beautification officer, I can't ignore that.
What are you doing? I reform the garbage in the school, beautifying it into its proper form.
That's my job.
The Beautification Committee is one of the organizations - with the power to arrest.
- Wait-- - Take her.
- Okay! I have lots of things to ask her, lots of things.
Arrest? You can't just-- Take him while you're at it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Don't make that face, Yumeko.
What do you want? I have plans.
Plans, huh? I know.
Do you think a delinquent like you will be allowed to meet the president? And an official match is out of the question.
If you insist If you absolutely insist on challenging her, gamble with me first, Yumeko.
Oh, you want to gamble.
Well, why didn't you say so? So, what are we doing? I believed you'd say that.
I can tell.
You and I are the same.
Perverts who get off on the thrill! Oh, no, a pervert? How lewd.
Now, this place is an interrogation room, created to reform the school's garbage.
It's split into an interrogation room and an observation room.
Both of them are locked and sealed and completely soundproof.
Only the monitors and cameras in both connect the two.
We call it the ESP game.
The rules are simple.
It's a card guessing game.
You guess how the dealer in another room will line up cards.
Here's how it works.
First, the dealer lays out the cards.
You can see the area in front of them via the monitors.
Once the dealer lays out the cards, we lay out our own.
Then all three of us reveal our hands.
The one whose cards match the dealers most often wins.
They win one point for every correct card.
I see.
Nice and simple.
How much shall we bet? Yumeko, that's not how we do it.
Don't you even dare.
We're not going to waste our time with something as stupid as money.
The winner of the game pulls the trigger once for every win.
You can put in as many bullets as you like and spin the chamber.
The maximum you can load it with is six bullets.
You can put a bullet in every chamber, or not a single one.
Once that's done, we each conceal our gun so that you can't tell the difference.
The winner takes one gun and pulls the trigger once for every victory.
Whoever gets hit with a single bullet loses! Well? Fun game, huh? Um, that's an air gun or something, rig-- Got it? Let's get started, Yumeko.
You're the only one I can count on.
Let's have the best game and the best killing.
Don't worry.
You don't usually die from one shot.
And I'll take you right to a hospital! Or maybe you're worried about what will happen if you kill me? You idiot! Don't worry! The president will take care of it.
A shooting in the school would ruin our reputation after all.
She'll make sure nobody finds out.
You don't even have to worry about a thing.
Let's have a great time! Is she crazy? Let's go, Yumeko.
There's no need to Hey, you.
Why are you trying to wreck our fun? The student council president won't do this with me.
Yumeko's all I've got.
Let me do it.
I can't take it anymore.
I'm going crazy! You're insane! Let us out! Why? I'm begging you! This game is insane.
We won't do it, no matter how much you beg! Fine.
You're in the way.
Now, now.
Calm down.
I didn't say a thing about not playing.
Yumeko It seems a little primitive for a game of chance.
But if you're that insistent then I have no choice.
I accept.
What are you talking about? You can't possibly You're kidding me.
It's like you're you're the same! This is Ceylon Dimbula tea.
It smells wonderful, doesn't it? I hope you like it.
I enjoyed the party.
You're the first to win from us an amount in the hundreds of millions of yen.
Normally, people don't notice the loophole in the debt swapping rules.
And even if someone does, they're happy to skim some pocket change.
It's boring.
You gave up the title of Mittens and paid off your debts, right? We'll have to get rid of the life plan we created for you.
That's a huge loss.
So, what? That's just something you tried to force on me.
Well, it doesn't matter.
Join the student council.
I have three conditions for accepting this game.
Three games maximum.
Ryota will be the dealer.
And the loser must pay one billion yen to the winner.
Do you understand the situation? Why are you setting conditions for me? You're crazy.
Hmm One billion, huh? That's fine, I don't care about money.
And I don't care if this Ryota is the dealer.
You're suspicious that I'll cheat, right? But Why only three games? You're not trying to set up a tie, right? Winning all the card games, and then missing every shot? I couldn't say.
Fine! A girl like you would never show me a boring game.
I believe in you.
But I need insurance.
I'm adding a rule.
Every missed shot means your opponent can take one shot at you.
- If you agree, three games is fine.
- Yes, that's fine.
Okay, let's get started.
What? But then even if you win, you can't deliberately miss.
One of you is going to be shot.
Ryota, we're going to the monitoring room.
If you're the dealer, then I don't have to worry.
She's putting too much faith in me.
Depending on the cards I lay out, Yumeko might die.
Ryota it's okay.
Remember, we've got "it.
" - If we use "it" as a sign, we can win.
- That's the spirit, Yumeko! Okay, Ryota.
See you later.
Sign? Can you tell what cards he's got just by looking at his hands? I'd better be careful.
Okay, here are the ESP cards.
Line them up in the rectangle so the camera can see.
Don't show anything but your hands and the card.
The thing I have to be most careful about here is cheating, Ikishima knowing what order the cards are in.
Right now, I'm not seeing anything that would suggest cheating.
The next question is how I line them up.
The problem is If we use "it" as a sign, we can win.
If we use "it" as a sign What is "it"? That's not funny.
Why would I join the student council? I'm serious.
The talents that made you capable of stealing 310 million yen from the student council I'm telling you that you're worthy of the job.
It's impossible.
Do you mean that you're refusing a request from me, the student council president? Why is that? You should know very well the advantages of being a member of the student council.
So, why? Are you scared of the other members? Then why inflict such a massive loss on the student council? Or are you suspicious of me? Then just say you'll think about it.
It's not smart to just refuse outright, is it? Why? I'm asking you a question.
Oh, sorry.
I can't understand how you're thinking in the slightest.
People like you who I can't understand I love them.
Ryota, hurry up.
There's no point in thinking about it.
Maybe I was a house pet until just a while ago.
I can't do this.
It wasn't my own power that freed me either.
It was thanks to Yumeko.
That's right.
That's why I have to do this.
Yumeko saved me.
So, now, it's my turn.
What can you do for Yumeko? Think! As hard as you can! Looks like he's ready.
Yumeko's goal is to make Ikishima think we have a sign we can share so that she can win.
If she knows she'll lose, she won't use any bullets.
Ikishima can't put in bullets until she knows what the sign is.
If I'm right, the sign doesn't matter.
What's important is the fact that I'm sending a sign.
Two? Or scissors? What does that mean, I wonder? Can Ryota see what's going on our side? Yeah.
He can't hear us.
But he can see everything, not just the hands.
I see.
I understand.
First, load the bullets.
Yumeko, you don't need to say how many bullets you put in.
But I'll tell you one thing.
I'm putting in six! Ikishima just put six bullets in, right? Is she stupid? If we do have a sign, that's suicide.
Does she know the sign is a bluff? It's finally time for a card game where you bet your life! You're ready, right? Yes.
- Okay, have him show the cards.
- Okay.
Ryota, show the cards.
I'll just have to pray.
Please I love this moment! Okay, here we go.
Show your hand.
Ikishima got three cards.
Yumeko got two.
Yumeko lost! What? So, the sign was a bluff.
It doesn't matter.
You're ready, right? Yumeko Don't let me see you embarrass yourself.
Ikishima, I don't recommend pulling the trigger on that gun.
- Ever see the other side of the moon? - That's cheating! - You're not scared to fire? - Stop insulting me.
- Someday, I'll kill you.
- Student Council President! EPISODE 7: THE GIRLS THAT REFUSE Goodbye.