Kaleido Star (2003) s01e07 Episode Script

The Never smiling Amazing Girl

Everyone, Kaleido Star is about to start! When watching Kaleido Star, please keep the room brightly lit, and sit as far from the TV as you can.
I'm Sora Naegino.
I came to America all by myself with aspirations of joining Kaleido Stage.
Everything is new to me, but I'm doing my best in the spirit of "try it rather than think about it.
" There's nothing I can't do if I try and if I can do it without trying, I'd be super lucky.
And if I'm gonna do it, I just gotta do it! Gotta! Gotta! That's me.
Well, well, well, do you know anyone who's difficult? Rosetta seems to be just that kind of person.
She's a talented diabolo performer, but I end up performing with her on stage.
But wait, I've never worked with diabolo before.
Oh boy, what should I do? What? What? Yaritai koto wa nani What is it that you want to do? Sou kikareru tabi Every time I was asked that Aoi sora miageta I looked up at the blue sky Kotae wa only my heart The answer is only in my heart Honto ni daiji na kotoba wa kantan ni wa iwanai I don't easily say the words that are really important Hikari ga yubisasu basho e to hashiridasu yo I start running towards the place the light points to Dakishimetai mono nara nakitai hodo mune ni aru There's so much in my heart that I want to embrace, I could cry Egakitsuzukete yuku kitto take it someday I'll keep painting my way, I promise, take it someday Shiroi kumo ga nagareru chiheisen no mukou ni Beyond the horizon, where the white clouds drift Naranderu mirai wa itsumo soba ni aru kara The future is lined up and it'll always be there by my side Jonathan, this way! So this is Jonathan's pool? This is how it turned out after I followed Kalos' request.
I'm glad that Jonathan seems to like it.
It's great, it's great! It's so big.
He looks happy.
Jonathan, over here! Jonathan! He's ignoring us.
I guess I won't be able to be with him all the time anymore.
Marion, Vince is back from the market.
Your meal is here, Jonathan.
Vince, Jonathan says he's tired of waiting! That girl The Amazing Girl Who Doesn't Smile The Amazing Girl Who Doesn't Smile Okay, Rosetta.
Your provisional contract is one week.
After you finish tonight's performance, we'll do a formal contract including an extension of your time here.
I hope you understand these arrangements.
Rosetta? The French diabolo prodigy performer is finally here.
That's right.
She's really a genius! I'm a fan of hers, so I couldn't help it.
What are you doing? We're just passing by.
We weren't eavesdropping or anything.
He's not going to buy it.
We weren't eavesdropping or anything.
He's not going to buy it.
Sora, come in for a second.
Yes? Boss wants to ask you to be a guide for the guest.
Really? This is Sora Naegino.
She will take you to your room.
You should rest a little.
I'm Sora Naegino, nice to meet you.
See you later then.
I'll be looking forward to it.
Um, well, I'm your fan Nice to meet you.
I'm Mia.
I'm Anna.
Nice to meet you.
Where is Layla Hamilton? She's not in yet.
I see.
Your baggage has already been delivered to the dormitory.
I'll take you there.
Let's go, Rosetta.
Oh, Boss.
Thank you for building a big pool for Jonathan.
This is your room, Rosetta! The sea breeze is nice, so I'll keep the windows open, okay? Sora? Huh? What? So Kalos only arranged a regular room for me like the ones you have? Huh? I was the youngest winner in the world diabolo competition and I won the next four years straight.
That's right, I remember watching you on TV when you were the youngest to win the competition.
You were answering TV interviewers so actively despite being so young.
That's why I remember it so well.
Traveling around the world from one circus to another all by herself, a French born genius child performer of diabolo! That's Belgium.
A French born genius child performer of diabolo! That's Belgium.
I was born in Belgium and studied in France.
You're supposed to be my guide, but you don't know anything about me, do you? Oh, I'm sorry.
How was it, Sora? It's finally come to Kaleido Stage, the super diabolo performed by world champion Rosetta! If you want to be a world champion yourself, you can get your own diabolo at our gift shop starting at $30.
Miss Rosetta! Excuse us.
We want you to like, teach us diabolo.
My agreement with my agent does not allow me to display my diabolo performance except on stage.
Please shut the door.
I can't concentrate.
I'm sorry.
How rude! It's like, poor little me.
That girl is amazing.
She's a genius.
She's amazing.
But I wonder why? It's not that fun to watch.
She's like a well-oiled diabolo machine.
Mom, I'm bored.
A clown's coming on stage after this, okay? It's time for an intermission now.
Oh! Welcome to Kaleido Stage.
Miss Layla, how was my performance? It was perfect.
There were no mistakes.
Thank you.
I'll enjoy your show for the week.
I'm sure I can be with you longer than that.
It sounds like you're quite confident.
Oh, yes.
Rosetta, I need to talk to you.
Can you spare a minute? About the contract extension, right? No.
Today is your last performance.
What? Maybe I should have picked something more suited for a younger audience? As for the pay, I will pay you one week's worth as agreed in the contract.
But you don't need to appear on stage anymore.
Well, everyone, it's almost time to start! I demand a satisfactory explanation from you in the dressing room! I'm going just for a while.
Sora, it's almost our turn! Rosetta, your diabolo is wonderful.
That's why I invited you.
However, the audience at Kaleido Stage did not enjoy your diabolo.
I realized that when I watched your show today.
Then I'll rearrange the diabolo combinations.
Rosetta, I'm sorry, but I didn't make any mistakes! It was a perfect performance.
They don't enjoy my diabolo because the audience at Kaleido Stage isn't sophisticated enough! So you are saying that it's the audience's fault? You believe you're right and you can stay the way you are? I'm a world champion.
The world recognizes my diabolo skills.
Kaleido Stage exists to entertain the audience.
And the audience was not enjoying your performance.
Why can't they enjoy my performance? Kaleido Stage is not an athletic event to show off your skills.
Oh, excuse me.
I will talk to your agent.
Ken, when you have time, take Rosetta and show her around Marine Park.
But, Boss Don't treat me like I'm stupid! Rosetta! What? How should I know? What's going on? What's wrong with her? She runs fast too.
Boss, you're really not going to allow her on stage? Of course.
That was not a show.
But it's only after one show Watching it once was enough.
You don't know that.
She may be able to change.
I won't mind bringing Rosetta back on stage, but Oh, really? You have to be with her.
What? Excuse me? The contract is for six more days.
During that period, you do what you can to get her back on the stage.
Well, that is to say See you later.
Oh, wait.
Act two of Cinderella will be starting shortly! Oh, no! Let's hurry, Sora! I've never done diabolo before.
It's a crucial time for you right now.
My performance is always perfect.
When you were little, that was enough for you to get plenty of attention, but the number of jobs has decreased recently.
You have to change a little.
Hang in there for a little longer.
All right? But I'm performing flawlessly Are you all right, Sora? Not at all.
Why don't you just tell him that you can't do it? Yeah, why don't you? Oh, but I'll still give it a try.
Of course, you will.
Oh! Oh! Miss Sarah! Miss Sarah! We have a problem! What's wrong? Rosetta's not here! Oh, my, that IS a problem.
I wonder if she left for home? At this time? Rosetta! Rosetta! Rosetta! Oh, really! Where did you go?! Rosetta! Rosetta! Oh, Sora, she's right here! What?! I'm so glad.
Why does Kalos want me to pair up with you? Do you really think you can do it? I'm planning on trying first, rather than thinking about it.
You know, if you start thinking, you only worry about things like what if you make a mistake.
I don't think it makes for a fun show.
We should always expect ourselves to perform flawlessly.
It's better not to do it than to make mistakes.
There's no way I can perform like you do.
So I want them to at least enjoy it.
Or rather, maybe it's about trying hard than being perfect.
Working hard? Ken! I got these for you.
I thought they could be useful.
Wow! Where did you get these? We stocked up too many.
I was wondering what to do with all these.
It's my fault, isn't it? Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.
The audience didn't enjoy my show.
That's all.
Sorry, Rosetta.
Sorry In the end, maybe I can't I don't think it's your fault.
What? She was nine years old when she won the world championship, but if I remember correctly, she started diabolo when she was five.
At that age, I just loved Kaleido Stage and enjoyed watching it without thinking about anything else.
Me too.
She might never have had a chance to enjoy the show as the audience.
Ken, I'm going to give it a try.
To the airport.
She's gone.
Oh, Ken? A show that's not perfect, but still entertaining? What is that? Miss, do you know the people on that bike? They've been following us the whole way.
What's wrong? Sora wants you to see her show.
Why do I have to? You have to see it.
Go, Jonathan! Catch! What is this?! It's a fish.
It's a saurel! Saurel! You're doing good, Jonathan! Give it back to me! Give it back, Jonathan! Rosetta! Here, hurry! I'm just going to take a quick look.
Oh! Sora, jump in! I did it! Sora, you're awful! Jonathan's better than you! Jonathan! Wait! Hey, Jonathan! Hold it right there! You're doing good, Jonathan! Sora, go! You! There! I did it! Look! You're awesome! You did great! Sora, go for it! Sora! Isn't it strange? Huh? When I'm watching Sora's show, it makes me nervous, because I'm worried she's going to make a mistake.
Here! She does, in fact, make mistakes, but once in a while, she can be incredibly wonderful.
Oh, where are you, Jonathan?can be incredibly wonderful.
Unbelievable, like magic.
Please watch Sora's performance today.
Sora's performance? Here! Yeah! Amazing It's completely different from my show.
Sora Sora.
Rosetta! You came to see the show! I want to see what our diabolo performance might look like together.
Me too.
You'll do it perfectly, while I try really hard at it.
Don't you think that'll be interesting? That's a good idea.
But to do that, Sora's diabolo needs to improve a little more.
Instead of thinking, I'll just try it! Wrong! Okay! Do it as if you're going toward the diabolo! Don't actually collide with it.
The upright Devil.
It means that she needs to make extreme efforts.
Again! It means that she needs to make extreme efforts.
It means that she needs to make extreme efforts.
Not good.
One more time! Okay.
Reading Tarot cards by myself only makes me feel empty.
This this this is really tough! Only one more day left until the time limit.
We don't have time to goof off! Looks like they've managed to make the deadline.
Building a new set in such a hurry was tough.
Well, I think it's an interesting idea.
Did you say it was their idea? Yeah.
They make a good team.
Now, at last, it's time for the first diabolo battle in history! In this corner, the world diabolo champion, Rosetta! In the other corner, with five days of diabolo experience, Sora! Now, let's see the long awaited outcome of this battle! Ready? Start! Okay! Doing good! Go, Sora! Rosetta, don't lose! Here! Go! Not so fast! Ouch! Shoot! Rosetta made a mistake! I can't believe this! Winner, Rosetta! Champion! They did it.
You're amazing, Sora.
Awesome! Bravo! Bravo! You changed Rosetta, Sora.
Sora, I remember back when I was nine years old and competing in the world championship.
Everyone was smiling behind the interviewers.
Everyone was saying, "It was fun," or, "It was interesting.
" Everyone was happy.
Back then, I really felt glad I was doing diabolo.
I completely forgot how happy I was during that time.
The time when I loved diabolo so much.
I remembered it today.
Thanks to Kaleido Stage and thanks to you, Sora.
Wait a sec, Rosetta.
Wow Wow What? What? I owe it to you, Sora.
What? Thanks to your magic, Sora.
Wow So you're going home after all? Yes.
Thank you, Sora.
Yesterday's show was successful because of your talent.
It was very captivating.
Oh No, I owe it all to Kaleido Stage.
I really would have liked to extend the contract.
I can't.
Is this your revenge for what happened a week ago? I want to go home and develop my own diabolo over again.
Boss, you look like your girlfriend just broke up with you.
Yeah, that's what I feel like.
See you again, Rosetta! Merci, Sora.
When you sabishii toki doushitemasuka When you're lonely, what do you do? Never say sonna no wakannai Never say you don't get any of that Nemuru asobu magazine mekuru Sleep, play, flip through a magazine Sabishii toki wa sabishii yo When you're lonely, you're lonely Mienai denpa ga kyou mo tulututu machi ni tobikau Like always, invisible vibes fly around the city today, tulututu Anyway kokoro no bekutoru so many reason hanashiteru Anyway, the vector of my heart is talking about so many reasons Jiyuu ni sora o tobitai keredo I want to be free and fly the skies Hane o hirogeru basho ga nai But I don't have space to spread my wings Demo shinjiteru But I have faith Katachi no nai mirai ga aru yo There is a future yet to be shaped Katachi ni shitai watashi ga iru And there's a me that I want to shape Kanashikutemo machigai demo Even if I'm sad, even if it's a mistake Omou mama fly to the free I'll do what I want and fly towards the freedom Next Kaleido Star You have that much commercial value.
And so, Miss Layla's father came to Kaleido Stage, but he left without seeing her show.
It seems he sees his daughter as nothing more than a business tool.
Even on her birthday, he tried to get away with it by just spending money.
So we'll just have to make her birthday party a success all by ourselves! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Next time on Kaleido Star, "An Amazing Star Even In Tough Times" An Amazing Star Even In Tough Times My wings are my dream and on towards the sky