Kaleido Star (2003) s01e08 Episode Script

Suffering Amazing Star

Everyone, Kaleido Star is about to start! When watching Kaleido Star, please keep the room brightly lit, and sit as far from the TV as you can.
I'm Sora Naegino.
I came to America all by myself with aspirations of joining Kaleido Stage.
Everything is new to me, but I'm doing my best in the spirit of "try it rather than think about it.
" There's nothing I can't do if I try and if I can do it without trying, I'd be super lucky.
And if I'm gonna do it, I just gotta do it! Gotta! Gotta! That's me.
Well, well, well, what's your father like? Is he nice or is he scary? Miss Layla's father is a workaholic and he has no clue about her feelings.
Even on her special birthday, he's working.
Oh! If he keeps acting that way, I feel sorry for Miss Layla! I do! I do! Yaritai koto wa nani What is it that you want to do? Sou kikareru tabi Every time I was asked that Aoi sora miageta I looked up at the blue sky Kotae wa only my heart The answer is only in my heart Honto ni daiji na kotoba wa kantan ni wa iwanai I don't easily say the words that are really important Hikari ga yubisasu basho e to hashiridasu yo I start running towards the place the light points to Dakishimetai mono nara nakitai hodo mune ni aru There's so much in my heart that I want to embrace, I could cry Egakitsuzukete yuku kitto take it someday I'll keep painting my way, I promise, take it someday Shiroi kumo ga nagareru chiheisen no mukou ni Beyond the horizon, where the white clouds drift Naranderu mirai wa itsumo soba ni aru kara The future is lined up and it'll always be there by my side Can I do a grieving chimpanzee pose at the end today? No.
Oh, sorry.
My chance! I should say something to make them laugh! As you may expect from roses! Roses Oh! Darn it! I wish I could be better at ad-libing.
That look is perfect! Anyway, that's a big bouquet.
I know.
It's for Miss Layla.
Her father, Mr.
Hamilton, is here.
Oh? Does he come here often? Well, he's very busy, so he's rarely here.
He's the owner of Hamilton Hotels.
Hamilton Hotels? I think we have some in Japan too.
They're all over the world.
Wow Oh, I need to deliver this quick.
He sounds great.
An Amazing Star Even In Tough Times An Amazing Star Even In Tough Times It seems like "Cinderella" will be one of Layla's best works.
How is the box-office record? The audience numbers are the best in history.
Who are these three fairy godmothers? They're new-comers who passed the audition this year.
I see.
Ah, Layla.
Congratulations on the successful production.
Thank you.
Also, thank you for the beautiful flowers too.
There is no flower that exceeds your beauty, Layla.
I really would like you to see my show this time.
I don't have the time.
By the way, we're having a party with the top business leaders tonight.
Make sure you come to the party after your show.
I will.
Kalos, please be her escort.
Yes, I will.
And let's invite those three fairy godmothers too.
Those three? It's important to provide them with publicity.
We need to have the next generation of stars after you leave.
Then, I will see you tonight, Layla.
He is such a busy person.
So busy that he has never seen one of my shows to the end.
We did it perfectly again today.
The audience seemed like they were waiting for the transformation scene, so it's really worth doing, you know? Why don't we stumble off the stage when we exit next time? No way.
I agree.
That's what I figured.
Just because you're a little popular, don't give an unfocused performance! We're sorry.
But we were perfect today.
Our top star is in a bad mood.
Maybe she's more uptight than usual because her father's here to see her performance.
But I think he left without watching the show.
What? I didn't know.
All of you, go to the costume department.
A party?! It's kind of awkward.
I wonder if I should say something? It was too bad that your father couldn't stay for your show today.
That's nothing new.
Oh, really? This is awkward.
So beautiful.
It's Layla Hamilton.
She is stunning.
You look beautiful, Layla.
Thank you, Father.
Hey, Sora.
What's wrong? Somehow, I feel like I don't belong here.
No, I'll be all right.
Hello It's definitely more nerve-racking than performing on stage.
That's true.
It seems like they're drawing attention.
By the way, do you know that man? He looks familiar.
If I remember correctly, he's a movie producer.
That's right.
He's looking for a heroine for his next movie.
Audition for the role.
Miss Layla is going to audition for a movie? This is a great opportunity.
To advance your career from being Kaleido Stage's top star to becoming a worldwide top star.
You have that much commercial value.
I understand.
Miss Layla.
Miss Layla! I saw you in the newspaper.
Aren't you that fairy godmother? You're so cute.
Hey, how do you do that Triple Illusion? Do something for us.
Yes! Please show us.
What should we do? You want to do something? Let's put on a little show.
What? Sora, let's do it.
Yeah! Here! There, there, there, there, there, there! Tada! It's them.
Here, Sora! Here! Tada! Well, well, not bad.
If you would come to the actual stage, you could Thank you, thank you.
Please come see Kaleido Stage.
Now, for a little party joke.
Oh, Miss Layla's father.
I have a favor to ask.
Yes? To tell you the truth, tomorrow is Layla's birthday.
We're having a party at our house in the afternoon.
Won't you three come to the party too? Really? Definitely! Oh, I know! If you have the day off tomorrow, please come and watch our show after the party.
I have to work tomorrow.
I will make sure you get paid for your work.
So please be there.
Please, wait.
What? We don't need to be paid.
We'll still go even if we're not paid.
You certainly are generous.
You will never be successful like that.
He's awful.
That's nothing new.
I wonder if Miss Layla is lonely? So, I think we should brighten up the mood at the party tomorrow.
Oh That's what I'm thinking Oh! What? Oh, nothing What?! Cancelled? Yes, it was cancelled.
What's going on? Can we at least give her a present? What's going on? What are you all doing? Well, Miss Layla Happy birthday! Thank you.
You're welcome.
My father asked you to come, didn't he? Yes.
Excuse me, but why was it suddenly cancelled? It wasn't sudden.
Every year, my father invites guests to the party by paying them.
But a party like that is meaningless.
I suppose so.
That's why I cancel it every year.
It sounds like your father doesn't understand your feelings at all.
That's how things work here.
But even so, he cares about me in his own way.
That's enough for me.
Well, haven't you heard enough? Please go home.
I have to practice now.
Practice? At home? Wow Amazing.
I can't believe there's a practice room inside the house.
How often do you practice here, Miss Layla? Unless I have practice for a new production, everyday.
And on the days when my performance was unsatisfactory on stage.
That often? It's your birthday today and you're still Someday, I want my father to acknowledge Kaleido Stage.
And for that, my performance has to be the best at all times.
Miss Layla The movie audition, maybe you're actually I will audition for the movie.
I'll make sure to live up to his expectations.
Because I don't want to disappoint him.
Aren't you satisfied now? Please leave.
Okay, thank you.
All right, I've decided! Decided what? Then after the curtain drops, the curtain call will become Miss Layla's birthday party! Doesn't it sound like magic? Once we've decided to do this, let's hurry! Mia is the director.
Ken and Jean are in charge of the stage sets.
And Anna and Miss Sarah, please make the costumes.
Oh, Marion, you need to help us, too.
Since we don't have much time left before the evening show, let's get started now.
Huh? What are you all doing? Hurry, hurry! Once she makes up her mind, she's the type that runs with it.
That's one of her good traits.
I couldn't agree more.
Is there any sort of trick to this? Just do an adequate job, I guess.
Oh What is this? It's fun! Marion! Ready? Yes.
I wonder how she'll react? I can't wait.
Are you up to something again? Oh, we're going to celebrate Miss Layla's birthday.
But please keep it a secret.
I hope everything turns out well.
Yes! Thank you.
Okay? Jonathan, you're going to hand the cake to Miss Layla at the end.
All right.
Now, everything is all set to go.
No, not yet.
Without this, it won't be magic.
Are you serious? Of course.
Even if you want it, that's impossible.
You can't contact him? Well, I can contact him, but You can't? I guess we can't do it after all.
Oh, fine! It's time to sink or swim! Oh, then Yeah, I'll try to contact him.
Thank you! Yes.
Hamilton please.
She needs to talk to him concerning Miss Layla.
Her name is Sora Naegino, from Kaleido Stage.
Oh, well, she's still new.
I'm not suspicious or anything.
I am a fairy godmother! What?! That sounds plenty suspicious.
No way! Mr.
Hamilton, you have a phone call.
I'm in the middle of a meeting.
But It's from someone called "fairy godmother.
" Shall I contact the police? No, I'll take it.
I'm sorry to call you at work.
So, what business does a fairy godmother have with me? Do you want to get paid for the party after all? The party was cancelled.
What? It has been cancelled every year.
Miss Layla was practicing by herself.
That's ridiculous.
We're having a birthday party for her at Kaleido Stage.
And we would very much like you to attend the party.
That's impossible.
Even if it's impossible, please! Actually, I want you to see Miss Layla's show, but It takes four hours from here to Cape Mary even by private jet.
I won't make it in time for the start of the show.
Then at least, can you make it to the end of the show? Please! Thank you for letting me know.
Thanks to you, I now know how Layla feels.
Looks like she wasn't happy with a party that I bought for her.
You still don't get it.
What? You don't understand how Miss Layla feels.
It doesn't matter how many people are there.
If the person she wants most to be there doesn't come, she'll just feel even more alone.
She feels lonely and sad.
I think that's why she cancels the parties and just practices by herself.
She needs her father.
So, please.
Please come.
Inviting Miss Layla's father? Yes.
It seems Sora is calling him right now.
That's impossible.
You never know, because it's Sora.
Come in.
Excuse us.
What is it? Miss Layla, your father's like, coming to see your show.
My father? There is no way.
But today's your birthday, so What's going on? Happy birthday, Layla! Happy birthday, Miss Layla! Sora This is from all of us.
A small present.
That's impossible.
All right! Yeah! It was a big success! We did it, Sora! Yeah, I'm so glad.
Miss Layla seemed happy with What is the meaning of this? Did you come up with this?! Yes.
Stop doing things like this! I've never appeared so dumbstruck in front of an audience before.
Oh I'm sorry.
Please don't do anything like this again.
Excuse me, Miss Layla.
What? You still have something? At the very least, please take this cake.
Well, the cake isn't really that important, but there's a message.
I got this message personally from your father.
What? That's all right.
I thought everything turned out fine.
Don't be discouraged, Sora.
It's not your fault.
It's your fault.
I knew it.
It was like, unnecessary after all.
I got this message personally from your father.
Please don't do anything like this again.
Why am I so irritated? Happy birthday, Miss Layla.
It's because I pushed for the birthday party.
No, we were all in on it.
I guess Miss Layla doesn't like that sort of thing.
In the end, I ignored Miss Layla's feelings just like her father did.
What should we do with that cake? You want to eat it? Well, we did take the time to make it.
I'm going to at least deliver the message to her.
She may get mad at you again.
Well, I'm already used to someone being mad at me.
Sora, I'm coming in! Please do! Oh, here it is! Here it is.
I'm so glad.
What is it? Miss Layla's maid just came to pick up the cake.
What? She said she'll at least accept the cake since you took the time to make it.
Really! Layla can be so pretentious sometimes.
Then, I will leave the cake here.
Excuse me.
Fax? Happy birthday, Layla.
You're always sparkling in my heart.
My Kaleido Star.
It's so difficult somehow.
I guess even real families worry about their opinions of each other.
I wonder if that's the way everyone acts? I think that it is.
I see.
Won't you worry about my opinions once in a while too? No, I will not.
Wha Happy birthday, Miss Layla.
When you sabishii toki doushitemasuka When you're lonely, what do you do? Never say sonna no wakannai Never say you don't get any of that Nemuru asobu magazine mekuru Sleep, play, flip through a magazine Sabishii toki wa sabishii yo When you're lonely, you're lonely Mienai denpa ga kyou mo tulututu machi ni tobikau Like always, invisible vibes fly around the city today, tulututu Anyway kokoro no bekutoru so many reason hanashiteru Anyway, the vector of my heart is talking about so many reasons Jiyuu ni sora o tobitai keredo I want to be free and fly the skies Hane o hirogeru basho ga nai But I don't have space to spread my wings Demo shinjiteru But I have faith Katachi no nai mirai ga aru yo There is a future yet to be shaped Katachi ni shitai watashi ga iru And there's a me that I want to shape Kanashikutemo machigai demo Even if I'm sad, even if it's a mistake Omou mama fly to the free I'll do what I want and fly towards the freedom Next Kaleido Star Don't you have any stars other than Layla? And so, for the heroine of the upcoming production, "The Little Mermaid," I end up auditioning in front of an important person without rehearsal! But Sora makes a mistake.
She becomes afraid and unable to jump.
Don't worry, Sora.
Trust me.
What's gonna happen to me? What? What? Next time on Kaleido Star, "My Amazing Challenge For the Lead Role" My Amazing Challenge For the Lead Role My wings are my dream and on towards the sky