Kaleido Star (2003) s01e09 Episode Script

Lead role, the Amazing Challenge

Everyone, Kaleido Star is about to start! When watching Kaleido Star, please keep the room brightly lit, and sit as far from the TV as you can.
I'm Sora Naegino.
I came to America all by myself with aspirations of joining Kaleido Stage.
Everything is new to me, but I'm doing my best in the spirit of "try it rather than think about it.
" There's nothing I can't do if I try and if I can do it without trying, I'd be super lucky.
And if I'm gonna do it, I just gotta do it! Gotta! Gotta! That's me.
Well, well, well, does everyone know the story of "The Little Mermaid?" It's a really wonderful story.
This time, I'm going to attempt to get the leading part, but I make a mistake and have a really scary experience.
And I can't get it out of my mind.
Oh! I've really found myself in a pinch this time! I have! I have! Yaritai koto wa nani What is it that you want to do? Sou kikareru tabi Every time I was asked that Aoi sora miageta I looked up at the blue sky Kotae wa only my heart The answer is only in my heart Honto ni daiji na kotoba wa kantan ni wa iwanai I don't easily say the words that are really important Hikari ga yubisasu basho e to hashiridasu yo I start running towards the place the light points to Dakishimetai mono nara nakitai hodo mune ni aru There's so much in my heart that I want to embrace, I could cry Egakitsuzukete yuku kitto take it someday I'll keep painting my way, I promise, take it someday Shiroi kumo ga nagareru chiheisen no mukou ni Beyond the horizon, where the white clouds drift Naranderu mirai wa itsumo soba ni aru kara The future is lined up and it'll always be there by my side Dad! I brought you lunch! Thank you, Marion.
Everyone, it's time for lunch! Yeah! Why don't we sit here today? Well, I'm going to read you the story of "The Little Mermaid" today.
"Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful mermaid princess.
" My Amazing Challenge For the Lead Role My Amazing Challenge For the Lead Role Thank you for coming to see us at Kaleido Stage today.
Due to stage equipment maintenance, the performance of Cinderella will be suspended for two weeks.
We look forward to when you come visit us again.
Great work, everyone! Finally, the vacation that we've dreamed of will start tomorrow.
Do the two of you have any plans? Practice.
To be ready for the audition.
Huh? There's going to be an audition on the last day of vacation Wait, you don't know? No, I don't.
No, I don't.
Why am I the only one who doesn't know?! It should be posted on the dorm bulletin board.
Why am I the only one who doesn't know?! It should be posted on the dorm bulletin board.
Oh! So, what's posted? Since last summer's performance was so popular, they're going to stage it again.
"The Little Mermaid"! No way! Oops.
No way! What? I've only seen this on video! Oh, I can't believe this! Really?! I'll get to see the real thing! I'm so happy! It's a real tear jerker, you know? Especially at the end, when the Little Mermaid jumps off the ship into the ocean! Lt'll make you cry a river no matter how many times you see it! There, there.
Since Miss Layla is going to try a new swing maneuver this time, the cast auditions seem mainly for people who are good on swings too.
Really? This is your chance, Sora! What? It's your specialty, after all.
Is it my specialty? Sora, you're the one who mastered the Golden Phoenix.
Well You could get the supporting role right off the bat! You think so? Maybe I will make a serious effort.
You could get a raise while you're at it! Really?! You'll get chauffeured to and from work everyday! I don't know if I should be spoiled so much.
I can't believe her.
She's already acting like she's passed the audition.
It's like, she makes me sick.
"So, in order to get a human body, the Little Mermaid" Oh, I'm sorry.
Well How is the preparation for the production going? Everything is going smoothly.
I see, very good.
Then, since I am busy, I want to see the performance right now.
The audition is scheduled to be held in two weeks.
Quiet! I want to see it right this minute! If I can't see it right now, I will call the whole thing off! No, if you would settle for only my scene, I could show you right away.
Are you displeased with me for some reason? No, you're a wonderful star and I'm very aware of that.
However, don't you have any stars other than Layla? He's so nasty.
He's like the sea witch in the Little Mermaid.
Well, how about it? This will be a special audition in front of a client.
If you successfully complete this audition, you will be given the part of the Little Mermaid on the spot, and you will play the leading role in this production.
However, if you fail, the Little Mermaid performance will be cancelled.
Is there anybody who will accept this challenge even then? He said if she fails, the show will be cancelled.
It sounds like, super bad and risky.
Isn't there anybody who'll accept this challenge? Why don't you take this opportunity to try for the part of the Little Mermaid? It's the leading part.
The leading part! What? The leading part, huh? Oh-ho Oh? What's going on? That settles it then.
Sora, play the part of the Little Mermaid right this minute.
What?! But isn't the Little Mermaid Miss Layla's role? So what? You said you were good at swings just a while ago.
You sounded like, so confident.
Really And you said if you got the part, you'd get them to raise your pay by ten times.
What?! And buy a tropical island What?! I see.
If you've planned that far ahead, I'll really have you play the part of the Little Mermaid.
What?! WHAT?! Is everything ready? Yes, sir.
Hey, Ken, what do I need to do? Don't worry, Sora.
I'll explain the details of the performance to you now.
From where you're standing now, you just need to use that swing to jump to the swing on the other side.
When I press the buzzer, jump out there.
Then your timing will match with the swing on the other side of the waterfall.
What? What waterfall? What? What?! WHAT?! Well, well Okay, begin! Yes, sir.
We're starting.
Don't worry.
I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off, Sora.
Well, you tell me not to worry, but I can't see the other side because of the waterfall.
What am I gonna do? No, let's just give it a try instead of thinking about it! Sora! No, too late! Come back! Good, I can do it.
What? What? I didn't make it? It's over Good, you're awake.
You saved me? Yes.
From the look of it, you should be fine now.
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
Then, I'll be leaving now.
What? Excuse me, where are you going? Our castle, Kaleido Stage.
Then, me too.
You cannot come this way.
Why Huh? What? You cannot come to our world.
You should go back to the world that you belong to.
Oh, wait! Please wait! Wait! Wait! Wait Oh, she came to.
Hey, you seem okay! Thank goodness.
I still have them! What are you talking about? Ouch! Ouch Come on, you should still take it easy.
They said that you dislocated your shoulder just a little.
But if Mr.
Yuri hadn't been there, you would've suffered a lot more than a dislocated shoulder.
What? Yuri rescued you in the nick of time.
I'd never seen real mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before.
So, that wasn't a dream.
And then, and then, when Ken saw that Oh, yeah, Ken got Yeah, Ken got What? Sora, what are you doing?! What? Don't "What?" me! Don't push yourself, Sora! The doctor still doesn't want you to do anything, remember?! I'll be fine.
If I don't show Mr.
Kenneth that I can do this soon, they'll cancel the show.
Huh? Huh? What's wrong? Huh? What? Huh? Something's wrong Huh? What? Wha Sora.
Can you hear me, Sora? Huh? What just Sora, you have to take it easy.
I'm sorry.
I think today's not a good day for me.
I'll go home and rest for today.
Wait, Sora.
What? I want you to be honest with me.
Sora, could it be that you're afraid? Is that it after all? Sora, if you're afraid Leave me alone! Don't mind me! Please stop her right away.
Oh, Sora What? Sora What happened? So, how was it? For the time being, I was able to talk him into giving us another chance.
The rest is up to the performer.
Sora! Hey, Sora! The dining room will be closing soon! If you don't eat, you won't be able to heal quickly.
Please leave me alone.
How truly pitiful.
Oh, be quiet.
Why did you skip today's practice? I'm injured, you know.
Why will you not come out from there? My shoulder hurts.
Why? Who cares anyway? Just leave me alone.
So, it is the same as that other time.
That other time? Once, there was a man who was able to see me.
That man also became unable to jump due to injuries, for he was not able to overcome the fear of when he injured himself.
Was he able to appear on stage? Yes.
How?! How did he overcome his fear?! I see.
So as I thought, your shoulder injury has nothing to do with this.
Never mind that! How he did it?! Answer me! This is? The Hanged Man.
Sora, if you want to change your current situation, you cannot just keep running away.
I'm not running The man gradually became unable to see me.
Oh This is? Sora.
Ken Just like I thought.
I knew you'd come, Sora.
Ken, I'm sorry about what I said earlier.
Don't worry about it.
It didn't bother me at all.
Anyway, you're going to do it, right? Practice, I mean.
What? I got things ready because I figured you'd be here.
Got things ready You mean this? Yeah, that's right.
For your practice.
For me? Yeah.
I'm sorry I wasn't being considerate of your feelings earlier.
Oh, no.
I should apologize to you too.
But don't you think these swings are too low to provide a good practice? No, I want you to gradually build your successes starting from a low height and get you to picture the perfect image of yourself.
The perfect image? That's right.
Do it over and over until the image of failing is erased from your mind.
But still, don't you think this height is just too easy? Well, we'll see about that.
What?! I can't do something like this, Ken! This is all for the sake of your image of success.
Still I'll coordinate the timing, so jump when I give you the signal.
Are you ready, Sora? Here we go.
Forget about the time you made a mistake, and just focus on synchronizing with the sound.
Ready? One, two, three! Are you all right, Sora? No.
I'm sorry, Ken.
I can't do this! Sora, be strong! I can't do this.
Sora, look at me! Please trust me! I'll lead you to success, I promise! I can't rescue you heroically like Yuri did, but I'll make sure to make you the Little Mermaid! Sora Okay.
Thank you, Ken.
Then, one more time.
Well He is a Kung Fu Master, Master Linn.
Master knows the breathing technique for mental concentration, so you should learn it and improve your focus.
What?! Don't whine, just do it.
Look, Master Linn is saying he wants to test you.
What? He says if you can keep up with him, he'll teach you the technique for mental concentration.
Oh, okay.
Please don't be too hard on me.
Oh, yes.
Huh? He says you passed the test.
What? Already? That's right.
Take a deep breath and calm your emotions.
I'm okay.
One more time I can't do it right.
That's not true at all.
Master Linn says that he is very satisfied with your progress.
What? That is the technique of mental concentration! You're amazing, Sora! I can't believe he's going to teach you that technique! Come on, what are you doing?! Sora, hurry up and do what he's doing! Oh, yes! Be one with nature and resign yourself to nature.
Then, you will be the wind, the water, and the earth.
Abandon yourself and be one with your surroundings.
This is indeed the secret of mental concentration.
Sora! Resign myself to nature You want to take a little break? No, I'm fine.
I think I'm almost there.
Well, I think you should be ready to do this soon.
But maybe I should do a little more rehabilitation before The doctor's told me that you're already completely recovered.
Don't tell me you're afraid.
If you're saying that you can't jump, there's no point in you being here.
There's no point in you being here.
Calm down, Sora.
You don't need to worry.
Why? Why can you say that? You've worked hard all this time practicing! It was a practice.
That's why I could do it! I probably won't be able to do anything when it really counts.
I can't jump anymore! I'll probably I'll probably never jump again! So, you're never going to jump for the rest of your life?! I still remember how I felt when I learned that I would never be able to jump because of my weak heart.
I can't jump even if I want to.
And you're the same now, Sora.
But the truth is you CAN jump.
When you were practicing the Golden Phoenix, I wondered why you could jump so happily when the practice was so tough.
There are many good performers at Kaleido Stage, but you're the first one who made me wish that I could also jump like that.
Remember how it feels when you're jumping, Sora.
How it feels when I'm jumping Don't give up, Sora.
I don't want my Sora to be defeated by her fears.
Sora Thank you, Ken.
Sora?! A blindfold? Will she be all right? Of course.
Please begin.
Yes, sir.
Here we go, Sora.
Are you ready? Yup! Go, Sora.
One, two, three! If you're saying that you can't jump, there's no point in you being here.
Be one with nature and resign yourself to nature.
Be one with your surroundings.
Then, you shall be the sky, just as you were named.
Wonderful! You did it, Sora.
You really are the most radiant person at this Kaleido Stage.
When you sabishii toki doushitemasuka When you're lonely, what do you do? Never say sonna no wakannai Never say you don't get any of that Nemuru asobu magazine mekuru Sleep, play, flip through a magazine Sabishii toki wa sabishii yo When you're lonely, you're lonely Mienai denpa ga kyou mo tulututu machi ni tobikau Like always, invisible vibes fly around the city today, tulututu Anyway kokoro no bekutoru so many reason hanashiteru Anyway, the vector of my heart is talking about so many reasons Jiyuu ni sora o tobitai keredo I want to be free and fly the skies Hane o hirogeru basho ga nai But I don't have space to spread my wings Demo shinjiteru But I have faith Katachi no nai mirai ga aru yo There is a future yet to be shaped Katachi ni shitai watashi ga iru And there's a me that I want to shape Kanashikutemo machigai demo Even if I'm sad, even if it's a mistake Omou mama fly to the free I'll do what I want and fly towards the freedom Next Kaleido Star Go, Sora! You're the leading lady! And so, this is my first leading role.
I tried performing it perfectly like Miss Layla, but Fewer people are coming to see us And the sponsor doesn't like it either.
Oh, what in the world am I doing wrong? What? What? Next time on Kaleido Star, "Facing An Amazing Wall" Facing An Amazing Wall My wings are my dream and on towards the sky