Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e50 Episode Script

Guardian of the Mist is Coming?!

1 Target 50 The Guardian of the Mist Ring Arrives!? Do you think standing around counts as training, maggot?! No, he's measuring the time it takes to pass Deathperation's Zero Point Breakthrough.
Zero Point Breakthrough? Keep watching.
Hey, Reborn, how long should I wait? A bit more.
Once it starts boiling, I'll add the meat.
Not your stew! I'm talking about his training! He might not be ready today.
Hey, Reborn! Maggot! Then tell me why you called me here, maggot! Oh yeah What do you think about Mammon, that Varia guy? You mean that baby with the ridiculous frog? Yeah, the baby with the tacky frog.
Did anything about him strike you as odd? Think he might be an Arcobaleno, maggot? Maybe.
But my pacifier didn't glow Not only that, we know where all seven of the Arcobaleno are, plus the one without a number.
Do you think he could be I'm not sure yet.
If that's true, we'll never beat him.
Why do you say that? You don't even know who the Guardian of the Mist Ring is.
Can't you tell us yet?! Master Sawada I can't figure it out, so can't you say who our Guardian of the Mist Ring is? Not yet.
If I tell you, you won't be able to focus on your training.
It's the other way around! I'm way too worried to focus on training! You leave me with no choice.
Head down the mountain and get some juice for me and Colonnello.
How does that help?! Shall I accompany thee? You shouldn't spoil him, Basil.
You know! Get going, maggot! Give me a break Why me? Are you sure about this? If Mammon Don't worry.
Boss, I've come to ask your permission.
I would like to use that power in the match tonight.
You're sure into this, Mammon.
Why would you go that far? Even with Squalo's loss, we still have three rings.
We have the advantage.
Why're you so eager? Didn't you say Mucous Imaging couldn't locate your opponent? Not because of my opponent, though.
It's just that my ability has to be used regularly or it becomes difficult to control.
I can't wait! It'll be the first time I get to see that power of yours! Permission granted.
Damn Reborn, why does the guy in training have to get juice? Man, he has no clue how hard he works me every day.
But, everyone else has been getting hurt because of me.
I wonder if Yamamoto's okay.
Lambo hasn't come to yet.
Then there's Kyoko-chan's brother And Gokudera-kun Everyone's all beat up.
There's no way tonight'll be an easy battle either.
And that's That's why I want to know who'll be fighting with us.
Damn Reborn.
A-Anyway, I'd better hurry! Don't let your guard down.
They're tough.
Call for reinforcements.
This isn't good.
If you'd told me a few days ago I'd be shooting at my colleagues There's no choice, Oregano.
We must save Vongola IX.
Aren't you going overboard? What? This is the only way to stand out.
They're overdoing it too.
We've lured most of the guards over this way.
Which makes it easier for the master, right? Exactly.
I wonder if he made it safely to Vongola IX.
Worried? One step into the mansion's all it takes to see that it's a maze of hidden rooms and passages.
That just means the Vongola have many secrets to keep hidden.
You could say they've committed a few sins.
No problem.
We'll leave that business to the master and do our job.
There you two are.
Lal Mirch! Iemitsu has entered the deepest recesses of the mansion.
We were separated at the end, but I imagine he's just fine if he made it that far.
Well done, Lal Mirch.
I guess that's why you're an Arcobaleno, Lal.
Don't tease me, Oregano.
I'm nothing yet.
Would've ended better if you hadn't followed me.
End of the hall The Caravaggio on the left The Italian flag: Green to denote our homeland's beauty, white to denote the snow, and red to denote our passionate devotion to our country.
The bonds forged by loving one's Family are a cornerstone of the Vongola.
This place hasn't changed.
You don't even knock, Iemitsu? Vongola IX I'm finally here.
Huh? Why's a Kokuyo student around here? This gum looks good.
Didn't you just buy some? They tasted so fruity I swallowed 'em all.
Get a box then.
This strawberry one that comes with a prize.
They're getting a box? Who are they? Don't need a receipt; too much trouble.
No way! M-Maybe I'm tired! This is not happening! Anything but this! The faces you make always piss me off somehow.
He's really here! You're kidding me How the heck did we lose to this pathetic chump? Ciao-su.
Long time no see, Chikusa Kakimoto, Ken Joshima.
What brings you here, Arcobaleno tutor? Where's the other guy? Tsuna's Guardian of the Mist Ring? Went to see Kyoya Hibari.
Oh really? We'll have trouble on our hands if they meet.
It's been a while.
It seems you've become even stronger.
Boss I've been waiting for you.
How long has it been since I sent the message that I had lost the ability to walk? Are you just going to stand there, Iemitsu? I want to see your face.
Yes, sir.
What's wrong, Iemitsu? You look as though you have something to say.
Boss Regarding the position of your successor The two young Vongola and their allies are embroiled in needless battles each night.
I know that.
I'm the one who issued the order.
I'm looking forward to the results.
Why?! Have you forgotten the law? The outside advisor and boss must both recognize the successor or else- Boss I've never seen you as the type to decide such things though force.
Is this all because of that day? I should have made them confess about what happened at Xanxus' cradle.
My son's cradle? I believe I told you to never speak of that again.
Are you causing such a commotion simply to question me? No.
I've come to save you.
Save me? How rude, and so unbecoming of the man once called the Young Lion.
What need is there of that? As you can see, my legs are much improved.
I can continue running the Vongola without your help.
Boss I thank you for your efforts thus far.
Go on now and wait for your son.
Nakayama Surgery Hello, Mrs.
Sawada! Hi, girls.
Thanks for coming again today.
How is Lambo-chan doing? He's still sleeping.
Oh, but he seems to be doing a lot better.
That's great.
I'm so sorry to worry you.
How is Tsuna-kun? He hasn't come by today.
I see My brother's been out a lot lately too.
I wonder what they're doing? Oh, I brought something good today! Here they are.
Wow, those are adorable! Tsu-kun and Reborn-kun, right? Yeah.
I figured Lambo-chan might heal faster if he had friends with him.
Kyoko-chan and I made them together.
I just helped a little.
Haru-chan's really good at these things.
I-Pin-chan's here too.
Thanks, girls.
Okay, I want to give these gifts to Lambo-chan right away.
Yes, please do.
I'll be back once I replace the water in this vase.
Okay! They're both lovely girls, Tsu-kun.
You know, when you two stand around doing nothing, you just look like nasty middle-schoolers.
Hey, that's mean! All right, how about "unpleasant"? That's no better.
Keep lookin' down on us like that and I'll stick ya! Oh cool, the Hippo Channel.
No! I'm a rhino! I've got a horn! A horn, see! Knock it off, Ken.
We have other things to do.
Shut up! I'll stick you and the Vongola brat! He's already unconscious.
Tsuna's pretty pathetic.
I thought he'd be happier to see you guys.
After the fight at Kokuyo Land, he kept asking about you.
Hey, Reborn, those guys are okay, right? This again? I thought you'd know.
The fight might've been hard, but Even so, I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to them.
Seems like he was pretty worried about you guys.
He's so annoying! Why's he gotta be so annoying?! I get itchy just being near him! Let's go, Kakipi.
Tell the Vongola kid he doesn't deserve the awesome Guardian of the Mist Ring he's got.
See you tonight.
Mucous Imaging.
Bel? Well done, Mammon.
I even tried to mask my presence.
Using Mucous Imaging again? Did you find the other Guardian of the Mist Ring? No change.
Think maybe they don't have one? I doubt that.
I definitely sense a power blocking my Mucous Imaging.
CD? What is that, a code? Not sure.
This has never happened before.
It seems my opponent is special, just like me.
Special, huh? Whatever.
I couldn't care less about the battle.
I just wanna see your power.
I'm not showing it to you for free.
You had better pay the entrance fee or I won't let you watch tonight's match.
Little runt you're pissing me off.
I'll smash you.
Wanna go at it? Sure, I'm bored.
I'd imagine.
If only the boss wasn't nearby.
Put three times the collection rate for an S-rank mission into my account.
Understand? Get real, snotty brat.
I'll check to make sure you made the deposit.
To be honest, I have no interest in my opponent.
The one I can't take my eyes off of is him Who will he bring? The Arcobaleno with the yellow pacifier Reborn.
Sorry, Basil.
Not at all.
It is no trouble.
I wonder who he took after to end up so pathetic.
You're finally awake.
Reborn, where are we? Time to focus.
We're at the site of the Guardian of the Mist Ring battle.
O-Oh yeah, the match! So Th-The gym?! Boss, how are you feeling? All right, you finally woke up! Guys! Yamamoto, is your eye okay? Yeah.
Old man Romario said not to worry about it.
Th-That's good.
You should worry about yourself first.
You slept so long that everyone was concerned.
Wait Why did I go to sleep in the first place? Oh yeah, I think I met someone right before I can't remember.
And so, boss, the Mist guy won't be coming.
That's awful! Does this Guardian of the Mist Ring guy even exist? This is bad.
The other participant is already here.
What? That little guy is the other Guardian? Come to think of it When I tried to ask Reborn about our Guardian, I was sent to get juice.
Huh? What happened I get the feeling I'm forgetting something important.
It's time for the Guardian of the Mist Ring to arrive.
Oh yeah! Th-That's They're Y-You're kidding me.
Not now of all times Calm down, you guys.
They brought the Guardian of the Mist Ring.
What did you say, Reborn-san?! You mean these guys Y-You can't be saying the Guardian of the Mist Ring is Yeah.
For them to bring him, that's As if The Guardian of the Mist Ring is M-Mukuro Rokudo?! M-Mukuro Rokudo?! Negative.
Huh? My name is Chrome.
Chrome Dokuro.
It's not Mukuro Rokudo?! And now what you've been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! Best three, maggot! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
That's right, maggot! Hold it in The third sign for next week Gemini A denim wallet will bring you lots of money.
will be Gemini.
Next week is Lambo-san's! Hold it in Number two for next week Aquarius Saying something during homeroom will bring good luck! will be Aquarius! Hey little senorita, let's go on a date.
Hold it in And the top sign Libra Changing your look will bring you luck.
will be Libra! Yay! Maybe something good will happen with Kyoko-chan! That was all Lambo-san! See ya next time.
Next time: Illusion vs.